MTecknologycompiling any kernel always seems to burn a hole in my leg00:00
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MTecknologythere's something about compiling a kernel using the .config I got from gentoo that seems to make things not work02:07
MTecknologyIn a way - I'm not surprised at all02:07
spstarrerm, how come alsa snd-aloop is not found in kernel?02:33
spstarrmy sound card has no PCM/mixer capture support and needs aloop02:34
MTecknologyI was looking at CONFIG_SPI and saw "up to several tens of Mbit/sec.  Chips are addressed with a" I'm guessing that should be s/tens/tenths/02:43
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MTecknologyAny ideas why this broke? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/292024/03:23
hzhang__ericm-Zzz, LOL , still not get up?03:30
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hzhang__hi, anybody familiar with IGMP protocol in kernel ipv4?03:30
ericmhzhang__, naw actually is up03:30
hzhang__is that a must option for common usage?03:30
hzhang__ericm, yeah, got my email? i saved 6KB finally for remove OABI_COMPAT03:30
ericmhzhang__, yes - you're a poor man - struggling for saving 6KB :-)03:31
ericmhzhang__, so finally you are able to build a EABI kernel without OABI_COMPAT?03:31
hzhang__ericm, oh, i just comments off those #error in kernel/time.c03:32
hzhang__ericm, and seems kernel is ready for EABI03:32
ericmhzhang__, seems your kernel is a hybrid one :)03:32
jk-MTecknology: what source is this, and what .config have you used?03:34
MTecknologyjk-: I pulled the source from git and I took the default .config for my profile and started removing some stuff03:35
jk-MTecknology: which git tree?03:35
jk-"for your profile" ?03:35
jk-ok, cool03:36
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MTecknologyto get the default .config I did this - cat debian.master/config/config.common.ubuntu debian.master/config/amd64/config.common.amd64 debian.master/config/amd64/config.flavour.generic > .config03:36
MTecknologyI compiled and it worked03:36
MTecknologynow I'm having troubles pin pointing where I screwed up03:37
jk-ok, maybe diff your config against the original one that you got from 'cat ...' ?03:37
MTecknologyi'm scared to :P03:37
jk-'cat .... | diff -u - .config'03:38
MTecknologyI just did diff file1 file203:39
ericmanyone knows that ath9k broken after resume is a known issue?03:39
jk-MTecknology: why such a difference?03:40
MTecknologyericm: first googgle result - did you try rmmod ath9k, then modprobe ath9k ?03:40
MTecknologyjk-: I sat down and tweaked for about 2hr03:40
jk-my first guess would be to disable CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL03:40
ericmMTecknology, tried google - seems to be a known issue - but need confirmation (and unfortunately I don't have the hw, just looking into this issue reported by others)03:41
MTecknologyjk-: it is disabled03:41
jk-or start from a clean .config, then change small things, and test between changes03:41
MTecknologySymbol: DEBUG_KERNEL [=n]03:41
MTecknologythere's no easier way to see where I screwed up?03:42
jk-you could find out what's defining both 'debug' symbols03:43
MTecknologyHow can I do that?03:43
MTecknologyI'm confused why there would be two things defining that symbol now but not earlier - I didn't add anything extra03:45
jk-do you have ndiswrapper enabled?03:54
MTecknologyit's an option in the kernel that was * by default iirc03:54
MTecknologym* 03:55
jk-(ndiswrapper seems to define a non-static 'debug' symbol)03:59
MTecknologyIf I drop that - will I have issues running flashplugin-nonfree... I'm guessing so but it's worth a shot04:01
jk-no, it's for windows wireless drivers04:01
MTecknologyoh - i was under the assumption that that plugin used it in some way04:02
MTecknologyI'll try it like that :)04:04
* MTecknology crosses fingers04:04
MTecknologyI expect something to break - just like it to compile so I can get an error thrown at me that says something like "Hey moron; don't disable this!"04:05
MTecknologyjk-: where did you find that information?04:08
jk-MTecknology: just looked for non-static debug vars04:13
hzhang__ericm_, LOL, hybrid kernel ...04:25
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MTecknologyjk-: that fixed it :)04:33
MTecknologynow to see if I can boot up with it04:34
MTecknologyI made the kernel get scared04:36
MTecknologythen it ran away04:36
MTecknologySomething about needing to find it's roots04:36
MTecknologyHow can I pull up the error that it threw?04:37
Womble2Sounds like you disabled the driver for your disk controller04:37
MTecknologyhow can I see what driver I need for it?04:38
Womble2'lspci -v' will show you which driver is used for each device under the current kernel04:39
Womble2though it's not always easy to work out how that's labelled in the configuration menus04:39
MTecknologyshiny :)04:39
MTecknologyI already see what you mean :P04:40
MTecknologyhere it is http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/292050/04:42
MTecknologythis looks relevant - SATA controller04:43
Womble2So you want ata_piix and ahci (not sure if you *need* both)04:44
MTecknologythanks :)04:45
MTecknologyanother 30min to recompile :P04:48
MTecknologyI think it takes about that long04:49
Womble2Less than 5 minutes with a minimal config04:50
Womble2...and more than one core04:50
MTecknologyI'm trying to trim the default config down as far as I can04:50
MTecknologyfor fun mostly04:51
MTecknologyand for a really really fast boot time04:51
MTecknologyI'm considering dropping X and moving to framebuffer displays too...04:52
Womble2You don't actually need to disable drivers for that, but building in the ones you do need can help04:52
MTecknologythat compile took ~3min04:52
Womble2and then getting rid of initramfs (but not all distributions support that and I don't know whether Ubuntu does)04:53
MTecknologyya - leaving them out seems to cause an infinitely long boot time04:53
Womble2I mean, you build the drivers you need as built-in (=y) not modules (=m)04:53
MTecknologyI heard initramfs can speed it up a lot - if this works I was planning on trying it04:53
MTecknologyya - I prefer built-in  but making everything built-in won't help either04:54
MTecknologyI'm going to try this out - brb04:54
Womble2Personally I have no interest in doing that on production machines, but I do driver development and fast rebbooting is useful :-)04:54
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MTecknologyunable to moutn root-fs on unknown-block04:57
MTecknologysame error as before 04:57
Womble2Did you include the filesystem?04:58
MTecknologythat dang kernel is so scared of me it just wets it pants04:58
MTecknologyExt4, ya04:58
MTecknologyDo I need to have Ext{2,3} even if I don't use them?04:58
MTecknologyThe whole system is either Ext4, swap, or extended05:01
MTecknologywhat do I need to get to an extended partition?05:02
Womble2nothing special05:02
MTecknologyonly /boot isn't on an extended partition05:03
MTecknologyIs there any way to get teh exact error that came up?05:03
Womble2serial console / netconsole / camera05:03
MTecknologyI can try my camera phone..05:04
Womble2you did specify root= on the kernel command line, right?05:04
MTecknologyI assume that was set - I'm only modifying the source05:10
MTecknologyhttp://imagebin.ca/img/x-JURGKX.jpg | http://imagebin.ca/img/dx09FZq.jpg05:11
MTecknologythe phone takes a cleaner image than I thought if I really try to stay steady05:12
MTecknologyyou can see how glossy the screen is - w/ my reflection05:12
MTecknologyit has no idea what sda5 is...05:13
Womble2Check that you have CONFIG_MSDOS_PARTITION=y05:15
Womble2oh, I know, you're missing sd05:15
Womble2SCSI disk support05:16
Womble2SATA is much like SCSI at the protocol level so you have to enable that05:16
MTecknologyI just saw that05:16
MTecknologythe msdos part05:16
MTecknologywhich options should I enable for scsi?05:17
MTecknologyI searched for scsi and that's right around massive05:17
MTecknologyI'll try that out :)05:18
MTecknologyI wonder how long this build is going to take05:19
MTecknologyWomble2: thanks for the help :)05:20
MTecknologyhopefully this just works nice and perfect and I'll be smart enough to do only a few things at a time and build-in things I know I'll need05:21
MTecknologyWomble2: sorry, I had to run off06:21
MTecknologyThat part is working - now I need to figure out what I need for ecryptfs and another very minor error06:21
MTecknologyWomble2: thanks again for all the help :D06:25
MTecknologythanks to everyone else too :)06:28
MTecknologyI guess I was wrong with what I thought I needed - but I can't imagine making ecryptfs work should be too hard to find06:32
panda|phenomericm_, well, finally, fixed SLOB for my nommu board08:44
ericm_panda|phenom, you are genius bro - what's the prob?08:45
panda|phenomericm_, only 2.5MB to run kernel, busybox, stream server and web server08:45
panda|phenomericm_, no, i'm poor, compound_order must be run on the head.08:45
panda|phenomericm_, so use virt_to_head_page(objp) instead of virt_to_page(objp)08:46
panda|phenomericm_, anyway, uclinux is amazing ... LOL08:46
ericm_panda|phenom, you must have fun then :-)08:50
panda|phenomericm_, ah, well, i'm still a newbie and there are so many code i can't understood ... long way to go ...08:52
ericm_panda|phenom, hey you are a panda - so don't worry about that08:53
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cankoyis this patch included in karmic? http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1312112:06
ubot3`bugzilla.kernel.org bug 13121 in BIOS "Buggy _BCM - acer aspire 5720G, 5710Z, 5315" [High,Closed: code_fix] 12:06
csurbhi cankoy, yes! I can see it in karmic12:08
cankoycsurbhi: does it also cover 5715Z? I asked a number of times there, but it's ignored so far.12:09
csurbhilet me check, i am just making a patch and verifying that12:09
csurbhicankoy, reading the comments there, i think the patch should work for 5715Z12:17
cankoycsurbhi: as of, I still don't see http://bugzilla.kernel.org/attachment.cgi?id=21801. 12:18
csurbhiif you get the latest karmic 12:19
csurbhii mean the source code and do a git log drivers/acpi/video.c\12:19
csurbhithats the first commit that will pop12:19
cankoyok, thanks12:20
csurbhi cankoy, you seem to be right 12:24
csurbhi|the patch for 57151Z is not yet in12:24
csurbhihave u filed a bug in launchpad ?12:26
cankoyno, should I? 12:26
cankoyif that's the only way to get noticed, then I can..12:27
csurbhiyes, please do. I will apply it if a bug is filed12:27
csurbhicankoy, also can u ask in bugzilla about the merge of this patch upstream ?12:36
cankoycsurbhi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ports-meta/+bug/45028812:46
ubot3`Malone bug 450288 in linux-ports-meta "fix for Acer Aspire 5715z brightness keys missing" [Undecided,New] 12:46
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rtgapw, smb: what do you guys think about the bluetooth connection patches?13:48
apwrtg, hard to tell how vast they are from his email13:50
rtgapw, isn't your block elevator patch suitable for stable?13:51
smbrtg, Would need to look at the actual patches, but might be reasonable13:51
apwok the first two are small and obvious13:51
smbrtg, elevator one, I think yes13:51
apwthe last needs more reading but it seems to be trying to reference count the devices ... 13:51
apwmy only worry is they are pretty late, and i don't have any bluetooth devices to test with13:52
apwrtg on the readahead, yes, it need submitting upstream and cc: stable, on my list for today13:52
rtgapw, do you want to change our commit log (e.g., add Cc: stable...) ?13:53
apwheh, i could but normally i'd rebase it to mainline before sending and would add it then13:53
rtgapw, ok13:54
apwthose bluetooth things seem to have hit real mainline too13:55
smbrtg, the 3rd one is a bit misty but it is upstream ...13:56
smbthe other two look ok13:56
rtgapw, they are all cherry picks and apply cleanly, which is why I asked him to send them upstream for stable.13:56
apwyeah ... i guess normally i'd say wait for that, but freeze throws spanners in that13:56
rtgapw, well, if they _do_ come via stable, then smb can deal with them in a couple of weeks13:57
MTecknologyrtg: this is getting fun :)13:58
rtgBrian did point out that they are not regression fixes, but rather improvements.13:58
apwif i had some h/w to test with i might say shove them in now13:59
apwnot having a clue if they work after is a concern13:59
apwi think my radio keyboard is exactly that some bespoke keyboard wireless thingy14:00
smbFrom the policy point of view they fix a problem, though not an oops or hang and they are not enablement really, so....14:00
rtgsmb, which is why I've been considering them.14:00
* apw asks on X if they have anything they can test with14:01
rtgapw, I think Marcel must already be headed to KS since he's not on the wireless channel14:02
smbRather keep things working after cycles of unplug / plug... We could say its "only" affecting bluetooth, so it could not get worse14:02
smbThough my headset did work remarkably well with karmic14:02
apwheheh ... bluetooth bashing14:02
rtgapw, you and smb are gonna have to give me a lesson in block devices in NC. wtf is failfast?14:05
smbrtg, telling the scsi layer to not bother with error recovery14:05
apwrtg thats the thing where a multi-path device can say 'don't retry here, retry higher in the stack'14:05
smbtoo much14:05
rtgah, ok. thats makes a bit of sense in a SAS env14:06
apwanyone know what the ima layer is?14:06
apwima_path_check ?14:06
apwIntegrity Measurement Architecture14:07
apwrtg what was your feeling on that barrier thing for vios?14:12
apwthe null write barrier log spam thing14:14
apwvirtual io service thing14:14
rtgapw, is that in stable? clearly I have not encountered it yet.14:15
apwno it was the one i pushed to our list, for server14:15
rtgapw, I am totally confused 'cause I have no idea what you're talking about.14:17
apwthe patch you punted on :) 14:27
smoserrtg, ping14:30
rtgapw, I _intended_ to include it. I take it I missed it along the way?14:30
* apw thought so, but i may have missed you not missing it14:30
rtgapw, what is the log message?14:31
apwblock: silently error unsupported14:31
apw        empty barriers too14:31
rtgapw, hmm, its in the list archive. guess I missed it.14:33
apwrtg is the next upload going to be a bumper?14:33
rtgapw, dunno yet14:33
smbrtg, Are the sec fixes in?14:33
rtgsmb, the 2 CVE's ?14:34
smbyup 14:34
smb(which one of them would be a bumber)14:34
rtgas of Ubuntu-2.6.31-13.4514:34
apwdon't see them in .4514:36
rtgappletalk: Fix skb leak when ipddp interface is not loaded, CVE-2009-290314:36
rtgsgi-gru: Fix kernel stack buffer overrun, CVE-2009-258414:36
rtgthose 2, right?14:37
rtgactually, they went into Ubuntu-2.6.31-13.4414:37
MTecknologyIf I do "git checkout Ubuntu-2.6.31-13.45" where is that?14:38
smbsounds about  right14:38
MTecknologyOr is that checked out right into the root git directory? I've never used git14:39
apwrtg, ahh it was a bumper, but it wasn't a bump14:39
apwMTecknology, it cheecks out that tag into your working directory14:39
rtgapw, it was a bullshit bumper, so I ignored it14:39
apwyeah i can see that, makes sense, didn't realise we could do that :)14:39
apwas in we had any mechanism for it14:40
rtgapw, do you have the patch for bug #420423 in a repo somewhere that I can fetch?14:40
ubot3`Malone bug 420423 in linux "Running karmic as virtual machine with virtio hard disk outputs I/O errors" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42042314:40
apwrtg sure14:40
MTecknologyapw: Thanks, I was confused because it builds as "" instead of something like "2.6.31-12"14:40
apwMTecknology, that depends on how you do the build.  a make makes .3 as thats the 'base'.  a debuild makes -12 .debs14:41
MTecknologyapw: and they're the exact same thing after I install it except for naming?14:42
smbMTecknology, Likely not, for probably different configs14:42
apwdepends on where you get your .config i'd say, but otherwise ...14:42
MTecknologyI'm making my own14:43
rtgapw, can you take care of the EC2 meta package while I sort out this next kernel upload. see the k-t list for my response to smoser14:43
smbMTecknology, Then it is cleanly not the same. :)14:43
apwrtg ack14:43
rtgI clearly need coffee. biab14:44
smoserthanks apw, rtg14:44
MTecknologysmb: I meant the differenve between how I build them, not versus getting it from the main branch. My config.1 is the same as the main branch, config.{2,3,4,5} are different. (Keeping checkpoints for nice builds as I go)14:44
smbMTecknology, The tree is then the same as from which -13.45 was build14:45
smbgit log should be at the last commit which is checking in the release with that message14:46
apwthe git tree is our master source repository, all uploads are built from there14:46
MTecknologygit feels almost like a smart version of cvs..14:46
* apw laughs14:46
MTecknologythat's only after ~30min working with it - but that's my first impression14:47
apwrtg:   git://kernel.ubuntu.com/apw/ubuntu-karmic lp42042314:47
Keybukapw: I'm beginning to believe that this laptop's problem could be overheating related14:50
MTecknologyKeybuk: that burns.. I've had that issue a few times (thankfully on my system only once)14:51
MTecknologyNot sure if you guys care and probably not at all for another 3 days but I'm finding this interesting - http://versioncontrolblog.com/comparison/Bazaar/CVS/Git/Mercurial/Subversion/index.html14:51
apwrtg, ok we have sent you some email on the .4 update14:56
lamontsoren: around?15:02
rtgapw, pulled lp42042315:06
apwrtg ack15:06
apwrtg smoser linux-meta-ec2 uploaded15:06
lamontsmb: any word on bug 445456?15:27
ubot3`Malone bug 445456 in linux "kvm hangs booting windows XP Pro SP2 or later, since at least 2.6.28-15" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44545615:27
lamontI guess I should add the requested info....15:28
smblamont, other than me asking for that info. no. To be honest even with it there I had not much time for any bugs15:28
rtgapw, pushed master with all of the stable updates. still doing build and smoke testing.15:35
apwrtg cool15:36
rtgapw, note the top commit, CONFIG_X86_MCE=y15:36
lamontinteresting... the 2.6.28-11 kernel with karmic user space decides that I don't get my thumbpad15:39
apwheh nice, who needed that15:55
rtgapw, I'm looking at what armel.mk produces. in the master rules, shouldn't linux-headers, linux-doc, and linux-source be specifically excluded for armel ?16:14
apwi believe that is ok, note they are _all16:14
apwtalking to maxb etc it seems that i386 runs debuild -b, but all other arches do debuild -B16:15
apwwhich only makes the one file16:15
rtgapw, huh, lemme try that16:15
rtgapw, damn, works likes a charm16:18
apwyeah i was supprised too.  i fixed the .mk then made it herre and had those _all's and asked on #u-d and they said that that was basically how its meant to work16:18
apwall really does mean all, just we then say 'don't do all' for all other arches16:18
rtgapw, perhaps I should be changing my makefiles to reflect that, i.e., use -b for i386 and -B for all others.16:20
apwyeah maybe, its a lot quicker for arm for one16:20
apwrtg i now have some good testing on a usb hack for those Huawei E169 USB dongles which broke in ... the fix is a hack from benh, and i think we'll get a proper fix later ...16:27
apwbut ... its those G3 sticks ... which are quite popular16:27
apwso to consider it, or wait for the real thing for the first SRU16:27
rtgapw, k-t list yet?16:31
apwno just got the feedback, and wondering if its sane to take the hack16:32
rtgis it device specific?16:32
apwthats the hack ...16:32
apwits pretty generic ... i am leaning to waiting16:33
smbWould me my feeling too16:33
rtgoh, that is a gross hack, isn't it :)16:33
slacker_nlhello, can anyone help me? i got a mail regarding bug 44611016:34
ubot3`Malone bug 446110 in linux "-12 kernel causes boot to halt at initramfs shell / boot hangs with "waiting for root file system"  " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44611016:34
apwrtg its pretty scarey ... i think waiting is the order of the day16:34
apwslacker_nl, what was the email about?16:35
slacker_nlthe janitor came by and talks about linux-meta and linux packages, reported the bug via apport, so I would assume the correct package was selected from the get-go16:35
CarlFKsmb:  bug 254668   - any point in digging into this more, or should it be closed as fixed?16:35
ubot3`Malone bug 254668 in linux "[2.6.27] pausing during boot (several issues)" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25466816:35
apwslacker_nl, yeah apport has a tendancy to chose linux-meta when you use linux-image-generic as the package to report against16:35
slacker_nlapw: that is what happend16:35
slacker_nlapw: can ignore the message ?16:36
apwslacker_nl, so if your bug was a realy bug, something kernel not working-y then the janitor did the right thing16:36
apwslacker_nl, sure can, we'll find the bug now its in the right place16:36
slacker_nlapw: k, cool16:36
smbCarlFK, It might be interesting to see your full dmesg in there. It would be interesting to see whether that kernel argument would have helped with the older kernels (not sure you are keen on trying to go backwards, though)16:37
CarlFKsmb: box isn't in use right now, so I can try a few things16:37
CarlFKill post dmesg16:38
smbCarlFK, Cool, thanks. I would at least have a work-around documented for older kernels if we close this as fixed now16:39
Keybukapw: so I changed my governor to powersave16:40
Keybukand so far this machine hasn't hung16:40
Keybukand it's fan is nowhere near the 747 levels it was at yesterday16:40
apwheheh.  sounds a bit dodgy16:40
Keybukit's a Dell XPS 1330M16:57
Keybukwe don't support those, right? <g>16:57
KeybukM1330 even16:58
apwmanjo, pgraner, either of you having trouble with your M1330's ?16:58
pgranerapw: I haven't run Karmic on it since my wife appropriated it16:59
apwah yess ...16:59
apwmanjo, so you don't get any overheating issues?16:59
manjoapw, upgraded this morning ... have not noticed it 17:00
manjoapw I mostly run on battery... is the over heating while charging ? 17:00
Keybukbasically for me, after a few hours usage, the machine crawls to a slow snails pace17:00
bjf-afk** Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting17:00
rtgI've been running an XPS1330 with no heat issues17:00
Keybukit needs a physical power off to be well again17:00
Keybukoverheating is just a theory17:00
manjoapw, ordered a dell 10V a week ago... but won't get it before the sprint, dell takes 2 weeks to ship17:02
apwmanjo, doh17:03
apwmanjo, so ... keep an eye out for going as slow as snot17:03
manjoapw, with ssd this time 17:03
rtgKeybuk, the next kernel will have MCE enabled, maybe you'll get some more error info.17:04
manjoapw, so we have a machine to test ssd issues now 17:04
manjoapw, machines + 1 May be 17:04
apwthe 10v ? 17:04
Keybukrtg: *nods*17:05
Keybukthat's interesting17:05
KeybukI unplugged it from the mains as manjo hinted17:05
Keybukand the temperature has already dropped 10 C17:05
Keybukand the fan just throttled down17:05
rtgooh, ACPI17:06
manjoKeybuk, I recharge when I am suspended ... 17:06
manjoKeybuk, I have a HUGE battery 17:07
manjoKeybuk, just plugged mine in ... will see the change17:08
apwKeybuk, i wonder if you battery could be sickening17:08
manjoKeybuk, what are you using to check temp? 17:09
Keybukapw: don't think so, it's holding a reasonable charge17:09
Keybukapw: >90% of design capacity17:09
Keybukthis laptop has mostly been on a shelf until my other one failed17:09
manjoKeybuk, don't hear the fan yet .... speed is normal17:10
Keybukmanjo: cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM/temperature17:10
apwKeybuk, hmmm sounds ok17:10
Keybukapw: the only thing it was used for was itunes and lightroom under windows17:10
manjoKeybuk, temperature:             44 C17:10
KeybukI took the drive out, put an SSD in, and have been using this as a backup17:10
Keybukmanjo: I'm down to 48 C now17:11
Keybukthis is the nvidia model, so it might run hotter than yours if yours is the intel model? :P17:11
manjoKeybuk, 44C with power plugged in 17:11
Keybukit was 65 C at the point it went really slow17:11
manjoKeybuk, yes intel on mine 17:11
Keybukagain, heat is just a guess here :p17:11
Keybukthough it's kinda interesting that I can actually touch the bottom of the laptop now17:12
Keybukand all I've done is unplug the power17:12
manjoKeybuk, 44C and holding17:12
Keybukit's holding at 48 C here, but hasn't quite finished the apt-get upgrade run17:15
* amitk grumbles at a new pop-up dialog telling me my battery is discharging when I pull the power on the laptop17:16
Keybukupgrade finished, and the fan just went even quieter17:16
apwKeybuk, and if you put the ac back?17:17
Keybukapw: just giving it a few more minutes, then will see17:17
Keybukpower back in now\17:19
Keybuk(temp has climbed to 51 C so far)17:23
manjoKeybuk, mine has gone up by 1C17:25
manjomy temp just dropped to 40C17:27
Keybuk52 C now17:29
Keybukif anything I'm doing less on it right now than I was when it was in its 40s17:29
KeybukI'm not upgrading openoffice for a start!17:29
apwmy laptop sits at 49c right now17:30
apwon power17:30
* apw pulls the plug17:30
smbmy netbook on 6117:31
smb(though I am running a hell lot of stuff (including looking at apw)17:32
apwmine is staying around 49/50 with or without power (dell)17:32
apwrtg is that a wrap on 14.46 ?  a17:41
apwand was the bump generic17:41
rtgapw, a bit of both. X86_MCE was the actual bumper, but I also wanted some version seperation.17:42
rtgapw, henceforth, only OMFG kitten killers will require another upload.17:42
apwso i shouldn't need to bump arm as i rebase them?  or would you recommend a separation there too?17:42
rtgapw, wouldn't hurt17:43
amitkapw: can we sneak in a last-minute patch + upload for imx51? brad just got a patch from FSL that fixes two important bugs17:43
amitkverifying currently...17:43
apwrtg ack17:43
apwamitk, i'll get back to you before i tie the ribbon then17:43
bjf-afkapw, I've also got a config bug that I need to fix for dove17:43
apwbjf-afk, is dove in the can ?17:43
apwok ... get it out to the list asap pls17:43
rtgapw, bumping the ABI for ARM isn't nearly as important.17:44
apwrtg yeah, just aa annoyance more than anything17:44
apwbut i like the idea of a nice shiney new kernel17:44
apwwe should probabally bump for the first one after release to maintain the old kernel too17:44
rtgapw, thats typically what I do, just to separate it from -proposed v.vs release17:45
DarxusDoes the kernel currently have a year 2038 bug?17:45
apwDarxus, very likely ...17:45
apwluckily we have a few years to get it sorted17:46
DarxusSo I should open a bug for it?17:46
rtgsomebody just shoot me if I'm still doing this job in 203817:46
apwi would think thats an upstream issue, but is anyone going to care for a while17:46
* apw racks a round17:46
DarxusNow seems like a better time to fix it than later.17:47
manjoapw, new 31-13 causing problems for me on nvida HP proliant ... don't see any splash or gnome just blank screen17:50
apwdoes nvidia work on -13 ?17:50
apwis that binary drivers or oss ones?17:51
manjoapw, it did a dkms install of the modules ... 17:51
manjolet me try older kernel .... again .. 17:51
manjoapw, -12 is ok 17:57
apwmanjo, fun ... so what changed17:58
apwis there a dkms log to see if the driver was happy17:59
manjowill look after the meeting 17:59
=== bjf-afk is now known as bjf
Keybuk(up to 55 C now :p)18:24
apwKeybuk, very strange18:27
Keybukapw: it's been climing since the battery became fully charged18:32
apwvery odd18:32
Keybuknothing interesting in dmesg18:32
Keybuk(not that I'm expecting MUAHAHAHA! BURN!!! in there)18:33
rtgjjohansen, X86_MCE doesn't seem like a good idea for EC2, agreed?18:54
jjohansenrtg: agreed18:55
MTecknologyHow can I know if it's safe for me to disable CONFIG_X86_RESERVE_LOW_64K?19:48
rtgjjohansen, Uploaded linux-ec2_2.6.31-302.7 if you wanna build your own.20:00
DarxusI added a couple options to the varies fragments of the .config, but it still wants me to run make oldconfig.20:06
DarxusI can't see what's different from the make oldconfig output from my version of the config.20:06
DarxusAny idea what I'm missing?20:06
Michalxohello! I got directed here from ubutnu-bugs.. this is my bug... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/42924920:07
ubot3`Malone bug 429249 in gnome-power-manager "[Karmic] keyboard locked/freezed unable to type anything" [Undecided,New] 20:07
Michalxoany fixes around? :-/20:07
jjohansenrtg: thanks20:49
zongo1Hi! I have a question about karmic's initrd and my dvb-t stick. It seems that the firmware is not included in the initrd which makes my computer pausing for a minute when resuming. Is this a known problem?20:57
MTecknologyWhat's the difference between Ubuntu-2.6.31-14.46 and Ubuntu-2.6.31-302.7 ?23:27
manjojjohansen, around ? 23:31
=== bjf is now known as bjf-afk

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