dashuakwwii, I got a majority of the GDM theme to look like the mock up if you're interested?01:15
dashuaButtons are almost identical01:16
mac_vkwwii: whats with the pale software center icon :( ... any reason for the small icons being sooooooo pale... could be a little more browner ;)06:37
thorwilkwwii: may i suggest to set roundness to 0 for style "murrine-treeview-header" = "murrine-default"?09:05
thorwilkwwii: it makes the listview headers in evolution look less fucked up and more similar to normal listview headers09:06
kwwiimac_v: hehe, but then it gets lost in the highlight overlay09:35
kwwiithorwil: I will look into it...we added that on purpose iirc09:36
thorwilhow the * do i change the scrollbar trough color?09:37
* thorwil wishes there was a firebug-like thing for gtkrc09:39
kwwiithorwil: everything is in the gtkrc09:40
kwwiiwhich is cryptic and scary ;)09:40
thorwilkwwii: can't scare me after dealing with drupal an jquery-ui css ;)09:41
thorwilstill cryptic, of course09:41
zniavrebg[NORMAL]      = "#whatever_color"09:44
thorwilzniavre: that affects the scrollbar button and border, but not the trough09:46
zniavrei misunderstand so ... sorry09:46
zniavrei believed trough was the small line around the scrollbar09:48
thorwilno worries09:50
thorwili tried all the fg, bg and base states. none of them changed the trough color. makes no sense to me09:51
zniavresorry to ask but , what is trough ?09:52
thorwilzniavre: the scrollbar area minus the button/slider (and steppers)09:52
thorwilthe scrollbar background, basically09:53
zniavreo ok09:53
thorwili found 2 references saying it should be bg[ACTIVE], but doesn't work here09:56
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* thorwil shuts down to install new cpu/mobo/ram13:24
tgpraveenmac_v: can you confirm whether this finally made it in karmic or not https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/humanity-icon-theme/+bug/436462 ?13:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 436462 in humanity-icon-theme "Have different icons for usb hardisks and pendrives" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:39
mac_vtgpraveen: why dont you convince lool to update it ;)13:46
tgpraveenhmm so it didn't make it in. ok will convince lool then13:47
mac_vzniavre: hi... you seem to have a different version of twf from what i have [v0.2.1-2]... what is the version number and how/where do i get it? :)14:18
kwwiiI guess we should set up the packaged humanity stuff in bzr so that we can start to think about the first update14:35
knomekwwii, do the release first14:36
kwwiiknome: it is too late to change anything but important bugs14:39
knomebulls...eye ;P14:41
mac_vkwwii: so no more humanity updates until release? 29th? and maybe a first update after the release ?14:43
knomeluckily we can do changes in xubuntu14:44
mac_v;) lucky $#$@$##@14:44
tgpraveenkwwii: um after the release in the first update can there be new icons/ such fixes?14:45
tgpraveenwouldn't it be better to do a final release on like 15 or 1614:45
tgpraveenthat's when most people were palnning to do the final updates on other teams iirc14:45
kwwiitgpraveen: it is not up to me when the release is...I did set the artwork deadlines though and we are *way* past them14:47
knomebbl ->14:47
kwwiimac_v: I am not saying that there is 0% chance, but rather that it is very low and we should not plan on it14:48
kwwiiin the end, getting the fixes in are important14:48
kwwiibut someone needs to communicate to me which changes are important, needed in the next release, etc14:48
mac_vkwwii: no probs for me either way... :) just checking ;)14:48
kwwiimac_v: I'll get the current package in lp and we can work on getting something together by tonight, if you'll be around14:50
mac_vkwwii: sure...  hmm... actually a couple of icons will be updated today... i'll upload them asap :)14:51
mac_vping me when you are free14:51
kwwiimac_v: I'm looking into setting it up in lp now...going to take my son to judo in about half and hour but I'll be back after that14:52
mac_vkwwii: could we do it when you get back? ... that would be nice :)14:53
kwwiimac_v: yes, definitely ;)14:54
dashuakwwii, Did you get a chance to look at the HumanLogin update with the mock up buttons?14:58
tgpraveenum.. so I am somewhat of a noob so have a confusion, you guys are going to make a new updated package with new icons,etc but whether it will be pushed in karmic or not is not decided right?14:58
dashuaI was able to get murrine buttons while keeping the rest of the theme as is.14:58
kwwiitgpraveen: eventually, it will be make it into karmic, yes15:00
kwwiitgpraveen: but I am not sure if that can happen before or after release yet15:00
tgpraveenoh ok. thanks.15:00
tgpraveenkwwii: changing icons after the final release .has it ever in the past ?15:01
kwwiitgpraveen: yes, of course ;)15:03
kwwiiwe do fix bugs in between releases as well ;)15:03
zniavremac_v, http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/The+Unofficial+Widget+Factory+%28DEB%29?content=8420915:03
kwwiidashua: yes, I saw it (have it running on my laptop). waiting for mat to have a look (he isn't online currently)15:04
dashuakwwii, That is not GDM, but it will look the same15:05
dashuaOk thx :)15:05
darkmatterhttp://blog.mahboy.com/archives/174 *takes for test drive*15:06
kwwiihrm, how does one set up a new branch under a team...it always add +junk in between15:10
kwwiiahhh, now I get it15:11
kwwiiok, the current package version is at code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-art-pkg/humanity/release15:16
mac_vzniavre: thanks...15:22
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kwwiimac_v: get all your suggested changes in order and we can update the package...preferably per email16:32
* mac_v bbl17:04
FLOZzHello all  _o/18:07
LaserJockkwwii: around?18:08
kwwiiLaserJock: I am heading out, catch me in about an hour18:53
dashuakwwii, http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/443/capture1t.png18:53
dashuaScreenies courtesy of znivare18:54
dashuaBase color can be switched back to black if needed, but the mock up was dark.18:54
LaserJockkwwii: 1 hr ping :-)20:06
FLOZzBye _o/20:35
kwwiiLaserJock: hey20:38
kwwiisorry, had one more beer than I thought I would :p20:38
kwwiidashua: mat mentioned that in the final mockups the buttons were no longer light20:40
knomekwwii, lol, shame on you20:43
kwwiiknome: shame on me that I didn't stay at the bar :p20:49
knomekwwii, exactly20:51
kwwiiLaserJock: dude, wassup?20:51
kwwiimac_v: any idea which changes need to go in?20:58
kwwiinote that tomorrow is the very last day that *anything* can be changed in karmic what-so-ever20:58
LaserJockkwwii: I'm trying to figure out what to do with Edubuntu's gdm setup for Karmic21:06
LaserJockkwwii: I talked to ogra and he suggested I just ditch all the Edubuntu customizations (since they're all for the "old" gdm) and do a proper job in Lucid21:07
kwwiiLaserJock: for ubuntu, all we have is a normal gtk and metacity theme (along with an extra icon them)21:07
kwwiiLaserJock: right, that would be my suggestion as well21:07
kwwiiif you do nothing, it will get the default gnome theme21:08
kwwiiLaserJock: essentially, gdm themeing is now making a gtkrc and metacity.xml and setting those values in a postinst script for the user gdm21:08
mac_vkwwii: hei..back... give me a couple of mins21:09
kwwiigdm is now a normal gnome session21:09
LaserJockkwwii: how is the background set?21:09
kwwiiLaserJock: per gconf key21:11
kwwiiin the postinst script21:11
kwwiiit is all gconf keys21:11
kwwiinot sure which package they put that in though21:11
kwwiipitti would know more details...I just told him which keys to set and the necessary values of the keys21:11
mac_vkwwii: hei... U1 wants the panel icons for -idle and -offline , DanRabbit already has them , he'd be adding the shortly21:15
LaserJockkwwii: k, thanks for the info21:15
mac_vthen gpm-mouse , gpm-keyboard , gpm-phone panel icons are on their way21:15
* ckontros waves21:15
kwwiiLaserJock: no worries, if you need any help just let me know21:16
kwwiimac_v: ok, send me an email and I will update things..I have to redo my package anyway21:16
mac_vkwwii: hey.. i'm not sure o the U1 icon... will edit it an send tomorrow23:37

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