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amitkogra: your rootstock script looks for qemu, I believe you need qemu-arm-static?15:44
amitkor rather qemu-kvm-extras15:48
amitkogra: await my trivial patch while a struggle through bzr15:54
MartynOkay, more fun with Karmic this morning ---16:15
Martynmountall:/proc/filesystems: No such file or directory16:15
Martyninit: mountall main process (638) killed by SEGV signal16:15
MartynThis is what I get at the end of the boot sequence...16:15
Martyn[   22.769409] Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2...16:15
Martyn[   22.794891] mmc0: new SDHC card at address 8fe416:15
Martyn[   22.800201] mmcblk0: mmc0:8fe4 SD04G 3.69 GiB16:15
Martyn[   22.805053]  mmcblk0: p1 p216:15
MartynI'm assuming this is caused by the new init replacement?16:16
amitkMartyn: I recall lool talking about this and that it was fixed in the latest upload16:16
MartynI just built a rootstock 12 hours ago16:16
Martynis that upload newer than that rootstock?16:16
Martyn(do you know if lool made a launchpad bug I could look it up against?)16:17
amitkMartyn: dunno, but I think it was fixed today16:17
amitkogra: does rootstock work with apt-cacher-ng? -m <url> isn't working.16:18
Martynurk .. today eh?16:21
MartynWell, I'll try building another rootstock then16:21
MartynI hate how long it takes16:21
amitkMartyn: hence the question about apt-cacher-ng above :)16:22
amitkI think rootstock should either be modified to cache the .debs in a local dir16:23
amitkor use apt-cacher-ng16:23
amitkIt probably does, I am just too dense to figure out how16:23
Martynafik I haven't seen anything that lets it cache the .debs16:25
Martynwhich would, frankly, be awesome16:27
amitkthough the biggest bottleneck isn't downloading the .debs, but installing them inside qemu (which isn't multi-core friendly)16:30
MartynMine is downloading the .debs16:57
MartynBecause right now it's at #26816:58
Martynand still going16:58
loolamitk: You need qemu-arm-static for rootstock17:12
loolamitk: It uses binfmt misc to run the executables and cant work with a qemu needing shared libs17:12
loolMartyn: mountall as fixed < 12 hours ago17:12
loolMartyn: You need .217:12
MartynYeah, so I'm building a new rootstock17:13
Martynwhat's the fix?17:13
Martyn/bin/sh /usr/bin/rootstock --fqdn beagleboard.i.smooth-stone.com --login default --password default --imagesize 2G --seed xfce4,gdm --dist karmic --serial ttyS2 --kernel-image http://rcn-ee.net/deb/kernel/beagle/karmic/v2.6.31-rc8-3777b1e-ang1.1/linux-image-2.6.31-rc8-ang1.1_1.0karmic_armel.deb17:14
Martyn  17:14
MartynThat's my current build17:14
loolMartyn: There are a bunch of changes17:37
armin76Martyn: any news wrt my ssh access? :)17:42
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Martynlool : they should all appear in the rootstock I'm doing, right?18:33
Martynarmin76 : Didn't I send you the ip/log/pass?18:33
Martynlook for an email from martin@smooth-stone.com18:34
armin76Martyn: probably got marked as spam :/ can you resend it please?18:36
armin76when did you send it?18:37
MartynA long while ago18:40
armin76i got junk mails up-to 25th sept18:40
Martynpretty much after you first asked18:41
MartynOkay, later when I get a chance to hit the lab18:41
Martynright now I'm still working on getting the new rootstock working18:41
armin76ok, thank you :)18:41
Martyninit: procps main process (650) terminated with status 255 -- new error18:45
MartynIt doesn't seem to affect much on the board when I boot ( it proceeds to doing keymap, etc )18:45
Martynbut still, it's odd that procps is dying18:45
ograamitk, i use it with approx here, it doesnt work if you use localhost in the url18:57
ograbeyond that it should just work18:57
amitkogra: do you have a pre-synced archive or does it cache on the fly?18:58
ograon the fly18:58
ograbut given that i usually build one or two images a day it is usually up to date18:59
Martynhuh .. so I should be able to use apt-cacher-ng, as long as I use the fqdn?19:01
Martyn(and not localhost.localdomain?)19:01
armin76Martyn: hrm...i don't think i ever gave you my mail :P19:04
MartynI'll remember that for my next build19:04
armin76armin76@gentoo.org :)19:04
amitkogra: what does the --kernel-image option do in rootstock? Since it can't really flash the kernel into the SD.19:11
ograamitk, used by beagle, not my code19:12
ograit didnt break the rest so i simply accepted the patch19:12
ograignore it for anything but beagle19:12
ogra(i think the manpage says that)19:12
Martynand I'm using it on a beagle :)19:13
Martynlooks remarkably good, actually.. latest rootstock only has the procps bug on boot19:13
Martynamitk: and you can flash the kernel onto the SD for some architectures :)19:13
Martynthe PBX-A9 now has a u-boot loader that will look on the mmc card first, rather than nand19:14
ojngumstix will even load u-boot from mmc before it loads it from nand19:14
ojn(_very_ convenient :)19:14
MartynX-Loader does rock that way :)19:17
Martynbeagle can do, with the correct X-Loader19:17
NCommanderlool, at the risk of being dense, what specifically is the problem with mountall on dove (aside from the fact it breaks images)?19:25
loolNCommander: I dont know20:27
NCommanderlool, meh, I guess its going to require bisection with the latest uploads to figure out what broke it :-/22:15
NCommanderlool, well, mountall preventing the system from coming up even on installed systems. Its a regression based off one of the most recent updates, so I want to isolate what version it popped up in22:28
ojnHmm. What's the supposed procedure to get an uimage to boot from using ubuntu kernels? linux-image-<foo> only gives me a vmlinuz?!22:35
loolNCommander: it's not the latest version22:36
loolNCommander: .2 should be fixed22:36
loolojn: Depends of the board22:36
loolojn: mkimage + flags22:36
NCommanderlool, .2? as in 0.2.2 of mkimage?22:37
ojnlool: oh, so no package will actually install an uimage for me, I have to do the wrapping by hand?22:37
* ojn finds marvelldovefromscratch on the wiki22:37
loolNCommander: of mountall22:37
loolojn: We support various boards via flash-kernel22:38
NCommanderlool, I'm pretty sure thats what I have on my dove when I dist-upgraded around noon22:38
NCommanderojn, do you have a Y0 or Y1?22:38
loolojn: flash-kernel adjusts the kernel installation, sometimes doing a mkimage, depending on the hardware22:38
loolNCommander: uhoh22:38
ojnlool: ah, thanks!22:38
loolNCommander: Please flag this to keybuk asap if you have 0.2.222:38
NCommanderlool, let me recheck (aka, let me write a working live image)22:39
loolNCommander: the latest live image has the old version22:39
loolwhich is why I'm trying to respin22:39
NCommanderlool, right, but I dist-upgraded an installed system22:39
NCommanderlool, around noon, and it no longer boots, and hangs like the livefs22:39
NCommanderlool, that's why I brought it up22:40
NCommanderlool, (sidenote: partman-uboot is in main)22:40
Martynit is?22:40
MartynI'm going to try it then22:40
NCommanderMartyn, ?22:41
NCommanderMartyn, try partman-uboot?22:41
NCommanderMartyn, its not part of the installer yet, ubiquity needs to be tweaked22:41
NCommanderMartyn, and only on armel+dove unless you override the sanity checks22:41
Martynbut the tool is there, yes?22:41
NCommanderMartyn, no tool22:41
Martynoh, poot22:41
NCommanderMartyn, partman-uboot just defines to partman that it needs to make an ext2 partition as / or /boot22:42
NCommanderMartyn, its only of interest to the installer :-)22:42
NCommanderMartyn, what sorta tool are you looking for22:43
Martyna userspace tool to install and edit the uboot parameters22:43
Martynsince I have them in an mtd22:43
NCommanderMartyn, uboot-envtools22:43
NCommanderalready exists22:43
MartynAH.. that's the name of the package :)  thanks22:43
NCommanderwrong package name22:44
NCommanderhold on22:44
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NCommanderMartyn, er, no, I was righ the first time22:44
NCommanderMartyn, you need to feed it a config file with the configuration partition and stuff22:44
NCommanderMartyn, although TBH, you might want to adapt what we're using for Dove. I modified the boot system so we never have to touch the bootloader from the userland22:44
NCommanderMartyn, (I kinda abused u-boots scripting functionality)22:45
loolNCommander: So did you confirm your mountall version?22:45
loolNCommander: Please get a bug on this ASAP22:45
loolIt's a critical bug at least on dove22:45
NCommanderlool, I'm still downloading the beta image, I zsync'ed over it by accident22:45
Martynlool : The latest buildroot I did, mountall works22:47
Martynlool : I get an odd procps error, but that's acceptable22:47
loolMartyn: I think it's one of our kernel configs triggering that22:47
loolbinfmt misc support missing22:47
MartynI need to run a custom kernel too .. so I'm using your kernel config + merge w/ mine to produce three different platforms22:48
Martynbeagle w/ Zippyboard, PBX-A9, and secret-platform22:48
Martynso that I can test A8, A9 dual core, and A9 quad core22:48
* NCommander drools at A9 quad core22:48
NCommanderMartyn, how long until I can get a netbook with one of those? :-)22:49
MartynAFIK, no manufacturer is using the quad core in a netbook22:49
Martynduals look like they are going to be present starting Q2 '1022:49
Martyn(and in handsets before that, if TI can get their act together and start producing OMAP4's)22:49
NCommanderMartyn, maybe my next Android device will have one of those <g>22:50
* NCommander loves his G122:50
MartynNCommander: Heh.. not before Apple pumps out a new phone with one22:50
MartynI don't know why its'22:51
Martynit's taking so long for dual core A9 chips to emerge22:51
NCommanderMartyn, the iPhone can bite me. Overpriced proprietary ****22:51
NCommanderI rather have a Windows Mobile device than an iPhone because at least I can load my own stuff22:51
MartynMy company gets 'em pretty fast after they are produced, and I know we had to fight to get the PBX-A9's and secret-platforms22:51
MartynBack tomorrow.   Time for me to head home.22:52
NCommanderMartyn, peace22:52
MartynI'm happy to at least have the Beagle working today.   Good rootstock22:52
MartynI'll start another rootstock build for 8am tomorrow22:53
Martyn(Central US)22:53
NCommanderMartyn, ogra will be happy22:53
NCommanderMartyn, BTW, you going to be at UDS?22:53
Martynyes, I'm confirmed for UDS22:53
Martynand I'll have a couple blueprints in tow for A9 related stuff, ARM-server stuff22:53
NCommanderMartyn, \o/. Bring shiny toys with you that we can gak at :-)22:53
Martynthat's almost guaranteed22:53
zookoAny ARM experts want to implement a SHA-3 candidate optimized for the ARM architecture?22:57
* NCommander wonders if that candidate can use ARM VFP22:58
NCommanderElse OW!22:58
zookoWhat's VFP?22:59
NCommanderzooko, VFP == the ARM's optional floating point unit :-)22:59
zookoThe algorithm doesn't use floating point.23:00
zookoThe CPU that they are using for benchmarking is actually an old StrongARM.  :-)23:01
zookoOh sorry, I mean XScale: 416MHz, ARM XScale-PXA270 rev 4 (v5l)23:01
zookoBut I wouldn't say no if someone offered to implement on something newer with NEON or the like.23:01
NCommanderzooko, link to the algro?23:01
zookoIt is the simplest SHA-3 candidate, which makes it easier to implement.23:02
NCommanderzooko, actually this doesn't look too bad for ARM ...23:02
zookoYeah, it is all 32-bit23:02
* NCommander doesn't think theres a rotate op-code23:02
NCommanderzooko, I pity whoever had to implement this in Thumb :-)23:03
zookoI was trying to figure out how to make it more cache-friendly by reordering somehow23:03
zookobut I don't see it.23:03
zookoThe performance sucks on the XScale.23:03
zooko126 cycles per byte processed23:03
NCommanderzooko, ow23:03
zookoI would guess it is just compiling the C implementation with gcc.  :-)23:04
* NCommander is trying to think what is missing in the base instruction set23:04
NCommanderARM's base instruction set isn't lean per-say, but your missing a ton of fun things23:04
zooko^-- search in text for "arm,"23:04
NCommanderzooko, no hardware XOR for one23:05
* NCommander is kinda suprised on that one23:05
zookoThat is a limitation!23:05
NCommanderzooko, welcome to ARM. Leave your instructionset at the door.23:06
zookoWhat versions of ARM instruction set lack an XOR?23:06
NCommanderzooko, all of them. The base instruction set doesn't have it23:06
NCommanderzooko, it might be on the VFP23:06
* zooko tries to imagine how to program without an XOR instruction.23:06
NCommanderzooko, you can make it out of the logical not/or/and, but I'm not actually sure if thats right23:07
* NCommander is rechecking23:07
neonfreonis in thumb223:09
NCommanderneonfreon, yeah, but its not in th ebase set23:09
NCommanderThere are a few instructions that only exist in thumb2, and not in the base ARM23:10
* NCommander is still not sure23:10
neonfreonit's hard to read23:11
neonfreonit looks like it may be in base23:11
NCommanderneonfreon, yeah, we're reading the same doc :-)23:11
* NCommander eats his boot23:12
NCommanderneonfreon, yeah, its eor23:12
NCommanderwow, thats quirky23:12
* NCommander has only done a few veyr basic things on ARM ASM23:12
* NCommander was considering breaking out the reference manual but I believe thats overkill on this23:13
zookoGreat!  We have an XOR instruction.23:14
zookoSo the naive implementation of CubeHash in ARM assembly would probably be fine.23:14
zookoI was wondering if there was some clever trick to do things in a different order so as to maximize re-use of the cache, but I'll bet that's not needed.23:15
NCommanderzooko, in ARM. I won't want to try it in Thumb :-)23:15
zookoThe entire state is only 128 bytes, so I suppose the CPU will naturally keep it all in cache the whole time if it is implemented in the straightforward way.23:15
zookoNCommander: I don't really know what Thumb is.  That was/is an optional architecture feature to have 16-bit opcodes?23:16
NCommanderzooko, yeah, its meant for really embedded stuff23:16
NCommanderImplementing CubeHash in Thumb would be close to pulling teeth I suspect23:16
zookoDoes the XScale implement ARM?23:18
roxfanif you mean the instruction set23:23
roxfanarmv5 plus some extensions23:24
roxfani hear internally it's quite different (different pipeline and other stuff)23:24
zookoCool.  So a straightforward implementation of CubeHash in armv5 should (I hope) drastically improve the performance on that benchmark that I linked to.23:25
roxfanit might, if you're using some v5 features23:29
roxfanif your xscale has iwmmxt you probably could improve it even further23:29
NCommanderlool, confirmed, 0.2.2 doesn't seem to work on Dove. I just want to check one last thing, and then I'll file a bug23:31
roxfanNCommander: arm does have xor23:33
roxfanthey just call it eor23:33
roxfanah nv,23:33
NCommanderroxfan, yeah. Exclusive-OR. Bit of a funny way to write it though23:33
roxfanwell, the isa was conceived in 80s or so, i think "xor" wasn't a common abbreviation back then23:34
NCommanderroxfan, x86 is from the 70s and that used xor :-)23:36
NCommander(actually, I almost want to say 60s on that)23:36
roxfanyes, but was it common?23:36
roxfanwhat was used in 6502, 8051, 68k?23:37
NCommanderroxfan, yes, not sure, yes?23:38
roxfanhmm interesting23:38
NCommander6502 is EOR23:38
roxfanthat could be the reason then23:39
roxfanfirst arm was a coprocessor for bbc micro or something23:39
roxfanand main cpu was 650223:39
NCommanderah, anyway, AFK, fire23:39
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