pleia2oh hm, has anyone heard from cproffit about the moodle training we tentatively had scheduled for tonight?00:45
pleia2cprofitt: hey!01:20
cprofitthey pleia201:21
pleia2are we doing a moodle call thingy tonight?01:21
cprofittmy kids just stopped misbehaving and I just got on01:21
cprofittwas it 8pm or 9pm we were shooting for?01:22
pleia29pm, I was just wondering, you're not late :)01:22
cprofittsounds good.01:22
pleia2I haven't seen doctormo talk about it though01:22
cprofittI am ready willing and able01:22
pleia2and I was hoping to tag along with your conversation, I still need to read the moodle documentation :( bad pleia201:23
cprofittYou and I can do it if doc is not here01:23
pleia2I should probably be better prepared01:23
cprofittnah... its ok01:24
pleia2hm, still no doctormo!01:51
cprofittI am still up for training you at least...01:52
pleia2ok, how should I prepare?01:52
* pleia2 gets logged into learn.ufbt.net01:52
pleia2ok, it's clear to me that I don't even know how to TAKE a moodle class01:54
pleia2what do I click on? I just see a bunch of lines01:54
cprofittpleia2, are you on the conference yet?01:55
pleia2no, have to dial in at 9:0101:55
cprofittyou went to the link I gave you01:56
cprofittin the upper right had corner there should be a 'turn editing on'01:56
cprofittbutton... click that01:57
cprofittfor editing...01:57
cprofitthey doctormo - http://learn.ufbt.net/course/view.php?id=701:57
cprofittI would like to wait until we conference...01:57
cprofittthen I can go over all the 'parts'01:57
pleia2alright :)01:58
pleia2oh, maybe the course I should be "taking" is the one with the videos?01:58
doctormohttp://imagebin.ca/view/s3GrgK3V.html <- I'm not at home, I've just exited from a Carnival in Cambridge.02:00
doctormoBut I'm here at a cafe to do this lesson, 9:00pm exactly02:00
cprofittno -- I want to walk you through this stuff...02:00
pleia2ok, it's after 9, I'll call in now02:00
cprofittin conference02:02
cprofittyou dialing in doctormo ?02:03
doctormoSome complexity with my location02:07
doctormocprofitt, pleia2: can either of you remind me of the phone number and details? trying to find the email02:09
cprofittsee private02:10
doctormothanks cprofitt02:10
pleia2call just went silent for me02:42
* pleia2 dials back in02:43
doctormopleia2: you back yet?02:44
pleia2cprofitt: oh hey, are you going to be at the waterloo release party?03:37
cprofittpleia2, no... its on a Sunday... during football season03:40
pleia2cprofitt: gah! :( but I will be there!03:40
cprofittyes, another missed opportunity to meet you... :-(03:40
pleia2psh, football, I see how it is :)03:41
cprofittvery sorry... but I have not missed a Buccaneers game in six years03:41
pleia2ok ok03:41
cprofittI hope you really got some value out of the call...03:44
pleia2oh I did, it was great :)03:44
cprofitthere is the site I spoke about -- http://www.classroom20.com/03:45
cprofittits EDU and mostly K-12...03:45
cprofittthat is the other one03:45
pleia2ah ok, I'd seen the http://community.k12opensource.com/03:45
cprofittyea.. they talk a bit about Moodle as well.03:46
doctormoEvening all06:29
bodhizazen'lo doctormo06:36
doctormobodhizazen: How's it going bodi, haven't seen you around much.06:40
bodhizazenI've been quiet on this channel =)06:41
cprofittpleia2, you around?18:39
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