iMaddHatterHey,just installing Xubuntu again on my old Dell,I have some questions since I'm kinda new to xubuntu.05:24
iMaddHatterOk,well first question,I would want to know if I could update my Intel chipset within xubuntu. I believe after clearing my computer using DBAN to get rid of windows,I lost the update data for the chipset. Could this be true?05:28
iMaddHatterBtw,My processor is the Celeron 1.7 GHz05:30
iMaddHatterDell Dimension 2350 using 512MB ram and the Intel i8245E/G/PE/Ge chipset05:31
iMaddHatterI believe no one even reply or even talk in this channel?05:46
Balsaqwere here05:46
iMaddHatterWe're here*05:48
iMaddHatterI had a question before,but no one replied.05:49
Balsaqif someones ask a techinical question involving xubuntu and we know the answer...we respond05:49
iMaddHatterOk,well I'll repost my question05:49
iMaddHatterOk,well first question,I would want to know if I could update my Intel chipset within xubuntu. I believe after clearing my computer using DBAN to get rid of windows,I lost the update data for the chipset. Could this be true?05:49
iMaddHatterBtw,My processor is the Celeron 1.7 GHz05:50
iMaddHatterDell Dimension 2350 using 512MB ram and the Intel i8245E/G/PE/Ge chipset05:50
Balsaqawesome, sounds like me?05:50
Balsaqanswer is ...yes05:51
Balsaqjust toss ubuntu in yur cd player and away we go05:52
Balsaqyeah i lost my update data on my chipset too...my intel 440bx never felt sooo good since i lost windows...AHHHH05:53
iMaddHatterWell,I wanted to know if I am able to update the chipset through xubuntu? Would that increase performance?05:55
Balsaqwell being a certified non-tech i am pleased to tell you that upgrading with xubuntu is sort of like updating yur whole dadgum computer, made mine real fast , faster than it was new, but honestly i never heard of the updating the chipseet thing05:57
iMaddHatterHm,well I have been using Ubuntu on this machine before,but I thought the profomance in it was slugish so I'm downgrading to Xubuntu 9.0405:58
Balsaqi threw ubuntu in my ancient dell cause i heard it worked a lil better for non techs...now i have the xubuntu disc and am waiting until a grow a set...before i do the destop enema the and try xubuntu05:59
Balsaqi need the xubuntu also my dell is from 199805:59
iMaddHatterThis is dell was made in 200106:00
Balsaqis your machine runnung on sdram or rdram06:00
iMaddHatterjust reseted the BIOs and notice it was set for 1/1/200106:00
iMaddHattersdram I believe06:00
Balsaqyur lucky then if toss some more ram inher you might be surprised and sdram is cheap06:01
Balsaqthats how i got old bessie runnung good on bloated ubuntu06:01
iMaddHatterHm,well this machine can only go up to 1Gb06:01
Balsaqwell i have 400mgz and 768sdram and she can multitaks several websites at once06:02
iMaddHatterXubuntu is very good. I would send you a copy in the mail if you need one made.06:02
iMaddHatter400Mhz you mean,right?06:03
Balsaqwell like i sadi i have it now...right in my hand but as a non tech i must 1st grow a set of gnads before messing with my perfect ubuntu install06:03
Balsaqyep 400mgz read and weep06:03
Balsaqyeah huh...the ram took over though06:03
Balsaqbut i have the xubuntu disc now just learning a lil before i screw with the ubuntu that is running so well06:04
iMaddHatterWell that is good,but Xubuntu is very nice for older computers and I'm just so blown away by it06:04
Balsaqi gonna do the xubuntu also as i learn more06:04
iMaddHatterWell,you could back up your files into and everything06:04
Balsaqwe can just switch by using termianal real fast i guess06:05
iMaddHatterI think you could dual boot the two06:05
Balsaqi think i wrote in down somewhere, you just go to terminal and it switches ubuntu to xubuntu ... i think06:05
iMaddHatterI believe,you should check the support site on Ubuntu.org I think..06:06
Balsaqsounds pretty simple but i saw people in here going nuts cause they lost their sound and stuff06:07
Balsaqwell it ios funny but i happen to have 3 used dell dimansion 8250's coming in aboout a week that i am going to learn with, 1- for xubuntu, 1 for puppylinux, and one for win xp pro sp306:09
Balsaqwant to become an OS install pro...1st06:09
Balsaqold business computers from around 2002 or so...06:10
Balsaqprolly 2.4's with 512 ram or so06:10
Balsaqthey give em away when they get old at work06:10
Balsaqbut everything work on this crazy ole buntu puter so i dont want to mess with it06:11
iMaddHatterI know what you mean,I hate when businesses and even schools throw away perfect computers in the dump06:13
iMaddHatterI was looking at puppylinux before but never touched it06:14
iMaddHatterI looked at it since it was just a odd name for a linux OS and also a dog lover so I thought about it.06:14
Balsaqwell these wise guys have noticed i am new...so they are stickin me with the ones that came with that dalgarned rdram (rambus) i mentioned earlier...it tough to but that stuff cheap06:14
Balsaqyeah puupy looks really cool..they say its fast06:15
Balsaqand on a 2.4 with a gig a ram should really move06:16
iMaddHatterWell in general,aren't all linux based OS are usually fast?06:17
iMaddHatterwell of course06:17
Balsaqhow many ram slots do you have06:18
Sysieverything's about where you compare06:19
Balsaqsee dell had a way of keepin  stuff from their customers so you'll but another computer...they didnt want to tell me my old boat anchor can hold twice the ram they say06:19
Balsaqyours may be the same06:19
iMaddHatterI have two ram slots06:20
Balsaqill bet ubuntu will realize 2 gig of sdram in yur puter06:20
iMaddHatterI was told by Dell that I could only use two 512MB of ram on this motherboard06:20
Balsaqso you but dont listen too me06:20
iMaddHatteryou really think Dell lied to me?06:21
Balsaqyeah they told me those stories too06:21
iMaddHatterDamn,well I would like to know who much I could hold on this system than06:21
Balsaqwell they want you to think yur puter is a gonner...truth is its not a lie...they say we didnt test it that high to make it a non lie06:21
iMaddHatterI believe it could be more than just an old machine06:21
Balsaqthey told me never exceed 128 per slot and i have 3 slots, i did 256 per slot for 3 slots06:22
Balsaqyeah huh06:22
iMaddHatterWell I have two 265 in two slots06:23
Balsaqbut you see  it made w98 a lil unstable though fatser but would hang too, ubuntu never hangs with the extra ram in mine06:23
Balsaqso i killed w9806:24
Balsaqthe techs on here said i better stop at double the book specs06:24
Balsaqi also contacted crucial memory and they have recorded many sales with happy customers with dells like mine that doubled the ram...so you can qsk them 1st and they will look it up by their previuos orders, but i had to tell them too do it06:26
Balsaqat 1st they tried to get me to stay with in the dell book...only after iasked them to push it did they dig into their records and sure enough tons of dell people did it successfully06:27
Balsaqi can talk here, do ebay , and run terminal line commands at the same time06:29
iMaddHattervery interesting06:29
Balsaqyeah huh06:29
iMaddHatterHm,well I would need to find out how far my RAM can go on this system06:29
Balsaqtoo nbad i didnt have a bigger processor like yours06:30
_Pete_iMaddHatter: what exact model?06:30
iMaddHatterDell Dimension 235006:30
iMaddHatterI have the service code if you want to see more specs06:30
* _Pete_ wishes to upgrade computer too06:32
_Pete_i7 (or two) would be nice06:32
iMaddHatterme too06:33
_Pete_currently have Q6600/8G ram06:33
Balsaqid be happy with an old e520006:33
Balsaqthats a rocket not a freakin puter06:33
_Pete_2 years old :)06:34
_Pete_so must upgrade!06:34
Balsaqill take the old one Pete06:34
Balsaqi can 15 years out of it06:34
_Pete_and I take the cash from that :)06:34
Balsaqwhaddya do sell em on ebay06:34
Balsaqsee all i use old bessie for is the netso all the new stiuff i dont need06:35
iMaddHatterI could sell my computer but,I don't think I would get much from it anyways06:35
_Pete_its like this http://quadcore.homeunix.net/phpsysinfo/index.php?disp=dynamic06:36
BalsaqPete do actually use all those cores?06:36
_Pete_when compiling things06:37
Balsaqwhat OS so you have06:37
iMaddHatterIf you re using anything linux or debain based,you don't need all that06:37
iMaddHatterIts alot of money wasted to be honest06:37
_Pete_need what?06:38
iMaddHatterYou are running Xubuntu on a beast of a systems06:38
iMaddHatterthe cores06:38
_Pete_I dont like new kde or gnome06:38
_Pete_that's why06:38
Balsaqyou dualing Pete06:39
Balsaqwhat did you do with vista?06:39
_Pete_this machine has never have windows06:39
Balsaqoh you built it06:39
_Pete_ordered without OS06:40
Balsaqnice clean rocket06:40
iMaddHatterAh,well of course,the OS is one of the most $$$ spent for making a new system06:40
iMaddHatterSo Xubuntu is the best choose. I like the Xfrce06:41
Balsaqi want to built a mini rocket on a $67.00 intel e520006:41
_Pete_It really doesnt matter06:41
iMaddHatterI had ubuntu on this computer before06:41
iMaddHatterdowngrade/upgraded it06:41
_Pete_since I usually use only konsole & firefox06:41
iMaddHatterI wish they come out with Chrome for Linux soon,I love that better than firefox06:41
Balsaqi see that seamonkey in my synaptic package manager, has antone tried it?06:42
iMaddHatterI have tried it out on windows06:42
iMaddHatterbut,never played with it much06:42
iMaddHatterso I deleted it06:42
Balsaqhow is it06:42
iMaddHatterI should check itout06:42
Balsaqis it faster than FF06:42
iMaddHatterits just like firefox but i think faster06:42
_Pete_opera has always been fastest06:43
_Pete_dont know against chrome06:43
iMaddHatterFirefox is filled with so many security,its hard to do alot06:43
Balsaqi have heard that06:43
iMaddHatterChrome is awesome!06:43
iMaddHatterIts 100% open source06:43
Balsaqi wonder how much space opera takes...i have 5.5 gigs left on my HD06:43
Balsaqchrome wont go in my old boat anchor though06:44
Balsaqi am limited06:44
_Pete_Balsaq: opera doest take much06:44
Balsaqwill it let and old sytem have it06:44
_Pete_why not?06:44
Balsaqwell some have requirements06:45
iMaddHatterI'll check it06:45
Balsaqi think chronke chromeliterally spotted my system and said NO06:45
Balsaqchrome i mean06:45
iMaddHatteryou would need 128mb ram06:46
Balsaq768 here06:47
Balsaqi think it was my processor that kills me06:47
LappyHow do I run a .bin file in Xubuntu. I tried Wine but it won't run at all...06:47
_Pete_used to run linux with amiga, it had 40Mhz cpu :)06:48
Balsaqsee i never saw a puter like that06:48
Balsaqwhen i got in the were 133mgz06:48
Balsaqand up06:49
Balsaqmine came with 64ram06:49
iMaddHatterI would love to help ya out Lappy,but I don't know how06:49
Balsaqnor do i06:49
LappyOkay. I haven't a clue. I pick open with and choose wine(the blue diamond one, the exe) but it still won't boot06:50
Balsaqsee techie knows all that stuff, but hasnt arrived yet06:50
iMaddHatterthat is for you,Balsaq06:51
LappyWill techie be on soon?06:51
Balsaq_see it said need P$...i have a P206:53
Balsaq_p4 i meant06:53
Balsaq_thats why i cant have it06:53
Balsaq_i tried to get one day for about a half hour..would act like it was going in....but at the ens...no06:54
Balsaq_whats that thing that says i di a ping?06:54
=== Balsaq_ is now known as Balsaq
iMaddHatterugghh g2g for now guys. I'll be back once my system is done installing Xubuntu07:06
iMaddHatterI'm running off the live CD now07:06
iMaddHatterWoot for Xubuntu 9.04 and for the upcoming 9.1007:06
Balsaqlater mad07:09
homebrewciderhey there, every now and again, don't know why, I lose my desktop settings (customised taskbar, thunar settings and the like) Is there a config file somewhere I can backup somewhere please?08:18
Balsaq_Techie_ those computeres i am getting have that rambus in them?09:24
Balsaqypu ever mess with that stuff?09:24
MoonTigeris anybody here?09:59
biliim using xubuntu 9.04, my wireless network was working fine with network manager applet until last nite, it was working then it stopped10:31
biliand now my wireless network name grey out10:32
biliany pointers?10:32
denmarklu lu lu12:41
denmarkchika chika chika12:42
=== SiDi`Laptop is now known as SiDi
jarnosThere used to be a way to disable suspend and hibernate in xfce logout dialog in some version of Xubuntu. Is it still there? Where is it exactly?14:14
imaddhatterHey everyone15:46
Edonobody huh?15:49
SiDiIt's funny15:53
SiDiall the people who joined today said hi and disconnected15:53
imaddhatterI'm still here15:57
imaddhatterjust downloading the updates for Xubuntu15:57
imaddhatterg2g gotta restart16:02
lividhello, I cant add more workspaces on my workspace switcher16:43
lividannyone can help please?16:44
SiDilivid, hi16:44
SiDiusing compiz?16:44
lividSiDi, hello, I think not16:45
SiDiTry Alt+Insert and Alt+Del please16:45
lividSiDi, Cool :)16:45
lividthat works16:46
SiDiI assume this means it works for you :)16:46
lividyes, thank you very much16:46
TheSheepyou can also go to settings->workspaces16:46
lividoh, that also works :)16:47
lividI justtried to risght-click + properties and try to increase the number16:47
SiDioh i see16:47
SiDithats for the number of columns on which to display workspaces16:48
SiDiIt's useful when you have _very wide_ screens16:48
lividI should start to read what is written there... sorry aboutthat16:48
SiDino problem livid16:49
dennis00Hi, can I run the opensuse layout on xUbuntu?17:20
Sysiwhat do you mean by "opensuse layout"?17:21
dennis00a great cannonical gnome or kde layout17:23
dennis00opensuse looks nice, and we use it at the University.17:23
dennis00I would like to use that gnome template on Xubuntu.17:23
dennis00KDE template*17:23
dennis00or maybe XFCE template*17:23
Sysigtk themes are universal17:24
dennis00I want this task bar: http://gi812.net/media/images/openSUSE_10.3_install_34.gif17:24
Sysimy english skills aren't that great17:24
dennis00no problem, my Finish isn't great.17:25
Sysi*finnish :P17:26
dennis00you see how bad it is ^^17:28
Sysithere are instruction for older ubuntus17:29
Sysihmm, i there are gnome-main-menu in repositories17:30
MoonTigerhi :)17:40
MoonTigeris this the right place to ask about xubuntu karmic beta?17:41
SiDiMoonTiger, yes17:57
MoonTigerah thank you ... may i ask a question? :)17:58
MoonTigerwell 2 actually17:58
MoonTigerwhen i finish lagging to hell and back that is17:58
SiDiMoonTiger, you surely can ask questions, MoonTiger ;)17:59
SiDiI may even answer them, if I know the answer. (Well, I will also answer if I don't, but the answer won't be very helpful then)17:59
MoonTiger2 things are bothering me (apart from the few beta crashes that are to be expected)17:59
MoonTiger1 is the login screen17:59
SiDioh? SURPRISING </sarcasm>18:00
MoonTigeri normally change mine to be a simple username / password challenge dialog box instead of the big spashy thing they have18:00
SiDiYou can't change Gdm 2.2818:00
MoonTigernow it appears i cannot change this18:00
MoonTiger*sigh* so i get a dumb list of users like some windows clone??18:00
SiDiit's so cool, so fast, so well integrated into the desktop that it's absolutely unbelievable anyone would want to change it. </sarcasmĀ²>18:00
MoonTigerok well then i guess its back to plain debian and plain xfce fore me18:01
SiDiIf you really can't bear it, you can replace it with gdm-2.2018:01
MoonTigeri left windows / osx because i got tired of being told what i would prefer18:01
SiDiI'd just like to point out that the Xubuntu devs are nonely responsible for this disaster. it's an ubuntu thing18:01
SiDithe package gdm-2.20 contains the old gdm18:02
MoonTigerand the "suspend" and "hibernate" buttons on the logout dialog... can i get rid of them?18:02
SiDicody-somerville uploaded it, so for karmic you can use that :)18:02
MoonTigerahhh is that in the repos?18:03
SiDihm, i think its not possible anymore with xfce 4.6.1 but you might wanna ask in #xfce as i may just not have found where it was moved to in the GUI18:03
SiDiyes it is18:03
MoonTigerok wow that rocks18:03
MoonTigerthank you18:03
MoonTigeri was not looking forward to installing from clean debian18:03
SiDihehe, debian+xfce's default desktop is so friendly ^_^18:04
MoonTigerbut if xubuntu gos much further down this road i will leave it18:04
MoonTigeryah i know18:04
MoonTigerbut it can be made ok with much tweaking18:04
chris_debianHi, guys.  I've got upgrade to Karmic probs, can anyone help?  I did a successful update-manager -d upgrade, but when I did the ext3 > 4 conversion as per the Ubuntu wiki, my new boot is not happy.  Most times when I boot, I get the mouse splashscreen, then it seems to hang.  On one boot I got the log-on screen, but then I got lots of colours and it froze. I tried CTRL+ALT_ Backspace, but nothing happened.  In Recove18:40
chris_debianry mode I get this message: "cannot stat /tmp/.X11-unix (no such file or director), aborting".  Anyone got any ideas?  Failing this, I'll have to do a proper install.18:40
SiDichris_debian, i think you can reinstall :/18:45
SiDiThe ext3 to ext4 upgrade didnt go well apparently18:45
SiDiIdeally, you should try to install 9.04 in ext4, and upgrade to 9.10 to see if it does it again18:46
chris_debianSiDi, Great! What a bummer! I though all the ext4 problems were ironed out.18:47
chris_debianGuys, could I use System Rescue CD to rescue my partitions? Should I just go for a new install?18:49
chris_debianAnyone know whether ext4 has special tools to check it, or can I use e2fsck to try to rescue a partition?19:02
* SiDi doesnt19:14
imaddhatterI think I have a stupid question,so I don't know if I want to ask it. >.>19:59
imaddhatterBut...its about the Intel chipset19:59
SiDiimaddhatter, i ask more stupid questions in a day than you would in a month, so don't worry and go ahead!20:01
imaddhatterOk,well I want to know if I could be able to update my intel chipset. I went to the intel site and looked for drivers,than I was sent here http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=757&DwnldID=13815&lang=eng20:03
TheSheepmaking it longer will only make the pain worse20:03
TheSheepimaddhatter: ubuntu has those drivers included20:03
imaddhatterTold me to go to http://www.intellinuxgraphics.org and check for downloads,but I'm kinda scared to do any damage to my machine20:04
SiDiok, so, you have an intel integrated chipset, and you have performance problems?20:04
imaddhatterYes,I can't really run just a simple SNES emulator without lagging abit20:04
imaddhatterI'll get my specs for my system20:04
SiDiimaddhatter, what you could do first is test the Xubuntu 9.10 LiveCD and see how the drivers work for your chipset20:04
imaddhatterIts Celeron20:05
SiDisome old chipsets still have trouble with the latest Intel drivers (but it may be fixed in the next version)20:05
SiDiThat's your processor, imo, imaddhatter20:05
SiDiit should be Intel GMAxxx or X3100 or X4500 or Intel 808xx20:05
imaddhatterIntel i845E20:05
imaddhatterfor the 845 family20:06
imaddhatternvm,found the name for it20:06
imaddhatterIntel 845GL20:06
SiDithat's definately an old computer, right?20:06
imaddhatter2001,so yeah xD20:06
SiDiOkey, before you break your system, try the Xubuntu 9.10 LiveCD :)20:07
SiDiif the newer drivers work better you should be able to notice it from there20:07
SiDihttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily/current/ this one actually20:07
SiDimore recent drivers20:07
imaddhatteruugghh I have to download the 9.10 beta?! Dx20:08
SiDiIt would be a safer way than just trying a Xorg update and ending up with a shell prompt :)20:09
imaddhatterit took me about 5 hours to DBAN my system and install Xubuntu 9.04 all together20:10
imaddhatterthat is true,SiDi20:10
imaddhatterDo you recommend using DBAN for erasing a HDD20:12
SiDiIf you have a slow internet then it may not be the best solution :P20:12
SiDiI don't know what DBAN is20:12
imaddhatterNo,it wouldn't. xD But I would be able to download it...just takes forever20:12
imaddhatterDarik's Boot and Nuke20:12
imaddhatterfor this system,I'm using a wireless adapter20:13
imaddhatterI think it would be best to download using a direct LAN connection..20:14
imaddhatterI updated my Xubuntu 9.04 just today...178 updates :o20:16
imaddhatterI'm using 512MB of ram..20:18
imaddhatterand I know Xubuntu needs at least 192MB of RAM20:19
_Pete_on my xubuntu currently: Kernel + applications20:21
_Pete_ 20:21
_Pete_  43%20:21
_Pete_Kernel + applications - 3.30 GB20:21

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