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ogra_n900_well, at least webchat works11:56
ogra_n900_hey JamieBennett11:58
JamieBennettogra_n900: Guess you got it working then ;)11:58
ogra_n900_nope, webchat.freenode.net FTW11:59
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playya_ogra_n900, you already have a n900?15:25
ogra_n900playya, yup, nokia gave them away at the maemo summit15:27
loolplayya_: You dont?15:30
looldavidm has one, ogra has one, I have one15:30
loolEverybody has one these days15:30
loolI bet jamiebennett has one too15:31
* armin76 doesn't15:31
playya_lool, no. I#m a poor student18:31
playya_i hope ogra will be available in göttingen. i need a photo of the device in my hands ;)18:32
Meizirkkiomg rootstock finally works!18:37
Meizirkkiw00f :P18:37
Meizirkkiroope@ruoska-ng:~/Tyokansio/TBuntu/images$ sudo qemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -kernel ./vmlinuz-2.6.28-versatile -hda TBuntu9.10.img -m 512 -append "root=/dev/sda mem=256M ro"18:55
MeizirkkiSegmentation fault (core dumped)18:55
Martynstragce it18:57
Martynstrace it rather18:57
MartynI've been making karmic rootstocks all day18:57
Martynmost work18:58
Martynalthough I'm not using the stock versatile kernel (I have my own extensions)18:58
Meizirkkiafter cahnging -m 512 to -m 256 it booted, but now shows kernel panic19:00
armin76feature :D19:00

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