dtchenDarxus: not strictly necessary00:00
JanCDarxus: patching the binary package name & kernel/image file name would be nice though  ;)00:09
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DarxusIt seems like changing the source package name to linux-bfs and the ABI to 12bfs1 is the cleanest way to go.01:33
DarxusUgh, trying to figure out every place I need to change "linux" to "linux-bfs" is... hard.02:56
DarxusSo tell me how it works for two source packages to have the same source package name in the official archives (one in main, and mine in universe)?02:57
JanCDarxus: that won't work03:02
DarxusJanC: That's what I thought.03:03
Darxus05:29PM < Darxus> When patching the linux kernel package with bfs, should I  change the source package name from linux to linux-bfs?03:03
Darxus07:00PM < dtchen> Darxus: not strictly necessary03:03
JanCDarxus: packaging for personal use vs. packaging for the Ubuntu repositories03:04
JanCit seems like they have a separate source package for the -rt kernels too03:06
JanCMaybe you should have a look at how this is done03:07
DarxusJanC: Thanks, I did look at it some, but... it's not a full patch of the linux source package.03:08
DarxusI've gotten it to build and install.  It works.  My only remaining problem is renaming it.03:08
JanCwell, you could maybe ask the -rt maintainers03:09
Darxus1-maintainer.mk:  @git diff-tree -p refs/remotes/linux-2.6/master..HEAD $(shell ls | grep -vE '^(ubuntu|$(DEBIAN)|\.git.*)')03:09
DarxusSee, I don't even know if I need to change "linux" to "linux-bfs" on that line...03:09
DarxusJanC: Yeah, thanks.03:09
DarxusLooks like no.03:10
DarxusIt's so frustrating to wait hours just to be informed that I missed another one.03:11
JanCDarxus: you might want to document your findings  :-)03:12
* JanC goes to sleep now03:13
DarxusJanC: It has certainly occurred to me that the kernel package could use a patch to un-hardcode the source package name.03:16
DarxusIt also doesn't help that it doesn't clean up the files it regenerates for every build, so I'm not sure which files I need to edit.03:19
Darxus         dpkg-source: error: source package has two conflicting values - linux-bfs-bfs and linux-bfs03:30
Darxus                                                           03:32
DarxusRejected:                                                                       03:32
Darxuslinux_2.6.31-12bfs1.41.dsc: Version older than that in the archive.             03:32
Darxus2.6.31-12bfs1.41 <= 2.6.31-12.41bfs1     03:32
DarxusWhy must everything be designed for my misery?03:32
DarxusDo you think it would accept 2.6.31-12bfs1.42?03:33
DarxusI should go to sleep now, but I can't, because am too anxious for this build to... fail again.  In three hours.03:37
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DarxusWow.  It didn't fail.08:42
ubot3Malone bug 447837 in lm-sensors-3 "asus_atk0110 driver not enabled in kernel configuration by default" [Undecided,New] 08:53
DarxusThe kernel package's debian/rules clean is missing "rm -r ignore-dups debian/d-i-i386/".09:46
phenompandaericm, hi, have you seen this error?10:43
ericmphenompanda, which error?10:43
phenompandakernel/time.c #error ICSA specification requires the logging of time changes. This architecture will not log changes.10:43
phenompandathis error will happen after i comments off the CONFIG_OABI_COMPAT10:44
phenompandaericm, what is the ICSA specification BTW ?10:45
ericmno idea10:45
phenompandaem, seems report from compiler?10:46
phenompandaericm, do you always build arm kernel only support EABI?10:46
ericmso you disable CONFIG_OABI_COMPAT?10:47
phenompandaericm, ah, i see, preprocessor ... 10:47
ericmphenompanda, usually EABI + OABI_COMPAT10:47
phenompandaericm, yeah, disabled CONFIG_OABI_COMPAT to squeeze couple of bytes from kernel :(10:47
ericmphenompanda, let me do a test build here10:47
ericmphenompanda, poor man - struggling for a few bytes10:48
phenompandaericm, no idea, mmu less ... :(10:48
ericmphenompanda, will get the test build result back to you later - just upgraded to latest karmic - something's broken10:49
phenompandaericm, ok, talk later ... hope it's a easy fix10:49
ericmphenompanda, test build has no prob with latest kernel - EABI without OABI_COMPAT11:48
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tj83g'morning all, I filed this bug automatically during hardware testing at ALF, It was just responded to, and I think it sould probably be a closed bug. Unsure If I should or someone else be the one to make it as invalid? Bug #43310013:59
ubot3Malone bug 433100 in linux "SD card not recognized and mounted upon insert" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43310013:59
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DarxusHah, I was trying to build a diff of only the changes involved in renaming the linux source package, and kept wondering why I was getting so much extra crap.  Then I realized I was diffing my modifications of -13 against a pristine -12.18:28
wektwhat is the correct command to pull a kernel source package?    apt-get source linux-????????19:46
Darxuswekt: Yes.20:03
Womble2The main source package is just 'linux'20:03
Womble2whereas in Debian it's 'linux-2.6'20:03
wektapt-get source linux         <--downloaded linux-meta package files.20:05
Womble2Ignore me, then20:05
wektthanks for trying20:06
wektDarxus: do you know what replaces the ???????20:06
Womble2'apt-get source' should accept binary package names20:08
Womble2so, give it the image package name and you should end up with the source (but not necessarily the same version)20:08
wektthat is working with this attempt20:10
wektapt-get source linux-image-2.6.31-7-rt20:10
Darxuswekt: Just curious, what are you doing with it?20:19
wektI'm comparing the RT & Generic versions to see what is different20:20
DarxusAh.  Good luck.20:22
wekt889 different files.  That is quite a lot.20:23
DarxusYeah.  The linux source package you're looking at builds just about every linux kernel related binary package except -rt.20:27
Darxuswekt: Do you know about the BFS patch?20:35
wektno, i don't.  are you seeking info?20:36
wektor think i am?20:36
Darxuswekt: http://ck.kolivas.org/patches/bfs/bfs-faq.txt20:39
Darxuswekt: I just think people who are playing with kernel packages are likely to find it interesting.20:39
DarxusI have karmic packages built in my ppa.20:40
wektplease continue to throw anything that fits that nature my way20:40
DarxusThe history of the author's relationship with the kernel is interesting.20:40
DarxusBasically, the author, Con, wrote a couple of the kernel schedulers (the bits that decide which process to give cpu time to next) that were in the mainline kernel, and a bunch of other patches to improve desktop experience.  But the mainstream kernel guys wouldn't take his patches for the stuff that improved the desktop experience.  So after much frustration, he swore off it.20:42
DarxusTwo years later, he's back, and he wrote BFS.20:42
wektDarxus: you have a PPA of what? linux with the BFS patch?22:11
Darxuswekt: Yes.22:17
DarxusUse the linux-bfs packages, not the linux packages.22:18

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