ruben23hi, which is better backing up using separate backup HDD locally installed on the server itself or using an exteral server server backup..00:05
wizardslovakbogeyd6, are you here yet?00:08
wizardslowakwhat should i set up so when i write website.com i will get to my apache folder where index is?00:47
wizardslowakthis is no registered domain and will be used in LAN00:48
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wizardslovakso noones here01:06
wizardslovakdo i have to register domain if i will use it only on LAN?01:07
wizardslovakdo i need DNS in my LAN to do it?01:09
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ruben23i just got syntax error on my iptable rule---->A OUTPUT -d -p tcp -m DPORT --dport=80 -j ACCEPT01:42
Nonpythonany good advice for choosing a IRC server?02:33
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wizardslovakis there way i can check traffic on webserver?03:12
wizardslovakany way to limit "bandwith" on website?03:12
wizardslovakyou know like pay hosts do , that you can use only 3gb of bandwith03:14
wizardslovakhow to do that?03:14
AnirbanHazrawhen I run top from shell I see a lots of apache2 to run in the system and eat up memory. What is the number of apache need to run on a small web server , and how to modify them ?03:20
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Despothowdy ya'll, I was hoping somebody could help me with a bit of an issue I'm having with authentication to my LDAP directory using Kerberos.04:39
DespotI've got Kerberos working properly, and I'm using it for authentication for all hosts on my network. I recently configured my OpenLDAP directory (running on Ubunt 8.04 Server) to start using Kerberos for authentication.04:39
DespotI've been partially successful: I can search the directory, and I've been able to configure my hosts to authenticate correctly, so they can get user and group information from the directory. The usual "getent passwd" and "ldapwhoami" tests pass, both as a standard user, and as root.04:39
DespotHowever, I still have a bit of an issue with daemons on my Jaunty desktops. In particular, I'm not sure how to configure the DBus daemon to properly authenticate using Kerberos. I keep getting message in /var/log/auth.log that nss_ldap couldn't find a credentials cache when requested to do so by dbus_daemon.04:39
DespotI tried to create a credentials cache that was owned by the messagebus user, and put the KRB5CCNAME environment variable in /etc/default/dbus, but that did not solve the problem.04:39
DespotAny ideas?04:39
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laurishi, does ubuntu-server (hardy) works with sa641 out of the box ?09:42
xs511hey there. i've installed cups on my ubuntu server 8.10 and after i made a restart i wasn't able to login via ssh. now i've connected  keyboard and a monitor to my server and when i login with the right password no error message appears and the login prompt comes back. i have no idea what i did wrong or what i should do, could anyone please help me?11:40
xs511i think i've found the solution for my problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103054011:51
xs511i'll try it after ubuntu has checked my file system ;)11:52
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uvirtbotNew bug: #445284 in bacula (universe) "bacula-console-qt adds wrong link in menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44528412:58
xs511hmm first problem fixed, but now i can't access my password protected smb shares via \\hostname\share from a windows machine. although it works if use \\ip-adress\share from the windows machine, any ideas?13:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #447991 in eucalyptus (main) "eucalyptus-cc cannot be installed without eucalyptus-cloud" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44799114:21
BilgeHow can I change the screen size?16:19
BilgeAnd also how can I stop the screen saving feature where the display stops updating until a key is pressed16:20
geniiBilge: server edition does not come with a desktop. Ask in whichever channel applies to your Desktop Environment..eg: #ubuntu for Gnome, #xubuntu for XFCE, #kubuntu for KDE16:25
BilgeI'm using a virtual machine16:31
BilgeIt seems to infer that both these are features of the operating environment16:31
BilgeIt would make no sense for it to implement screen saving itself and I can confirm the same happens in a VNC application16:32
billybigriggerim running 9.04 server in vbox, and i migrated the harddisk to a different host, now i can't seem to bring my interface up17:36
billybigriggerlspci shows it, i remember somewhere in maybe /etc/rc.d/ i had to remove the old uuid of the device or something?17:36
billybigriggeri've had this problem before but can't remember the solution17:36
Bob_DoleWhat fun I shall have... using apt-mirror on 3mbit DSL.. fortunetly, I'll get to move it over to 16Mbit Cable on monday.(though everything that isn't Microsoft updates tends to go at 1-5KB/s on that network.))17:43
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ari-tczewsomeone here using drupal?18:19
billybigriggerused to use it18:25
ari-tczewbillybigrigger: do you have time?18:27
billybigriggerdunno how much help i'll be18:28
billybigriggerask away18:28
ari-tczewit's about security drupal618:29
karnameI run apache server in debian , after 3 mins of startup apache eat all of cpu , I checked my scripts and they haven't any bug , Who ever  had this problem?19:31
guntbertkarname: this is *ubuntu-support*, not debian :-)19:34
karnamegnutbert : how much difference between ubuntu and debian ?19:36
guntbertkarname: there is #debian :)19:41
Nattgewis there an easy way to turn ubuntu into ubuntu server other than reinstalling with the server cd?20:22
billybigriggeryeah, just install whatever services you want20:23
billybigriggerNattgew, all the packages are the same, server just doesn't come with the desktop portion20:24
Nattgewyeah, I know... I was thinking more the removing of things that aren't necessary...20:24
Nattgewmaybe more specifically... is there something to remove so that when I upgrade ubuntu versions, it doesn't try to install ubuntu-desktop and all?20:26
billybigriggerany mail gurus alive?21:02
billybigriggeri've moved my virtual server over to a fresh install21:02
billybigriggerand i haven't had to touch my mail system in almost a year...now i'm trying to read my mail via evolution and can't seem to connect21:03
billybigriggerdovecot and postfix are running, port 993 imaps is open21:03
billybigriggerevolution just sits there scanning mail folders...making me think it's not authenticating21:03
bogeyd6check the firewall?21:04
billybigriggerthing is, i can't remember if i used TLS or SSL or anything at all, i believe it was TLS21:04
billybigriggeri can ping the machine on that port, telnet that is21:04
billybigrigger$ telnet sally imaps21:04
billybigriggerConnected to sally.21:04
billybigriggerEscape character is '^]'.21:04
billybigriggershould i not get an OK Dovecot ready...or similar message?21:04
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: TCP port 993 is IMAPS, so can you do    openssl s_client -connect sally:993    and does that get you dovecot?  if it does, check you can use IMPA commands to log in and see your mail.21:05
jmarsdentelnet will not decrypt the SSL for you :)21:05
billybigriggerthere we go21:06
billybigriggerjmarsden, thanks21:06
jmarsdenNo problem.21:06
billybigriggerstupid evolution21:08
billybigriggerno where is it prompting for my password, so i think evo is not authenticating21:09
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: I have to go AFK for a while, but I think you can debug it from there :)21:13
billybigriggerjmarsden, yeah thanks21:22
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billybigriggerwatching mail.log i see this...21:30
billybigriggerOct 10 14:28:47 sally dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts): rip=, lip=, TLS handshaking: Disconnected21:30
billybigriggeri have evolution to use TLS...but again it just sits there trying to scan folders....21:30
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: You could try without the SSL and use port 143 rather than 993 and see if that helps?  It sounds like an Evolution configuration issue to me.  Telling Evolution to use TLS may be telling it to use STARTTLS commands in port 143, not IMAPS on port 993 ?22:17
bogeyd6Why doesnt he just use Evolution to autodetect it?22:19
blizzkidhey guys, can I start a client's notify-send from a server so that it notify-sends on the client and doesn't complain about X11 initialization failing on the server?22:28
iarphey, installed 9.04 server 3 or 4 days ago, all it does is openssh, apache, php,mysql, and a few other programs. Everyday at 08:30:15 the system log reports eth0 goes down and it would seem the computer shutdown as all other logs stop at that exact time and dont continue until i physically turn it back on22:38

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