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* mwhudson is in that fun "run tests. edit security.cfg, rinse later repeat" cycle06:25
lifelessjml: ping07:27
wgrantnoodles775: Won't your anti-buildd-monopolisation branch pretty effectively break start time and queue length estimations?08:15
wgrant(it's also completely over-restrictive except for a few PPAs)08:15
adeuringgood morning08:26
noodles775wgrant: yes - as per the comment on that bug, we'll need to update the estimations etc.08:26
noodles775wgrant: and I've created bug 450124 for improvements...08:27
mupBug #450124: Improvements to IBuilder.findBuildCandidate() <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/450124>08:27
ubot3`Malone bug 450124 in soyuz "Improvements to IBuilder.findBuildCandidate()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45012408:27
mupBug #450124: Improvements to IBuilder.findBuildCandidate() <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/450124>08:27
mupBug #450124: Improvements to IBuilder.findBuildCandidate() <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/450124>08:27
noodles775wgrant: so pls add any issues/improvements you can think of there (I've put one easy solution, but you might have better ideas :) ).08:28
stubeek - double bots. Danger of feedback loops.08:33
* thumper shoots mup08:34
al-maisanGood morning08:47
bigjoolsthumper: yo08:53
thumperbigjools: hey08:58
bigjoolsthumper: call?08:58
thumperbigjools: yo08:58
* thumper fires up skype08:58
thumperbigjools: first time I hadn't plugged in the head phones08:59
bigjoolsthumper: ah yeah, skype doesn't like it when you plug them in when it's already running09:00
bigjoolsbites me all the time09:00
bigjoolsthumper: so I can't find a blueprint for build from branch, I'll register one on Soyuz as a start since most of the work is there10:51
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gary_postersalgado: I'm hoping you'll join us on working on Python 2.5/2.6 on a sprint-like thing.  We're hanging out in #launchpad-sprint .  (Others are welcome too!)14:07
gary_posterBjornT: hey.  You want to call?  I just got on Skype14:11
BjornTgary_poster: yes, i'm starting skype now14:11
gary_posterBjornT: cool14:11
BjornTgary_poster: https://code.launchpad.net/~bjornt/lazr-js/buildoutification/+merge/1300314:13
BjornTgary_poster: http://code.google.com/p/js-test-driver/14:22
barrysinzui: network fail14:43
sinzuiI see14:43
barrysinzui: try me again14:43
sinzuibarry:I cannot connected you14:44
barrysinzui: restarting :(14:44
barrysinzui: i guess we're done, eh? ;)14:47
sinzuibarry: are indeed done14:47
barrysinzui: okie dokie14:47
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barrydanilos: ping15:09
danilosbarry: hi15:09
barrydanilos: hi!  i think you're the only translations guy online atm.  do you have a few minutes to help me with something?15:10
danilosbarry: sure, I can give it a shot, though I might be way behind things after two weeks of sprinting15:10
danilos(though, just imagine the wonders it did for my line :)15:11
barrydanilos: :).  what i'm looking for is the code in poexports that actually creates the tarfiles.  tests such as poexport-request-productseries.txt are failing in the python2.5 branch because the tar format changed.  i want to take a look at how export creates those tarfiles, but i'm having some trouble locating the exact code15:12
barrydanilos: actually looking for where files are being added to the tarfile15:12
barrydanilos: do we use python's tarfile module or do we shell out to tar to do that?15:12
danilosbarry: somewhere in lp.translations.utilities, let me check15:13
danilosbarry: we use tarfile module15:13
barrydanilos: cool, thanks15:13
danilosbarry: translation_export in there15:13
barrydanilos: ExportFileStorage?15:14
danilosbarry: LaunchpadWriteTarFile I think15:14
danilosbarry: add_file method if that's what you are looking for15:15
barrydanilos: got it.  thanks!  i think that's what i'm looking for15:15
barrydanilos: let me poke around in there.  i may return with more questions.  in the meantime.... thanks!15:16
danilosbarry: sure, you are welcome15:16
leonardradeuring, i have some more questions about the problem publishing IHWDBApplication through the web service, which i asked you about yesterday15:36
adeuringleonardr: yes?15:37
leonardrwho has permission to see that object?15:37
adeuringleonardr: a special team called hwdb-team15:37
leonardris this internal to canonical?15:38
leonardri'm trying to figure out whether it makes sense to publish information about the hwdb object in the public api documentation15:38
adeuringleonardr: it is internal to Canonical15:40
leonardradeuring: is this bug stopping those people from doing useful work?15:41
adeuringleonardr: No; the point is that you need to know how to create the HWDB object "manually", via lp.load().15:42
leonardradeuring: i see15:43
adeuringleonardr: so, it is more an inconvenience, since lp.hwdb does not work15:43
adeuring(i mean, in scripts that use launchpadlib)15:43
leonardradeuring: is the same true of objects like h_w_device and h_w_device_class? is there no way for normal users to get to them?15:49
leonardrbecause if so, they are cluttering up the api doc15:49
adeuringleonardr: yes. Though I hink that we should open at least parts of the HWDB at some time. But the details are quite difficult...15:50
leonardri see15:52
leonardri've been telling people about the hwdb publishing as though it was something they could access. that's pretty emberassing15:52
adeuringwell, it was open for some time, but the was, erm, some demand to close it...15:53
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bigjoolsanyone got any ideas why this might happen? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/292507/18:02
mrevellNight all18:02
jmlbigjools, no. however I will gladly rewrite said software in Twisted, if you can somehow wrangle me the time to do so :)18:04
bigjoolsjml: oh *please*.... with lots of icing and cherries18:05
bigjoolsactually I *think* Celso did some of that before he left, I need to poke through his unlanded branches18:05
jmlbigjools, time-wrangling is the trick.18:06
bigjoolsjml: I'm sure it's only 30m work for a man of your calibre18:06
jmlbigjools, nothing that involves running tests in Launchpad takes less than 30m.18:08
bigjoolsjml: it's ok poppy doesn't have tests :)18:09
* bigjools EODs18:10
jmlbigjools, g'night.18:10
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mwhudsongood morning20:42
dobeyhey mwhudson20:46
thumperhi jml21:09
mwhudsonhi jml21:15
mwhudsonjml: thanks for the review21:15
thumperrockstar: skype ping21:17
rockstarthumper, pong21:17
beunoflacoste, intellectronica, http://www.456bereastreet.com/archive/200910/remove_the_outline_from_links_on_active_only/21:22
lifelesshi jml21:23
lifelessjml: whats your opinion about patches adding the extended test protocol I've been designing to testtools?21:23
jmllifeless, unformed, generally favourable.21:25
mwhudsonjml: is there a bug for the branchingubuntu work?22:01
jmlmwhudson, I don't think so.22:01
mwhudsonor, gosh, maybe a blueprint!?!22:01
* mwhudson acquires ridiculous amounts of karma by using blueprints22:04
mwhudsonthumper, jml: does https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+spec/branching-ubuntu/ look ok?22:06
jmlmwhudson, what exactly am I looking for?22:08
mwhudsonjml: sanity22:09
jmlmwhudson, the blueprint metadata looks fine22:09
mwhudsonjml: conspicuously wrong things22:09
mwhudsonjml: ok thanks22:09
jmlmwhudson, I'm pretty sure I wrote the spec, so I'm happy to assume that it's relatively sane :)22:09
mwhudsonjml: heh22:10
rockstarthumper, did you land the branch index windmill test?22:13
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jmlmwhudson, actually, do you have a moment to talk about the code import stuff?22:22
thumperrockstar: yes22:22
mwhudsonjml: sure22:22
jmlmwhudson, can you call my landline?22:23
mwhudsonjml: sec22:23
rockstarthumper, it's failing on my machine looking for xpath='//div[contains(@class, "yui-ichoicelist-content")]'22:23
* thumper tries to run the test22:25
rockstarthumper, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/292652/22:25
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thumperflacoste: did we have a call?22:44
flacostethumper: we should22:46
simon-oHi, I asked this in launchpad-sprint before, but they are busy at the moment (the problem is related to the sprint). Does anyone know, when and where output elements are escaped?22:47
thumpersimon-o: which elements?22:47
thumperflacoste: I just get your skype voicemail22:48
simon-othumper: links to feeds (<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" ...>)22:49
flacostethumper: that's because i needed to hang up with Gary first!22:49
flacostethumper: i'm free now!22:49
simon-othis is the test case feeds/xx-links22:49
thumpersimon-o: what is failing exactly?22:49
wgrant(note that this only fails with Python 2.5)22:50
simon-othumper: http://paste.ubuntu.com/292664/22:50
simon-owgrant: yes, it's only py2.5 but I trying to fix this, but don't know where to search22:51
wgrantThe escaping is still fine.22:51
wgrantIt just does it differently.22:51
wgrantI'm not sure changing it just to match the tests is a good idea.22:52
simon-owgrant: ok I saw this while debugging. So this isn't related to py2.522:54
wgrantsimon-o: Doesn't it only happen in 2.5?22:54
simon-owgrant: Sure, what I wanted to say was that this isn't a bug somewhere in python 2.5 it's just a changed behavior22:58
wgrantsimon-o: Oh, right.22:59
mwhudsonhooray doctests23:00
mwhudsonsimon-o: you could test that the unescaped output is the same?23:00
simon-omwhudson: the test is just about correct escaping23:00
mwhudsoni see23:01
simon-oand I think title='Announcements for Bad displayname"&gt;&lt;script&gt;alert("h4x0r")&lt;/script&gt;' is escaped correctly23:01
wgrantRight - it just prefers to use different quotes rather than escape them.23:02
simon-owgrant: yes. now I would just be interested where exactly this happens (i.e. which method does the escaping)23:03
wgrantsimon-o: Whatever XML library TAL uses, I would guess.23:03
simon-owgrant, mwhudson, thumper: thanks, you helped me a lot23:06
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