popeytsimpson: is that documented on the wiki somewhere?11:47
jussi01popey: refering to the ops question?12:34
jussi01!gudelines | popey12:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gudelines12:35
jussi01!guidelines | popey12:35
ubottupopey: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:35
jussi01its there12:35
popeyso it is12:36
popeyits always struck me as a bizarre system12:36
jussi01popey: why so?12:36
popeyit's somewhat cabal-like12:36
jussi01popey: care to elaborate some?12:37
popeyit lends itself to allowing a group of people to grant access to people via a closed system of selection, and if your face doesn't fit, you're not allowed in12:39
popeythe whole 'dont ask for ops' has been around for years on irc (not just in Ubuntu) I appreciate that, but I feel uneasy about it in Ubuntu12:39
jussi01popey: while selection process may need review, (and imho everything should be reviewed, even if it doesnt change) - I dont think the "dont ask for ops" part of it is a problem.12:42
popeybut it's an anomoly12:42
popeywe don't have that policy elsewhere12:42
popeywe don't say "don't ask to be an ubuntu member", "dont ask to be on the loco council", "dont ask to be a motu".. etc12:42
popeyI'm of course not suggesting anyone who asks should get ops, that would be daft.12:43
popeyit doesnt happen in loco channels that I'm aware of, only core channels?12:44
jussi01loco channels are free to appoint ops in their own way, as I understand it.12:47
jpdsjussi01: Well, it should be: "Can I be a moderator?", "No, because of x, y, z".12:48
popeyIMO an application process (akin to membership) whereby applicats can provide details of their contribution on their wiki page would be more sane than just saying "no".12:50
jpdsSo if someone asks: "Can I be an op" (because they're new to IRC or whatever), we review them, and then say: "No/Yes, because of c, b, a".12:51
jpdspopey += 112:51
Picipopey: Thats sane, but the procedure should be across the board then, for forums and IRC.12:52
popeyThat would seem sane too Pici12:52
Pici(funny that the first thing I say today is sane and I havent even had my caffeine yet)12:53
naliothPici: so really, it's insane?12:54
* nalioth runs12:54
arandShould really the #ubuntu-proxy-users kick in when using the freenode webchat?12:56
Piciarand: Is there a reason it shouldnt?13:02
arandPici: hm, maybe not, I just guessed that with the webchat the issues of abuse would not be as severe... ?13:05
Piciarand: Using the forward ensures that if we ban someone when they aren't using the webchat that they cannot circumvent that by using it.13:10
arandPici: Ah, ok fair enough, thnaks for the info13:19
popeywhat do I have to do to request a kline around here?18:27
popeyspecifically in -uk18:28
Picipopey: klines are network wide, is this something thats happening just in -uk and cannot be handled with just a ban?18:30
popeyAIUI it happens in other channels I am not an op of18:31
popeyI believe Gary is aware of it18:31
Picipopey: Can you describe what the issue is?18:33
nikoxcdfgkjhgcv is the issue18:34
popeya user who was previously known as Samuel-AFK or Samuel-NotAFK has been rude, sexist and offensive in -uk for many months. He returned with a nick which was usually xcd*18:35
popeyrefuses to accept that he has been previously kicked/banned18:35
popeykeeps coming back18:35
PiciOh.. that guy.18:35
popeyi have attempted to have normal social discourse with the person, and have even provided ubuntu related assistance to him in the recent past, but he keeps coming back and exhibiting the same behaviour18:35
Picixcdfgkjhgcv [n=iuyhgf@5ada4984.bb.sky.com]18:36
popeyhe is also on 86-159-13-3.range86-159.btcentralplus.com18:36
popeyi need to pop off and bath my kids.. back in a bit.18:37
ubot2jonasbjork called the ops in #ubuntu-se ()19:17
Neuromancer_how to get an ubuntu cloak?19:19
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember19:21
Picipopey: I'm a bit busy at the moment, but the same user that you're talking about has also been a problem in the core ubuntu channels.  I've asked to see if one of the other ircc members can put something together so that we can see if freenode staff can take a look for us.19:53
popeythanks Pici19:58
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ikoniapopey: are you there ?21:37
popeyi am21:41
ikoniahello  popey good new21:41
ikoniaI've had samual banned from his schools network - he was using a proxy of an educational network I put in (or part of it) so I know the process to complain to the administrators21:41
ikoniaI'm also in the process of writing a hand written letter to his head teacher which will be hand delivered to his school as he goes to a school which is about 5 minutes drive from one of my clients at the moment21:42
ikoniaso I'll be dopping in a letter to his head teacher to share with his parents, including snippets of his comments21:42
popeythat's over and abovethe call of duty ikonia21:42
ikoniawell.......I like to deliver21:42
popeythats very much appreciated21:43
ikoniaI'm happy to waste 30 minutes of my day to walk down to his school21:43
ikoniaplus I can then speak to the head teacher and explain it's not just missuse, I'm sure his parents would be delighted to know their childs behaviour21:43

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