* chrisccoulson wonders why users feel compelled to report the same bug several times01:08
kenvandinejono, they did01:59
jonokenvandine, still having a tonne of problems01:59
jonoit is hosed now for me01:59
kenvandinehow so?02:00
jonokenvandine, I see the Gwibber window, but it doesnt show anything when I select Messages or Replies02:01
jonoand it wont post02:02
kenvandinerun it from a terminal02:02
kenvandineopen two tabs, and run killall gwibber gwibber-daemon02:02
kenvandinethen run gwibber-daemon -d in one terminal02:02
kenvandineand gwibber in the other02:02
kenvandineso we can see what the output is02:02
jonokenvandine, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289723/02:04
kenvandineok, one sec02:05
kenvandinegconftool-2 --get /apps/gwibber/preferences/theme02:05
kenvandinewhat does that say?02:06
kenvandinejono, ^^02:09
jonokenvandine, ^02:10
kenvandinegconftool-2 --unset /apps/gwibber/preferences/theme02:11
* kenvandine needs to fix that02:11
kenvandineok, i reproduced it here02:12
kenvandinejono, that bug is fixed now, thanks!03:09
jonokenvandine, wicked :)03:28
* ccheney sees very weird merge conflicts and hopes bzr isn't eating his repo04:36
ccheneygrr my 'much faster' cable modem is even slower than my old slow dsl05:20
ccheneynot even getting 3mbps and it is supposed to be 6mbps minimum05:21
Amaranthccheney: 6mbps to the neighborhood maybe05:29
Amaranthccheney: you've got a neighbor who likes torrents05:29
ccheneyAmaranth: its a bit weird i always seem to hit the same limit its right around 3mbps, i think i might be capped lower than i am supposed to be05:35
* ccheney will have to call in and verify his connection isn't setup wrong05:35
ccheneyits supposed to be 6mbps burst to 12mbps and i have yet to see it ever exceed ~ 3mbps but it does do that regularly05:36
* ccheney will have to do the OOo upload tomorrow, this is taking forever to download the bits i need05:46
* ccheney needs to test to somewhere other than ubuntu mirror to make sure its not the mirror being overloaded05:46
ccheneyAmaranth: apparently they are working on the headend so its much slower than usual06:25
* ccheney heads off to bed, will finish the build once they give me usable bandwidth again06:25
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mac_vlool: error in last update > Bug 443311, wrong icon was changed08:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 443311 in humanity-icon-theme "display properties notification area icon still fully coloured" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44331108:11
loolmac_v: Yeah this kept showing in the diff, I don't know why09:19
loolI think it was an effect of using a .diff.gz09:20
loolPain :-(09:20
mac_vlool: the several links in humanity are a hack , i'v spent quite sometime figuring out which goes where , its easier if i made a tar and you upload it10:05
mac_voh , you already fixed it ;)10:13
tgpraveenmac_v: any reason why the release team didnt want different icons for usb drives and local harddisks10:33
mac_vtgpraveen: i dont know... see the last comment ;)10:33
tgpraveenhmm so now it has been decided that it definetely wont be in karmic humanity . and that last comment is asking whether it should be in humanity upstream release or not right?10:36
mac_vtgpraveen: you are even more confused than me ;p ...10:45
mac_vtgpraveen: there is nothing in the comment which says what you'v assumed10:46
tgpraveenumm.. so in the last comment where loic minier says "release team" he means ubuntu release team?10:48
tgpraveeni guess as in the 1st par he talks about humanity and next i am guessing about humanity-icon-theme (ubuntu) os i am confused10:48
cdE|Woozymac_v, bug #447850. the shutdown icon in the window that opens when you hit your physical power button really is supposed to be smaller than the other icons in that window? it looks a bit out of place (at least indentation-wise)11:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447850 in human-theme "system-shutdown.png too small in HumanLoginIcons" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44785011:03
mac_vcdE|Woozy: those icons are for the gdm only11:03
cdE|Woozythat's why it only looks strange when you hit your physical power button when you are in gdm ;)11:04
mac_voh lol..! ok i didnt realize that11:04
cdE|Woozythe screenshot I attached is from gdm11:04
mac_vcdE|Woozy: just a sec let me confirm the bug11:05
mac_vcdE|Woozy: how are you getting the confirmation dialogue?  are you not using the indicator-session?11:09
mac_vi dont get a confirmation dialogue , i just get direct options11:10
mac_vwhich if i choose the action occurs11:10
cdE|WoozyI hit the power button of my laptop when I'm in GDM11:11
cdE|Woozythen the window you see in the screenshot appears and asks me what I want to do11:11
diverse_izzuewho do i best bother with suspend/resume questions?11:11
mac_vcdE|Woozy: doesnt seem to work that way for me i dont get the prompt even while using the button, i'll revert it back to new :)11:14
cdE|Woozyhm, I'll try to reproduce it on a fresh install I have on another disk, in case I screwed something up *reboot*11:16
cdE|Woozymac_v, also happens on a fresh installation. I attached a short video to the bug that shows how to trigger this11:42
mac_vcdE|Woozy: i'v added a comment , the login theme just needs to copy one icon from Humanity to the 48px folder11:43
cdE|Woozygreat, thanks!11:46
mac_vlool: the latest update didnt fix it either! , i just made the gsd-xrandr a color icon , it is still a symlink , you need to change it to a file12:38
loolmac_v: Hmm nack, last update fixes it for me13:24
loolmac_v: Remove your icon cache, reinstall the package?13:24
loolmac_v: Ah but I'm using Humanity, not -Dark13:25
loolmac_v: If I check Preferences, I see a colour icon in Humanity at least13:26
loolmac_v: And with Humanity-Dark too13:26
loolmac_v: What's your testcase?13:26
loolmac_v: Ah it's the other symlink which you want to fix13:27
loolHmm no, the icon is in B&W here13:28
loolOdd, now I can reproduce13:34
loolmac_v: Should we drop Humanity-Dark/apps/48/gsd-xrandr.svg too?13:37
loolmac_v: It's a dup13:38
loolBah such a mess13:50
mac_vlool: only the 24px humanity icon gsd-xgrandr needs to be a file rather than s symlink13:57
mac_vlool: the 48px humanity-dark should *not* be dropped , it is needed13:59
loolmac_v: See my latest comment14:25
loolmac_v: Works in humanity/humanity-dark for me with ubuntu3 (in the menu and in the n-a)14:28
loolmac_v: Did I mention I hate icon themes?   :)14:28
mac_vlool: this would have been simpler if you had just used a tar.gz ;)14:30
mac_vlool: its easier not having the symlink for the 48px , hence the file14:31
mac_vlool: BTW, what is the benefit of hiaving the file as a symlink rather than a file? dont both use the same file size14:35
loolmac_v: This would have been simpler 3 MONTHS AGO14:40
loolmac_v: A symlink uses less space14:41
loolmac_v: The core problem is that I need to apply file level changes to my tree at this point of the cycle, can't use new tarballs of lp:humanity since it moved too far forward, and doing file level changes like "replacing a symlink with a file" or "renaming a file" or updating a binary file are hard to do with Debian packaging, and hard to copy from a bzr commit to a real tree14:42
loolmac_v: It would be the exact same problem with a tarball14:42
* lool disappears14:42
loolmac_v: Try du -hs to see how much space files use; in practice it's not really correct for symlinks14:56
loolSince they use an inode14:56
mac_vlool: du -hs shows 35M , while checking the folder properties shows 31.4M14:58
mac_videally themes just use icon-naming-utils to create the symlinks , but the greyscale icons require hacks so it wont work for humanity15:02
loolmac_v: Run it on each file15:14
loolmac_v: folder properties doesn't account for disk usage though, only for size15:15
loolmac_v: Well why wouldn't the symlink I described work?15:15
mac_vlool: it will work for ubuntu , but for the problem for correcting the bzr, is when we update the files separately , we also have the themes as separate themes so then it wouldnt work , we would have to check this for other files too15:17
mac_vif we have to add a tar of humanity-dark alone , then such files would have to be checked and corrected individually15:17
mac_vlool: BTW , how to create a icon-theme.cache? i mean , what is the command to be used?15:21
loolmac_v: Quite the contrary, there's less risk that the icon doesn't out of date in Humanity-Dark if you make it a symlink....15:29
loolmac_v: update-icon-caches $dir if possible; otherwise gtk-update-icon-cache15:30
mac_vlool: when the user installs the individual theme  , the theme gets installed in the ~/.icons so there the humanity theme wouldnt be there... i thought this would lead to dangling symlinks... would this not be a problem?15:31
loolmac_v: Is it an use case that people install Humanity-Dark manually and not Humanity?15:41
loolmac_v: Perhaps it would be best to use different icons for the .desktop file and the notification-area, that would solve the issue I guess15:41
loolInstead of abusing sizes for this15:41
mac_vlool: https://launchpad.net/humanity/+download , we had to separate themes , since users cannot install the two themes together by just dropping the tar.gz into the appearances window .. there was a bug fr this15:43
mac_vlool: when we had the two themes together in the tar.gz we got this bug > Bug #441231 .. we have to actually create a ppa , just havent got to it yet15:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441231 in humanity "can't install humanity 0.4.1 on Ubuntu Jaunty" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44123115:47
loolDont count on me to package them with separate tarballs15:47
mac_vhehe , ;p15:47
mac_vno... that was just for the users who want to do it separately...  ;)15:48
mac_vlool: the team's next task is to create a ppa , that would solve this problem15:48
loolmac_v: Well not if you want to continue distributing theme tarballs15:49
mac_v tar balls , are nice and easy for us , but its better to have a ppa , so that the users can be updated without having them to check manually15:50

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