Shadow__Xhey superm1 i have an interesting thing that i observed with my broadcom 4322 in windows i get around 7MB/sec sustained in linux around 3 or so MB/sec in osx i get around 9MB/sec00:00
mersaulthmmm... is it a serious problem if mythtv can't write to the directory of a storage group?00:00
tgm4883mersault, only if you want mythtv to put files in that storage group00:02
superm1the backend is what does this not the frontend00:02
superm1just make sure the storage group has the group mythtv or user mythtv on it00:02
superm1this is done by default in our install00:02
mersaultwell, I'm mounting two directories over NFS, and mythtv is NOT the owner of any of the files00:02
mersaultand can't be.00:03
mersaultbut I'm mounting them on the backend00:03
Seeker`tgm4883: have uploaded the output of mythfrontend -v playback00:03
mersaultin future, one of the directories will be mounted directly in the backend00:03
tgm4883mersault, what are you using NFS for?00:09
* tgm4883 notes that that sounded more condescending that it was supposed to00:09
mersaultI have two mythbackends running in Xen as virtual machines (one is 9,04, one is 9.10beta)00:10
mersaultwhile Xen will LET you mount a single FS as r/w in two VMs at once, that doesn't necessarily make it a good idea00:11
mersaultso while I test out the beta, some stuff it delivered over NFS00:11
mersaultonce I'm happy, I'll reconfigure the VMs so that the new one mounts the filesystems directly00:12
mersaultyes, this is all needlessly complicated.00:12
mersaultoh, and I use compact flash cards as the HD in my frontend, so I can just swap out the 9.04 frontend for the 9.10 frontend in as long as it takes to reboot it00:14
mersaultanyway, I gotta clean the fishtank, so I'll be afk00:14
CrypiaHello - If my remote seems to be sending too many repeat signals when I hit the "enter" key, would I need to play with the min_repeat in the config file or the max-repeat on the lircd daemon command?00:40
CrypiaI've tried them all and even repeat=6 in my lircrc but the enter/return button on the remote sends too many signals00:55
Cyber-Doggso I see that 9.10 beta is out02:12
Cyber-Dogganyone running it?02:12
Cyber-DoggI'm thinking baout grabbing it for VDPAU02:12
Cyber-DoggI see the karmic release is expected 10-29-2009... is that legit?!02:15
Cyber-Doggseems crazy fast02:15
superm1take a look at how rapidly updates are getting pushed once you install and you'll believe it02:16
superm1i think mersault said that with a fresh install of beta he had 277 to do yesterday02:16
Cyber-Doggwell... in that case, I won't touch my install yet02:17
Cyber-DoggI'll just wait for release02:17
Cyber-Doggthat has a better WAF :-)02:17
Cyber-Doggshe doesn't like beta02:17
TechnophilAnyone know about this?  "enabling overlay directory for mythbuntu-diskless"02:18
superm1well did we say anything about those 277 updates breaking anything?02:18
Cyber-Doggno... and I'd be fine with it02:19
Cyber-Doggbut she's scared fo the word beta02:19
TechnophilThis is on 22228 + fixes (JYA)02:20
Cyber-Doggand now hulu desktop is on linux too02:21
TechnophilMaybe it stalls when FE is playing, seems to have got past that on re-booting ...now is it building an image?02:39
mrandUpstream mythtv group is closing in on 500 changes in the past 3.25 weeks.  Much of it is theme related, but even still.02:42
d__finnis there a way to force the install of the proprietary nvidia drivers?  I just did a re-install of 9.04.  The last time I got prompted to install them but for some reason this time I am not03:54
ZykoticK9d__finn, assuming you where using the 180 version (there are others) "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180" should work03:56
d__finnok, i'll give that a try04:02
d__finnis 180 the standard for 9.04 using the default repos?04:02
ZykoticK9d__finn, it's what Ubuntu suggests04:07
d__finnexcellent, thanks04:08
d__finnso after getting all the latest updates I know get the prompt to install the drivers04:23
d__finnbut...now sudo is not working04:23
d__finnwierd, it works if I ssh into the box but doest not work when using a terminal window from within X04:25
d__finnreboot fixed it, very strange04:27
hipitihopI have standard 9.10 beta and recently the task list on top of page always shows even when mythfrontend has focus. Anyone know how to work around ?06:28
hipitihopI'm using the default xfce06:28
hipitihopok if it helps anyone else, I have sorted my xfce task bar not hiding by changing <property name="autohide" value="1"/> in .config/xfce4/panel/panels.xml07:30
abongile1Hi I am newbie, with a mythbuntu installation with one slave backend-front end, laptops that run frontends. I need help with setting up diskless boot and understand why only one frontend may have the live tv at time, please help.08:55
mindomsThe number of frontends using live-tv (zapping) depends on the number of tuners. but if one frontend watches a movie, all other frontends can watch the same movie. That is, because everything you watch is recorded. and other frontends can play back these recordings.09:02
abongile1mindoms: I have a dual Tuner hauppage card, I have my decoder (set top box) running to it by RCA and tried to have normal terrestrial broadcast run to the card as well but no luck. So I should be able to what at least two live tv sessions?09:05
mindomsi guess it depends on the card. but i got no experiences with these cards. im using usb-dvb-sticks...09:08
mindomsabongile1: but googling for09:09
mindoms [your card] same-time09:09
mindomsmight answer your question :)09:09
abongile1Oh ok, while I am at it, I have ripped some DVD's using DVD:rip, some rip fine, but I get a lot where the sound and video is out of sync, I have tried to play them in VLC and try to use the option to speed up or slow down the sound done work. Is the app I can use to sort this out? and Mythtv won't play some of my ripped DVD's which are still have the .VOB and Sound folders separate from the hard driver, I added the file extentio09:10
abongile1mindom: I have been up and down the internet, I am newbie so some of what I get is good just that my knowledge is incomplete so I am often left feeling like I don't know what to do, how to phrase my search string or question, that's where it get's frustrating.09:11
mindomshm. ssry, but i guess youll need to wait for somebody who actually knows something09:17
abongile1mindom, thanks!09:18
abongile1mindom: So what's you're installation and experience like so far?09:19
mindomsim running a 24/7 intel atom as backend/frontend. a usb-dvb-t stick as tuner (were 2 before) a pc and a laptop as frontend. mostly using mythweb to record stuff. not using live-tv a lot. i got it running for about 2 years and the most problem come from the bed reception from the antenna :/09:28
mindomsonly half of the channels have commercial breaks, but commflag really does a good job there09:30
abongile1mindoms: I really hope that in two years I will be well on my way to fiddling cause I want to improve something and not cause something isn't or I canmake it work.  Here's a problem that just cropped up, I installed the Ubuntu netbook release on intel atom little box, the goal is to use test, so if I am happy then make it my standard remote frontend device. Here's my challenge, I have just install UNR changed to classic deskptop09:39
Seeker`I think the file sort in mythvideo for TV series is broken12:39
Seeker`it lists House season 1 as 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 21 22 3 4 5 6 7 8 912:40
Seeker`am I missing an option somewhere, or is it really a bug?12:47
tmkti can't play mythvideo video's for some reason13:21
tmktthey are listed put playing them does nothing13:22
Seeker`any errors?13:28
tmktjust stays there13:35
tmktguess i can bring this one up with the myth developers... right now..my main issue is my hvr-1600 remote not working...pain going up to the keyboard everytime i want to to change channel13:36
Seeker`do oyu have any tv series in mythvideo?13:40
Seeker`can you have a look at the ordering? see if it does 1, 2, 3 or 1, 10, 1113:43
tmktlet me go check13:45
Seeker`why is mine different then13:47
tmkti'm using 9.10 beta13:49
Seeker`I'm using .2213:54
tmktsame here13:57
tmkttry #mythtv-users ?13:58
Seeker`problem fixed :D14:26
tmktwhat was it?14:27
tmktah filter sort stuff14:27
Seeker`I have my box set up to blank the screen if there is no activity for 1 minute17:56
Seeker`it is disabled when there is video playback17:56
Seeker`but it seems that if i fast forward / rewind, the auto-blank is reenabled after I press play again17:57
olejl1I recently installed mythbuntu 9.10, but LiveTV keeps crashing on me17:58
olejl1is there any debugging symbols available for the myth packages so I can debug it17:59
Seeker`I believe that if you run with -v it may give an error message that gives you an idea where to look18:00
mrandolejl1: it is supposed to be there, but is broken.18:00
Seeker`mrand: are you mark randolph?18:00
mrandI think you can build it yourself and get symbols.  it's the automated builds that are messed up.  -v playback and maybe important,extra, etc is about the best we have at the moment.18:01
mrandSeeker`: yes18:01
Seeker`ah, cool. I'm the one with the video bug you opened18:01
mrandGlad to see you hanging around.18:02
mrandI have to come and go a lot.18:02
olejl1do you kn if anyone know if the debug build will be available soon?18:02
mrandWe're hoping the auto builds will have symbols this week, but we honestly don't know for certain at this point.  It's painful for us because we're getting reports and can't act on them.18:03
olejl1I don't want to start compiling myself, I've had some bad experiences with it earlier. Switched to Mythbunto to avoid that hassle18:03
olejl1ok but that sounds good18:03
mrandolejl1: from what I understand, checking out everything from launchpad is not as difficult.  But I haven't had the time to do it myself.18:03
olejl1launchpad? Is that the repository for mythbuntu?18:05
Seeker`anyone else have issues with screen blanking18:05
Seeker`launchpad is a bug/support/code tracker created by canonical18:05
Seeker`lots of projects are based there18:05
Seeker`its a bit like sourceforge18:05
mrandSeeker` is correct.  Technically it is bzr that contains the source and build related stuff.18:06
mrandWell, I guess it's really a combo... you use bzr to access lp:18:08
Seeker`is it DPMS that deals with auto-blanking of the screen being disabled /enabled?18:10
mrandPossibly.  I'm guessing that other things could do it too.  Sorry, still learning lots of the little corners.18:12
Seeker`trying to track down where the bug is18:13
Seeker`trying to get an idea of where I should be looking18:14
mrandI typically search the ubuntu forums and/or google it.  No problem is ever new... someone else has certainly run into it before.18:15
olejl1Anyone know what could be the problem? http://pastebin.com/d60966b0b18:24
Seeker`no idea, sorry18:31
Seeker`is there eough free HDD space?18:31
Seeker`correct file permissions etc?18:32
olejl1I suppose file permissions are OK since this happens after 2-15 minutes of LiveTV18:32
mrandSorry, I don't have a good idea either.  Remote frontend or not?  Are you updated to the latest revision/update?18:34
olejl1yeah it is remote frontend18:35
olejl1I'm running r2230418:35
olejl1I have 44GB remaining diskspace18:35
olejl1I saw now that the backend is r22304 and the FE is 2235018:37
mrandProbably won't kill anything, but I'd go ahead and update the backend.18:40
directhexsniff, mythfrontend crashes on my hd-dvd rip18:44
directhexgonna try a blu-ray rip for size18:44
javatexananyone using sbackup for backups?18:54

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