brycetormod, tjaalton_: either of you think it'd be a problem if we left MODEDEBUG on by default in the release?00:00
tormodbryce, that's intel only right?00:01
bryceit's an xserver option00:01
brycetormod, googleearth-package sponsored00:04
tormodlike the ModeDebug in xorg.conf then, I remember intel was doing something on its own there00:05
tormodbryce, great, for my proprietary sins00:05
brycepretty sure it's the same option throughout, but Intel does insist on it being set more than other driver upstreams do00:05
tormodbryce, don't forget to do the bzr merge of the googleearth-package00:11
brycebryce@chideok:~/src/googleearth-package/karmic-bugs2$ bzr merge 00:12
bryceMerging from remembered parent location bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~tormodvolden/ubuntu/karmic/googleearth-package/karmic-bugs2/00:12
bryceNothing to do.     00:12
tormodbryce, oh I thought you had to push to lp:ubuntu/googleearth-package but that's maybe auto-updated?00:59
wgrantSince I upgraded this morning, the framerate appears to get really low once Compiz is running. With Metacity 3D stuff is fine. GM45, was using xorg-edgers' PPA, but it happens even without it.01:03
wgrant"really low" meaning that I see lag while typing.01:04
wgrant-intel 2.8.1 is good... now to try intermediate xorg-edgers versions...01:18
brycewgrant, "upgraded" == to karmic or to latest xorg-edgers?01:24
bryce$ bzr push lp:ubuntu/googleearth-package01:25
brycebzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-46082192:///~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/karmic/googleearth-package/karmic/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport 01:25
wgrantbryce: Upgraded to latest karmic xorg-edgers. Was previously a couple of days behind.01:26
wgrantI then removed xorg-edgers, and it still happened.01:26
wgrantI downgraded to -intel 2.8.1, and the problem went away.01:26
wgrantThen re-upgraded to 2.9.0, and the problem is still gone.01:27
wgrantMaybe the previous 2.9.0 installation got broken when X died half way through.01:27
wgrantbryce: You can't write to distro branches yet.01:27
wgrantbryce: They are the exclusive domain of james_w's robot at the moment.01:27
brycewgrant, I would bet the regression was more due to mesa or libdrm (or the kernel) than to the ddx -intel driver01:28
wgrantbryce: That was what I initially suspected, but mesa/libdrm was all from xorg-edgers at the time, and the problem remained once I downgraded to the karmic versions.01:29
bryceany diff in your Xorg.0.log or glxinfo between the working and broken cases?01:29
wgrantI don't have the Xorg.0.log from the broken cases, as I presumed I'd be able to reproduce it.01:31
wgrantSadly not.01:31
tjaalton_bryce: ok great, xserver looks fine. modedebug can stay on, since it's only helpful, and a few (hundred?) extra lines on the logfile is not that bad07:32
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eagles0513875hey guys09:57
eagles0513875i have a question is the nvidia driver going ot be upgraded for karmic as im starting to notice people having alot of random issues such as consoles and in alpha 5 i had no x starting 09:58
tjaaltonupdated to what? it's the latest stable version aiui10:13
eagles0513875the latest version from nvidia10:25
superm1kees, i think this execstack stuff is killing my install11:05
superm1this machine has fglrx and just did an apt upgrade and bumped to 8.660-0ubuntu3, the box was unusably slow11:05
superm1downgraded to 8.660-0ubuntu2 and it was usable again11:05
tormodsuperm1, maybe you should try the open-source driver :P11:12
superm1tormod, on a radeon HD 3450?  I don't think this card would be nearly as usable11:13
tormodsuperm1, it's getting there, 2D should work fine, 3D might work11:14
superm1tormod, yeah 2D is fine, but I need 3D, so that's a negatory.11:14
superm1kees, here's a bug for it: bug 44790111:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447901 in fglrx-installer "execstack is causing fglrx to be unusably slow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44790111:16
tjaaltoneagles0513875: that's beta, so no11:35
tormodtjaalton, jcristau: I think the Section's in libdrm/debian/control could need some love11:37
tjaaltontormod: which ones?11:47
tjaaltonnouveau is all ours11:47
tormodyes libdrm-nouveau1-dbg, and libdrm-radeon111:48
tjaaltonthey both are only on our package11:52
tjaaltontoo scary?11:52
tormodright, the Debian version is fine11:59
albert23tormod: are you aware of bug 447181 and bug 447427? The loss of UMS in xorg-edgers on jaunty seems to cause problems.12:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447181 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Video driver error: No kernel modesetting driver detected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44718112:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447427 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i945] No screens found / none have usable configuration on Intel 945GM" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44742712:06
tormodalbert23, thanks, I was wondering if there would be people running it with old kernels :)12:09
albert23I guess it's a preview of what we may see with hardy -> lynx updates next year12:10
tormodalbert23, I could add a /etc/modprobe.d/i915-kms.conf to the -intel package, but maybe it is more educational to leave that to the user12:28
albert23tormod: yeah, maybe just a warning on the ppa page that KMS is now mandatory would be good12:31
tormodalbert23, good idea12:35
eagles0513875tjaalton: that isnt beta btw from the nvidia site there is a newer version of the driver out  and it seems like im seeing more and more people wiht nvidia issues :( 13:52
tjaaltoneagles0513875: the latest non-beta version is 185.18.36, and that's in karmic13:58
tjaaltonmine is working just fine13:59
eagles0513875tjaalton: was that in alpha 5?13:59
tjaaltonI don't know13:59
eagles0513875cuz back in alpha 5 the repo one wasnt working which i dont think was .36 but an older version the one that was in jaunty13:59
eagles0513875strange tjaalton i am not sure if i should send people in here who are having nvidia issues or not13:59
tjaaltonSun, 23 Aug 2009, so yes it was in alpha514:00
eagles0513875interesting i dunno but there was a bug in it where x wouldnt start up at all 14:01
eagles0513875would be dropped into a tty console 14:01
eagles0513875with the nv driver and the 185 driver that is in repos 14:01
eagles0513875downloaded it from nvidia and it worked just fine14:01
tjaaltonwithout a logfile it's impossible to tell14:02
tjaaltoncould be just the kernel module missing14:02
eagles0513875tjaalton: true. alpha 6 it was fixed and nv worked out of the box14:03
eagles0513875and has been since14:03
tjaaltonnv is different14:03
abhinavHi .. suspend/hibernate with karmic is failing due to an error pointing to nvidia.14:04
eagles0513875tjaalton: maybe so but it wasnt working in alpha 5 14:04
abhinavfiled 415211 on launchpad - in case anyone wants to take a look. Guess quite a few users have seen this14:04
abhinavthis is with the latest updates on karmic beta14:04
tjaaltoneagles0513875: but not because of the driver, but something else14:05
eagles0513875was worried till alpha 6 came out that i would have had to recompile x from source with a newer version14:06
tjaaltonunless you were bit by bug 38565814:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 385658 in xserver-xorg-video-nv "'nv' is selected when no xorg.conf is present even if it doesn't support the nvidia hardware" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38565814:08
tjaaltoneh, not that one then :)14:08
tjaaltonor maybe..14:08
eagles0513875tjaalton: i think i was 14:09
eagles0513875cuz it would just drop right into console14:09
eagles0513875hey guys im trying to remix my own distro using karmic as my basis how can i rebrand it instead of using  the karmic debootstrap use debootstrap with my own naming convention for what im developing14:14
tjaaltonhardly the place to ask14:15
eagles0513875whoops thought i was in ubuntu+114:15
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amx109updated karmic today and X is now borked. i get nothing but gibberish along the very centre of the screen. 2.6.31-13 doesnt work. nor does 2.6.31-12, but 2.6.31-11 drops me to a terminal login (still no X)14:25
amx109i have an ati 2850. can anyone help?14:25
tjaaltonusing fglrx?14:26
eagles0513875tjaalton: amx109 is having a similar issue that i was having back in alpha 5 with 11 kernel14:26
tjaaltonbut totally different hw14:27
tjaaltonand driver14:27
amx109tjaalton,  yeah, im using fglrx14:41
amx109ive got X back14:54
amx109there was a missing file that fglrx was complaining about14:55
amx109i restored it from a backup14:55
amx109i get into X, and gnome now14:55
amx109but theres an amd logo in bottom right corner with 'testing use only. unssupported hardware' below it14:55
amx109im going to remove fgrlx and hope that improves things14:57

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