MenZaAnyone who has access to #ubuntu-uk might want to look there now. - Seeker`, nalioth, Daviey,05:27
Zachk18i need to talk to an admin08:52
naliothZachk18: hi08:55
Zachk18nalioth, hello08:55
naliothwhat's up?08:55
Zachk18##ubuntu-ywe is a channel i just made and registered to chanserv. its for a team i'm making08:55
Zachk18is that acceptable?08:55
naliothhave you looked at the wiki for our official naming guidelines?08:56
Zachk18the creating team guide?08:56
Zachk18ok...so is there a problem with my channel name?08:58
Zachk18from what i just read there shouldn't be08:58
naliothwhat team is it for?09:00
Zachk18i haven't made the team yet09:00
Zachk18but i sent a request for a mailing list09:00
Zachk18and the team will be for getting new young users involved in wiki work09:01
naliothis there not a more intuitive name you could go with?09:03
Zachk18it's what i came up with09:03
Zachk18hey...it's short and simple...teens dig that09:03
Zachk18how do i unregister a channel09:04

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