* hipitihop waves good morning to the residents00:10
philliphi all...audigy se sound card, HVR-1600, i'm not getting any audio passed from the tuner00:29
phillipi get audio from websites, but not tuner through mythtv or VLC...I'm running mythbuntu 9.1000:29
jfryis the audio being recorded?00:30
jfryAnd assuming it is, have you set your audio & mixer settings on the frontend00:31
phillipno, recordings do not have sound00:32
phillipand my channel scan is limited to 2-14, it's not picking up the rest of them00:33
jfryYou tried to play one on a known working system or at least a working media player on that same machine?00:33
phillipI'm not getting audio from anything that comes through my tuner with anything on this machine00:34
jfrySource (digital, analog broadcast, Svideo, composite?00:36
phillipanalog broadcast00:36
phillipstreaming hulu works great00:36
jfryhave you played any media in mythtv and had audio?00:37
phillipnot besides hulu00:38
phillipi'm wondering if my DVD drive is crapping out on me too, it won't load a dvd into VLC00:38
jfryhave you installed de-css?00:39
phillipno i haven't00:40
jfryI suspect that you need to check the audio configuration in mythtv... I am guessing that the audio is being captured with the video, but mythtv is not configured to output it to the right output.00:40
phillipthe mythtv settings wouldn't affect the VLC would it?00:41
jfryYou can install libdvdcss with mythbuntu control center.00:42
phillipi'm installing that now...thanks for the lead ;-)00:42
jfryand no, mythtv uses it's own internal media player (unless you configure it otherwise)00:42
phillipstill not getting DVD playback through VLC..let me see if rebooting kicks in it gear00:44
jfryThat should solve your dvd playback issue.  How are your speakers connected to the computer (analog, coaxial digital, optical)?00:44
phillipi'm getting MP3 playback00:45
jfrygetting mp3 playback in what app?00:45
jfryok... so we know vlc is addressing the soundcard properly.  Have you tried to play one of your recording files in VLC?00:46
phillipexcuse my ignorance, but where are my recordings stored?00:49
phillipno audio from recording through VLC00:53
jfryyour recording via the analog tuner on the card right... the encoder on the card should encode the audio right into the mpg file.... strange00:58
jfryI would check your settings in mythtv-setup as they relate to the tuner... perhaps you muted it accidentally?00:59
phillipchecking now01:00
phillipon another note...what could cause my channels to stop at channel 14?01:01
jfrynot exactly sure... are you connected to cable or an antenna?01:01
phillipin looking through set up I didn't see anyway I could've muted it01:02
jfryWhat cable type are you using... IRC HRC Standard?01:02
jfryTry changing it and rescanning ... I know it takes a while but it might solve both of your issues...01:04
phillipit freezes at channel 14 still01:06
jfryit freezes?01:06
phillipit stops scanning totally01:07
jfryyour using us-cable-IRC, or us-cable-HRC, or even us-cable-standard and it freezes on channel 14 when scanning.01:07
phillipi've tried channel frequency tables - try all - us-bcast - us-cable - us-cable-hrc - us-cable-irc01:09
jfryyour doing a full scan right... not an update01:09
jfrythat is very strange01:10
mrandphilip: using mythtv-setup?01:11
mrandOk, if you can't figure anything out, you can do the following to capture more logs and submit a bug:01:12
mrandsudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop01:12
mrandand then01:12
mrandsudo mythtv-setup.real --verbose channelscan,siparser,channel,record,extra > mythtv-setup.log01:12
mrandreplace "stop" with "restart" to relaunch the backend01:12
jfryI'm at a loss..  thanks for taking over mrand... he's got two major issues, possibly related..  1. can't scan past channel 14, 2. no audio is being recorded.01:13
jfryIf I had to guess, though I'd probably be wrong, I'd say firmware for the capture card.01:14
phillipthis HVR-1600 has been nothing but a headache01:14
ripperdaso I haven't had a lot of luck today; I have ripped a dvd to .iso and transcoded to .avi, but mythvideo still can't find any videos01:16
ripperdaI've also tried increasing the mythtvfrontend verbosity, but didn't see anything that stood out01:16
ripperdathere must be some way of identifying what subdirectory mythvideo is looking at for the videos, whether via verbose output or even direct mysql itself, no?01:17
jfryphillip: I'm not sure how current this is, but did you see: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_HVR-160001:17
jfryripperda, yeah... check the mythvideo setup.01:18
jfryripperda, and it will play .iso files directly, no need to transcode01:18
ripperdajfry, any help would be appreciated, but I did work on this a little with superm1 and mrand earlier today01:18
ripperdaso here's a little background:01:18
phillipi've almost memorized that page, the firmware files loaded w/ 9.10 install are the same as the ones you download from the link there01:18
ripperdaI installed mythbuntu, but changed the paths (for all media) to /home/mythtv/<directory>, due to partition layout and having a much larger /home partition01:19
jfryripperda, I do the same thing on my setups01:20
ripperdaI've manually changed the directories in the backend (via mythtv-setup, storage directories), as well as the frontend, via the mythvideo setup pages01:20
ripperdabut for some reason, mythtv refuses to find any videos01:20
ripperdaI did double check the permissions and that my own user account can see & access the files01:20
ripperdasuperm1 suggested disabling storage groups on the backend, so I've deleted the video storage directory on the backend, but have set the path in the frontend01:21
jfrytry opening video manager once... it will scan for video files and add them to the database01:21
jfryripperda, the mythtv-setup has nothing to do with mythvideo01:22
jfryutilities -> video manger  (that's the usual place for it)01:22
ripperdajfry, thanks, I'm learning :)01:23
ripperdaok, opened video manager, said no files found. I then used 'm' to pull up the menu and told it to scan01:23
ripperdait claimed nothing found, but now I'm seeing things in the mythvideo section.01:23
ripperdaI see 18 files, I think a lot of those are from a dvd I previously grabbed all VOBs from01:24
ripperdalet me play with this, but it looks like that worked01:24
jfryripperda, also, in the mythvideo setup... general settings, there is a "newly scanned files are browsable by default" option... check it and it will scan and add files every time you open your videos menu.01:24
ripperdaexcellent, thanks jfry. playing back my video now, time to play around with things01:27
ripperdamuch thanks01:27
jfryphillip, did you see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114211301:28
jfryripperda, glad to hear it01:28
mrandsorry, gotta go eat.  bbl01:29
phillipjfry...those settings are exactly how i have mine set up01:32
phillipoh well...i'm gonna step outside...i'll bbs01:32
jfrytake care01:33
superm1ripperda, if you are still having troubles, ask iamlindoro in #mythtv-users for some more help01:33
ripperdathanks superm1, I think the scanning option in video manager seems to have resolved the problem01:35
superm1ripperda, that's the same option as if you scan from "watch videos"01:36
superm1just need to remember to leave the plugin for 5 seconds and come back01:36
ripperdaok, I must not have scanned properly. thanks for the help. I'll play around with things a lot and will probably be back on and off over the next few weeks with more questions01:37
ripperdathanks much for the help and all the hard work of putting this together in the first place01:38
jfryripperda, welcome to mythtv... been on it for 5 years (really that long?) and I can't imagine being without.01:38
jfryof course I'm a set it and forget it... so everytime a new release comes out I have to relearn everything01:40
phillipsuperm1...i'm still having issues w/ the HVR-160001:47
mrandphillip, you talking about your channel scan issue?01:50
mrandI'm back for a just a sec01:50
phillipchannel scan and lack of audio thru my tuner card01:50
phillipmy firmware files match the ones listed in the mythtv wiki on the HVR-1600 and i've tried every tuner card type option available01:51
mrandI assume dmesg shows things are ok at bookup?01:52
phillipyes sir01:52
scovelRunning the latest Mythbuntu 9.10 Beta, with updates.  Seeing some weird socket timeouts from the frontend.  MythSocket(a0dd228:40): readStringList: Error, timed out after 7000 ms.  RemoteFile::openSocket(control socket), Error: Failed to open socket, timeout01:53
mrandphillip, despite me pushing around a bunch of dvb bugs, I don't know much about them (I capture analog off a cable box), so I'm going to have to defer to collecting the log info above.01:57
mrandyou could try mythtv-users thought01:58
mrandrather, #mythtv-users though.01:58
mrandOr the ubuntu forums, or the mythtv-users mailing list.01:58
phillipthanks mrand...i'm thinking i'll try 9.04...i know the HVR-1600 has worked in them01:59
mrandOr searching the above two for similar problems.  The last few lines (before it hangs) of the mythtv-setup.log file should hopefully contain some hints on what to search for.01:59
mrandphillip, actually that might be helpful.01:59
mrandIf you can try 0.22 on 9.04, that would let us know if it is a mythtv problem, or a ubuntu related problem.01:59
phillipis it possible to use multiple hdd's in 9.04?02:00
mrandhdd = hd-homerun?02:01
phillipmultiple hard drives02:01
mrandI'm certainly not aware of any reason you can't.  Did you have some concern in particular about it?02:01
mrandscovel: is that a remote front-end?  You said updates... I assume that means you're running 223xx or newer?02:02
phillipi'm still soaked behind the ears when it comes to mythtv and ubuntu, but my buddy said it was hard to get mythbuntu to use multiple harddrives in previous versions02:02
scovelyes, a remote frontend.02:03
scovelMythTV Version   : 2235902:03
scovelMythTV Branch    : trunk02:03
scovelNetwork Protocol : 5002:03
scovelLibrary API      : 0.22.20091008-102:03
scovelQT Version       : 4.5.202:03
mrandphillip, the only thing I can even possibly imagine is either ext4 related issue, or storage group stuff (which was expanded for 0.22, and has nothing to do with 9.04 vs. 9.10).  In general you should be fine.02:04
mrandscovel, there were a number of socket bugs fixed, but you're current, so anything you're seeing is either (1) bug, (2) config problem (3) network problem.02:04
phillipcan i run ext4 in 9.04?02:05
mrandYes, although it wasn't the default filesystem.02:05
phillipi'm guessing it's the default in 9.1002:06
mrandI'm not aware of any particular issues with ext4, but I haven't looked into it at all either.02:06
scovel(1) probably (2) backend has been around for sometime.  local frontend is fine. (3) possible, I'll run a couple ftps and nfs tests and see what's what.02:06
mrandphillip - yes, I believe that it is, at least on standard Ubuntu installs.02:07
mrandscovel, there are probably some verbose flags you can throw at frontend and backend to capture more info regarding sockets.02:07
mrandI'll bbl.02:07
phillipthanks again mrand!02:07
scovelgot to figure out where to do that.  9.10 and upstart take some getting used to.  Everything has moved just a little bit.02:12
hipitihopeek, going backwards here... this mornings update && upgrade ... now forntend displays "This application not compatible with installed MythTV libraries. Recompile after doing a make distclean" ???02:22
scovelstupid updates held back some files.  do "apt-get dist-upgrade"02:23
scovelsame thing happened to me02:24
scovelhipitihop, that was for you.  MythTV experienced, IRC noob...02:25
hipitihopscovel: will have a look, I have had some held back for couple of days but was told here not to do dist-upgrade if it wants to remove anything and yesterday it did want to...checking now02:28
hipitihopscovel: dist-upgrade looks better this morning, only want to remove a couple of themes which looks harmless02:31
scovelhipitihop:  some of the themes are obsolete anyway.  I think yesterday sometime it upgraded libmyth but held back some of the plugins, causing the errors.02:32
* hipitihop has dist-upgrade running, fingers crossed02:32
hipitihopI wonder if anyone knows how to get rid of small vertical border on my display. Using HDMI output to an LG50" Plasma. it is a HDMI -> HMDI connection but I get 2-3 pixel vertical border on left and right of display.02:37
scovelhiptihop -  there is a built-in utility to adjust the screen size.  Its somewhere under setup.  Have you tried that02:38
scovelmrand, network seems fine.  Transferring at 2.5MB/s over wireless.02:50
hipitihopscovel: the one that places arrows in corner of screen, yes but I don't quite know how to use that via keyboard (remote still not functional) so I only seem to be able to effect the top left corner02:50
scovelhipitihop: that can be a problem.  The screen tells you the names of the functions to switch from UL to BR.  You can probably look up they keyboard shortcuts for those.  What does it say to use to switch?02:52
hipitihopscovel: btw that dist-upgrade seems to have sorted things (although sounds is now broke so I'll investigate)02:57
hipitihopscovel: as for the screen stuff... I suspect it is something lover level as the broders are visible while grub is loading02:57
scovelhipitihop:  there's always one more thing to look into.02:58
hipitihopscovel: anyweay thanks for the dist-upgrade tip,02:58
hipitihopscovel: waht timezone re you in ?02:58
scovelhiptihop: HDMI is beyond my financial means ATM.  Still analog myself.  S-Video.  Maybe someday.02:59
scovelhiptihop: Eastern Standard02:59
scovelmrand:  with network,socket,extra I get this:03:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:12.781 MythContext: Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 1)03:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:12.781 MythSocket(a3e01b0:25): new socket03:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:12.782 MythSocket(a3e01b0:25): attempting connect() to (
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:12.785 MythSocket(a3e01b0:25): state change Idle -> Connected03:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:12.785 MythSocket(a3e01b0:25): write -> 25 21      MYTH_PROTO_VERSION 5003:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:12.785 MythSocket(a3e01b0:25): writeBlock(0x175520832, 29)03:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:19.787 MythSocket(a3e01b0:25): readStringList: Error, timed out after 7000 ms.03:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:19.787 MythSocket(a3e01b0:25): state change Connected -> Idle03:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:19.788 MSocketDevice::close: Closed socket 2503:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:19.788 Protocol version check failure. The response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION was empty.03:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:19.788 MythSocket(a3e01b0:-1): DownRef: -103:06
scovel2009-10-12 22:05:19.788 MythSocket(a3e01b0:-1): delete socket03:06
mrandHate that error.03:11
mrandAnything on the backend side?03:12
scovelI was just going to ask you where the hell the log file went for the backend.03:12
Zinnscovel: Please watch your language.03:12
scoveloooo, do you know me?03:13
mrandgo away Zinn, he's frustrated.03:13
mrandZinn is a bot.03:13
scovelah, I see03:13
scovel!@#@#$ bot03:13
ZinnSorry I don't know about @#@#$ bot03:13
Zinnsee !about03:13
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].03:13
scovelI'm looking in /var/log/mythtv/mythtvbackend.log and nothing has changed for over 12 hours.  Restarted the backend too03:14
mrandThat would explain why the backend is not responding... it isn't running?  ps -ef?03:16
scovelyeah, it's running.  The frontend even got a list of recorded shows once.  Big dump in the logfile.03:16
scovelwhere are the upstart scripts?  I don't get upstart yet.03:18
superm1scovel, there was something wrong with yesterday's package03:18
superm1it didn't update /etc/default/mythtv-backend03:18
superm1you can manually fix it by overwriting it with the one form the bzr branch03:18
superm1that will fix logging03:19
scovel"bzr branch" ???03:19
superm1hit download file03:19
superm1and overwrite /etc/default/mythtv-backend with that file03:19
mrandOr he can wait until tomorrow?03:20
superm1i'm manually doing a push since daviey messed up the cleanup / push action last night03:20
scovelthat's easy enough.  Let me see what we get now03:21
scovelok, I see new logging.  Let me try to connect03:22
scovelgot this right away, before I even tried to connect:03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:19.339 Connecting to master server:
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:19.342 Connected successfully03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:49.345 MythSocket(84ea1e8:19): readStringList: Error, timed out after 30000 ms.03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:49.348 MainServer, Error: Failed to open master server socket, timeout03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:49.353 adding: mythbuntu as a slave backend server03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:49.358 MainServer, Warning: Unknown socket closing MythSocket(0x84ea1e8)03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:49.362 MythSocket(84ea1e8:-1): writeStringList: Error, socket went unconnected.03:24
scovel                        We wrote 0 of 10 bytes with 1 errors03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:50.351 Connecting to master server:
scovel2009-10-12 22:21:50.355 Connected successfully03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:22:20.360 MythSocket(8503fd8:19): readStringList: Error, timed out after 30000 ms.03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:22:20.363 MainServer, Error: Failed to open master server socket, timeout03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:22:20.368 adding: mythbuntu as a slave backend server03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:22:20.372 MainServer, Warning: Unknown socket closing MythSocket(0x84f7808)03:24
scovel2009-10-12 22:22:20.375 MythSocket(84f7808:-1): writeStringList: Error, socket went unconnected.03:24
scovel                        We wrote 0 of 10 bytes with 1 errors03:24
tgm4883!pastebin | scovel03:25
scoveloh no.  IRC protocol.  Someone explain?03:25
mrandIgnore that.03:25
Zinnscovel: when pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.03:25
scovelk :-[03:26
mrandscovel: sounds like your system got confused and something thinks it is a slave backend.03:26
mrandGo into mcc and make sure that the remote front end is configured as a remote front end, and the back end is configured as a _master_ backend.03:26
scovelthat did look weird now that I see that03:26
tgm4883where is Zinn?03:27
tgm4883fricking slow bot03:27
scovelbackend is running ubuntu server03:28
scovelno mcc03:29
mrandok.  You mean mythtv-backend-master package?03:30
scovelmcc for the frontend says "no backend" and "desktop frontend"03:31
scovelactually I mean it's running ubuntu server, not Mythbuntu.03:31
scovelask opposed to ubuntu desktop03:31
mrandI understand.  Did you use the Ubuntu packages to install the backend?  If so, it should be -master03:31
scovelI did.  It has been the master backend for year(s)03:32
scovelI did upgrade it to 9.10 Beta though03:32
mrandwhat does this command spit out? apt-cache policy mythtv-backend-master03:33
mrandMy upgrade got confused and I didn't have a -master03:33
scovel  Installed: (none)03:34
scovel  Candidate: 0.22.0~trunk22359-0ubuntu103:35
scovelthis is new territory for me, and I used Gentoo for years...03:35
mrandsame problem as me.03:35
mrandYou can use aptitude or apt-get, but you need to install -master03:35
mrandOr synaptic.03:35
scovelapt-get install mythtv-backend-master?03:36
mrandsudo  ^^^^^03:36
scovelsudo su03:36
scovelsudo make me a sandwich03:37
scovelI love that comic...03:37
scovelIt's installing.03:37
mrandsorry, don't know the comic03:38
tgm4883mrand, xbcd?03:39
mrandOh, I know xkcd.03:39
mrandGreat stuff03:39
ZinnSorry I don't know about sudo03:39
mrand!learn xkcd http://xkcd.com03:40
ZinnSorry I don't know about learn xkcd http://xkcd.com03:40
tgm4883@learn sudo - http://xkcd.com/149/03:40
ZinnI just learned: sudo - http://xkcd.com/149/03:40
mrandI missed and/or forgot that one.03:41
scovelthis isn't good03:43
scovel2009-10-12 22:42:59.638 MythBackend: Running as a slave backend.03:43
scovel2009-10-12 22:42:59.665 MythBackend, Error: No valid capture cards are defined in the database.03:43
scovel                        Perhaps you should re-read the installation instructions?03:43
scoveleventually it gets to this: 2009-10-12 22:43:01.543 Connecting to master server:
scovel2009-10-12 22:43:01.547 Connected successfully03:44
mrandwhy does it still say slave?  You might need to reboot.03:44
scovelreboots are for adding hardware....03:44
mrandor stop and restart mythbackend anyway03:44
scovelI'll give it a shot.03:45
scovelI did stop/restart at least 2X03:45
hipitihopI'm still getting upgrade problem for nfs-coomon etc can someone have a look pls here is output http://paste.ubuntu.com/292032/03:45
mattwj2002hey guys03:47
mattwj2002I found a weird bug with mythbuntu 9.10 beta03:47
mattwj2002I literally hear my optical mouse03:48
mrandTurn your speaker down?  :-)03:48
superm1i smell color too :)03:48
mrandOr Up.  One or the other.03:48
mrandIs it an older computer?03:49
mattwj2002it is a quad core03:49
mattwj2002if I unplug the mouse the noise goes away03:50
mattwj2002any idea how to get rid of it?03:50
mrandSo it wasn't there in 9.04?03:50
mattwj2002to be honest I am not sure03:50
mattwj2002I jumped from 8.10 to 9.1003:50
mattwj2002did a fresh install03:50
mrandah.  Same but different - no noise on 8.1003:51
mrandI know... it must be the fault of pulse audio.  That's the big difference.03:51
mattwj2002no problem in 8.1003:51
mattwj2002can I uninstall pulse audio?03:52
mattwj2002do I need it?03:52
mattwj2002for audio?03:52
mrandthat's debatable.03:52
mrandpulse audio is the future of Linux sound.  Ubuntu has has some trouble implementing it though.  I was mostly joking - it's just that PA is the source of multiple headaches03:53
scovelso, what's this all about?03:54
scovelNo UPnP backends found03:54
scovelWould you like to configure the database connection now? [no]03:54
scovel[console is not interactive, using default 'no']03:54
mrandscovel: check out http://www.bramkortleven.be/?p=13103:55
mattwj2002is there a way to switch back to alsa?03:57
mrandyes... please hold03:58
mattwj2002okay thank you03:58
scovellooking better.....04:00
mrandmattwj2002: still looking.04:01
mrand!stab launchpad, for being slow04:02
* Zinn stabs launchpad with a sharpened mce remote, for being slow.04:02
scovelmrand, dude, you made my night.  No more slavery, no more socket errors!  The kids can watch Clone Wars in the morning.04:03
mrandGlad we got it, scovel.04:03
scovelI had about 5 mysql.txt files laying about.  I hope things clear up before the final version is out, or you are going to be busy!04:04
scovelnow to get lirc going....tomorrow I think.  Bed time.04:05
mrandno kidding.  Me too!04:05
mrandlirc... oh man....04:05
mrandwait for the weekend to do your next update04:05
mrandif this system is to be used by the kids04:05
scovelthanks for the advice04:05
mrandbig change going in tonight.  We're crossing our fingers.04:05
scovelwife and kids mad for 3 weeks.04:05
mrandhahah  tell them sorry!04:06
scovelyou can read my post on mythbuntu forum about getting VDPAU working, and CPU scaling issues.04:06
mrandman... you've had it rough.04:06
scovelstupid CPU scaling....04:06
scovelok, have a good one.  later04:06
mrandhave fun!04:07
mattwj20021mrand did you find anything?04:07
mrandBelieve it or not, I'm still looking for this one thing in particular.  It was a thread that I found before on the forums.  I hope I'm getting close.04:08
mrandI can't believe I can't find it right now.  I usually have good google-fo.04:14
mrandare you running gnome or xfce?04:14
mrandsorry, there are a number of threads, but most are older and aren't geared for 9.10, which does things somewhat differently (especialy gnome).  I'm not really recommending you disable/remove it.  But if you do, make sure you follow recent directions (for 9.10).  I gotta run.04:17
=== mattwj20021 is now known as mattwj2002
mattwj2002I am running xfce04:21
mrand(10:17:30 PM) mrand: sorry, there are a number of threads, but most are older and aren't geared for 9.10, which does things somewhat differently (especialy gnome).  I'm not really recommending you disable/remove it.  But if you do, make sure you follow recent directions (for 9.10).  I gotta run.04:22
mattwj2002okay thanks anyways mrand04:24
tmktanyone have gmythmovies_0.3d.pl?04:25
tmktweb site doesn't seem to work anymore04:25
foxbuntutmkt, not familiar with that script, what was it for?05:04
tmktto get movise listings05:05
tmktfrom google05:05
tmktsince the current movie listings in mythv don't work for canadians or anyone outside the US05:05
tmkthad it before...but the site that provided it..doesn't seem to anymore05:06
foxbuntuwhat seems to be the issue with the script?05:06
foxbuntuyeah..Im not finding it eiter05:09
foxbuntumythmovies doesnt support outside the US?05:09
foxbuntutmkt, what version of MythTV are you using?05:10
foxbuntutmkt, you might want to try this out: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/33617905:11
puffHi, I have a fairly new mythbuntu box.  I also have an extra 1TB SATA drive that I want to install in it.05:14
puffIt wouldn't be a big deal to just reinstall mythbuntu, since there's almost nothing on the box now, but is there an easy way to just add the new drive to mythbuntu?05:15
foxbuntupuff, its actually quite easy to setup a new disk05:17
foxbuntupuff, this is assuming you know the hardware side of installing the disk05:18
* foxbuntu waits for puff to reply05:21
pufffoxbuntu: sorry, I was off elsewhere.05:32
foxbuntupuff, np05:32
pufffoxbuntu: Well the hardware side should be pretty straightforward, though this is my first SATA disk.05:32
puffPower cable, data cable, right?05:32
puffI need to find a mounting kit, apparently this drive didn't come with one, but until then I think it should be safe to just set it on top of the existing drive.05:33
foxbuntupuff, yes, just don't want you to break your system doing something you are not comfortable with05:33
puffNo sweat... I don't mess with hardware too often, but unless there are some gotchas, I should be fine.05:34
puffAn example of a gotcha, albeit one you're not likely to run into these days:  do NOT try to install an MFM and IDE drive controller in the same machine.05:34
puffThey do not play well with each other.05:34
foxbuntuwell if you get the drive in the system and booted back up I would be glad to walk you through creating the partition and mounting it05:34
puffOne sec while I go down to the TV room.05:35
puffArgh, make that one minute, I just realized I left the car blocking the driveway.05:39
puffOkay, back, phew.  I love where I live, but it does have its drawbacks.05:54
foxbuntupuff, alright, got your system prep'd?06:02
puffOkay, all plugged in.  That was, like much in my life, too much trouble.06:11
puffIs location on the power cable significant?06:12
puff(He says, hoping the answer is "no")06:12
puffBooting it back up now.  Do I need to unplug the video out to get it ot use this LCD screen (the TV screen is kinda hard to see from the keyboard).06:13
puffI really need to reorganize this stuff, which will happen once everything is running smoothly.06:14
foxbuntupuff, yes, if you booted with the TV the last time it will require you o unplug the tv06:14
foxbuntupuff, and what do you mean by, "location of the power cable" ?06:15
puffLocation _on_ the power cable... probably irrelevant, I think I was remembering older systems where each plug on the ribbon cable had a specific identity, e.g. the primary drive, the one the machine booted from, was the first plug, etc.06:17
puffSpeaking of which, I suspect I'll have to enter cmos and change the boot order...06:17
foxbuntupuff, not the case with SATA06:18
foxbuntupuff, SATA drive priority is determined by the slot you plug it into, much like SCSI ID used to be but easier06:18
puffHm,odd.  In the BIOS it... ah.06:18
puffOkay, then I need to power down and swap the data cables around.06:19
foxbuntupuff, unless the other drive is IDE (PATA)06:19
puffBecause now, although the bios shows both drives, in the boot device priority list,it only shows the new drive.06:19
foxbuntupuff, also, if you are directing something in IRC to me, please type my name first, it helps me know when you say something as I am flipping back and fourth between channels/screens06:21
pufffoxbuntu: Okay.  I have an asus p4p800s-x with american megatrends bios.06:21
foxbuntupuff, alright (not that I know what is in the BIOS) but what type of drive is the other HDD you already had in there?06:21
foxbuntuis it also sata?06:21
pufffoxbuntu: The bios menu has a boot screen, on the boot screen there are four entries: Boot device priority, hard disk drives, boot settings configuration, security.06:22
puffLooks like a seagate:  4m-st3250823AS06:23
foxbuntupuff, I meant Type as in IDE/SCSI/SATA ?06:23
puffOn the "hard disk drives" screen it lists "1st drive, 3M-Hitachi-HDT7210" and "2nd Drive 4M-st3250823AS"06:24
puffGoogling on the second string seemsto indicate seagate SATA 250GB, which sounds right.06:24
puffAnd I know the new drive is a hitachi, so.06:24
foxbuntupuff, ok, so SATA06:24
foxbuntupuff, if you go to the boot prioity screen06:24
foxbuntuusually  you can arrow down into the list, hit enter, and the other drive should be in the list06:25
foxbuntuthen you can just select it06:25
puffIt says "1st Boot Device:  1st FLOPPY DRIVE", "2nd Boot Device: 3M-Hitachi HDT7210", "3rd Boot Device:  SM-_NEC DVD_RW ND"06:25
foxbuntu(hit enter in the spot you want to have that drive boot)06:25
foxbuntuhit enter on the Hitachi drive06:26
puffWhen I select any of these devies, it pops up a menu listing the three devices, no seagate drive on it.06:26
puffOptions popup, listing  "1st:  1st FLOPPY DRIVE", "2nd 3M-Hitachi HDT7210", "3rd SM-_NEC DVD_RW ND", "Disabled"06:26
foxbuntulet me see if I can find the info06:27
puffWell, it should be fairly quick to power down and swap the data cables and try, right?06:28
foxbuntudid you swap them when you installed this drive?06:29
puffPossibly... had to root around in the cables a fair bit.06:30
foxbuntulets put it this way: the boot drive should be in plug 0 and the secondary in plug 106:30
puffGot it.06:30
puffTurns out that the hard disk drives menu lets you select which is first and second.06:31
puffAnd only the selectd-as-first shows up in boot priority menu.06:31
puffBingo, booting properly now.06:31
foxbuntuI kind of assumed that but wanted to see what the menus looked like06:31
foxbuntuI actually have the mobo manual for that now06:32
foxbuntuthats an old mobo isnt it06:32
puffOne problem is that the only convenient power source for this box is wired to a wall switch, so it has to be feasible to shut it off eaisly.06:32
puffTwo years ago it was fairly bleeding edge, but reliable.06:33
puffE.g. not so bleeding edge that it didn'thave a good track record.06:33
foxbuntuguess its not that old06:33
foxbuntujust seems that way06:33
puffAnyway, is there a way to set it up to make it easy/qiuck to shut it down?06:33
foxbuntuand irexec from a remote06:34
puffHm, it did a filesystem check, found some errors, corrected them, requested a reboot, rebooted, now the screen has been blank for a wihle.06:34
foxbuntubut I dont have time to explain all that tonight06:34
puffI don't have a cable cpature card or remote yet, so no worries.06:34
puffI'm using it solely for video out.06:34
puffMy friend is recommending an HD Home Run ethertuner.06:35
foxbuntuthey work very well06:35
foxbuntuI own one06:35
puffScreenis sitll blank... now what?06:35
foxbuntudid it actually reboot?06:35
foxbuntudid you see the bios splash?06:35
puffIt said it was going to reboot, then the screen went blank, it beeped, etc.06:35
puffAh, no, I don't htink I saw the bios splash, so... hard reboot?06:36
foxbuntupower cycle it06:36
puffBooting properly now.06:36
puffThis box is both backend and frontend at the moment, though it's entirely possible/likely that we'll have oher frontends throughout the house.06:37
puffAnd I'd like it to be easy for my roommates to tune in from their PCs.06:38
foxbuntuthats no problem06:38
puffHm, screen went blank again.06:38
puffStill powered up but the power button is orange.06:38
foxbuntusounds like X is not starting06:39
puffi.e. power is on but no video signal.06:39
foxbuntupush ctrl+alt+f106:39
puffHnmm, yup, ctrl-alt-shift-f1 gets me a cosnole.06:39
foxbuntuwell one thing at a time06:40
foxbuntulets get your disk added because that pretty easy06:40
puffLogin, I presume?06:40
puffOkay, now?06:41
foxbuntuI need the output of this: ls /dev/sd*06:41
foxbuntuessentially you should see several /dev/sda1 2 5 (ect)06:42
foxbuntuthen there should be one, /dev/sdb (no number)06:43
foxbuntuis that correct?06:43
puffsda, sdb, sdb1, sdb2, sdb5, sdb606:44
foxbuntulooks like your sata cables are backwards06:44
foxbuntuts alright though06:45
foxbuntudo this: sudo fdisk /dev/sda06:45
foxbuntu[enter] (for defaults)06:45
foxbuntu[enter] (for defaults)06:46
foxbuntuthat should be all the commands06:46
foxbuntuignore 1q and er06:46
puffI'm not entirely inexperienced, but I don't fdisk drives very often.06:47
puffLooks good.  "The partition table has been altered!  Calling icotl() to re-read partition table.  Syncing disks."06:47
foxbuntueveryone's level of expertise is different so I try to offer basic advice, don't take it personal06:48
puffI really gotta get a cat5 cable strung down to this box.06:48
puffCool, not a problem.06:48
puffIn case it wasn't apparent, I very much appreciate the help.06:48
foxbuntuso you should be back at the command prompt06:48
foxbuntuso now: sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb106:49
puffIt's mounted.06:49
foxbuntuthat assumes you are using the Mythbuntu 9.1006:49
puffPretty recent, lemme check.06:49
foxbuntulsb_release -a06:50
puffYup. "/dev/sdb1 is mounted: will not make afilesystem here!"06:50
foxbuntuoh craps06:50
puffShoud it be sda?06:50
foxbuntuI meant: sudo mkfs.xfs /dev/sda106:51
foxbuntusince you are on 9.0406:51
puffThar she goes.06:51
foxbuntuit shouldnt take long06:51
foxbuntucouple of moments06:51
puffYeah, I've had thoughts about putting together an ubuntu "usability pakage" which would just override certain commands with some friendlier behaviors..06:51
puffSort of like how bash now suggests installing the appropriate package if you try a command tht isn't there.06:52
foxbuntuthats what tab complete is for06:53
foxbuntuand man pages :)06:53
foxbuntuor when those fail, google06:53
puffEh, I can't think of many of the issues off the top of my head, I have a file ofnotes somewhere.06:54
foxbuntunot to discourage community participation06:54
foxbuntuit sounds like a good idea06:55
puffBut as an example, one part would be augmenting apt to warn about problems.06:55
puffAnd also to give more useful responses in cases like ipodder and kdiff3.06:55
puffOkay, done.06:55
foxbuntuperhaps rather than making a package to add to other packages you could contribute to existing ones to make them more user friendly06:56
puffthe apt thing would actually not be altering apt, but providing some very apt-flavored information tools.06:56
foxbuntuat any rate, is the mkfs.xfs done?06:56
puffYup, done.06:56
puffI said a second ago :-).06:57
foxbuntumust have missed it06:57
puffYup, now what, add it to fstab?06:57
foxbuntusudo nano /etc/fstab06:57
foxbuntubasically it should be:06:58
foxbuntu/dev/sda1       /mythtv/ xfs    errors=remount-ro       0       106:59
foxbuntuthen: sudo mkdir /mythtv07:01
puffWhoops, gotta add the trailing backslsah on mythtv.07:01
puffDone and done.07:01
foxbuntusudo chown mythtv:mythtv /mythtv07:01
foxbuntusudo chmod 775 /mythtv07:01
foxbuntusudo mount -a07:01
puffhm, mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.  In some cases useful info is found in syslog07:02
hipitihopnonene else having nfs-common upgrade problems ?07:02
puffdmesg:  XFS: unknown mount option.07:02
hipitihopdoes mythbuntu actually need/depend on nfs-common and nfs-kernel-server ?07:03
hipitihopI know there is a services option in backend setup07:04
foxbuntupuff, ah, found my issue07:04
foxbuntu/dev/sda1       /mythtv/ xfs    defaults       0       107:04
foxbuntugo back to the fstab and make it that07:04
foxbuntuthen save and sudo mount -a07:05
puffHm, same result.07:05
puffDmesg, in addition to XFS: unknown mount option [errors]07:06
puffAlso "XFS: bad mgic number" and "XFS: SB validate failed"07:06
foxbuntudelete the 0 and 1 at the end of the line and try it again07:08
* foxbuntu notes its been awhile since he mounted xfs like this07:08
puffsame error.07:09
foxbuntuthats really odd07:10
foxbuntualright lets do this07:11
foxbuntunot sure why you have this error but...07:11
foxbuntusudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda107:12
puffI just figured out someting.07:12
puffThe *old* fstab was assuming sda was the 250GB.07:12
foxbuntuI dont think so07:12
puffThat is, the existing lines in /etc/fstab refer to sda1 and sda6.07:12
puffI would guess that's because sda1 used to be the 250GB.07:13
foxbuntudo this: cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit07:13
puffThere's seven lines of comments.07:13
foxbuntuthen prive me the link07:13
puffThe box isn't on the net.07:13
puffI'll typeit up, one sec.07:13
foxbuntuoh right07:13
foxbuntuis /dev/sda1 commented with the drive UUID below it in the fstab?07:14
foxbuntuthen no worries07:16
foxbuntuthe UUID is independant07:16
foxbuntuthat why the boot still works :)07:16
foxbuntuso lets go down this route: sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda107:17
foxbuntu/dev/sda1       /mythtv/ ext3    defaults       0       007:18
foxbuntusudo mount -a07:18
puffokay, editing...07:19
puffEr, formtting.07:20
puffNo errors.07:24
puffOdd, df output says size 917 G, used 200 M, avail 871 G.07:25
foxbuntuone last thig07:25
puffI guess ext3 uses some of the space for journaling or something?07:26
foxbuntuthats it07:26
foxbuntuall done07:26
puffOne last thing?07:26
foxbuntusee pretty easy07:26
puffOh, df?07:26
foxbuntuI was just gonna have you do df -h07:26
puffCool, well, it's easy if oyu know what you're doing :-).07:26
foxbuntujust to make sure it looked right07:26
puffSo, thanks, and if you ever need any advice with java, php or perl, please ask.07:26
puffSo do I have to tell mythtv that the file space is there?07:27
foxbuntuadd it as a storage group07:27
foxbuntuif you google mythtv setup storage group07:27
foxbuntuyou should find how to present it to mythtv07:27
puffSo, step 1 start X.07:28
puffStep 2, start mythtv.07:28
puffWell, X still isn't up.07:28
foxbuntuI have a little bit of time before I have to go07:28
puffCannot open display.07:28
puffxprop: unable to open display ''07:28
puffReboot, maybe?07:29
foxbuntuyeah, you will need X running to run tat07:29
foxbuntuwell lets do this07:29
foxbuntunano /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:29
foxbuntuand look for errors as to why it failed07:29
foxbuntuwhat type of video card are you using?07:30
foxbuntupuff, I am sorry but I am going to have to stop for the night07:32
foxbuntupuff, try a reboot if it still fails try searching through the logs, then ask someone in here again07:33
puffIt's a pretty decent video card... I figured out what it was last week, now I can't remember.07:33
hipitihopanyone know if mythbuntu need nfs-common and and nfs-kernel-server ? can I remove them ?07:41
SpicyLemonI've got mythbuntu 9.04 installed.  Everything was working fine for a while, then tonight, a couple minutes after starting a  recording, the sound stopped working.  I've tried other recordings, and other video files, all that I know have working sound, but nothing comes out.  I tried rebooting, that didn't fix it.  Now, it won't even let me exit the mythbuntu frontend.07:42
SpicyLemonin my frontend log I see the error "Mixer unable to find control PCM"07:48
SpicyLemon/etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart gives a ton of errors similar to:07:50
SpicyLemonALSA lib conf.c:3079:(snd_config_update_r) hooks failed, removing configuration amixer: Mixer attach hw:2 error: Invalid argument07:50
SpicyLemonALSA lib conf.c:1593:(snd_config_load1) /home/danny/.asoundrc.asoundconf:13:1:Unexpected }07:50
SpicyLemonaplay -l gives a ton of errors like the ones above.07:52
SpicyLemonWhen I tried playing a movie in mplayer before the restart, I got this error, "[AO_ALSA] Unable to find simple control 'PCM'.0" After the reboot I get "[AO_ALSA] Playback open error: Invalid argument"08:05
hipitihopIf anyone else had a problem with upgrade to nfs-common, I have managet to get around it by removing the package.08:22
ToeBeesuperm1: yay today's CD works again!08:59
ToeBee*and* my sound seems to be still working as well09:00
ToeBeedouble awesome09:00
mrandToeBee: does your remote work?  Can you please do apt-cache policy lirc12:53
tmktanyone having problems with mythtv-backend the last couple days?14:07
tmktwon't seem to install for me14:07
mrandtmkt: looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/45021714:23
bobbob1016My Mythbackend seems to be unable to talk to my mysql db.  Looking through the output I get in terminal, it says something about mysql.txt not having the right DBName.  I forgot what I named it, how would I find this?14:45
mrandbobbob1016: /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt14:51
tmkt or ~/.mythtv/config.xml on trunk14:53
gunni5superm1: There? It was you discussing the "mythbackend starts to early for the driver issue" with me? Well, it is gone today. Only thing that changed is that the /etc/default/mythtv file is now the correct one. Seems like this was related to this wrong file there. Two reboots, and twice a correct start, unlike yesterday were 2 reboots twice missing dvb device.15:10
bobbob1016mrand, Here is the error I get when starting mythbackend http://pastebin.com/m79281949 .  It is a mysql database error, right?15:10
gunni5bobbob1016: Your backend seem to run as root. (Or databaseuser is root), should run as an own user (mythtv as example).15:23
gunni5bobbob1016: Can you pastebin your ~/.mythtv/config.xml but dont pastebin the password in there.15:26
bobbob1016gunni5, It's an empty file15:27
bobbob1016I think this issue started because I didn't have space on my / partition, and I tried some fixes but that messed things up.15:27
gunni5Do you have a user mythtv ?15:28
mrandbobbob1016: possible recovery ideas: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122257515:28
bobbob1016I'm thinking of reinstalling with the 9.10 beta anyways, since it has .2215:31
bobbob1016Would this be easier to fix if I start with a new mysql database?  I'm not using myth to record tv anyways, just play content.15:34
mrandI believe the config file is not used by mysql itself... it is used by mythtv to access mysql.  So new mysql database wouldn't help.15:37
bobbob1016It seems like I have the wrong password, I tried "sudo mysqldump -u mythtv -p (my password) mythconverg -c > mythtv_backup.sql" and it said incorrect password15:38
mrandthe password is the mythconverg password.... contained in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt15:39
bobbob1016That is the same password I've been trying15:40
mrandyou could try the mysql root user.  -u root     Many people do not set password for that, so leave off the -p15:41
tmktother odd thing is15:42
tmktmyth seems to start before lirc or something15:42
tmktmy remote doesn't work until about a minute after mythfe is running15:42
mrandtmkt: is that new behavior as of today?15:42
bobbob1016mrand, No, same thing, permission denied.15:42
mrandMight try some of your passwords for the root user.15:43
bobbob1016mrand, No, same thing, permission denied.15:44
bobbob1016I've tried a few different passwords I use/used15:44
mrandIf you google around, there are several procedures for recovering from the lost mysql password situation.  Here's but one: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/MythTV/Troubleshooting#I_lost_my_MySQL_password15:45
superm1gunni5, great! glad that's all it was15:47
superm1too bad we broke intrepid and jaunty builds in the process, but that should be fixed today :)15:47
bobbob1016I tried that, and when I do service mysql stop it says failed, same with /etc/init.d/mysql stop, I did sudo su though, not su like the directions said, su didn't work15:49
superm1mrand, still no one freaking out w/ lirc 0.8.6. maybe no problems :)16:00
tmktmrand: yeah..maybe yesterday also16:01
tmkti think yesterday too16:01
tmktah..would love to try 0.8.6..but when i built it..it didn't work for me..16:01
tmktanxious to install 9.10 with 22...but right now...9.04 with 22 works for the most part for me..some issues but at least everything works16:02
superm1tmkt, well if you are willing, there's still time to get issues fixed if there are any :)16:05
tmktbig issue was the remte16:12
tmktnot sure why lcdproc can't be compiled with lis by default though16:13
tmktthat'd be nice too16:13
womboyou never know your luck16:15
rwathi, having problems with 2.6.31-13 on ubuntu karmic, not getting a lock on dvb devices - any known problems?16:24
gunni5rwat: Which dvb card?16:25
wombo<rwat> j-rod: device is a cheap kworld dvb tuner, using the dibusb driver16:27
rwatI said that without moving my lips :)16:27
* rwat does not have his hand up wombo's back16:28
womboI can read your mind16:28
rwatwas working on jaunty, probably with 2.6.28-1116:28
rwatI could try rebooting to that still perhaps16:28
rwatall things appear normal in dmesg, mythtv connects to the devices (I have two identical) however it can't tune them and tzap doesn't ever get a lock16:30
womboIt doesnt look like the right people are online at the moment, just leave the session opan and someone might answer who knows16:31
rwatok - I'm trying the old kernel16:32
rwatI suppose it's theoretically possiboe that someone cut the aerial wire :)16:32
mrandrwat: it is looking like some people (especially those with HVR-1300) are having a regression with the karmic kernel.  If you can revert to an older kernel and prove that it works, that would be somewhat helpful.  Someone else (gunni/gunni5) built a .31 kernel yesterday with the change removed and it seemed to fix things (right gunni?).16:35
gunni5Yes, but that was HVR1300 specific. Dont know about kworld ... but IIRC kworld is a cx88 device also.16:36
rwatsomething else which has regressed for me on the upgrade is that the box now doesn't want to reboot unless there's a monitor attached16:37
rwateither that or its something else that seems to coincide with that16:38
tmktsuperm1: ok16:39
tmktupdate-manager -d16:40
tmkthere i go16:40
tmktjust hoping i dont have to compile 0.84a lirc16:40
rwatmrand: on this kernel now it's not managing the devices properly, I'm ending up with dvb0.demux0 dvb0.net0 etc16:42
rwatcan that be fixed temporarily with symlinks?16:42
tmktyeah..nothing i could do was producing lirc0 for my hvr-160016:42
tmktbut lets see how that goes now16:42
rwatok, so how can udev be working ok for 2.6.31 but not for 2.6.28?16:46
rwatok on kernel 2.6.28 if I mknod my own devices I get a lock16:59
rwata bit pedestrian but it works17:00
rwat2.6.31 makes its own devices properly but doesn't work17:00
mrand0.22 myth?17:01
rwatusing 0.22.0~trunk22413-0ubuntu117:01
mrandrwat: Cool.  Helps to further confirm that it is either a pure kernel bug, or a change in the kernel that myth isn't handling correctly.  My only concern about this issue is that I thought other apps were working fine with it even on the new kernel.  Can you confirm that?17:03
mrandgunni5: what about you?17:03
rwattzap does not get a lock either17:04
mrandoh.  hmmm... what about kaffeine or any other app?17:05
rwatI'm not sure about those, this machine doesn't have a monitor attached normally17:06
mrandoh yeah.  hrm.17:06
gunni5For me it was something like: kaffeine 0.8.6 worked including changing channels, kaffeine 1.0pre2 got me video, on changing channel, did not change, on restarting kaffeine channel was changed17:06
mrandgunni5: that was on .31 kernel?17:06
gunni5I installed jaunty kaffeine for testing purposes, as i read of channel switching problems with karmic version.17:07
mrandKinda strange that an older version of kaffeine worked with .31, but newer versions didn't.17:08
rwatanyone know the major and minor node numbers for the the second dvb adaptor?17:08
gunni5But the switching problems are now gone even with the karmic version after my kernel change17:08
rwatgunni5: did you send in your patch?17:09
gunni5I send the patch to stoth from linuxtv and to the ML there, but did not arrive at ML. I talked to stoth, and he received it.17:11
mrandOk.  It's too late for us to make a wholesale  kernel change like that, especially since that change has been in the mainline kernel for a year now.  superm1 thought that there may be a way to allow users to reload that module to fix it though, and then work through the proper channels  for 10.04.17:11
mrandgunni5: cool... keep us advised.17:11
rwatok well that's me up and running for now, I guess I'll stick with .28 until I hear otherwise17:13
rwatI think this must be the bumpiest upgrade for a long time17:14
rwatnot particularly just myth, but loads of changes in ubuntu. no doubt all good but a bit of a surprise17:15
mrand8.04 to 8.10 was smooth as silk for me.  8.10 to 9.04 was bumpier.  And those were well after they were released.17:16
mrandDo you typically upgrade on beta releases?17:16
rwatit has been known :)17:17
rwatnot for anything important (i.e. not for work)17:17
rwatfor home stuff I often upgrade a couple of weeks ahead17:17
gunni5For me it was the bumpiest upgrade i remember17:20
rwatI think somewhere around breezy there was a bumpy one17:20
mrandWell, thanks to people like you all, this will be a lot smoother than it would have been otherwise.  We have two weeks left to get it right.17:21
mrandOf course, it can only be as good as upstream delivers :-)   (ignoring what the mythbuntu team value adds)17:22
gunni5mrand: So you think this wont be fixed in the kernel? Well would be sad, and one year in the kernel does not mean there were no problems, as from jaunty to karmic is from .28 -> .31 ...17:23
rwatmrand: well thanks for being here :)17:24
rwatI remember the first time I reported an issue, it was on kde in Caldera in about 200017:24
gunni5Have to leave for the train now, but my other personality is here in the channel for callbacks17:25
mrandgunni5: Understood.  the .31 kernel maybe hasn't had much exposure.  this affects enough people that we are going to try to figure out a work-around without patching the kernel.17:25
mrandrwat and gunni: Does 9.10 have the latest firmware?  Dates/versions are here: http://www.linuxtv.org/downloads/firmware/17:37
walidusHi, i have problem. In MythTV my /dev/video1 is unavailable when in setup it's finding channels18:04
walidusin tvtime its works18:04
walidusavertv hybrid volar hx - my tuner18:09
mrandWalidus, searching with google, I found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111940518:27
mrandI would suggest posting and/or following up there.18:27
walidusthx. I'll try19:02
sbakdoes anyone know why the top and bottom ubuntu desktop menu bars are present in my mythtv?19:52
tgm4883sbak, ATI card?19:53
tgm4883output of dpkg -l mythtv19:54
sbakmsi8500gt -- It has HDMI out, but im using DVI with the DVI-vga adapter into my 42inch plasma. I spent a year tring to get rid of overscan with HDMI but cant. I created a custom modeline that was close, but not perfect.19:55
sbakii  mythtv                            0.21.0+fixes19961-0ubuntu8        A personal video recorder application (client and server)19:55
sbakWhen i choose adjust screen, the box is postitioned at 0,0. So it sees 0,0 under the menu bar19:56
Seeker`sbak: can your TV not turn on/off overscan itself?20:00
sbakSeeker`: correct. I wish to god it could. I have spent so much time trying to get this card to work. if i try to adjust V2 and V3 to the point where the top menu is not cut off, the TV can not display the input signal.20:01
tgm4883sbak, which version of mythtv?20:03
sbakSeeker`: tried xvidtune, gtf, and other online modeline tools. I not sure whats better NO overscan with analog. or Slight overscan with HDMI20:03
sbaktgm4883: not entirely sure, i got it from apt-get install mythtv 2 days ago. first time i did it that way as i normally install it from svn20:05
tgm4883sbak, open up a command prompt and do20:05
tgm4883dpkg -l mythtv20:05
sbaki did and pasted above: 0.21.0+fixes19961-0ubuntu820:06
tgm4883that seems kinda old20:06
tgm4883yea, latest is 0.21.0+fixes21768-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu320:07
sbakis there an easy way to upgrade. i doubt apt-get upgrade will work as i got it from the repository 2 days ago20:07
tgm4883I would recommend activating weekly builds20:09
ZinnWeekly builds are available for MythTV 0.21 (Stable) and MythTV Trunk 0.22 (Unstable, use at your own RISK) for Hardy (0.21 only), Intrepid, Jaunty, and Karmic (0.22 and 0.23-trunk).  See http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds for more info.20:09
tgm4883!stab Zinn20:09
tgm4883rhpot1991, ?20:09
tgm4883sbak, don't use the US repo though, it is broke20:09
* Zinn stabs Zinn with a rusty spork.20:09
tgm4883use the UK or PPA20:09
rhpot1991tgm4883: ?20:09
ZinnI am alive.20:09
rhpot1991!stab tgm488320:09
tgm4883rhpot1991, either my internet connection is crappy (possible) or zinn is really slow20:09
* Zinn stabs tgm4883 with a rusty spork.20:09
rhpot1991seems little laggy20:09
sbaktgm4883: ty20:10
ZinnHulu has released a Linux version of their desktop client. While support for this is available in the Hulu forums http://www.hulu.com/discussions/19 , there is a quick writeup on how to get it working from your frontend here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=807563220:11
rhpot1991tgm4883: seems ok now, might have been laggy interweb or just coincidence20:11
tgm4883could be20:12
ZinnIf you are having problems connecting to your mysql database, you can perform the following to reconfigure it: 1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0 (pay attention to the root password you set, you will need it for the next step) 2. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database 3. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common20:12
rhpot1991hmmmm did I listen to the last UUPC?20:13
tmktlirc 0.86 no help20:36
tmktwhere can i dl 0.84a?20:36
superm1you can't(easily) revert to older lirc versions20:40
superm1because the kernel modules are shipped with the kernel20:40
superm1what's the problem with 0.8.6?20:40
superm1it's possible to just on your system build an older module if necessary....20:40
tmktmy hvr-1600 remote20:40
tmktwon't be detected20:40
tmktno /dev/lirc0 no matter what i try20:41
superm1does lirc-i2c not load?20:41
tmktits loaded20:41
superm1does dmesg speak about it?20:41
tmkt[   12.439006] lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 6120:42
tmktthats all20:42
tmktworks great on 9.04 with lirc 0.84a20:43
tmktonly thing that isn't working for me with 9.1020:45
tmkti think LCDproc should be compiled with lis driver, not sure why it isn't20:46
superm1tmkt, okay so here's the experiment to do then:20:48
superm11) install lirc-modules-source20:48
superm12) Go to http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-jaunty.git;a=blob_plain;f=ubuntu/lirc/lirc_i2c/lirc_i2c.c;hb=HEAD20:49
superm1save that file as lirc_i2c.c20:49
superm1that's the source file for i2c from jaunty20:49
superm13) Overwrite /usr/src/lirc-0.8.6/lirc_i2c/lirc_i2c.c20:49
superm14) sudo dkms remove -m lirc -v 0.8.620:49
superm1err 4) sudo dkms remove -m lirc -v 0.8.6 --all20:50
superm15) sudo dkms add -m lirc -v 0.8.620:50
superm16) sudo dkms build -m lirc - v 0.8.620:50
superm17) sudo dkms install -m lirc -v 0.8.620:50
superm1and then reboot/retest with the lirc-i2c from jaunty20:50
tmktso no lirc_i2c dir in /usr/src/lirc..20:52
superm1tmkt, it might be in a subdirectory20:52
tmktall good20:52
sbakwith mythbuntu auto-builds, how can you force a daily build to take place now?20:54
tmktat step 6 right now20:54
tmktsudo dkms install -m lirc -v 0.8.620:56
tmktError! Could not locate lirc_dev.ko for module lirc in the DKMS tree.20:56
tmktYou must run a dkms build for kernel 2.6.31-13-generic (x86_64) first20:56
tmktah error in the buid20:58
tmktalot of warnings and errors in the make.log20:59
tmkti'll do anything to get this working21:07
tmktno tlooking forward to reinstall 9.0421:08
superm1tmkt, hold off21:12
superm1i'll take a look at your error in a few min21:12
ZinnWeekly builds are available for MythTV 0.21 (Stable) and MythTV Trunk 0.22 (Unstable, use at your own RISK) for Hardy (0.21 only), Intrepid, Jaunty, and Karmic (0.22 and 0.23-trunk).  See http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds for more info.21:16
mrandsbak ^^^^  is that what you're looking for?21:16
mrandweekly really equals daily21:16
tmktspent 4-5 hours last week trying to get lirc going..so i'll give it to end of tomorrow21:21
tmktsuprised it hasn't come up anywhere in bugzilla21:28
superm1tmkt, so lirc-i2c in 0.8.4a looks like it won't work against 2.6.3121:48
superm1you could look at a diff  though to see if there is something in it that points to why it doesnt work for your device21:48
sbakmrand: Yes, but im specifically looking a way to maually initialize that auto-build process (a bit of a contradiciton, i know)22:11
sbakmrand: I just don't want to wait a day to get the update.22:11
sbakIs there a log that shows the auto-build activity?22:12
sbakcd /var/log/22:12
sbakshit, sorry22:12
Zinnsbak: Please watch your language.22:12
tmktsuperm1: so no solution? what about if i build lirc 0.84 from scratch?22:19
gunnimrand: Just for the log: after latest mythtv update (also kernel update today) i had to recompile the driver, so changeset22406 did not help22:54
superm1tmkt, it wont work on that kernel23:01
superm1lirc 0.8.4a doesn't support kernel 2.6.31 due to upstream changes23:01
tmktso SOL?23:14
tmkt9.04 is my only solution i guss..or get a new remote23:15
tmkttrying to recompile 0.86 with debug23:15
tmktso what options would uyou recommend?23:17
tmktuseless no errors with debug enabled23:19

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