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ubottuIn ubottu, fccf said:  !newbie is <reply> Welcome Friend.. I am 'Ubottu' Your Friendly FactoidBot, [You will see more of me later] We are glad you are here @ #ubuntu, This is Ubuntu support, please feel free to ask "Support Questions" relating and pertaining to "Ubuntu" "The Linux For Human Beings" Operating System -- Everybody here is a volunteer, please respect that. Support Guys Love Details - be spacific... It can get busy so please put the name01:27
gordbe spacific MenZa!01:30
Seeker`erm, no01:30
* MenZa spacifices gord 01:30
nikopoor gord :)01:30
MenZayes :(01:30
gordi will never be the same again.01:31
* MenZa hugs gord 01:31
macobslapmeufool was saying stuff about fisting in #ubuntu ... i !ohmy'd him02:52
MenZamaco: timeout + link to guidelines/coc?02:54
macotimeout? im not an op in there02:54
MenZaoh :(02:55
MenZawell that was interesting.02:56
maco<bslapmeufool> You are dick head.02:57
maco<bslapmeufool> I try be nice02:57
maco<bslapmeufool> And you start fight02:57
maco<bslapmeufool> I say sorry02:57
maco<bslapmeufool> But not good enough02:57
maco<maco> and now i'm going to report you to the ops for harassment02:57
MenZaFor anyone who missed it:02:57
MenZa[2009-10-10 01:56:26 UTC] *** bslapmeufool n=ssorel@ip24-250-40-85.ri.ri.cox.net has left #ubuntu []02:57
MenZaSuch kids on IRC these days :(02:58
maco<bslapmeufool> Good.02:58
maco<bslapmeufool> I gladly will not waste time on you.02:58
maco<bslapmeufool> 15 year old punk.02:58
maco<bslapmeufool> I change dynamic IP so quick02:58
maco<maco> 21 year old confident woman actually :)02:58
macoso uh he's saying if you ban him he'll ban evade. lovely.02:58
maco<bslapmeufool> Ban wont last.02:59
maco<bslapmeufool> Stupid know it all.02:59
maco<bslapmeufool> Heh.02:59
maco<bslapmeufool> With cock02:59
MenZaI'll bet you he won't think of his ident.02:59
macoand then he quit02:59
MenZaHow mature, maco.02:59
MenZaDRoC16OMG is having a lot of fun in -ot. I've got my eye on him.03:09
MenZabazhang: wut.03:10
naliothMenZa: we are logged here with just a few minute delay03:10
bazhangMenZa, his previous alternate identities03:10
naliothmaco: how did he know you kept poultry?03:11
maconalioth: :P03:27
macoi think he doubted03:27
ubottuGirls exist on the internet. See http://www.escapistmagazine.com/print/17/27 | http://www.xkcd.com/322/ | For more interesting reading: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/03:27
ejoyhello. any op here pls?03:30
PriceyHey ejoy, what's up?03:30
ejoyPricey: hello.. I been away for 6 months.. first day back here and it says im banned from #ubuntu.. dont know why03:30
ejoyPricey: yes thats my nicname03:31
ejoyeternaljoy. and ejoy03:31
MenZa[2009-10-10 02:30:06 UTC] *** 221 - #ubuntu: ban *!*@ [by Amaranth!n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth, 10876957 secs ago]03:31
=== ejoy is now known as eternaljoy
MenZaSet four or so months ago.03:31
eternaljoy10876957 secs ago?03:31
eternaljoyno idea why I been banned.. i been away anyway03:32
* Amaranth tries to remember03:32
eternaljoyim confused03:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:32
* Pici suggests looking at the bantracker03:32
eternaljoyAmaranth: whaty did I do? :P03:32
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:32
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:32
eternaljoyAmaranth: whatever I did. IM SORRY :P  but geuinly have no idea why im banned03:32
AmaranthPici: If I can get it to load, sure03:32
AmaranthI don't see it...03:33
eternaljoyAmaranth: so what does this mean for me? :P03:34
AmaranthWell, I see that you seem to get banned a lot...03:34
eternaljoywhat do you mean?03:34
eternaljoya lot?03:35
eternaljoyi been banned a few times, not a lot :P03:35
eternaljoybut I cant remember why I was banned by 6 months ago03:35
eternaljoyby you03:35
AmaranthThe IP MenZa is talking about was banned because it was spaming people when they joined the channel03:35
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:35
eternaljoyAmaranth: i give u my word, I will honour the rules03:35
eternaljoyno way!  i never spammed anything.. i have nothing to spam03:35
eternaljoyi dont work for anyone to spam their products03:36
Amaranthbut that isn't the IP you're on now03:36
AmaranthI've been hunting the wrong thing03:36
eternaljoyi never spam emails or on IRC, never ever03:36
eternaljoyi been using this ISP for 8 months03:36
MenZaAmaranth: Fah. My ba.d03:36
Amarantheternaljoy: Just settle down and let me look03:36
bazhangthe 'hello sinners' ?03:36
eternaljoyAmaranth: im settled, ok03:36
AmaranthI can't see that I've ever banned you03:37
elkythe tracker may have been down at the time03:37
bazhangLoganhoup, how may we help you03:37
Amaranthand you were unbanned in september03:37
eternaljoywell im very confused to be honest.. last time I remembr being in ubuntu all was good03:37
eternaljoythen I come back today and it says im banned03:37
eternaljoyim confused03:37
LoganhoupI can't join #ubuntu because it says I have a connection problem03:38
bazhangright the dcc exploit03:38
Amaranth--- Bans matching eternaljoy!n=Tommy@ (Seek and Love the Truth)03:38
Amaranth--- Seek*?he*?ruth*03:38
eternaljoywhats dcc exploit?03:38
elkyeternaljoy, you've been a problem for years. you always throw in religious incitement, and you've been told to stop and you have in previous conversations indicated you believe you're above the rules.03:38
LoganhoupIf I was banned it was because I asked I question in there that was offtopic because I though I was in #ubuntu-offtopic03:38
PiciLoganhoup: Please follow the directions in the topic in the channel you were forwarded to.03:39
eternaljoyelky yes I have in the past... but that was last year.. ive grown up now. older and wiser and more respctful.. may I please have 1 more last chance?03:39
elkyPici, you may want to see scrollback03:39
eternaljoyelky im not like that anymore. i give u my word03:39
elkythat is up to Amaranth.03:40
eternaljoyelky so does this mean im banned for life?  Is so, then theres nothing I can say and I will leave03:40
Picielky: I did, hes forwarded to -read-topic03:40
Amaranthelky: Actually LjL made the ban03:40
AmaranthWhat do we do with that?03:40
elkyAmaranth, the ban is listed by the IRCD as you.03:40
Amaranthelky: Are you looking at the same one as MenZa? That one isn't right03:41
Amaranthelky: It looks like it's actually just a name ban not cleaned up when LjL removed the rest after larting03:41
elkyAmaranth, that sounds like you're making a judgement. i'd assume you'd follow through on it.03:42
Amaranthelky: I'd assume after our last chat you'd know I won't03:42
eternaljoyLoganhoup: problems?03:44
Loganhoupfollowing the directions tells me to come here and be tested manually03:44
elkyPici, including the bit about him talking about fisting in #ubuntu?03:44
eternaljoyLoganhoup: it says,  (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))03:44
eternaljoyelky fisting?03:44
eternaljoyelky are u joking?03:44
elkyeternaljoy, this conversation does not require your input.03:44
eternaljoyelky ok03:44
* eternaljoy puts his head in :P03:44
Picielky: I think we're talking about two different people.03:45
elkyPici, i dont.03:45
Loganhoupcan someone test me manually? I changed the port to 800103:45
PiciMadcamper: Please wait actually means to wait03:46
PiciThe test is being done.03:46
Madcamperi did, i just thought i had to identify with nickserv03:47
Picibazhang: around still?03:51
bazhangPici, yep03:51
Picibazhang: Can you clarify that Loganhoup is the same person that maco was speaking about earlier, I don't see any connection here.03:52
Loganhoupwhat did I do?03:53
bazhangPici, no connection at all; logan was disconnected by the dcc exploit03:53
bazhangalthough he was offtopic :)03:53
Picibazhang: okay, thanks03:53
Loganhoupya sorry about that.03:53
PiciLoganhoup: okay, hold still03:54
eternaljoybye everyone.. take care.03:54
PiciLoganhoup: Okay, you're all set, you can rejoin #ubuntu03:55
LoganhoupThank you. what exactly is the DCC exploit? I assume it's something like denial of service for DCC?03:55
PiciIts a 'saftey mechanism' on some routers/firewalls to protect the user from malicious attacks, although it protects by disconnecting the socket.03:56
LoganhoupDo I have to use port 8001 permanently now?03:57
AmaranthLoganhoup: unless you can fix your router03:58
AmaranthLoganhoup: safest to just use 800103:58
LoganhoupThen that's what I'll do. Thanks.03:58
LoganhoupHave a nice night/day wherever you are.04:00
MenZaEyes on #ubuntu.04:01
MenZaRaulillo25 is looking for trouble.04:10
MenZamaco: You keep watch while I go check on Sleeping Beauty(tm)04:13
macoMenZa: but im watching Warehouse 13 right now! :(05:08
macoalso, i lack ops05:08
MenZathat was ages ago05:09
MenZaI don't remember who that was, anyway05:09
MenZaYou were just active in the channel at the time.05:09
MenZaAnyone who has access to #ubuntu-uk might want to look there now.05:24
bazhangthat's under the auspices of -irc I thought05:25
MenZaI would say so, yes.05:25
naliothMenZa: what's doing on there?05:27
MenZa[2009-10-10 04:20:04 UTC] *** macho2machocam n=macho2ma@ has joined #ubuntu-uk05:27
MenZa[2009-10-10 04:20:24 UTC] < macho2machocam> jerking off now cam2cam05:27
naliothMenZa: best just to ! o p s in the channel to provide a timestamp at a minimum05:32
MenZaI suppose, yeah.06:05
ubottuIn #ubuntu+1, MTecknology said: !yw is <reply>Don't thank us! Keep learning so you can help others and make them as happy as you are right now.07:02
KB1JWQHorrifc troll by nc_07:41
KB1JWQGNAA link; I removed him since nobody seems active.07:43
FlannelKB1JWQ: beat me to it, but I won't fault you07:43
KB1JWQFlannel: Heh, sorry.  Didn't see you active. :-)07:43
KB1JWQHe started gloating, and that wasn't something I wanted to see stick around.07:43
FlannelNo need to be sorry.  Unfortunately we don't get paid, let alone per ban ;)07:44
KB1JWQHahahah, I'll suggest it to Christel. :-p07:45
* MenZa spanks mneptok 09:19
mneptokMenZa: please09:21
mneptokTeXnic Center is coding LaTeX "by hand" the same way Lyx is09:22
mneptokthey are 100% equivalent products09:22
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, MenZa said: ubottu: What is the best latex ide?09:22
mneptokbut go ahead, recommend vim as a replacement for TeXnic Center09:23
MenZaI use vim in Ubuntu09:23
MenZaTeXnicCenter in Windows09:23
* MenZa stabs ubottu 09:23
MenZamneptok: Really, it's not a problem for me to swap between two screen windows in Ubuntu to compile and view my pdf file.09:24
MenZaIt's a bit more tedious to do it from cmd.exe09:24
elkyMenZa, i'm glad i could facilitate that lolworthy tumor pwnage.09:24
MenZaelky: I love that page.09:24
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/09:28
FlannelMenZa: what?  vim-latexsuite and \\s!09:55
elkynalioth, miike@* bots are back.12:31
bazhangoh yuck12:32
ikoniaeagles with ANOTHER pointless distro project, the fantasy cluter distro he tried, the fantasy kde minimal distro, now the fantasy games distro - based off karmic too, does anyone feel like picking up the mantel with this guy again, he's just a waste of resource14:19
Tm_Tikonia: where he is wasting resources?14:36
ikoniawanting to make an ubuntu re-spin....with nothing changed, but for gaming ?14:36
elkyi thought that was already done14:37
ikoniahe claims it's not14:38
elkyhe's also a fool14:38
ikoniaalthough he can't tell me one thing he's going to change in his distro that's different from stock ubuntu that makes it more focused on games ???14:38
Tm_Tikonia: in what location he is wasting resources?14:39
ikonia#ubuntu+1 was his last question14:39
Tm_Thmmmh, roger14:39
Tm_Tas long as he is not harrassing devels and keep his noise low in support channels, I'14:40
Tm_TI'd leave him be, atleast I'm not wasting my time following him (;)14:40
ikoniato be honest, I don't want +1 to become his support channel for making a pointless respin of a beta distro14:40
Tm_Tikonia: aye, wrong channel for that14:41
ikoniadanger! danger! danger, he's created PPA's14:43
elkyoh dear.14:45
geniiI'm away for 3 days starting later today (Canadian Thanksgiving) ... just letting people know17:03
Tm_Tinteresting... Banned [n=Banned@GET.YOUR.FREE.STUFF.at.www.carolija.eu]17:13
geniiWeird hostmask17:14
Tm_Tand nick17:14
geniiAnyhow, I'm out, see you guys in a coupla-few days... I'll save you some turkey!17:15
Tm_Tgenii: have fun and take care etc (:17:15
bazhanghave a great thanksgiving genii17:15
ubottufigurister called the ops in #ubuntu ()17:55
Der_TrollyEY ALTA!18:41
Der_TrollyWat soll dat?18:41
Der_TrollyIkonia, Mensch!18:41
Der_TrollyLass dat doch ma sein!18:41
Der_TrollyWarum machste dat denn dauend?18:42
Der_TrollyBoah, ikonia !18:42
ikoniaDer_Trolly: please speak english18:42
bazhangDer_Trolly, please stop18:42
Der_TrollyYeah, I am now englisch speaking!18:42
Der_TrollyWhy have you that dided?18:42
Der_TrollyI have nothing maked!18:42
Der_TrollyWhat should that?!?!?18:43
Der_TrollyI have them only questioned whether everything is fresh with them!?!?!?18:43
ikoniaI don't understand what you're saying, I know you can speak better english than this18:43
Der_TrollyDo I am it canning?18:43
Der_TrollyI doesnot are thinking so?!?!?18:44
ikoniaI don't know what you're saying, I'm sorry18:44
ikoniaDer_Trolly: what is your native language ?18:44
Der_TrollyAnswer me times!18:44
ikoniaDer_Trolly: what is your normal language18:44
Der_TrollyGerman! I come from Liechtenstein!18:44
ikoniaDer_Trolly: English/German/French/Spanish ?18:45
ikoniaok, ein minuten bitte18:45
ikoniaein moment18:46
ikoniaTheInfinity: thank you,18:50
ikoniawhoaa easy guys18:50
Der_Trollyblev dannet på resterne af det la o se atanu'u le tuu atu romerske rige! de trescruzar o río y asentar-se en a suya marguin ozidental como uno d'os âta cme repóbblic pueblos federatos! blot vandrede igennem? mens der i de sydlige īega on ōðrum dele er et tørt og varmt middel! er tidligere kolonier, som nu har samme,,, na lajes siti bilong? ye o hæfþ syndrige ōðre estato más...18:50
Der_Trolly...gran, ol taun.....18:50
Der_Trollygì siŏh bĭh!18:50
DreamThiefikonia: it's about trolly?18:50
Der_Trollyuhozapadźe. Nimo toho kupa Korsika je dźěl...18:50
ikoniaDer_Trolly: sure18:51
Der_TrollyIch? Trolly? Niemals....18:51
ikoniaDreamThief: sure18:51
DreamThiefikonia: just giv him a ban right away. he deservs it.18:51
ikoniaDreamThief: what am I missing, his behaviour is out of order but I'm tyring to find out if it's just a problem user or if the language barrier is causing a problem18:51
DreamThiefits a mixture of different languages18:52
DreamThiefno language related problem18:52
ikoniahe said he's from Liechtenstein so speaks german, I guess it's a german dialect18:52
DreamThiefit's definitely not a german dialect18:53
ikoniaok, so it's just him being a problem then, ok thank you18:53
* ikonia thanks the #ubuntu-de op team18:53
DreamThiefthere are elements from spanish and norwegian18:53
bazhangcomplete nonsense in other words18:53
TheInfinityDreamThief: most of it is from dk18:53
TheInfinityok. the beginnig. :o18:54
DreamThiefTheInfinity: yes, you may be right. norwegian, swedish and danish are closely related to each other.18:54
TheInfinitywtf. why does somebody make so much work to confuse ops ...18:54
sysdefTheInfinity: because its The Troll(y) ;>18:55
DreamThiefikonia: the nickname is quite obvious.18:55
ikoniaguys, thanks for coming in to help, I needed a native language speakers opinion/help18:55
ikoniaDreamThief: I know I know, I was trying to be positive18:55
DreamThiefand I know this stupid idiot from our channels :-X18:56
ikoniathat helps too18:56
TheInfinityin our channels he was not so creative. there he was just spamming around.18:56
ikoniathat's pretty much what he's like in #ubuntu, he's banned now, so problem solved18:57
TheInfinityok :)18:57
DreamThiefikonia: I'm glad we were able to help you.18:58
ikoniavery thankful, thank you18:58
bazhangthanks :)18:58
sysdefyw :>19:00
DreamThiefomg, I've joined so many channels :-X mxing out freenode limit. I was quite lost in all my irrsi windows trying to find out where i've put your channel right now *lol*19:00
DreamThiefdoes somebody know if it's possible to get a permission from freenode staff to be able to join more channels?19:01
bazhangyou can certainly ask :)19:01
DreamThiefokay, thanks :)19:03
DreamThiefsee you19:03
tritiumGood day.19:18
ubottuIn ubottu, CppAlt said: where is terminal19:33
tritiumHi, bazhang.19:40
bazhangtritium, how are you doing :)19:41
tritiumI'm doing well, thank you.  How are you, bazhang?  :)19:41
bazhangnicely thanks :) about to sign off for the evening19:41
tritiumOK, have a good night!19:44
bazhangyou too :)19:44
tritiumThanks.  :)19:45

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