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BoNiToI need some help :)03:22
BoNiToI installed ubuntu-x-swat repository trying to fix the flickering or my video card03:23
BoNiTonow it just dump me to the text login screen03:23
BoNiTosome1 know if I can ppa-purge this repository?03:24
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apwtseliot, i seem to be having trouble with the dell 10v dead area stuff12:36
apwits doesn't seem to be taking my area thingy, has anything changed there?12:36
apwyeah feels like its not longer a feature12:37
apwcould we have lost the patch?12:37
apwtseliot, user error ... that 8 is an input channel and mine have randomly moved about today12:43
tseliotapw: the patch should be there. Did you execute the xinput command in a script (pointing to device 8)?13:16
apwyeah i used 8, which its not now, its 6, but that command takes the name as text, much better13:17
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apwtseliot, bryce, either of you got any bluetooth keyboards/mice ?  considering some fixes for them as they apparently appear but never dissappear and fill the X device slots ...14:01
apwso wondering if either of you have stuff you could test the proposed fixes with?14:01
tseliotapw: sorry, I don't have any14:02
apwdamn i was hoping you of all people might have14:02
tseliotlet's wait for bryce14:07
tseliottjaalton: do you have one? ^^14:07
tjaaltontseliot: nope..14:08
tseliotok, thanks anyway14:09
tjaaltonshould get one for my ps3 though14:10
Ngso if you'd been dragging a window around with alt-button1 and X got a bit confused and kept that pointer and wouldn't let you click on anything, what would you do? :)15:06
Ngyour available tools are a terminal and/or a console :)15:06
Ngit appears to persist across suspending15:09
apwtry hitting all the meta keys, crtl, alt etc to make sure they are all released15:22
Ngno joy :/15:23
jcristausounds like the window manager getting confused and not releasing a grab15:23
Ngjcristau: another interesting idea. bouncing compiz in the face didn't help (although maybe it wouldn't)15:30
bryceno bluetooth gear myself17:19
brycejbarnes, mind taking a look at https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24383 ?   It's our one last release-important X bug on -intel17:51
ubottuFreedesktop bug 24383 in Driver/intel "[KMS] Black screen when xserver is reset (KDE logout)" [Normal,New]17:51
brycethere's a patch for it, however I don't want to include it without upstream's review17:51
jbarnessounds like the regen bug?17:54
jbarnesoh hm yeah the patch makes some sense17:54
jbarnesbryce: I'll push that patch upstream17:55
jbarnesfeel free to include it17:55
brycejbarnes, excellent thanks17:56
jcristaujbarnes: maybe cherry-pick to 2.9 as well?19:00
jbarnesjcristau: sure I guess that makes sense19:00
rickspencer3bryce, hi, have all three of those radeon bugs been resolved now?19:13
brycerickspencer3, 2 of them have.  Need to check in on the 3rd19:14
rickspencer3is the third one for that ancient chip?19:14
brycerickspencer3, aforementioned discussion is regarding the KDE/X bug listed on your karmic status page; fix was taken upstream so I'm uploading it presently.  :-)19:14
brycerickspencer3, that's right19:14
rickspencer3so is the last bug a ship stopper?19:15
brycerickspencer3, also I took a look at his configuration closer and it's a bit non-standard so I'm having him create a cleaner test environment to re-verify.  I'll follow up.19:15
rickspencer3so, seems that there are no further issues?19:15
brycenot in my opinion19:15
rickspencer3and xorg stack is more or less in the can, modulo this upload that you would be dong if I weren't pestering you for status?19:16
brycethere are still some bugs that people are passionate about, but to be honest I think people have some widely varying ideas of what constitutes "show stopper" 19:16
rickspencer3are these bugs new due to the mesa update, or unrelated?19:16
bryceoh completely unrelated19:16
rickspencer3well then19:17
rickspencer3that's just normal "fix bugs in priority order" work19:17
brycemost of these that I'm looking at right now are long-standing issues that have had patches posted to them in recent months, that I just hadn't had time to review before now19:17
rickspencer3alrighty, talk to you later19:17
bryceI'm just harvesting targets of opportunity that look safe19:17
brycerickspencer3, great, cya19:17
rickspencer3sounds great19:17
ilmarihuh, X eats 100% CPU and can't switch VTs when started before acpid20:23
jcristauit has nothing to do with acpid.20:23
ilmarirestarting X after acpid has started or adding "and started acpid" to the gdm upstart job fixes it20:23
jcristauit still has nothing to do with acpid.20:24
ilmarimight be something else that it needs to wait for20:24
jcristauthat's bug 43913820:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439138 in cryptsetup "[karmic] Xorg 100% CPU utilization -- only after first login" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43913820:25
ilmariokay, but X still complains about not being able to open acpid.socket20:30
ilmari(if gdm is started before acpid, that is)20:30
ilmariwhat does X not being able to open ACPI affect?20:31
jcristauwell it generates wrong impressions like yours that it matters20:32
ilmariwhy does it try to open acpi or apm then?20:34
Afzalhi! need help for nouveau-kernel-source & xserver-xorg-video-nouveau in my newly upgraded ubuntu9.1021:03
Afzalany suggestion  is appreciated21:03

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