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jeeaarhey guys04:06
morrochi, i got a question.... how can i sync my .purple/logs directory06:58
morroccreating a soft link doesn't help06:59
verterokmorroc: syncing symlinks isn't supported, yet.07:06
morrocso, there is no way i can automatically sync my pidgin logs or firefox bookrmarks currently07:06
morrocoh, i can make a cron job, thanks for the info07:07
verterokmorroc: I think you have 2 options: 1) yse rsync to copy from .purple/logs ro ~/Ubuntu One, 2) create a symlink from ~/Ubuntu One/my_purple/logs -> .purple/logs07:07
verterokmorroc: yes :)07:07
morrocabout 2nd option, symlink doesn't work07:08
morrocab@laptop:~/Ubuntu One$ ln -s /home/ab/.purple/logs/ logs07:09
morrocthat's what i used, and it doesn't help me07:09
verterokmorroc: why? it's a real directory in ~/Ubunut One07:09
verterokmorroc: oh, sorry, I wasnt clear..07:09
morrocwell, i'll try that too07:10
morroclets se07:10
verterokmorroc: option 2) was: mkdir ~/Ubuntu\ One/my_purple_logs; ln -s ~/Ubuntu\ One/my_purple_logs .purple/logs07:10
morrocnope, doesn't work07:11
morrocall i got is an empty folder07:11
verterokmorroc: I assume you made a backup of your logs ...right? :)07:13
verterokmorroc: an empty folder where?07:14
morrocon the ubuntu one web interface07:14
morrocyeah, trying to make a backup of the logs, or kinda share them across pc's07:14
verterokmorroc: to use it as a back, I recommend to use a cron and rsync to copy it to ~/Ubuntu One07:15
verterok*back up07:15
morrocyeah, that's what i am doing now :)07:15
morrocthanks again07:15
morrochave to roll... got a train to catch07:15
morroctake care07:15
* verterok --> sleep07:15
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hamaxhy, does ubuntu one sync symbolic links?11:53
aquariushamax, it doesn't, yet. that's on the list of things to do.11:55
hamaxthanks, I thought I'm doing something wrong11:57
hamaxmount to the rescue :)11:57
nimhnow there's a good idea11:57
topylihamax, i did the opposite, moved data to the ubuntuone dir and created symlinks outside12:18
* topyli awaits ubuntuone delete all ~/Documents12:18
hamaxI don't trust one yet :)12:19
hamaxbtw what is wrong with this fstab line12:21
hamax/home/ham/Faks  /home/ham/Ubuntu\ One/Faks  none  rw,bind  0  012:21
hamaxi removed none and it's closer to working, but now I have problem with whitespace in ubuntu one directory12:24
hamaxit's working now with \040 if someone has similar problem. IMO whitespace in foldername is... wrong12:31
topyliyeah ~/Ubuntu One reminds me of My Documents12:39
topylishould we update the url in the topic to one.ubuntu.com? the redirect does work but maybe it would be smart to have the correct one12:52
=== aquarius changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: File Sharing for Ubuntu | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Beta Client Revno is 231, Protocol Revno is 71 | Release 0.95.0 (protocol) 0.96.0 (client
aquariusgood idea. :)12:52
topylithere, better :)12:53
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SabirService had already left the state test?15:40
faganWhen you put your contacts into the ubuntu one address book where does it go?17:25
faganI know how couchdb works, but where is it stored on ubuntu one17:26
verterokfagan: look in ~/.local/share/desktop-couch/17:40

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