Rocket2DMnhey dsas , you have a minute?01:00
dsasRocket2DMn, sure01:00
Rocket2DMncool, I want to try to commit a fix to bug 442097 , I just had to make a couple of tweaks to shane's patch01:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 442097 in ubuntu-docs "IE6 in Windows document" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44209701:01
Rocket2DMnbut i havent tried comitting before01:01
Rocket2DMnlet me put together the command and ill run it by you01:02
Rocket2DMndsas, how is this:01:04
Rocket2DMnbzr commit -m "Add support for IE7 and IE8 - Shane Fagan, LP: #442097" --fixes lp:44209701:04
dsasRocket2DMn, As long as your branch is "bound" that is fine.01:06
dsaspossibly want to add a little more detail about what you're adding support to01:06
Rocket2DMnyeah, i have never kept it any other way, i have it "bzr bind lp:ubuntu-docs"01:06
Rocket2DMnsure, I'll add to the description, but is the command syntax what i should be using?01:07
dsasYeah the syntax is perfect01:07
Rocket2DMnbzr commit -m "Add support for for exporting bookmarks in IE7 and IE8 - Shane Fagan, LP: #442097" --fixes lp:44209701:08
dsaslooks good to me01:08
Rocket2DMncool, thanks for the help01:08
Rocket2DMnthe --fixes is what allows the bug to be autoupdated for Fix Released right?01:08
dsasIt links the development branch to the bug01:08
dsasI'm not sure that it marks the bug as fix-released on upload. I think that's done by the package changelog01:09
Rocket2DMnoh ok, so the branch gets linked to the bug automatically then?01:09
j1mchi all01:09
dsashi j1mc01:10
Rocket2DMnhey j1mc01:10
j1mchi dsas and Rocket2DMn01:10
Rocket2DMnok, here goes nothing01:11
dsasRocket2DMn, fingers crossed01:11
j1mcwhat are you attempting to do?01:11
Rocket2DMnaw crap, something else got stuck in there01:12
dsasRocket2DMn, automatically changing the status to Fix Committed is something that LP will implement in future.01:13
Rocket2DMndsas, a small edit to gnome-menus-C.ent got stuck in there01:13
Rocket2DMnshould i roll back?01:13
Rocket2DMndsas, check the emai lthat just went out for it01:14
Rocket2DMndsas, the extra piece was for bug 44241701:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 442417 in ubuntu-docs ""Text Editor" changed to "gedit Text Editor" in Applications->Accessories" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44241701:15
Rocket2DMni didnt mean to commit that one though01:15
dsasRocket2DMn, bzr uncommit to revert the last commit01:17
Rocket2DMndsas, ok, so run uncommit, then re-apply just the patch i wanted and try again?01:17
dsasRocket2DMn, yes01:18
Rocket2DMnok, take 201:18
Rocket2DMnok, that was a bit of a rough start, but i think we got it this time.  Thanks again for the help dsas01:23
dsasRocket2DMn, sweet, no problems.01:24
dsasI made some kind of mess of the history with my first commit :)01:24
dsasevening jjesse01:24
Rocket2DMndsas, glad to know i'm not the only one.  besides, what's the fun in doing it right the first time anyway01:25
jjesseevening dsas01:25
dsasRocket2DMn, I always either run bzr st before committing or commit without the -m flag, so you see which files will be committed while writing your commit message01:25
dsasRocket2DMn, it's a VCS it's pretty tricky to break it completely anyway :)01:26
j1mchi jjesse01:27
Rocket2DMni've seen it done dsas :)01:27
jjessehello jjesse01:27
jjessehello j1mc01:27
Rocket2DMnthanks for the tip dsas , ill use thatin the future01:28
dsasnight all02:14
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trijntjeIs the kubuntu documentation still maintained?15:30
lukjad007trijntje It should be15:40
trijntjelukjad007, i'm translating it, but it looks like a lot of things are out of date. Kstart instead of Kickoff applicationstarter, that sort of thing15:42
lukjad007trijntje Hmm. Well perhaps it's because there are fewer KDE users than GNOME users currently15:43
trijntjelukjad007, I guess, thats why I was asking. I guess ill just file a bugreport15:46
lukjad007trijntje Just flag it as outdated15:47
trijntjelukjad007, can you explain how I do that? I was planning to file a bug against kubuntu-docs15:48
lukjad007trijntje Can I have a link to the page?15:49
trijntjethats the translation template, I can never find my way around in launchpad...15:50
lukjad007trijntje Is this in the wiki, or launchpad?15:50
lukjad007If it's the wiki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tag15:51
trijntjelukjad007, no, its the native kubuntu documentation, no network needed15:52
lukjad007trijntje Oh, sorry then. I guess a bug report is due :)15:53
trijntjelukjad007, no problem, I should have said it was the offline documentation. Thanks for your help15:54
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