Jordan_UI think that WanHouse in #ubuntu is a bot00:08
Jordan_UEither that or a troll00:08
KB1JWQJordan_U: Not sure.00:10
KB1JWQI see him being odd, but definitely human in ##linux.00:10
Jordan_UThen he is a troll00:10
KB1JWQJordan_U: That, I won't argue.00:12
KB1JWQAny named ops around?00:12
Seeker`what is a "named" op00:14
KB1JWQSeeker`: Someone' on the ACL explicitly; staff are sort of "backup" to that in the event that the regulars aren't around to handle issues. :-)00:15
KB1JWQaka "I don't want to ban this guy unless the abuse is obvious AND there's not an op around."00:15
Seeker`I'm a "named" op00:16
KB1JWQSeeker`: Then the problem is yours. :-D00:16
Seeker`can't see anything that is obviously bannable from  a quick glance00:16
KB1JWQHe's not responding to PM.00:16
KB1JWQSeeker`: Yeah, he's replying nonsensically and at random both here and in ##linux.00:16
KB1JWQI wouldn't say he's bannable, but certainly bears watching.00:16
KB1JWQ16:16:55 <~WanHouse> Please interpret the talks correctly. What you should identify is evil. Im an old OSS coder and i dont want to fuzz anyone up.00:17
Seeker`where was that?00:17
KB1JWQHe finally replied.00:18
KB1JWQSo yeah-- I'd keep an eye.00:18
Seeker`will do00:22
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ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (li1o)02:07
^Einsteinbienvenido, HacKDarK. Los operadores aquí pueden ayudarte.04:26
HacKDarKok bro04:27
HacKDarKhola, algun operador en español?04:28
HacKDarKsi no es mucha molestia, necesito ayuda con uncanal.04:28
^EinsteinNo tengo ni idea. Preguntaré.04:28
MenZaMay we help you, HacKDarK, hsh, ^Einstein?04:29
^EinsteinThis gentleman has a question about #ubuntu-py. We have explained that it is to our knowledge in the Canonical/Ubuntu project namespace, and he has said that staff have given him some flags, but not +F. He is wondering if he can get founder privileges to truly manage the channel, MenZa.04:30
^EinsteinI am an interim translator.04:30
^EinsteinUm, s/py/uy/04:30
MenZaI see.04:30
MenZa(Thanks for translating, for the record - makes things easier for poor little me)04:30
MenZaI believe there was an issue about this yesterday, confirm?04:31
HacKDarKmmm "me too"04:31
^EinsteinI am not perfect. If I have trouble, I have a friend who is more fluent than I, MenZa.04:31
MenZaThis is more than good enough ;)04:31
^EinsteinHacKDarK: diciste ayer a alguien?04:31
HacKDarKyes, alguien ayer me dio flags04:32
MenZaGot that.04:32
HacKDarKpero no +F04:32
MenZaPici, nalioth, elky, Pricey - anyone there?04:32
^EinsteinMenZa: raven is "supervising" my linguistic skills... if you don't mind.04:32
HacKDarKayer alguien me dio flags, pero algunas04:32
MenZaHacKDarK: You're going to need one of the above to help you further in this matter - I'm not sure about the policy for that, nor do I have access to do so.04:33
mnainesWhat's the policy regarding user logs of IRC?04:33
MenZamnaines: In what context?04:33
MenZaHacKDarK, ^Einstein, raven: They will see your message in the morning and, hopefully, get back to you.04:33
mnainesMenZa: I usually keep logging enabled for security purposes04:34
MenZamnaines: Right?04:34
ravenHacKDarK: Tienes que contactar con uno de los que MenZa dijo arriba, ya que el no tiene acceso a eso04:34
^EinsteinHacKDarK: menza no sabe el política exactamente, pero nalioth, pricey, pici, o elky pueden ayudarte.04:34
ravenHacKDarK: Ellos veran tu mensaje en la manana y te lo devolveran04:34
MenZaraven, HacKDarK, ^Einstein: I know elky spoke to HacKDarK yesterday in -irc, so I assume she'll pick it up from there and let you know.04:34
^EinsteinMenZa: thank you kindly.04:34
HacKDarKelky es una de las que me ayudo ayer!04:34
ravenHacKDarK: eso estaba diciendo ;P04:35
mnainesMenZa: I use Pidgin for all my instant messenger and chat stuff, and I keep the logging enabled for both security reasons and in case I miss something someone says to me in chat04:35
MenZamnaines: Right - shouldn't be a problem with that04:35
ravenHacKDarK: Creo que le debes volver a preguntar a elky, ella te ayudara04:35
MenZamnaines: All our channels (well, most) are publically logged on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com04:35
HacKDarKraven: einstein: le pido a elky entonces?04:35
ravenHacKDarK: si04:35
ravenHacKDarK: aunque en este momento no se encuentra04:35
ravenHacKDarK: pero cuando lea tu mensaje te responde04:36
MenZaraven, ^Einstein, HacKDarK: If that'll be all, please /part the channel04:36
mnainesMenZa: Mostly the logging is for the instant messenger side, though I keep it enabled for chat, too, as that helps me build an ignore list if I need to04:36
HacKDarKraven: ok04:36
MenZaraven, ^Einstein, HacKDarK: elky will read your query in the morning :)04:36
^EinsteinMenZa: of course. We're trying to clarify with HacKDarK. I think it's been settled until morning.04:36
ravenHacKDarK: Si eso es todo, nos tenemos que ir, nos estan hechando >.<04:36
MenZamnaines: Like I said, shouldn't be a problem. As far as I know, most people log the channels they join.04:37
^EinsteinHacKDarK: tenemos que salir, por favor.04:37
ravenThank you, MenZa04:37
HacKDarKha.. ok04:37
MenZaMost welcome.04:37
mnainesMenZa: Yeah...I'm just telling you what I use the logs for, though its probably the same thing everyone uses them for04:37
MenZamnaines: Probably, yeah.04:37
mnainesMenZa: There have also been times where I have had to use it to solve disputes and stuff04:38
MenZamnaines: Seems fair enough. Not a problem.04:38
MenZaIf that'll be all, please note our no-idling policy :)04:38
MenZahsh: Can we help you with something?04:38
hshno, I was just watching04:39
MenZaWell, now that's cleared out, I'm off to bed.04:39
MenZaThat was a *lot* of unvoiced people in -ops at once.04:39
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ubottuMTecknology called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:02
ubottuMyLoveIsAlive called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:02
FlannelApparently if you ask a certain someone to be less militant about enforcing rules, they decide they should just leave the channel.07:14
mneptokFlannel: that's offtopic for -ops07:32
Tm_Tdi you other's notice the flood of dcc sends?09:34
Tm_Troger, then I'll leave it (:09:34
* genii makes a military-sized vat of coffee14:57
Tm_Tis that large?15:58
geniiTm_T: Battalion-sized :)16:11
Tm_Tok, so medium sized16:11
DominianThat's "quite" large16:13
DominianThat's a LOT of coffee :D16:13
* genii gulps16:40
Tm_Tgenii: all at once?17:37
geniiPlatoon-sized gulps...17:40
Piciikonia: around?18:39
* jussi01 bites mneptok. around?19:05
mneptokjussi01: i'm here19:10
mneptokjussi01: some latency issues with my ISP. servoce call scheduled for this afternoon. i may drop off at some point.19:11
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ikoniaPici: yes21:35
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)21:38
Tm_TDCC SEND from yerbestfrend [ port 0]: irc.hackerthreads.org#hackerthreads [0B bytes] requested in channel #ubuntu21:39
ikoniadone it a few times in the last week21:40
Tm_TI noticed21:40
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:09
erUSULhi; i'm reciving bogus dcc sends from some #ubuntu nicks (two so far)22:11
voxwe know, it's being delt with22:17
erUSULok; good luck.22:17
* erUSUL runs22:17
* MenZa deals with vox.22:18
vox=^.^= mew22:20
MenZaUgh, caps lock.22:20
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Piciikonia: was just wondering if you knew of any other channels that that xck... fellow was bothering besides #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1, #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-uk23:21
ikonia#eeepc #eeepc-ot there was some others too23:21

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