histokilo: yeah Ask in the wine channel to get wow running. There are also directions on wine's website00:00
fccfevilaim: you are talking about Karmic... Karmic is BETA and may break ..Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:00
nutterpckilo, whats it doing?00:00
evilaimI know00:00
kilonow nothing.00:00
kilogonna try a reboot00:00
nutterpcnormally getting wow running under linux is as simple as editing the config.wtf00:01
nutterpcadding the lines at the bottom00:01
nutterpcand ur done00:01
ahecklerhey all, i'm having trouble getting the microphone on my Microsoft VX-5000 webcam to work with Skype. Has anyone had experience with this?00:01
LordDarthDoes anyone know the application name for the  "Connect to a server" application ?00:03
LordDarthI cant seem to drag it onto avant-window-navigator as a launcher.00:03
fccfaheckler: you probably will not have any luck with that camera/mic combo ... see here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86583300:03
zebastianI have avant window manager AWN installed on gnome, I installed LXDE and when I log into lxde awn appears on the process table albeit not on the screen, can someone help me fix this please?00:04
ahecklerfccf: well the funny thing is it worked OOTB before, but then I had to reinstall Jaunty and now Skype can only get the video, not the audio in00:04
h3rb3r7usser_: thanks00:05
usser_h3rb3r7, no problem00:05
histoLordDarth: I'm looking hold up00:05
histoLordDarth: nautilus-connect-server00:06
=== benjamin is now known as B3N
LordDarthAwsome, thanks histo00:06
h3rb3r7when i install lamp wihtin the ubuntu installation dialog, its totally blank right, so if have o configure each to work well together?00:06
SerlaCan someone tell me what is wrong with this command (sudo mount -t vboxsf [-o OPTIONS] BV /home/jmd)00:07
Serlaanything I need to change perhaps?00:08
ahecklererrr... take out the "[-o OPTIONS]" part?00:08
Serlaaheckler what should I replace it with?00:08
=== MasterofPuppets is now known as MoP|away
tbxSerla: that may well depend upon which options you're wanting.00:09
ahecklerSerla: well it looks like you copied and pasted that from an online example or something yeah?00:09
Serlaaheckler exactly00:09
Serlatbx I just wanted to mount virtualbox shared files to any place in ubuntu00:09
SerlaI dont know how00:09
eyore15will karmic contain the new one-window version of Gimp, does anyone know?00:10
ahecklerSerla: well that's just an example of how someone would use the -o flag00:10
tbxSerla: then, "mount -t vboxsf [path/to/vbox-image] [/path/to/any/place/on/ubuntu]00:10
ilovemistakeshi all. i've got a paranoia :) i've found a bug in karmic and dirty patched target to get it work _for me_. but i suggested that it might help developers to fight the bug and i posted it in bug's thread on launchpad. there is no reply. i am afraid that i offended developer(s). is it better to just report and confirm?00:10
ahecklerthanks tbx00:11
fccfeyore15: ask in #ubuntu+1 ... they are actually running the OS and can check for you00:11
tbxSerla: whoops00:11
fccf!karmic | ilovemistakes00:11
ubottuilovemistakes: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:11
usser_ilovemistakes, no any fixes are welcome, as long as they are sane and documented00:11
canthus13ilovemistakes: More likely that they're just extremely busy right now.00:11
tbxSerla: then, "mount -t vboxsf -o loop [path/to/vbox-image] [/path/to/any/place/on/ubuntu]"00:11
ilovemistakesok, thanks every one :)00:12
Serlatbx as for [/path/to/any/place/on/ubuntu] I guess /home/jmd will work? but what aboug [path/to/vbox-image] my folder name is BV shall I just replaced [path/to/vbox-image]  with BV?00:12
bastidrazorSerla: you would probably need an empty directory in order to mount something to00:13
tbxSerla: and the vbox image would be a file, not a "folder name[d] BV"00:13
Serlatbx how can I know whats the vbox image path?00:14
optimizerhey; i just want to setup a simple forum/calender website on ubuntu; what system is recommenced?00:14
tbxSerla: I suspect it's probably in /home/[user]/.VirtualBox/ ... somewhere. I have no idea, since I'm not using virtualbox.00:15
foofishSerla: go into vbox and click around in the virtual machine settings, it should tell you where the image is00:15
BeriaerUSUL: Thanks00:15
BeriaIt's working00:15
bastidrazorSerla: there is a #vbox channel if you need more specifics than provided here.00:15
erUSULBeria: ? it's done ? yay! XD00:16
fccfoptimizer: personally I'd reccommend a Lamp server, a simplemachines forum and plug it in with a Joomla frontend and JoomCal00:16
erUSUL!yay | Beria00:16
ubottuBeria: Glad you made it! :-)00:16
optimizerfccf: what packages should I apt-gwet install ?00:16
BeriaerUSUL: Me too... XD00:16
Serlabastidrazor been there00:16
fccf!lamp | optimizer start here ... the rest you download from the individual sites00:17
ubottuoptimizer start here ... the rest you download from the individual sites: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:17
Serlafoofish guess in vbox settings shows the windows path00:17
erUSULBeria: ok; good luck with your Linux/ubuntu journey :) and you are wellcome00:17
OoBatmanoOhello, I want to use wubi00:18
foofishSerla: http://www.virtualbox.org/attachment/wiki/Screenshots/virtual-disk-image-manager.png00:18
tbxOoBatmanoO: I want you to use wubi!00:18
foofishSerla: you want to get that screen up somehow00:18
OoBatmanoOit says that disk performance will take a hit00:19
tbxOoBatmanoO: It my be right!00:19
OoBatmanoOcan i still use wubi, and put it in a dedicated partition so it wont take a hit00:19
ReVoLt112Has anyone an idea, how to make some dialogues fitting to 1024x600 screen resolution?00:19
DarkoSerla: it should be in /usr/share/virtualbox00:19
canthus13How does one get sshd to listen on multiple ports?  I can figure out how to get it to listen to a port other than 22.00:19
starcubeIf you are doing that then you might as well dual boot ubuntu.00:20
OoBatmanoOi shrunk my Y: to accomodate space for kubuntu.00:20
OoBatmanoOI don't know how to do that starcube, I don't have a dvd rom neither00:20
foofishcanthus13: http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2005-March/083110.html00:20
fccfReVoLt112: rotate the screen ... I don't know00:20
canthus13foofish: thanks.00:20
tbxNeed help resolving an issue on a fresh install & updated 9.04 ; the key combination "FN+F2" switches on and off the internal wireless adapter on a Dell Inspiron e1505 when running under the 9.04 live user; but installed it doesn't do a thing, and the wireless card is stuck off. What didn't get installed, or what can I look for?00:21
canthus13foofish: Fah. that was too simple. :)00:21
foofishcanthus13: :)00:21
ReVoLt112i switches already to 96 dpi but not all windows are visible till yet^^00:21
foofishReVoLt112: no. but you can probably drag the windows around so you can still read them and interact with them00:22
dragonirssi doesn't reconnect automatically. What settings should i look for?00:22
ZykoticK9tbx I've got a friend with a Dell laptop who has had similar issues - I know for a while he had to boot into Windows enable the wireless card then reboot back into Ubuntu.  Good luck man.00:22
mo0nykitHello! I'm running 2.6.28-15-generic. But when I do "sudo update-initramfs -u", it complains the "" does not exist. Where can I find the update-initramfs config file which tells it what initrd img to look into?00:22
ReVoLt112problem ist that some windows are to big for this workaround00:22
tbxZykoticK9: Sounds, then, like it's time to just get a pcmcia card. :(00:23
foofishdragon: not sure, maybe server_reconnect_time00:23
mgv2hi - my computer volume out the speakers very low - what can i do except alsa?00:23
tbxZykoticK9: the odd thing is that it works fine running live-user off the same 9.04 install cd.00:23
foofishReVoLt112: you tried alt-dragging on the window to move it?00:23
ReVoLt112sometimes i see a 1 pixel height button, so i can guess which of them is the OK button00:23
AlDoug_Is there a way to use cp such that it will copy everything *except* certain files?00:23
foofishReVoLt112: yes00:24
foofishReVoLt112: hold down alt, drag anywhere in the window00:24
fccfmo0nykit: you are trying to update from Hardy to Karmic ... Impossible, and 28-15 is depricated ... do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade before running initramfs updater00:24
ZykoticK9tbx, I really wish I could talk to him "right now" cause he's gotten his wireless working pretty well now (after jumping through a lot of hoops), i also believe that he switched over to using WICD? or some such alternative Wireless Manager app - don't know the specific obviously.00:24
dragonfoofish: it's currently "server_reconnect_time = 5min"00:24
ReVoLt112*g* well thats easy, thanks a lot :D00:25
tbxZykoticK9: yes, I have WICD installed. I use that by default on my other machines.00:25
foofishdragon: ok. i dunno if that's good or bad :) maybe set it to 1 second somehow00:25
OoBatmanoOis there anyway that i can use wubi to install kubuntu to it's own partition from the getgo?00:25
epaphusIf I have installed a ubuntu customized version.. is it possible I can make it a LiveCD so i can distribute it?00:25
OoBatmanoOi know i can use LVPN to do so after the installation is done, but i don't know about before the installation00:26
IdleOne!remaster | epaphus00:26
ubottuepaphus: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility00:26
dragonfoofish: as of now irssi completely fails to reconnect. Don't think 1 sec is going to help00:26
dragonfoofish: anyways, thanks00:26
kilowow, winehq is totally dead.  So wow.exe is running fine, but it only allows me a resolution of 3360x1050 (really squishy)... I'm sure that this has something to do with the dual monitor setup I have with the vid card. I'm running a second monitor via twinview and both monitors have a resolution of 1680x1050 (3360 is the combined resolution of both screens; I only wanna play on one. any ideas? wow only gives me a resolution of 3360 x1050 as 00:27
xuserHi, do you guys know what app does alternate.iso calls durint install to setup the keyboard?00:27
q0_0panyone here can help me get internet working for dhcp server?  clients can recieve ip but no internet00:27
epaphusIdleOne, do you know if it is possible to load my LiveCD (that measure 1.3GB) in the RAM of the user?00:27
KB1JWQq0_0p: Likely a mismatched subnet mask or a default gateway that isn't there / working correctly.00:27
mgv2hi - my computer volume out the speakers is very low - what can i do except alsa?00:27
KB1JWQmgv2: Check the balance.00:27
KB1JWQCheck for hardware faults as well, mgv200:28
IdleOneepaphus: I don't believe the entire livecd gets loaded at once. I think it loads to ram the base plus what you are using at the time but I am not sure00:28
=== g4br13l is now known as jackson
q0_0pKB1JWQ, was wondering if u could guide me in the right direction; im guessing i have to modify the dhcpd.conf again00:28
shades_ausHello all00:28
mgv2KB1JWQ, how can i check both?00:28
ZykoticK9kilo, option 1) use nvidia setting to disable one monitor then start the game 2) config you xorg.conf with a NULL setting to automatically disable one monitor when an app asks for 1680x1050.  Good luck.00:28
KB1JWQq0_0p: Maybe, maybe not.  What's the routing table show on the client?00:28
shades_ausFunkyHat Hey!00:28
=== jackson is now known as jackson_five
q0_0pKB1JWQ, did u want me to type in route -n?00:28
=== jackson_five is now known as g4br13l
KB1JWQq0_0p: Is it windows or Ubuntu (the client)?00:29
funkyHatHi shades_aus00:29
q0_0pKB1JWQ, windows client00:29
KB1JWQq0_0p: Then I have no idea. :-)00:29
q0_0pKB1JWQ, darn00:29
KB1JWQq0_0p: ipconfig /all should show that data.00:29
shades_ausFunkyHat After having a wonderful 1900x1200 screen resolution for 2 days on Ubuntu, it has decided to return to VGA once again :(00:29
peolshades_aus: Kernel-upgrade?00:29
funkyHatshades_aus: boo :(00:29
shades_auspeol Maybe!00:29
KB1JWQq0_0p: Pastebins are your friend for that data.00:30
shades_ausFunkyHat yeah00:30
q0_0pKB1JWQ, my subnet is for the dhcp server; and the AT&T gateway is
peolshades_aus: Did you install your drivers through envy?00:30
shades_auspeol no, through update manager00:30
funkyHatpeol: no, his card is supported by the open source ATi drivers00:30
KB1JWQq0_0p: This might be better suited for ##networking00:30
q0_0pKB1JWQ, cool00:30
q0_0pKB1JWQ, thx00:30
shades_ausIts an ati x80000:30
peolI actually switched from ATI to Nvidia last year because of the b0rked drivers :/00:31
funkyHatshades_aus: did you try the same things that we did before to get it working?00:31
shades_ausbut the DVI is no longer working. and my xorg.conf still has LCD listed00:31
mo0nykitHello! I'm running 2.6.28-15-generic. But when I do "sudo update-initramfs -u", it complains the "" does not exist. Where can I find the update-initramfs config file which tells it what initrd img to look into? Here is my terminal output http://paste.ubuntu.com/289679/00:31
shades_ausfunkyHat, yep. Nothing has changed there00:31
shades_ausfunkyHat I tried moving the LCD entry up before the standard monitor entry in xorg.conf but no help00:32
=== gusan0r is now known as Gusan0r
IdleOnemo0nykit: are you sure you have  2.6.28-15-generic? run uname -a00:32
funkyHatshades_aus: did you notice any upgrades to any xorg packages?00:33
shades_ausfunkyHat none that I can remember00:34
shades_auswould there be a log to check somewhere?>00:34
od3ncan someone help me out with a issue00:35
funkyHatshades_aus: /var/log/apt/term.log00:35
funkyHat!ask od3n00:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask od3n00:35
funkyHat!ask | od3n00:35
ubottuod3n: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:35
od3nI think I messed something up on my user account00:36
IdleOneod3n: more details00:36
od3nok well I was trying to get the video on a lcd that I have hooked up to a lap top I am using00:37
shades_ausfunkyHat grep for X11 ?00:37
mo0nykitIdleOne, yes it is Linux kit-laptop 2.6.28-15-generic #52-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 9 10:49:34 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux00:37
od3nbut with the user account I could not get the right resolution00:37
ectropyWhat chan is for ubuntu nbr?00:37
faryshtaIs there any software to create small animations on Ubuntu?00:38
IdleOnemo0nykit: strange because I just ran the same command without issue00:38
funkyHatshades_aus: it'll probably be easier to open it up and search through it, grep's results wont be all that helpful00:38
wormhello, at computer restarting, sup and inf XFCE bars disappeared .... How could i get them back ? Is there a way to reset xfce ? I can't find any ~/.xfce ... thanks00:38
ectropy! ubuntu nbr00:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu nbr00:38
ectropy! nbr00:38
ubottuUbuntu Netbook Remix is a slightly altered version of Ubuntu, optimised for small screens. For more information, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR - support in #ubuntu00:38
foofishfaryshta: like animated gifs?00:38
od3nso I changed the h and v sync with gedit00:38
IdleOne.31 is kernel being used in karmix and -Custom implies you either modified the kernel or downloaded a custom kernel00:38
funkyHatshades_aus: search for xorg00:39
IdleOnekarmic* mo0nykit ^^00:39
od3nthen when I rebooted the panels would just keep blinking00:39
mo0nykitIdleOne, actually I had installed a custom 2.6.31 kernel, I probably did not uninstall it properly. Somehow, update-initramfs still lists the non-existing initrd's as "existing". Let me pastebin to illustrate00:39
ectropyubottu, you're great!00:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you're great!00:39
IdleOnemo0nykit: make sure that kernel is gone00:39
faryshtafoofish, a little bigger, like youtube video.00:40
erikk71hi all00:40
bobbob1016If I setup a softRAID5 with mdadm for storage, and then my main drive dies, is it possible to recover the softRAID5 with a different /root?00:40
shades_ausfunkyHat Ok, there ARE some entries for xorg so there must have been an update00:40
erikk71has anyone here ever used samsung hard drive00:40
od3nthat said I am able to get it all working when I am logged on as root00:40
erikk71just curious to what your experience has been00:41
mo0nykitIdleOne, yes, the custom kernel is gone. I only have 2.6.28-15-generic in my /boot. Here's the list of "available" initrd's http://paste.ubuntu.com/289684/00:41
funkyHatshades_aus: what about xserver-xorg-video-ati ?00:41
NOTHatingUbuntupeol: could you tell me again what the code is to check if things are muted or anything?00:41
peolNOTHatingUbuntu: alsamixer00:41
mo0nykitIdleOne, I'm using Jaunty00:41
funkyHatshades_aus: the dates are at the top and bottom of each section00:41
shades_ausfunkyHat  xserver-xorg-video-radeon_1%3a6.12.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb00:42
funkyHatshades_aus: date?00:42
foofishfaryshta: dunno, sorry00:42
IdleOnemo0nykit: but still using the custom kernel. I am not sure how to fix your issue but initrams still sees that kernel00:42
od3nso I was wondering it there was a xorg.conf for each user account and if so could I copy the root one to the user account00:42
IdleOnemo0nykit: try asking in #ubuntu+1 they might know better00:43
shades_ausfunkyHat Log started: 2009-04-20  14:00:5200:43
foofishod3n: no, i think there's only one xorg.conf00:43
funkyHatshades_aus: definitely not that then00:43
mo0nykitIdleOne, I'm running the default Jaunty kernel. Yes, there is probably some list file that update-initramfs will read... Okay thanks :)00:43
foofishod3n: maybe you should look in /var/log/ for the xorg log files, and search for errors and warning there00:44
shades_ausfunkyHat so update manager won't append to that file? it creates a new one each time?00:44
funkyHatshades_aus: you've lost me00:44
NOTHatingUbuntucould someone help me with a problem with my sound? it says its not outputting'00:44
funkyHatshades_aus: you could search backwards from the bottom, looks like the most recent entry is at the bottom00:45
SerlaPlease help with this command (sudo mount -t vboxsf -o loop BV /home/jmd/mount) it doesnt seem to work!00:46
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest82384
skylar_hey anyone around  ?00:46
shades_ausfunkyHat nothing towards the bottom00:46
shades_ausfunkyHat for xserver00:46
KagomeSum . . . I need TONS of help . . . anybody?00:46
funkyHatshades_aus: ok00:46
shades_ausfunkyHat libc6 is there however00:46
shades_ausfunkyHat libglib200:47
skylar_If anyone can help me figure out how to get the keyboard layout working that'd be great00:47
skylar_wait nvm00:47
KagomeSI installed Xubuntu00:47
KagomeSum, and I have no idea how to get DVD playback00:47
skylar_sweet It is working now nvm00:47
KagomeSor how to get java00:47
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:47
IdleOne!java > KagomeS00:47
ubottuKagomeS, please see my private message00:47
IdleOne!ot | Steil00:47
ubottuSteil: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:47
foofishSteil: cool, i hear you can make pretty patterns if you microwave it00:48
skylar_err wtf, it works in the chat but nowhere else XD00:48
skylar_ Its in the french layout in some windows :?00:48
funkyHatshades_aus: I suppose those could have an effect on it. I don't know enough about it to be able to say though :( maybe someone else can help00:48
shades_ausfunkyHat fair enough00:49
KagomeSoh, wait00:49
sddfdfis the kernel module ohci_hc the same as usb-ohci ?00:49
funkyHatskylar_: in the keyboard preferences there is a tickbox that says "Separate layout for each window"00:49
ShirakawasunaI'm new to ubuntu/debian package management.  Are old package sources stored or deleted automatically and if stored, is there a way to delete them easily?00:49
funkyHatShirakawasuna: apt-get clean00:49
shades_ausfunkyHat I have very little idea myself, mind you I am learning where to go look now, so that's kinda cool in itself00:50
funkyHatShirakawasuna: or apt-get autoclean00:50
ShirakawasunafunkyHat: is there a gui method?  The primary user of this netbook will be a non-techie.00:50
LordDarthIs there some way to get rid of ALL the panels.00:50
LordDarthThe last one there doesn't have an option to remove it00:50
funkyHatShirakawasuna: not that I know of. You could set up a cron job to do it for them though. It's quite a quick operation00:50
SerlaAnyone tried virtualbox sharing here?00:50
funkyHatLordDarth: remove gnome-panel from your session00:51
ShirakawasunafunkyHat: alright, thanks!00:51
LordDarthThanks funkyHat, i'll give that a whirl00:51
foofishShirakawasuna: looks like wajig may be sort of what you want00:51
foofishShirakawasuna: although it's barely a gui00:51
cihati musst g to a german chat can you give me a linkk ??????????ß00:51
Pici!de | cihat00:52
ubottucihat: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:52
foofishShirakawasuna: er, gjig in the wajig package, that is. according to http://www.ubuntugeek.com/cleaning-up-all-unnecessary-junk-files-in-ubuntu.html00:52
waterHello all!00:52
shades_ausfunkyHat going to try remove "Default Screen" and only leave "LCD Screen"00:53
Shirakawasunafoofish: wow, that's a horrible name for an app, but thanks :D00:53
cihat i musst g to a german chat can you give me a linkk ??????????ß00:53
LordDarthfunkyHat:  i looked in system > Preferences > settings . But i dont see gnome-panel00:53
lstarnescihat: type this: /join #ubuntu-de00:53
LordDarthsettings = sessions00:53
funkyHatshades_aus: ok. Worth a try, but I think you needed 2 screen sections to force it to check both outputs00:54
funkyHatLordDarth: hrm. That is still what you have to do, I don't know where you would do it though00:55
funkyHatLordDarth: oh here we go, open gconf-editor and go to /desktop/gnome/session00:56
bryanl_i'm looking for a faster update source for ubuntu.  where do i start?00:57
funkyHatLordDarth: remove panel from required_components_list00:57
bobbob1016If I setup a softRAID5 with mdadm for storage, and then my OS drive dies, is it possible to recover the softRAID5 with a reinstall?00:57
funkyHatbryanl_: pick one near to where you live00:57
LordDarthbrb going to see if this worked00:58
shades_ausfunkyHat Darn :-) lol00:58
funkyHatLordDarth: can probably just kill gnome-panel now00:58
LordDarthstill came back00:58
funkyHatMaybe you can't just kill it then00:58
LordDarthk brb00:59
SerlaCan someone help with this please sudo mount -t vboxsf -o loop BV /home/jmd/mount00:59
theooi am trying to install moodle.. but when i create a directory on my apache server moodle and try to open it from browser i get 404.. :/00:59
LordDarthThanks funkyHat01:00
funkyHatLordDarth: :)01:00
usser_theoo, well did you set your DocumentRoot properly, who owns the folder? what are the permissions?01:01
skylar_Another stupid question due to some tinkering I accidentally removed the wireless network monitor from the bar, and I can't find it in the add to panel section01:01
usser_skyla_, alt+f2 and nm-applet?01:01
theooskylar_ i tried to change the permisions to 777 but same again.. when i create a new folder 'unknown' and point it with my browser i get it open ..01:02
kilo *cry* it was bound to happen.... made ubuntu crash for the first time...01:02
skylar_huh ?01:02
kiloalthough it was more an underpwered machine's fault than the OS itself.01:03
mo0nykitIdleOne, the problem was with the /var/lib/initramfs-tools. The directory contains text files pertaining to all the initrd's that you have installed. Deleting the useless initrd's (those whose kernels have been uninstalled) would be safe.01:03
usser_theoo, linux is case sensitive u sure you dont have some capital letters somewhere01:03
fccfskylar_: pkill gnome-panel ... should reset it ... it technically supposed to be there01:03
theoousser_ yeas i am sure.. i can open any folder from my browser.. but not the folders with name moodle ..01:03
IdleOnemo0nykit: good to know. glad you figured it out01:04
usser_theoo, huh, well thats weird01:04
skylar_fccf sorry I have no idea what you even mean by pkill, I've been on ubuntu for a maximum of 20 minutes, but eventually I'll figure it out01:04
mo0nykitIdleOne, thanks to the people at ubuntu+101:04
theoousser_ chown -R apache:apache ... does this mean something to make problem with it?01:05
fccfskylar_:  open a terminal .. Applications>Accessories>Terminal ... type ... pkill gnome-panel >enter01:05
kiloOk guys, well thank you all for your help thus far...  WoW is working, but it only gives me the option of 3360 x 1050 resolution (which is the resolution of both my monitors in twinview) any idea how I can force other resolutions into the selection via the video card settings? I'm sure if I can, I can set WoW to run in window-maximized mode and that should solve the whole issue.01:05
usser_theoo, i think its www-data not apache01:05
theoousser_ so u have any suggestions to fix that?01:06
usser_theoo, chown -R www-data /folder && chmod -R 777 /folder01:06
theoousser_ i will give it a try.. thnx01:07
skylar_:S Nothing01:07
ZykoticK9kilo, option 1) use nvidia setting to disable one monitor then start the game 2) config you xorg.conf with a NULL setting to automatically disable one monitor when an app asks for 1680x1050.01:07
kilooh! and I posted my xorg.conf here: http://pastebin.com/m4dc392ad01:08
ade2_i think i saw that the "official ubuntu server book" was creative commons.  does that mean it can be downloaded somewhere?01:08
fccfskylar_ give me a few minutes and I will see if I can help you get it working again .. please put my name at the beginning when speaking with me01:08
theoousser_ i get chown: `www-data': invalid user..01:09
kiloZykoticK9: Thank you. I thought about that, but I'm wanting to run Wow in windowed mode. it's not requesting 1680x1050, ubuntu is saying that 3360x1050 is the only resolution available to it... make sense?01:09
fccfGoto System>Administration>Network, .. see what we get there01:09
usser_theoo, are u using ubuntu?01:09
fccfskylar_: ^^^^ duoh01:09
skylar_fccf, cool will do.  No worries or anything I typically learn by screwing things up and having to fix them  lol01:10
funkyHattheoo: 404 is not found, if it were a permissions issue the error would be something else01:10
kiloI know one other work-around is to have 2 separate X Screens going, but when I tried that, Compiz freaked out on me.01:11
fccfskylar_: and sometimes we have to break something to get it to work ... so if necessarry you may want to come here and ask questions, or discribe what is going on so that we may better assist you01:11
ZykoticK9kilo, can you get into the game and set a resolution?  can you temporarily turn off one monitor with nvidia-settings and get into the game?  you need to know what resolution WoW wants before we can configure your xorg to match the settings.01:11
theoofunkyHat so what do you think the problem is?01:11
* fccf likes breaking things ( and being able to fix them )01:11
ZykoticK9kilo, or turn turn this Windows mode on!01:11
skylar_fccf,  there is no "network" only network tools.01:11
usser_theoo, hm, strange. i just created a folder in my wwwroot didnt change any permissions and it works01:12
funkyHattheoo: that your server is not looking in the right place. Have you checked the logs to see where it is looking when you try to access localhost/moodle (or whatever)?01:12
skylar_Shows devices, traceroute, portscan ect01:12
vgambitjust installed ubuntu server 9.04 on an old pc thinking I can host media on it, but it only shows a terminal and I'm kind of overwhelmed01:13
kiloZykoticK9: Sorry, I thought I mentioned it: the game is not requesting resolutions. It asks the OS what resolutions are available. Unbuntu is returning that only the resolution 3360x1050 is available (which is way too wide). That's the resolution of both my monitors. I need to find a way to provide 1680x1050 as a resolution to the game, seeing as it's the one requesting from the OS what resolutions are available.01:13
vgambitare there any programs to let me access it with an x server?01:14
carlosquesovgambit: you might want ton install the desktop version01:14
funkyHatvgambit: you can install ubuntu-desktop which will install the normal ubuntu packages over the top01:14
ZykoticK9kilo, then you have no choice but to use nvidia-settings, disable one monitor then start the game!01:14
carlosquesodang it funkyhat you type faster than me01:14
vgambitfunkyHat, that sounds like what I'm looking for01:14
ipatrolWhat's root-system-bin?01:14
fccfskylar_: run sudo network-admin ... in your terminal01:14
vgambitsudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop?01:14
AssemblyHallHello everybody....01:15
ZykoticK9sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop <-- corrected01:15
funkyHatvgambit: almost. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ;)01:15
AssemblyHalli'm a newbie01:15
theoofunkyHat [Sat Oct 10 01:53:31 2009] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/moodle01:15
vgambitah, close01:15
carlosquesoHi Assembly Hall...welcome...do you have a question?01:15
kiloZykoticK9: are you sure there's no way to modify xorg.conf to reflect a different resolution?01:15
vgambitI'll just jot that down for now... my next problem will be hooking it up to the internet01:15
AssemblyHallneed some ubuntu tutorials or ebooks01:16
funkyHattheoo: right, and what about `ls /var/www` -- what does that tell you?01:16
vgambitprobably gonna end up using a long ethernet cable01:16
skylar_fccf command not found, ( I tried twice, I found this on ubuntu forums worth trying - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24188901:16
funkyHatvgambit: that is the best solution for a server machine anyway :)01:16
vgambitfunkyHat, it's in the other room!01:16
robuntuI'm trying to install ndiswrapper, and when I give the make command I get this; http://pastebin.com/m1186313401:16
AssemblyHallalso want to learn how i can turn my pc into a web server...01:16
vgambitthe router is in this room01:16
funkyHatvgambit: right, but wireless is slow and unreliable01:17
skylar_fccf My bad I already looked in the add panel section for network monitor01:17
funkyHatvgambit: putting in a proper cable for it will save you frustration in the long run :)01:17
keltoris there an easy way to let's say reset ubuntu back to just what's in ubuntu-standard01:17
vgambitI can probably get a 50 footer from school anyway.01:17
funkyHatkeltor: reinstall01:17
kiloAnd I'd rather just create a second X Screen instead of disabling one of them.... seems a shame to waste all that good monitor space   ;)01:17
ZykoticK9kilo, yes - but you'd have to switch to that resolution prior to starting the game each time (so you might as well just use nvidia-settings gui)  -- if this was a "normal" game with a resolution that could be selected, then there is a way to use xorg to automajically turn off one monitor when a game calls that resolution -- but if the game relies on what xorg's resolution is -> you gotta use nvidia-settings...  sorry to break bad news.01:18
vgambitonce I install the ubuntu-desktop package, it'll "just work" when I reboot, right?01:18
vgambitor will there have to be some terminal command to see a gui?01:18
skylar_fccf, I have it fixed01:18
keltorfunkyHat: do i mean some other way - it's a remote server, so cannot do that01:18
skylar_  I hope01:18
fccfskylar_: good good01:18
robuntuI'm trying to install ndiswrapper, and when I give the make command I get this; http://pastebin.com/m1186313401:18
atari2600aI'm trying to enable ctrl-alt-backspace in 9.10 beta, but dontzap doesn't appear to be in the repos01:18
skylar_It at least shows signal strength I'll see if I can manage connections XD01:19
funkyHatvgambit: don't even need to reboot, it'll probably just start up by itself. if not you can run sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start01:19
skylar_fccf,  Thanks.01:19
kiloZykoticK9: I see... insteresting. I think I'm just going to try to create a second X Screen then, without having Compiz scream at me   :P01:19
funkyHatkeltor: ah ok. if you can remember the packages that you specifically installed, uninstall them using aptitude (not apt-get), it will auto-remove stuff that is no longer depended on by anything01:20
vgambitalright. the main reason I wanted to set that pc up as a server was so that I could keep an image of one of my laptop's partitions01:20
Pookywow, there's a lot of people in this channel O.o01:20
vgambitbasically wanted to do a network backup/restore server, but for mac os x01:20
kilothanks for the info!01:20
robuntuI'm trying to install ndiswrapper, and when I give the make command I get this; http://pastebin.com/m1186313401:20
ZykoticK9atari2600a, easiest solution is use (right)ctrl+SysRq (print screen)+k instead01:20
keltorfunkyHat: so does apt-get autoremove01:20
ZykoticK9atari2600a, also see http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-enable-ctrl-alt-backspace-in-ubuntu-jaunty.html01:21
atari2600azykdoesn't appear to work01:21
atari2600aZykoticK9: doesn't appear to work01:21
PookyCan someone recommend an application for downloading torrent rss feeds, like for television shows and such. I'd like something console based that can run as a daemon in the background.01:21
ZykoticK9atari2600a, well I'm not foolish enough to test on my computer, lol01:21
funkyHatkeltor: ah :). I also saw someone mention a tool for removing un-depended-on packages, but I can't remember the name of it. Sounded like it would list any packages that are not depended on01:22
LordDarthhttp://img185.imageshack.us/img185/670/screenshotp.png <-- sexiest ubuntu desktop you ever saw ;)01:22
PookyLordDarth: it is?01:22
PookyLordDarth: it is nice, I'll give it that01:22
keltorfunkyHat: ok ... that sounds like someting to look for01:22
PookyLordDarth: compiz/beryl/whatever for true transparency on the terminal and stuff?01:23
firsthay guys my friend just installed unbuntu and his sound dose not work what do01:23
PookyLordDarth: you should put together a write up detailing how you got such a sexy desktop, people love that kind of stuff01:23
kiloso speaking of which: anyone had any luck running two separate X Screens and successfully getting Compiz to run 2 Cubes?01:23
myronquick question, kill should work no matter which tty session you are on correct?01:23
unopfunkyHat,  aptitude can do that - but i guess you're looking for "deborphan"01:23
bastidrazorLordDarth: you should check out cairo-dock.. it is a bit flashier than AWN01:23
robuntuI'm trying to install ndiswrapper, and when I give the make command I get this; http://pastebin.com/m1186313401:23
Serlaits a pain in the bUTT just to do a simple thing in ubuntu01:24
LordDarthNot a bad idea Pooky01:24
LordDarthI'll take a look bastidrazor01:24
foofishmyron: right01:24
unopmyron, as long as you have the privileges to send signals to a process, yes01:24
bastidrazorLordDarth: also try no toolbars on windows. it looks a bit more sliming.01:24
LordDarththanks for the tips01:24
PookyI like hiding scrollbars a lot fo the time01:24
funkyHatunop: I'm talking about packages that are manually installed, not just auto01:24
coreyman1I just installed ubuntu server, and I chose to set up network later, what is the command to set up network?01:24
Pookyespecially on terms, since I'm usually running screen aynways01:25
ipatrolWhat's root-system-bin?01:25
funkyHatunop: so yeah probably deborphan. < keltor01:25
Lenin_Catwhy do I constently get segment faults randomly, and then when I restart, its fine.01:25
funkyHatConstantly AND randomly?01:25
foofishLenin_Cat: faulty hardware?01:25
Lenin_CatfunkyHat, yes01:25
Lenin_Catfoofish, doubt it.01:26
funkyHatDoesn't sound very random01:26
robuntuI'm trying to install ndiswrapper, and when I give the make command I get this; http://pastebin.com/m1186313401:26
zebastiani installed lxde and i am wondering whether i can run xfwm4 whilst login on01:26
myronunop: so If I am logged into a user account on the graphical tty session (tty7) and I have a program not responding, I could switch to tty1 and login to that same user session and type kill (process number) and it should terminate the given process.01:26
LordDarthDisabled scroll bar is nice bastidrazor01:26
Lenin_Catfoofish, because it began happening after I upgraded to ext401:26
unopmyron, is that a question? if so, yes01:26
foofishLenin_Cat: oh. i never did that.01:26
foofishLenin_Cat: guess i never will, now.01:26
myronunop: hmmm i tried that, and got no errors when killing the process. I even tried sudo. However, when I switched back to TTY7 the process was still running.01:28
bastidrazorLordDarth: i actually don't have toolbars either. i use alt+button1 to move windows.. alt+b2 for a drop down menu and alt+middle button for resizing windows01:28
LordDarthNice ;)01:28
foofishmyron: kill -9 it01:28
unopmyron, foofish - no don't use -901:28
foofishunop: why not? he tried killing it normally and failed01:28
unopmyron,  some processes ignore a TERM signal - you might want to try kill -2 and kill -101:29
SerlaPeople of Ubuntu please help! I really got bored of ubuntu and this command (sudo mount -t vboxsf -o loop ubshare /home/jmd/winshare) says (ubshare: No such file or directory)01:29
unopfoofish, because -9 should only ever be used as a last resort - it's not a clean termination01:29
PookyI'm trying to find something like http://www.rulecam.net/ted/ but command line based01:30
Pookysomething I can just put a file of rss feeds together for01:30
foofishunop: ok. but kill is the same as kill -2, no?01:30
unopfoofish, no,  see kill -l01:30
myronunop: I guess I need to read the man-page for kill again. Thanks for the help foofish and unop.01:30
foofishunop: ok01:30
wergeldCan anyone give me a hand with an odd network issue?01:31
chai_im trying to enable internet connection sharing, but i cant seem to do it right. i tried firestarter and some other command line stuff. but i still cant get it to work!! its been weeks now!01:31
SerlaWhy is it so annoying headaching to do simple things in ubuntu01:32
foofishSerla: it was sent to test us01:32
sddfdfi complied a program "frotz" from source though when i run it i get ./frotz: ./frotz: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected , What does this mean ?01:33
Serlajust 2 hours to figure out how to enable virtualbox sharing01:33
Serla2 hours waste of time01:33
chai_any1 know how to share internet?01:33
foofishsddfdf: i guess frotz is not a binary, but some text file that is being executed as a shell script01:33
foofishsddfdf: if you run file frotz, it should say what sort of file it seems to be01:33
foofishsddfdf: i.e., type "file frotz"01:34
myronunop: any idea what signal pid is equivalent to opening system monitor right clicking a process and clicking kill?01:34
paul_shello, i am a newbie, day 1 on ubuntu 9.04, i am wondering is there is anything like cakewalk for this?01:35
unopmyron, should be the default i.e. -15 or SIGTERM01:35
sddfdffoofish, frotz: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, not stripped01:35
wergeldwell, i will just throw it out there: i just did a fresh install of 9.04. i followed several how-to articles on setting up a static IP. When i am at the computer everything works fine. When i use NX to login remotely I am unable to see the ne the outside internet. it also states using the icon in the upper right corner that i have no network connection at all. but...i am logged in over the network. server and client are both on a 01:35
foofishsddfdf: that's odd. i've no idea, then01:36
wergeldWhen i fire up ifconfig it shows the correct static IP i set up plus the loopback client. but, again, in the network manager it shows no connections.01:36
myronunop: strange, I did a ctrl+alt+backspace and loged back into my user account. the problem process was still running, but I opened system monitor and killed it and it worked....01:37
pilif12pi get an error when i try to install something, its Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libqt3c102-mt (>= 3:3.2.1)01:37
kruykazepaul_s, did you try to run it on wine?01:37
kruykazeremote desktop freezes for me01:37
paul_sno i havent yet, i am willing to  try alternatives01:37
kruykazepaul_s, welcome abord anyways01:38
kruykazepaul_s, music stuff?01:38
paul_sbut i heard about wine and am going to install it now is it easy to install?01:38
paul_syes i play guitar01:38
unopmyron, strange indeed - some processes in state D (waiting for IO) will not terminate until the disk or network becomes available, and you probably helped by restarting the desktop01:38
kruykazepaul_s, recording and editing?01:38
kruykazepaul_s, what else?01:39
tylertHello,  does  anyone have a good resource on terminal commands   I am working on making a wireless thin client using xubuntu01:39
myronunop: The problem program was warzone 2100 if you have ever tried it....01:39
carlosquesopaus_s wine is really easy if you want to use the ubuntu version, just sudo apt-get install wine01:39
paul_slet me think, does google earth work on linux?01:39
sddfdfpaul_s, yes.01:40
unopmyron, does it run under wine?01:40
kruykazepaul_s, make sure you get the latest wine from the ppa's01:40
fccftylert: there are all kinds of setups that people have done with thin clients, I wouldn't find it difficult to find that information, I mean would you01:40
kruykazenot the one in ubuntu's repos01:40
paul_scool, i am a pretty basic user, except for music01:40
kruykazewell let me get you wine's ppa01:40
carlosquesotylert: www.linuxcommand.org01:40
tylertwell i have already made several i just want to know how to make it better01:40
tylertthank you01:41
myronunop: nope, it has been ported to linux. I think I installed it via source. Besides I have set up a keyboard shortcut to kill all wine apps with CTRL+ALT+W01:41
tylertcarlosqueso: thanks01:41
paul_strying to figure out this app, xchat01:41
kruykazepaul_s, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ppa01:41
VivaVistahow can I make myself the root user to alter some files01:41
usser_VivaVista, sudo -i01:41
kruykazepaul_s, use your cakewalk for a while until you get used to ubuntu01:41
paul_sis there a way to make a black background in xchat easy ?01:41
carlosquesotylert: no problem...it's one of the ones i used when I started.....I'm trying to find the other, but I don't know01:41
tylertor sudo bash  which is just temporary01:41
tylertokay thanks01:42
paul_sbeen using xp home, and want to try non-windows stuff for a change :)01:42
myronunop: actually I just checked again. It is in the ubuntu repository01:42
paul_sbut if i have to ill use wine, or dual boot if i really have to01:42
carlosquesotylert: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7388501:42
kruykazepaul_s, you can make your own background01:42
Pookyah, found what I was looking for, bashT01:43
carlosquesothat's what taught me01:43
PookyI need a "broadcatching" clinet01:43
Pookyoh Internet, you and your funny way of naming things01:43
Ali_nzHeya folks01:43
kruykazehey ali01:43
VivaVistait still won't let me copy a game file to the game folder :(01:43
* DVS01 just lost his sysadmin job01:43
DVS01on wednesday01:43
VivaVistaI did the sudo -i command01:43
Ali_nzhow do I do a directory listing, with sizes of each folder inluding all files and sub dirs?01:44
DVS01curious to see how the job market is these days for sysadmins01:44
carlosquesoVivaVista...what exactly are you trying to do?01:44
VivaVistaI downloaded tremulous and I need to update the tremulous file01:44
VivaVistaI went to the tjw backport site and got the tremulous.exe01:44
VivaVistathis was easy when I was on windows01:44
foofishAli_nz: du01:45
jayntyHello guys! I dont know if this is really the right channel because i'm also in ubuntu+1 but I have problems assgining static ip in Ubuntu Karmic Koala Beta01:45
jayntyanyone else?01:45
Ali_nzfoofish: yeah, but thats lists the directory and each sub dir indivually01:45
carlosquesoVivaVista...you need the linux version...not the windows "exe" file01:45
foofishAli_nz: how is that different from what you want?01:46
Ali_nzI want the total for say /home/user and everything under it as a total? if ya know what I mean01:46
paul_skruykaze i am on that page, not sure what they mean about the installing ...01:46
ZykoticK9VivaVista, i'd strongly suggest trying to get the native linux version working over trying to get the windows .exe working in wine -- you'll get WAY better performance native01:46
shades_ausAnyone know why amarok won't play any files? I can't seem to find where to configure any output or plugins in this version for ubuntu 9.0401:46
Ali_nzdu -c?01:46
fccfjaynty: > #ubuntu+101:46
foofishAli_nz: du -s /home/user01:46
myronvivavista:  or you can install wine and try to run the .exe file01:46
kruykazepaul_s, sorry what?01:46
carlosquesoVivaVista...then all you need to do is double-click the file, and it sholuld install01:46
VivaVistaI am using the Linux version01:46
foofishAli_nz: i often use du -shc01:46
kruykazepaul_s, oh you donno how to add a ppa?01:47
jayntyfccf: yes I told you I am already there01:47
VivaVistaI got the game through the add/remove01:47
Cyberwormnothing works01:47
carlosquesoViaVista...then are you trying to upgrade?01:47
foofishCyberworm: bummer01:47
VivaVistaYes I am trying to upgrade a component of the game01:47
paul_snope :)01:47
VivaVistaand in order to do that I think I have to replace a file01:47
ZykoticK9VivaVista, then that .exe you where mentioning if for the windows version!  .exe are NOT native to linux01:47
CyberwormI think Ubuntu isn't 'starting' my graphics card properly01:48
vgambitfunkyHat, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop doesn't work01:48
genewitchHow do i determine what mouse driver Ubuntu Edgy is using so that i can tell ubuntu 9.04 or later to use that driver?01:48
kruykazeclick on read about installing paul_s01:48
Ali_nzfoofish: its coming up with zero, even tho I know its not01:48
vgambitE: Couldn't find package01:48
myronvivavista: I don't think we understand exactly what you are trying to do. Do you want to copy a file.... you mentioned something about copying above and running sudo -i01:48
paul_skruykaze: ok01:48
Ali_nzfoofish: its on a linux based NAS01:48
Cyberwormwhen I boot Windows before restarting with Ubuntu, everything works fine. Nice performance etc.01:48
kruykazepaul_s, follow instructions and have fun01:48
tylertcarlosqueso:  do you know how to make it so that a program if closed will reopen after say 2 seconds?01:48
Cyberwormbut when I boot Ubuntu right away there is a ~50% performance drop01:49
carlosquesotylert...nope..sorry...maybe someone else does01:49
weidaQuick question, I am new to Ubuntu can i install the netbook remix interface on my 9.04 64bit? I am new to linux.01:49
carlosquesovgambit...are you connected to the internet?01:49
foofishAli_nz: that's pretty crazy01:49
vgambitI plugged in an ethernet cable and rebooted01:49
vgambitbut I can't tell if I'm actually online01:49
foofishAli_nz: write a perl script to do the addition from the du output, then :P01:49
paul_sok thx :)01:49
usser_tylert, run it in a script like so http://pastebin.com/m9c3901401:49
myroncyberworm: what graphics card do you have and is this a fresh install of ubuntu?01:49
vgambitI selected "set up networking later" thinking I'd be able to do so in a gui lol01:50
Cyberwormmobility radeon hd 260001:50
Cyberwormand no01:50
carlosquesovgambit..try ifconfig01:50
Ali_nzfoofish: it looks like it lists /home/a then /home/b then /home/c but at the end gives a total for /home01:50
tylertusser_:  does that run in a terminal like file01:50
carlosquesoif you see an ip address, you're connected01:50
myronhave you tried envy to auto configure your card?01:50
myroncyberworm ^01:51
usser_tylert, yes its a bash script, but you create a launcher for it on the desktop if you like01:51
Cyberwormthat was the last thing I tried01:51
VivaVistaok I found another file01:51
bazhangvgambit, open a terminal and type ifconfig do you see eth001:51
VivaVistaits called01:51
VivaVistaI opened it and it has this01:51
ZykoticK9weida, theoretically (I've not tried this) "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-netbook-remix" will give the UNR interface to any Ubuntu.  Good luck (again -- i haven't tried this, use at own risk)01:51
bazhangvgambit, just lo?01:51
vgambitjust lo01:52
genewitchvgambit: ifconfig eth0 up01:52
weidaZykoticK9 thanks01:52
genewitchassuming the cable/NIC is working that should get you an ip and everything01:52
burntresistori bought a new cpu and motherboard im guessing im going to have to reformat my harddrives i would have had to with windows is it still necessary for linux?01:52
bazhangVivaVista, install tremulous from the repos01:52
VivaVistaI did01:52
vgambitok now I get eth0 but it's still not online01:52
CyberwormI tried everything01:52
Cyberworminstalling driver via "hardware drivers"01:52
Cyberworminstalling the driver manually01:52
Cyberwormusing envyng01:52
carlosquesoburntresistor.....I don't believe so....try booting01:52
FloodBot2Cyberworm: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:52
needhelpburntresistor, you don't need to reformat hard disks to get new hardware to work01:53
VivaVistaThe installation is not the problem, trem works fine01:53
=== larry is now known as Guest92207
VivaVistabut in order to update it01:53
bastidrazorburntresistor: technically no. you should be able to just install drivers and go01:53
usser_burntresistor, no. linux has all drivers in  the kernel and loads the ones that are needed on startup01:53
VivaVistaI need to download some file from here01:53
Ali_nzhow would I work out what falvour of linux this nas is running?01:53
bazhangVivaVista, you wish to install a version from outside the repos then01:53
genewitchAli_nz: can you get a terminal on it?01:54
Guest92207 I have a gnome issue can any assist me?01:54
foofishAli_nz: uname -ar for a start01:54
needhelpguest92207 what's your problem01:54
bazhangGuest92207, ask a question01:54
VivaVistaIts some typhmm01:54
myronvivavista: so I am assuming that an older version of that file is already on your system?01:54
VivaVistaI guess Tremulous has a patch out01:54
CyberwormI could try reinstalling Ubuntu01:54
Cyberwormbut I don't know if I have the nerves for that01:55
VivaVistaI'll try finding the Trem IRC channel01:55
vgambitfollowed that and now I get a ping back from google01:55
vgambitthanks all the same01:55
paul_shmmm ---W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9A06AEF9CB8DB001:55
carlosquesovgambit....great! now you should be able to install ubuntu-desktop01:55
ZykoticK9VivaVista, what is the packport for tremulous for?  why do you need it?01:55
paul_swas it me?01:55
Guest92207I got a OAFIID:Gnome FastUSuser error01:55
shades_ausAnyone have any ideas on getting my DVI to work under ATi x800 for Ubuntu 9.0401:55
VivaVistaWhen I run tremulous , any time i enter a game01:55
vgambit... it's pinging 50 biillion times01:56
VivaVistaI get a warning to install an updated version from that site01:56
bazhangvgambit, hit control c01:56
VivaVistaWait let me get the exact quote01:56
iaindaltonWhen I try to install sun-java6-plugin, it wants to uninstall sun-java6-jdk. How can I have both?01:56
dai1313tremulous irc is on Quakenet01:56
vgambitstill couldn't find package01:56
kruykazepaul_s, you need to add the key01:56
bazhang!ppagpg | paul_s01:56
ubottupaul_s: Getting an error about a PPA's GPG key? see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Adding%20a%20PPA%27s%20keys%20to%20your%20system01:56
needhelpianindalton: just use sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugiin01:56
Cyberwormwait, I think I even tried reinstalling Ubuntu once, but that didn't help01:56
myronvivavista: open terminal, type locate file.x86 and then use sudo cp to copy the new file to the place of the old file. I would make a backup first though...01:57
iaindaltonneedhelp: Like I said, when I try to do that, it wants to uninstall the JDK.01:57
carlosquesovgambit...you need to run sudo apt-get update first01:57
Guest92207I am running Ubuntu 8.1001:57
ZykoticK9VivaVista, "apt-cache policy tremulous" suggests it's installing 1.1.0-4 and the version available on the website is 1.1.0?  They seem like the same version?01:57
needhelpiaindalton I'm sure it has reason to uninstall it.01:57
vgambitcarlosqueso, I started a reboot already, but I'll try that when I get back in01:57
iaindaltonneedhelp: maybe so, but I'd like the retain the ability to compile Java. Can I do that without the JDK?01:58
Guest92207any advice?01:58
paul_si did two adds and they are in the list with check marks01:58
usser_iaindalton, its probably an error in package dependencies. There's no reason plugin should prefer jre over jdk. which version of ubuntu is that?01:58
iceblueirishlooking to install java for Runescape...01:58
iceblueirishany help?01:58
iaindaltonusser_: 9.0401:58
needhelpjdk needs jre01:58
bazhangpaul_s, check the link I gave you01:58
usser_iaindalton, lemme see01:58
hunger__Hi everyone, does anyone know if audio over HDMI was put back in 9.10?  I found some bug reports for HDMI audio in 9.10 but I have no idea where/how to configure it.  I don't see any switches for the IECxxx (I don't recall the numbers, 985?)01:58
kruykazepaul_s, did you ad the key though01:58
VivaVistaok here is what it says01:58
Guest92207foofish u there?01:58
bazhanghunger__, #ubuntu+1 for karmic01:58
VivaVistaYour Client if out of date. Download an updated client to become an admin or download maps quickly01:59
carlosqueso!java | iceblueirish01:59
ubottuiceblueirish: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository01:59
hunger__bazhang oh, thanks :D01:59
vgambitit's updating!01:59
ZykoticK9VivaVista, see my note above regarding the versions?01:59
VivaVistaNo let me check01:59
carlosquesovgambit: yup...will probably take a little while since it's pulling all the repos01:59
dai1313mmkay, i need help... i recently upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 and i lost my virtual terminals(the control alt f1 thing)01:59
usser_iaindalton, well can you do something like sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-jdk01:59
bazhangdai1313, karmic support in #ubuntu+102:00
usser_iaindalton, cause your problem doesnt happen on my 9.04 over here02:00
ZykoticK9VivaVista, I'm downloading Tremulous now to see it first hand aswell02:00
myroncyberworm: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57039102:00
Guest92207Can anyone help with this error: OAFIID:GNOME_FastUserSwitchApplet?02:00
VivaVistaIf you join most of the servers its the first red text messages you see on the console02:01
paul_smore errors ,Ubuntu Codes of Conduct could not be opened?02:01
zebastiananyone here uses lxde?02:01
iaindaltonusser_: aptitude reports: sun-java6-plugin: Depends: sun-java6-bin (= 6-13-1) but 6-16-0ubuntu1.9.04 is installed.02:01
paul_si gotta sign something?02:01
u0606465hi, i want to buy an external hard disk drive to use as additional storage space fro my linux 9.04. which external hard drive is the best ?.. I also want to use the same external hard drive to plug into a windows OS and transfer data to Windows OS. which external hard drive brand or product is the best ?02:01
Guest92207foofish u there?02:01
iaindaltonusser_: what version do you have?02:01
usser_iaindalton, you packages are out of date, run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin02:01
pilif12pu0606465: All that use USB should work.02:01
shades_ausGoing to try updating to ubuntu 9.1002:02
bazhangu0606465, check the hcl, most will work02:02
usser_iaindalton, -1602:02
pilif12pI bought a $20 one and it works fine02:02
bazhang!hcl | u060646502:02
ubottuu0606465: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:02
usser_iaindalton, thats the latest one02:02
carlosquesopaul_s: nope, not unless you want to be deeply involved with the project02:02
carlosquesodevelopment and such02:02
iaindaltonusser_: that's what I have. It wants to downgrade jre and uninstall jdk. Updating didn't change anything.02:03
Cyberwormmyron, thanks, I'll try that02:03
bazhangzebastian, some do yes; please ask a more specific question02:03
usser_iaindalton, let me do a clean install of java over here02:03
usser_iaindalton, might take a while im on a dsl02:03
myroncyberworm: no problem02:03
u0606465<pilif12p> can i take it that all external hard drives that use usb2.0 should work ?02:04
Cyberwormbut the problem is, I do have the drivers02:04
Cyberwormand they are working02:04
zebastianbazhang: i need help getting compiz to autoload on login on lxde02:04
Cyberwormbut they are not working that well without booting windows first02:04
genewitchu0606465: any modern usb 2.0 external enclosure should work fine.02:04
iaindaltonusser_: If you did apt-get update, how would a reinstall change things? I don't understand the inner workings of apt so it might, but...02:04
paul_swhat is a ppa? is there something in windows like it?02:04
paul_snot stupid but this looks hard02:04
usser_iaindalton, no not reinstall another box without java :)02:04
bazhangpaul_s, a personal package archive, made for stuff outside the repos02:05
bazhangpaul_s, all you need to do is add the key02:05
paul_si pasted and added twice, is that what you mean?02:05
usser_iaindalton, nvm here http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=sun-java6-bin02:05
usser_iaindalton, make sure you have updates repository enabled, java-16 is from there02:06
u0606465i read that seagate freeagent external hard disk spins down after a while, therefore it becomes read only to linux system... is there any way to solve this problem02:06
bazhangzebastian, no idea about that as I dont use compiz, you may also to leave a line in #compiz02:06
myroncyberworm: when you say without booting windows first, are you running ubuntu as a virtual machine?02:06
myroncyberworm: or do you have a dual boot setup?02:07
usser_iaindalton, it looks like your java-plugin is from standard repo but java6-bin is from updates repo02:07
Cyberwormdual boot02:07
kilook! so creating a second xscreen definitely solved the WoW issue!!02:07
Harrison_Bergeroneed some help with xsensors02:07
iaindaltonHmm, I have updates enabled02:07
CyberwormI have to boot Ubuntu by booting Windows first, then restarting and booting Ubuntu, to get 100% performance02:07
Harrison_Bergeroseems im only getting temp1 and 202:07
VivaVistaSo any luck02:07
myroncyberworm: so you are saying that the card works better when you boot windows, shut it down and then boot ubuntu02:07
Harrison_Bergeroand not the vcore temps02:07
usser_iaindalton, if you have updates repo enabled you can open synaptic click on the sun-java6-plugin and in properties pick which repo to install from02:07
Harrison_Bergerohow do i add them?02:07
kiloand I have two operating screens! wohoo!!02:07
kilo(while playing that is)02:07
usser_iaindalton, something weird is going on with your repos there02:08
Cyberwormmyron, yes02:08
mynymlscrew silverlight02:08
kiloonly problem is that compiz doesn't want to create a cube on the second xscreen   :(:(   so I'm stuck with a 2D desktop02:08
iaindaltononly 6-13-1 is available02:09
mynymlis it supposed to work on linux at all anyway?02:09
pilif12pmynyml: I second that02:09
iaindaltonYeah; that's weird02:09
usser_mynyml, yes theres limited support02:09
kiloI've been reading online and everyone makes it sound so easy, but compiz doesn't recognize it.... any ideas?02:09
genewitchmy laptop's touchpad doesn't work on 9.04 (or 8.10, 8.04, etc) but DOES work on 6.10; how do i make it work in the newer releases?02:09
mynymlusser_: i wanna watch a live stream, i guess there's no way?02:09
usser_iaindalton, yes strange indeed, maybe your local update mirror went under, where you pulling updates from. can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list02:09
meatbunhttp://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/motel268/ide_to_sata.JPG   <-- i bought one of these. but IDE hard drive does not work. any ideas?02:09
Steilgenewitch whagt kind of touchpad you have?02:10
usser_!moonlight | mynyml02:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about moonlight02:10
usser_mynyml, http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight02:10
genewitchSteil: synaptics i believe, but how do i tell for sure?02:10
kiloAnyone know why compiz wouldn't create a second cube ona second xscreen?02:10
* mynyml is booting virtualbox xp =/02:10
genewitchkilo: does compiz imply that it would do that, somewhere?02:11
kiloya, it's all over google02:11
jm2#join ubuntu-chicago02:11
logicportany good known reason why my 9.04 install runs alot slower than my 8 did02:11
iaindaltonusser_: pasted at http://paste.lisp.org/display/8845202:11
usser_logicport, ati drivers?02:11
kilogenewitch: unfortunately, following all their steps doesn't yield the same results for me... I only get a 2-sided cube02:11
iaindaltonI have jaunty-updates multiverse which is where the newer version is02:11
kilogenewitch: more like a plane... lol02:12
logicporthow could i fix it02:12
iaindaltonI should check the output of aptitude update02:12
fccfjm2: thats /join #ubuntu-chicago02:12
myroncyberworm: that doesn't make any since at all. when a computer is rebooted, it clears all of the cache that is stored in the RAM. It would also clear the cache of your video card. Its like you are starting out with a blank slate on both...02:12
carlosquesologicport: do you have an older ati graphics card02:12
logicportsony vaio vgn-n11h is my laptop02:12
AlDoug_What happened to GRUB boot loader in 9.10? I can't find /boot/grub/menu.lst !02:13
paul_sok did everything in that link02:13
carlosquesologicport...it's probably running slower because it's using the open-source driver instead of the ati-made one02:13
paul_sYou're now ready to install software from the PPA!02:13
paul_sand how ?02:13
logicporthmmmm ok02:13
logicportis there anything i can do02:13
carlosquesopaul_s: just the same way that you install from any other repository02:14
usser_iaindalton, ok i dont want to mess anything up, since you have quite a system there, but try switching jaunty-updates multiverse from colorado mirror to a us mirror. in fact try switching all mirrors from colorado to us.ubuntu.com02:14
carlosquesosudo apt-get install <package name>02:14
=== austin__ is now known as Guest33029
usser_iaindalton, thats my mirror deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ jaunty-updates multiverse02:14
logicportalso using cairo dock which brings error message about opengl, press yes nd the transparency is blacked out, press no and it works ok02:14
logicportbut slow02:14
carlosquesopaul_s: I'm not sure....I don't use synaptic....i use the apt-get on the command line02:15
Cyberwormmyron, I know that it doesn't make sense, but it's just how it is :-/. Maybe I should note that I'm using a notebook. Maybe it's a PowrePlay problem02:15
solori guess they are the same theory02:15
paul_sso sudo atp-get install wine?02:15
carlosquesologicport: I've noticed the same problems...the ati driver is okay...but SLOOOW and makes my CPU generate a lot of heat02:15
kiloanyone else have a suggestion? I am running two x screens, one works perfectly, but the other only gives me 2 desktops in Compiz Cube... I'd like 4. Anyone know how I can change this?02:15
ekontsevoyI have a simple question about /etc/fstab: http://pastie.org/64914802:15
myroncyberworm: what are you seeing that tells you that your graphics card is functioning better when you run windows first?02:15
carlosquesopaul_s yeppers02:15
Cyberwormfps from glxgears (ya I know...) and fps from several games02:16
ZykoticK9VivaVista, you still there?  so after swapping the bin files with update - it's gets me to a "couldn't load default.cfg" and the game doesn't start :( -- i'd seriously recommend just living with the error message -- do you want me to pastbin the instructions that got me to that error?02:16
myroncyberworm: what brand notebook is it?02:16
paul_shmmm, command not found02:16
iaindaltonusser_: that fixes it. The mirror must be out of date.02:16
VivaVistaYeah if it helps02:16
Cyberwormalso gnome works better02:16
VivaVistaI noticed it because02:16
usser_iaindalton, yep must have been that02:16
jm2Aldoug - type locate menu.lst - mine is ins /usr/share/doc/mentest86+/examples is this what u are looking for?02:17
iaindaltonusser_: Thank you sir.02:17
genewitchkilo: there's two distinct cubes in total? there's probably a different command to rotate the other cube, i'm not finding anything on google, sorry02:17
ttreakeis there a way to manage ubuntu without 2 thick panels taking up precious screen height?02:17
VivaVistaI won't mind but I would hate downloading maps at 2KB/s02:17
usser_iaindalton, no problem02:17
paul_sgot it, thx guys02:17
kilogenewitch: I can rotate it. but it only has two sides   ;)02:17
bazhangkilo, a cube with only two sides?02:17
VivaVistaEither way, thanks for the help02:17
kilogenewitch: I'm wanting to increase the number of desktops on the second cube02:17
genewitchthat's a settingyou want h-size=402:17
kolbyhow do you get the cube?02:18
kilobazhang: I know... contradiction in terms, huh?   :P02:18
ZykoticK9VivaVista, http://paste.ubuntu.com/289727/  there ya go02:18
LjLttreake: sure, remove one,02:18
myronCyberworm: Is the factory os still installed, or did you format the entire hdd?02:18
kilogenewitch: where can I set that?02:18
bazhangkilo, enter ccsm and set virtual horizontal (under general) to 402:18
CyberwormI formatted the entire hdd. There was Vista pre-installed and I don't like Vista :-/02:18
genewitchkilo: ccsm02:18
ttreakeLjL, that would be a great solution except all of the things on one panel wont fit on the other.02:19
kilohow do I access that? (sorry... really really new to ubuntu)02:19
Templar_XionAfter doing a force quit via the gui on an app and attempting sudo kill (pid) the app is still running in top... :(02:19
genewitchahh bazhang you got to it before me :-)02:19
bazhanggenewitch, :)02:19
LjLttreake: why not. they'll be a bit more crammed, but they'll fit just fine.02:19
Harrison_Bergerosensors anyone?02:19
Harrison_BergeroI need help with sensors02:19
LjLttreake: unless of course you've added a ton of additional stuff, in which case, eh.02:19
bazhangkilo, is it installed? in your system preferences menu its called compizconfig settings managers02:19
Harrison_Bergeroxsensors to be exact but ill use any app that will work02:19
Templar_XionAfter doing a force quit via the gui on an app and attempting sudo kill (pid) the app is still running in top. What else can you do to kill an app? It's a gui app that is no longer visible, but the memory is still taken up.02:20
Harrison_Bergeroi only have temp1 and temp2 showing02:20
iaindaltonttreake: You can also use a more "Windows"-like start menu instead of the wide 3 menus.02:20
LjLttreake: you could alo set one or both panels to auto-hide02:20
Harrison_Bergerohow do get core0 and core1 to show02:20
AlDoug_jm2 that doesn't look like the right one02:20
kilobazhang: oh yes, sorry, I'm in there now. it is set to 402:20
myroncyberworm: have you tried installing ubuntu only? I have an hp notebook dualbooting with great luck. I actually think ubuntu runs smoother on it than windows xp.....02:20
ubottuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto02:20
kilobazhang: like I said.... one of them is working fine, but the other has only 2 sides.02:20
rgov1I'd like to host a samba share; is there a how-to online? I've been Googling to little success.02:21
ZykoticK9Templar_Xion, let me introduce you to "kill -9 PID"02:21
bazhangkilo, one of them? is this dual screen, or some weird new compiz plugin02:21
Templar_XionZykoticK9, woot, now to man page to see what that does02:21
VivaVistaThanks ZykoticK902:21
ttreakeLjL, is the auto-hide feature called "auto-hide"?02:21
genewitchrgov1: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/SMB-HOWTO.html02:21
ZykoticK9VivaVista, remember - if you follow that your game won't run!!!02:21
Cyberwormmyron, no I haven't. It's my only computer and I'm mostly using it for playing games. But I do plan to remove Windows once I got a new desktop02:21
paul_s1 other thing, what would have happened if i had went straight to sudo apt-get install wine?02:21
AlDoug_jm2 it says it's a sample02:21
LjLttreake: don't remember. i use KDE myself.02:21
Moodleswhen 9.10 is ready, will it be available as a free cd request on the ubuntu shipit page?02:21
paul_sout of date?02:21
ttreakeanyone want to tell me where I can find the auto-hide feature?02:22
bazhangpaul_s, you would have gotten an older version than the wine repos provides02:22
kilobazhang: I have 2 xscreens running offa one rig. I'd like 2 seperate cubes... for some reason, when I modify the horizontal setting, it only affects the "screen 0"02:22
rgov1genewitch:  thanks i'll check into it02:22
Templar_XionZykoticK9, I see that -9 is sorta like a kill all but the man page doesn't describe what it does02:22
paul_si see02:22
ZykoticK9Templar_Xion, you can also use "killall -9 nameofapp"02:22
genewitchrgov1: you have to run two servers (one is a nameserver the other is the actual samba server); configure them, and start them, and that's about it02:22
LjLttreake: it's definitely going to be in the panel's options though.02:22
VivaVistaoh :(02:22
iaindaltonttreake: right click on panel; properties02:22
Cyberwormeither I try reinstalling Ubuntu or I'll just have to live with that problem02:22
bazhangkilo, honestly, when I have such difficult questions, I ask in #compiz as they are the experts on such issues02:23
=== nick is now known as Guest15917
ZykoticK9Templar_Xion, regular kill sorta asks a process nicely to please stop, kill -9 doesn't ask - it just kills :)02:23
kilobazhang: oh perfect! I'll head over there...02:23
kilothanks all!!02:23
Templar_XionZykoticK9, Sweet. thanks for the difference.02:23
ttreakeI've got too much crap on the panel. I cant find a bare space to right click on.02:23
u0606465is western digital a good external hard disk drive to use with linux 9.04 ?02:24
ZykoticK9Templar_Xion, there was a Nerdcore song on Youtube called "kill dash nine" < sorry OT I know02:24
rgov1genewitch:  there's no /etc/init.d entry for smb, i see?02:24
bazhangu0606465, did you check the hcl as I suggested?02:24
jm2aldoug - it is using grub 2 look for a file called grub.cfg.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:25
iaindaltonttreake: move or remove02:25
=== rgov1 is now known as rgov
Guest15917I got a question for Evolution E-Mail Client... How do you minimize it to the Indicator tray, Not the task bar... and Also how do you have it send you a Notification when you receive a new E-Mail, A notification like you do when someone writes you with pigeon, or when you volume turns up and down...02:25
myroncyberworm: you mentioned that fps from a game indicated the problem with the graphics card drivers.... are you running it under wine or is it ported to linux?02:25
teckyanyone able to help me get ' readline -any '02:26
teckyi've tried both readline5 and readline6 and the -dev packages aswell02:26
Templar_XionZykoticK9, heh02:26
=== NemesisD_ is now known as NemesisD
u0606465bazhang: oh yes i did check it, i looked at western digital and it had a review of 5.0 and no problems were reported with western digital external hard drive02:26
ZykoticK9Guest15917, i think you wait until 9.10, pretty sure some of your requests are implemented :)02:26
Guest15917ZykoticK9: I am using 9.1002:27
Cyberwormit's ported to linux. Okay it's not a big game, it's just Extreme Tucracer. But the fps difference is pretty huge (according to that fps display there)02:27
Templar_XionZykoticK9, happen to know a 'how to enable PAE on current kernel' site?02:27
bazhangu0606465, then you have your answer; ##hardware and #ubuntu-offtopic are good further avenues of exploration on hardware questions02:27
genewitchrgov: it's nmbd and smbd if memory serves02:27
vgambitthis ubuntu-desktop package is taking pretty long to install02:27
ZykoticK9Guest15917, then post your same question in #ubuntu+1 you'll get better results :)  good luck.02:27
Templar_Xionvgambit, what is 'pretty long' and are you installing on anything special, ie raid / usb drive?02:27
Guest15917ZykoticK9: Thanks :)02:27
genewitchrgov: "To run the daemons from the system startup scripts, put the following script in file called /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb (for most distributions) and symbolically link it to the files specified in the comments: " re: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/SMB-HOWTO-5.html02:28
vgambitit's been going maybe 5 minutes now after the download ended, and no02:28
vgambitjust a regular pata drive02:28
teckyanyone able to help me get ' readline -any ' (i've tried readline5/6 and the -dev packages aswell)02:28
jm2guest15917  - is this link what u are looking for? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61125402:28
kilowow, there is no one alive in the compiz channel02:29
myroncyberworm: I have had problems with tuxracer too. alot of the linux games aren't polished, they do have problems. If you want to use it as a gaming PC, try running windows games under wine.02:29
CyberwormI can't even get Steam to install under wine :-/02:30
carlosquesohey...has anybody managed to get netlix to work?  I used the user-agent-switcher to convince it that I was using windows, and installed moonlight...but it doesn't like my silverlight version02:31
genewitchCyberworm: it is possible to get steam running fine under wine, though.02:31
rgovgenewitch:  i pasted that but for instance /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions (nor /etc/init.d/functions) doesnt exist02:32
ZykoticK9Cyberworm, you might want to look into "PlayOnLinux" they've got Steam in there list...02:32
genewitchCyberworm: there are guides that explain what to do, although by now they're probably really outdated and for the beta/pre-RC versions of wine (like 0.97)02:32
Harrison_Bergerook sensors running02:33
Harrison_Bergerodoes anyone here have the jaunty freeze problem....where the mouse still works but nothing else?02:33
Harrison_Bergeroits a random freeze that happens every so often02:33
Harrison_Bergerodamn annoying too02:34
genewitchrgov: they may not exist but did you try rebooting after doing the symlinks per the instructions?02:34
genewitchrgov: i don't have any idea how init.d and rc.d work :-(02:35
PlasmaSheepIs there a way to embed a gnuplot chart into my desktop?02:35
sabathow can I probe[maybe not the right term] a partition to see what fs it is?02:36
genewitchrgov: oh, evidently i led you astray. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba02:37
ZykoticK9Harrison_Bergero, "usually" if your mouse still moves you can use CTRL+ALT+F1 to get to a console, where you can log in an run "top" to see if a particular program is hung.  Alternatively you could restart GDM from the terminal with "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart".02:37
sabatgot my hands on an old server, doesn't boot. but I got it booted off a ubuntu live install.02:37
Cyberwormwell, I better start backupping my files if I want to reinstall Ubuntu02:37
sabatfdisk -a tells me types, but not what fs is on them02:38
sabaterr, fdisk -l02:38
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
sabatI am kindof assuming it might have a raid, altho to be honest I didn't actually open the case yet, seeing that it's missing the key.[that's going to be a project in itself]02:39
genewitchsabat: if it's a hardware raid that's transparent to the OS, regardless of the OS02:39
genewitchsabat: also it would tell you that while booting. if it's a software raid - good luck, you need to know what OS was originally on it and how it was raided to get the info back off.02:40
ZykoticK9sabat, genewitch i wish RAID was totally transparent to the OS - it isn't though.  your os needs the drivers to talk to any raid cards -- ubuntu desktop live cd, is not ideal for that i'd think.  perhaps the alternate cd, or server would be more appropriate.02:41
visik7are there ubuntu certified laptop ?02:41
genewitchZykoticK9: if the raid card is a real raid card, the HDD shouldn't show up as like sda and sdb in linux02:42
ZykoticK9visik7, Ubuntu doesn't "certify" hardware the same way Microsoft does -- it just tries to support as much hw as possible :)02:42
genewitchZykoticK9: IE he couldn't fdisk the individual disks.02:42
ZykoticK9genewitch, I'm not entirely sure...02:43
DigitalKiwidell sells computers with ubuntu, they usually work pretty well02:43
jm2would the mount -a command help sabat??02:43
ransomhey guys, i having trouble loading the karmic beta on my eee pc 701.  It will load all the way until GDM should pop up, and all i get is a mouse cursor and nothing else.02:43
ZykoticK9DigitalKiwi, visik7 as a former Dell employee, unless you want to talk to India - don't buy a Dell...02:44
meowbangwhats better to get for a conky file say for ubuntu a .tar.gz file or a .tar.bz202:44
ransomsome other people have had this error, but i haven't found a solution yet. http://bit.ly/hx1MV02:44
visik7ZykoticK9:  I was just look for a dell, why this ?02:44
PlasmaSheepmeowbang: .tar.gz offers greater compression, but it really doesn't matter02:44
meowbangoh thanks02:45
PlasmaSheepmeowbang: since you'll be uncompressing them later02:45
ZykoticK9visik7, oh buy a Dell if you want too!!!  pretty much all support now will be coming from India though :(02:45
tsimpsonisn't bz2 the better compression, at the expense of speed02:45
DigitalKiwiI like my dell :(02:45
visik7ZykoticK9: do you know some laptop vendor that are linux friendly ? asus aver hp and toshiba are not there is always something that doesn't work sometimes the acpi sometime buttons sometimes audio ecc...02:45
jm2anyone do ppp connections through a modem to another compuer. Not the internet.02:45
PlasmaSheeptsimpson: you're right, that's whit I get for multitasking =/02:45
DigitalKiwilenova are pretty good I think02:45
sabatjm2: ty, somehow the -a command missed me02:45
DigitalKiwior however it is spelled02:46
DigitalKiwilenovo ?02:46
visik7ZykoticK9: dell is the only vendor who build machines that allow to run ubuntu without so much trouble02:46
ZykoticK9visik7, i use an eee netbook and use to use IBM laptops -- i've never had problems...  but i don't have any hw suggestions.02:46
MenZaZykoticK9: If you're in the US, have a look at System76.02:47
DigitalKiwibut really most laptops should work fine with linux, the problems usually are with the specific video/wireless chipsets02:47
DigitalKiwiget nvidia graphics and intel wireless for optimal performance/minimal pita02:47
ZykoticK9visik7, true - I'm very well aware of Dell's Ubuntu support - wasn't around when it was rolled out, but knew many of the people involved02:47
kermitare there any utilities to manage /etc/rc*.d/ ?02:47
DigitalKiwiis my opinion02:47
ZykoticK9visik7, see MenZa System76 suggestion?02:47
macokermit: chkconfig works just like in centos/rhel02:48
visik7ZykoticK9: I mean even on laptops that doesn't come out with ubuntu preinstalled02:48
macovisik7: my laptop came from zareason.com with ubuntu preinstalled. also, my roommate (former ubuntu core dev) swears by hp02:48
kermitmaco: thats not installed by default.. is there any that i'm "supposed" to use?02:48
ZykoticK9visik7, sorry man - i use netbook instead of laptops now02:48
DigitalKiwii've heard hp support is worse than dells02:48
visik7bad support for what guys ?!02:49
DigitalKiwitechnical support02:49
macokermit: by default itd just be adding and removing symlinks. update-rc.d exists, but its really meant to be used by maintainer scripts in packages, not by people02:49
visik7hp support at least here in italy is really bad02:49
AlDoug_jm2 thanks, i'll have to study that.02:49
ZykoticK9sorry my fault -- but this who has better support is OT for this channel02:49
visik7but Dell support is awesome they came in 1 work day and repair a laptop within 2 hours02:49
CyberwormPlayOnLinux works great02:50
PeddyHow can I limit the output of a command to 30 characters?02:50
shawn_Is there anyway To add a Hotmail account to Thunderbird?02:50
alchamechwhat games work on ubuntu?.........mmorpg02:50
visik7Peddy:  |head -n 3002:50
visik7shawn_:  freepops02:50
shawn_visik7 Pardon?02:50
zebastianwhat's mythtv and can i use it on ubuntu on my laptop? is it like an app that allows you to watch tv on your computer?02:50
kermitmaco: heh it's man page recommends using bum, which doestn really do it02:50
Barxhi, I have installed open suse as a secondary partition, but I don't want it anymore, How do I remove it not trashing ubuntu?02:50
bslapmeufoolYou can fist it. Fist it real good.02:51
DigitalKiwi!info mythtv02:51
ubottumythtv (source: mythtv): A personal video recorder application (client and server). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.21.0+fixes19961-0ubuntu8 (jaunty), package size 31 kB, installed size 72 kB02:51
visik7shawn_: freepops is a program that allow you to access webmail via pop3 but hotmail has pop3 support IIRC02:51
myroncyberworm: does it seem to make your graphics card function better?02:51
kermitmaco: 'or editing the links directly'... i guess i'll go with chkconfig02:51
shawn_visik7 How do I configure it I cant find a guide like on Gmail02:51
Cyberwormbut it managed to install Steam02:51
CyberwormSteam won't update though02:51
alchamechlisten i dont have time for this...... what works on ubuntu mmorpg02:51
maco!ohmy | bslapmeufool02:51
ubottubslapmeufool: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:51
visik7shawn_: never used hotmail in my life02:51
ransomhey guys, i having trouble loading the karmic beta on my eee pc 701.  It will load all the way until GDM should pop up, and all i get is a mouse cursor and nothing else.02:51
=== P1ro is now known as Guest96050
maco!ubuntu+1 | ransom02:52
ubotturansom: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:52
ZykoticK9ransom, ask in #ubuntu+1 instead02:52
DigitalKiwialchamech: wow works in wine02:52
ransomthanks maco, zykotickK902:52
bslapmeufool!ohmy | bslapmeufool02:52
ubottubslapmeufool, please see my private message02:52
ransomjoin #ubuntu+102:52
Peddyvisik7, that limits output to a certain amount of lines (-n lines). I'm looking to do the number of *characters*... I don't think head can do that. Is there another way?02:52
PlasmaSheepIs there a way to embed a gnuplot chart into my desktop?02:53
bslapmeufool!ohmy | ubottu02:53
ubottubslapmeufool: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:53
ZykoticK9PlasmaSheep, i highly doubt it02:53
Guest96050hi, im trying to get a liveusb with persistent changes since im having HDD problems :s02:53
visik7Peddy: yeah -c02:53
logicportmentioned earlier about system going slower, some recommended something to do with ati02:53
PlasmaSheepZykoticK9: that's too bad, trying to sorta duplicate http://lifehacker.com/5271632/the-os-x-alpha-geek-desktop02:53
logicportturns out im running02:53
bslapmeufool!ohmy maco02:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ohmy maco02:53
macobslapmeufool: stop it with the bot abuse!02:54
Peddyvisik7, haha, working. thanks :)02:54
myroncyberworm: weird my ati card works great02:54
bslapmeufool!ohmy | maco02:54
ubottumaco: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:54
bslapmeufoolYou abused me with bot02:54
logicportanyone installed intell drivers before02:54
logicportneed 95002:54
macobslapmeufool: no, i told you off for inappropriate speech. you are just fooling around with it02:54
alchamechnice to know that the ubuntu family really cares about its dieing supporters02:54
bslapmeufoolEye for eye. Now we can be friends ok.02:54
bslapmeufoolI find this abusefull02:55
bslapmeufoolYou only need to say it02:55
bslapmeufoolNot bot me,02:55
ZykoticK9PlasmaSheep, you may be able to hack something running the the "root" window (different from root account) - but it's beyond me for sure.  good luck - ps that OSX thing looks very cool.02:55
bslapmeufooltIm sory02:55
MenZabslapmeufool: You may want to read the Code of Conduct and IRC Guidelines before contiuing.02:55
bslapmeufoolPlease lets just be friends02:55
bslapmeufoolI say im sorry02:55
Barxdon't want suse! I want remove it without trashing it !! x(02:55
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bslapmeufool!ohmy | MenZa02:55
ubottuMenZa: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:55
DigitalKiwiban! ban! ban! ban!02:56
bslapmeufool!ohmy | DigitalKiwi02:56
judsoni have a prob with flash02:56
ubottuDigitalKiwi: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:56
judsoni have a problem with mt flash player02:56
ZykoticK9judson, can you give more details?02:57
DigitalKiwijudson: what's the problem02:57
MenZajudson: You might want to state what problem you're having, so we can help you better.02:57
vgambitlmao finally got ubuntu-desktop installed and presumably running02:57
judsonwhen i try to broadcast on blog tv and when i try to press allow nothing happens :(02:57
vgambitmy 9 year old pc is now outputting at 1080p resolution02:57
judsonit  just stays there froze02:58
PlasmaSheepvgambit: that's like the computers in my school's computer lab!02:58
PlasmaSheepZykoticK9: Well, thanks.02:58
ZykoticK9vgambit, monitors still kick the pans off any HD tv for resolution02:58
judsonit worked fine when i installed ubuntu02:58
vgambitwell I have it hooked up to my hdtv actually02:59
lluathe minizine/restore/exit parts of my windows just disappeared02:59
judsonany 1 know wat the problem is?02:59
vgambitthe only monitor in this house that isn't a part of a laptop is a 15" lcd from like '0202:59
vgambit1024x768 native res02:59
visik7system76 build a laptop that fits perfectly my needs the only problem is that I'm outside of the US02:59
MenZavisik7: Aye, it's sad for us non-US'ers. You can have a look at ThinkPads, they generally run really well in my experience.03:00
gl1d3is it simple to dual-boot ubuntu on a mac03:00
ZykoticK9vgambit, i was just commenting that your 9 year-old pc can output to better the HD quality really (cause they're suppose to be hooked up to monitors)03:00
dorneanyone know a deb repository that contains a more recent version of pulseaudio?03:00
mudsplattero god03:00
DigitalKiwiyes, my child?03:01
mudsplatterhow to a point moive player03:01
MenZagl1d3: Sure.03:01
mudsplatterto esound03:01
MenZa!dualboot > gl1d303:01
ubottugl1d3, please see my private message03:01
visik7MenZa: too expensive compared with an equivalent laptop anyway I'll wait until i7 core will be shipped with Business laptops from dell03:01
vgambitmost of the main computers in this house are laptops, and the only two desktops we have are hooked up to hdtvs03:01
visik7MenZa: maybe a Latitude or Vostro03:01
judsoncan i get some help here?03:01
vgambitthough this old rig is going headless as soon as I get all the wake on lan stuff set up03:01
lluathe minizine/restore/exit parts of my windows just disappeared any idea how to get them back?03:01
dornemy version is pulseaudio 0.9.1403:01
MenZajudson: Have patience - if someone knows the answer to your question, they'll tell you.03:01
visik7I'm with a mac book pro since 1 year and I want to go back to ubuntu I don't want a mac anymore03:01
ZykoticK9mudsplatter, in command line "mplayer -ao help" shows all available and "mplayer -ao esd FILENAME" should use ESound03:02
judsonand also software sources wont open when i enter my password when it tells me 203:02
P1rohi, im trying to get a liveusb with persistent changes since im having HDD problems, i can boot from cd and from usb what toturial im i should follow ?03:04
DigitalKiwikill: not enough arguments03:05
ZykoticK9judson, if you click System / Administration / Synaptic Package Manager - does it accept your password?03:05
ZykoticK9judson, k just checking - i got nothing else for ya03:05
P1rohi, im trying to get a liveusb with persistent changes since im having HDD problems, i can boot from cd and from usb what toturial im i should follow ?03:06
ZykoticK9DigitalKiwi, "kill" requires the PID # of a process ie "kill 19843"03:06
MenZaP1ro: Please refrain from repeating your question so quickly - people will tell you the answer to your problem if they know it.03:06
DigitalKiwiZykoticK9: you didn't click gl1d3s link03:07
oldude67P1ro, what type of os are you using now?03:07
ZykoticK9DigitalKiwi, lol - my bad03:07
judsonwho uses the mac4lin theme?03:08
DigitalKiwiwhat's that? makes your linux look like mac?03:09
gl1d3judson: i will once i dual boot03:09
judsoncool its easy to install i love it <303:09
shawn_Why would I want my Linux to look like a Mac... If I wanted Mac I'd use a Mac.03:10
P1rooldude67: right now im using ubuntu on a usb03:10
ZykoticK9judson, unless you have a problem with "mac4lin" theme (in which case you should just ask your question and see if anyone knows); this sounds like something for #ubuntu-offtopic.  Also don't use brb on this channel.03:10
gl1d3what linux versions support power pc mac03:10
P1rooldude67:  but with no persistent changes :(03:10
mgv2anything better thhan keepassx?03:11
P1roi found a toturial but it had to be done from windows (http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-ubuntu-904-persistent-install-windows/)03:11
Alien_FX_Fiendcan anyone in here help me with teamviewer i have a device driver prob on xp03:12
Alien_FX_Fiendis there any channels for win xp users03:12
ZykoticK9Alien_FX_Fiend, i think it's ##windows, yup03:12
Harrison_Bergerohello again03:13
Harrison_Bergeroi tried your advice03:13
Alien_FX_Fiendthanks a lot03:13
Harrison_Bergerowhen i do ctrl.alt.F103:13
Harrison_Bergerowhat is the reboot command03:13
DigitalKiwihttp://penguinppc.org/about/distributions.php gl1d303:13
ZykoticK9Harrison_Bergero, try and type everything in one line03:13
Harrison_Bergerooh ok03:13
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.03:14
gl1d3dititalkiwi thanks03:14
ZykoticK9Harrison_Bergero, any time in the GUI press CTRL+ALT+F1 to get to a console and CTRL+ALT+F7 (or F10) to get back03:14
kermitgl1d3: all of them03:14
gl1d3they do?03:14
afeijocan I use ubuntu server x64 in my virtualbox that runs under my kubuntu 32bits ?03:14
DigitalKiwikermit: :/03:14
gl1d3kermit: i thought powerpc was unsupported03:14
Harrison_BergeroZytotick9....attempting that now....brb i hope03:15
MenZagl1d3: It is, officially. There's a community port for it.03:15
Harrison_Bergerocool....it was F7 for me to get back03:15
ZykoticK9afeijo, with newer version of vbox (probably 3+) YES!  64bit guests on 32bit hosts!03:15
d__finnwhat's a good USB wireless adapter that works out of the box?  Preferably something not too expensive and that I could pick up at my local best buy or circuit city type place?  I only need G capabilty03:15
P1rooldude67: i wanna do it from ubuntu03:15
afeijoZykoticK9: sweet, downloading ubuntu srv 64 :D03:15
Zhaneguys... how do i solve the problem of having "No Wubildr" when i use wubi to install karmic?03:15
pawancant install nvidia drivers03:15
gl1d3menZa: thanks. do you by any chance have a link?03:15
afeijoZykoticK9: does ubuntu server came with virtual interface or just shell ?03:15
MenZagl1d3: I can find one - hold on :)03:15
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for karmic Zhane03:16
MenZagl1d3: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#Is Ubuntu supported on PowerPC?03:16
MenZagl1d3: Well, just the first part of that link should do.03:16
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:16
Harrison_BergeroZykotick9....i have a random freeze problem with Jaunty, mouse works sometimes but not all the time when it freezes.  Any suggestions on troubleshooing?03:16
gl1d3menza: thanks so much. linux users are so much more helpful then mac/windows users03:16
Dr_Willisafeijo:  not sure what you mean by virtual. but the server dosent include X  - its console based03:16
* afeijo omb 1350 users here!03:16
ZykoticK9afeijo, i have a 64bit proc so i've never tried the 64bit on 32bit host before -- don't know what overhead is involved how fast it runs etc.  Do you have vXT or whatever it's call - makes a big difference.03:16
P1rohi, im trying to get a liveusb with persistent changes since im having HDD problems, i can boot from cd and from usb what toturial im i should follow ? im on ubuntu 9.0403:16
MenZagl1d3: glad to be of assistance :)03:16
afeijoDr_Willis: sweet, thanks.  I will setup a virtualbox with ubuntu server 6403:17
afeijoDr_Willis: to simulate my host VPS plan03:17
Doonzif i had these in my crontab would they execut properly?03:17
Madcamperanyone know of a free cedega alternative ?03:17
Doonz30 * * * * /home/media/cron/home.tvshows.sh03:17
Doonz30 * * * * /home/media/cron/mom.tvshows.sh03:17
canthus13Madcamper: wine03:17
DigitalKiwigl1d3: the link I gave you has links to stuff about it03:17
Dr_WillisP1ro:  use the usb-creator tool  (install it if its notallready on the live cd) and you can generate a bootable flash with persistant save with it. is one way03:17
Madcamperis wine very good for gaming?03:17
afeijoDoonz: probably03:17
Doonzthats the proper way to have it set to run a script?03:17
gl1d3madcamper: wine is not meant to be used for gaming03:17
ZykoticK9Harrison_Bergero, yes figure out how to do all the ctrl+alt+f1 thing, log in and run the command top and it will show you what is using the most CPU power - perhaps this will tell you what is causing the problem.03:17
afeijoMadcamper: nah03:17
canthus13Madcamper: cedega is wine with tweaks.  You can tweak most stuff to run under wine just as well as under cedega.03:17
Dr_WillisMadcamper: wine or one of its vairants yes. See the wine app database for info on specific games03:17
afeijoDoonz: to be safer, use sh before /home...03:18
afeijothats what I do03:18
Madcamperok, just wanting to run Counter-strike source03:18
gl1d3digitalkiwi: i know. I was just wondering if there were any other links on the topic03:18
Doonz30 * * * * sh /home/media/cron/mom.tvshows.sh03:18
Dr_Willis!appdb | Madcamper03:18
ubottuMadcamper: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:18
canthus13Madcamper: Wine should run it just fine.03:18
pawani have nvidia card but it is not getting detected in hardware drivers03:18
P1roDr_Willis:  that is not the same as uneetbooting ?03:18
gl1d3madcamper: it's an old game. it should work well03:18
ZykoticK9gl1d3, Madcamper wine is GREAT for gaming03:18
LordDarthWine is pretty good thees days i concur03:19
gl1d3it is? i thought that wine was not meant to be an emulator03:19
LordDarthI didn't say emulator03:19
ZykoticK9gl1d3, Wine Is Not an Emulator ha ha03:19
DigitalKiwiheard there is way better support from crossover games/linux than cedega/wine03:19
P1roDr_Willis:  you mean the one who came with ubuntu? well i done it but persistent changes are NOT working :(03:19
canthus13gl1d3: It isn't.  It's runtime files that enable windows software to run on linux.03:19
LordDarthBut it is good at running windows programs. I even run a trading terminal in it.03:20
Harrison_BergeroZykotick9....well nothing special running.  CPU usage fluctuates from 8 to 70% for an app called compiz03:20
gl1d3canthus13: that explains a lot03:20
canthus13DigitalKiwi: Crossover games is wine as well.03:20
robert__will array make my msi laptop better?03:20
DigitalKiwiit's a fork03:20
DigitalKiwithat just happens to send some patches to wine03:20
canthus13DigitalKiwi: Nah. They contribute most of their stuff back to wine eventually.03:20
robert__whacha mean a fork?03:20
Harrison_Bergeroi have IRC app running, sensors, xeyes.  thats all03:20
robert__oh ok03:20
Dr_WillisP1ro:  you did tell it to make a persistant save file?  There may be ways to add it -  depending on what you do some changes may NOT get saved properly also.03:20
ZykoticK9Harrison_Bergero, is it frozen right now though?03:20
Doonzafeijo: if i added a job 30 * * * * echo "Scripts Ran insertdate"  what would i use for insertdate to show the date and time it ran?03:20
kermiti cant find xroach :/03:20
canthus13robert__: A fork is where some devs don't like where the general project is going, and take the source code and start a new project.03:20
ZykoticK9Harrison_Bergero, you have to try doing THIS when the problem happens!03:21
robert__canthus13, oh ok thanks03:21
DigitalKiwia fork is an eating utensil!03:21
canthus13robert__: Case in point: Pidgin was forked over an argument about whether or not the input window should resize itself.03:21
robert__will array kernel make my msi laptop better?03:21
Harrison_BergeroZykotick9....oh ok.  thanks....ill make a note.  I happens twice a week or so.  Just random03:21
IzyuI need help, What is a Protocol and Channel in Data Connections?03:21
Dr_WillisDoonz:  use  $(date) or similer at the end.03:21
DoonzDr_Willis: will that add a time as well?03:21
Dr_WillisDoonz:  bash basics man...  it runs whatever command is in $()03:22
Harrison_BergeroZykotick9....well, not comletely random.....with firefox or playing a movie file.03:22
gl1d3downloading bootcamp now03:22
Dr_WillisDoonz:  find the proper command to do the time/date  (and yes date can proberly do it)(03:22
canthus13DigitalKiwi: Fork sounds better than spoon.03:22
Madcamperanyway to stretch the descriptino or text under an icon like on the desktop? ex. make the text fix the size of the icon?03:22
DigitalKiwiDoonz: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/03:23
P1roDr_Willis: well i told to use the left space on the pen drive to his files03:23
ZykoticK9Harrison_Bergero, from the console you can actually kill applications as well, then potentially switch back to GUI and everything will be working again - you just need to determine what is causing the problem (which unfortunatly is NOT the easy part)  Good luck to you.03:23
robert__will array kernel make my msi laptop better?03:23
LordDarthJust for the record03:23
LordDarthI LOVE UBUNTU03:23
DigitalKiwiit loves you03:23
DoonzDigitalKiwi: hehe yeah i just found that one. i was asking google the wrong question03:24
DigitalKiwiit's supposedly very good03:24
* DigitalKiwi hasn't read it, I just do lua/C03:24
* LordDarth pets his Ubuntu CD03:24
tbis xubuntu better in 9.10 than 9.0403:24
P1roDr_Willis: im trying to get the nvidia drivers that kinda stuff on persistent changes03:24
Harrison_Bergerozytotick9......im new to this, but is the command to kill and app "kill" and then the name of the app?03:24
VivaVistaIf I reinstall Windows Vista from Recovery CDs will it automatically delete the Linux Partition and restore the MBR from GRUB?03:24
robert__i tried xubuntu but had trouble getting dvd discs to play03:25
P1roVivaVista: yes03:25
robert__and its not as configurable03:25
MenZaHarrison_Bergero: Nope, 'kill' takes a process ID (PID). You want killall 'appname' to kill an app by name03:25
ZykoticK9Harrison_Bergero, "killall nameofprogram" get nameofprogram by using "top" or "ps -aux"03:25
robert__will array kernel make my msi laptop better?03:25
Viz_Ruhi, I can't seem to find my windows computers in places->network->windows network,  I've tried doing "connect to server" and typing in my computers name, but it says "Cannot display location 'smb://..etc.' Failed to mount Windows Share"... any suggestions?03:25
Dr_WillisP1ro:  thats EXACTLY the thing that has issues. - i had to edit the rc.local script to  copy over a proper xorg.conf  then launch gdm. last i made a persistant save/usb.03:25
DigitalKiwihtop is 100 times better than top03:25
Dr_WillisP1ro:  see if it saves somthing simple like th eusers settings/wallpaper.03:25
LordDarthHtop eh, i'll have to try it.03:26
ZykoticK9Viz_Ru, can you ping your windows box?03:26
DigitalKiwiit even has an integrated sigsend thingy, so you can kill a process easily (push F9)03:26
robert__does anyone use array?03:26
P1roDr_Willis: well i did change the wifi pass and add flash pluing to firefox but none of those are working03:26
Viz_RuZykoticK9, how would I go about pinging it in ubuntu?03:26
Dr_WillisP1ro:  basically i made a proper xorg.conf, disabled gdm, from auto-launching, then in rc.local. copied the xorg.conf to the right place, and again from rc.local launched gdm.03:26
ZykoticK9DigitalKiwi, in top you can press k to kill something03:26
Harrison_BergeroMenZa....Zykotick9....thanks.  I'll be back in here after my next freeze.  Hope it wont be anytime soon03:26
DigitalKiwihttp://omploader.org/vMjgyag at the top in this screen03:26
Dr_WillisP1ro:  see if it rembers stuff like your wallpaper/settings as a test03:27
ZykoticK9Viz_Ru, open a terminal and type "ping IPADDRESSOFWINDOWSCOMPUTER"03:27
DigitalKiwiZykoticK9: but you still have to give it a PID03:27
LordDarthIts nice DigitalKiwi03:27
P1roDr_Willis: so it should be bbetter if i just install the system on the pendrive ?03:27
ZykoticK9DigitalKiwi, yes it's PID not name (or is htop menu?)03:27
DigitalKiwitry htop03:27
Viz_RuZykoticK9: yes I can ping it, (sorry, was typing in computer name)03:27
DigitalKiwiyou'll love me for it03:28
=== g4br13l is now known as The-BeastMaster
P1roDr_Willis: well brb03:28
Dr_WillisP1ro:  no idea. I never do that.03:28
ZykoticK9Viz_Ru, does it (windows box) have something shared?  and no firewall enabled?03:28
zelda1hello does anyone here have experience with network deisgn?03:28
zelda1client/server network in particular?03:28
DigitalKiwiZykoticK9: in htop you just select the process either via clicking or arrows, push F9 and it pops up a frame at the side, push enter to send SIGTERM or you can pick something else03:29
zelda1how do I ghost my name?03:29
ZykoticK9Viz_Ru, in Nautilus try "smb://IPADDRESSOFWINDOWS"03:29
afeijothat shall be fun to set up a machine without X lol03:29
DigitalKiwisee my screen ^^03:30
ZykoticK9DigitalKiwi, clicking on it?  is this gui?03:30
Viz_RuZykoticK9: The firewall is off, (the computer is using windows 7 by the way), how do I use Nautilus?03:30
Loganhouphow is windows 7?03:30
Loganhoupbetter than vista?03:30
ZykoticK9Viz_Ru, Nautilus is the File manager in Ubuntu03:30
zelda1most definitey03:30
Viz_RuZykoticK9: Oh, sorry, sec03:30
Dr_WillisLoganhoup:  ask in #windows03:30
gl1d3loganhoup: linux pwns them all03:31
gl1d3loganhoup: keep in mind this is an ubuntu thread03:31
Loganhoupgl1d3: no kidding03:31
bazhangLoganhoup, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic03:31
DigitalKiwibazhang out of nowhere03:32
Loganhoupoh I'm in the wrong channel then03:32
Sandstorm?DCC SEND "ff???f?ð¹ð°ð·ð³ð¶ð³ðºð¼ð·ð®ð¼ððº" 0 0 003:32
LoganhoupI thought I was in offtopic03:32
Viz_RuZykoticK9: excellent, I see my files !!  Thank you!03:32
gl1d3which is better to dual boot? bootcamp or virtualbox (on a mac)03:32
ZykoticK9Viz_Ru, your welcome03:32
Dr_Willisgl1d3:  technically virtualbox is not 'dual booting'03:33
ZykoticK9gl1d3, not an ubuntu question03:33
gl1d3checking for a mac thread03:33
afeijoubuntu server install screen in text are so ugly lol03:33
shawn_gl1d3, We don't take kindly to you're folk 'round 'ere.03:33
P1roDr_Willis: no wallpaper is the same :s03:33
yoophglupwhat is a floating panel that looks like the mac panel?03:33
rafase282hello I need help to get info frommy sdcard, it seems to be damaged but i dont want to format it and lose my data so I was thinkign of dd but i dont know hwo to use it03:33
LordDarthAre there ubuntu social channels ??? more off topic chatter ?03:34
bazhangshawn_, please be civil03:34
bazhangLordDarth, #ubuntu-offtopic03:34
LordDarthAwsome thanks03:34
shawn_bazhang It's a joke... I guess you do not watch South Park?03:34
d__finnwhat's a good USB wireless adapter that works out of the box?  Preferably something not too expensive and that I could pick up at my local best buy or circuit city type place?  I only need G capabilty03:34
bazhangshawn_, humor does not convey well on a social channel.03:34
Mario1?DCC SEND "ff???f?ð¹ð°ð·ð³ð¶ð³ðºð¼ð·ð®ð¼ððº" 0 0 003:34
ZykoticK9yoophglup, AWN Avant Windows Manager or somehting like that?03:34
shawn_bazhang Everything is so strict on IRCs X_X03:35
DigitalKiwis/on/& ubuntu/03:36
bazhangshawn_, this is support; please chat and such in #ubuntu-offtopic03:36
yoophglupcan i use it with gnome panels?03:36
ZykoticK9yoophglup, i think so, i don't use AWN - looks cool but not stable enough for me (other people like it a lot though)03:37
shawn_Zomg Floodbot is flooding the channel.03:37
yoophglupcool thanks03:37
Serlaanyone knows a quick file upload site?03:38
shawn_yoophglup Gnome-Do Docky is really good as well03:38
* Dr_Willis seconds gnome-do's docky theme for a actually USEABLE dock03:39
=== Nick is now known as Guest14106
Guest14106whats crackin03:39
mgv2can i create encryption keys if already used the email for lost keys?03:39
MenZamgv2: Sure.03:40
mgv2MenZa,  i will try again letter to see if it works03:40
ecin_is your add remove programs suppsed to be empty on a clean install?03:41
yoophglupis Gnome-Do docky in the repository cause i don't see it03:41
ZykoticK9yoophglup, from terminal "$ apt-cache search gnome-do"03:42
robert__will array kernel make my msi laptop better?03:42
shawn_yoophglup, It's called Gnome-Do and then you switch it's Theme to "Docky" in the settings to turn it into a Dock03:43
shawn_yoophglup, Its a lot better than AWN03:43
KnifeySpooneyHi, I just rebooted after installing updates in karmic, but now my machine is unbootable after being tossed a bootchart error during boot. After the bootchart error is a cannot mount filesystem error. Then the comp reboots. Right now i'm using a liveUSB. How can I uninstall a package in my harddisk installation of Ubuntu from a liveCD?03:43
=== The-BeastMaster is now known as g4br13l
bazhangrobert__, the array kernel is not a Ubuntu product03:43
ZykoticK9KnifeySpooney, ask same question in #ubuntu+103:43
robert__bazhang, i know but its a question i don't know the answer to and its for Ubuntu03:44
KnifeySpooneyZykoticK9: Thanks, I'm already in there but I figured that this question is not really about karmic but Ubuntu in general. Do you know of a way to uninstall bootchart from a livecd?03:44
yoophglupthanks everyone awn avant is perfect, now if i can get it to load on my second display. you guys are great.03:44
ZykoticK9KnifeySpooney, nope sorry03:44
bazhangrobert__, as such, some have success; you may wish to talk the makers (they generally are on eeeuser.com forum or #eeepc )03:44
Ghnuberathdo you need to uninstall it? can you just disable it?03:45
robert__bazhang, i have an msi netbook, its an atom processor so i'm assuming it will work the same03:45
ecin_how do i use my wifi ?03:45
ecin_It asked me if i want to accept the third party driver, i acceped and restarted03:45
ecin_now it says wlan interface disconnected03:46
bazhangrobert__, better to ask in the appropriate channel for support03:46
robert__bazhang, this would be the best channel for my question since there is no array channel03:46
GhnuberathKinfeySpooney, did you try removing the system startup links for bootchart?03:46
AnirbanHazrawhat is the mysql version that is provided by default with Hardy ?03:46
bazhang#eeepc robert__ the array kernel is not supported here03:47
robert__bazhang, i know that, but maybe someone can still answer questions03:47
lstarnesAnirbanHazra: the default mysql-server is 5.003:47
ZykoticK9AnirbanHazra, if your currently own hardy run in cli "apt-cache policy mysql-server"03:48
lstarnesAnirbanHazra: 4.1 is also available03:48
burningicewhat us dudes03:49
AnirbanHazralstarnes: Uhu the exact number 5.0.xx ?? what is the xx that is given by default with Hardy ?03:49
=== evilaim_ is now known as EvilAIM
lstarnesAnirbanHazra: I have 5.0.51a03:49
GhnuberathAnirbanHazra: 5.0.5103:49
lstarnesAnirbanHazra: that's the most up-to-date package from the repos03:50
=== pauljw_vm is now known as pauljw
lstarnes!info mysql-server hardy > AnirbanHazra03:50
ZykoticK9AnirbanHazra, 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.203:50
lstarnesZykoticK9: are you sure that that's the version in hardy?03:51
AnirbanHazralstarnes: same here , I have 5.0.51a .03:51
ZykoticK9AnirbanHazra, lstarnes NO - that 9.04 most recent03:51
lstarnesZykoticK9: he was asking about hardy (8.04)03:51
ZykoticK9lstarnes, yes, thanks for pointing out my mistake03:52
FloodBot2Zennial: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:56
bazhangZennial, hi03:57
GhnuberathZennial, hi there03:57
Zennialsup guys03:57
Zennialare we all on our ubuntu boxes?03:57
Ghnuberathof course haha03:57
LordDarthIm running dos 3.2 Beat that!!03:57
James_NI'm on WinXP atm03:58
* James_N hides03:58
Zenniallol ubuntu jaunty jacke03:58
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:58
Madcamperis Wine supposed to be skippy?04:00
Madcamperlike laggy04:00
Zennialwell no04:00
GhnuberathMadcamper:  it depends on what program you're trying to run on it04:00
LordDarthIT can be Madcamper04:00
Zennialbut at the moment ican only runs simple tasks04:00
Madcamperits laggy when i run Counter-strike source, and even mIRC04:01
Zennialruning somehing big may lead to lag04:01
thneedHi, I cannot install ubuntu from netinstall OR iso discs, I have tried 3 of each it always crashes and now will not even load at all when I boot, I have my device priority set to hard drive, then cdrom. Can someone offer a helpful hint?04:01
Zennialthats why04:01
DriedmanLot of fucking people in this channel04:01
Madcamperwell i was told it can run CSS just fine04:01
MenZa!language | Driedman04:01
ubottuDriedman: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:01
MenZaMadcamper: It should. I had no issues back in the day.04:01
GhnuberathMadcamper: it can, CS source has a great rating on the AppDB04:01
Madcamperwould running compiz cause a problem?04:02
thneedoriginally it loaded from disc and I tried to check disc for errors and ran intstallation, just showed intrafrms for while04:02
MenZaMadcamper: It might.04:02
GhnuberathMadcamper: I'd say either its' configured wrong, something to do with your graphics driver, compiz, etc.04:02
MenZaMadcamper: Try without it, anyway.04:02
GhnuberathMadcamper: have you tried it without compiz? just for kicks?04:02
Madcamperwas thinking about it, but said nah04:02
Caliginoushi, join  #ubuntu-offtyupic is empty!04:02
Ghnuberaththneed: what sort of computer are you trying to install it on?04:03
MenZaCaliginous: It's #ubuntu-offtopic04:03
GhnuberathMadcamper: It shouldn't really cause a problem with compiz if you enable the "virtual desktop" setting04:03
meowbanganyone know the command to auto remove and fix broken packages04:03
Zennialyeah i find some computers rejecting some os04:03
Zenniallinux distros04:03
Caliginousbyte the way, virtualbox sucks .. i'm runningh ubuntu on pc but I purchased cheapie bluetooth dongle that works fine!!!04:04
Madcamperi dont evne see that in the settings04:04
Ghnuberathmeowbang: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto#How%20to%20fix%20broken%20packages04:04
thneedGhnuberath: an alienware laptop, I installed previously, now I wiped everything and I am trying from disc (netinstall) and also from .iso04:04
Zennialquick question are we  all familiar with the aircrack-ng suite?04:04
Ghnuberaththneed: that's odd.  if it's reasonably new, it shouldn't cause a problem.  have you tried a usb-installer?04:05
thneedGhnuberath: well, no because I have nothing installed ont he laptop, can I use usbinstaller from a different computer on a usb and pop that in?04:06
meowbangGhnuberath, no thats not what i need. i need to use the terminal command that will auto remove adn fix my install. something like sudo apt-fix missing04:06
GhnuberathZennial: familiar, ish.  there are some pretty comprehensive tutorials online, but I can't remember much of it off the top of my head.04:06
thneedGhnuberath: to the laptop?04:06
Ghnuberaththneed: yeah, you can make a usb installer on another computer and try it.  just in case there's something wrong with your CDs or with your drive.  Also, make sure you verify the iso with MD5 or something before using it.04:07
Ghnuberathmeowbang: what do you mean by "missing"? what exactly is broken?04:07
thneedGhnuberath: what is the md5sum command again?04:07
meowbangnot sure i just want to clean out my computer04:07
MeXTuXI'm trying to install Unreal Tournament 99 GOTY and got this message: Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library    Does anyone know what does it mean??04:08
Ghnuberaththneed: $ man md5sum04:08
ZykoticK9MeXTuX, give me a second04:08
meowbangi have ubuntu 8.04.1 baised crunchbang os04:08
thneedGhnuberath: okay I will check04:08
Ghnuberathmeowbang: so nothing is actually broken?04:08
lucsIs it normal to see crypted passwords in /etc/passwd? Shouldn't they be in /etc/shadow?04:08
meowbangnot sure04:09
meowbangthere is a command ending in -f that will sort things out04:09
meowbangor --fixmissing04:09
lstarnesmeowbang: apt-get install -f?04:09
Raulillo25windows mola04:09
Raulillo25windows is god04:09
MenZa!windows | Raulillo2504:10
ubottuRaulillo25: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents04:10
ZykoticK9MeXTuX, sorry can't find my note about that -- FYI if you're running on a modern PC you'll probably run into the same problem I and many others have (the speed of the game is all messed up).  I'll search internet for the error.04:10
Ghnuberathlucs: that is odd. there shouldn't be any crypted stuff in there. just basic user attributes04:10
Raulillo25but windows is great04:10
macoRaulillo25: good for it04:10
lstarnesRaulillo25: this channel hjas nothing to do with windoes04:10
MenZaRaulillo25: Glad you think so. Keep that discussion in ##windows, however.04:10
macoRaulillo25: not related to the channel though04:10
meowbangeven that gives me errors adn i have old os04:11
Ghnuberathmeowbang: lstarnes is right.  $ apt-get install --fix-broken may be what you're looking for04:11
Raulillo25i love android04:11
Zennialu have point04:11
nullrbig problem with ubuntu. I can access the web with my main account. But on regular user accounts evolution will not load email. Firefox will load a page or 2 then give me a "connection reset by peer". Does anyone else use multiple accounts? why does the internet only work sometimes? Yes I checked permissions and everything is there.04:11
MeXTuXThat message pops during installation so I aborted it because don't want to mess things up :s04:11
lucsGhnuberath: Actually, maybe they're not crypted passwords (they look like crypts, but they're over 90 characters long).04:11
Zennialive encountered some problems with newer systems04:12
MenZaRaulillo25: Keep in mind, this channel is exclusively for Ubuntu support. Not discussion, sharing opinions or anything of the kind. For other stuff, try #ubuntu-offtopic or other relevant channels.04:12
Ghnuberathlucs: true. the kind of information in there should just be like...the default shell and stuff like that04:12
Ghnuberathlucs: although each line may be very long04:12
Ghnuberathnullr: I have an ubuntu system set up with about 20 active users.  they've never had any problems accessing the internet.04:13
lucsGhnuberath: Also, /etc/shadow has for example "lucs::14429:0:99999:7:::", no crypt there.04:13
Zennialam i th only one who sees the +**.**s lag?04:13
Zennialat botom left corner04:13
Madcamperanyone ever have trouble with wine and CSS where it only shows 1400x900 resolution?04:14
ZykoticK9MeXTuX, could you pastbin the entire error, looks like there is probably a line or two above the "c library" part04:14
Ghnuberathlucs: that's what mine looks like as well04:14
lucsGhnuberath: Does your /etc/passwd have what appear to be crypted strings too?04:14
Ghnuberathlucs: only on the line which corresponds to my username04:14
lucsRIght, same here.04:15
lucs(and for root too)04:15
Ghnuberathlucs: it's a cryptographic hash of my password, probably SHA-1 and salted04:15
nullrthis started recently. Its only on non admin accounts. Firefox loads a couple of pages then gives me that error untill I delete all the cookies and other data.  It is really annoying I tried everything I found on forums but it will not work.04:15
meowbangno luck always error code 104:15
MeXTuX!ZykoticK9 Where can I paste the output so you can see it??04:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:15
lucsGhnuberath: Well, I'd like that to be moved to /etc/shadow I suppose :/04:15
MenZa!pastebin | MeXTuX04:15
ubottuMeXTuX: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic04:15
nullrany ideas on why it would be stopped?04:15
elevenCA1how do you visit this site if you use linux?  http://www.chasepaymentech.ca/e-statement04:15
RegressLessHow do I use more of my RAM?04:15
meowbangso its probably ubuntu 8.04.104:15
MenZaRegressLess: Run more applications.04:16
meowbangthats the prob not the upgrade04:16
Ghnuberathnullr: that is really odd. all of that private data should live in each user's .mozilla directory and shouldn't affect anyone else04:16
Ghnuberathnullr: so removing it shouldn't change anything04:16
DarkedgeListen, My brothers moving back to Windows, I need something (That's not Compiz) To pull him back...04:16
DarkedgeAny Ideas?04:16
DarkedgeListen, My brothers moving back to Windows, I need something (That's not Compiz) To pull him back...04:17
nullrwhich is why im am confused that this is across several accounts that were working fine just days ago.04:17
DarkedgeAny Ideas?04:17
MenZaDarkedge: There's lots of selling points of Linux. But it still isn't for everyone - if it doesn't impress him, leave him be.04:17
GhnuberathelevenCA1: you may be able to spoof the site into thinking you're running IE.  I know that Opera can do it, but I'm not sure how it works in firefox.04:17
MenZaDarkedge: And please do not repeat yourself that quickly.04:17
ZykoticK9elevenCA1, try it in Opera Chromium first if you have them installed already.  There is a way to fake the headers in Firefox if that's what your using.04:17
stebalienlucs:  Is 'sudo shadowconfig on' what you are looking for?04:17
lstarneselevenCA1: there are plugins for firefox that can make sites think that you're using IE04:17
MeXTuXThis is my post http://paste.ubuntu.com/289769/04:17
lucsGhnuberath: After some googling, I'm wondering if the system is using PAM, and if so, how can I find out (and where does ubuntu document all this).04:17
lucsstebalien: Oh, maybe :0 Let me see.04:17
nullrbrb trying somethings in the other accs04:18
nullrsee if i get it to work04:18
bad_one21521can anyone help me install linksys drivers for wireless usb d04:18
bad_one21521i am using ubuntu04:18
RegressLessHow do I get better performance out of my netbook. I'm trying to use gtk-recordmydesktop with zsnes and it stutters. I noticed I'm using only half my RAM (1 of 2 gigs) and heard that using the swap file was slower. Any suggestions?04:18
ZykoticK9MeXTuX, are you running that as "sudo ..."?04:18
q0_0panyone here good with iptables?04:18
MenZa!anyone | q0_0p04:19
ubottuq0_0p: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:19
MeXTuXmmm nop I was running it as root04:19
bad_one21521anyone help me04:19
Dr_WillisRegressLess:  i was thinking zsnes had a 'record' movie feature if you want to record yourself playing a game04:19
ZykoticK9MeXTuX, how where you running that as root? then.04:19
Zenniali had the same problem the way i solved is was to download a stable "older" version of ubuntu and from there update to newer ubuntu version04:19
RegressLessDr_Willis: it wouldn't surprise me that I've overlooked it04:20
q0_0pnot sure what i'm doing wrong here >_< http://pastebin.com/m3ac7d54e04:20
Dr_WillisRegressLess:  im on 64bit so cant use zsnes (its 16bit only)04:20
Ghnuberathlucs: there should be a package corresponding to PAM, but as to hwo to find out if you're using it, I'm not sure04:20
MeXTuXI wrote this -----> # ./unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.run --keep04:20
Dr_WillisRegressLess:  or i would look04:20
lucsstebalien: Yep, 'sudo shadowconfig on' fixed it all up.04:20
ZykoticK9MeXTuX, are you on Ubuntu?04:20
Ghnuberathlucs: are you concerned that your passwords aren't being stored securely?04:20
Zennialyummy salted hashes04:21
RegressLessDr_Willis: I'll look and report back04:21
coconutin emacs, is there a mean not to move the cursor when you scroll ?04:21
MenZaMeXTuX: # only indicates it *is* root. You want sudo ./unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.run --kep04:21
GhnuberathRegressLess: are you using Jaunty on a netbook with intel graphics?04:21
bad_one21521can anyone help me install drivers for linksys wusb54gsc04:21
lucsGhnuberath: Well, kind of yeah, but like stebalien suggested, 'sudo shadowconfig on' fixed up the shadow and passwd files, so now I feel better :)04:21
ZykoticK9MeXTuX, try not to log in as root ever.  use a terminal as your regular user and try "sudo sh ./unreal_..."04:21
MenZabad_one21521: Please have patience. Someone will help you if they know the solution to your problem.04:22
lucsGhnuberath and stebalien: Thanks!04:22
RegressLessGhnuberath: Yes, wishing I had the nVidia Ion04:22
DigitalKiwiwhat is this shadowconfig?04:22
mushuukyouI have installed compiz, enabled desktop cube and rotate cube, but the bindings for rotate cube are not working.04:22
* DigitalKiwi has not shadowconfig04:22
GhnuberathRegressLess: haha.  I actually have an intel netbook myself, and it's quite snappy.  But there was a major regression in the intel driver in jaunty which slows everything down04:22
ZykoticK9DigitalKiwi, shadownconfig is the encrypted /etc/passwd sorta thing04:23
GhnuberathRegressLess: potentially to the point where it is unusable.04:23
protoshmm who runs this channel?04:23
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GhnuberathRegressLess: this worked very, very well for me: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReinhardTartler/X/RevertingIntelDriverTo2.404:23
coconutin emacs, i don't want the cursor to move when I scroll up/down, How can I do ?04:23
Ghnuberathbad_one21521: have you tried ndiswrapper?  there are some pretty good articles online about making that adaptor work in ubuntu04:24
MeXTuXok I did it as you said. It brought me a small setup screen04:24
RegressLessGhnuberath: I haven't had any general usability issues, running jaunty with the array.org kernel04:24
lucsZykoticK9: Do you happen to know why my default Jaunty desktop install appeared not to use shadow?04:24
DigitalKiwiZykoticK9: it is a debianism?04:24
mushuukyouWould anyone know why the "control-alt-left mouse button" binding for rotate cube for compiz wouldn't do anything?  Have I missed something?04:24
MeXTuXThe only thing that scares me is the Gdk-warning04:25
GhnuberathRegressLess: ah.  it's possible that the array kernel reverted the driver itself.  what exactly is slow for you?04:25
ZykoticK9lucs, "shadow" what's that?04:25
RegressLessGhnuberath: trying to record my desktop to show how cool it is04:25
lucsZykoticK9: I meant /etc/shadow, related to /etc/passwd.04:25
nullr1I am back I found that It does connect to the internet  it is just Firefox giving the "connection reset by peer" after loading 2 pages and evolution not working at all.04:25
Madcamperbah counter-strike source crashed04:25
ZykoticK9lucs, no idea man.04:25
bad_one21521linksys wusb54gsc driver help04:26
Thaeshello, any tell me how do I install gtk2.0 themes in ubuntu? I am trying to install themes from gnome-look.org04:26
nullr1what are the hotmail servers for evolution? is it pop3.live.com and stmp.live.com?04:26
lucsZykoticK9: Ok, thanks anyway :)04:26
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: the keyboard shortcuts may not be what you think they are.  try: $ sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager and running CompizConfig Settings Manager from the administration menu04:26
Ghnuberathnullr1: hotmail doesn't offer POP/IMAP for free, are you paying for it?04:26
Madcamperany ideas on improving CSS in wine and make the resolution 800x600 available?04:26
mushuukyouGhnuberath, I am running compizconfig settings manager... if it's there, then I don't need to run that, do I?04:26
GhnuberathRegressLess: oh, like a screencast?04:26
RegressLessDr_Willis: you were correct about the movie option in zsnes04:27
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: oh, no, if you already have it, you should be fine.04:27
nullr1no are you sure I can get it on my other account.04:27
mushuukyouGhnuberath, I enable rotate desktop, and it doesn't do anything.04:27
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: if they keyboard shortcut which is specified isn't working, try changing to something else and testing it again.04:27
mushuukyouI tried that, too04:27
RegressLessGhnuberath: if you want to call it that. I want to make a youtube video to promote ubuntu and show my customized destop.04:27
gbear14275looking to figure out compatibility of an gigE marvell 8838056 card with ubuntu... is there a compatibility list... or something I can reference?04:27
DigitalKiwiRegressLess: oh no please don't04:27
DigitalKiwithere are already so many :(04:28
GhnuberathDigitalKiwi: so many bad ones.  haha04:28
robert__which boots faster ubuntu or xubuntu?04:28
ZykoticK9mushuukyou, try holding button3 on your mouse on the desktop and see if it zooms to cube (button 3 is the scroll wheel usually)04:28
mushuukyouGhnuberath, I've tried that, no success.  It's as if it doesn't care about anything.   It's definitely enabled too04:28
RegressLessDigitalKiwi: don't watch, it's not for you anyway04:28
robert__i know kubuntu is out of that picture04:28
Dr_WillisPromoting Ubuntu by showing it can run a 12+yr old emulator. :)04:28
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: hmm... did you check out the regular ubuntu keyboard shortcuts settings box?04:28
mushuukyouZykotic, nothing.04:28
MenZarobert__: they boot equally fast. chances are that Xfce (which is what Xubuntu runs) will load faster than Gnome (Ubuntu's default DE)04:28
DigitalKiwiRegressLess: that's correct in more ways than you think04:29
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: sometimes when they conflict, weird stuff happens.04:29
mushuukyouOk where do I go for that?04:29
mordocaiHello, someone recently showed me a feature in Microsoft Word 2007, and i was wondering if an equivalent is available in openoffice. The feature allowed word to tell you when you were using passive voice, help correct style, and similar things that aren't really directly spelling and grammar errors. Does anyone know if openoffice can do this?04:29
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: System -> preferences -> keyboard shortcuts04:29
RegressLessDr_Willis: no, I was just going to edit is some old school game scenes for fun04:29
DigitalKiwihttp://omploader.org/vMjgyag this is my desktop, RegressLess (and it's not ubuntu, either)04:29
mushuukyouGhunberath, Is that something that everyone needs to tend to in order to do the cube thing?  I just installed ubuntu tonight.04:30
Ghnuberathmordocai: i'm don't think OpenOffice has any NLP that advanced.  or that it's really a priority for them04:30
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: no, not generally.  it should work right away.04:30
mushuukyouyea somethin'gs up.  I rebooted too.04:30
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: my last resort would be to remove the compiz configuration directory: $ rm -r ~/.compiz .  To start fresh.  But do this at your own risk.04:31
RegressLessDigialKiwi: people like you are a rare breed--and rarely breed04:31
mordocaiGhnuberath: Okay, it's not essential anyway. It is rather helpful though... oh well, openOffice is still better.04:31
zulfihow can i get you tube to play correntley on mozilla fire fox04:31
DigitalKiwiI have a gf, tyvm04:31
lstarneszulfi: you need to have flashplugin-nonfree installed04:31
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: it may be beneficial to backup that directory first.  you'll be able to see it if you press CTRL+H in the Nautilus File Browser.  Then you can right-click on it and use "Create Archive" to back it up04:31
RegressLessDigitalKiwi: just joking, sorry04:31
Ghnuberathzulfi: $ sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree04:32
ZykoticK9mushuukyou, did you also enable "Rotate Cube" i think it's off by default04:32
* DigitalKiwi bets he is more productive with that than spinning cube04:32
mushuukyouMaybe I'll just reinstall ubuntu all over again instead of having to do that04:32
mushuukyouzykotic, yes, I enabled that as well as desktop cube04:32
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: ZykoticK9 is right.  did you check to see if the "Enabled" checkbox was checked?04:32
Dr_Willisbe sure to set where you have 4+ desktops also :)04:32
mushuukyouwhere's that04:32
Dr_Willisgeneral compix settings.04:33
Dr_Willisin ccsm.. other wise you got no cube :) you got a peice of paper...04:33
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: "General Options" -> Desktop Size04:33
ZykoticK9mushuukyou, Dr_Willis, number of desktops is just right click in the pager04:33
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: change horizontal to 4 or something.04:33
mushuukyouthat did nothing, but yes, it's at 4 now04:33
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  with compiz that does not change it...04:33
nullr1on my main account I can get my school live mail (.edu) and my regular one (.hotmail)  in evolution using POP. In the other accounts it just scans and never picks up any new or old messages on either.04:33
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  unless they fixed it recently04:33
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, it sure does!04:33
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: add the Workspace Switcher to the Gnome Panel and try clicking on one of the other three workspaces?  See if the switch is animated.04:34
infidhow do you install mysql 5.1 on ubuntu?04:34
lstarnesinfid: in which version of ubuntu?04:34
infidi see mysql-client-5.1 and mysql-server-5.1 in apt. do i need both ?04:34
* Dr_Willis really finds the cube an amazing waste of time and effort.04:34
mushuukyouGhnub, I turned that off, but when it was on, it was in my taskbar and yes it did turn to another window, but it didnt do it in any animated way.04:34
infidlstarnes jaunty 9.0404:34
lstarnesinfid: yes04:34
DigitalKiwiDr_Willis: ^504:34
* Orpheus needs some quick help if possible04:34
MenZaOrpheus: Ask your question, then :)04:34
Dr_Willisand the cube looks nasty on my dual screen setup.04:34
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: do you have any 3d effects at all?  Go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects tab04:35
nullr1Ghnuberath: It does work and it is free. The problem is not with the POP its with my system.04:35
DigitalKiwiDr_Willis: are you a real doctor or do you just play one on IRC?04:35
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, so turn Deformations on and make it a Cylinder ;_04:35
KnifeySpooneyIn apport-collect, it tells me I need to allow "change anything" priveleges. What is this?04:35
Dr_WillisDigitalKiwi:  Yes. :)04:35
mushuukyouGhnuberath, I'm an idiot.04:35
DigitalKiwiyes to which, that was a compound question :P04:35
Dr_WillisDigitalKiwi:  yes. :)04:35
* Dr_Willis is the Dr of Love.04:36
zulfiwhats next after it dose that commend thing?04:36
=== distrohopper is now known as distro|hoppin
DigitalKiwiyou're a gynecologist ?04:36
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: what did you find?04:36
OrpheusOk, so I need to print something quickly, and didn't have a printer set up - I plugged in my moms old hp 7660 series printer via USB - the system detected it and it seems to have installed the dirvers, but no matter what I do, it doesn't seem to actually "connect" to the printer in that it won't print out the things in the queue04:36
mushuukyouWell, I did that, but now my screen is kinda sunken into my monitor.. I might have to reboot or something.but I think that turned stuff on04:36
mushuukyouMy windows do cool stuff04:37
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: that does sound like it's turned on.  haha.04:37
Dr_WillisOrpheus:  some hp printers need the hpoj, or hplip tools also insstalled.04:37
ZykoticK9Orpheus, verify that whatever your printing from is going to CUPS04:37
mushuukyouYea, I think I need to reboot.. visually everything is messed up04:37
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: then there's nothing wrong with compiz or your computer.  it must just be a configuration thing.04:37
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: the cube will work.  just keep playing with it.  make sure the wall is disabled as well.04:37
Blueyhplip has some crazy dependencies iirc04:37
OrpheusZykotick9 - how do I do that?04:38
ZykoticK9Orpheus, what program are you printing from?04:38
Orpheusopenoffice document04:38
Blueyopen office is pretty bloated04:39
ZykoticK9Orpheus, when you select Print in OO, in the Name section does it show your printer name or just Default Printer04:39
=== FrozenFire[alt] is now known as FrozenFire
sakohey all, where is the menu.lst in ubuntu?04:40
ZykoticK9Orpheus, also verify that System / Admin / Printing is showing your printer ok04:40
OrpheusZykotick9 - it has a name section, where the printer name is filled in, underneath that it has it enabled as the default printer for future print jobs, and underneath that it says CUPS:Photomsart 7600, which is the name of the printer.04:40
Ghnuberathsako: /boot/grub/menu.lst04:41
john345erver chatnet.sextracker.com04:41
ZykoticK9Orpheus, that all looks correct.  Sorry man, i gots nothing more for ya.04:41
Orpheus: \04:41
Orpheusmust be my lucky night04:41
GhnuberathOrpheus: can you print a test page?  either through the Gnome printer manager or through $ lpr ?04:42
Orpheusi dont know how to use the lpr command... but i can try04:42
Res2216firestarI have a question, how can I force display to use 1024x768 even though it doesn't detect anything above 800x800?04:42
innocivHow do I empty the contents of a directory, but not remove the directory itself?04:43
Dr_Willisinnociv:  you mean keep  /stuff/file   but have the 'contents' of 'file' be blank?04:43
ZykoticK9Res2216firestar, it's either a graphics card driver issue (you need to install better drivers) OR it's a monitor issue and it can be corrected with xorg04:43
innocivi have /dir/stuff1 /dir/stuff2 etc and delete all the stuff but dir stay04:44
Dr_Willisinnociv:  proberly have to do some scripting for that using find and rm/touch   in combo.. as one way04:44
shane__hey all need some help04:44
Dr_Willisinnociv:  delete? as in  you would no longer have just /dir/ but no /dir/stuff1 ?04:44
shane__i cant get my card reader working04:44
Dr_Willisshane__:  on some laptops -ive seen that not all slots work in all card readers.04:45
mushuukyouA problem.04:45
Res2216firestarZykoticK9: When I used the nvidia drivers, it was stuck on 640x480, so what would be the relevant xorg setting?04:45
GhnuberathOrpheus: I don't quite remember, but I don't think ti was that difficult.  I believe you have to specify the printer from /dev (like /dev/usblp0) and the file you want to print (use a raw text file)04:45
mushuukyouWhen I click to enable "desktop cube", my screen shrinks in.. and the mouse cursor is out of sink with what's on the screen.04:45
shane__That sucks is there a way i can get it workign04:45
mushuukyousink = synch04:46
Dr_Willisshane__:  totally depends on the laptop and cardrader/chipset its using04:46
OrpheusGhnuberath:  I tried "$lpr filename" and got the same response - the gnome system tray pops down a message saying "Not Connected?   Printer 'printername' may not be connected"04:46
kilohey all!  anyone familiar with dual x screen setup?  I'm just trying to figure out how to run programs on my second x screen... everything defaults to "Screen 0"  :(:(:(04:46
Dr_Williskilo:  DISPLAY=0.1   PRogramToRun04:46
Dr_Williskilo:  or simthing like that...04:46
shane__How do i find the info o see if i can04:46
kiloDr_Willis: thanks!!04:47
Dr_Williskilo:  i just use twinview. ive rarely seen a need for 2 X displays04:47
Dr_Williskilo:  it may be DISPLAY=1.004:47
Dr_Willisor 2.004:47
kiloDr_Willis: unfortunately twinview is not good for gaming... the screen sizes get all messed up for me04:47
mushuukyouGhnuberath, When I enable "desktop cube", the screen sinks in now.  It's out of synch with my mouse cursor.  If I disabled desktop cube, it goes back to normal.04:47
shane__i can see that card reader but it will not mount04:48
Dr_Williskilo:  ive seen it depends on the game and program.. some badly written ones are stupid and dont follow the standards right.04:48
ZykoticK9Res2216firestar, do you have 3D support currently?  Does "$ glxinfo | grep direct" say Yes?  Can you run glxgears?  Basically that would all have to be TRUE, then it's just a monitor detection issue which could, if need be, manually put into an xorg.conf file - but you'd need to know the technical specs of your monitor.04:48
innocivah.. ill just delete them one at a time04:48
OrpheusGhnuberath:  I dont know if this is related, but when i use lsusb to scan my usb drives, i it shows my usb mouse, but not myusb printer....04:48
Dr_Willisinnociv:  if you just want to DELETE the files thats  doable with find, and the proepr arugments. :)04:49
GhnuberathOrpheus: yeah. that's not good.04:49
innocivit was just 5 things this time at least04:49
kiloDr_Willis: Well, I'm trying to play Wow and be able to browse the internet at the same time... unfortunately, WoW asks the OS what resolutions are available, and (with twinview enabled) the OS can only spit back 3360x 1050 (which is the resolution of BOTH monitors, side by side)04:49
innocivifit was more i guess i'd just remove them mkdir lmao04:49
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: that is really weird stuff.  try googling your particular video card with compiz?04:49
Orpheus....interesting....   : /04:49
shane__i can see the card reader but i can not mount it04:49
kiloDr_Willis: hence why I'm stuck with dual X04:49
GhnuberathOrpheus: does $ dmesg | tail say anything when you connect the printer?04:49
mushuukyouit worked fine before when I had ubuntu on here04:49
Dr_Williskilo:  i normally just run it in a window that way i can just mouse over to the 2nd monitor to do the browsing.04:49
Dr_Williskilo:  thats what i do for LOTRO all the time04:50
kiloDr_Willis: I'd love to do that, but still run into the resolution problem04:50
Dr_Williskilo:  wow is setable  - you can just tell it what size window to use. or shouldbe able to..04:50
kiloDr_Willis: wow doesn't seem to have default resolutions built in04:50
Dr_Willisbeen ages since i last messed with WoW04:50
Res2216firestarZykoticK9, I both are true, and I know what resolutions, refresh rates, and color depths work on windows, so I'll try the xorg.conf04:51
Dr_Williskilo:  check the wine appdatabase, perhaps theres some wow configs you can tweak04:51
Ghnuberathmushuukyou: sorry, I'm out of ideas without seeing it for myself haha.  I'd just backup and nuke the ~/.compiz directory and try again04:51
kiloDr_Willis: you can set it... to whatever resolutions the OS says are available  XD04:51
soreauGhnuberath: FWIW, compiz doesnt store its settings in /.compiz04:51
HorizonX1hey, how do I install the video driver for my Intel 945G in jaunty?04:51
Ghnuberathsoreau: really? i thought it did?  is it in gconf instead?04:52
GhnuberathHorizonX1: it should work out-of-the-box04:52
d9500what is a good choice for a lightweight login manager to use on a fresh install of the LXDE desktop environment on top of a previously command-line only ubuntu installation? the gdm requires about 130 extra packages that i don't want to install just for a login manager.04:52
soreauGhnuberath: If you install an additional plugin(s), it will install to /.compiz. The settings are saved on different locations depending on whih backend you use04:52
kiloDr_Willis: unless there's a setting in xorg that I'm missing... I don't know if you can define resolutions there?04:52
ZykoticK9Res2216firestar, the xorg.conf is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf -- and the section you want is "Monitor" you'll need to add at least and appropriate HorizSync and VertRefresh lines -- be careful you can ruin your monitor this way!!!04:53
HorizonX1Ghnuberath: well, it's laggy, and compiz doesn't seem to want to work04:53
Dr_Williskilo:  You can.. but the game is just reading what the system is tellingit.. WoW has so many config options/files I bet theres one you can edit to set the default res.04:53
soreauHorizonX1: You need help getting compiz to work?04:53
GhnuberathHorizonX1: Jaunty had a huge regression in intel performance.  you need to revert your driver to the Intrepid version. worked for me on my netbook. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReinhardTartler/X/RevertingIntelDriverTo2.404:53
kilohmmm I'll look into it04:54
needhelpSystem>Administration>Hardware Drivers04:54
kiloDr_Willis: it sure would be nice to get back to twinview...04:54
ZykoticK9kilo, you do know that you can switch between twinview and single monitor in the same session using nvidia-settings and the Apply button right?04:55
Ghnuberathsoreau: that is really unfortunate.  sure makes it more difficult to reset.  I guess an aptitude purge and reinstall might do it?04:55
kiloZykoticK9: yes, you mentioned that before, but I'd really like to be able to browse the web, or otherwise use that second monitor.04:56
HorizonX1Ghnuberath: ok, trying it now04:56
soreauGhnuberath: I assume the intel driver will be much better in Karmic04:56
GhnuberathHorizonX1: it will remove your old intel driver.  you'll have to restart the computer04:56
ZykoticK9kilo well if you figure out how to run it in a windows instead of fullscreen you could do it.  Good luck.04:57
Ghnuberathsoreau: I believe they've got the UXA stuff working almost as well as EXA used to.04:57
soreauGhnuberath: For resetting compiz settings, you should always use ccsm>Preferences>Reset to Defaults04:57
Ghnuberathsoreau: see now that's just cool.  never saw that. thanks!04:57
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nullr1I give up on my admin acc every webpage and evolution load fine. In the other accounts which the internet worked on 2 days ago now it loads random pages and any web search renders the dreaded "connection reset". So my new question is. My home folder is in a separate partition if I install the new beta and mount that partition as my home partition will all of my stuff still work?04:58
arielCoHello everyone.!  Xorg is reading the right settings for my Synaptics driver from the fdi policy file, but they aren't being honored. Any idea why? http://pastebin.com/d7b67e59904:58
kiloZykoticK9: it is easy to get it to run in a window. that's not the problem. the problem is the resolution. unlike normal games, wow asks the OS for the available resolutions and Ubuntu is only kicking back the total resolution of both twinview monitors.04:58
Ghnuberathsoreau: if you're curious about the progress of intel in karmic, phoronix has some good articles: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=intel_q309_flakes&num=104:58
soreauGhnuberath: Let's hope they got uxa working just as well because that will be the only option from now on ;)04:58
JGodboutHey dudes. I have just installed Jaunty, and the sound is not working in Amarok 2 at all. I have installed the codecs, and sound is working in everything else (rhythmbox, pidgin, etc.)04:58
JGodboutAny ideas?04:58
ZykoticK9kilo, AHHH Light comes on.  No - I still gots nothing for ya.04:59
soreauGhnuberath: and finally, anywhere you see a yellow brown icon in ccsm, clicking it will reset that individual setting04:59
GhnuberathJGodbout: i don't have Amarok 2 myself, but it may be worth making sure that it's sound preferences are set to use PulseAudio04:59
GhnuberathJGodbout: instead of ALSA04:59
soreauGhnuberath: Err.. Yellow Browm icon04:59
Ghnuberathsoreau: haha, yeah i knew about that one ;)04:59
soreauGhnuberath: Yellow Broom* sorry04:59
ZykoticK9kilo, actually could you add additional resolutions to your xorg.conf file?04:59
kiloZykoticK9: hehehe   ;)    you see my dilema   ;)04:59
=== firepuppy is now known as Growlithe
chu_Hey guys, when trying to install an icon set (Mist), by just dragging it into the Appearances window, I get the following error "Cannot move directory over directory" any idea what this means?05:00
kiloZykoticK9: that's what I was thinking!  but I can't find any example syntax anywhere....05:00
Guest36137hey all05:00
Guest36137just installed eeebuntu on my asus 901, can't access the 12 SSD05:00
Guest36137any ideas05:00
Ghnuberathchu_: when you drag an icon set into the window, it extracts it to a directory.  maybe the directory already exists?05:01
chu_Ghnuberath, where would I search for this directory?05:01
Ghnuberathchu_: um... ~/.icons, /usr/share/icons05:01
chu_Cheers Ghnuberath05:02
Ghnuberathchu_: my pleasure :)05:02
kilogoing to qitch back to twinview... brb05:02
chalcedonyhow would i play an mp4 on Jaunty ?05:02
ZykoticK9kilo,         Modes      "1400x900" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"05:02
kiloZykoticK9: where do I add those? at the end?05:02
Ghnuberathchalcedony: you probably need the Ubuntu Restricted Extras05:02
JGodboutGhnuberath: I can't actually find anywhere in Amarok 2 where I can change the sound device05:02
Guest36137any ideas anybody05:03
Ghnuberathchalcedony: you can find it in Add/Remove Applications05:03
chalcedonyGhnuberath, ok and?05:03
Guest36137im new at this05:03
ZykoticK9kilo, no!  - could you pastebin your xorg.conf?05:03
Guest36137what do i put into terminal05:03
JGodboutGhnuberath: I remember in Amarok 1.x I could change it, but I don't think I can in this. What should my sound settings be like (the ubuntu ones, not amarok)? I've been trying different combinations of ALSA/PulseAudio/AutoDetect etc.05:03
chalcedonyGhnuberath, do you know the name of something that will play them? i'm bad with guis05:04
GhnuberathJGodbout: I haven't actually used Amarok 2, so I'm not familiar with the preferences window.  You want it to be using PulseAudio under Jaunty05:04
GhnuberathGhnuberath: you can use pretty much any music player.  Exaile, Amarok, VLC, MPlayer are all good choices05:04
Guest36137okay, who can help me05:04
Ghnuberathchalcedony: Oops, sent that to myself. you can use pretty much any music player.  Exaile, Amarok, VLC, MPlayer are all good choices05:04
GhnuberathJGodbout: I'd be surprised if Autodetect didn't default to pulseaudio, but it may be worth explicitly setting it to use PulseAudio and seeing if it works then.05:05
kilohow do I pull up an old pastebin?   :P05:05
GhnuberathJGodbout: also, it may be worth trying Amarok on its own (with no browsers or other sound-using applications open) to see if it plays.  Logging out and in again should knock out anything that could interfere.05:06
GhnuberathJGodbout: if it works under those circumstances, I'd say that it's definitely using ALSA instead of pulse05:06
GhnuberathJGodbout: or that you don't have the codec for the file you're trying to play ;) haha05:06
JGodboutNah, I got all the codecs05:06
GhnuberathJGodbout: then the pulse thing is still my best guess :)05:07
GhnuberathJGodbout: sorry I can't be of more help.   The new GUI in Amarok 2 - and having the KDE libs in my memory all the time - kinda made me want to hurl so I switched to Exaile.05:07
ska178is it possible to destroy a laptop fan by using duster to clean a laptop?05:07
Ghnuberathska178: if it's an industrial powered vacuum, I wouldn't stick my laptop near it.05:08
angelusis there a terminal command to put Linux to sleep05:08
Ghnuberathangelus: there is, but it's not as nice as $ sudo shutdown05:08
Ghnuberathangelus: from what I remember, you have to run the sleep script manually05:08
angelusGhnuberath i sorta need it no matter how ugly it is ...05:08
lstarnesGhnuberath: including thr $ in the command may be confusing to some users05:08
angelusdo you know where it is ??05:08
ska178ghnuberath: just canned air, the kind you get at the store to clean electronics. I cleaned my computer today and turned it on and the fan hasn't moved at all05:08
Ghnuberathangelus: but I can't remember where the sleep script is, sorry.05:09
lstarnesangelus: it might be sudo suspend05:09
angelusno worries .... i'll try taht lstarnes05:09
JGodboutGhnuberath: Thanks for the help man, I will try those things05:09
GhnuberathJGodbout: my pleasure. hope it works :)05:09
lstarnesangelus: wait, it isn't05:09
angelusgah ... no its not ... *googles script*05:10
lstarnesangelus: suspend suspends bash, not the system05:10
angeluslol for me "comman not foundd"05:10
Ghnuberathangelus: i think it's /etc/acpi/sleep.sh05:10
Ghnuberathangelus: but I'd save your stuff before trying it ;)05:10
=== root is now known as Guest84168
Ghnuberathlstarnes: you're probably right about the $.  it's a bad habit haha. hopefully people will call me on it if they're confused05:11
ska178I cleaned my laptop with canned air today. I turned on my computer and the fan isn't moving. Is it possible that using canned air on a computer vent would break a fan?05:11
=== goose is now known as GreyGoose
Ghnuberathska178: I don't think canned air can break a fan.  I'd say it's very unlikely.  But that's just based on my experience.  Is the laptop hot?05:12
mowska178 > something is probably stuck in the fan05:13
angelus>.> .... running the script does nothing >.>05:13
DVS01ska178: what probably happened is you ended up lodging some dust into the fan, causing it to get stuck05:14
chu_Yay! Thanks again Ghnuberath it all works fine now :)05:14
chu_See ya guys.05:14
ska178is it save to open a laptop and fix that? i've opened pc but never a laptop05:14
r0b0tchickenHow do I disable ipv6 in 9.04, 2.6.28-15   ?05:14
Ghnuberathangelus: take a look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41057005:14
DVS01yeah, just make sure you keep track of all the screws and stuff05:14
Likehi I install sugar05:15
Likein uruguay05:15
Likeboys team05:15
lstarnesr0b0tchicken: why do you need to disable it?05:15
angelusYAY thanx Ghnuberath05:15
ska178dvs01: the only this is I have no idea how to crack open this presario..i've searched google and the hp forums and couldn't find anything helpful05:15
Ghnuberathangelus: hope it works :)05:15
Ghnuberathska178: it can be very easy, or very hard, depending on the manufacturer.  HPs tend to have ALOT of screws.05:16
Ghnuberathska178: I believe that HP offers a manual on their support page for each laptop, detailing how to dismantle it (with pictures)05:16
kilook, back on twinview.... now I just need to find a way to set xorg to be able to allow other programs to pull different resolutions other than 3360x1050... anyone have any ideas of the syntax for that?05:17
DarkedgeIs Red Hat Or Florida right for me?05:17
ska178yeah, I've seen that link a lot but everyone I've clicked on was broken..I'll check again to make sure05:17
DarkedgeI mean, In the way of speed?05:17
r0b0tchickenistarnes, because i don't need it05:17
dan_I'm new to ubuntu, and I'm looking for an application that will simulate a blank piece of graph paper which lets me plot points and make x y axises05:17
Darkedge:O Wrong channel, xD05:18
Ghnuberathdan_: do you mean by drawing with a mouse?05:18
dan_no not like in paint something more accurate that plots it on the point exactly05:18
Ghnuberathdan_: but not using a spreadsheet program?05:18
dan_can spreadsheet do this? i did not know...05:18
shawn_dan_ Yes05:19
Ghnuberathdan_: yes05:19
dan_peace <305:19
FloodBot2dan_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
shawn_dan_ Good luck05:19
kilooh wow.... so running a virtual desktop seems to do the trick!!  anyone have any ideas how I can get the virtual desktop to run in the other monitor on twinview though??05:19
kilowow, ubuntu is so left-right oriented.... it really doesn't like it if your peripheral monitor's on the left, does it    :P05:20
=== BlackJack is now known as Dreaman
bazhangericzhang, #ubuntu-cn for Chinese05:21
infidhow do i see all the packages related to php i have installed?05:21
Ghnuberathkilo: usually there is a way to switch it, but since the contents of xorg.conf have been reduced, I'm not sure how it works anymore.05:21
Ghnuberathinfid: Try using the Synaptic Package Manager.  search for packages where the package name involves "php"05:21
angelusto any of those interested, i found a much prettier solution >>http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=813387, you want the post by _moo<<<05:21
pete_open synaptic05:21
ericzhangthank you05:21
kiloGhnuberath: u mean since I switched to twinview?05:21
pete_infid, open synpatic, type php in search, hit installed05:22
quentusrex_I just had an ubuntu jaunty server crash,05:22
quentusrex_it fully rebooted.05:22
quentusrex_any idea how to try to figure out what went wrong?05:22
Likewhy i got a Nautilus script05:22
Ghnuberathkilo: i just mean in general. Twinview, BigDesktop.  you're right about it defaulting to the left-right setup.  I gave up on trying to get multiple displays working a long time ago.05:22
Likeeven i click a window05:22
Ghnuberathkilo: so my knowledge on the subject is at least a year out of date :(05:22
kiloGhnuberath: lol, you're killin me, man...05:23
infidi did 'apt-get remove php5' but i still have php5 in both apache and the command line05:24
infidtyping 'sudo apt-get remove php[tab]' seems to list the stuff related to php you have installed too05:25
Ghnuberathinfid: yes, it will list the packages you can remove which match what you've typed so far05:25
Likewhat is the best comand line for console unix05:25
lstarnesLike: bash is the de facto standard shell05:25
angelusis there a way to close xchat through the terminal ??05:26
lstarnesLike: zsh also has a lot of advanced features05:26
lstarnesangelus: killall xchat05:26
angelusthnanks ...05:26
carlosgaldinowhat is the best irc client for gnome?05:26
Likewhat command trafic zsh05:26
lstarnescarlosgaldino: probably xchat05:26
angelusxchat or irssi05:26
lstarnesLike: I don't understand what you mean by that05:26
angelusdepends on what you prefer .. xD05:26
carlosgaldinolstarnes, i'm using it, but i'm having many problems to download with xchat05:27
Likewhat ar you best im tring too reinstall nautilus05:27
lstarnescarlosgaldino: are you using sudo apt-get install xchat?05:27
carlosgaldinolstarnes, i installed by synaptic05:28
lstarnescarlosgaldino: that should work too05:28
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:29
carlosgaldinolstarnes, but every time i try to download some file the download never start, it frozes on status "starting"05:29
lstarnescarlosgaldino: see what happens when you do it through the terminal05:30
lstarnescarlosgaldino: you may need to use a different mirror in system > administration > software sources05:30
kiloanyone know when the #winehq channel actually has live bodies in it?   :P05:30
carlosgaldinolstarnes, how can i do it by the terminal?05:30
lstarnescarlosgaldino: see what I said earlier05:30
lstarnescarlosgaldino: sudo apt-get install xchat05:30
carlosgaldinolstarnes, ok, i'll try it05:31
Miki800is there anybody here?05:32
Miki800anyone can assist me?05:32
soreauNot if you dont ask your question05:33
DigitalKiwiif you ask, might05:33
Miki800how smart of you05:33
Miki800anyways I've just installed 9.10 via wubi05:33
Miki800and I've booted into it05:33
Miki800instead of a complete installation, I see the desktop as I would when I'd boot from a live cd05:33
DigitalKiwisarcasm will get you nowhere! >:(05:33
Miki800no I do not have a cd right now so I booted from the wubified installation05:33
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:34
soreauMiki800: What is missing exactly?05:34
bazhangMiki800, #ubuntu+1 for karmic support05:34
Miki800I accidently logged off05:34
Miki800who was just talking to me right now?05:35
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for karmic support Miki80005:35
soreauMiki800: What is missing from your wubi install exactly?05:35
d9500what package would I need to install in order to install the build and header files for my current kernel? I've already installed the linux-headers package for the running kernel, but I'm not sure what packages the "build" ones would be.05:35
Miki800oh thanks, bazhang, actually its the first time I'm IRCing, so I just type /join #ubuntu+1?05:35
mkilothanks for the suggestions earlier.... I forgot how nice xchat is    XD05:35
mneptokMiki800: Karmic questions in #ubuntu+1 please05:36
bazhangMiki800, correct05:36
soreaud9500: I guess it would be the kernel src or source package if it exists05:36
mneptoksoreau: FYI, #ubuntu is solely for questions on released versions05:36
Miki800and soreau - the thing that is missing is the username I chose when I was in XP, the only icon I have on desktop is  "Install Ubuntu 9.10" as expected from a live cd ... but I'm not in one.. so I'll go now to #ubuntu+1 and ask there...05:36
soreaumneptok: Of course. I didn't see anywhere he mentioned his version of ubuntu05:37
soreauMiki800: If you have 9.10, you need to ask in #ubuntu+105:37
brzhey, if I have sshd installed on ubuntu, and want to display the current motd, what command would i execute? keeping in mind I want to do this as when I scroll up, the motd is gone!05:37
mneptokbrz: cat /etc/motd && cat /etc/motd.tail05:38
mkiloanyone have any ideas how to move the virtual desktop in wine away from the left side of the screen?  or to switch which monitor it displays in in twinview?05:38
mkiloI'd ask in #winehq, but no one's awake in there   ;)05:39
Ledif-NiehtI am setting up Ubuntu for my mom to use and I want to make it as simple as possible, is there a way to make it so that there is only one desktop instead of the usual two?05:41
soreauLedif-Nieht: That depends on which WM you're usig I guess05:42
Ledif-NiehtNevermind, I figured it out.05:42
Ledif-NiehtRight click on the desktop navigation area, preferences.05:42
varmonthai all05:42
d9500soreau: that didn't work. I still get an error telling me that I need to install the build and header packages when I try to install the virtualbox guest additions in my ubuntu virtual machine05:43
soreaud9500: Which guest os are you using?05:44
d9500soreau: i'm using ubuntu as the guest OS.05:45
soreaud9500: Sorry, I meant host05:45
soreaud9500: And you're trying to install guest addons in ubuntu?05:46
gbear142751so I setup my first headless server tonight.  Selected just the openssh server and virtual machine host as the services... anyone have any advice on anything else to do for my 1st headless install?05:46
d9500well, yes. I like the way arch starts with only a small base and lets you build on whatever you want, so I started the same sort of project with an ubuntu minimal, command-line only install, and add packages as I need them.05:47
d9500mostly just for the fun of it.05:47
innocivhow do i move dir/folder1/*contents to  dir/folder2?  Move on folder1 is going to make dir/folder2/folder1/*contents05:47
Mqueuei changed my hostname and now i can't login as root ? any suggestions ?05:47
Jeruvy!root | Mqueue05:47
ubottuMqueue: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:47
soreaud9500: Seems like you're missing some package but not sure which. You might also try asking the the vbox channel05:47
Miki800is it possible for any known wubi installation to create a live-cd--ed desktop instead of the one configured by the wubi?05:48
MeXTuXWhen I type cat /proc/cpuinfo got cpu MHz: 2400.000 and I'm pretty sure my CPU is an Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.20GHz. What does it mean??05:48
JeruvyMiki800: you shouldn't use wubi, instead use a real install, or a livecd version05:48
soreauMeXTuX: Means someone's lying there ;)05:49
Miki800I know that, yet I still need to know if such a mistake is possible05:49
DrGeniusis there a way to make it automatically install dependent programs?05:49
=== bbalajirao is now known as heyboy
soreauMiki800: With karmic not being released yet, anything's possible05:49
Mqueuei understand that root does not have a a password...i mean to say when i'm trying to switch user in terminal i can't login anymore05:49
soreauDrGenius: apt-get build-dep <pkg> IIRC05:49
JeruvyMqueue: no doubt, did you install 'root terminal' from synaptic?05:50
DrGeniusthx soreau05:50
MqueueJeruvy>> yes i was working with apache and it was giving me some message about the hostname so i changed it using the hostname serverX.com from moe-desktop05:51
MqueueJeruvy>> now when i try to do sudo or su it says that my password is incorrect i'm confuesed as to what i did05:51
JeruvyMqueue: hmm is this an apache question about 'valid hostname', or an ubuntu question about root logins?05:52
angelushow do i check if my use input is empty ??05:52
heyboyI am trying to upgrade to 9.10 but getting error at "Setting Software Channels" stage and exiting. Any ideas?05:52
coreymanwhat is a good ftp server05:52
MqueueJeruvy>> well it was an apache issue but now i can't run synaptics or any other root tools05:52
dragon!karmic | heyboy05:52
ubottuheyboy: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:52
KnifeySpooneyI'm trying to use apport-collect to add to one of my bug reports, but I'm getting this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289812/ . Anybody know how to fix this?05:54
coreyman!ftp | coreyman05:54
ubottucoreyman, please see my private message05:54
innocivhow do i move dir/folder1/*contents to  dir/folder2?  Move on folder1 is going to make dir/folder2/folder1/*contents05:54
innocivmv rather05:54
KnifeySpooneyinnociv: mkdir dir/folder2/folder105:54
KnifeySpooneythen cp dir/folder1/* dir/folder2/folder105:55
JeruvyMqueue: can you explain what you did exactly?  It shouldn't be hard to reverse it back.  Perhaps your hosts file needs to be fixed, or re-running hostname will fix it.05:55
jetscreamertrailing /05:55
bullgard4lsusb: "Bus 003 Device 002: ID 046d:089d Logitech, Inc. Are the two numbers decimal numbers?05:55
=== ericm_ is now known as ericm-afk
jetscreamer046d:089d <-hex05:56
Mqueueokay all i did was ran a command as root  "hostname serverX.com"05:56
innocivKnifeySpooney, that is omitting directories05:56
jetscreamercp -R05:56
jetscreameror cp -a .. man cp05:56
KnifeySpooneyinnociv: oh, sorry didn't read that. cp -R is correct05:57
MqueueJeruvy>>  then it changed my hostname from "moe-desktop" to "serverX.com" but now i can't login with my root password anymore05:57
jetscreamer-R for sure, i forget what -a does05:57
jetscreameri might be confusing it with something05:57
DrGeniushow can i mount my windows raid0 partition under ubuntu?05:57
jetscreameromg this is ubuntu how did that happen :)05:58
jetscreamerah my >20 cahn limit didn't kick in05:58
JeruvyMqueue: which looks like a domainname, it should be like 'mybox' or qualified with a domain parameter ie: mybox.serverX.com05:58
bullgard4jetscreamer: What does lsusb output two hexadecimal numbers separated by a colon? What do the two numbers mean?05:58
jetscreamerit's the device id # i believe05:59
skreevesvendor and product IDs05:59
jetscreameror what he said05:59
jetscreamergoogle it and it will come up05:59
JeruvyMqueue: so change it back: hostname mybox05:59
bullgard4skreeves: Thank you.05:59
d9500soreau: I found the package I need to install. It was the generic headers package instead of the one specific to the kernel06:00
jetscreamerah that's better... >20 now06:00
KnifeySpooneyI'm trying to use apport-collect to add to one of my bug reports, but I'm getting this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/289812/ . Anybody know how to fix this?06:00
MqueueJeruvy>> the problem is that i closed that terminal window where i was logged in with root password and now when i open a new window i run "su" and it says enter password so I enter the password and it says "Authentication failed"06:00
shawn_How can I get games that naturally run in Full screen to run in a window?06:00
jetscreamersudo not su06:01
jetscreamerif you want to change the pw, sudo passwd .. frowned upon i believe06:01
MqueueJeruvy>> would you like me to pvt you the message i'm getting to have an idea ?06:01
JeruvyMqueue: ah, then my guess it to run recovery mode, press escape during a fresh (re)boot and select recovery options, that should get you a root shell06:02
Mqueue<Jeruvy>> shit i'm scared to reboot now that will kill the PC completely lol06:02
JeruvyMqueue: not at all06:03
JeruvyMqueue: and watch the language please..this is family friendly channel :)06:03
Mqueueoh i'm sorry06:03
Mqueue<Jeruvy>> just having a bad day lol06:04
jony123theres something wrong with the audio on my laptop so i was wondering is there a way mto force all the output audio threw the network and to my server(local network)?.06:04
kraitowhen i try and save my nvidia screen resolution i get this, Unable to create new X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'. , can anyone help with this?06:04
JeruvyMqueue: no worries.  try the recovery.  You can't fubar it any worse now :)06:04
Mqueue<Jeruvy>> so basically u're saying is that i should restart and select recovry mode instead of booting from live CD06:04
wangside137Hey there .. I'm the sysadmin for a beowulf cluster running Ubuntu, and I've recently been plagued by users overusing the LAN traffic (between the compute nodes and the head node).  The system will hang, and this always coincides with "nfsd" showing up at the top of "top".  Is it possible to decipher which users are hogging the network traffic??06:05
_AndrewAnyone where the artwork template for open office impress is? I want the gimp file specifically06:05
DrGeniushow can i mount my windows raid0 partition under ubuntu?06:05
Jeruvy!fakeraid | DrGenius06:06
ubottuDrGenius: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:06
jetscreamerDrGenius: i'm not sure but i think you want to look at 'lvm06:06
Mqueue<Jeruvy>> okay let's kick it off and hope to god it works..thanks mate ;)06:06
JeruvyMqueue: cheers.06:06
bullgard4lsusb detects my newly bought usb webcam which I have plugged in. What Ubuntu 8.04 program will  trigger that my webcam takes a phot shot? What Ubuntu program will show this photo shot on my display screen?06:07
DrGeniusthx for ur help, but i'm not reading a 13 chapter book with 4 appendices just to mount this crap06:07
JeruvyDrGenius: then I'd kill the raid0  and change it to JBOD06:08
DrGeniusthat might be feasible if i didn't have 600+gb of stuff with nowhere to back it up to06:09
JeruvyDrGenius: with 1TB USB's going for under $100, that isn't a problem :)06:09
kraito\join #compiz06:09
DrGeniusso to mount my raid0 partition i have to read a 13 chapter book or spend $10006:10
DrGeniuswhy is linux so anal?06:10
JeruvyDrGenius: I think your trolling06:10
EvilAIMI think you're an idiot...06:10
DrGeniusi think you're trolling if your best suggestion is to read that or spend $10006:11
shawn_DrGenius nobody is forcing you to use Linux it's not for everyone and if you don't like it then switch to another OS.  Either way there's no point complaining about it here.06:11
JeruvyDrGenius: because you are not factual, your pendantic06:11
Jeruvylike shawn_ said, the choice is yours.06:12
Mqueue<Jeruvy>> yippy it worked06:12
JeruvyMqueue: my man :)06:12
Mqueue<Jeruvy>>  ok that's good i think it didn't change the host file but instead change the hostname variable so that's why when i rebooted it came back to the same place thank god06:13
Mqueue<Jeruvy>>  thanks mate for the quick help ;)06:13
JeruvyMqueue: normally that isn't a dangerous command, but as you found it can be :)06:13
Mqueue<Jeruvy>> very..lol...it scared the living jeepers out of me06:14
JeruvyMqueue: glad it helped you out.06:14
Bookman_I have a remote machine on my local network that I'd like to log into via an x session.  Is this possible?  The remote machine does not have a user logged in and just hast the login screen displayed.06:14
Mqueue<Jeruvy>> thx take care :)06:14
DrGeniusi will try again with ubuntu v11 and see if it's any more conducive to productivity.  Not enough hours in the day to expend effort on technical matters that OS programmers are supposed to take care of.06:15
Jeruvy!hi | Dalix806:15
ubottuDalix8: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!06:15
shawn_!ot | DrGenius06:16
ubottuDrGenius: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:16
Krux0Bookman_, look up VNC, use one that integrates with X. I did it some time ago but i forgot.06:16
Mqueue<Jeruvy>> since we resolved this problem maybe u can help me with one too then06:16
=== Until_It_Sleeps is now known as Sarek
JeruvyMqueue: you've got me for a few more minutes :)06:16
DrGeniusfor starters this dialog "can not install because you don't have x, y, z dependencies" -- why does ubuntu think i care?  if it has a problem, and knows the solution, why doesn't it just freaking do what it knows needs to be done!06:16
MqueueJeruvy>> what does this message means "apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName"06:16
Dalix8Hi I am a new ubuntu user but I am having issues with my sound06:16
=== Sarek is now known as Borg
=== Borg is now known as UIS
Dalix8can someone help me please06:16
DrGeniusvista here i come peace06:16
JeruvyMqueue: that is a dumb bug, you can either ignore it or 'add' an entry to set the hostname so apache is not complaining.06:17
Dalix8:'(I dont have sound06:17
soreau! audio | Dalix806:17
ubottuDalix8: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:17
Bookman_Krux0: Yeah, I thought I did it before but I cannot remember how.06:18
MqueueJeruvy>> okay that's fine...but when i try to do phpinfo(); it says u wana open the file ?? why is that i installed php thru apt-get06:18
Dalix8Ty I will try06:18
JeruvyMqueue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/35359406:18
soreauBookman_: Look into gdmsetup06:19
JeruvyMqueue: thats another issue, offhand I think your missing a package06:19
MqueueJeruvy>> hmm...basically i was trying to get php and mysql going instead of using xampp06:20
JeruvyMqueue: for details check out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP06:20
MqueueJeruvy>> okay thx let me check that thx06:20
JeruvyMqueue: yw and good luck.06:20
Bookman_soreau: thanks, I will, but I'm actually looking into tightvnc at the moment.  I think it is what was looking for.  At least it appears to be on the surface.06:21
Dalix8Correct me if I am wrong, but I used to run freespire and I did not have any problems with the sound...  I believe that my hardware should also be  supported by UBUNTU correct?06:21
soreauBookman_: AFAIK, vnc can only login to an X session that is already running a vnc server. GDM has an option for remote login through gdmsetup IIRC06:21
MqueueJeruvy>> yea i read that post...i didn't say much about php5 installation and what it said i tried apprently the packages are there but the php is not linked with apache somehow06:21
JeruvyMqueue: your missing something check the package requirements06:22
Dalix8I have install all the updates properly06:23
Bookman_soreau: Well alright then.  You might have just saved me some time!  Thanks.06:23
Dalix8still not working06:23
Dalix8Music seems to be playing on the player but no sound :(06:24
JeruvyMqueue: or it could be a mismatched package (one for php4 when your using php5 for example)06:25
Miki800when launching a live-cd installation thats stuck, freezes.. and I want to destroy that process via system monitor whats the name of the process I should look for?06:25
MqueueJeruvy>> okay i tink i got it06:25
MqueueJeruvy>> that was quite simple...wicked u rock homes06:26
soreauDalix8: Did you try ubottu's suggestion? Did you look at the link he gave you?06:26
xanguaMiki800: live cd¿ how much ram do you have¿06:26
MqueueJeruvy>> this helped http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/installing-php5-and-apache-on-ubuntu/06:26
dmj727I'm thinking of setting up a Karmic box, but I'm not sure if I should wait until the release or not.06:26
Dalix8I ll be back06:26
Miki800@xangua ram? I don't have a problem with ram (have 4g) I just want to kill the installation process06:26
JeruvyMqueue: it does :)  sometimes the howtos there are a bit vague, but that one is good.06:27
sakocan i get root access in ubuntu??06:27
Miki800@xangua and I'm not actually running this from a disk, this happend to be a wubi installation generating unexpected livecd desktop on the hardisk06:27
sakowithout sudo06:27
dmj727I would plan to keep the box around for a while, so I was wondering if installing the beta would have any lasting negative effects.06:27
kermitsako: set a root password with sudo passwd06:27
sakoah ty06:27
kermitsako: then you can login as root or su to root06:27
Bookman_soreau: Ok, I cannot seem to find out a good link to enable/use gdmsetup06:27
Miki800so the "Install" window, how do I kill it? whats the name of it's process I should look for?06:28
xanguaMiki800: well i woult suggest create a partition to install linux06:28
soreauBookman_: Just type 'gksu gdmsetup' in your terminal then click on the Remote tab06:29
BilliardMiki800, you can run the command xkill then click on the install window, if you really need to kill it06:29
Miki800@xangua thanks for the tip, I will do that as soon as I finish checking out this simple safe way of using ubuntu without risk of destroying MBR or ntldr :)06:29
Miki800@Billiard thanks so much :)06:29
hipitihopI'm running latest karmic beta (mythbuntu) which by default uses xfce. Recently the task bar on top always shows whereas it used to not be visible when another app has focus, any ideas how to reinstate ?06:30
emspacei'd like a CLI way for user1 to "su -s /bin/sh --login user2". I can add it to sudoers, and it works, but I then want to make it an easy command. but if I alias the command, running the alias doesn't match the sudoers file. Any thoughts on a nicer solution?06:30
xangua!karmic | hipitihop06:30
ubottuhipitihop: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:30
=== dexter_ is now known as dexter
Bookman_soreau: ok, that is fine for the server, how do I access the server from the client?06:30
soreauBookman_: No idea. I never used it before ;)06:31
Bookman_soreau: ah, got you06:31
dmj727ubottu: would it be better to ask my quesion in #ubuntu+1?06:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:31
Jeruvydmj727: if you like things breaking, then sure and ask questions in #ubuntu+1, but it's only 20 days away..06:32
hipitihopxangua: are you saying because it is beta then nobody knows how to resolve06:32
kiloanyone have a recommendation for something to replace Gnome Panels?06:33
Jeruvyhipitihop: no, it's offtopic for this channel is what you've been told.  Please join us in #ubuntu+106:33
Dalix8A little question....What is apache2 for?06:33
kilothey're driving me nuts....06:33
lstarnesDalix8: it's a web server06:33
xanguawhy kilo ¿06:33
korin43kilo: What do you want to do? If you want something dock-like (think OSX) try gnome-do06:33
Dalix8would that help me with my sound problem?06:34
lstarnesDalix8: I don't see how a web server could help with sound06:34
Dalix8my neither06:34
kiloya, I'd like something that just has "applications" "Places" "System" and a few shortcuts, but it a more modifiable or moveable medium06:34
Dalix8I was looking for help06:34
Dalix8because I dont have soound06:35
kilokorin43, I'll check out gnome-do, thx06:35
Dalix8I was given alink with that06:35
lstarnesDalix8: do you know what kind of sound card you have?06:35
lstarnesDalix8: try lspci | grep -i audio06:35
korin43kilo: If you want something like a gnome-panel but with different content, you can just rearrange or add/remove from the default panels (I usually remove the top panel and put everything I want on the bottom one, then use gnome-do for shortcuts)06:35
Dalix8here it is06:36
Dalix8lspci | grep -i audio06:36
kilokorin43, I'm running dual monitors and I can't get the panels to go to the monitor I want them on... they kinda get in the way   :-\06:36
korin43kilo: I'm not used to working with two monitors.. is the problem that they are on both monitors and you want them only on one?06:37
xanguakilo: have you tried alt key + grab the panel/s ¿ ...06:37
Dalix8C-media Electronics Inc CM8738 (rev10)06:37
Dalix8that is my sound card06:37
kiloxangua, ... you're a friggin genius...06:37
lstarnesDalix8: is that the full line that you get?06:37
Resistolwhat is currently the most useable (deployable) open source electronic health record?06:38
Dalix8here is the rest06:38
Dalix800:07.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 50)06:38
Dalix800:0c.0 Multimedia audio controller: C-Media Electronics Inc CM8738 (rev 10)06:38
kilokorin43, I just couldn't move them to the other monitors... xangua solved that for me   ;)06:38
Dalix8that is it06:38
korin43kilo: Sweet :)06:38
soreauBookman_: I did a bit of googling and I think this may be of help to you http://blogs.koolwal.net/2009/04/16/linux-remote-desktop-part-2-connect-to-gdm-or-kdm-login-screen-using-vnc/06:38
korin43I'm trying to learn GTK+ and have no ideas for things to make as practice. Does anyone have any ideas of things that would relatively simple to do? (and not pointlessly easy like Hello World apps)06:39
kiloxangua, I meant those statements completely as a thank you   ;)06:40
Bookman_soreau: Hey, thanks, greatly appreciated.  I was googling away as well!06:40
bullgard4What program will allow me to manipulate the items in the GNOME menu hierarchy ?06:41
lstarnesDalix8: I'm not sure how to set up that model of sound card06:41
skreevesbullgard: System / Preferences / Main Menu06:42
Dalix8Can someone assist me , Please I dont have sound.. This is my sound card: Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 50)06:42
Dalix8(11:38:32 PM) dalix: 00:0c.0 Multimedia audio controller: C-Media Electronics Inc CM8738 (rev 10)06:42
bullgard4skreeves: Ah, thank you very much for your help.06:43
innocivhow do i run an install.sh file?06:43
Dalix8I think the sound card is fine06:43
Dalix8Because I had freespire and worked fine06:44
xanguainnociv: what do you want to install¿06:44
Blueyinnociv chmod +x install.sh06:44
jjmor5anyone know if anyone is working on tv wonder 65006:45
kilowell, that was the final step... FINALLY got WoW to work in Twinview with acceptable visual settings!  Thanks everyone for your help!!06:45
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=== BeardedAdmin_Awa is now known as BeardedAdmin
Dalix8Is there a big difference between freespire and ubuntu when it comes to sound?06:46
jjmor5what is wow ?06:47
scunizijjmor5: World of Warcraft.. large online game you pay money monthly for06:48
jjmor5ok thanks06:48
jjmor5what is the main diff between 904 and 910 ?06:49
Dalix8Please I need help with no sound!!:'( This is my sound card: Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 50)06:50
korin43jjmor5: 9.04 is stable, 9.10 isn't.06:50
scunizijjmor5: stable vs. beta ... latest release vs. next release06:50
jjmor5is it a major upgrade from 904 when finished ?06:51
sakowhat does /opt stand for?06:51
scunizijjmor5: major? not really.. just another step.. the one after will be considered LTS "Long term support".. there's a release every 6 months.. most are supported for only 18 months.. the LTS version is supported for 3 years.06:52
jjmor5i use 904 but dont see a lot of upgrades from 904 to 910 unless i missed something !06:53
korin43jjmor5: The updates will be available when 9.10 is stable (it's not out yet)06:53
jjmor5i usually go every other one on my installs06:54
scunizijjmor5: there are notes on the difference planed.. there's always backend stuff you never really realize is there unless it interfears with somethign06:54
korin43jjmor5: When 9.10 comes out, the updater will prompt you to update, and it will be just like any other update, except bigger. I tested it, and it won't look noticeably different. The main change will be that all of your programs will be updated to more recent versions.06:54
dallix1I am having a problem with gnome applets in ubuntu 9.04 ppc here is a screenshot : http://www.zshare.net/info.html?66745305-889d11157f9c006cf664d70ebfabd54106:55
jjmor5sorry i meant ubuntu itself what improvements from 904 to 910, sorry about that06:55
dallix1i get a screen that looks like that when ever I boot, is there anything I can do to restart those applets?06:56
skreevesjimor5: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/TechnicalOverview06:56
jjmor5ok thanks i am going there06:56
Mainfiyelgood morning06:57
rgmzhow to change a login theme using terminal06:58
skreevesThe boot splash screen looks cooler.  :)06:58
vebrywan an..............06:59
rgmzhow to change a login theme using terminal06:59
Maelos-Hi guys.  Will I be able to upgrade fairly easily from the karmic beta to final once it's available?06:59
Enriqueiwhat should I put in the server_args for /etc/xinetd.d/xvnc so that if user A is physically logged in and the screen is displayed on a monitor, when someone logs in via VNC as user A, they both share the same desktop?06:59
Mainfiyeli need some help: yesterday evening i made an upate of the intel drivers from xorg-edgers and now my nb only starts in 800x600 because it cant find any modeline or the config for display06:59
xinyou_bt  bt?07:00
=== Balsaq_ is now known as Balsaq
roger_bwhen you left click and drag your mouse on the desktop, can you change the look of that07:07
=== [1]sassyn is now known as sassyn
eduardoHey there, I'm on eeebuntu and my sound has suddenly gone away. =[07:08
=== eduardo is now known as Eso
Esoanyone? help with my no-sound problem?07:10
QayosEso-  try unmute?07:10
EsoQayos: i've turned lineout all the way up. no good.07:11
Esoand it's not muted07:11
roger_bwhat sound card you have07:12
Esoroger_b: I've no idea. but it was working fine until a couple hours ago07:13
roger_bEso have you changed anything since it last worked07:14
Esoroger_b: i muted it. when i tried to unmute it no longer worked07:14
EsoI also installed some update but i don't recall what it was called07:15
Qayoshah, i was right! ;)07:15
Qayostry rebooting?07:15
EsoI've rebooted. did not work07:15
Esoi rebooted into my winXP partition and that had sound working just fine.07:16
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=== UIS is now known as UIS|sleep
roger_bEso i know from person expierence on a nvidia board, i've updated sound and the digital sound was enable07:17
roger_bso i had to untick it07:17
roger_bbut your case might be different07:17
Esoroger_b: how i could i try that?07:17
SuspectZerois there way i can simulate the effects of an apt-get upgrade?07:18
roger_bEso volume control preferences07:18
FlannelSuspectZero: What do you mean by simulate?07:18
Brainy|phpBBAnyone know when the packs of CDs for 9.10 go on sale/are available for ordering?  Clearly they can't ship until code release, but it would be nice to be able to pre-order07:18
=== jony123_brb is now known as jony123_
SuspectZeroFlannel, like in gentoo there is a pretend option for emerge07:19
Esoroger_b: go on...07:19
Maelos-SuspectZero: -s, --simulate, --just-print, --dry-run, --recon, --no-act07:19
roger_bEso try this, bring up your volume control, click on the preferences at the bottom07:19
SuspectZeroah awesome07:19
FlannelSuspectZero: Right.  --simulate will work, there's other synonyms07:19
roger_bEso see if you have an IEC958 switch07:20
KruyKazei just formatted a terabyte drive with ext4 and gparted says 14gigs used how come?07:20
Esoroger_b: nope07:20
roger_bEso without knowing your sound card it's difficult to track down the problem07:21
roger_bEso if it's not as simple as mute07:21
Esoroger_b: it's not muted. How can ifind out what my sound card is?07:22
jony123_Hey i was wondering if it would be possible to route all audio through another computer.07:22
KurtKrautjony123, yes, PulseAudio has this feature.07:22
jony123_KurtKraut: Cheers07:23
grendal_prime_here is one ive never seen before07:23
roger_bEso device manager07:23
grendal_prime_when i try and fire up an x11 app from remote i get this07:23
grendal_prime_X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.07:23
grendal_prime_ive googled it but non of the possible fixes work07:24
BioVorEgrendal_prime_: need to allow it?  xhosts allow maybe?07:24
grendal_prime_on the server?07:24
Esoroger_b: "hardware drivers" shows absolutely nothing07:25
roger_bEso device manager07:26
Esoroger_b: where do i find that?07:26
roger_bMenu->System Tools07:26
Esoroger_b: menu?07:27
grendal_prime_nope it wont even let me run that..for some reason i get the same error07:27
KruyKazecan anyone help me format a drive?07:27
grendal_prime_and xhost is not an x11 app07:27
roger_bEso Main Menu -> System Tools07:28
grendal_prime_hmm loged out and back in07:28
grendal_prime_seems to work great now thanks man!07:28
grendal_prime_or...well woman if you are a woman.07:29
KruyKazeplease help me format a drive07:29
Esoroger_b: system > prefrences, system > administration. neither has "system tools"07:29
Eso /facepalm. applications > system tools07:30
=== cp is now known as Guest55404
Esoroger_b: there's no device manager there07:30
roger_bEso hit alt+f2 and type in the box to run gnome-device-manager07:31
Esoroger_b: Error stating file '/home/eduardo/gnome-device-manager': No such file or directory07:31
roger_bEso i gotta hit the sack dude, sorry, maybe try alsa or pulseaudio channel07:32
=== Tug is now known as mewshi
Esoalright. thanks anyways07:32
Esoi'll try the forums07:33
nic1hi..any one here use xfce on ubuntu?07:35
=== Ricky_ is now known as Guest91094
cptHello, people, I have removed uuid in fstab, how can i get uuid again?07:36
nc_can somebody help me with something ?07:38
cptI listen to you...07:39
KB1JWQnc_: Whatever you do don't ask an actual question.07:39
nc_there is this problem with my X11 ... I see this strange pixel here ... do you know what it could be that is causing it ?07:39
nc_i took a screenshot here http://bit.ly/1246mk07:39
korin43is there any way to make XChat not show all the join/quit messages?07:40
cptAnd answer my actual question: I have removed uuid in fstab, how can i get uuid again? May it be create or know?07:40
pngllI'm having trouble setting up a public key authentication system with a new user. On the client side, I get Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive). In the server logs: Failed publickey for <user> on port xxxx.07:40
korin43if anyone else clicked nc's link, type alt+f2, type terminal, hit enter, type pkill <browsername>07:42
nc_ho ho ho ho ho ho ho07:42
KB1JWQSorry about the noise.07:42
cptPeople, has anybody answer to my question?07:42
jetscreamerls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid07:43
jetscreameredit to taste in the form of07:43
ryguyI cant get ubuntu 9.04 to download and install my display driver. When I click on System>Admin>Hardware Drivers, it finds "ATI/AMD FGLRX graphics driver" but when it install it crashes07:43
jetscreamerinstead of /dev/blah07:43
ryguybrb restart07:46
nic1what is the command too check sys configurations?07:47
cptjetscreamer, I have edited: I have removed uuid in fstab and I want to come it back...07:48
jetscreamercpt: kinda like this, but change the number to what you see with ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid for the disk you want :07:48
jetscreamerUUID=e56ffbde-0944-4e92-bc2d-6d89d24e544a/jfsdefaults,errors=remount-ro0 107:48
jetscreamerinstead of /dev/sda2/jfsdefaults,errors=remount-ro0 1   or whatever07:49
jetscreamerchange the jfs to be your filesystem, and / to wherever you're mounting it07:49
jetscreamer / if it's root07:49
cptI know07:49
jetscreamerwel there ya go.. gtg07:49
cptjetscreamer,ls: it is not possible to get access to /dev/sda4/by-uuid: Not a directory07:52
cptUUID=e56ffbde-0944-4e92-bc2d-6d89d24e544a / jfs defaults,errors=remount-ro 0 1 it is from fstab? Syntax likely /etc/fstab07:54
cptand I know directories' names in Linux07:54
=== ericm-afk is now known as ericm
cptjetscreamer, thank you!08:02
concretesledgei need help!08:06
kj4hello all08:07
DigitalKiwiwhy does your name have so many ys08:08
blankheadwhats the codename for ubuntu 9.0408:11
laveewhat is this08:13
alkisg_1How can I add a *dos* encoding (cp737) to the list of charsets supported by gnome-terminal?08:13
laveewhat the heck.... how old are u people08:13
mew-chanquick question, if on root, how does one change pass for userA08:15
alkisg_1mew-chan: sudo passwd usera08:15
leoI want to enable routing in ubuntu. I have enabled net.ipv4.ip_forward=1. How do I enable forwarding to the other interface?08:15
laveehow do u talk to people on here08:16
alkisg_1lavee: we hear you. This channel is for technical ubuntu questions08:17
abongileHi All, I can't get networking, leds at back of NIC working, cable work but no networking in Ubuntu netbook remix. Have tried /etc/init.network/ restart and I get an error grep:/etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory. Please help.08:17
laveeoh ok... bye08:17
concretesledge is there an older version of linux that will work good on a pentium 3 , with 256mb ram08:17
RPG_MasterI am having some issues with Gnome-MPlayer08:19
RPG_MasterIt won't play ANYTHING :(08:19
RPG_MasterI can open a file in it but as soon as it loads the file it says "stopped"08:19
RPG_Masterhelp me :(08:19
RPG_MasterAlso, I can't get normal MPlayer to load :/08:20
RPG_Masterclick on it in my applications menu does nothing08:20
abongileHi All, please help, I can't get networking working. I am new to linux. Lights NIC working, Cable works with other comps, /etc/init.networking/ restart does help and error grep: etc/resolve.conf: No such file or directory. The NIC is on board, how do I solve this problem? Thank you08:24
=== BirthdayHans is now known as hans
FireCrotchabongile: try creating the file /etc/resolv.conf - that error message should go away08:26
abongileFireCrotch: I am new to linux, so I need a dummies guide to sorting out the problem: What would the file (/etc/resolve.conf) have to contain? Do I really need it, if yes why? Would it then solve my networking problem?08:29
icerootabongile: its containing your nameservers08:30
FireCrotchabongile: /etc/resolv.conf typically contains a line that gives the address of your nameserver08:30
icerootabongile: syntax is:   nameserver ip-adress-of-the-server08:31
FireCrotchabongile: If the file just plain doesn't exist, stuff breaks because it looks for that file.08:31
FireCrotchabongile: I assume that you're on a home network, in which case, the address that you should use is the IP of your router08:31
Dr_Willismy  /etc/resolv.conf08:32
Dr_Willisfor an example. It has 2 opendns entries.. and my home router.08:32
FireCrotchDr_Willis: Won't those two opendns entries just be ignored 99% of the time, since your router will consult your ISP's nameservers?08:33
FireCrotchDr_Willis: Unless your router is set up to use the OpenDNS servers08:34
Dr_WillisFireCrotch:  its set to use them also. :)08:34
Dr_WillisFireCrotch:  actually i think this box got them from the router and put tim in the reslov.conf08:35
Stronzei cant get my externel dvd drive to work.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/289871/08:36
DrMorguei cant make flash work for facebook & youtube..any hint?08:37
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=== jesse_ is now known as wazzup
wazzuphi franck. were you talking to me?08:41
franckI'm not sure what's happening my server has gone crazy, I cannot have an application opening new sockets08:42
franckI don't see anything in the logs08:42
franckI restart ssh and it just hangs there... waiting08:43
franckand no socket is open08:43
wazzupanyone use Miro? It seems like the homepage is down. specifically, the "Miro Guide" and "Miro Audio Guide" will not load anything.08:43
Dr_Williswazzup:  i noticved that earlier today also08:44
wazzupwhen i click the open in browser button i get: "Secure Connection Failed" and "Peer's Certificate has been revoked."08:44
Dr_Willissounds like server issues to me08:44
Stronzei cant get my externel dvd drive to work.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/289871/08:44
wazzupDr_Willis: Yeah most likely. I was just checking to make sure it was on my end08:45
al_EVening peoples!!!!08:45
al_been busy here tonight???08:45
wazzupal_: no idea, i just got on08:46
al_hey wazzup, ah k08:46
al_as a newbie, i have to admit, now that I have persisted with it I am really begining to like Ubuntu08:47
al_still a long way to go, but getting there08:47
wazzupI switched from windows about a year ago. I still got plenty of stuff that I really want to learn, but I'm a complete fan of linux now08:48
Stronzewazzup - same for me. been a year08:48
wazzupI joined the army and am shipping out at the end of the year. My position is Information Technology, so i'm hoping that they use linux enough that i can get in on that08:49
mew-chanAs root whats the command to via ALL users ?08:50
sakowazzup: what country?08:50
mew-chanie if i wanted to know the names of the accounts08:50
mew-chani tried users08:50
mew-chanand it only gave me my name back08:50
lstarnesmew-chan: look in /etc/passwd08:50
Dr_Willisor in /home08:50
Dr_Willis!info mmpong-gl08:51
ubottuPackage mmpong-gl does not exist in jaunty08:51
wazzupal_: USA08:51
wazzupI'll be a good ole imperialist soldier08:51
sakowazzup: good luck, and thank you for your services in advance :)08:51
sakowazzup: ppl like you keep this country a pleasure to live in.08:51
wazzupoops sorry that was sako08:51
wazzupthanks :)08:52
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wazzupWhat's weird is that every computer I've seen the Army use so far is Windows. It seems like a weird choice with all of the security vulnerabilities08:54
goosewazzup: idiot friendly OS08:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:55
mew-chani've got root access yet i can't change the pass of non root08:55
=== bluebottle is now known as Guest32710
joaopintomew-chan, sudo passwd user08:55
wazzupgoose: yeah. they lock them down like crazy too. all of the recruiters computers take about five minutes to boot!08:56
mew-chanAH! i was doing it wrong i was doing sudo user passwd thanks08:56
don_martino_can anybody help me with this http://paste.debian.net/48674? i can't get the umts-connection working using networkmanager.09:00
innocivchmod +x install.sh doesn't seem to execute the file.  It's basically like a text file with bash commands in it09:03
gooseinnociv: chmod +x just sets it as executeable09:04
innocivThen how do I execute it?09:04
goosein terminal: cd ~/dir/where/.sh/file/is, then ./blahblah.sh09:04
gooseor maybe it's "sh blahblah.sh"09:04
gooseone of the two09:04
Qayoshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Feisty   <--- says to do "upgrade" and not "dist-upgrade" but then talks about kernels... which are kept-back for non dist-upgrade, right?09:04
Qayosor am i missing something?09:04
mlissnerHi, is there an easy way to reset the umask value for a user?09:04
foofishinnociv: or bash /path/to/shellcript.sh09:05
innociv./shellscript.sh did it09:05
gooseyou're welcome09:05
goosethat's the first time I've ever done #ubuntu support (that worked) while drunk09:05
FlannelQayos: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will work just fine09:06
Qayosokay, thats not what the help page says to do... thanks though09:06
=== David-T_ is now known as David-T
FlannelQayos: right, someone got confused apparently09:07
Qayosok, thanks... i'm not really experienced with this stuff, and so am highly skeptical when what I think disagrees with the docs (usually means i'm wrong)09:07
foofishmlissner: put a umask statement in the shell startup file, i guess09:09
mlissnerfoofish: yeah, I finally found it after hunting around for far too long /etc/profile09:11
mlissnerfoofish: If I just ask on IRC, the hunted thing always resolves itself immediately. Thanks for the help.09:11
mnainesIs there a program I can use to zero-out a hard drive?09:11
mlissnermnaines: dd09:11
mnainesmlissner: dd?09:11
mlissnermnaines: yeah, I'm no expert, but you can use dd something like dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd109:12
=== attila__ is now known as alfatau
mlissnermnaines: or something like that.09:12
mlissnermnaines: BUT IT WILL DELETE EVERYTHING.09:12
mnainesCan I choose which drive it deletes?09:13
foofishmnaines: i guess you really want shred09:13
mlissneryeah, that's what /dev/sd1 refers to, roughly.09:13
foofishmnaines: which attempts to securely delete individual files09:14
mlissnermnaines, foofish: maybe, if random data is what's wanted, there's /dev/random09:14
mnainesfoofish, apparently there are remnants of old partition tables left on the drive, taking up about 2.7GB of space09:14
mlissnermnaines: you might have better luck with gparted09:15
mnainesmlissner: Nope...Tried that09:15
* Blank__ wonders if it's worth enlarging his swap partition09:15
mlissnermnaines: oh, well...try dd...my syntax isn't right, but it's close.09:15
rotHello. In nautilus, I can go into properties and change the icon of a folder to a custom one. Can the same be done from the commandline? I want to use it in a script09:15
foofishmnaines: i'm not sure what zeroing out partitions that you can't access anyway will achieve...09:15
Flannelmnaines: shred can do it09:16
foofishmnaines: what happened when you tried gparted?09:16
mnainesI tested the disk through testdisk and apparently the old partition tables are ghosts and its an NTFS map09:16
mnainesIt says the partitions are marked as deleted09:16
foofishmnaines: can you not create a new partition in the unused space?09:17
mnainesI can create a partition in the unused space, but it says that there is 2.6GB used after I am done09:17
alfatauhello, i'm trying to migrate my workbench from a windows xp platform to an ubuntu one. I'm looking for some applications wich can be an equivalent replacement of windows' ones. The actually most important are: MikTex and TeXnic Center and Windows Media Player (or another audio player wich supports fast playback without changing pitch). Can you advise some good app to me? thanks09:17
mnainesApparently, fdisk is saying the data starts at sector 63 instead of sector 109:18
mneptokalfatau: look at LyX09:18
foofishmnaines: odd. not sure i can help, but maybe dumping the output fdisk -l into a pastebin will clarify things09:18
MenZaalfatau: As for MikTeX, texlive (which is in Ubuntu) is far better. For editors, there are several around you can use. Windows Media Player... not a clue.09:18
MenZamneptok: You're a bad, bad man.09:18
MenZamneptok: Suggeting LyX to someone who obviously enjoys coding it all by hand. Bad, bad mneptok!09:19
leoWhen I try to ./configure proxychains, it says "checking for working aclocal-1.4... missing". How to fix this09:19
mneptokMenZa: people that code TeX by hand do not need anything more than a text editor09:20
foofishalfatau: you shoudl check out emacs + auctex, too, while you're at it: apt-get install preview-latex should pull in a lot of goodies09:20
MenZamneptok: indeed. TeXnicCenter is nice, though; gives you buttons for compiling to PDF, DVI, etc., as well as just building bibtex indexes and such. It's quite nifty.09:20
foofishMenZa: once you get over the learning curve, you have all that jazz in auctex09:21
mneptokMenZa: and it's hardly doing it "by hand"09:21
mneptok(TeXnic Center)09:21
MenZafoofish: Not everyone enjoys the horror of Emacs.09:21
MenZamneptok: I write all my code by hand in TeXnicCenter.09:21
MenZaHowever, this is... straying.09:22
* MenZa coughs.09:22
Qayosalfatau-  try kile09:22
MenZaKile is supposed to be really good yeah.09:22
Qayosit is the one i see most recommended for LaTeX in Linux09:22
QayosI have it installed, tested it out a tiny bit, but not much... will be using it more over the next few months.09:22
alfataumneptok: I know Lyx, it's available for windows too, but it's not what i'm looking for: i need a more advanced and customizable ide... and i really dislike that embedded previewer09:23
QayosAlthough I usually just use some random text editor and write raw TeX...09:23
=== Reactor is now known as Out_to_Lunch
foofishMenZa: true. but it is incredibly efficient.09:23
=== togepi is now known as togepi|sleep
=== Out_to_Lunch is now known as Reactor
foofishalfatau: i don't know any media player that can change audio speed with fixed pitch :(09:24
foofishalfatau: let me know if you find one...09:24
mneptokalfatau: maybe Kile? TeXworks?09:24
alfataui'm installing kile... let's look...09:25
foofishalfatau: possibly vlc with a plugin called scaletempo .. but i've not tried it myself09:25
alfataufoofish: i'm trying that plugin too09:26
mneptokalfatau: you'll probably want teTeX alongside Kile to recreate your Windows workflow09:26
MenZamneptok: tetex is deprecated!09:27
MenZamneptok: texlive is the Next Big Thing(tm)09:27
MenZawell, current big thing, really.09:27
mneptokright you are if you say so09:27
Qayosif i have ubuntu server do i need to do...... do-release-upgrade -m server    ?09:27
Qayoswhat is the difference?09:27
foofishalfatau: before you go down the kile route, check this out: http://www.gnu.org/software/auctex/img/auctex-screenshot-tool-bar.png09:27
foofishalfatau: erm, this one i mean: http://www.gnu.org/software/auctex/img/preview-screenshot.png09:28
foofishalfatau: with the equations rendered in the editor. it's really sweet.09:28
alfatauuhm... but will i able to import my TeXnic projects into kile? Does it supports something like a project structure, chapter and section trees, etc.?09:30
MenZaalfatau: Judging by the documentation, it does support projects. I'm not sure if you can use your .prj files from TeXnicCenter, though.09:31
=== leons is now known as icesmurf
alfatauMenZa: ok thank you09:31
MenZaalfatau: http://kile.sourceforge.net/images/screenshots/snap_latextags.png09:32
MenZaalfatau: The interface should look (at least somewhat) familiar if you use TeXnicCenter09:32
icesmurfanyone here familiar with the dell-laptop patches ubuntu maintains?09:33
alfatauMenZa: thanks i just looked at screenshots.09:33
travis_\join #test09:34
alfataui've the last question: a compilable project (pdfLatex) without errors, warning and badboxes, could get errors or other problems compiling it with texlive distro? thanks for your attention09:34
MenZaalfatau: it shouldn't.09:35
MenZaalfatau: generally, I don't care about warnings unless they actually upset the typesetting.09:35
alfatauMenZa: ok, i hope :P thanks for your attention09:38
=== zz_Jari is now known as Jari
* howya !09:41
catch_I am just looking at switching from openoffice to abiword et al, but when I try and export an abiword doc as a pdf, there is a huge increase in file size... I don't see any options for controlling this... any ideas or is this the wrong place to ask?09:43
kannan01how to install kubuntu 9.04 amd 64 in virtualbox --- when i try to install it says kernal requires x86_64cpu but only i686 is found..!!09:45
Qayosanyone help me run a do-release-upgrade from 7.04?09:45
howyakannan01: #kubuntu09:45
Qayosi'm following this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Feisty09:45
icesmurfkannan: i dont think virtualbox supports x86_64 does it?09:46
Qayosbut the directory it tells me to download into keeps having its name changed09:46
Qayosso i cant manually get the file09:46
Billiardkannan01, are u running a 64 bit OS?09:47
rotIn nautilus, I can go into properties and change the icon of a folder to a custom one. Can the same be done from the commandline? I want to use it in a script09:48
kannan01Billiard : yes09:48
quellhorsthow can I install ubuntu via usb stick? I burned an ISO to the usb stick, but its not set as bootable, how do I fix that?09:49
Billiardkannan01, you may need to enable virtualization in your bios09:50
kannan01Billiard : but i'm already running xp in my virtual machine..09:51
jo_Hey, I want to set up a ubuntu server in my mom's company behind a firewall. I'll have to use NAT to open some ports for me. I wish to use it as a webserver, ssh, sip etc.. Witch ports should I forward to me so I don't disturb the rest of the company.09:51
EvilAIMThat sounds highly not legal09:52
Smutkann man den radeonhd treiber genauso installieren wie im wiki beschrieben wenn man eine agp grafikkarte hat?09:53
pshr_any one any idea on how to configure evolution for gmail behind proxy :(09:53
Smutargh, this isn't the german channel...09:54
quellhorsthi, i just got fiber installed with 50mbps and a $3k server having trouble installing ubuntu since i didn't get a cdrom :)09:54
noodledoodleCan i ask a question about dvd copying09:54
raudyjaunty is great!09:54
EvilAIMjust ask questions09:55
EvilAIMI'll answer09:55
alfatauhello, i'm also trying for an ubuntu replacement for tortoise svn. can you advise me an equivalent app?09:55
BlouBlou!enter | EvilAIM09:55
ubottuEvilAIM: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:55
mralexandroif i write sudo make -j3 depend && make -j3 will that be sudo for both commands or just one of them?09:55
jo_EvilAIM: wel.. I want to set up a ubuntu server in my mom's company behind a firewall. I'll have to use NAT to open some ports for me. I wish to use it as a webserver, ssh, sip etc.. Witch ports should I forward to me so I don't disturb the rest of the company. tx...09:55
quellhorstfor running ubuntu inside osx / virtualbox which version should i use? desktop/server 8.x or 9.x?09:56
noodledoodleive ripped a film(dvd) using dvdrip what can i use to burn it?  brasero seems to crash09:56
EvilAIMjo_, figure out what ports are already taken.  Most likely the company already has ports already setup for that.09:56
leoWhen I try to compile, i get this error  "checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables". How to get rid of this?09:56
EvilAIMquellhorst: what ever version you want.  I suggest 9.0409:56
cybersplicequellhorst, whichever you like. They should all work fine.09:56
Flannelleo: install build-essential09:56
pshr_any one any idea on how to configure evolution for gmail behind proxy :(09:57
jo_EvilAIM: ok tx, I'll try09:57
EvilAIMleo: sudo apt-get install build-essential09:57
leoFlannel: I'll try that. Thanks09:57
leoEvilAIM: Thanks09:57
threequarkshi all.  is there a tool for creating one big mp3 from a playlist of mp3s.  i've tried amarok..09:57
pshr_any one any idea on how to configure evolution for gmail behind proxy :(09:58
liminalim having trouble bluetooth and ubu tu09:58
pshr_any one any idea on how to configure evolution for gmail behind proxy09:58
threequarksi'd like to create my own "mixtapes" for commuting to work rather than skipping around my ipod library..09:58
mneptokthreequarks: you'd have to transcode, and you'd lose quality in a significant way09:58
grawitypshr_: What type of proxy? (And there is no need to repeat your question that often.)09:58
liminalubuntu wont connect to my bluetooth device09:58
rotthreequarks: try mencoder -oac copy 1.mp3 2.mp3 3.mp3 4.mp3 -o out.mp309:58
EvilAIMummm, threequarks http://www.ubuntuhowtos.com/howtos/merge_mp309:58
BlouBlou!bluetooth | liminal09:58
ubottuliminal: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup09:58
threequarksthanks rot.  is there any gui player that does that?09:59
rotthreequarks; no idea, sorry :[09:59
EvilAIMthree: I just told you... http://www.ubuntuhowtos.com/howtos/merge_mp309:59
=== vatts[off] is now known as vatts
threequarksno probs. i'll try mencoder so... pity amarok doesnt seem to do it.10:00
grawitythreequarks: In Linux, GUI appss aren't as common as command-line tools - especially when the latter ones are easy enough.10:00
EvilAIMor just search: ubuntu+merge mp3 files10:00
pshr_grawity, HTTP10:00
ShishKababHi. How can I get the PID from bash for a command that's running with some argument? Say I need the PID of an 'ssh myServer'.10:00
pshr_ShishKabab, pidof ssh10:00
threequarksgrawity: gui apps not as common? what about rhythmbox, banshee and amarok...10:00
grawitypshr_: That won't work for ShishKabab10:00
grawitythreequarks: Yeah, and can any of them do everything mencoder does?10:01
pshr_hmm well how about this.. pidof ssh | grep myserver10:01
pshr_nah! bad bad bad10:01
pshr_my bad10:01
ShishKababpshr_: What if I have another session open like 'ssh anotherOne'?10:01
quellhorstdo you guys know if a ubuntu will install fine from a USB drive?10:01
grawityShishKabab: ps -e -o pid,cmd | grep 'ssh myserver' | awk '{ printf $1 }'10:01
threequarksgrawity: well amarok is extendible .. could easily trigger mencoder stuff via some amarok scripting.10:01
grawityquellhorst: Yes.10:01
icesmurfthreequarks; as the oss mantra goes.. "patches welcome"10:02
grawitythreequarks: But the core of Amarok is still a media player.10:02
Tomyhi, anyone has maybe the xorg.conf for the joybook r22e?10:02
iurihi there, i am having troubles to use syscalls on my environment. How do i declare a syscall in a C program i wrote to call a syscall i created. I already compiled and installed the kernel image with the new syscall10:03
ShishKababgrawity: Almost, it also echos the PID of grep....10:03
iurii believe the problem is in this line _syscall(long,iuri,int,i)10:03
grawityShishKabab: Well, insert a grep -v grep somewhere10:03
iuridoes anyone know how to declare syscalls10:03
void_pointeriuri, try #c10:03
grawitypshr_: If the proxy supports HTTP CONNECT, you can just set it somewhere in Evolution10:03
system404hey guys i plugged in a usb flash drive into my pc and ubuntu saying unable to mount volume why is this10:03
ShishKababgrawity: Thanks! Works like a charm.10:04
icesmurfor just use pgrep10:04
grawityicesmurf: Does pgrep grep for process arguments?10:05
noodledoodleis it not possible to burn rental films using Brasero. it keeps crashing when i add the second vob.file.   Are they encrypted somehow10:05
MarkGilHi can anyone recommend a php based imap client that plays well with mobile browsers?  Specifically the one in the Sony PSP?  I tried a few of the more popular and they don't play too well/10:05
icesmurfwith -f use10:05
icesmurfwhen you use -f yeah10:05
icesmurfpgrep -f  'whatever;10:06
grawityMarkGil: SquirrelMail seemed to work fine for me.10:06
system404hey guys i plugged in a usb flash drive into my pc and ubuntu saying unable to mount volume why is this10:06
icesmurfmm network manager is so broken in karmic :(10:06
icesmurfi think they've regressed the dell-laptop kernel module or something :\10:06
quellhorsthow do i make a usb stick bootable?10:07
icesmurfsystem: possibly an invalid partition table, or it's not formatted? does it show up ok in windows?10:07
icesmurfmores the point, are you use it's a "usb storage" device, and not an MFT device.10:08
bullgard4What is the function of the loadable kernel driver 'videodev'? The information output of 'modinfo': "v4l1-compat" does mean what?10:08
system404it shows up in windows if i recall yes but ive totally wiped out windows now though10:08
icesmurfquell: google is your friend, "google, usb, syslinux"10:08
threequarksheh heh...  i solved my mixtape problem.10:08
noodledoodlelucky you10:08
system404how can i format it in a format that windows will see as i want to put files on it that will be used in windows10:08
threequarksall hail the wonders of "cat"...10:08
threequarkscat 1.mp3 2.mp3 > newbig.mp310:09
leoEvilAIM: Tu do apt-get install build-essential, I need to install proxychains. To install proxychains, I need build-essential. I am confused.10:09
threequarkssimple as that.  god i love linux.10:09
icesmurfsystem: first, you need to make sure that you can see the device.10:09
leoFlannel: Tu do apt-get install build-essential, I need to install proxychains. To install proxychains, I need build-essential. I am confused.10:09
system404i can see it in places its just unmountable10:09
icesmurfwhat places do you see it?10:09
system404if i go to places its there if i click on computer its in there10:10
system404but is unmountable10:10
grawitysystem404: Go to the Terminal, try the 'mount' command10:10
icesmurfk, do you have gparted installed?10:10
system404i think i have gparted10:10
quellhorsticesmurf: googling in progress :)10:11
icesmurfsystem: sudo gparted and see if it see's the sd[x] device of the usb storage you've connected10:11
Flannelleo: You shouldn't need proxy-chains for build-essential, unless you mean that you can't connect to the internet?  Do you still have your Ubuntu CD?10:12
leoFlannel: I have to use proxychains for resolving the names10:12
Flannelleo: resolving what names?10:12
leoFlannel: like archive.ubuntu.com10:12
system404icesmurf: no gparted dont see it just shows my hdd partitions10:12
leoFlannel: to IP10:13
icesmurfsystem: you comfortable with the command line?10:13
leoFlannel: I am behind a proxy server10:13
Flannelleo: Well, you could always look it up and change your sources.list temporarily.  But build-essential is included on the CD, so you can install it from there.10:13
icesmurfhave a look see in /var/log/messages and /var/log/dmesg10:13
icesmurfsee if it's actually detecting the thing.10:13
icesmurfknow what model/make it is?10:14
system404icesmurf: wouldnt say comfortable but ill trust ur input lol10:14
leoFlannel: I'' try that10:14
icesmurfdo a lsusb10:14
icesmurfand paste the output to pastebin.com10:14
icesmurfand gimmie the link you get from pastebin10:14
aaron11Helo Im having some problems with my flash. When I go to Linux.com, the ads are having something flickering next to each flash object10:15
system404icesmurf: http://pastebin.com/m5c83654d10:15
icesmurfcan you do the same (as root this time) with "sudo fdisk -l"10:16
icesmurfi'm really -really- starting to hate network-manager.10:17
system404icesmurf: http://pastebin.com/m61ba2d0c10:17
icesmurfbecause every major release that comes along, it breaks out the ass.10:17
icesmurfit's its interface with wireless seems a bit borked for karmic.10:18
icesmurfiv'e had to revert to using wicd.10:18
ruben_please help10:18
rotIn nautilus, I can go into properties and change the icon of a folder to a custom one. Can the same be done from the commandline or do I need to do it through DBus? I want to use it in a script10:18
=== ruben_ is now known as Guest45625
icesmurfsystem: urh.. does the device work ok in windows?10:19
grawityrot: See ~/.nautilus/metadata/10:19
Guest45625spanish help please10:19
icesmurflooks like it's a secured device, you probably need specific drivers for it :\10:19
FlannelGuest45625: /join #ubuntu-es10:19
aaron11Helo Im having some problems with my flash. When I go to Linux.com, the ads are having something flickering next to each flash object10:19
pw-toxichi, i have a critical error with ubuntu.. all my windows crash after some minutes i have bootet... even the update manager crashes10:20
pw-toxicall the icons on my desktop disappear10:20
pw-toxicwhen i reboot, he has to check the HDD10:20
system404it did last time it was plugged into windows was a while ago i dont have windows on this machine no more10:20
icesmurfsystem: i'd reformat it in a windows machine.10:20
BlouBloupw-toxic: wich error sends ubuntu?10:21
system404icesmurf i shouldnt need drivers its just a usb stick10:21
icesmurfeither that, or pony up the $15 for a 1G pendrive :-)10:21
icesmurfsystem: looks like it's a hosed usb stick.10:21
system404thats wat this is icesmurf10:21
icesmurfoh is that a 1gig drive?10:21
system404could i try format it in windows10:21
system404yeah 1 gig10:21
pw-toxicBlouBlou, no error.. it just crashes and i cant open any more windows and my existing windows crash too10:21
icesmurf*rechecks your pastebin*10:21
system404theres a 2 gig sd card in my machine that works fine10:22
pw-toxicBlouBlou, the terminal i previouly opened still works  and the xchat window too, but all icons disappeared and i cant open my home folder10:22
icesmurfoh that's what the sdf drives are heh10:22
BlouBloupw-toxic: when you open update manager or when you check updates?10:22
icesmurfas root:10:22
icesmurfmount /dev/sdf1 /mnt10:22
icesmurfcd /mnt10:22
FloodBot3icesmurf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:22
icesmurfand see if it works10:22
pw-toxicBlouBlou, no this also happens without the update manager10:22
leoFlannel: That helped. Thanks a lot10:22
Guest45625when i restart my computer only runs in security mode and say me that i have a no kernel intel modesetting10:23
Guest45625what can i do10:23
BlouBloupw-toxic: well, try to use in a terminal: sudo apt-get update10:23
aaron11Guest45625: why not boot from live cd then install a kernel10:23
pw-toxicBlouBlou, my system is up to date10:23
aaron11Guest45625: sorry reinstall10:24
BlouBloupw-toxic: this will check updates in a terminal, and we will see if it sends error or not10:24
BilgeCan SSH be decoupled from SFTP?10:24
aaron11Helo Im having some problems with my flash. When I go to Linux.com, the ads are having something flickering next to each flash object10:24
grawityBilge: Huh?10:24
pw-toxicBlouBlou, how do i see that there are updates?10:24
Guest45625i dont have the live cd in this moment10:24
shosswhere can i get help with karmic?10:24
pw-toxicBlouBlou, Reading package lists... Done10:24
pw-toxiclast line10:24
BilgeAFAIK they're both installed together in the OpenSSH package10:24
Flannelshoss: #ubuntu+110:24
icesmurfbilge: sftp is just a command invoked over an ssh channel.10:24
BI16guys how can i update my firefox from 3.0.14 to 3.5 (latest) ? ..my "check for update" is greyed out ? ...anyone?10:24
aaron11Guest45625: then you're screwed10:24
pw-toxicBlouBlou, now my update manager starks and there is only one update... libicu3810:25
BlouBloupw-toxic: ok, it's update-manager's error10:25
aaron11Guest45625: go to windows then install iso then burn again and reinstall10:25
pw-toxicBlouBlou, lets see what happens if i try to update once more.. my windows are still working10:25
franckmy machine is sluggish, it takes time for an event to show in syslog10:25
franckit is real strange10:25
grawityBilge: /etc/ssh/sshd_config, look for 'Subsystem'10:25
rotgrawity, that folder is really messy. No command for setting icon?10:25
icesmurfbilge: you can restrict sftp .. what graw just said.10:25
icesmurfgot half way through typing it.10:25
BilgeBut they are part of the same package, right?10:26
pw-toxicBlouBlou, the update worked.. so there is nothing to update.. i cant tell you when or why my windows crash, but it occurs very often and i cant remember having ubuntu running longer than 30 minuts without my windows crashing10:26
BlouBloupw-toxic: did you update or install any programm this days? when did it starts failing?10:26
icesmurfbilge: yes.10:26
pw-toxicBlouBlou, well i have installed a lot of programs from the ubuntu utility page10:26
aaron11Guest45625: change your nickname10:26
icesmurfsort of rolling your own package, or disabling sftp post install. you cannot by default only install the ssh servfer.10:26
liminalive connected to my bluetooth device10:26
liminalhow do i see where in /dev/ its is connected10:26
BilgeI don't really want to restrict it, it's a very handy feature, I was just trying to understand where it comes from clearly10:26
=== Guest45625 is now known as repolete
grawityBilge: Why would you want to remove sftp anyway?10:27
pw-toxicBlouBlou, http://www.getdeb.net/browse.php10:27
BlouBloupw-toxic: well, did you installed non-supported or beta updates?10:27
pw-toxicBlouBlou, no only things on this page10:27
BlouBloupw-toxic: surelly an update crashes when you were updating from getdeb...10:28
icesmurfbilge: ahh it's just an ssh extension that uses an ssh channel, it's just a formalised protocol that uses ssh as a transport.10:28
mnainesDoes Linux need defragmentation software?10:28
icesmurfman sftp-server10:29
liminalwhat is the path bluetooth devices are connected via in ubuntu ?10:29
solofighthelp | i have bsnl evdo card, zte modem, not getting detected in my xubuntu ver 910:29
filosoficoHi! Best replacement for "Visio" in ubuntu? "Dia"?10:29
solofighti really need a way to make this work soon10:29
Nozymnaines: nop10:29
BlouBloupw-toxic: go to synaptic10:29
BlouBloupw-toxic: and select repair packets10:29
Nozymnaines: linux file system don't break file up10:30
ChousukeNozy: that's quite filesystem-dependent :P10:30
pw-toxicBlouBlou, hm i cant see a "repar packets" button.. there is only  reload, mark all upgrades .. and a search bar10:30
pw-toxicand some disabled icons10:30
Nozyext 2 and ext 310:30
Nozyfat ntfs yes10:30
Nozyxfs no10:30
mnainesfoofish: I found out what the problem was with the drives...When I was running Vista, Vista showed a bunch of fragmented files but would not touch them...10:31
Nozyext4 sure is not10:31
grawityChousuke: And implementation-dependent too.10:31
Chousukemnaines: Defragmentation always happens, no matter what the filesystem, but ext3 and ext4 are smart enough to minimise the effect.10:31
* mnaines runs ext3 and ext410:31
icesmurfbilge: incidentally, if you want to find out what package a particular file belongs to "dpkg-query -S <file>" will tell you :-)10:31
rombathis is soooo10:31
BlouBloupw-toxic: have you got another SO in your computer?10:31
pw-toxicBlouBlou, Windows8710:31
pw-toxicBlouBlou, on an intel 80GB SSD10:31
rombawindows 3.110:31
BlouBloupw-toxic: and pc crashes with it?10:32
pw-toxicBlouBlou, windows7 works very well. i have worked the last 4 days with it because i cant work with ubuntu anymore10:32
abongile1Damn, I just finished applying updates to ubuntu netboom remix install, I was using classic desktop, now my task bar and status bar are gone, so now I can interact with my system. How do I get out of this problem?10:32
pw-toxicBlouBlou, now i figured it out.. the problem only occurs when i try to open my home folder10:32
mnainesChousuke: What have you heard about Seagate's hard drives?10:32
grawityabongile1: Can you open a terminal and try running "gnome-panel" in it?10:32
Chousukemnaines: usually it helps to not fill up your hard drive entirely.10:33
Chousukemnaines: nothing much10:33
mralexandrowhat would you use to burn an image in ubuntu10:33
BlouBloupw-toxic: maybe you should create another user, give it admin power, remove old user and try with it10:33
pw-toxicBlouBlou, i use gnome-do  if i want to open my home folder by gnome-do OR by places->home folder (gnome top panel) my icons disappear andi cant open any more windows with directorys10:33
grawitymralexandro: Brasero (if you like GUI), or cdrecord (command-line).10:33
mnainesChousuke: I was running Windows Vista doing a lot of file transfers from my photography and stuff10:33
pw-toxicBlouBlou, uhh thats hard.. i have a lot of configuration here!10:33
pshr_any mail / gmail notifier that works behind the http squid proxy having authentication methods ?10:33
mralexandrograwity, thanks. is there a software like daemon tools for making a false cd rom drive as well?10:33
pw-toxicBlouBlou, no i tried to open my home folder again, and it actually worked, but all icons on the desktop are still missing10:34
BlouBloupw-toxic: copy all hidden folders/archives10:34
icesmurfmralex; er.. the loopback device ?10:34
pshr_grawity, any mail / gmail notifier that works behind the http squid proxy having authentication methods ?10:34
abongile1grawity: No I can't, don't know short-cuts, using a wireless USB keyboard so ctrl+alt+f1-6 doesn't get a response.10:34
grawitymralexandro: Nope. The Linux kernel already supports it.10:34
grawityabongile1: Alt-F2?10:34
mralexandrograwity, how excaclty?10:34
icesmurfmralex; say you have an .iso image you want to mount10:35
abongile1grawity: non-work10:35
pw-toxicBlouBlou, do you know which program is used to show files and folders in ubuntu?10:35
grawitymralexandro: Open a terminal, use 'sudo mount your-disk-image.iso /mnt -o loop'10:35
BlouBloupw-toxic: it's very curious, I never heard that10:35
icesmurfmralex: mount -o loop youriso.iso /path/to/where/you/want/it10:35
BlouBloupw-toxic: nautilus10:35
pw-toxicBlouBlou, yes thats my problem... i cant find anythin in google10:35
liminalhow do i find devices connected to the kernak?10:35
mnainesChousuke: Apparently the drives have been saying that out of the total capacity, there is 2.6GB used but Linux cannot see what's in that 2.6GB of space10:35
pw-toxicBlouBlou, do you know how i could get some debug information of nautilus?10:35
pw-toxicBlouBlou, it looks like nautilus is the only problem10:35
mralexandrograwity, icesmurf, thanks!10:35
icesmurfmnaines: it's used by inodes, and other filesystem bits and pieces.10:36
BlouBloupw-toxic: help -> repport problem10:36
pshr_any mail / gmail notifier that works behind the http squid proxy having authentication methods ?10:36
mnainesicesmurf: Yeah, but another drive says 7.4GB are in use10:36
icesmurfyou can tune it, essentially it's reserves some storage space for root/and backup inodes.10:36
icesmurfit's not for the faint of heart tho :-)10:36
abongile1grawity: I can right click on the desktop though and interact with the windows, accept I can move them since, the titles bard on a hidden part of the screen, where I assume my task bar to be.10:36
=== Max is now known as Guest97492
pw-toxicBlouBlou, ok ;( but sadly i cant write that much, because the behaviour is very magically and i cant reproduce it clearly.. it just occurs from time to time, but extremly breaking my workflow ;(10:37
KurtKrautpshr_, not exactly. You have to set HTTPS traffic to be forwarded withou passing thru squid10:37
icesmurfsee "man tune2fs"10:37
Chousukemnaines: are the drives of the same size? :/10:37
Chousukemnaines: the FS overhead depends on the size of the filesystem.10:37
=== MadMax is now known as Guest89369
icesmurfchous: it also depends on how the FS  has been initalised, different filesystems use different methods, most are tunable.10:37
BlouBloupw-toxic: then see datials, it will apperas all debug info10:38
mnainesicesmurf: But why would it store that stuff on the external backup drives...One drive is 150GB and is only reading 132GB available on an ext4 fs and the other is a 500GB drive reading 458GB available on ext410:38
icesmurfif it's ext2/3/4 you should be able to tune it with tune2fs10:38
pw-toxicBlouBlou, what is datials?10:38
grawitypw-toxic: I think he meant 'details'10:38
BlouBloupw-toxic: in repport an error10:38
Chousukemnaines: that's normal10:38
icesmurfmn: how is it supposed to know it's an external "backup" device? it's calculated automatically based on how the filesystem is going to be layed out on the physical media.10:39
icesmurfyou -can- reduce how much overhead it uses, by using tune2fs.10:39
pw-toxicBlouBlou, i cant find a help ;(10:39
mnainesChousuke: So that extra space is the partition table for those drives?10:39
pawanhow to install audacious10:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audacious10:39
icesmurfmnaies; no its the filesystem sitting on top of the partitions.10:39
MrZehlHi there, I trashed my network stettings. :(10:40
BlouBloupw-toxic: at the right of nautilus, at the top of window10:40
mnainesicesmurf: What do you mean, exactly?10:40
pw-toxicBlouBlou, do you mean in the top gnome panel under system?10:40
pw-toxicBlouBlou, ah ok.. misunderstood :D10:40
MrZehlI was busy with connecting my BeBook with OepenInkpot  by ssh10:40
Chousukemnaines: making a filesystem on a drive is not free. the filesystem takes space too :)10:40
meatbuncan ubuntu implement IPsec VPN using ESP and 3DES AND run in tunnel mode (to protect IP header)?10:41
mnainesChousuke: But what exactly does it use that space for?10:41
icesmurfmn: so, when you create a "partition" what your doing is your telling the operating system in what places on the physical media it can write the filesystem to.10:41
Chousukemnaines: but in addition to that, usually the FS reserves some "emergency space" in case the filesystem ever fills up10:41
icesmurfcho: and for redundancy.10:41
Chousukemnaines: that's what you can tune.10:41
MrZehlSo I made a networkconnection in System/Preferences/Network Connections10:41
icesmurfand how many backup blocks, what sizes, how many inodes to actually have on the filesystem.10:42
icesmurffor example, if your going to only have a few very large files, you need less inodes.10:42
MrZehlBut then I couldn't connect to internet anymore. Deleting the connection I made didn't solve it.10:42
Chousuketune2fs -m 0.5 /dev/yourext3or4partition10:42
icesmurfif your going to have thousands and thousands of little files, you'll need more inodes, which will use up more "filesystem" space that you can't actually use.10:42
Chousuke... I wonder if it supports floats :P10:42
MrZehlAnybody knows  how to do that?10:42
icesmurfch: i've been maintaining for the last five years or so that the default mke2fs "emergency" space is to big.10:43
BlouBloupw-toxic: well, now if you wanna, you can report it to launchpad10:43
Chousukemnaines: and note that some of the space loss could also be due to manufacturers using SI prefixes and Linux using binary prefixes :/10:43
Fauchi95Hello! If I set a cronjob withe the user root on @reboot, it is done before the logincreen appears?10:44
MrZehlNothing changed in /etc/network/10:44
pw-toxicBlouBlou, i'll try to get some more information.. strangly at the moment it works .. my icons reappeared and nautilus doesnt crash anymore10:44
Chousukeie. it's not lost space. it just doesn't exist in the first place :)10:44
BlouBloupw-toxic: ok :)10:44
pw-toxicBlouBlou, ah now it does ;) ok ;))10:44
abongile1grawity: What I can do though is reboot and go into recovery mode, I drop into a terminal then. Could that help?10:44
mnainesChousuke: So this level of overhead is normal?10:45
MrZehlI meant /etc/network/interfaces10:45
icesmurfby default yes.10:45
Chousukemnaines: for example, 500GB is 465 GiB (what Linux calls GB)10:45
WhiteCrow1how can i send file in terminal to other pc in my network?10:45
mnainesChousuke: It says that, but then it also says out of that 465GB, 7.4GB are used10:46
icesmurfchous: gluck with explaining that one :D10:46
mnainesChousuke: Then Linux can only see the 458GB of free space10:46
Chousukemnaines: yeah, that's probably the "reserve" :/10:46
icesmurfalmost certainly the reserve.10:47
Bilgeicesmurf: so does dpkg -S, which is shorter ;p10:47
Chousukethough if it were 5%, it'd be more.10:47
Chousukeso it could be just the filesystem *necessary* data structures10:47
mnainesSo 7.4 is what percent of 465?10:47
icesmurfchos: probably a combination, i think that 'reserve' is calculated dynamically on filesystem creation now isnt it?10:48
Chousukeicesmurf: it used to be a set percentage10:48
Chousukebut that's probably been changed.10:48
icesmurfhmm i could be thinking solaris.10:49
Chousukeit seems you have 1.5% overhead10:49
Chousukethat could very well be just the filesystem, and not the space reserve :/10:49
icesmurfthe larger your filesystem, the more 'overhead' it has, so it'll scale up as you go higher in the GB's ..10:50
icesmurfi'd suggest you have a good read of the tune2fs manpage, and fiddle with it.10:50
braadspeethallo I wish to connect to the dutch version, please advise10:51
WhittAm I able to get help here with Ubuntu 9.10 audio?10:51
Chousukemnaines: you can try doing sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/the500GBpartition and see if that frees up space.10:52
Chousukemnaines: if it doesn't then there's nothing you can do about it :P10:52
KurtKrautWhitt, I suggest you to try http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33410:52
icesmurfchous: yeah you can, you can reduce the inode count to something more reasonable.10:52
mnainesChousuke: I tried but it gives me an error saying "superblock not found"10:52
Chousukemnaines: you didn't pick the right device file10:52
liminali cant pair to my bluetooth device, i need to manual set the pin length to longer than 4 digits10:52
BlouBlouWhitt: /join #ubuntu+1 for next ubuntu releases10:52
Chousukemnaines: if you run "mount" it'll show you what you need.10:52
liminaldoes anyone know where the pin for blkuetooth is configured10:53
DigitalKiwi<3 reiserfs10:54
icesmurfalways thought reiser has similar issues for lots of files. has a fairly high overhead as well.10:55
wizzo50How do you setup a HP Photosmart C4640 to scan on Ubuntu?10:56
braadspeetCan anyone help me, when upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 I get an authetication error, please advise10:56
wizzo50Any help on this?10:56
iwobblesany sugestion which libraries to load for running Visual Basic macros inside OpenOffie spreadsheets ?10:56
alfatauhello, i'm trying to switch from my windows workbench to ubuntu. i need a replacement for miktex and texniccenter. i tried texlive and kile, but texlive seems to be really outdated. do you know if it's possible to have an updated version of latex packages, or if there's another latex distro wich serves apt sources for ubuntu? thank you10:58
wizzo50Any help on this? How do you setup a HP Photosmart C4640 to scan on Ubuntu?10:58
liminalhow do i use grep to search a syslog?10:58
maschineliminal: do you have a file called etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf there it should be10:58
liminalno i dont have that file10:59
grawityliminal: sudo grep -i "something" /var/log/syslog10:59
wizzo50Any help on this? How do you setup a HP Photosmart C4640 to scan on Ubuntu?10:59
KurtKrautalfatau, have you tried gimmie or lyx?10:59
liminalaudio.conf  input.confmain.conf  network.conf  pin  rfcomm.conf11:00
liminalis all i have11:00
mnainesChousuke: It won't let me do the mount option11:00
Chousukemnaines: huh?11:00
mnainesChousuke: I have no idea how to use tune2fs11:00
Chousukemnaines: just running "mount" will list your mounted filesystems and show you the /dev/foo file that matches them11:01
wizzo50Any help on this? How do you setup a HP Photosmart C4640 to scan on Ubuntu?11:01
mnainesChousuke: Then what?11:01
Chousukemnaines: so look at the mount output and then use the /dev/foo you need as parameter to tune2fs like I showed11:01
acctoujourshello!, i have a problem, i need to replace the number five with a variable in     ed $LOG_FILE <<< $'1,5d\nw'11:01
alfatauKurtKraut: the problem isn't the ide, the problem is the outdated texlive distro. it's the 2007 version and includes a 2005 version of memoir class. I need a really updated texlive (or other distro for linux) version.11:02
acctoujourssomething like that    ed $LOG_FILE <<< $'1,$VARd\nw'11:02
acctoujourshow can i do it? :S11:02
KurtKrautalfatau, to have a truly up to date software, you'll have to download the source code and compile it.11:03
=== BlackJack is now known as Dreaman
wizzo50Any help on this? How do you setup a HP Photosmart C4640 to scan on Ubuntu?11:03
acctoujoursi believe that ed command doesn't allow use " instead of '11:03
GiiiZmohi all/ salut all11:03
mnainesChousuke: http://pastebin.com/m24e935d3 is the output from mount...I have no idea which one to use11:04
KurtKrautwizzo50, I own another model of HP Photosmart series and I had just to plug it to my computer (while the printer is on) and Ubuntu just recognized that.11:04
GiiiZmoanywon now why flash applications cant work correctly on my unbutu 9.0411:04
nic1how can i install opera browser in ubuntu?11:04
grawitynic1: http://deb.opera.com/11:04
wizzo50KurtKraut: The printer part works but not my scanner11:04
Chousukemnaines: is it the "Secondary" disk that is 500GB?11:05
KurtKrautwizzo50, what software you're using to scan?11:05
Chousukemnaines: anyway, one of the /dev/sd* at the end11:05
mnainesChousuke: I figured it out...I wasn't putting the number at the end11:05
Chousukemnaines: the ext4 ones11:05
nic1opera and opera-beta are there, which one do i need to download?11:05
mnainesChousuke: I set the reserve blocks for 2511:05
wizzo50KurtKraut: The software that came with it11:05
mnainesChousuke: By the way, the Backup is the 500GB one11:06
Chousukemnaines: hm? you mean -m 25?11:06
Chousukebecause -m takes a percentage...11:06
^mNotIntelligenthi all !11:06
mnainesChousuke: I mean -r 2511:06
KurtKrautwizzo50, it won't work because this software is for Windows only, not to Linux.11:06
Chousuke25 blocks is probably not enough :P11:06
Chousukeit's about 100kB :D11:06
KurtKrautwizzo50, I use Gimp to scan.11:06
pratik_narainhow to change kdm to gdm in 9.0411:07
mnainesChousuke: I doubt I'll ever need the reserves anyway...The drives are insanely huge compared to the total amount of space I need11:07
Chousukemnaines: might be.11:07
mnainesChousuke: Ubuntu is using only 8GB currently and I have another 3GB of files on my 16GB USB flash drive11:08
acctoujoursanother question, does anybody know a good irc channel about Java Programming?11:08
Chousukeacctoujours: I would try ##java11:08
KurtKrautacctoujours, try searching thru searchirc.com11:09
Chousukebut that's just a guess.11:09
mnainesChousuke: A single 150GB drive is easily way more than enough for my needs11:09
Chousukemnaines: does it show the space as free now though?11:10
mnainesChousuke: Nope11:10
Chousukemnaines: hm :/11:10
Chousukemnaines: I guess it's the filesystem overhead then11:10
Chousukemnaines: for a 500GB drive I guess it's not too bad.11:10
q0_0panyone know how to i block outbound IP's?11:11
pratik_narainhow to change kdm to gdm in 9.0411:11
nysosymhi there, i have a problem with xkb11:11
Chousukepratik_narain: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm" should do it11:11
nysosymany idea how to solve this11:11
wizzo50KurtKraut: How do you use The Gimp to scan?11:12
SpArKyjesus christ use google11:12
nic1hey after getting a package with apt-get source <package-name> how do i need to build the corresponding package?11:13
pratik_narainChousuke: i think it worked thnx11:13
joaopinto!compile | nic111:13
ubottunic1: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:13
KurtKrautwizzo50, you'll find an 'Xsane' option inside the 'File' menu11:14
acctoujoursChousuke, KurtKraut: thanks for the info!11:14
SpArKyhow are people able to make it into an irc chat, and they cant do a simple google search11:15
wizzo50KurtKraut: Yes, I have clicked on that, then where? How you use it?11:15
=== william is now known as Guest75341
nysosymno idea for my problem_11:16
KurtKrautwizzo50, so more windows have appeared and one of them with a big logo of Xsane, right?11:17
Dr_WillisSpArKy:  many times the irc clients are set to auto join :)11:17
chu_Hey all.11:17
Ginglewhere is the deb for xorg 1.7 server?11:17
wizzo50KurtKraut: Yes11:17
Ginglehello denmark11:18
joaopintoGingle, there is no deb, if you need it build from source, or try to find a ppa11:18
wizzo50Xsane .0996 USB Camera it says at the top11:18
KurtKrautwizzo50, so try figuring out by clicking in buttons. I'm using Ubuntu in portuguese here. I don't know the labels of the buttons you're seeing there. But it should be quit intuitive, something like 'Capture' or 'Digitalize'.11:18
Ginglejoaopinto: can't seem to understand how to trigger GLX_USE_TLS and that symbol in, dri barks11:18
KurtKrautjoaopinto, Lamego?11:18
abongile1Hi intsalled Ubuntu Netbook Remix and applied updates whilst I was using the classic desktop, now the status/task bar et al are gone and I can't switch back to the UNR desktop. How can fix this problem. Have googled looked at /etc/X11/xorg.conf no wacom entries, which were cited a being the possible cause, please help.11:18
joaopintoKurtKraut, yes :P11:19
KurtKrautjoaopinto, hello there :D11:19
joaopintohi :)11:19
q0_0panyone here can help me block outgoing IP's?11:19
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist11:19
mnainesChousuke: It looks like there's a 1.6% overhead for ext411:19
q0_0pfirestarter wont let me block outgoing IP's11:20
grawityq0_0p: What do you mean by "outgoing IPs" anyway?11:20
q0_0psudo iptables -I OUTPUT -d -j DROP11:20
q0_0pclients that are connected the DHCP server11:20
q0_0pgrawity, clients that are connected the DHCP server11:20
=== factorx__ is now known as Tommy_DO
mnainesq0_0p: In Firestarter, right-click in the area that says "Block Connections to Host"11:21
Ubuntu-Noobcan anyone help me figure out how to load nvidia drivers 185, rather than the ones from the package manager ???11:21
q0_0pmnaines, i dont see it >_<11:22
mnainesq0_0p: Under the Policies tab11:22
q0_0pmnaines, im using white list traffic11:22
Dr_WillisUbuntu-Noob:  you could get the ones from the nvidia homepage.. or  theres some script that might help automate it.. but i forget its name.11:22
q0_0pmnaines, i can only do that if im using blacklist traffic?11:23
q0_0pmnaines, or is it that both are in effect? whitelist and blacklist traffic?11:23
Ubuntu-NoobI have goten the ones from nvidia page, but im going insane with issues trying to load them11:23
mnainesq0_0p: If you set it for "Allow all traffic by default" you will see it, but if you set it for "block all traffic by default" you won't11:23
q0_0pmnaines, blacklist trafffic blocks everything by default11:23
q0_0pmnaines, but then i have to block everything that i dont need11:24
q0_0pmnaines, as oppose to adding things i need11:24
mnainesq0_0p: If you set it for blacklist, it will block everything unless you tell it to allow the traffic11:24
icesmurfnoob: you have to build them from the command line.11:24
q0_0pmnaines, i want to blacklist everything; and block that outgoing ip11:24
mnainesq0_0p: If you blacklist everything, it blocks that outgoing IP unless you specifically tell it otherwise11:25
q0_0pmnaines, iptables -I OUTGOING -d -j DROP puts it at the top of the rule lists11:25
mnainesq0_0p: Set firestarter for "block all traffic by default" in the policy window11:25
q0_0pmnaines, i already have it set up to block all11:26
Dr_WillisUbuntu-Noob:  chmod +x whatver.run  exit to the console (alt-ctrl-f1) , stop gdm with 'sudo service gdm stop'  cd to where the run file is at..  'sudo ./whatever.run'  is the basics of it11:26
mnainesq0_0p: Then only specify the traffic you want to be allowed to pass through the firewall11:26
recrue76firefox aide?11:26
Dr_WillisUbuntu-Noob:  of course theres no guarentee they will work.11:26
q0_0pmnaines, i want to block a certain IP at a certain time11:26
Dr_Willis!info envyng11:26
mnainesq0_0p: Then why do you need to block an IP address if it is already blocked?11:27
q0_0pmnaines, blocking an IP completely11:27
q0_0pmnaines, it isn't already blocked11:27
ubottuPackage envyng does not exist in jaunty11:27
q0_0pmnaines, a dhcp server serving 19 cpus and u want to block just one11:27
Dr_WillisUbuntu-Noob:  clarify what you mean/rephrase the question in here.11:27
mnainesq0_0p: I cannot help.  Sorry11:27
q0_0pmnaines, aight its cool11:27
theallanHello all - having an issue installing libavcodec52 on Karmic - it says that it depends on libdirac-encoder0, but that is not installable - any idea where I mgiht find libdirac-encoder0?11:28
Dr_WillisUbuntu-Noob:  you need to run 'nvidia-settings' as root with gksudo nvidia-settings - to save the settings to the xorg.conf11:28
Gingle_anyone seeing xdmx working recently?11:29
joaopinto!karmic | theallan11:30
ubottutheallan: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:30
theallanubottu: thanks! I'll ask in there :-)11:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:31
Nimohow i can install real player in ubuntu?11:33
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callum__Hi does anyone know how to find out what WIFI Card and Network Ethernet port my laptops hardware is on Ubuntu?11:34
callum__I need this information for downloading of drivers for Windows XP -11:35
callum__Windows XP won't pick up my ethernet or wifi driver - so is there a way ubuntu can tell me what network hardware i am using please?11:35
nysosymits impossible to click on links/buttons in a flash app, any fix?11:35
JanC89callum__, try running lspci11:36
callum__Jan how do i run that? Please11:36
paipimentahow do I setup pxe so that I can install windows on a separate partition with an .iso?11:36
grawitycallum__: Accessories --> Terminal11:36
abongile1Hi All, ignore my last found a workaround from: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/366109, so now I am back to the UNR desktop. Not perfect cause my Task bar and or it's icons are gone but certaintly better than where I was.11:38
JanC89Just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on a Macbook version 2.1. Everything is working except keyboard layout and right click. I've followed the guide on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook2-1/Jaunty, but the only way for me to right click is if i I put two fingers on the pad, and then click11:38
fahadsadahDoes host respects /etc/hosts?11:38
ikoniafahadsadah: does what ?11:38
judashi, i have strange problem with the terminal, trying to delete lines from a file so i make something like "cat data | sed > data", but the file is empty11:38
judasit happens only the first time11:39
JanC89Howerver, normaly you only need to tab the pad with two fingers to rightclick11:39
ikoniajudas: what is the exact line your trying to use11:39
fahadsadahikonia: host11:39
fahadsadahThe command.11:39
judascat UrT-data | sed -e '/You were hit/d' > UrT-data11:39
yusahello, can anyone help me with virtualbox installation ?11:39
haytham-medhi all, can i install ubuntu on a logical volume?11:39
callum__Thankyou people x11:39
judassecond time it works11:39
callum__SO MUCH - I can finally get back to windows with internet x11:39
judasit does not work the first time11:39
judasthe file is empty afterwards11:39
ikoniafahadsadah: no, should read just dns11:40
judasso i "can't" reproduce the error11:40
fahadsadahIs there a similar tool that does respect /etc/hosts?11:40
grawityfahadsadah: getent hosts $111:40
ikoniajudas: change the name of the output file and see if it works the second time11:40
ikoniahaytham-med: yes you can11:41
grawityfahadsadah: Or <?php echo gethostbyname($argv[1]); ?> or whatever. (As long as it uses gethostbyname())11:41
judasmeans when i run the command without writing to a file, it displays the correct result11:41
ltspadmini installed ubuntu 9.10 64bit. ltsp server...which is the fastet evloution version for updated..ltsp server11:41
judasif I then write it to the file it works11:41
ikoniajudas: change the name of the output file to something new, then see if it works,11:41
judasit's just the first time11:41
ltspadminevolution 2.22 is faster the n2.2811:41
ltspadminevolution 2.22 is faster the n2.2611:41
=== fabio is now known as fabio_
ikoniajudas: you're creating the file with the output of the same name, that's why it fails the first time and creates an empty file11:42
judasbut why does it not fail the second time?11:43
ikoniajudas: because you create an empty file for it to run on with the first attempt11:43
haytham-medikonia: is lvm available on ubuntu cd or the alternaye cd?11:43
ikoniahaytham-med: alternative only I believe11:43
judasseems reasonable, thx ikonia11:44
ltspadmini installed ubuntu 9.10 64bit. ltsp server...which is the fastet evloution version for updated..ltsp server11:44
ltspadminevolution 2.22 is faster the n2.2611:44
ikonialtspadmin: why do you keep telling us this ?11:45
NineTeen67CometHaya, how can I reset/re-request a dhcp address? I have tried: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart and even rebooted the box a couple times, but it has not been able to connect to the internet since restarting the Comcast cable router (the phone was a mess so they had my father-in-law restart his router).11:45
ikonialtspadmin: 1.) this channel is for ubuntu 9.04 and earlier support, #ubuntu+1 for 9.10 discussion 2.) why do you keep telling us these random comments ?11:45
=== geo is now known as geo05
kcsrndhe sounds like a disgruntled evolution developer that got kicked off at version 2.2211:46
^mNotIntelligentrotflol !11:46
mnainesikonia: Is there supposed to be a 1.6% overhead on ext3/ext4?11:46
ikoniamnaines: a subjective question that is, the short answer is "no", however it appears in certain situations there can be an overhead11:47
mo0nykitHow do I get a list of loadable modules?11:47
=== asn_ is now known as Guest99261
judashow would i delete lines from a file then?11:48
ikoniajudas: you have it right, however the file you where doing it on doesn't exist in your first attempt11:48
NineTeen67CometIs there a command I can use to renew my IP via dhcp? Like release/renew? I "think" my father-in-law's box (9.04) is having issues with it's dhcp address not getting refreshed after resetting the modem (cable).11:49
judasmeans i can't read the file, parse it with sed and write the output to the same file afterwards?11:49
vavaris konqueror still available in the latest kde?11:49
ikoniaNineTeen67Comet: dhclient will re-request it each time, the lease is normally stored on the server, rather than the client11:49
kcsrndok, when i installed ubuntu, i moved all of my files from my windows installation to an ntfs partition at the end of the drive.  I put the main partition in the front and a 20gb swap in the middle.  i loaded the ubuntu livecd started gparted, deleted both partitions at the end.  but it still shows two separate unallocated spaces11:50
NineTeen67Cometvavar: thought Konq was core to KDE11:50
grawityNineTeen67Comet: KDE 4 uses Dolphin as its file manager.11:50
vavarNineTeen67Comet: i hope so. the latest screenshots dont show it usually. they just show off the great similarity to vista.. *sigh*11:50
NineTeen67Cometikonia: can i just type dhclient eth0? or just dhclient?11:50
grawityNineTeen67Comet: sudo dhclient11:51
ikoniaNineTeen67Comet: I'd check the man page first, just to be sure you're not going to drop it off the network11:51
grawityor, meh. Maybe you do need to add eth011:51
ikoniagrawity: correct11:51
NineTeen67Cometikonia: It's already offline (can't ping outside his house etc) ..11:51
* grawity already forgot how to use it.11:51
NineTeen67CometI'm on the phone with him now, I'll see if that works11:52
vavarNineTeen67Comet: well, its still there. i just had to say that i wouldnt like it being exchanged by dolphin or whatever.11:52
paipimentakcsrnd: isn't the swap in the middle? or did you delete that too?11:52
kcsrndanyone have any idea why i can't merge these two empty spaces after deleting my partitions?  one was swap and one was ntfs.  it looks like i can't change the swap partition mostly11:52
kcsrndi deleted both11:52
kcsrndturned "swapoff"11:53
paipimentakcsrnd: what does fdisk look like?11:53
kcsrndwell, i created new partitions now11:53
kcsrndso i had a swap11:53
kcsrndand another ext311:53
nibbler__kcsrnd: first umount swapoff all, delete pratitions, create one new....11:53
kcsrndi ran from livecd, turned swapoff11:53
kcsrnddeleted both partitions11:53
kcsrndhad two empty spaces11:53
kcsrndthe same size.11:54
kcsrndas the partitions used to be11:54
nibbler__kcsrnd: write all info in one line, please!11:54
nic1wht is the command to reboot?11:54
Dr_Willisnic1:  err.. 'reboot'11:55
kichawamy friend is testing 9.10 on the usb stick, it's strange because Xorg pid takes about 95% of one core, if we restard X server everything is ok11:55
nibbler__kcsrnd: on, if you want to have one partiton, the free spaces for that must be contiuous.... you can work around with LVM if yu need to11:56
gribouilleis openoffice themable ?11:56
kcsrndnibbler__ never used lvm, is it pretty technical?11:57
Dada_Hi there. I was wondering, is it possible to install ubuntu without also installing grub/lilo? (I want to keep using the chameleon boot loader I have now)11:57
paipimentakcsrnd: oh man, it can be a bitch11:57
kcsrndi'm installing11:57
paipimentabut useful, especially if you have MORE THAN ONE hard drive11:57
gribouilleDada_, of course it is11:57
nibbler__kcsrnd: well, its great, but with great power comes great complexity ;-) - its doable, but i'd suggest you to make a complete repartitioning of your harddrive instead11:57
Dada_can I have this option with the ubuntu netbook installer version? or do I need the alternate cd?11:58
paipimentafor certain setups, I'd wish I'd stuck with regular partitions11:58
paipimentaenterprises with large disk farms... lvm is a beauty11:58
kcsrndyeah.. i'm gonna back everything up onto my external, like i should've in the first place11:58
kcsrndand install karmic when the final comes out11:58
kcsrndmy external is at my office and i was too lazy to go get it that's why i did the partition thing, i didn't know it was going to be that big of a pain11:59
OneMillionDollaris there any wysiwyg editor for ubuntu ?11:59
grawityOneMillionDollar: For what, HTML?12:00
paipimentagedit, get it?12:00
chu_Hey any Australians with Telstra BigPond here?12:00
OneMillionDollargravity yes12:01
evidenthello... is there something like daemon tools for ubuntu? something to mount DVD-iso's without burning?12:01
Dr_Willisabiword is a nice word processor - lot lighter then openoffice12:01
Dr_Willisevident:  linux has been able to do that for years.12:02
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.12:02
Dr_Willisevident:  no need for any special tools.. its a feature of the os.12:02
evidentok thx12:02
Dr_Willisevident:  dont expect special game copy protection to 'work' however12:02
paipimentaalright, so I'm going to setup my computer for dual boot (ubuntu/windows server 2003) except I only have an .iso.....12:02
OneMillionDollari'm looking for wysiwyg html editior12:02
paipimentahow do I do that?12:02
Sandkingfast newbie question - how to run app with admin privilege from file browser?12:02
chu_open file browser with root privs?12:02
Dr_Willispaipimenta:  i would get unetbootin, make a bootable flash drive from the iso file..  and use that to 'install' from12:02
paipimentaI don't know if my computer boots from flash drive.... how do I update BIOS?12:03
jophishSandking, in a terminal run "sudo nautilus &"12:03
Dr_WillisSandking:  short answer. you dont.  You could do 'alt-f2' 'gksudo whateverprogram'  as a quick way.12:03
allenbradleyOn startup choose bootorder12:03
kcharihhello everybody12:03
Dr_WillisSandking:  you want run the FILE manager as root? that can cause .. issues..12:03
Sandkingok, i thought that there's some right click stuff or something12:04
fahadsadah!graphicalsudo | jophish12:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about graphicalsudo12:04
fahadsadah!gksu | jophish12:04
ubottujophish: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)12:04
paipimentaallenbradley: first:floppy, second:CD,third:HD12:04
evidentDr_Willis, what do I enter for "<mountpoint>" when mounting the iso?12:04
paipimentawhat would I change about that order?12:04
Dr_WillisSandking:  ive seen some extensoons/scripts that might enable/allow it..  perhaps in the  ubuntu-tweak tool12:04
jophishthanks fahadsadah, just realised that12:04
Sandkingi don't want to run file browser as a root - only app from within file browser as root12:04
Dr_Willisevident:  the name of the directory you want to mpount the iso TO12:04
Dr_Willisevident:  where it will show up12:04
Dr_Willis!mount | evident12:04
ubottuevident: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount12:04
allenbradleypaipimenta: Uhh. you _want_it to boot from flash?12:04
OneMillionDollari'm looking for wysiwyg html editior12:05
legend2440!kompozer | OneMillionDollar12:05
ubottuOneMillionDollar: kompozer is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for easily creating web pages, and the continuation of the dead Nvu project. It is available in !Universe on !Gutsy and later releases.12:05
jophishSandking, there is a nautilus extension to open a terminal in the current directory, you could use that, and run the program from terminal12:05
allenbradleySandking, sudo nautilus?12:05
Sandkingjophish: ok, thx. i think i'll just run the app from terminal12:05
jophishno problem,12:05
Dr_WillisSandking:  if you want you could make a script that lanches the app that way.. if you need to do it more then once.12:06
Sandkingallenbradley: i don't want to have whole nautilus as admin - only selected app. but as i said, i just use terminal12:06
SandkingDr_Willis:  scripts for me is black magic - i'm not so techy guy12:06
allenbradleySandking: Fair enough12:06
BlouBlouI am thinking about publish in internet bot's log folder, how can I do it?12:07
kichawamy friend is testing 9.10 on the usb stick, it's strange because Xorg pid takes about 95% of one core, if we restard X server everything is ok12:08
chu_I'm pretty sure I can change my repo server to BigPond's mirror, however, in the software sources GUI there's no way of selecting the BigPond server, so, is there a way I can just change the text directly?12:08
Dr_WillisSandking:  time to learn then i guess..12:08
Dr_Willis!abs | Sandking12:08
ubottuSandking: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/12:08
SandkingDr_Willis: well, you can't learn everything, do you? ;)12:08
Dr_WillisSandking:  a 2 line script...   #!/bin/bash     gksudo programyouwant12:08
Dr_WillisSandking:  yes.. yes i DO in fact.. :)12:09
Sandkingsounds easy if you know something about it12:09
blue-frogSandking: the scripts will have to be placed in .gnome2/nautilus-scripts12:09
Dr_WillisSandking:  theres some web sites with lots of Nautilus-scripts out also. :) if ya really want to explore this 'overlooked' feature of nautilus12:10
mo0nykitHi! I'm trying to help my friend install gnome-ppp. He doesn't have Internet connection with Linux, but he can download through Windows. Here's what I'm planning to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/289986/ How do I instruct him to install the debs while automatically taking care of dependencies?12:10
SandkingDr_Willis: right now I'm trying to get an "overlooked" feature of terminal called "running apps as admin"... you're talking with simple point'n'click user, all right? :]12:11
denmark:))moonykit u can use wvdial12:11
mo0nykitdenmark, is wvdial installed by default?12:11
Sandkingdamn it would be nice if terminal had options to point and click ;]12:12
denmarksudo wvdial12:12
* Dr_Willis hides Sandking 's mouse12:12
SandkingDr_Willis: no, really ;] after listing files point and click on file would be just an extension. i bet someone did something like that12:12
Dr_WillisSandking:  dare we ask what you are trying to run as admin?12:12
mo0nykitdenmark, actually I have already sent him the files, then told him to "sudo dpkg -i gnome-ppp-<version number blah>" from /var/cache/apt/archives, he says wvdial is not installed12:13
* Sandking blushes12:13
Dr_WillisSandking:  install/run 'mc'   its a text based file manager.. :) a must have tool you can 'sudo mc' to do root tasks with it.12:13
Sandkingvbox addition tools12:13
Dr_WillisSandking:  so you want to run 'sudo virtualboxaddons.sh' or whatever its called...12:13
Dr_Willisactually that may need gksudo (since its a gui installer i think)12:14
bobbyhey all12:14
SandkingDr_Willis: I did sudo appname and it tells me command not found...12:14
denmarkmo0nykit install it - sudo apt-get install wvdial12:14
tushar777hi every112:14
Dr_WillisSandking:  becase the app s not in your current directory.12:14
bobbytushar777, hi12:14
mo0nykitdenmark, BTW me doing a "sudo apt-get install gnome-ppp --download-only" will also download the wvdial package, so that means that the wvdial.deb is already in the PPP.tar that I sent my friend12:14
Dr_WillisSandking:  if its on the Desktop its in /home/username/Desktop12:14
tushar777hi bobby..12:15
SandkingDr_Willis: no, I am in the dir where the app is12:15
SandkingDr_Willis: I listed all files and it's here12:15
bobbytushar777, where from/12:15
Dr_WillisSandking:  then you typed the name wring..  try the TAB key to complete the name12:15
Dr_WillisSandking:  and Case Is ImpoRanTAnT12:15
denmarkmo0nykit what actully u want to do ?12:15
SandkingDr_Willis: yep, I know - I use autofill12:15
mo0nykitdenmark, so, you mean, after my friend copies the .deb files to /var/cache/apt/archives, he can "sudo apt-get install wvdial" from anywhere? (He doesn't have Internet connection from within Linux)12:15
SandkingDr_Willis: app has extension .run - does it change anything12:16
blue-frogSandking: http://pastebin.com/d447bf85d12:16
Dr_WillisSandking:  it saying thats an executable you actually "execute' like you do anything else12:16
denmarkdear mo0nykit do not download it12:16
mo0nykitdenmark, I want to help my friend install PPP tools. He doesn't have internet connection from Linux. He has a USB modem (HSDPA/GPRS)12:16
blue-frogSandking: then you will be able to right click on a program choose script/runas (in nautilus) and run the program12:16
Dr_Willissh whatever.run, or chmod +x whatever.run     THEn ./whatever.run12:16
Sandkingblue-frog: thx for effort, but i'm just trying to di it in terminal12:16
tushar777can nokia n73 usb modem can be used to connect to internet on Ubuntu 8.0412:17
mo0nykitdenmark, I was thinking along the lines of giving my friend the .debs which I can send as email, then he can download from within Windows, then transfer the files through USB flash drive to his Linux box12:17
Sandkingi can't run it from nautilus since it req admin priv12:17
paipimentasudo nautilus :-)12:17
hellyHi -am I able to ask a question about Pidgin here please?12:17
denmarkmo0nykit sudo apt-get install wvdial  just use this12:17
denmarkthen your friend  connect via gprs a12:18
grawityhelly: Sure12:18
denmarkdon't download any thing just use this command12:18
Sandkingpaipimenta: hell, that works ;]12:18
Sandkingi just wanted to do one geeky thing by doing it by hand from terminal ;]12:19
Sandkingbut well - i'm not geeky enough :D12:19
paipimenta"Make me a sandwich." 'make you're own sandwich!'  "sudo Make me a sandwich"  'ok'12:19
blue-frogSandking: sudo /media/cdrom/VBoxLinux-x86.run12:19
grawitypaipimenta: your*12:19
hellygrawity: thanks. I have a problem (mostly with my GF) who wants flashing orange notifications when a new message is received. I have been able to turn on flashing notifications but I havenot been able to set the colour to the windows orange. Any ideas?12:19
blue-frogSandking: use tab t get the right name12:19
* ^mNotIntelligent rotflol12:19
Sandkingblue-frog: i did it from suded nautilus12:20
paipimentagrawity: yikes, over typed too12:20
Sandkingblue-frog: but i also tried to do it as you typed with no luck12:20
Sandkingbut it's already installing12:20
jacquesdupontdhey guys12:20
paipimentawhen I was at Yahoo!, there was this beautiful comic strip on the developers wiki page about editors12:20
blue-frogSandking: vbox additions don't care if installed or not.  if you issue the command it installs12:20
tushar777Hi: Is there any way to upgrade ubuntu from 8.04 to 9.04...Plz help...12:21
nibbler__tushar777: go via 8.1012:21
paipimentaoh yes!!!!12:21
Fishietushar777, sure, upgrade to 8.10 first and then go 9.0412:21
Dr_Willishttp://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html#id2508127 Installing virtual box guest addations......12:21
Sandkingok, ok - i did it12:21
denmarkmo0nykit after installing wvdial edit /etc/wvdial.conf file12:21
tushar777ok....thanks paipimenta12:21
paipimentatushar777: no, that's a joke12:22
Sandkingthanks everyone for help12:22
paipimentabut a very good one!!!!! http://xkcd.com/378/12:22
jacquesdupontdi don't understand everything is working perfectly compiz, warsow and many other things and i can't play Flash Videos on either Chromium either Firefox 3.5 smoothly, is flash that bad for ubuntu ? the difference with windows is impressive on a playback youtubevideo. May you know this problem and have a solution ?12:22
tushar777and is virtual box good for installing Ubuntu 9.0412:22
grawityReal programmers use Notepad.12:22
paipimenta:-P yuck12:22
blue-frogtushar777: if you wish. yes12:22
paipimentayeah, I love notepad's autocomplete for functions ??12:23
soreaujacquesdupontd: Which graphics driver are you using?12:23
jacquesdupontdnvidia propriety12:23
jacquesdupontdlemme check the version but i think the 18012:23
tushar777Will I be able to connect to the internet from within VirtualBox....12:23
jacquesdupontdsoreau, an idea ?12:24
hellygrawity: thanks. Pidgin flashing orange notifications when a new message is received? I have been able to turn on flashing notifications but I have not been able to set the colour to the windows orange. Any ideas?12:24
blue-frogtushar777: if you wish yes12:24
Sandkingtushar777: if i did it, you will for sure ;]12:24
tushar777Thanks Sandking for an good answer...Sure I will give it a try...12:24
soreaujacquesdupontd: Have you checked your cpu usage when trying to play flash content? How did you install flash?12:24
Sandkingtushar777: for me it worked out of the box12:25
tushar777I have an ADSL (PPPoE) connection...12:25
jacquesdupontdsoreau, that's the thing the cpu is going very far12:25
=== yoni is now known as CrAzYoNi
blue-frogtushar777: the host is initiating the adls connection not the guest12:26
jacquesdupontdsoreau, i installed it like everybody by the flash site and i also tried by reposotories12:26
jacquesdupontdanyway the .so is the .so that's all12:26
tushar777I tried ubuntu in VirtualBox but it didnt get the full screen view as it would have with normal installation12:27
soreaujacquesdupontd: Perhaps you should try undoing whatever you did to install it and try flashplugin-nonfree from the ubuntu repos instead12:27
Sandkingtushar777: i had the same - just install those additions12:27
Nimo i can not install vlc player. it shows..... E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?     what can i do?12:27
=== natschil_ is now known as natschil
tushar777will I need to download those additions...12:28
mo0nykitdenmark, it's my friend who has the problem :) He can't "sudo apt-get install" because he doesn't have Internet connection from within Linux12:28
Dr_Willishttp://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html#id2508127 Installing virtual box guest addations......12:28
Nimo i can not install vlc player. it shows..... E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?     what can i do?12:28
tushar777Thanks Dr_Willis for help...12:29
Dr_WillisNimo:  close out all other apps that are update/trying to install things.12:29
mo0nykitdenmark, or do you mean he can "sudo apt-get install wvdial" because he already has the necessary debs in /var/cache/apt/archives ?12:29
blue-frogNimo how many package manager are running?12:29
hellyHi All - not sure on the spamming rules here so apologies. I am trying to figure out how I can change the colour of flashing notifications for received messages with Pidgin. Can anyone help?12:29
Dr_Willistushar777:  they MIGHT be in the repositories.. ive not looked lately12:29
Dr_Willistushar777:  or use the menu items to make it download/mount the guest addations iso file12:30
JohnWayne"When I had a fucktard roommate in college my first semester. He came home drunk one night passed out and I raped him with a broom handle, making sure his ass was nice and bloody. Then I left and slept in my car. When I got back the next morning, I opened the door and he was cleaning the blood and shit off of his bedsheets. He asked me what happened to him and I said that I walked in on him having sex with a big black guy, so I slept 12:30
yusahello, can anyone help me with virtualbox installation ? I'm totally newbie :\12:30
Ubuntu-NoobI feel my dream of freedom from MS Windows may soon become reality... thanks for your previous help Dr_Willis12:30
elkyJohnWayne, please dont do that.12:30
Dr_Willis!virtualbox | yusa12:31
JohnWaynehello, can anyone help me with virtualbox installation ? I'm totally newbie :\12:31
Nimoonly one12:31
ubottuyusa: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox12:31
jhattaraare there any GUI tools to edit fstab ?12:31
JohnWayneare there any GUI tools to edit fstab ?12:31
jacquesdupontdsoreau, that's exactly the same12:31
Dr_Willisany text editor can do that jhattara12:31
JohnWaynesoreau, that's exactly the same12:31
JohnWayneany text editor can do that jhattara12:31
jacquesdupontdsoreau, i just tried swiftfox and it does the trick a bit12:31
jhattaraDr_Willis, i know very well i can do it with a text editor, but i'd like to knw if there are any GUI tools that would make it a bit more simple12:31
Nimoi can not install vlc player. it shows..... E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?     what can i do? i mam not installing any other application.12:32
blue-frogNimo: sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock12:32
blue-frogNimo: if you are trying to install things in command line and have synatic open at the same time. it won't work12:32
Pruneis there an application that can open a pdf, then save it to another format?12:32
hellyPrune: open office12:33
Prunethanks, helly12:33
hellyPrune:grab the PDF editor addon as well12:33
hellyHi All - not sure on the spamming rules here so apologies. I am trying to figure out how I can change the colour of flashing notifications for received messages with Pidgin. Can anyone help?12:34
Pruneis that an add-on to office?12:34
hellyPrune: yep - just google PDF editor for open office12:34
ProximaCentaurihi all, is there a application to display the song lyric from current playing song12:34
Prunethanks again helly12:34
system4041amarok media player retirieves sng lyrics for you12:35
[x]Sodium[X] how can i install englihtment12:35
ProximaCentaurii m using rythmbox, its nice and i can display the lyric with ctrl L, but i would like to have something else to visualise the lyric12:35
system4041rythmbox is lame get amarok12:35
ProximaCentaurisystem4041, thanks, i can retrieve sng lyric12:35
=== niki is now known as Guest54607
[x]Sodium[X] how can i install englihtment12:36
Nimoi can not install vlc player. it shows..... E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?     what can i do? i am not installing any other application. my synaptic package manager is not open also.12:36
ProximaCentaurii just want to display it on the desktop or like a screensaver12:36
system4041ProximaCentauri: u mean in a kareoke type of way12:36
ProximaCentaurisystem4041, yes, something like that12:36
system4041id google for some kareoke aps for linux then12:37
system4041once u find an app search for i in synptics12:37
guitar-maniachi! can anyone help me out?12:37
ProximaCentaurikaraoke, thats a good idea, thanks for the keywoard12:37
guitar-maniacubuntu does not regognize my ipod..12:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:37
system4041guitar whats up12:37
Nimoi can not install vlc player. it shows..... E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?     what can i do? i am not installing any other application. my synaptic package manager is not open also.12:38
guitar-maniaci connect my ipod to pc, it shows the files bu  banshee, hipo ipod manager etc cant seem to find it..12:38
blue-frogNimo: sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock   what is the output?12:38
Nimosme problem12:38
Nimosame problem12:38
bazhangProximaCentauri, pykaraoke is one such worth a try12:38
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »12:38
blue-frogNimo: it is not the answer to my question12:38
jhattaraif i'm putting an ext4 partition as a secondary drive, should i add the same options (relatime,errors=remount-ro), dump (0) and pass (1) on it in fstab?12:39
ProximaCentauribazhang, yes, i saw pykaraoke in synaptic by typing karaoke, hmm i am not sure if this is what i am looking for12:39
Nimo it shows................ lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/m/.gvfs12:40
Nimo      Output information may be incomplete.12:40
Nimoapt-get 7706 root    4uW  REG    7,0    0 173821 /var/lib/dpkg/lock12:40
FloodBot3Nimo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:40
system4041guitar-maniac: sudo apt get songbird12:40
system4041or seach for songbird in syapti12:40
BilgeWhen I first installed linux-image-server it copied the kernel files to /boot, but after deleting them I cannot get them to copy any more, even with remove/install or --reinstall commands12:40
blue-frogNimo: then you have your answer apt-get is still running12:40
ProximaCentaurimaybe there is some lyric extension for a composite manager ?12:40
blue-frognimo sudo pkill apt-get12:41
guitar-maniacok ill try songbird12:41
BilgeHow do I get apt to copy the files linked with linux-image-server again?12:41
system4041guitar-maniac: let me know how u get on12:41
=== DUCKFACE is now known as Life`Is`Peachy
Nimothanks. now its working..12:42
zacharyHello, I am 22 years old, I am unemployed and I also live with my parents.. What sort of PC should I get?12:42
tushar777hi..how do i connect to internet from VirtualBox12:42
=== [x]Sodium[X] is now known as hiii
=== hiii is now known as hiiiii
guitar-maniacit dont find songbirg, i typoed in the terminal sudo apt-get songbird12:43
system4041guitar-maniac: try searching synaptic12:43
guitar-maniaci tried, result were some pidgin plugin.. i also tried to add/remowe software12:43
hiiiiiguitar-maniac use apt-get install songbird12:44
tushar777hi..how do i connect to internet from VirtualBox12:44
zacharymaybe you do not have one of the respositories songbird is located in12:44
mnaineszachary: Try a cheap laptop12:44
zacharyin /etc/apt/sources.lst12:44
hiiiiitushar beta bakwas band karo12:44
guitar-maniacE: Pakettia songbird ei löytynyt12:44
guitar-maniacit says it cant find songbird12:44
zacharymnaines: will it get me women?12:45
Termanazachary - build your own. A mammas boy like you has no time for anything else12:45
guitar-maniacsudo apt-get update? wuold updating help?12:45
hiiiiiguitar-maniac use sudo apt-get install songbird12:45
tushar777I want to access Internet from Virtual box interface...I currently have virtualbox open...12:45
mnaineszachary: If you're interested in picking up women, don't rely on a car or a computer to do it for you.  Your own personality will determine how well women like you12:45
guitar-maniaci used sudo in the beginning and gave my password12:46
Termanatushar777 - have you enabled the ethernet interface in the preferences?12:46
guitar-maniaci try to update the packages..12:46
zacharyTermana: let me rephrase to be more specific.. I am 22 years old unemployed, a virgin, and I live with my parents... My parents have also caught me masturbating several times... is this a big issue?12:46
tushar777let me check plz..12:46
Termanazachary - I'll just gather more information for you, please hold.12:46
hiiiiiguitar-maniac open synaptic and search songbird12:46
mnaineszachary: This is not the place for talking about that stuff12:46
zacharymnaines: I figured an ubuntu irc channel would have tons of people who could relate to my dillema12:47
mnaineszachary: Most of us have been out on our own for years12:47
Termanazachary - go to #ubuntu-offtopic12:47
system4041guitar-maniac: http://www.songbirdnest.com/download12:47
system4041guitar-maniac: then go to http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2007/03/media-players-available-for-ubuntu.html and about a 3rd the way down the page you will find the install instructions12:48
tushar777I don't know how to check that...sorry..I am noob...12:48
Termanatushar - I don't have VirtualBox installed, but if IIRC, right click the VM in the VM list and click Preferences and on the side their should be something like "Network" click that12:49
tushar777Thanks I am connected....I added the Network in the VBox preferences and I am now connected...12:51
TermanaNo problem, glad to help :)12:52
tushar777It seems like I am connected via Adapter112:52
tushar777Thanks a lot Termana12:52
tushar777Now installing the VirtualBox guest additions...12:53
yusawhat is base memory for ?12:53
yusait says recomemdent size is 51212:53
yusaso that will give 512 ram to guest os ?12:54
pratik_narainI updated alsa to latest stable version by compiling and now i'm not able to record from my laptop's inbuilt mic12:54
tushar777I have alotted base memory as 256MB12:54
Termanayusa - yes, make sure you have enough for both the VM and your machine though12:54
=== ulissessantos is now known as SOD
yusai got 8gb ram12:54
=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
yusaso i think 3gb ram to VM will be ok for system ?12:55
Termanayusa - ahh, well you should be fine allocating a heap to the VM12:55
Termanayusa - should be fine12:55
tushar777I have only 10 percent RAM free...I am using Vista on 1GB RAM laptop....12:55
yusathank you.12:55
=== SOD is now known as S0D
mnainesyusa, VM uses 382MB per machine by default.  Every virtual machine you create is set for 382MB of RAM by default12:55
=== S0D is now known as Lnx-
=== root is now known as Guest70062
system4041tushar777: ditch vista12:56
=== Guest70062 is now known as Skibo
Lnx-quanto tempo tem que nao entro no mirc ehhehehe12:56
audiosensecdguys gud pm need help to install webcam12:56
Skibodonde estas qui12:57
mnainesI was going to say the same thing, system4041...If he's only got 1GB of RAM to play with, then he shouldn't be using Vista12:57
* Termana rolls eyes12:57
harjotanyone had a kopete proble with yahoo? doesnt connect12:57
Termanaa kopete?12:57
tushar777I know Vista stresses my laptop a lot....But it is a genuine copy given to me by Compaq...12:57
guitar-maniaci moved to file to the /opt, started extracting it, it it printed out huge amount of text, and after everyne line read the file dont exist or cant read12:58
zacharya kopete is a small creature that devours your soul12:58
pratik_narainI updated alsa to latest stable version by compiling and now i'm not able to record from my laptop's inbuilt mic12:58
guitar-maniaci have hipi ipod control and two other players in my system, any way to make ipod work on them?12:58
harjotTermana: instant messenging12:59
system4041guitar-maniac:  did u install songbird12:59
Termanaharjot - yeah, I realized that when I used some google fu12:59
tushar777Can I safely unmount the VBox Guest addition cd from ubuntu from the desktop12:59
guitar-maniacit says in hipo ipod manager that i pod not found. i cant install it :8 it says it cant be fuound, i have the downloaded file in th /opt, but cant extract it13:00
tushar777I have installed the guest additions13:00
harjotTermana: it doesnt connect anymore to yahoo13:00
Dr_Willistushar777:  i always copy the  guest installer tool from the cd to my virtual machine, so i dont ahve to  bother with the cd any more if i need to reinstall them.. yes you can unmoun tit13:00
mnainestushar777: I had the same problem you did...I used Vista for hard-core gaming and even with 4GB of RAM, Vista itself in gaming config with the aero desktop and everything running full steam needed at least half that13:00
tushar777ok mnaines I will try it right now...13:00
Termanatushar - the VM window should have its own menu for unmounting the virtual CD13:01
Termanaharjot - what version are you running?13:03
tushar777Thanks again mnaines and Termana13:03
harjotkubuntu 8.04 [im asking there too.]13:03
mnainesDr_Willis: Can I log into Ubuntu remotely from other operating systems?13:03
=== Numb_ is now known as Numb
tushar777oh..I have to make one correction..I have installed ubuntu with VirtualBox with 384 MB base memory...13:05
harjotkopete probllem any idea?13:05
prefixthis_i have much hate for ubuntu right now - i get nowhere trying to get sound out of my spdif output port13:05
TermanaDo you know what version of KDE comes with Kubuntu 8.04 harjot?13:05
Chousukemnaines: yes13:05
Chousukemnaines: the easiest way to enable that is to install the OpenSSH server13:06
harjotTermana: 3/3.5?13:06
tushar777is gcc installed in Ubuntu 9.04 by default....13:06
bobbytushar777, run gcc on command line13:06
bobbyand see :)13:06
harjotTermana: yes 3/3.513:06
harjotTermana: not 413:06
tushar777I don't have 9.04 installed. My ubuntu version is 8.0413:06
insmod<prefixthis_>just unmute and select as default13:06
chu_Hey any Australians with Telstra BigPond here?13:07
TermanaYou need to have at least 3.3 installed harjot13:07
harjotok....[how do i check?13:07
Termanachu_ I do have Bigpond NextG wireless broadband13:07
=== Xintruder_ is now known as Xintruder
chu_Termana, do you know of their repo mirrors?13:07
tushar777I don't have 9.04 installed. My ubuntu version is 8.04 so i can't figure out if gcc is installed by default13:08
chu_it should be13:08
prefixthis_insmod: i've unmuted it in alsamixer, and i point to iec958 inside xbmc, which is the purpose here13:08
bobbytushar777, open a command line and type $gcc13:08
mnainesChousuke: I got OpenSSH Server installed...What all do I have to do to log in remotely from, say, the internet?13:09
greg__hi guys trying to install some software.... i run the install script but then get the error /usr/src/linux no such file or directory - i ran apt-get install linux-source....what am i doing wrong?13:09
insmod<tushar777>just  apt-get install gcc it will tell you13:09
Chousukemnaines: just ensure that your computer's port 22 is accessible from the internet, then get an openssh client and tell it to connect :P13:10
anj怎么看函数的原型   终端man functionname 不行阿    有谁知道马13:10
bazhanganj #ubuntu-cn for Chinese13:10
=== kronos is now known as Guest8336
greg__mnaines - install and set up ddclient as well - that way if ur isp changes ur ip address u will always be able to access ur box just by banging in ur dyndns addrss13:11
tushar777Thanks insmod13:11
bazhanganj /join #ubuntu-cn13:11
Guest8336hello al... i need help...13:11
mnainesgreg__: Which address do I use to connect if I'm coming from the internet?13:12
Guest8336i'm installed ubuntu 9.4, with gnome. but i am loh and install kde4...13:12
greg__mnaines - there is a how to on ddclient in the ubuntu forums - u will have to set up and register for dyndns though13:12
grawitymnaines: Your computer's IP address. Check with http://myip.dk/13:13
anji see13:13
grawitymnaines: If it's a dynamic one (changes every day or something like that), you'll need to look up DynDNS and ddclient.13:13
Guest8336can i abort install kde?13:13
Guest8336hey, ethebody else???13:13
mnainesgrawity: Its a static IP13:13
bazhangGuest8336, it is being installed right now?13:13
grawitymnaines: Then just pass it to a SSH client.13:13
Guest8336it installed on gnome. and i cant edit conf. files13:14
ikoniaGuest8336: what do you mean you can't edit config files, which ones ?13:14
bazhangGuest8336, you want pure gnome?13:14
guitar-maniacrebooted after installing songbird, pluged my ipod to USB, but no, the files show on desktop but not in songbird..13:15
Guest8336i wont unistall gnome... or kde... pohui...13:15
Guest8336but i can't13:15
ikoniaGuest8336: can you try to explain your question a little clearer please.13:15
bazhangGuest8336, you want no DE?13:15
insmod<Guest8336>uninstall ?13:16
insmod<Guest8336> just apt-get remove13:16
mnainesgrawity: Does Ubuntu offer SSH remote login capability at the login screen under login options?13:16
ikoniaGuest8336: just disable the X server, that is the easy / quick option13:16
tavii want to put all icons align at left13:16
bazhangGuest8336, you wish to have only command line?13:16
tavihow i do?13:16
grawitymnaines: I'm not sure.13:16
Guest8336thank u... i'm sorry, but i lamer...13:16
ikoniatavi: drag them13:17
mnainesgrawity: What remote login option does Ubuntu offer by default?13:17
insmod<insmod>that's wwhy I use a small debian cd nothing but bash then i install just what i need13:17
ActionParsniptavi: right click desktop _> sort icons automatically13:17
ActionParsnipinsmod: u-lite does that too13:17
insmod<ActionParsnip>i use to do linux from scratch13:18
ActionParsnipinsmod: me too, which is why i use ulite, i used to carve out what i dont need. now i only add what i want :)13:18
linuksamikohello everyone. I have a pcmcia-card that works fine on my laptop but not on my desktop pc giving out this error: "pcmcia_socket0: time out after reset" both run 8.04 (hardy)13:18
insmod<ActionParsnip>hate gnome and kde -- the wife likes kde --- i use fluxbox13:18
ActionParsnipinsmod: lxde here13:19
dwarderwhy this command doesn't work sudo openssl req -new server.key -out server.csr13:19
dwarderwhy this command doesn't work: "sudo openssl req -new server.key -out server.csr"13:19
grawitydwarder: I think you forgot -key after -new?13:19
insmod<ActionParsnip>to heavy for me13:19
ikoniadwarder: what error do you get ?13:19
Chousukewhy are you using sudo though? :/13:19
grawityChousuke: Maybe the key is only readable by root?13:20
mnainesChousuke: What is a good SSH GUI program?13:20
lv_could you guys deal with 6.5kb/sec internet?13:20
Chousukemnaines: for which OS?13:20
grawitymnaines: SSH itself doesn't have a GUI.13:20
ikoniaNorwayGeek: ssh gui ? it's  terminal app ?13:20
ikoniamnaines: ssh is a terminal interface13:20
Chousukemnaines: on ubuntu you'd just open a terminal and use ssh user@somehost13:20
ikoniaNorwayGeek: sorry13:20
NorwayGeeklol its fine13:20
dwardergrawity: thank you, you were right13:20
ActionParsnipinsmod: lxde is super light13:20
insmod<mnaines>fish in konqueror13:21
grawitymnaines: It is possible to run GUI apps through SSH - use the -X parameter to enable this when connecting.13:21
insmod<ActionParsnip> not like fluxbox13:21
hyperzAfternoon fellow penguins <313:21
ActionParsnipinsmod: suprised you dont use flwm13:21
mnainesgrawity: I am wanting a way to log in remotely without having to log in locally first13:21
insmod<ActionParsnip> fits on an A: disk13:21
ActionParsnipinsmod: you mean a floppy ?13:22
insmod<ActionParsnip>i would never use icons and crap13:22
grawityinsmod: Why do you need a WM at all then?13:22
insmod<ActionParsnip>yup based of blackbox -- which i wrote for i 9613:22
tushar777Thanks for all the help...Bye....I will return later...13:22
ActionParsnipgrawity: flash in web browser ;)13:22
chu_Anyone who has set up http://mirror.files.bigpond.com/ for their repo downloads? I'm not really sure how to do it, if you can explain how you did it please.13:22
insmod<grawity>why not -- just hate the bulk when i can do it fast13:23
grawityinsmod: also, what the hell do you mean by "an A: disk"13:24
ActionParsnipchu_: you will need to add it to /etc/apt/sources.list13:24
insmod<grawity>that's how little code there is13:24
insmod<grawity>i once installed a sytem in 80 mb13:25
grawity80 millibits?13:25
stonkHi! Can anyone suggest a program i can run off the live CD to backup my entire harddisk to removeable storage? dd is too big, I'd like something a little more intelligent. thanks13:25
ikoniainsmod: what do you want to do exactly ?13:26
grawityinsmod: megabits are MB.13:26
vattsgrawity: i *think* those are megabytes13:26
vattsand yeah13:26
grawityvatts: Yeah :|13:26
vattsthat's correct13:26
ActionParsnipchu_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65755913:26
FloodBot3vatts: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:26
insmod<grawity> what ever13:26
bullgard4'~$ ps | grep udevd' obtains 3 hits. But why does System > Administration > System Monitor does not list udevd?13:28
ActionParsnipbullgard4: dont ask in both channels13:29
mnainesHow do I find the computer name in Ubuntu?13:29
ActionParsnipmnaines: hostname13:29
insmoduname -n13:30
bullgard4ActionParsnip: Please focus on answering and not on ploicing people.13:30
ActionParsnipbullgard4: i do, it just causes surplus traffic and you'll find most users are in both13:30
insmodActionParsnip>hostname uses uname13:31
ActionParsnipmnaines: or: cat /etc/hostname13:31
insmodActionParsnip hostname uses uname13:31
lv_ActionParsnip, man you are gay13:31
tavii want to put all icons align at left13:31
ActionParsnipinsmod: more than one way to skin a cat eh ;)13:31
grawityinsmod: No it doesn't.13:31
tavikeep align didn't worked13:31
taviany ideea13:31
insmod<grawity> yes13:31
insmod<grawity> yes13:32
mnainesActionParsnip: Do I need an SSH Encryption Key on both machines to secure the connection or do I just need it on the machine that I am using at the time?13:32
=== michel_ is now known as KarmicHyper
grawitymnaines: You need it on both.13:33
ActionParsnipmnaines: afaik, you copy the key from the client into the server13:34
=== donald is now known as Guest59655
dukhey ppl13:35
ikoniamnaines: are you trying to authenticate with ssh keys, or just have a secure connection13:35
chu_Cool, I think it now works.13:35
chu_Fun times.13:35
ActionParsnipchu_: cool, wtg :D13:35
dukdoes anyone know easy way to connect nokia 5610 to ubuntu..I just want do put some pictures to phone :D13:36
mnainesikonia: I want secure authentication and I want the connection itself to be secure (paranoia-based security, I know, but that's just the way I am)13:36
* duk pozz13:36
ikoniamnaines: so when you first ssh to a box it will offer a remote host based key, once you accept that, you're done, it's secure13:36
ActionParsnipmnaines: sh uses encryption so is secure13:36
laperrrunning ubuntu 9.04  x64 run xsane Segmentation fault is this a known issue13:37
chu_Well, I removed all repos but replaced it with the bigpond url, and refreshing update manager caused 6 more items to appear, so I can only assume it's working :p13:37
KFJEh, sorry to intrude, but can someone help me with an audio bug? I keep getting a constant buzzing :(13:37
insmod<KFJ>like what13:38
insmodKFJ: hmmmmmmmmm13:38
dukconnecting nokia via usb??? anyone??13:39
ikoniaduk: what about it ?13:39
grawityduk: When you connect the phone, does it show a menu?13:39
KFJEh, I plugged in my headphones to try to listen to music, it is like a TV Channel that is not working quite well.13:39
insmod<duk>dmesg should pick it up13:39
dukit just show something about configuration modem13:39
insmodKFJ: laptop?13:40
KFJYes, a very, very, very old laptop. (10 years old!)13:40
insmodKFJ: try mute the capture13:40
TimothyA2anyone here knows what 'ar' is? curl seems to complain about it when I'm attempting to compile it13:40
grawityTimothyA2: 'ar' is an archiver, kind of like tar but older.13:41
KFJEh, how do I mute capture? :S13:41
TimothyA2KFJ; psh, that's nothing. the government had an framework older than that13:41
ActionParsnip!info ar13:41
BeriaHi there, I want to install the open office 3.1 in my ubuntu but, for some reason that i don't know, the add/remove programs just install the 2.4 version. Anyone can help me?13:41
ubottuPackage ar does not exist in jaunty13:41
TimothyA2grawity; why would it need ar...13:41
insmodKFJ: mics on that's all13:41
grawityTimothyA2: For example, Debian .deb packages are 'ar' archives.13:41
grawityTimothyA2: But for curl - no idea at all.13:41
TimothyA2so, where do I grab this? :|13:41
ActionParsnipBeria: http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/05/install-openoffice-31-in-ubuntu-jaunty.html13:41
TimothyA2google likes to confuse it with 'are' which is an invalid search keyword13:41
insmodKFJ: use the fav mix app kmix alsamixer etc13:42
brohey, is there any way i could make totem use gpu acceleration and make use of the dual-core (for HD) for ATI HD2600?13:42
KFJDo you mean I should go to "Sound" and mute the input?13:42
insmod<bro>I was going to say buy nvidia but that is mean :)13:43
insmodKFJ: the capture -- no idea what "Sound" is13:43
TimothyA2grawity; no hint as to where to grab it?13:43
broinsmod, and impossible since i own a notebook :P [i know nvidia and even intel don't have problems]13:43
KFJSorry, but I'm not too great when it comes to ubuntu/linux, I've always used windows :P13:44
insmod<bro>shop first -- just use ati propriatary drivers13:45
TimothyA2grawity; nevermind, i think i just found it13:45
KFJCan  you tell me how I mute the capture?13:45
broinsmod, already enabled them, not using compiz, simple avi's run ok, but HD are jerky13:45
bobbob1016I made a 4 drive raid5 with mdadm.  After I rebooted, the drive doesn't mount with "sudo mount /dev/md0/ /media/raid" says the device doesn't exist.  When I do "sudo mdadm --assemble --scan" it says /dev/md/0 is assembled with 3 out of 4 drives.  Any ideas on where the last drive went?  It shows up in gparted.13:46
insmod<bro>that's why i buy nvidia --- but you can edit xorg to help with HD13:46
__whi, what's the equivalent of 'ping host -t' from windows?13:47
broinsmod, can you detail? what exactly i should edit in xorg?13:47
=== __w is now known as dsdeiz
grawitydsdeiz: ping -i <ttl>13:47
* Dr_Willis wonders what ping host t does.. :)13:47
insmod<bro>that's to long and i am almost in bed sorry13:48
broinsmod, ok, thanks anyway :)13:48
grawitydsdeiz: wait, the reverse... Linux ping already does that.13:48
ActionParsnipdsdeiz: ping in linux by default uses the equiv of -t13:48
ActionParsnipdsdeiz: you can make it act like windows ping using: ping -c 4 host13:49
=== phild is now known as phil_D
ActionParsnipdsdeiz: otherwise it will simply ping forever (which is what -t does)13:49
dsdeizoh, right.. lol13:49
dsdeizahh, it only stops once it doesn't receive a 'reply' right?13:49
grawitydsdeiz: No, it stops once you kill it.13:50
ActionParsnipdsdeiz: no it will just ping and ping and ping13:50
dsdeizhmm, got it. thank you13:50
ActionParsnipdsdeiz: to stop it you press ctrl+c13:50
grawitydsdeiz: Windows ping -t == Linux ping.13:50
grawitydsdeiz: Windows ping == Linux ping -c 413:50
dwardergrawity: sorry for bothering you, what did i miss in that command: "sudo openssl x509 -req -days 30 -in  ./server.csr -signkey -out server2.crt"13:50
dsdeizright, thanks :)13:50
dwardergrawity: i missed server.key after -signkey13:52
dwardergrawity: thanks :)13:52
KFJHow do I mute the capture? :S13:52
ruby_on_tailsis there a software for linux which can copy a whole site down on my HDD ?13:54
Dr_Willisruby_on_tails: wget or httrack13:54
grawityruby_on_tails: wget --mirror13:54
Dr_WillisI think its httrack..  i may have to many t's13:54
Dr_Willis!info httrack13:54
ubottuhttrack (source: httrack): Copy websites to your computer (Offline browser). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.43.2-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 34 kB, installed size 108 kB13:54
alexbhHi, I want to know if this touchscreen will be supported in 9.10: HP Pavilion tx 2510.... can somebody help me? thanks..13:55
ikoniaalexbh: 9.10 support is in #ubuntu+!13:55
ikoniaalexbh: 9.10 support is in #ubuntu+113:55
joaopinto!karmic | alexbh13:55
ubottualexbh: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:55
ruby_on_tailsgreat :D thanks grawity, Dr_Willis13:55
Dr_Willisalexbh:  get a live cd  of 9.10 and try it13:55
BeriaActionParsnip: The error mensage: Falha ao obter http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ppa/ubuntu/dists/hardy/Release  Unable to find expected entry  maindeb-src/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)13:56
BeriaFalhou o download de alguns ficheiros de índice, foram ignorados ou os antigos foram usados em seu lugar.13:56
alexbhthanks a lot guys13:56
KFJHow do I access volume control?13:56
insmod<KFJ>a mixer13:56
L33!info alsamixer13:56
ubottuPackage alsamixer does not exist in jaunty13:56
KFJI'll try to find this alsamixer, then :)13:57
leleobhzwithin knetworkmanager, how can i setup a static network as default instead Auth eth0 ?13:58
bobbob1016I made a 4 drive raid5 with mdadm, I copied some data to it, now it won't assemble.  Can anyone help?13:59
ruby_on_tailsI installed httrack, why can't I see it in my applications menu ?14:00
ikoniaruby_on_tails: how did you install it ?14:00
ikoniaruby_on_tails: is it a gui application ?14:00
ruby_on_tailsikonia: synaptec14:00
ruby_on_tailsyea its gui app14:01
ruby_on_tailsas it says "offline browser"14:01
Two4!games | Two414:01
ActionParsnipBeria: https://launchpad.net/~openoffice-pkgs/+archive/ppa14:01
ubottuTwo4, please see my private message14:01
ikoniaruby_on_tails: can you launch it from the command line, not all packages have a applications menu icon14:01
KoterpillarHow often does Karmic look for updates by default?14:01
ActionParsnipBeria: expand the technical details bit and add to sources.list (change the release name as you require)14:01
rweait1used a projector with my thinkpad t60 (Radeon x1400). preferences - Display prompted for virtual resolution and logout/login. How do I get back to full resolution after projector?14:01
ikoniaKoterpillar: 9.10 support in #ubuntu+1 please14:01
ruby_on_tailsI tried httrack, gnome-open httrack ikonia14:02
ruby_on_tailsnothing opens up14:02
KoterpillarOops, sorry. Jaunty then?14:02
ikoniaKoterpillar: it queries the repos14:02
Koterpillarikonia, how often?14:02
ActionParsnipBeria: thats an openoffice.org repo14:02
ruby_on_tailsikonia: how can I open it from the terminal ?14:02
BeriaActionParsnip: Thanks, tel me try, and i said something soon14:03
ikoniaKoterpillar: not sure, certainly upon login14:03
ikoniaruby_on_tails: just installing it myself for you14:03
ruby_on_tailsoh thanks ikonia :">14:04
ikoniaKoterpillar: once a day14:04
ikoniaKoterpillar: /etc/cron.daily/apt14:04
lolmaci can't seem to connect to the internet using my adsl bridge14:06
lolmacwhen i created and activated an adsl connection it works perfectly14:06
ikoniaruby_on_tails: httrack is the command line interface14:06
younger2hi, i run tcpdump on eth0 of MTU 1500, but i saw a lot of TCP packets much bigger than 1500. how could that be possible?14:06
lolmacexcept for the fact that it doesn't support my network14:06
lolmacor i use the network connection etho14:07
lolmacor the adsl14:07
lolmaccan't i use them both?14:07
ruby_on_tailsnooooooooooooo :(14:07
ruby_on_tailsthe site shows screenshots/images14:07
ikoniaruby_on_tails: webhttrack is the gui14:07
ikoniaruby_on_tails: you're not reading the site, it's on the first page it explains the different14:07
ikoniaruby_on_tails: the gui pictures are also of the windows application14:07
Koterpillaryounger2, TCP does not have packets. Even if you meant IP packets, they get (re)assembled by the IP stack14:08
younger2Koterpillar: i know tcp is stream, but tcpdump should show the fragmentations14:08
grawityyounger2: aren't they reassembled _before_ reaching tcpdump?14:09
=== malcolm is now known as Guest58287
Guest58287when i start a game in ubuntu it goes into window mode 7min later and turns bright how do i fix that14:09
Koterpillarthat's what I meant14:09
KoterpillarGuest58287, which game?14:09
younger2grawity, Koterpillar: i am not sure. Tcpdump behaves differently on different systems14:10
=== Guest58287 is now known as Malcolm_26
KFJI still get this buzzing sound after muting the capture in alsa mixer :(14:10
younger2grawity, Koterpillar: i have quite much experience using tcpdump and wireshark, but i have never seen this before14:10
mnainesKFJ: Is the Mic Boost enabled?14:11
younger2it seems to me that the fragmentations are offloaded in the ethernet driver14:11
KFJNope, disabled.14:11
younger2since i am troubleshooting network issues, i want to have the offloading disabled14:12
mnainesKFJ, maybe the mic is too close to the speakers?14:12
Malcolm_26open arena and nexuiz go out of fullscreem amd turnbright and i cant move how do i fix that?14:12
younger2so I see the real traffic on the wire14:12
younger2anyone knows how can that be done?14:12
KFJI don't know if this has an inbuilt mic or not14:14
P3X-018What does the Intel Debugger GUI require to run on ubuntu. I have JAVA, but it shots down right after the GUI shows up.14:15
jpvdbI have some problems with synchronisation of todos between evolution and wm5. Contacts and calendar no problem!14:16
KFJHow do I disable the mic?14:16
KFJAs I have no use for it whatsoever14:16
aquariusI have an Ubuntu jaunty machine which is turned on all the time, and has wireless network. Sometimes the wireless network works, sometimes it doesn't; the machine stops being pingable from the outside. Using the machine to connect to somewhere else always seems to wake the wireless up. How would I go about diagnosing the problem?14:16
Hodappaquarius: anything in dmesg?14:17
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
ActionParsnipaquarius: when the wifi drops, run dmesg | tail14:18
aquariusHodapp: lots of stuff like [42948.897498] wlan0: RX ReassocResp from 00:21:29:83:44:8f (capab=0x411 status=0 aid=1)14:18
Hodappaquarius: have you tried searching these error messages?14:19
aquariusHodapp, it looks a bit like the wireless access point says "you have to reconnect now!" every so often, and sometimes the Ubuntu box reconnects and sometimes it doesn't.14:19
farligär det nån som vet var man kan hitta inställningarna till google chrome? finns ingen .google-chrome i /home.14:20
aquariusHodapp, yep, of course. I didn't find anything hugely useful -- my problem here is that I'm not really sure where to start investigating the problem. I'm crap at hardware stuff. :)14:20
farligoh sorry14:20
AnirbanHazrawhat is the syntax to install php graphical libraries GD in hardy ?14:20
insmodhow does google do street view ?14:20
LjLand offtopic14:20
farligdoes anyone know where to find the preference folder for google chrome. can't find a "." folder in /home/14:20
aquariusHodapp, I've been tempted to just do "ping google.com" in a VC on the machine, to keep the network up ;)14:21
Hodappaquarius: eh, that or just ping the router or something14:21
vavarhow can i tell which network interface should be used preferably?14:21
aquariusfarlig, should be in ~/.config/chromium or similar.14:21
aquariusHodapp, yeah, but it's, er, something of a bodge ;)14:22
LjLi do have a ~/.chromium actually.14:22
Hodappaquarius: So?14:22
LjLah nevermind, it's something else, it's indeed ~/.config/chromium14:22
aquariusHodapp, I feel guilty about that sort of thing, and if it's evidence of a deeper problem I'd like to find out what it is so I can report a bug on it, since my dad doesn't know about pinging the router to keep the network awake :P14:22
Dr_Willisthere are keep alive pinging programs out14:23
aquariusAnirbanHazra, search in synaptic for "gd"; there should be a php library that comes up in the search14:23
insmod<aquarius>i use to do that in a older computer in the run level14:24