nightwlkrwell am a newbie u can say but what's the problem? maybe i can help00:00
nico480i was trying to fix the drivers on my friend's computer and whaen I went to the hardware section to change the driver so she could get a 1024x768 res. after i put it on the one that is suspose to be the recommended driver i rebooted and got nothing but a black screen. anyone know how to change it back?00:02
nightwlkrouch... that i think requires editing of xserver config00:04
nightwlkrpress ctrl + f4 go to text based00:06
nico480ok then what?00:06
nightwlkryikes i had a similar issue on kubuntu 7.04 that was more than a year ago00:06
nightwlkri don't remember the location of the file :(00:07
nightwlkrlet me check online00:07
nightwlkrlogin text based00:09
nightwlkrnano /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:09
nico480ok now what?00:10
nightwlkrlet me try and c where i edited if i can find it i'll help u out..00:10
nico480great! thank you so much00:11
nightwlkrok u have section "Device"00:12
nightwlkrwhat's the device under there?00:12
nico480i have "get help" "write out" "read file" "prev page"00:13
nico480"next page" "cut text" "cur pos"00:13
nightwlkrit's blank?00:14
nightwlkrthat means there was no file00:14
nightwlkrnote that it's case sensitive X11 capital x00:14
nico480ok i didn't caps the x00:15
nico480now i have a whole bunch of writing on the main screen00:16
robin0800nico480: there is no xorg.conf file on a new install of the beta00:16
nightwlkri didn't know that00:17
nico480well its not a new install of the beta00:17
nightwlkrSection "Device"00:18
nightwlkrIdentifier"Configured Video Device"00:18
nightwlkru c this?00:18
FloodBotK2nightwlkr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:18
nightwlkrso it's configured video device00:18
plazzXorg automatically detects hardware and loads the appropriate driver the majority of the time. so kubuntu ships without the config.00:18
nightwlkrnot any brand or driver00:18
nico480yes have section device identifier configured video device00:19
nightwlkrso it was differnt on 7.04 ?00:19
plazznico480: post your /var/log/Xorg.0.log to a site(the paste site linked above for example)00:21
nico480I can't because i am typing on my laptop and her computer can not get online until i fix this problem00:22
plazznico480: does hitting alt+ctrl+f1 take you to a terminal or does the screen remain blank?00:22
nico480i have a terminal00:23
plazznico480: type 'cat /var/log/Xorg.log', the errors x is having should be there. sounds like the driver isn't being loaded for whatever reason.00:24
nightwlkrplazz: his problem is that xserver doesn't recognise the new driver he specified00:24
nightwlkrhe needs to manually configure it back to the old driver00:24
nico480it says that it has the 178 driver but was reccommended to be at 180 so when i changed it i got a black screen00:25
nico480so i have to ctrl-alt-f1 to get the terminal screenm00:26
* Ev0luti0n_ boas!00:30
nightwlkrdpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:31
nightwlkrthis should restore to deafult state as i read online00:31
nightwlkrtry it00:32
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nico480do i need toput in sudo or something else first?00:34
nightwlkryes if u r logged in as normal user00:35
nightwlkrbut i doubt u have changed root pass so sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:36
nico480it says command not found00:36
poincare_saludos desde puerto rico00:36
nightwlkrit works fine with me00:37
nightwlkrcheck for a miss spel00:37
nightwlkrand don't forget the "-"00:38
nico480i did check speling and had the - in there and still got command not found00:38
nightwlkrcause i just tried it :P00:39
nightwlkrand it reconfigures everything from ur keyboard layout to graphics...00:39
burneris there a way to move widgets on the panel with a hotkey?  or do you have to use that menu item a couple things deep?00:40
nightwlkrnico480: use tabs to fill ur text00:41
nightwlkrlike sudo dp tab and it will dpkg-re tab etc..00:41
nico480ok i think it was just acting stupid. now what?00:42
nightwlkrdid u c a blue screen?00:42
nightwlkrasking u questions?00:42
nightwlkrjust follow it answering 1 by 100:43
nightwlkrit'll get to ur video settings00:43
ZeikfriedWhere could i find a .DEB package for the 2.6.27-9 kernel?00:44
nightwlkrit's the best way i could think of that i could do as a newbie..like i said i don't have much knowledge linux based00:44
nightwlkrnico480: let me know if it works though :P00:46
nico480i don't know what to answer the first one00:47
nightwlkrwhat's the question?00:48
nico480use kernel framebuffer device interface00:48
nightwlkryes i guess00:49
nightwlkrwell this is the xserver config so no matter what u do u will still b able to use the terminal00:49
nightwlkrif i'm not mistaken00:50
nico480ok i went through them what now?00:50
nightwlkrreboot .. sudo reboot00:50
nightwlkror sudo startx00:51
plazzjust startx. no need to sudo it unless you explicitly want to run it as the superuser(tip: chances are you don't.)00:53
nightwlkrwhat do u think plazz? should this work?00:54
nightwlkrnico480: any luck?00:55
nico480yes but now does anyone know how i can give her the option of setting her resolution to 1024x768 instead of 800x60000:57
nightwlkrwhat's her vga?00:58
nightwlkrvga..like sis..ATI etc..00:58
nico480don't know where would i find that info?00:58
nightwlkris it a built in vga?00:59
nico480i guess so01:00
nightwlkrwhat's her main board then?01:00
nico480pls tell me where to look in ordr to tell this information01:01
nightwlkrwell easiest way i know of is on the mainboard01:01
nightwlkrbut that tells u all hardware that linux has installed01:02
plazzlspci | grep VGA <- shows me at least the vga controller. (case sensitive)01:03
nightwlkrlspci |grep VGA01:03
nightwlkr01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter (rev 03)01:04
nightwlkrcause i have the same issue :P but stuck on 900x60001:04
nico48000:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51G [GeForce 6100]  (rev a2)01:05
nightwlkrnico480: checking google to c what i can find01:07
nightwlkrhad same issue and still have with my sis built in vga..went and got a an ATI pci express card back then to fix this problem01:08
nico480so does anyone have any idea about how i can get this setting changed?01:11
plazzdid you install the nvidia driver? is 800x600 the highest resolution you can see in System Settings > Display?01:12
nico480yes 800x600 is the highest res. that she has01:13
plazzand you installed the driver?01:14
nico480nope it came with the computer01:14
nightwlkror u can try this way01:17
nightwlkrsudo apt-get install nvidia-glx01:17
nightwlkrsudo apt-get install nvidia-settings01:17
nightwlkrsudo nvidia-glx-config enable01:17
nightwlkrhard way..easy way..u choose :P01:19
nico480ok that really didn't get me anywhere honestly01:20
nightwlkrwhy not nico480?01:20
nico480ok last one says command not found01:21
nightwlkrdid the first 2 install?01:21
nico480second says already newest version01:22
nico480and first one says you should explicitly select one to install01:23
nightwlkrurs is 173 no?01:24
nico480but it says 180 is the reccommended setting01:26
nightwlkrsudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17301:26
nightwlkrit's 35.1 mb i hope u have a fast connection..not like mine :P01:27
nico480after this operation 4026kb disk space will be freed continue?01:27
nico480yes right?01:27
nightwlkrhonestly i have no clue what i'm doing :P that's what i found on google01:28
nightwlkrseems it worked for others01:28
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nightwlkrnico480: u should try these step by step and try searching on google..u'd b amazed what u'll find01:30
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nightwlkri better go sleep it's 3:30 am an got work in the morning... hope i was of some assistance01:30
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LuisJaoh come on people, no one of you have been able to help me01:51
LuisJai need the help pls01:51
LuisJai need a reinstalation of kubuntu01:51
LuisJabut now i installed 64amd, runescape now lags amazingly and cannot use HD01:51
LuisJakubuntu 9.04 amd6401:51
ZeikfriedWhat kernel was used in 8.04 default installation?02:00
JontheEchidna!info linux hardy02:03
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB02:03
JontheEchidnahmm, somehow I recall .22 being default in hardy, maybe that's with all the updates^02:04
ZeikfriedIs it bad to boot up into 8.10 with the 2.6.24-16.30 kernel module?02:08
ZeikfriedWhat command is used to see what wi-fi chip is installed?02:09
JontheEchidnaNah, I don't think that'll hurt anything02:09
JontheEchidnaifconfig maybe?02:09
ZeikfriedThe wi-fi card i believe he has does not work with the new kernels.02:09
ZeikfriedHe had it working a little bit in hardy, so i figured we would install an old kernel.02:10
ZeikfriedHe is running a ralink RT2700E, and it does not work in the newer versions of Kubuntu, and he barely had it working in Hardy.02:12
=== john is now known as johninsc
ZeikfriedHow would i get a ralink RT2700E working in 8.10?02:18
justin___hey i am lost now... and need help lol02:27
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eclix_o que  e isso02:42
=== eclix_ is now known as eclix
justin_is anyone here02:44
eclix    here02:44
justin_ok cool i just installed kubuntu 9.04 out the box and was wondering if i could take it down a notch to just the core02:45
justin_idk if its possible but figured i'd ask02:45
justin_well this place isnt useful02:51
justin_i get more of a response from my wall-when i'm drunk02:52
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webbb82 im trying to install more kicker applets doing this  can anyone please check out the link and tell me what im dong wronghttp://www.electrictoolbox.com/adding-additional-kicker-applets-with-kubuntu/03:50
ZeikfriedWhat would i recieve better performance from EXA or XAA?03:54
webbb82is there anyway to speed up the kickoff menu03:58
darcycan someone help me with vlc?  trying to get my dvd player to work04:02
Qu4ZWhat's not working? Try googling for 'libdvdcss2 kubuntu' or something?04:05
darcymy vlc is not playing dvds04:06
webbb82im running kde on my netbook with a small screen is there anyway to change the screen size/ resolution  , kinda like  zoom out to fit more stuff on a screen04:19
Qu4Zwebbb82: You could try decreasing the system font size, and using a minimalist window theme?04:25
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ZeikfriedMy icons seem to be corrupted on my taskbar, could someone tell me what might be happening? http://imagebin.ca/view/8c8U8dZQ.html05:41
ZeikfriedMy icons seem to be corrupted on my taskbar, could someone tell me what might be happening? http://imagebin.ca/view/8c8U8dZQ.html05:41
ZeikfriedSorry bout that.05:42
uboxanyone have resume working on an hp dv6xxx?05:59
ttongHi all06:01
ttongHow's it going friends?06:03
uboxgood, how are you?06:03
ttongvery very good.06:03
ttongwhere r u?06:04
ttongit's raining now,06:04
uboxit looks like it may rain soon here too06:05
uboxpressure is dropping06:05
ttongi c06:05
uboxyes, what version are you running?06:05
ttongkubuntu 9.0406:05
ttongis it  good?06:05
uboxcan you resume from suspend?\06:06
ttongi have not sure.06:06
ttongi'm new in ubuntu.06:06
ttongi'm testing it, how to use it.06:06
uboxyes it is great, the only thing i am having trouble with is resume from suspend and there is an issue with the policy kit that is used for packages, so i have to install from the command line but that is alright for beta06:07
uboxi sort of am as well. i used redhat and mandrake years back but was a mac user for the last few years. now i am back and using ubuntu for the first time.06:07
uboxwell, kubuntu06:08
ttongah ha,  Good..06:08
uboxi ran ubuntu 8.10 for the first few weeks on my old powerbook g4 but now i have a newer hp06:08
uboxyes, i like it much better than commercial os's06:08
ttongsound's great.06:08
ttongme too,  so i'm going  to use it.06:08
ttongis it automatically to update  from Beta to stable version06:09
ttongi mean graphic mode (no command line)06:09
uboxi am not sure, i hope so. i've begun customization06:09
ttongbecause now i'm  downloading ubuntu 9.10 and i don't know about that.06:10
uboxthe gui for packages of any kind is having a problem with authentication so it may be possible if they fix that, then upgrade the policy kit from command line then use gui for the distro upgrade06:10
delainehey is any one know where i can get a decent free virtual machine?06:10
delainedoes* sorry06:10
uboxdelaine, sorry not i. maybe someone does though06:11
delaineyeah should i just type that in kget ?06:11
delainethanks for think though u box06:11
uboxyou could try06:12
uboxi think it should be in there06:12
uboxif not, google 'virtualbox ubuntu package' and you should find it06:12
uboxas a deb06:12
delainei want to learn virtualmachines06:13
ttongyes, have u ever tried before?06:14
ttongwhich os that u need  to install in virtualmachine?06:14
delaineno its in kget thanks! ttlong!06:14
delainei mean ttong06:14
silv3r_m00nam using kde 3.5 , can this be done that whatever folder I open it all opens in the same konqueror in another tab06:39
RhapsodySince I normally come here when #ubuntu seems to be paying no attention (and I do actually use Kubuntu), how do I compile and install ALSA 1.0.21a on Jaunty? I'm currently using OSSv4.07:05
RhapsodyI like OSSv4, but various problems arise. Sound input from my webcam doesn't work, pSX emulator doesn't work, MPlayer is jerky because it doesn't interface properly with OSS and the developers don't want to fix it.07:08
aftermarketgirlDoes setting the panels min/max size work for anyone in kde4? or is it just me? or is it just kubuntu? or... i dunno, it's a bit irritating07:09
kalphi, I installed gnome desktop environment on my original kubuntu environment, then in both environments the title bar of all windows is blank, although the buttons (max,min,close) exist, i cant see them. what should i do?07:12
kalphi, I installed gnome desktop environment on my original kubuntu environment, then in both environments the title bar of all windows is blank, although the buttons (max,min,close) exist, i cant see them. what should i do?07:14
aftermarketgirlkalp: i'd probably try "metacity --replace" first... see if compiz is screwing up07:14
kalpaftermarketgirl: what does this command do?07:15
aftermarketgirlyou'll lose all your bling, but somewhere to start07:15
aftermarketgirlit will replace compiz window manager with metacity for the session07:15
kalpaftermarketgirl: only for the session , u sure?07:16
aftermarketgirlnot totally, but you can always reverse it with "compiz --replace"07:16
kalpaftermarketgirl: ok i am trying now07:17
aftermarketgirlany luck?07:18
kalpaftermarketgirl: it did work!! thanks !!07:18
aftermarketgirlbut you lost all your 3d effects07:18
aftermarketgirlif you want to fix them... there's something wrong with your compiz config07:19
aftermarketgirllike it's calling the wrong window decorator or something07:19
aftermarketgirlit should be somewhere in "desktop effects" preferences or... something07:20
aftermarketgirli'm just some geek07:20
aftermarketgirlbut if that doesn't have a setting for it, you can install "ccsm" or "compiz config settings manager"07:21
aftermarketgirlkalp_: crash?07:22
kalp_aftermarketgirl: crash? no, it worked07:23
kalp_aftermarketgirl: thanks again07:23
aftermarketgirldid you see my other rant about how your 3d effects will now be gone?07:23
kalp_aftermarketgirl: u said no bling07:24
kalp_aftermarketgirl: where u from?07:24
aftermarketgirlbasically your problem is in your compiz settings07:24
aftermarketgirldenver, colorado, usa07:24
kalp_aftermarketgirl: compiz is always causing trouble07:25
aftermarketgirlit's calling the wrong window decorator or something07:25
aftermarketgirlinstall ccsm and poke around07:25
aftermarketgirlwhere are you from kalp_07:26
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Roflthx to that fucking kubuntu beta now my laptop is broken up: after the kubuntu charging bar it stays in black screen forever, nice!!09:11
BouRofl: you upgraded something recently?09:13
BouRofl: and by the way, guess what, beta means.. beta!09:13
tsimpson1) that language is unacceptable here, 2) it's a beta, ie not stable, 3) karmic support is only in #ubuntu+109:13
Roflwow by beta they should put in BLACKS at the start:09:14
Roflwarning, this beta has the potential of staying in black screen forever09:14
Roflbe careful09:14
tsimpsonit's unstable, your mileage will vary09:14
tsimpsonsome have no issues, others do09:14
Boudisplaying warning before any click.. remember me some other OS... =p09:15
Roflwarning at the downloading page09:16
Roflyes the upgrade was to kubuntu 9.1009:16
tsimpsonthere is a warning09:17
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boscopI can't find the global proxy settings dialog in my xfce menu :(09:54
boscopwhere is it?09:55
AngryKoalaisnt this the kubuntu channel09:55
ngirardHi all. I've just upgraded from Kubuntu 8.10 to 9.04. One of my problems is, that the fonts configuration of all gnome apps has changed. How can I revert to my old configuration, or at least tweak it ?09:57
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jonathan_good morning! :)10:27
jonathan_since i upgraded from kubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 pulseaudio doesn't work anymore. I don10:27
jonathan_I don't want to keep using PulseAudio, if there is any alternative program which does what pulseaudio does for kubuntu. Alsa didn't work with my 5.1 card for any reason, pulseaudio recognized it automatically and used all 5 channels. So is there soemething else then alsa and pulseaudio which works nice in karmic?10:28
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titanichearthey can1 help me on instaling dell studio 1535 webcam driver and software ?10:32
ngirardHi again. What's the general strategy for overcoming such kind of errors:11:06
ngirardE: /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-nightly-kdesupport_20091009+svn1033329-0neon1_i386.deb: tentative de remplacement de « /opt/kde-nightly/share/icons/oxygen/128x128/devices/video-display.png », qui appartient aussi au paquet kde-nightly-kdebase11:06
ngirardwhich means that an upgrade failed just because one file (/opt/kde-nightly/share/icons/oxygen/128x128/devices/video-display.png) belongs to several packets11:07
subitoi have someone on ubuntu who has tried to install kde by installing kde-core, kubuntu-desktop and kde but there is a problem when we launch the graphical desktop: the plasma board is not there and there are no windows11:19
subitois there another package to install?11:20
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Mamaroksubito: installing kubuntu-desktop should be enough, which Kubuntu version?12:10
compilerwriterI just installed 9.04 on my little shuttle box.  Then I did the updates.  There were four restricted updates that did not get installed.  What is with the restricted updates.12:57
compilerwritergood morning deviser13:05
compilerwriteror good night as the case may be.13:05
jussi01compilerwriter: on jaunty?13:10
compilerwriterjussi01 I think so I have lost track of names to version numbers.13:10
jussi01compilerwriter: if so, then try this in terminal: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:10
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »13:11
compilerwriteryes jussi01 jaunty.  9.0413:12
jussi01compilerwriter: so try what I said13:13
compilerwriterDoing it now jussi0113:13
shadeslayerhi,does kubuntu have kdelibs4-devel ot kdelibs5-devel?13:16
compilerwriterjussi01: I am now upgrading to karmic or just upgrading my shell?13:16
jussi01compilerwriter: no, not upgrading to karmic, just your packages13:17
compilerwriterI had Ibex packages jussi01?13:18
jussi01compilerwriter: no.13:18
compilerwriterjussi01: I have been out of the loop for a minute I guess.  I had been using jaunty on wubi when Minuet my *nix box died.  Now I am configuring Toccata my new *nix box.  I thought I had downloaded and installed the latest distro.  I guess not.13:21
jussi01compilerwriter: you had. dont mind the terminology, it isnt what you think ;) its just upgrading the kernel there I think youll find.13:22
compilerwriterjussi01: Thanks I am not used to Kpackagekit.  Hell I'm not used to Quassel.  Half tempted to go get Konversation.13:23
jussi01compilerwriter: do what you wish, if you want help come here, if you want to chat, lets head on over to #kubuntu-offtopic ;)13:24
compilerwriterj #kubuntu-offtopic13:31
BluesKajHey all14:01
Matisseis there a good tool to resize a lot of images?14:03
VousDeuxI've been hoping for a very long time that eventually there would be a patch, but until then I have a problem where while working inside of a vmware guest some of my keyboard functions stop working (ctrl, shift, caps). I have a little script that I manually execute to get them working again.14:07
VousDeuxBesides putting this script in the crontab for minute execution, does anyone have any ideas how I can work around this issue?14:08
VousDeuxI guess I should have mentioned that it is on my Kubuntu host where the keys stop working...they still work inside of the vmware guest environment.14:11
BluesKajVousDeux, try making a bash script and placing it in /etc/int.d , rename it to an .sh file then update runlevels with sudo update-rc.d...no gurantees but it might work14:11
VousDeuxI already have a little script, that I found on the forum, that I keep on my desktop and double-click each time the keys stop working. I guess I'm too ignorant to understand your suggested solution. What should I read to become more enlightened on the subject?14:16
BluesKaj!bash | VousDeux14:16
ubottuVousDeux: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal14:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about script14:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bin/bash14:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bin14:17
BluesKajubottu, you suck :)14:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you suck :)14:17
VousDeuxI found a man page for update-rc.d...perhaps that will help...thanks for your help.14:17
BluesKajVousDeux, read about bin/bash scipts too14:18
VousDeuxOkay...thanks a bunch!14:18
VousDeuxHmmm...it would be cool if I could have the fix script automatically trigger on an error event that is triggered only when the keys stop working.14:22
BluesKajVousDeux, the vmware guest environment is windows ?14:34
VousDeuxYes. It seems to be something in Excel that breaks the keys in the host.14:35
VousDeuxI use the ctrl button alot inside of Excel.14:37
PiciVousDeux: You can configure that hotkey in vbox iirc.14:37
sdafsfsfhi all14:38
VousDeuxI don't know anything about vbox...I've been using  VMware for many many years.14:39
VousDeux...since version 3.214:39
VousDeuxI wonder if there is a feature comparison somewhere that compared vbox to vmware.14:41
sdafsfsfwhere i can change the language?14:42
jtheuerk control center14:42
VousDeuxI found a performance comparison that says vbox uses more RAM and does not use resources as efficiently as vmware.14:45
VousDeuxHmmm....vbox might be worth a look-see.14:48
VousDeuxI wonder if I could directly convert a vmware guest to vbox.14:50
VousDeux...or if I would have to use backup/restore.14:51
VousDeuxOh well...another project on my list at any rate...back to my Samba/LDAP project.14:52
VousDeuxThanks for the helpful suggestions.14:52
seraphimyour are welcome14:52
Matisseis there a good tool to resize a lot of images?15:14
subitoMamarok: it worked thanks15:15
BluesKaj!konq-kim | Matisse15:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about konq-kim15:18
VousDeuxMatisse, I don't know of a specific program to recommend, but using the keyword 'bulk' in your search for an image editor should get you where you want to be.15:18
VousDeux...like 'bulk image resize'15:19
PiciMatisse: Try the imagemagick package and see   man convert   once installed15:20
corigoAny Krusader users on now?15:21
Matissethx, i'll try konq-kim15:27
BluesKajMatisse, I'm trying to get it to work but not having much luck15:30
MatisseBluesKaj, it only shows me "convert to png" etc.15:39
Matissenothing about the other features..15:39
BluesKajMatisse, yeah, I'm doing some research right now ...I thought it would work , butmaybe there's some other dependencies that are required15:44
thomichani'm new15:47
Matisse_BluesKaj, apt-get recommended some packages: sox toolame mpeg2dec a52dec15:48
Matisse_thomichan, and now?15:48
BluesKajMatisse_, http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Graphics/Kim-2263.shtml15:48
thomichanwhat ?15:48
Matisse_yes, now what?15:49
thomichanI'm an idiot and i think u too15:49
Matisse_nice one15:49
Matisse_you should get your own comedy show15:50
sumanhow do i manage the services/programs that start at startup??15:53
BluesKajMatisse_, those remarks weren't necessary15:53
geniiBluesKaj: I agree. Just got back to computer15:55
Matisse_seems like it didn't motivate him/her to say what he wants15:55
BluesKajMatisse_, use the !ask prompt next time15:56
Matisse_BluesKaj, is it in a package of kubuntu?15:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:56
Matisse_best idea15:56
JuJuBeeI am trying to install a program on Ubuntu 64 bit and am getting an error when trying to run the program: error while loading shared libraries: libQtWebKit.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:59
genii!info libqt4-webkit16:01
ubottulibqt4-webkit (source: qt4-x11): Qt 4 WebKit module. In component main, is optional. Version 4.5.0-0ubuntu4.2 (jaunty), package size 3559 kB, installed size 14920 kB16:01
JuJuBeegenii : so what do I need to install?16:02
JuJuBeelibqt4-webkit ?16:02
Matisse_How do I find out, if a program is packaged for kubuntu?16:02
geniiJuJuBee: Yes16:03
geniiMatisse_: apt-cache search <programname>16:03
|jonathan|hey need a help16:05
genii!ask | |jonathan|16:05
ubottu|jonathan|: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:05
JuJuBeegenii : I installed libqt4-webkit and still get the same error when trying to run the program.  I even reinstalled the program...16:06
geniiJuJuBee: There is one other package listed which also has that library... one sec I'll fetch the name16:06
geniiJuJuBee: libqt4-dev16:06
|jonathan|im wanted to try kubuntu 7.10 but my alcatel music phones driver (which is in rar file) doesnt open , as a result i  cannot access internet cause i use the phone as a modem16:06
|jonathan|how can i install the driver which is in rar file16:07
genii|jonathan|: 7.10 is no longer supported, and it's repositories are no longer maintained. You need to go to at least version 8.0416:07
|jonathan|my god16:08
|jonathan|ohh okk bye16:08
JuJuBeegenii: thanks, but no luck16:08
JuJuBeestill same error when launching program16:08
=== gwydionwaters is now known as ubox
geniiJuJuBee: What more exactly is this program giving grief?16:09
JuJuBee?  that is tthe only error I get.16:09
* genii sips and ponders how this is not an answer to the question that was asked16:10
JuJuBeeOh, sorry, you want the program name... it is a cisco program called Packet Tracer.  A network simulation program16:11
geniiJuJuBee: It's probably looking in a directory which does not exist for the libQtWebKit.so.4 file.16:13
genii(like /usr/local/lib    or so)16:14
JuJuBeeany way for me to find out ?16:14
geniiJuJuBee: If you have the source code, look at the Makefile or so16:15
genii(or the README or the docs on the page of where you obtained it, etc)16:15
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
labhi. which is the best way to install ATI driver for ubuntu 9.04 ? I followed these instructions and they were a disaster: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI   . any suggestion? thanks16:20
=== kb is now known as Guest52332
JuJuBeelab: when I used ATI I installed via Envy.16:24
labJuJuBee: on jaunty ?16:25
JuJuBeenot jaunty, but intrepid16:25
labI'm searching for jaunty16:25
JuJuBeehave you tried envy?16:25
labwhat is envy ?16:25
JuJuBeeIT detects your video card and installs appropriate drivers...16:26
JuJuBeeFor use with nvidia and ati16:26
labyes, but what is it? is it an apt program ?16:26
JuJuBeeyes, sudo apt-get install envy16:26
lablet's try16:26
labhas it a gui ?16:27
BluesKaj!envy | lab16:29
ubottulab: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver16:29
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:30
labBluesKaj: the last link is the shitty help that corrupted my previous installation16:30
BluesKajJuJuBee, you shouldn't advise ppl to use envy16:30
labit should be banned from the official ubuntu site16:30
BluesKajenvy can break your system worse than it is now16:31
labBluesKaj: I think that nothing is worse than the last help16:31
labBluesKaj: the last help is really awful16:31
labit's ridicolous16:31
BluesKajI just got here , what's your situation ?16:31
labBluesKaj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI   read about 9.04. It gives instructions and then says: these instructions are not valid!!!16:32
labthen, it gives a link with a horrible procedure16:32
labreally: never seen such a horrible how-to16:33
JuJuBeeBluesKaj:  I know it is not supported, but I fought with ATI for months and envy took care of the install in 5 minutes.  I went gray16:33
BluesKajlab, that warning is meant for instructions that follow it , not before/previous to16:34
labBluesKaj: read more accurately16:34
labthe warning says that the _above_ instructions don't work16:34
labthis is ridiculous16:35
laband the result was that I had to installa again the OS16:35
BluesKajJuJuBee, you got lucky...envy screwed up my setup , but I havent't used it since , about 4 yrs ago16:35
BluesKajabove binary drivers16:36
BluesKajif you use the above binary drivers16:36
BluesKajanyway lab , what ati card ?16:37
labBluesKaj: radeon X120016:39
=== luis__ is now known as Tigremx
BluesKajlab, purge or remove the driver you have now and install  the  'server-xorg-video-radeonhd' driver16:43
labBluesKaj: I have to install with apt ?16:43
BluesKajyes , it's the best way16:44
labBluesKaj: I can't find it in the apt list16:45
BluesKajlab there is a procedure that I can walkk you thru if you wish ..it involves dropping down to TTY prompt and stopping X in oder to to do this properly16:45
BluesKajapt-list ?16:46
labBluesKaj: the correct package was xserver-xorg....16:46
labanyway, I thrust you. however I would try a simple (and clean) procedure16:47
BluesKajyeah ok , that's correct sorry16:47
BluesKajwhat driver did you install ?16:48
labthe worst thing is that all worked perfectly with 8.1016:48
labI'm still installing the OS16:48
lab(it's on another machine)16:48
BluesKajretrying from a live cd ?16:49
labthe official ubuntu procedure messed up all.... and now I am reinstalling the os16:49
BluesKajok  , the kernel module should be updated asap tho16:49
p2uph05doess anyone knwo fbdb in facebook16:50
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
BluesKajas soon as you get it installed , do a sudo apt-get update , then open the /etc/apt/sources.list with alt+F2 , " kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list " and delete any # in front of the repository URL lines , to activate all the repos you will need. Then sudo apt-get update again .16:53
labyes, I know16:53
BluesKajok good16:54
lablet's cross fingers16:54
BluesKajwell, time for my daily walk ...BB in an hr or so16:54
labthanks BluesKaj16:54
BluesKajthank me when it all works :)16:54
labBluesKaj: failed16:58
labnothing done....17:02
labI don't know what to do17:02
uboxmine. nvidia, may have packages and everything but it still doesn't work17:04
uboxi have drivers in my restricted list but the will not enable17:04
=== jonathan_ is now known as Mefisto_
=== Mefisto_ is now known as Neremor
labwell, I messed up again my system17:08
=== BugsBunny is now known as Guest31709
AncientSocratesi made a liveusb with unetbootin (kubuntu iso)17:18
AncientSocrateswhen i boot from usb it sends me directly to try17:18
AncientSocratesand not the menu17:18
AncientSocrateswith try install check for integrity etc17:18
AncientSocratesis this normal?17:19
AncientSocratesand how do i still check the integrity of it17:19
|jonathan|when i plug my phone my kubuntu doesnt tell that found new hardware17:19
|jonathan|is it a problem or...17:19
raklow3how are you?17:27
raklow3any one here?17:27
y-techyes :)17:27
shadeslayerraklow3: no17:28
geniiraklow3: If you have some Kubuntu related question, just state it to the channel in general, and someone may take it up17:28
p2uph05how  to connect gdata to flash?17:32
uboxanyone help me with my broken install? :) i installed the restricted nvidia drivers and after restarting so i could enable them my screen in a mess, if i start in recovery it is ok but x won't start. where do i start to revert?17:34
uboxit say's it could not load the kernel module nvidia17:35
geniiubox: Does:  apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-180 show it installed? How about nvidia-kernel-common17:38
geniiubox: Does:  apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-180 show it installed? How about nvidia-kernel-common or nvidia-180-kernel-source ?17:39
uboxone sec17:40
uboxit is 185 installed17:40
geniiSo Karmic and not Jaunty17:40
uboxyes, sorry17:41
uboxbut all three command return installed with 180 = 185 instead17:41
geniiubox: Same principle applies, yes. is the -185-kernel-source  installed?17:42
geniiubox: You installed from gui or from cli ?17:42
uboxapt-get install nvidia-glx-18517:42
uboxafter checking the ubuntu docs for which version to use17:43
geniiubox: Do you have also nvidia-settings installed?17:43
genii!who | ubox (Since I am in many channels )17:44
ubottuubox (Since I am in many channels ): As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:44
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uboxso should i run nvidia-xconfig?17:47
BluesKajlab, failed ...what is the message ?17:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cupswrapper17:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lpr17:56
geniiMatisse_: What Brother printer is it?17:57
Matisse_think the wiki article will help me17:57
Matisse_if not, I'll ask17:57
geniiMatisse_: apt-cache search cups| grep brother               shows a few possibles, but looks like model-specific packages17:58
Matisse_well, seems like there is package for brother printers...17:58
Matisse_but first I have to check if the manual installation works18:00
geniieg: this returns for me: brother-cups-wrapper-ac - Cups Wrapper drivers for ac brother printers, brother-cups-wrapper-bh7 - Cups Wrapper drivers for bh7 brother printers, brother-cups-wrapper-common - Common files for Brother cups wrapper packages, brother-cups-wrapper-extra - Cups Wrapper drivers for extra brother printers, brother-cups-wrapper-laser - Cups Wrapper drivers for laser brother printers, brother-cups-wrapper-laser1 - Cups Wrapper drivers18:00
genii for laser1 brother printers, brother-cups-wrapper-mfc9420cn - Cups Wrapper drivers for mfc9420cn brother printers18:00
Matisse_I should have installed the cupswrapper driver instead of the lpr ...18:01
Matisse_whoohoo, lpr driver is also needed :)18:02
Matisse_"(Your printer's IP address)" ... what?18:07
simonhi- how can i shot files on the kde4 desktop? (files that are saved in ~/Desktop)?18:08
simonsomehow this preference rejected... so there isn't showed anything.18:08
Matisse_simon, you have to use a tool18:08
simoncan someone please give me hing18:08
Matisse_gadget or how its called...18:09
Matisse_see that thing in the upper right corner?18:09
simonyes - i found such a gadget... but its only showing things in a small nearly transparent window!18:10
Matisse_you can resize that18:10
simon(and right now i thought about maximizing that transparent window ...Doh!)18:10
simonthanks for your hint ;)18:10
simonhmm somehow it doesnt look as good as before... when i maximize it by hand...18:13
Matisse_genii, so, now I need help :)18:20
uboxwhat's up?18:21
=== AaronCampbell_ is now known as AaronCampbell
Matisse_seems like i need the correct device uri for the printer18:21
geniiMatisse_: It's a TCP/IP based printer?18:22
Matisse_dont know. parallel port should mean no, right?18:22
Matisse_its not a "network printer" if I remember correct18:23
geniiMatisse_: Thats right. If it's a USB/Parallel cord and not an RJ45 network cord that it attaches by, then NOT a TCP/IP printer18:23
geniiSo there would not be an URI for it18:24
=== J is now known as Guest9284
snarksteri was talking to someone yesturday who mentioned just using the gnome network manager since knetworkmanager isnt working for me. how do i do that?18:25
snarksteri already have gnome installed18:25
kaddisnarkster: try entering nm-applet into alt-f2 that should start it18:26
kaddi!hi | smoalne18:27
ubottusmoalne: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!18:27
smoalnecan someone explain the diff between kubuntu18:28
smoalneand ubuntu?18:28
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE18:29
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Ubuntu comes with the GNOME interface. To install that from Kubuntu install the ubuntu-desktop package.18:29
genii!helpersnack | BluesKaj18:30
ubottuBluesKaj: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!18:30
MatisseMaybe I've choosen the wrong "device" in the printer-change-dialog, but thats what was written on the brother instruction page18:30
BluesKajgenii :)18:30
smoalneoh ok18:31
smoalnecause i installed kubuntu18:31
smoalneand it seems like it's just another gui18:31
nathaliehow can i install msn on ubuntu18:31
geniismoalne: Correct18:31
geniinathalie: Most people use Pidgin or Kopete, there is also amsn18:32
smoalnehow come does my computer have updates like all the time?18:33
smoalneis it unstable or soemthing?18:33
snarkster1works good.. now how to get rid of knetworkmanager and autostart nm-applet18:34
snarkster1can someone kick snarkster out so i can change my nick18:34
nathalieok thanks18:34
Matissesmoalne, no, there are a lot of people working on their own who finish there work at different days, some update come this day and some on the other18:34
ubottuIf you own an IRC nick that is currently being used, you can make it change nicks by typing: /msg nickserv release <nick> <password> | If you have a dead (ghost) connection, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv ghost <nick> <password> | further help in #freenode18:35
smoalneis quassel the best irc client?18:35
smoalneto use?18:35
smoalneIt's not that user friendly it seems18:35
=== snarkster is now known as Guest27242
macosmoalne: try konversation if you dont like quassel18:36
dschulzhi all18:36
geniismoalne: There are many IRC clients. Konversation, Xchat, for command-line there is also irssi18:36
smoalnethank you very much you've all been very helpful18:36
dschulzis there something wrong with keyboard layouts and kde 4.3.2?18:37
dschulzi can get it to work18:37
=== snarkster1 is now known as Snarkster
dschulzit doesn't gets applied from "System Settings", the only way to get it to work is 'setxkbmap -model pc102 -layout us -variant intl'18:38
dschulzthe layout that doesn't get applied is English International18:39
dschulzanyone with the same issue?18:39
geniidschulz: I was before, had to do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow console-setup18:41
dschulzgenii: i'll try, tnx18:42
=== root is now known as Guest59853
nathaliethe pc says that there is no aplication for that document when i try to install amsn o emssn o piggin18:43
nathaliewhat should i do18:43
uboxhow are you trying to install?18:43
htrejhnathalie: also, install kmess-kde4, far better imo :p18:44
htrejhnathalie: use the package manager from the kde menu18:44
Snarksteri have placed a link to the nm-applet in the autostart folder. I have also renamed knetworkmanager to ~knetworkmanager is this going to cause an issue?18:47
nathaliewhere is that=?18:48
htrejhnathalie: simply enter "package" in the search box18:48
htrejhit will appear18:48
htrejhand install it from that (i recommend kopete or kmess on kde btw)18:49
htrejhkopete has webcam, however kmess si far better (install kmess-kde4 to get the latest if you are interrested)18:49
htrejhnathalie: sorry kmess for kde4 is only available from its website18:51
* genii smacks htrejh around a bit, feels better18:51
htrejhwhy? :p18:52
geniihtrejh: Suggesting a program which only becomes more convoluted for a new user to install or use18:52
htrejhsorry, i tought the latest kmess was in jaunty but it's only in karmic, but i recommended kopete, which is imo better than what she was going to install ^^18:54
geniinathalie: Kopete is your best option for using the MSN system, and it also supports webcam, which Pidgin does not18:55
htrejhnathalie: yes, also did you find it?18:55
digitalheadgenii: Pidgin does support webcam on XMPP networks, such as Google Talk, and more should be available by their 3.0 release18:57
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
htrejhdigitalhead: lol, kopete supports it since years, pidgin *retards18:59
bjb1959_I just installed beta and upgraded and then tried to have the system install the nvidia driver for me but when I reboot the screen is black unless I replace "nvidia" with "nv" any ideas18:59
=== ubuntu__ is now known as nhark
BluesKajbjb1959_, which nvidia card ?19:00
uboxsame here19:00
uboxmy card is the go 6150, which do you have bjb1959_19:01
digitalheadhtrejh: that's odd, I switched to Pidgin because Kopete wouldn't let me use my webcam or view others19:01
Vistaushello :)19:01
htrejhdigitalhead: really? works fine here last time i tried19:01
dschulzgenii: tried with dpkg-reconfigure, but no luck19:01
Matisseis there a "ping" for printers/parallel port?19:02
Vistaussince a few weeks, I can't update svn versions from programs that come from sourceforgee... I get the following error:19:02
VistausOhhhh jeeee: operation is not possible without initialized secure memory19:02
dschulzstrange thing is, when kde is starting the layout us_intl works normally, but at some point gets deconfigured19:02
Vistauswhat to do about it?19:03
digitalheadhtrejh: Kopete kept saying there were missing dependencies. The error pointed me to the Kopete wiki, which had changed and the information wasn't there anymore19:03
htrejhstrange, but i'm on karmic btw19:04
htrejhmaybe its fixed on +1 ;à19:04
digitalheadYeah, it probably was. Which is nice because I like how Kopete looks a lot better19:05
BluesKajubox, you obviously tried the nvidia-glx-185 driver , right ?19:05
uboxwhy, wrong one?19:05
BluesKajhow did you install it , did you remove the default first ?19:06
uboxno, i didn't know there was one installed. i just used apt-get install nvidia-glx-18519:07
BluesKajis it working ok ?19:08
uboxnope lol19:08
BluesKajbbiab , post/mail  has arrived19:08
uboxif i try to use the nvidia driver instead of nv it does not start the module for xserver19:08
BluesKajubox, if you want to wait for a few mins I have a procedure which may work for you19:09
jhutchins_ltubox: How are you choosing which driver you use?19:09
uboxsure blueskaj19:09
uboxjhutchins, i tried the hardware tool but that didn't work, just restarting x works. it changes the xorg.conf file19:10
Matisseis there a "ping" for printers/parallel port?19:13
Matissesomething like command line printing?19:15
Matissewhich causes printing besides all driver problems19:15
=== gwydionwaters is now known as ubox
BluesKajubox, remove the driver in the terminal19:19
BluesKajubox, i rescued my X/screen by doing this :1) ctrl+alt+f1, login as user. 2) stop X  with : sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop . 3) sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-185 . 4) start X with : sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start19:20
uboxi got it to work, i just reinstalled the nvidia-185-kernel-source19:20
uboxwith apt-get install --reinstall19:20
uboxnow it works19:20
BluesKajok good19:21
uboxyes, thanks for the help19:21
BluesKajthe kernel source is troublesome with some cards, it doesn't choose the proper driver upon installation19:22
Pavel_does anyone know how to bypass proxies on a wireless connection?19:23
uboxapparently, you would think it would work the same on initial installation19:23
uboxi wonder if suspend/resume works now19:24
BluesKajyeah but I think some cards are confusing the kernel source upon install , it sees it as a different or unrecognized model and reverts to nv19:26
=== starcraftman is now known as starcraft-ntbk
carpii_im running gnome-do under kde 3.5.  Does anyone have a problem where the key shortcut doesnt actiavte gnome-do, until you click on the desktop and redo the keypress?19:52
alexis_how to set up border color when mouse hover window's names in the task manager in kde 4.3.2?20:13
alexis_it is not the same that button  background color20:17
Mamarokalexis_: do you use the default theme?20:20
alexis_yes but personalised20:21
alexis_it appaers blue20:21
Mamarokcheck in the systemsettings -> apperance, personalized means you need to check yourself what you changed20:22
Mamarokand personalized != default :)20:22
milianis it OK to format a new partition _in 9.04_ with ext4? or should I upgrade first and create the new partition then?20:22
milianany known problems in the old version?20:22
alexis_apperance -> color then ??20:23
Mamarokmilian: I stayed with etx3 in 9.04 and changed to ext4 with Karmic20:23
Mamarokalexis_: I don't know, since you personalized it, I guess that's where you changed it, no?20:23
milianbut you are not aware of any problems in the underlying tools in regard to ext4 under 9.04?20:23
alexis_not didt change it20:24
Mamarokmilian: I wouldn't, since you probalby need the new kernel for it20:24
alexis_i use defaut themes20:24
KristinnHow do I switch from Ubuntu 9.10 beta to Kubuntu 9.04/9.10?20:24
Mamarokalexis_: well, you said otherwise earlier :)20:24
milianwell, the kernel in 9.04 already supports ext420:24
alexis_i use oxygen20:25
milianmaybe I should ask somewhere else20:25
MamarokKristinn: from 9.10 to 9.10: install kubuntu-desktop, else ask in @ubuntu+1, please20:25
KristinnAh, thanks :D20:25
Mamarokalexis_: there are different color sets available there, and you can personalize various things in the additional tabs, yes20:26
alexis_i yet check it kde color menu20:26
Mamarokmilian: as I said, I stayed with ext3 in Jaunty20:26
alexis_but it doesnt seem affect taskmanager that is a plasmaoid no?20:26
KristinnDoes installing this completely replace the default ubuntu?20:26
ygmHi all....i have ati 8.66 fglrx driver and i wonder if there is a gui enabled in this driver? (catalyst control center?)  i have tried fglrx-amdcccle with no luck20:27
MamarokKristinn: no, not at all, it only adds the kubuntu-desktop20:27
Mamarokygm: IIRC there is a special package for that20:27
KristinnAh, but if I do want to totally wipe out Ubuntu, is that possible?20:27
MamarokKristinn: yes, just a second20:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pure-kde20:28
Mamarok!pure kde20:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pure kde20:28
Pavel_does anyone know an easy way to bypass a school filter?20:28
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »20:28
MamarokPici: thx :)20:29
KristinnThanks a lot, Mamarok and Pici :)20:29
ygmMamarok: i guess you mean the "fglrx-amdccle" and it is installed..other ones start with libcatalyst-....20:29
KristinnI'll come to you if everything goes horribly wrong and my house burns down :D20:30
Mamarokygm: I can only tell from memory, and that was quite some time ago, sorry20:31
MamarokKristinn: most unlikely :)20:31
ygmMamarok: okay..thanks anyway...good night20:32
Mamarokgood night ygm20:32
KristinnThanks a lot, I'll have a glass of water to threaten my laptop with, just to be safe :)20:33
KristinnSome of the packages could not be retrieved, do you want to continue without them? :S20:34
MamarokKristinn: could you please pastebin the output?20:35
KristinnErm, how do I do that? :S20:35
KristinnAnd I'm using two computers at once20:36
MamarokKristinn: you already have kubuntu-desktop installed on the other Computer?20:37
KristinnNo, one is a Windows PC.20:37
KristinnAnd I already downloaded Kubuntu, and it's on a disc20:37
KristinnCan't I use that?20:38
Mamaroksorry, I understood you were changing from Ubuntu to Kubuntu, didn't you say that earlier?20:38
Mamarokthen fire up that Computer where you already have Ubuntu and isntall kubuntu-desktop20:38
Mamarokwith sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop20:39
KristinnI just get a lot of "Unable to get http//20:41
KristinnAnd some text I can't be bothered to write down :S20:41
MamarokKristinn: are you online with that other PC?20:41
KristinnIndeed I am20:41
Mamarokthen you can copy the output into http://paste.ubuntu.com and give the URL here20:42
Kristinnhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/292586/ Here you go :D20:44
daimonie_I got a question20:49
daimonie_I just installed kubuntu, but it would appear that vista fucked something up and itś now missing BOOTMGR20:50
daimonie_which is usually fixed by using repair mode Vista installation discs20:50
daimonie_But i got no clue as to where my disc is20:50
daimonie_Any ways of doing this just frm my kubuntu installation?20:50
kaddiyou should be able to download an emergency cd for vista, which will offer you recovery console and similar to fix vista20:51
MamarokKristinn: looks like your mirror is not reachable20:51
Mamarokyou should try with the main server20:51
KristinnAh, but my ISP has a really, really, really limited data cap.20:52
Mamarokdaimonie_: you installed Vista after Kubuntu?20:52
daimonie_No, the other way around - i had a running vista installation with around 10GB free, which is now occupied by Kubuntu20:52
Mamarokdaimonie_: then you can restore grub20:53
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto20:53
Mamaroksee the first link above20:53
MamarokKristinn: and there is only one mirror I guess?20:53
daimonie_Grub is working, its just that when i hit the "windows vista" entry, i get a message from vista that "BOOTMGR" is missing (checking out the link now)20:53
Mamarokdaimonie_: are you using grub or grub2 in Karmic?20:54
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KristinnMamarok, I could change the download site quite easily.20:54
daimonie_Mamarok: i don know what that is, so its the kubuntu alt disc default20:55
MamarokKristinn: well, since the 404 shows that the mirror doesn't have these packages, you don't have much of a choice20:55
Mamarokdaimonie_: kubuntu alt disc default? what do you mean? wich version of Kubuntu is it?20:56
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KristinnAh, I'll just cancel installing kubuntu for now, maybe have another shoot later :)20:56
MamarokKristinn: sometimes just an update can help20:56
daimonie_Mamarok: 9.0420:56
Mamarokdaimonie_: ok20:57
KristinnWell, I'm off, thanks a lot for the help :)20:57
kaddidaimonie_: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Startup-Repair-frequently-asked-questions that's the repair cd for vista, I was talking about earlier20:57
Mamarokdaimonie_: did you parition and install by hand or automatically?20:57
Mamarokkaddi: thx :)20:58
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daimonie_Mamarok: I did the partitioning manually20:58
daimonie_"If your computer manufacturer blabla preinstall "20:59
daimonie_HP elitebook, it has some recovery stuff installed somewhere20:59
daimonie_It might just have them XD20:59
daimonie_Lets check that in a minute21:00
daimonie_Else iĺl just try and find my Vista disc21:00
daimonie_Now, i got another question21:00
daimonie_I can seem to get my wireless working21:00
daimonie_Windows wlan properties tells me that its WPA2-Personal with EAP and a password21:00
daimonie_i downloaded knetworkmanager but it isn really connecting21:00
daimonie_Which is kinda annoying, because my room is on another floor and there is no LAN cable there21:01
daimonie_Mamarok: Have you got any idea to fix that21:02
kaddidaimonie_: that was the wrong link.  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/how-to-make-a-windows-vista-repair-disk-if-you-dont-have-one/21:02
daimonie_Mamarok: Mmk, thanks for that one. And about the wlan troubles?21:04
kaddidaimonie_: if you ask me, try replacing networkmanager with wicd (another connection manager). It's been working much better for me. But maybe someone else has a better idea. (wicd will remove networkmanager, so if this does not run through smoothly, you might be left without a networkmanager)21:07
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AlexZionhi everyone ...., I was trying the beta version of Karmic , and I have the same old problem with the wireless connection ....21:12
krazedDo you have the same problem on 9.04?21:12
AlexZionI use a laptop with an Intel 3945 on it ,itshould be standard ,so I cannot understand why it doesn't works ...21:12
AlexZionyes I had with the network applet , so now I'm using the old Knetworkmanager21:13
AlexZionkrazed: I was trying to setup the new network utility , but I saw that even the ethernet address was missing  ...21:16
AlexZionand I I had the same ugly beavhiour on theold version ...21:17
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Mannequinhi. It often happens to me that in some places where I can easily connect to a Wi-Fi network using Windows, I can't get to the same network using Kubuntu21:56
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egenaturehi evryone21:56
Mannequinand I'm talking about common WEP wi-fi networks, nothing fancy21:56
jhutchinsMannequin: wifi troubleshooting is rather difficult, especially since all we know about these hotspots is that you can connect with windows.21:58
Mannequinjhutchins: thanks. Yes, I understand. What really disconcerts me is that the KNetworkManager doesn't give any kind of feedback on what's going on on the background...21:59
MannequinI wonder if other methods/commands (like using iwconfig) are still valid to connect to wi-fi networks22:00
jhutchinsMannequin: Very few tools do, on either OS.22:00
Mannequin(on Kubuntu 9.04)22:00
jhutchinsMannequin: Yes, they are.22:00
jhutchinsI got a connection fixed by simply issuing "iwconfig ath0 associate"22:00
Mannequinjhutchins: thanks. I will have to refresh my mind to see how that worked22:01
Mannequinthanks for the tip too22:01
Mannequinand will also have to cross finger so any change (if any) doesn't interfere permanently with the "standard" way (that is, KNetworkManager)22:02
egenaturehello every one, am new to ubuntu22:03
s1ntaxWhere is a good place to find kde themes?22:09
pradeep_hmm www.gnome-look.org i think there is section for it22:10
s1ntaxawesome ty22:10
Mamarokpradeep_: you certainly mean kde-look.org :)22:10
pradeep_thanks mamarok22:11
s1ntaxOh one other thing I just updated my mactel from 8.10 to 9.04 and I was wondering if there is a option to turn on the touchpad dual finger scroll somewhere?22:11
thetejuHey guys ,, I installed 8.10 just now and after installing 180 nvidia I got error at shutdown saying "application Jockey () crashed and caused the signal 11 (SIGSEGV)"22:17
thetejudoes anyone know about ? is it a bug?22:17
thetejuis there any solution?22:17
hagabakahow can I register my host name on the DNS running on my router?22:18
high-rezIs it possible to do a live migration from ubuntu to kubuntu?  E.g. change the software sources and do a do-release-upgrade ?22:27
high-rezOs is there a better way to accomplish this goal? :)22:27
DaimonieI return22:27
DaimonieI fail once more, i accidently removed network-manager. However, i can't reinstall it (i 'm using my kubuntu cdrom as package provider)22:28
Daimonieit tells me: Depends libdbus-1-qt3-0 but is not installable22:28
DaimonieSo i'm wondering how i'm going to fix this without reinstalling it all22:28
DaimonieHas anybody got a clue?22:28
DaimonieMamarok: Are you still there ? :#22:30
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DaimonieHai dweomergod22:38
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uboxdoes anyone know why firefox might no longer know what programs open what files? i have to browse to the executable now23:52
rafytafyubox: i have same problem heh23:53
uboxlol must ahev been a recent update of something or another23:53
uboxi can set it to automaticaly use a program but i want to choose open or save without the hassle23:54

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