joaopintonikolam, if the package name does not exist, LP does not make any magic about that00:00
nikolamI think people see launchpad as web application. Shouldn`t button on launchpad about filing a bug, do with starting some ubuntu-bug with GUI at user`s machine etc?00:01
joaopintoif you don't know what the package is, you need some help, which is not on LP, you can ask here for example00:01
yuriynikolam: that would require installing/running extra software on the users machine00:01
nikolamyuriy, yes. it wopuld00:02
lifelessjoaopinto: end users don't find that easy...00:02
joaopintonikolam, how does that improve the bug reporting process ?00:02
joaopintolifeless, bug reports are not expected to be easy, they are expected to be usable, both by end users and developers, an easy way to creat bugs with useless info does not help anybody00:02
nikolamjoaopinto, users have feeling that launchpad bug reporting works instead of feeling that launchpad bug reporting have a bug of reporting bugs00:03
lifelessjoaopinto: sure; I didn't say that that would be good. OTOH the forcing of ubuntu-bug experiment has mainly resulted in all the developers getting it turned off for them, because it was so annoying and limiting00:03
nikolamis is an application, launchpad, on web. and we just have disabled its button00:03
joaopintonikolam, that is for users like you, which found a different behavior, and don't care about reading the page :)00:03
joaopintonikolam, not really, they have just moved a feature that should not be commonly used, to a non common location00:04
nikolamjoaopinto, that is right :) You have a point there, now multiply that with 95% of users, freshly conwerted from windows00:04
nikolamOk, lets talk about location.00:05
nikolamWhy that locatio with explanation is not on launchpad page itself.00:05
joaopintonikolam, you mean those which click the File bug button, and change to windows 1 month later before providing any feedback on the bug report ?00:05
joaopintonikolam, or those which file bugs because things don't work like in windows ?00:05
nikolamand that user have "feeling" everything is ok, it is still in the same user interface of launchpad , etc..00:06
yuriynikolam: the first sentense of the wiki page states very clearly that it's not broken. if the person can't get that far, their report is not going to be very useful.00:06
nikolamjoaopinto, that is exactly what i am talking about.. :)00:06
yuriynikolam: and it wouldn't matter if it was on the same page or not00:06
yuriynikolam: and how would one of these users end up on launchpad anyway?00:07
nikolamyuriy, I think it metters that information we would like them to see is located on launchpad.00:07
joaopintonikolam, the wiki is very clear, if a user is not able to understand the wiki, is very unlikely that he will be able to provide usefull info on the bug report, we con't care about users origins, windows, or mac os x, we care about bug reporting quality00:08
joaopintonikolam, what is your problem with the http redirect ?00:08
joaopintowhy do you see it as a bug instead of reading the page ?00:08
nikolamjoaopinto, user should not be redirected from launcpad to wiki.. uhh.00:08
joaopintonikolam, why not ?00:08
yuriynikolam: that is not what launchpad is for. launchpad is a developers' tool. information we would like users to see is on the help.ubuntu.com site00:08
joaopintonikolam, uhh is not a good reason :)00:08
nikolamjoaopinto, because user is redirected OFF the site .. OFF00:09
nikolamand lost in process00:09
nikolamand confused and hates to be forced to read00:09
nikolamevery time he wants to DO00:09
xteejxright guys i'm off to bed, night all :)00:10
nikolamAnd user likes BUTTONS on application to work, including web application00:10
joaopintonikolam, wait, a http redirect makes you lost ?00:10
nikolamjoaopinto, not me, I got a bit of brain00:10
joaopintonikolam, it does work, it presents a page describing what you need to file a bug00:11
nikolambut it made me think function is broken00:11
nikolamIt would be best to move information from wiki to launchpad page00:11
joaopintonikolam, so it did for me, before reading the wiki00:11
nikolamand to display that page00:11
nikolamand when he read the page, THEN he is presented with ButtonS where to go next00:12
nikolamAll inside launchpad00:12
nikolamso we don`t lost him in wiki00:12
nikolamwhat do you think?00:13
joaopintook, I agree the same text on launchpad itself would have a better context00:13
joaopintobecause there is no visual disruption00:13
nikolamthanks joaopinto00:13
nikolamand buttons etc00:13
joaopintothey probably did it ont he wiki, because the wiki is dynamic, unlike a X page on LP00:13
joaopintobut we are just talking about a page presentation, nothing more :)00:14
joaopintoether it's white, or brown00:14
nikolaman Maybe as the next step, remembering that user already read it and display to him only button to next step next times00:14
yuriyit's an information page helping you to do something in ubuntu, so it's on help.ubuntu.com. it really has little to do with launchpad actually00:15
nikolamso it isn`t forced to search through tons of text for one link for next step00:15
joaopintonikolam, what next step ? the next step is not web based, it's a command00:15
joaopintoit's a word, it's name is "ubuntu-bug"00:16
joaopintoif you need manual bugs, the next step is your browser boomark for it00:16
nikolamjoaopinto, maybe user could click on web page and start that commad?00:16
nikolamlike user can install package when clicking on page00:16
nikolamand installing is commencing00:16
joaopintonikolam, how does that help the bug reporting process ?00:17
nikolambug get reported without assumption that user knows how to start a command00:18
nikolamis there an icon for bug reporting program00:18
joaopintonikolam, your focus seems to be the user per si, not the bug report in which the user takes part00:18
nikolamyes joaopinto00:19
joaopintonikolam, for most apps, there is a button "Report Problem"00:19
joaopintoon the app itself00:19
nikolambut we don`t have a icon , menu item as a program , for invoking bug reporting on user side00:20
joaopintonikolam, right, but bug reporting is aboug managing bugs, end users are just a small part of that process, and you need to look at the big picture, not just at end users00:20
nikolamas i see it, users that are actually reporting bugs are very small subset of all users00:21
joaopintoyou are concerned to help users reporting bugs, you are not concerned about users reporting bugs with the required info00:21
nikolamwe neet to take care of them00:21
nikolammaybe we can do both things00:21
joaopintonikolam, I don't agree, we have to many bugs reported by users which don't provide sufficient information for a proper triaging00:21
joaopintonikolam, the previous process helped users, it didn't help on bug reporting quality00:22
nikolamidea of informing users what thery are requred to do is excellent. It is just needed to make it work more " nicely" to user00:22
nikolam"nice" look, "nice" way to force him to read it "nicely" force him to send bug report with all data00:23
joaopintonikolam, you do understand that we have more bug reports that we can handle, and we are not talking aboug real/usefull/unique bugs, we are talking aboug bug reports in general ?00:23
nikolamoh. I understand.00:24
nikolamMaybe we can do something like this:00:24
nikolamDo effort to turn more bug reporters in bug solvers00:24
joaopintoand you still thing that we should let them file bug reports without a minimal set of skills to follow-up the bug ?00:24
nikolamjoaopinto, I think that we shoud do just what you are saying00:25
yuriynikolam: there IS an icon -- a menu item. in every program. please actually read the wiki page.00:25
nikolamto stop them from filing bug reports directly00:25
nikolambut to make the process more sophisticated with same results.00:25
joaopintonikolam, sophistication = click this button to send a bug reprot ?00:26
nikolamyep thats it00:26
nikolammaybe even force them to answer some questions before reporting a bug etc00:26
joaopintowe have different definitions for sophistication, bug reporting is not a desktop app, it's a process00:27
nikolamAnd that idea of turning more users and reporters to active members00:27
nikolami currently see it as an app. maybe i could change my mind..00:28
nikolamI think that trere is that "step" needed to turn user and reporter in one that actually do something about bugs00:28
nikolamI don`t see till now any path for a user to do such "step" forward. Maybe informations about requred skills exist somewhere..00:29
joaopintonikolam, button's per si may improve usability, they don't improve the know-how, bug reporting & management, is about know-how, not about usability00:29
yuriynikolam: a whole separate issue. how does anything you suggested provide this step?00:30
nikolamyuriy, i don`t see that step right now. Thats what i am suggesing00:31
nikolamjoaopinto, any solutin that stays inside launchpad would be step forward00:31
joaopintonikolam, but that's a completely different issue which is much harder to solve than improving bug quality00:32
nikolambuttons could for start just replace some links for start.00:32
nikolamjoaopinto, that is right, separate issue00:32
nikolamsome sort of pre-determined steps for user to push himself in some channel of contribution we need00:33
nikolamand organising teams00:34
nikolamIt is much important to every even slightly contributing user is to be a part of some team00:34
joaopintonikolam, users which are willing to contribute are already members of such teams00:35
nikolamfirst step is asking questions and reporting bug reports and from that to make them parts of groups that can do some tasks00:35
nikolamI failed to see some team listings etc.00:35
nikolamok, that is a theme for thinking, anyway00:36
joaopintonikolam, check the channel topic :)00:36
nikolamok, joaopinto thanks for hearing me :) will come back when bug reporting page is integrated on launchpad :)00:37
nikolamto suggest some more :)00:37
joaopintonikolam, suggestion, take some time to read first, then bring your suggestions and debate, your approach to the bug reporting change was to discuss it before reading :P00:37
joaopintonikolam, bug reporting is integrated on launchpad, not as you would like, but it is integrated00:37
nikolamjoaopinto, exactly, because 99% of users are doing just that :) after I read I can lost my perspective..00:38
joaopintonikolam, ok, so I am sorry to tell that you are not a good candidate for bug reporting, because you are not willing to read a single wiki page to do a diagnostic for something that was changed00:39
nikolamjoaopinto, ok, I am now ready to read. if you understand.00:39
joaopintonikolam, I do understand your point, however I understand that you have not read the wiki, so I understand that you are not properly informed yet00:40
joaopintoand like we say here in my country, you have two eyes and two ears, and one month, which means, read/look more, listen more, and talk less :P00:41
joaopintoerm, one mouth00:41
nikolamjoaopinto, i think i presented to you some sort of feelings that users might have facing new process of reporting. Hope it will help to us all.00:42
nikolamhaha :)00:42
nikolamOk, thats about that :)00:42
joaopintonikolam, thanks for the feedback, it was quite positive, despite that lack of agreement ;)00:42
nikolamjoaopinto, Oh we have agreement about not redirecting :)00:43
joaopintook, that one I agree00:43
nikolamWill do for now.. :)00:43
joaopintonikolam, file a bug report about it :P00:44
nikolamgreat, just after reading some manual.. :P00:44
joaopintonow i need to get some sleep00:44
nikolamgood night :)00:45
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dragonthe manpage for pamdice reads pamslice in its synopsis01:48
dragonwish i could report a bug, but am too busy for that01:49
dragonthanks in advance, whoever wants to take care of it01:49
LordMetroidAnyone else had problems with the ATI proprietary drivers?02:50
swoodyLordMetroid, I think it may be easier asking who *hasn't* had issues :)02:51
swoodyI hear lots of people have had problems with them02:51
LordMetroidAfter the restart I got a bad video mode and now I have no idea what to do02:51
LordMetroidI think I fixed it in the past somehow but I can't remember how02:52
LordMetroidAlso I relied on the fallback option in grub, how I do that now when it instantly boots, is beyond my comprehension.02:53
micahgLordMetroid: karmic or Jaunty?02:53
micahg#ubuntu+1 should be able to get you going again02:54
LordMetroidStupid, the properitary drivers shipped doesn't work with the latest kernel03:07
micahgLordMetroid: do you have the latest updated?03:11
micahg8.660-0ubuntu1 says it fixes issues with the kernel03:13
LordMetroidhmm, then it shouldn't be that03:20
LordMetroidI tried deleting the generated xorg.conf but to no avail03:20
LordMetroidI ended up unintalling the driver03:20
LordMetroidWonder what might be the fault03:20
LordMetroidI think that in Jaunty removing xorg.conf worked03:20
sao3hi, anybody could help?04:19
sao3can anybody tell me if https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netbook-launcher/+bug/437590 can be marked as confirmed?04:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 437590 in netbook-launcher "Nothing happens when I select Files & Folders » Volumes » xx GB Filesystem" [Medium,Triaged]04:20
CarlFKthis isn't stopping  Oct 12 21:52:11 dhcp227 gdm-binary[6958]: WARNING: GdmDisplay: display lasted 0.088082 seconds04:31
CarlFKit put over 19,000 in syslog04:31
CarlFKwhat package should I but?04:32
CarlFKbug 43116604:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 431166 in gdm "karmic gdm restarts X infinitely when video driver fails to load" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43116604:35
jernsthello, can someone using Evolution please try to reproduce https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=598159 and https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=598160 and comment on the bug so I know if it's Ubuntu specific?07:51
ubot4Gnome bug 598159 in Mailer "When writing a message, if selection doesn't contain beginning of the line, it's impossible to copy it using right click->copy because selection is lost" [Normal,Unconfirmed]07:51
thekornhi jernst, I can confirm the first one in karmic, trying the 2nd one now07:57
thekornjernst, do you have bugreports for this open in launchpad?07:58
thekornjernst, sorry, cannot confirm the 2nd one, I've no account configured in evolution08:00
jernstthekorn: not yet, I wanted to be sure it was Ubuntu specific08:01
jernstI will report it now and let you know the bug numbers if you care to confirm the bug08:01
thekornjernst, super08:02
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jernstthekorn: Bug 45014108:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 450141 in evolution "When writing a message, if selection doesn't contain beginning of the line, it's impossible to copy it using right click->copy because selection is lost" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45014108:47
jernst(and Bug 450138)08:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 450138 in evolution "Tabs are replaced by spaces" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45013808:47
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seb128jernst, did you file those bugs?09:10
jernstseb128: yes09:13
seb128jernst, the bug is with your config and not ubuntu specific09:13
seb128you probably activated the plain text option or something09:13
jernstseb128: how so ?09:13
seb128we have no code change that could lead to those issues and I don't get the issue there either09:14
seb128I don't know what option you played with, it just doesn't happen on a stock install09:14
jernstI had the bug reported by two different people I know and one person here that has an unconfigurer evolution could report the first one09:14
seb128works for me09:14
seb128and we have no code change09:14
seb128if there is a bug it's an upstream one09:14
seb128the fact that you found an upstream bug triager not having the issue doesn't make the issue an ubuntu specific one09:15
seb128I don't get those issue there09:15
seb128I could claim it's not an ubuntu one following the same logic ;-)09:15
seb128what sort of account do you use?09:15
jernstsure, that's why I wrote "seems" ;-)09:16
seb128exchange? imap? locla?09:16
seb128ok, same here09:16
jernstI can try with an unconfigured evolution if you want09:16
seb128yes please09:16
seb128jernst, ok, in fact I get the selection bug09:17
seb128but not the spacing one09:17
jernstok good, the selection bug was confirmed in this channel by someone else too. I will try to replicate the other one (but the I have to set up some account)09:18
thekornjernst: thanks, just commented on the  bug09:25
jernstseb128: starting with an empty evolution profile, setting up a gmail account with the account wizard that comes when you open evolution the first time, I sent a message containing tab<tab>tab<tab><newline>space<space>space<space>09:26
jernstseb128: both lines appear different when writing the mail as expected, but when mail is sent both lines have single spaces between words in "Outbox", Gmail "Sent" folder and in the recipient's box09:27
seb128ok, I'm not confirming there09:28
seb128I send a mail09:28
seb128example  example09:28
seb128right click on the receiving end and save it on disk09:28
seb128edit with $editor09:28
seb128and tab and space are as written in my original email09:28
seb128could be something with your server?09:29
seb128can you trying sending an email from an another email client?09:29
jernstI sent the same e-mail from another client on the same server (webmail) and it worked09:29
seb128ok, so I don't know09:30
jernstis the tab correctly rendered in your sent folder in Evolution ?09:30
seb128how is a tab supposed to be rendered?09:30
seb128tab is an arbitraty number of spaces09:30
jernstsure but that arbitrary number should be the same in the mail-compose window and in the mail-reading window. And mails sent from the webmail have tabs rendered as more than one space09:32
jernst(I did your "save as" test and /\t finds no occurrences in vim)09:33
seb128it uses 3 spaces for a tab there09:34
seb128which is a weird value09:34
seb128but that's constant in the composer, sent folder and receiving one09:34
jernstthen I don't know why you can't reproduce this issue ;-)09:35
jernstNB: using the same evolution profile in 2.26 doesn't show the problem09:36
seb128let's see if somebody else get the issue09:36
seb128hggdh, ^ have you seen any similar bug before?09:36
jernstseb128: tabs are four spaces in my 2.2609:36
hggdhseb128: I will try it, but I do not remember anything like that09:39
seb128hggdh, thanks09:41
hggdhseb128: cannot reproduce the tab/spaces one09:43
seb128hggdh, thanks09:44
jernsthggdh: seb128: thanks for your tests... don't know what to try next though09:44
seb128jernst, could me you smtp server? do you use the same one09:44
jernstwhat locales are you using ?09:45
seb128jernst, could me you smtp server? do you use the same one when you try an another client09:45
seb128here fr_FR.UTF-809:45
jernstseb128: tried with two different smtp servers and mails are wrong in the outbox already (before being handled by smtp)09:45
hggdhhere en_US.UTF-809:45
jernsthggdh: do you have tab = 3 spaces like seb128 or 4 spaces (like me in 2.26) ?09:46
seb128jernst, do you use 2.26 for all those bugs?09:46
jernstselection bug is present in 2.26 and 2.28. tab bug only in 2.28 (works fine in 2.26)09:47
seb128how many tabs do you have in 2.28?09:47
seb128spaces for a tab rather09:47
hggdhjernst: 4 spaces09:48
jernsttried with LC_ALL=fr_FR.UTF8 still one space after sending mail...09:50
jernstit works in html mail though (but looking at the source, tab = "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; " in this case)09:51
jernstI will try with yesterday's daily-live09:52
seb128the issue started recently?09:52
jernstI don't see how it could matter, but I'm using 64bit version, what about you ?09:52
jernstseb128: I noticed it recently because my patches to the linux usb ids database were refused09:53
jernst(the bot expects patches in the mail body and tabs are used in usb.ids)09:53
thekornjernst: I can confirm this bug too (plain text) tabs are converted to spaces09:53
hggdhjernst: I am also running 64bits09:53
jernstthekorn: to space_s_ or to spac_e_ ?09:54
thekornjernst: that's funny, when I save a mail as draft, one tab is replaced by one space, when I send and recieve a mail, one tab is converted to 4 spaces09:55
jernstthekorn: when saving as draft I see also the one space but that's because evolution saves drafts as both text and html I think and the html version contains four spaces which, in html, is rendered as a single space (that's another bug I guess)09:58
hggdh<sigh/> one day we will get rid of gtkhtml...09:59
thekorn<sigh/> one day we will get rid of evolution ;)10:00
seb128one day we will get rid of computers10:01
hggdhwell, there is always claws-mail -- which is what I use when my Evo bellies up10:01
thekornright, this will save us alot of pain10:01
jernsttext version of drafts are saved with 4 spaces10:09
hggdh<SIGH/> lesson to self: do not start gnome-session if you are running xfce :-(10:09
seb128jernst, tab use is not consistent there, they are displayed as 8 spaces on start of a line, then 3, then 8 if I press tab twice10:16
seb128but cat -T shows ^I for each tab use in the message10:16
hggdhI confirm the ^I on the raw message (in the Sent folder)10:21
hggdhand the email I sent as a test is shown with tab on another MUA10:22
jernstwhat a mess ;-)10:22
jernstI've got to go now, but I will try again from the livecd and let you know. Thanks for your tests by the way !10:23
hggdhwell, it is clear that evo (probably in gtkhtml) paints tabs as spaces10:23
jernsthggdh: I have no problem with that, but the fact that it "sends" spaces (in my case only one space) instead of \t is an issue10:24
hggdhjernst: I understand, but I could not confirm; I also have -- at least right now -- no idea *why* this happens for you10:25
hggdhand not for me, or Seb10:25
jernsthggdh: yeah I understand, I'll try to reproduce it on a fresh karmic install with the same locale as one of you and let you know if I find out why you cannot reproduce it. Any idea when gtkhtml will be replaced ?10:27
seb128jernst, not any time soon for editing10:35
seb128there was some talk about using webkit for rendering though10:35
thekornshould be easy to see if it is bug in gtkhtml10:35
seb128gtkhtml has a standalone test editor you can build to try things10:36
thekornok, I can confirm this 'tab' appears as 'space' bug by running this code: http://paste.ubuntu.com/292241/10:39
thekornso it is a bug in gtkhtml10:40
seb128how do you see the difference between a space and a tab?10:41
seb128thekorn, and gtkhtml2 is not used by evolution, gtkhtml2 != gtkhtml3 (I know it's confusing)10:42
thekornhehe, ok10:42
ttxpedro_: ping12:52
pedro_hello ttx12:53
ttxpedro_: I was wondering about the server bug day we have been talking about12:53
ttxpedro_: istr we planned it for... today ?12:53
pedro_ttx, yeap just sent an email, didn't had the time to create everything on the weekend i'm on it now12:54
pedro_ttx, tomorrow so we have time to announce it to the community12:54
pedro_ttx, sorry about that12:54
ttxpedro_: ah ok. sure12:54
ttxWe'll announce it on the server team meeting as well12:54
pedro_ttx, i'm creating bug lists with regression-potential bugs so we can have some help from the community reviewing those12:54
ttxpedro_: try to send your email before 1500 UTC so that we can pick it up as reference during the meeting12:55
pedro_ttx, will do12:55
ttxpedro_: thx !12:55
pedro_my pleasure ;-)12:55
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ubuntu__jest tu ktoś? Chcę zgłosic błąd, a nikogo nie ma :(15:00
ttxpedro_: sounds good15:14
pedro_ttx, awesome, will announce it then, thanks :-)15:15
Gpi ma getting Invalid execution envioroment at grub15:32
mrandHowdy Gp: User support (not related to triage) is in #ubuntu15:33
Gppl help me15:33
CarlFK(09:52:49 AM) bwh: CarlFK: You seem to have found a compiler bug - gdb 7.0 is a major new release so the bug may well be there16:23
CarlFKshould I report that on lp ubuntu?16:23
CarlFKbt http://dev.personnelware.com/carl/a/dvs.txt         result = DWARF-2 expression error: DW_OP_reg operations must be used either alone or in conjuction with DW_OP_piece.16:24
mrandCarlFK: If you have done an update and are sure that you have the latest, and if that has not already been reported as a bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdb), then yes, please open a ticket.  I assume the ubuntu-bug command should work... give it a try:  "ubuntu-bug gdb"16:52
CarlFKthat's what I was looking for... thanks16:52
mrandCool.  Thanks for helping!16:52
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Kmoscould someone make Bug 424965 public?17:43
ubot4Kmos: Bug 424965 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/424965 is private17:43
bdmurrayKmos: done17:49
xteejxEvening all17:51
Kmosbdmurray: thank you17:52
xteejxCan anyone help with bug 294480 please, I think it may be cdrecord causing a problem, but not sure how to read the log files, can someone take a quick peek for me please? :)17:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 294480 in linux "A problem in burning cd's in Ubuntu 8.10, brasero and k3b both produce almost the same error." [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29448017:52
xteejxI know I need to change description, but was going to do that when I knew where the problem was17:53
mahfouzsometimes my karmic fails to show my usb18:29
mahfouzit's just not mounted18:29
mahfouzis this bug known18:29
mahfouz1how can I get a trace or something if my flash drive is not mounted?18:33
mrandHowdy mahfouz, per /topic : User support (not related to triage) is in #ubuntu18:34
mahfouz1well, I'm not asking for support, I'm reporting a bug18:35
mrandThis channel isn't really about reporting bugs.  It's about pushing existing bugs around (triaging).18:36
bdmurraymrand: I think getting high quality bugs is a useful thing18:36
bdmurraymahfouz1: please try 'ubuntu-bug storage'18:36
mahfouz1aha, ok18:36
mahfouz1see, i wouldn't even have known what to file it against18:37
bdmurrayubuntu-bug storage will run through some tests to help determine the right package18:37
mahfouz1yeah, i'm doing that right now18:37
mrandbdmurray: absolutely!18:38
bdmurrayso helping people report bugs is in the scope of this channel18:38
mrandUnderstood.  Thanks.18:39
xteejxdefinitely! any helpful bug report is a good bug report hehe :)18:42
xteejxon a triaging note, would someone have a look at bug 294480 please?18:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 294480 in linux "A problem in burning cd's in Ubuntu 8.10, brasero and k3b both produce almost the same error." [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29448018:42
xteejxbdmurray, mrand: ^^ ? sorry if you're busy guys18:43
xteejxwhats that "assignment of mentor" from bug control lists?18:53
pedro_xteejx, that's the bugsquad mentorship program19:00
pedro_xteejx, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Specs/SpecialisationWithinBugcontrol19:01
xteejxpedro_: sorry was afk, didnt realise ubuntu had a mentorship program :)19:24
xteejxis there anyone here?19:27
xteejxkklimonda, are you triaging at the mo?19:30
xteejxi just need a hand with a bug19:30
kklimondawith 294480?19:31
kklimonda(still reading bug)19:33
xteejxkklimonda, its a long one lol19:34
kklimondaxteejx, the question is what's the real problem. Are all files burned fine for sure? If so why is the checksum different - does it mean that some "unimportant" metadata was incorrectly burned? If so why - was it faulty medium or maybe a combination of a low quality medium and burner itself..19:43
mrandxteejx: Had a few spare moments.... https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59195919:44
ubot4Gnome bug 591959 in general "Checksum computation broken on files >4GB" [Normal,Needinfo]19:44
mrandxteejx: possible dup: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/36703719:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 367037 in ubuntu "Error while burning - some files may be corrupted on the disc" [Undecided,New]19:45
xteejxsee...i don't understand the log files well, i don't know if it is the medium, burner, or if they were trying to burn >4GB doesn't seem to be that19:45
xteejxim guessing its a seriously bad batch, as he says rewritables work fine19:46
kklimondawell, he has mentioned that he got this error when he has burned mp3 files..19:46
xteejxthats true, could be a naming issue, but wouldn't things like that show in the logs?19:47
mrandWhile bad media is certainly possible, there are so many reports I'm suspect of the checksum function.19:47
xteejxi had failed checksum before on bad media, and they were lightscribe dvd+r's - quite a few it was only the odd 1 or 2 from a spindle of 50 that worked19:48
Michalxohello all.. just a quick question.. is being done something with my bug report 1 already month old? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/42924919:49
ubot4Launchpad bug 429249 in gnome-power-manager "[Karmic] keyboard locked/freezed unable to type anything" [Undecided,New]19:49
xteejx"Burning failed probably due to overburning the cd."19:51
micahgMichalxo: havarmic?e you updated to the latest packages in k19:52
Michalxoyes yes19:54
kklimondaxteejx, it only shows up in the single log19:54
micahgMichalxo: I think this is a dupe of another bug19:55
micahgI had that issue on amd64 with Jaunty19:56
micahgoh, it seems to be multiple issues19:57
Michalxomicahg, duplicate of ... can you link me to it?19:58
micahgMichalxo: idk, there are a lot of bugs in the linux package for similar issues I think20:03
micahgMichalxo: I would suggest hoping in #ubuntu-kernel and see if they have a master bug for this20:04
lordmetroidDudes, there is no question dialog asking if I should overwrite a file or not...20:06
Michalxothank you micahg :-)20:07
lordmetroidAt least when I drag and drop a file from file-roller to a folder20:07
lordmetroidWhere does this bug go?20:07
micahglordmetroid: to another folder in file-roller?20:08
lordmetroidNo from file-roller to a folder in my home directory20:08
lordmetroidA previous file existed and it simple overwrote it without question(at least I think it overwrote it as the date and size changed)20:09
micahglordmetroid: where do you see the file?20:09
micahgor rather folder?20:09
micahgon the desktop?  Nautilus?20:09
lordmetroidIt is /home/Desktop20:10
lordmetroidBut also /home/Desktop/folder20:10
lordmetroidNo wait, nautilus20:10
micahglordmetroid: ubuntu-bug nautilus20:11
lordmetroidOkay, after testing the desktop it also does so if I drag and drop files to the desktop20:11
micahglordmetroid: which version of Ubuntu?20:14
lordmetroidKarmic Beta20:14
micahgok, yeah, please file in nautilus20:14
dmj727asac: I have a bug fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-pptp/+bug/37140220:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 371402 in network-manager-pptp "vpn fails to connect when server requires only 128 bit encryption" [Medium,Triaged]20:23
dmj727I really hope that it can be incorporated into Karmic, since it probably will affect hundreds of user just at the University of Illinois.20:27
dmj727bdmurray: Is regression potential a just a standard addition, or do you see anything particularly off?20:48
bdmurraydmj727: I'm not sure I really understand your question.20:55
dmj727bdmurray: Sorry, I didn't realize what regression potential tag meant.22:07
bdmurraydmj727: okay its documented at wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Tags22:09
dmj727yeah, getting bug 371402 fixed for Karmic is important to me, and I thought you were tagging my fix as having a potential for regression.22:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 371402 in network-manager-pptp "vpn fails to connect when server requires only 128 bit encryption" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37140222:11
dmj727Glad to see it's on the list!22:13
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