dashuakwwii, Any chance of deprecating Human-Clearlooks and renaming to Human-Legacy or something and base it on psyke83's original Humanity?02:20
nysosymhi there11:11
nysosymcongrats for the new ubuntu design11:11
kwwiidashua: not for this cycle, but very likely in the future12:07
nysosymhi kwwii :)12:33
nysosymwhat was the question from dashua?12:33
* ckontros waves13:44
darkhamsome artwork change until the 29?15:16
=== zniavre_ is now known as zniavre
nysosymhi there, what was the reason to choose the dark xsplash and gdm theme?15:57
nysosymi like this ones to..15:57
nysosymthis matches the default wallpaper much better15:57
ckontrosnysosym: kwwii might be able to tell you as he's the only one who works @ Canonical and this is a channel for community art.15:59
nysosyma well, but is there an official art channel?16:01
ckontrosNot really. Mostly a closed team. Closest thing is #ubuntu-desktop. kwwii is the guy to talk to though. (but even he doesn't make the art decisions)16:02
nysosymis there a new art director except mark himself?16:03
ckontrosnysosym: Mark still has final say. AFAIK. kiwwii will pop his head up soon. He's watchin' a basketball game.16:05
mac_vckontros: nysosym: AFAIK , it was mat working on the xsplash more than kwwii16:05
ckontrosmac_v: Sure. I was more commenting on who best to give direct answers.16:06
mac_vnysosym: there was a thread on the artwork mailing list regarding the choice , but it was more because they wanted to more away from the color and use new shades16:06
mac_vmove away*16:06
nysosymfine, but why still orange as default desktop?16:07
mac_vnysosym: oh... the wallpaper?16:08
mac_v guess, you cant take out the orange from Ubuntu easily ;p16:09
mac_vnysosym: the main problem i believe is more, they want to change the default colors but havent yet decided which new color to choose16:10
ckontrosThis is why I point people to kwwii. (no guessing)16:11
mac_v ;p16:11
mac_vckontros: give the man a rest ... we were all up his ass yesterday too ;016:11
* ckontros tries to stop his imagination after that last comment.16:12
ckontrosmac_v: So which issues did you fix in Breathe? (i'm gonna build it now)16:13
mac_vckontros: didnt andrew sb just push a release?16:13
ckontrosYeah. Don't know if it's in the archive yet.16:14
mac_vckontros: i fixed only the 3 bugs , i mentioned.. Add symlink for for nm-no-connection (LP: #429449),  drive-*-usb (LP: #253599), and media-flash-* (LP: #417294).   bug tracker finds it in the archives > breathe-icon-theme (0.51.1) karmic; urgency=low16:17
ckontrosmac_v: So it's an issue beyond us where I see a disconnected connection icon when I use a wired connection?16:18
mac_vckontros: i didnt understand? why is it beyond us? when the symlnk is added for no-connection that icon will be used when disconnected16:19
mac_vwhen wireless is disconnected16:19
ckontrosWell, I have a connection. A "wired" one. What icon /should/ we see?16:19
mac_vbut for wired we need to make a new icon16:20
ckontrosI swore we had one.16:20
* ckontros looks.16:20
ckontrosWhat /should/ it be named?16:20
* mac_v checks16:20
picklesworthIs there a particular direction that the light should be coming from with the Humanity set?16:22
mac_vckontros: /status/network-offline , i havent checked for wired could you check it16:22
ckontrosmac_v: Maybe use network-wired?16:22
mac_vckontros: the 'nm-device-wired' is for the connected state16:23
ckontrosmac_v: Looks like we dont have that one. Maybe a link for now.16:24
mac_vckontros: like to network wired? oh no... there was a bug which forced a change in human theme16:24
ckontrosI "wired". ;)16:25
ckontros*I said..16:25
ckontrosmac_v: And shouldn't your icons be used in the panel? The nm-* ones?16:25
mac_vckontros: Bug #42316716:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423167 in human-icon-theme "Ethernet icon looks wrong in Default theme" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42316716:26
ckontrosmac_v: Yeah. That's what I was getting at with the  "beyond us" comment16:26
mac_vckontros: i can see the wireless icons being used as they are supposed to to be16:26
mac_vpicklesworth: i didnt understand what you meant , light from within?16:27
picklesworthI noticed start-here.svg has light from the top left, but at-prefs and help have light from the top right.16:27
ckontrosmac_v: Odd. I switch to other sets and still get the issue. Karmic. Up-to-date. Has the fix hit the repo yet?16:29
mac_vckontros: i'm using the breathe set from the repo , and it uses the wireless icons nm-* for me , the no-connection update hasnt yet arrived though16:30
nysosymmac_v: did you made the new icons?16:30
ckontrosmac_v: Ok. That's why I don't see it. Thanx.16:30
mac_vnysosym: no... not all of them , mostly i started out doing the panel icons and then some icons within the humanity theme , but the Humanity theme was from the elementary theme16:31
mac_vpicklesworth: i think the start here was done similar to the human logo ,and the help and stuff, yeah inconsistent lighting ;)16:32
nysosymoh well, i like the panel icons :)16:32
ckontrosmac_v: And is the issue fixed w/thumb drives? I have one plugged in here and it just stays the unmounted icon image where it used to look like a mounted drive.16:33
mac_vthanks :)16:33
nysosymbut i miss one for the keychain :)16:33
mac_vckontros: yeah , we dont have different icons for the drives mounted/unmounted...so the both states will look the same16:35
picklesworthmac_v: Hrm... good enough explanation. I guess that icon is small enough, but good to know I'm not just crazy. Thanks :)16:35
ckontrosWe do. Unless the spec changed. drive-harddisk and drive-removable-media.16:36
mac_vnysosym: doing the icon for the keychain , will make the greyscale icon appear in the windows .. so hence it hasnt been done16:36
nysosymmac_v: ohh ok hope for the next ubuntu version :)16:37
mac_vckontros: oh that  , yeah ... davidz has messed up , gvfs :/16:37
mac_vhe has the drive icons change only for certain disks !16:37
mac_vckontros: drive-harddisk will be used for only the internal partitions , the external usb drives will use the drive-harddisk-usb icon , and the removable media not sure where that is used !16:39
ckontrosmac_v: drive-removable-media-* ?16:40
ckontrosSeems like we might need more links. :(16:40
mac_vckontros:  drive-removable-media-usb for pendrives16:41
ckontrosDamn. Something musta changed. We have: drive-removable-media-usb-pendrive.16:41
mac_vckontros: drive-removable-media-ieee1394 is for firewire drives thats labelled correctly16:41
mac_vckontros:  i corrected the pendrive by adding a symlink "drive-removable-media-usb"16:42
ckontrosWe need to link drive-removable-media-usb to gnome-dev-harddisk-usb16:43
ckontrosAnd the pendrive one should be removed. (i think)16:44
* ckontros starts hackin'.16:44
mac_vckontros: i asked andrew sb about remaning , he said that would mess up the ivon-naming utils16:44
mac_vckontros: hence i just added the symlinks16:44
ckontrosmac_v: Which would it mess up?16:46
* ckontros looks at the latest spec.16:46
mac_vckontros: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=506532#c616:46
ubottuGnome bug 506532 in general "icons needed for gvfs" [Normal,New]16:46
mac_vthats the new naming for the drives , the drive-removable-media , seems to be unused16:46
ckontrosBlah. And the spec is not updated to reflect.16:47
mac_vckontros: forwarding andrew sb's mail16:47
ckontrosmac_v: So can we keep gnome-dev-harddisk-usb and make a link names drive-removable-media-usb? Humanity does this.16:48
mac_vckontros: thats what i'v done for breathe too16:48
ckontrosI gotta look then because it doesn't work here.16:49
mac_vckontros: check the .links file16:49
mac_vi added loads of symlinks16:49
ckontrosNo. You just did it for the pendrive. Where it needs to link to gnome-dev-removable-usb16:51
ckontrosI'll edit and test locally.16:51
mac_vckontros: are you having the latest rev? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~breathe-dev/breathe-icon-set/trunk/revision/12816:53
ckontrosI am.16:53
mac_vckontros: oh! the gnome-dev-... why do you want to add it?16:54
ckontrosBecause That's part of my issue here. Here other sets have the links.16:54
mac_vdamn! i missed that one16:56
ckontrosI'm doing it now.16:56
ckontrosmac_v: I understand what Andrew is saying. Something he's uncertain about though. I'll work on this today and hopefully we can eek out 1 more fix.17:06
ckontrosYep. That was it. ;) Ant the "wired" connection thing is out of our hands right?17:07
mac_vckontros: which was it?17:08
mac_vthe wired is out yeah17:08
ckontrosOk. I wan't waste my time then.17:08
ckontrosgnome-dev-removable-usb with a link called drive-removable-media-usb17:08
mac_vckontros: how did you fix the naming for the drives?17:08
ckontrosBut I think it needs to be the other way around. (as per the spec)17:09
mac_vckontros: so that now changes the icon when you unmount?17:09
mac_vwell... it doesnt for me :(17:12
ckontrosSomething's odd.17:12
ckontrosI didn't up the change yet.17:12
ckontrosUSB drives show as such, but are dissappearing when unmounted.17:13
ckontrosmac_v: I do not get 2 different icons for the state the pendrive in in anymore. (ie: Jaunty) But, it does correctly show as a USB drive and not an unmounted drive icon.17:19
ckontrosmac_v: But wow. The more I just look at this bug (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=506532#c6) just, wow.17:22
ubottuGnome bug 506532 in general "icons needed for gvfs" [Normal,New]17:22
ckontrosIt's WAY more broke down.17:22
mac_vckontros: the disappearing is because the eject icon now "ejects" the drive completely , right click and select unmount that way the icon will not dissapear and wont change17:23
mac_vckontros: yeah , davidz broke more stuff just for his own convenience and his ideology!17:24
ckontros /Should/ it? I don't see an icon for that now. Unless it should use the old one.17:24
mac_vckontros: he doesnt want the icons to change! see the last comments on the bug :/17:25
ckontrosmac_v: I see. I liked that! It told me what state it was in. :(17:25
mac_vckontros: me too, i totally miss that feature , do comment on the bug ;)17:26
ckontrosLike a "Me to!" will get us anywhere.17:26
mac_vckontros: he seems to think having separate icons for SATA , SCSI and stuff are more useful! than the state change icons :/17:27
ckontrosWell sure. I agree there, but if you unmount the drive using the old unmounted icons for everything seems fine.17:27
ckontrosSeems a simple thing.17:27
ckontrosBut someone needs to update that damn spec. http://standards.freedesktop.org/icon-naming-spec/icon-naming-spec-latest.html17:28
ckontrosConstant moving targets and spotty documentation like this wanna make me stay in windows. :(17:29
* mac_v makes me wanna downgrade to intrepid ;)17:29
ckontrosmac_v: I'm *seriously* considering going back to Jaunty.17:29
mac_vckontros: did you upgrade or d a fresh install of karmic?17:30
ckontrosFresh install.17:30
ckontrosI usually do. Though I've had fine luck on the wifes lappy.17:31
mac_vckontros:  it seems that doing an upgrade to karmic will allow the old icon changes to work... someone said so , but have to test it myself17:31
mac_vthis seems to occur due to hal vs gvfs conflicts17:31
ckontrosI mean, I like that USB drives show that way now. Just wished we had the unmounted states back.17:32
mac_vckontros: wishing without commenting on the bug or without convincing davidz is not going to solve anything ;p17:33
ckontrosmac_v: I'm gonna push these changes and email Andrew.17:33
ckontrosI'll let you guys fight that fight. I have more important personal matters to attend to.17:33
mac_vckontros: just a sec , what naming did you add?17:40
ckontrosie: usr/share/icons/Breathe/scalable/devices/gnome-dev-removable-usb.svg usr/share/icons/Breathe/scalable/apps/drive-removable-media-usb.svg17:41
ckontrosBut it should be the other way around. Actual icon should be: drive-removable-media-usb.17:41
mac_vckontros: usr/share/icons/Breathe/16x16/devices/drive-removable-media-usb-pendrive.png usr/share/icons/Breathe/16x16/apps/drive-removable-media-usb.png17:42
mac_vthat icon is for the pendrive17:42
ckontrosI wanna tackle that later.17:42
mac_vaw crap!17:42
ckontrosThat wasn't working here as it showed everything as pendrives.17:43
mac_vckontros: adding this link link worked for me > usr/share/icons/Breathe/scalable/devices/gnome-dev-removable-usb.svg usr/share/icons/Breathe/scalable/apps/drive-harddisk-usb.svg17:43
ckontrosWhat crap?17:43
mac_vi pasted the wrong line ;)17:43
ckontrosAnd that's what I added to the .links file.17:44
mac_vwe both have added contradicting links :/17:45
ckontrosBut, the *actual* icon should be "drive-harddisk-usb" and icon-naming-utils makes the "gnome-dev-removable-usb" link. If the utils package is up-to-date.17:46
ckontrosI commented out your pendrive one.17:46
mac_vhmm... no sure how that works for me the pendrive link works for the pendrive like a sony vault and the hardisk-usb worked for a western digital drive17:47
mac_vthat works.... for me*17:47
ckontrosWell we have an actual pendrive icon. So that should work fine. And my addition should fix the rest.17:48
ckontrosBut hell. I don't see a pendrive mentioned in the spec. :(17:48
ckontrosGeeze this is maddening. Damn moving target.17:49
ckontrosPendrive isn't even mentioned here: http://standards.freedesktop.org/icon-naming-spec/icon-naming-spec-latest.html17:50
ckontrosmac_v: In the end, I'll get as much info on this as I can and rework trunk to reflect these changes.17:52
mac_vok... i'm a bit confused about what links you'v added .... from what i'v tested... pendrive uses > /drive-removable-media-usb  , the usb external drives use > /gnome-dev-harddisk-usb.svg17:53
mac_vckontros: ^17:53
ckontrosmac_v: What rev are you looking at?17:54
mac_vckontros: not rev any rev in particular... but in general .. from testing ... since these were the icons used i made the symlinks accordingly17:55
* mac_v links i'm blabbering ... cd bed 17:56
ckontrosHmm... I have to test something.17:59
mac_vckontros: the new update just arrived , and the links i made are working correctly.. ie  pendrive uses > /drive-removable-media-usb  , the usb external drives use > /gnome-dev-harddisk-usb.svg18:00
mac_vthe other symlink i have for the usb external drive is drive-harddisk-usb from gnome-dev-harddisk-usb18:03
ckontrosI'm seeing that. I mighta messed up.18:05
ckontrosI'll revert the branch in a sec.18:06
troy_sckontros: Greets.18:07
ckontrosyo yo18:07
mac_vckontros: another thing! when i uninstalled breathe and installed again... the symlinks are not being created ... why is that?18:08
ckontrosDon't know. I'm gettin' the update now. (damn archive is slow)18:08
mac_vsymlinks from the .links file are not being created*18:08
ckontrosmac_v: Which ones?18:11
troy_sckontros: Has there been movement in -rt or something?18:12
troy_sckontros: I see much chatter about it.18:12
ckontrostroy_s: Other channel.18:12
mac_vckontros: oh ,they are created... but i messed up! i created the links to the apps folder!;( but the icons work though ;p18:13
ckontrosmac_v: Doh! I'll fix that up now.18:14
mac_vckontros: but how are they working? even when i the apps folder? doesnt the folder location matter ...? [not that it shouldnt be fixed]18:16
mac_vwhen it is in *18:16
ckontrosmac_v: I think it doesn't matter. Looks for them anywhere. If you look at the Humanity structure, it's totally different than other sets. I changed apps->devices. Anything else I should do before I commit?18:17
mac_vckontros: i think if you do a minor edit we can have the generic flash icon18:18
ckontrosWhat do you need? What's not right??18:19
ckontros(sorry for the "??")18:19
mac_vckontros: the media-flash icon is now a chip , which seems wrong... the memory stick icon can be used instead .. remove the labels from the memory stick icon and rotate it 90degrees and we can have a generic media-flash icon18:21
mac_vwell , its for a quick edit ;p ... but if you have time you can add more details ;)18:23
ckontrosWell that's why it's a chip. :) REAL generic. I'll leave this one for now as it's an aesthetic design choice I'll run by Sebastian 1st.18:23
mac_vckontros: lol ... ok ... then nothing more i can see that needs an edit18:24
ckontrosmac_v: Changes pushed.18:24

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