shtylmanRiddell: llunak has a fix for the no text in menus bug (it is something that has to be fixed in next kde but he said that it won't be backported) ... don't know how hard it would be to backport...but beyond that... the massive file picker bug can finally be closed :)00:12
Riddellshtylman: got any pointers to the fix?00:16
shtylmanRiddell: just shot you an email with some details00:17
shtylmanim guessing those are the svn revision numbers...damn they are up there...00:19
shtylmanbout time they move to git :)00:20
JontheEchidnaQt has an awful record of saying bugs are fixed when they really aren't. :/ I can count at least three things that should be fixed by now but are not.00:20
shtylman(waves hand) these are not the bugs you seek00:20
shtylmanthe bugs you seek are elsewhere00:20
JontheEchidnabug 448049, bug 446539 and the bug where cashew items are visible even when they shouldn't be are all still there, even though they should be fixed in Qt :/00:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 448049 in kde4libs "kdeinit4 crashed with SIGSEGV in QSortFilterProxyModelPrivate::proxy_to_source()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44804900:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446539 in kdebase "dolphin crashed with SIGSEGV in dbus_timeout_handle()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44653900:22
JontheEchidnathe first two should have been fixed in 4.5.2, the last should have been fixed in 4.5.3. All of them are still around in 4.5.300:22
* shtylman got http://alwaysinnovating.com/home/index.htm a few days ago... still working on getting ubuntu on it :)00:23
JontheEchidnakde rev 103480800:41
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=1034808&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 1034808 | Plugins really shouldn't use dynamic_cast, it breaks without RTLD_GLOBAL and especially with plugins that is quite likely to ...00:41
JontheEchidna^OOo fix00:41
JontheEchidnaI'd rather have a busted OOo than potential regressions in KDE, tho00:42
* yuriy wants the powerdevil dialog back. the notification is utterly useless :(00:42
ryanakcashtylman: How is it? Work well? Why can't you get (K)ubuntu on it?00:47
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shtylmanryanakca: its got some rough edges...01:08
shtylmanI don't think it is a good final product hardware wise01:08
shtylmansoftware that it ships with sucks and has a while to go01:08
shtylmanI really wanna try to see how plasma runs on it but it might bog it down too much01:08
* ryanakca nods... it looks cool though :)01:12
shtylmanryanakca: yea..its fun to play around with01:12
shtylmanI will have it with me at uds01:12
ryanakcashtylman: I don't think I'll be going to UDS though... :/01:13
shtylmanhow come?01:13
RiddellSime: compiling python-kde3 with sip 4.9 goes boom http://paste.ubuntu.com/292729/01:22
lex79JontheEchidna: teacooker http://tinyurl.com/yk7fyn501:22
RiddellSime: any thoughts on quick fixes or is it time to geet rid of python-kde3?01:22
* JontheEchidna thinks this is a good excuse to get rid of python-kde301:22
Riddellit only has one rdepend01:22
JontheEchidnalex79: awesome, very thorough01:24
Riddellavogadro goes boom too http://paste.ubuntu.com/292730/ I wonder if anyone uses that01:24
JontheEchidnalex79: a .directory file from dolphin snuck in, but other than that, it's perfect01:29
ryanakcashtylman: None of my parents can get time off work and seeing that I'm a minor, they won't let me out of the country alone... however, I'll be home free for UDS-11.04 (a year from now) :)01:29
JontheEchidnaRiddell: perhaps we could disable python support01:30
JontheEchidnafor avogadro, anyways01:30
lex79damn dolphin !01:30
shtylmanryanakca: ahh gotcha... makes sense...bummer though01:30
* JontheEchidna sets dolphin to remember settings for all files01:30
JontheEchidnaer, folders.01:30
lex79good suggestion01:31
JontheEchidnaI find the default way to be quite annoying and confusing01:31
RiddellJontheEchidna: I don't know if it's optional01:32
JontheEchidnaRiddell: cmakelists.txt says it is, from my understanding01:32
JontheEchidnaoption(ENABLE_PYTHON "Enable python support" ON)01:32
JontheEchidna-DENABLE_PYTHON=OFF maybe01:32
Riddelllet me try01:34
ryanakcaRiddell: at least 1973 people have avogadro installed according to popcon (rank 13674 on http://popcon.ubuntu.com/by_inst ), 1783 use it regularly.01:36
lex79sometimes I need to press F5 to see new files in dolphin, this happens when extract archive for example.. JontheEchidna happens to you?01:37
ryanakcaRiddell: sorry, only 67 use it regularly, but 1783 upgraded it recently01:37
shtylmanlex79: I confirm...it doesn't always refresh01:37
JontheEchidnalex79: yeah, apparently it's a regression with the 2.6.31 linux kernel and inotify01:37
JontheEchidnaus == fscked (ha ha, filesystem humor) in that regard01:38
lex79it's very annoying :(01:38
Riddellryanakca: so if the 1783 don't use it why did they upgrade it?01:39
ryanakcaRiddell: I'm guessing people went "apt-get dist-upgrade" and it was in the list of things to upgrade, so they upgraded it? And the other 190 might just not upgrade their systems?01:39
* ryanakca shrugs01:40
Riddellwell python-kde4 works but only if I convert it to using python-support02:16
Riddellthis is a good thing to do, just not two days before final freeze02:16
Riddellalso plasma python stuff will need converting too02:16
* JontheEchidna decides to get his two -workspace patches in sooner rather than later, in that case02:33
JontheEchidnanot that there's much room for later :P02:33
ScottKSo do we have the Ayatana "we'll let you know eventually" update feature somehow or is kpackagekit just unreliable that way too?02:34
nixternalwhy am I getting dummy popups, 4 of them, everytime I get a message or something from kopete?02:35
=== NCommander is now known as NC|G1
nixternalThis is the first notification "A Dummy Button"02:36
nixternalThis is the second notification "A Dummy Button"02:36
nixternalshit, I am getting that with every notification02:36
JontheEchidnaScottK: mostly broken I think. It does check for updates as it should, it's just not notifying02:37
JontheEchidnathis used to work though... :(02:37
ScottKJontheEchidna: OK.  That I can take better than we shot ourselves in the foot on purpose (well we did with kpackagekit, but I mean again)02:37
=== NC|G1 is now known as NCommander
ScottKWell I have one now.02:37
ScottKIt just doesn't seem to come reliably02:38
JontheEchidnahmm, I didn't get one this morning, and I know I had updates. and kpackagekitsmarticon said it was checking for updates02:38
JontheEchidnajust no popup\02:38
RiddellJontheEchidna: what -workspace patches?02:44
JontheEchidnaRiddell: I have one for making the default System Settings window fit on smaller screens and one that fixes KDM using plastique all the time. The latter requires some kdelibs changes and both are from 4.3 branch02:45
RiddellJontheEchidna: ok I just committed a change to -workspace so I'll hold off on upload until you do your thing02:45
RiddellI'll probably be asleep so feel free to get ScottK or whoever to upload02:45
JontheEchidnakk, I'll need kde4libs sponsored before -workspace can build anyways. So this could probably wait until tomorrow even if need be02:46
* ScottK is totally overwhelmed anyway.02:46
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DarkwingDuckquestion. I'm trying to track one change we can't find. how do I install one package at a time?06:32
ScottKNote: Answered on #kubuntu-netbook06:42
DarkwingDuckScottK: Thanks06:43
CrazycheeseHey guys, do you know if 9.04 actually comes with DSL(pppoe) support OOTB? Yesterday I needed a Livecd that is capable of providing dsl networking in live environiment and I was unable to establish even LAN connection. DSL is greyed out as well. Im speaking of Kubuntu 9.0407:41
LureRiddell, nixternal: I think we should pick up recent improvement to gdm upstart config and add it to kdm:08:54
PedroLeKoiHi everybody.09:30
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I set up a chroot environment.09:31
PedroLeKoiMay I help somebody with something???09:53
PedroLeKoiMay I help somebody with something???10:06
_StefanS_PedroLeKoi: ask Riddell10:07
PedroLeKoi_StefanS_ I did that already...10:07
PedroLeKoi_StefanS_ He didn't reply so.10:07
PedroLeKoi_StefanS_ I try again.10:07
_StefanS_PedroLeKoi: did you check the todo lit?10:08
_StefanS_else write the mailinglist.10:08
_StefanS_gotta run.10:08
PedroLeKoi_StefanS_ I didn't even know, that there is a ToDo list.10:08
PedroLeKoi_StefanS_ Thank you very much.10:08
PedroLeKoiRiddell: Is there any easy timeconsuming task you can assign to me?10:11
kjeldahlNot sure if it's only me, but it's impossible to create bootable USB keys now. unetbootin hangs when installing the bootloader (probably mcopy), and usb-creator-kde crashes with "no module named kdecore".10:47
Riddellkjeldahl: that'll be the python-qt changes10:51
kjeldahlRiddell: Ok thanks. Good to know. Any idea why mcopy is hanging when writing the bootloader (called by unetbootin)?10:52
RiddellI don't even know what that is10:52
RiddellLure: go for it10:53
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
RiddellPedroLeKoi: got that chroot?10:53
kjeldahlIt's another "make a bootable usb key" utility. Guess I'll wait for the python-qt fixes then.10:53
LureRiddell: will look into this tonight - at work now10:53
PedroLeKoiRiddell: Yes.10:53
RiddellPedroLeKoi: could you install kubuntu-desktop in it?10:58
PedroLeKoiRiddell: That's a good question; I am not familiar with the procedure you are talking about. What I did do is: I downloaded certain files from archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/hardy.11:01
PedroLeKoiRiddell: What am I supposed to do next?11:01
RiddellPedroLeKoi: are you inside the chroot?11:02
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I can log into chroot using a terminal window typing: chroot /home/hardy11:02
RiddellPedroLeKoi: ok, from outside the chroot we need some mount commands first..11:03
Riddellmount -t none -o bind /tmp /home/hardy/tmp11:03
Riddellmount -t none -o bind /proc /home/hardy/proc11:03
Riddellmount -t none -o bind /dev /home/hardy/dev11:03
Riddellxhost +11:03
Riddellthose mount commands will need sudo of course11:03
Riddellthen    sudo chroot /home/hardy11:03
Riddellinside the chroot..11:03
Riddellapt-get update11:04
Riddellapt-get install kubuntu-desktop11:04
Riddellkjeldahl: what version of python-kde4 do you have installed?11:22
kjeldahlRiddell: 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu211:23
kjeldahlI think.11:23
PedroLeKoiRiddell: Sorry for the delay. I just startet the installation procedure. I guess this is going to take a while - maybe an hour. I call you after the installation is done, right?11:24
RiddellPedroLeKoi: yes, thanks11:24
Riddellkjeldahl: and usb-creator-kde doesn't run?11:25
RiddellJontheEchidna: was there a change you were making to kde4libs ?11:26
kjeldahlRiddell: Correct- error is http://pastebin.com/m6aa2673411:43
kjeldahlBut usb-creator-gtk works fine...11:44
Riddellkjeldahl: oh I know, it'll need kdebase-workspace before that gets fixed11:45
kjeldahlRiddell: I'm glad you know. :-)11:46
Riddelland that's waiting on JontheEchidna's kde4libs update11:48
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gribeluis the beta koffice from PPA working for anyone? I just upgraded to it and I'm getting this error "kword: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libkowidgets.so.6: undefined symbol: _ZNK16QAbstractSpinBox16inputMethodQueryEN2Qt16InputMethodQueryE"12:01
gribeluthe apps won't start :/12:02
Riddellgribelu: which PPA?12:02
gribeluthis one https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental12:03
gribeluI'm on karmic amd64 btw12:03
Riddellgribelu: I've not looked at it yet but neversfelde said it was broken so I wouldn't expect it to work12:09
gribeluwell, let me know if you can't reproduce and I'll help out..12:09
gribelureproduce the bug that is12:10
jussi01gribelu: works for me, though it  has a few packaging errors. but that didnt happen for me...12:10
jussi01gribelu: tell me what happened when you installed?12:10
gribelujussi01: are you on 64bit as well?12:11
jussi01gribelu: not here, but I installed at home on 64 bit12:11
gribelubeats me then12:11
gribeluI can't start any koffice app12:11
jussi01gribelu: have you still got your install log/terminal open=?12:11
gribelujussi01: i have my logs.. but I also had to force install of the packages12:12
gribeluthe .so file in question is part of koffice-libs-kde412:12
jussi01gribelu: and after the force install, did you then run sudo apt-get install -f ?12:12
gribelui reinstalled that.. didn't help12:12
gribeluI just did that, but it did nothing12:13
gribeluinstallation went fine..12:13
gribelujussi01: how do I get a list of koffice packages?12:14
gribelumaybe if I reinstall them all12:14
jussi01apt-cache search koffice12:14
gribelualthough "undefined symbol" sounds like a compilation problem12:14
hungergribelu: or like some library being older on the system than on the one used to build the code.12:17
hungerMaybe some depenedency is outdated in the control file?12:17
gribeluwho knows12:18
gribeluI'm trying to purge and reinstall12:18
Riddellyou may not have all of the qt 4.6 packages installed12:20
Riddell(and installing them may cause other problems, they're not well tested)12:20
gribeluRiddell: I reverted to 4.5.x because I had some plasma issues12:20
gribelushould I install 4.6?12:20
gribeluthat could be it..12:21
Riddellthat koffice build will need 4.6, but right it'll cause other issues12:21
gribeluso I'm stuck :)12:22
gribeluat least we know koffice isn't broken12:22
PedroLeKoiRiddell: It's done. Any further instructions?12:43
RiddellPedroLeKoi: ok now we need to do the upgrade12:44
RiddellPedroLeKoi: first enable -proosed ..12:44
Riddellecho "deb http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hardy-proposed main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list12:44
Riddellapt-get update12:44
Riddellapt-get install adept12:44
Riddellrun adept --dist-upgrade-lts  and click the upgrade (two up pointing arrow icon)12:50
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I don't know: is this a valid 'enable' command >> enable -proosed <<?12:54
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I downloaded and installed adept but the command  'adept --dist-upgrade-lts'  doesn't work12:55
RiddellPedroLeKoi: paste bin this..13:20
Riddellapt-cache policy adept13:20
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I found out that I can start the GUI of adept with 'adept_manager'. And that is exactly what I did.13:21
RiddellPedroLeKoi: how about..13:21
Riddelladept_manager --dist-upgrade-lts13:21
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I had to 'Fetch Updates' than...13:22
PedroLeKoiRiddell: After that he activated the Button 'Version Upgrade'.13:22
PedroLeKoiRiddell: That is what you want me to do, isn't it? The Version Update?13:22
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I started the procedure and am now supposed to confirm that I really like to update.13:23
RiddellPedroLeKoi: does it say "9.10" at the top of the update window?13:24
PedroLeKoiRiddell: System is downloading files to upgrade system from 8.04.2 to 9.04.13:24
PedroLeKoiRiddell: Is it maybe an inbetween step.13:24
Riddellno, that's not what we want13:25
RiddellPedroLeKoi: close the upgrade window13:25
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I did.13:26
JontheEchidnaRiddell: kde4libs pushed to bzr, testbuilding a last time in my ppa13:26
RiddellPedroLeKoi: pastebin13:27
Riddellapt-cache policy adept13:27
PedroLeKoiRiddell: pastebin? What is that supposed to mean?13:28
ScottKRiddell: We're making some progress on the netbook application launcher problem by means of doing a partial 4.3.1->4.3.2 upgrade until the problem appears.  It's narrowed down to one of kde-window-manager kdebase-runtime kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 kdebase-runtime-data kdebase-runtime-data-common kdebase-workspace-libs4+5 kdelibs-bin kdelibs5 kdelibs5-data libkdecorations4 libkwineffects1 libplasma3 libxml2 when we ran out of energy last night.13:28
RiddellPedroLeKoi: paste the output into the website  paste.ubuntu.com13:29
RiddellScottK: that's three source packages so it should be possible to look at what changes have happened to them recently13:30
RiddellScottK: sorry I havn't been able to help thus far, too many other things on my todo13:30
ScottKRiddell: Yes.  They were all installed at one go, so we ought to be able to narrow it down further.13:30
ScottKThis is a big enough bug that I'm not worried about it for tomorrow's freeze.13:31
ScottKI'm currently waiting for the guineau pig <<< tester to reappear on IRC.13:31
PedroLeKoiRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29310013:31
RiddellPedroLeKoi: and you ran adept with  adept_manager --dist-upgrade-lts  ?13:33
PedroLeKoiRiddell: No, I didn't. Reason for this: adept_manager tells me it doesn't know option '--dist-upgrade-lts'13:37
RiddellPedroLeKoi: please pastebin the output of   adept_manager --help13:38
PedroLeKoiRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29310713:38
RiddellPedroLeKoi: hum, well you have the right version of adept but it's not offering the right option, so we have a problem13:40
RiddellPedroLeKoi: thanks for testing, we'll need to fix that13:40
PedroLeKoiRiddell: O.k. I think I am off for today. I have to change the tires of my girlfriends car - you know...13:41
PedroLeKoiBye everybody.13:41
PedroLeKoiSee you soon.13:42
JontheEchidnahttps://edge.launchpad.net/~echidnaman/+archive/ppa/+build/1291779 blargh14:02
JontheEchidna1 hour wait14:02
JontheEchidnamm, pykde is busted14:08
JontheEchidnaImportError: No module named kdecore14:09
ScottKagateau: Did you ever get a chance to look at the focus stealing prevention issue with Quassel and MI?  They are going to release 0.5 this afternoon, so if you have a patch, we might still get it in.14:14
agateauScottK: no, but I can look14:15
agateauI thought it was working now, didn't they change anything wrt to this?14:15
ScottKagateau: MI is working now. The issue is bug 422062.14:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 422062 in quassel "window is not brought to front" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42206214:18
RiddellJontheEchidna: yes it's waiting on kdebase-workspace which is waiting on you14:18
JontheEchidnaRiddell: kdebase-workspace is waiting on kde4libs, which has a one hour wait in my ppa14:19
Riddelltime to crank the handle faster on the ppa machine!14:20
ScottKWould someone please ping me in a few seconds.14:20
JontheEchidnaI'm uploading it to ninjas to hopefully make things go faster14:20
JontheEchidnaScottK: sure14:20
ScottKIt may be fixed.  Let's try something else.14:20
ScottKPlease ping me again ....14:21
JontheEchidnaScottK: ok14:22
ScottKOne more time please.14:22
JontheEchidnaScottK: ping14:23
ScottKagateau: Bug still needs fixing.14:23
agateauScottK: I can easily put together a KDE dependent fix14:24
agateaua pure Qt one would be more difficult I think14:24
ScottKagateau: I think it's only an issue in KDE since it's KDE's focus stealing prevention that's the problem.14:24
ScottKagateau: If upstream doesn't want a KDE specific fix, we can always add it ourselves.14:25
ScottKSput: ^^^14:25
agateauScottK: ok, let me test what I just wrote and I'll send a patch14:25
ScottKMaybe one more fix for 0.5 ....14:25
ScottKagateau: Quassel's normal click on the icon to focus the last highlight functionality is affected by this too, so it'll be a good fix for upstream even without MI.14:26
agateauScottK: yes14:27
JontheEchidnahttps://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ninjas/+archive/ppa/+build/1291807 <- much better than an hour14:28
RiddellJontheEchidna: ninjas stealth wins!14:33
* Riddell uploads kdebase-runtime14:33
agateauScottK: Sput: http://pastebin.com/f272418f814:37
ScottKagateau: Looks simple enough.14:39
agateauScottK: KDE API makes everything simpler :)14:39
JontheEchidnagah, the ninjas build isn't starting14:49
* ScottK is just pbuildering locally14:50
JontheEchidnapbuilding on my machine would take 4 hours for kde4libs14:50
JontheEchidnaRiddell: could you sponsor lex's qtcurve packages from ninjas?14:56
JontheEchidnaRiddell: oh, wasn't there some config files moving around? did we figure that out?15:01
Riddellthere was, I'm not sure we did15:02
RiddellI see qt 4.6 beta is out15:02
ScottKWould someone please give me a ping.15:28
Tm_TScottK: ponk15:28
ScottKNice.  Again please.15:28
JontheEchidnaScottK: pingish15:29
ScottKOne more time please.15:29
PedroLeKoiScottK: You're getting faster...15:29
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ScottKSput: agateau's patch works.15:30
PedroLeKoiRiddell: I am back again. Do you have something to do for me?15:33
RiddellQt has compiled on ARM and nothing else!15:35
Riddellhow is that even possible15:35
JontheEchidnaRiddell: I'm testbuilding kde4libs locally, and while it hasn't finished it's gotten past the parts that I've patched without failing15:36
RiddellPedroLeKoi: I need the microblog applet tested and if you have a printer system-config-printer-kde would be good to test too15:36
JontheEchidnaRiddell: python is busted in karmic w/ latest updates, I can tell you that right now15:37
RiddellJontheEchidna: groovy, we could maybe risk just uploading it15:37
PedroLeKoiRiddell: No printer system for the next 7 days.15:37
PedroLeKoiRiddell: Microblog Applett - o.k. Do I need a twitter account for working with this applett?15:38
JontheEchidnaRiddell: system-config-printer-kde fails with: ImportError: No module named kdecore15:38
JontheEchidnajockey-kde does too15:38
RiddellPedroLeKoi: yes15:38
RiddellJontheEchidna: probably rm -r /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/PyQt will help that15:39
PedroLeKoiRiddell: Than that is the next thing I am going to do. Create an account on twitter... Can you tell me what I have to do with that thing while I am going to create a twitter account.15:40
RiddellJontheEchidna: no  rm -r /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/PyKDE415:40
JontheEchidnawas about to say ;-)15:40
RiddellPedroLeKoi: just get it successfully posting to twitter15:40
PedroLeKoiRiddell: All right.15:41
JontheEchidnaRiddell: works, we may want to automate that15:41
freinhardanyone with a dualscreen setup round? (no xinerama)15:41
RiddellJontheEchidna: it'll go when the kdebase-workspace build happens15:43
JontheEchidnaRiddell: what about the case of people using pykde apps without kdebase-workspace?15:45
RiddellJontheEchidna: only plasmoid use kdebase-workspace, most apps don't, but pykde won't load while that directory exists15:46
Riddellpykde now uses python-support15:47
JontheEchidnaif we make the next kdebase-workspace update do the removal of the old directory, then if somebody doesn't have kdebase-workspace installed will still have broken pykde apps15:49
JontheEchidnaunless I'm missing something15:49
freinhardis that arrow that i get when i switch desktops a backport?15:50
freinhardcouldn't find it in the kde 4.3.2 changelog15:51
RiddellJontheEchidna: if they don't have kdebase-workspace then the directory won't be there, it only exists because of kdebase-workspace15:52
Daskreechfailsafe works with x-terminal-emulator pointed towards xterm15:53
Riddellfreinhard: it's a setting Tonio_ turned on somewhere, it has mixed popularity15:53
Daskreechperhaps we should let failsafe just point at xterm ?15:53
DaskreechOr it doesn't make a difference wih a clean install?15:53
DaskreechI get the KDE splash screen on failsafe15:53
JontheEchidnaRiddell: ah, ok. that'd be what I missed :)15:54
RiddellDaskreech: hmm, we don't have xterm on a clean install15:54
DaskreechRiddell: Well does a failsafe login work then?15:54
Tonio_freinhard: this setting has always been there.... I just activated it since I saw people complaning gnome had this with compiz, and they couldn't find it15:55
Tonio_freinhard: some people like, some people don't....15:55
freinhardTonio_: how do i get rid of it, i guess that's breaking my multi-screen setup15:56
RiddellDaskreech: presumably not, based on you as the only tester15:56
JontheEchidnaRiddell: debian/changelog can close bug 45110515:56
ubottuBug 451105 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/451105 is private15:56
ScottKRiddell: We don't?  apt-cache says it is, if I ready it correctly?15:56
Tonio_freinhard: hu ? if that's the case, we should consider removing15:56
RiddellScottK: maybe we do, it keeps changing15:56
Tonio_lemme find the setting15:56
freinhardTonio_: first need to know where to turn it off and then test it.15:57
ScottKMight be worth a mention in the release notes.15:57
RiddellJontheEchidna: I'll upload kde4libs and kdebase-workspace now15:58
ScottK"Here's this cool new feature, screenshots, oh, btw, if you don't like it, here's how you turn it off"15:58
Tonio_freinhard: window property -> focus -> popup desktop name on desktop switch15:59
JontheEchidnaRiddell: k, cool15:59
Tonio_freinhard: so stupid I agree :) it should be in the pager settings15:59
Tonio_freinhard: lemme know if that's the bug, then I see no reason to keep this activated16:00
ScottKRiddell: Are you sure we want systemsettings in catagory settings and not system?16:00
Tonio_ScottK: I'm leaving to china saturday and have tremendous amount of work till then....16:00
ScottKWork or vacation?16:01
Tonio_ScottK: I'm affraid I have no time to review KNE default settings till then16:01
Tonio_ScottK: work16:01
ScottKOK.  Then it is what it is.16:01
Tonio_till I'm back I mean16:01
ScottKIt'll be too late by then.16:01
Tonio_ScottK: I know :)16:01
Tonio_ScottK: I should have more time by lucid dev cycle, but canada + china, that close, doesn't help16:02
RiddellScottK: last I heard we didn't want it in the apps menu at all, it's already in two places in kickoff16:03
Riddelltwo other places16:03
ScottKRiddell: I see it in favorites and settings is all?16:03
JontheEchidnaalso the computer tab^16:04
ScottKNo computer tab in classic kickoff, so I didn't see that one.16:04
JontheEchidnaoh yeah, that's why they put it in the menu in the first place16:05
ScottKSo since it needs to be in the menu, i don't see why it got moved to settings from system.16:05
ScottKI thought we were trying to get rid of settings16:05
freinhardTonio_: yes, that's it16:06
Tonio_freinhard: ouch....16:06
Tonio_wht does this cause ?16:07
freinhardTonio_: sry, was the "show window list" option16:07
freinhardpopup was off16:07
freinhardbroken configuration dialog?16:07
JontheEchidnathe config dialog is broken too, the setting can be enabled while the checkbox is unchecked16:08
PedroLeKoiRiddell: It seems to me that the app is working fine. I post something using the app, update my twitter page: Message is visible. The only thing I am missing is the possibility to delete certain messages the app copied back from the twitter page?16:08
Tonio_so the show window list causes the bug ?16:08
JontheEchidnaTonio_: toggling the "show window list" just made it save the unchecked state of the desktop switch popup16:08
freinhardmaybe popup was activated but not shown in the list, and hitting apply cleared it16:08
freinhardi'll check that16:08
Tonio_JontheEchidna: I don't get what does this setting do16:09
JontheEchidnaTonio_: basically the KCM doesn't read the existing settings or something, so the desktop switch animation appears unchecked int he dialog16:09
freinhardi'm confused. does work now.16:09
* freinhard reboots16:09
JontheEchidnaso changing any other setting makes it save the unchecked state and disables the popup feature16:09
RiddellPedroLeKoi: great.  now I need it tested with no settings.    killall plasma-desktop; rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appl*; plasma-desktop  and add it16:10
Tonio_JontheEchidna: by default ?16:10
Tonio_JontheEchidna: I never had a problem with that16:10
DaskreechAre we shipping with PulseAudio?16:13
ScottKDaskreech: Not by default (only the lib due to build-depends, but it doesn't do anything without the app)16:13
debfxcould someone please review my changes to fix the context menu of the codecs install tray icon: https://code.launchpad.net/~debfx/update-notifier-kde/codecs-context-menu/+merge/1334116:13
PedroLeKoiRiddell: No need to add. It's already there after command 'plasma-desktop' was executed.16:14
RiddellPedroLeKoi: does it show the kubuntu feed and does it let you configure your own feed?16:15
PedroLeKoiRiddell: But I need to set it up, don't I? I have to change the 'address of the service', because it's not set to twitter by default.16:15
Riddelldebfx: ooh looks good, thanks16:17
Riddelldebfx: I'd like to turn that into a persistent notification same as the packagekit update one but it's too late for karmic16:17
RiddellPedroLeKoi: yes you will need to do that16:17
PedroLeKoiRiddell: It shows the Kubuntu feed (to give one example: http://2tu.us/vki by chogoK). After set up twitter as service it immediatly displayed the messegas I posted before...16:18
Tonio_hum I get "No handlers could be found for logger "bzr"" on one of my computers...16:19
Tonio_anyone know what does this mean ? I couldn't get any good information googling16:19
yuriyanybody using dropbox in KDE? someone is getting me to try it and looks like there's only a nautilus extension16:20
RiddellPedroLeKoi: great, so that's all working16:24
RiddellPedroLeKoi: we could do with failsafe mode being tested16:24
RiddellTonio_: context would help16:25
Riddellyuriy: never heard of it16:25
ScottKyuriy: I think jjesse uses it.16:26
=== flacoste_afk is now known as flacoste
Tonio_Riddell: any bzr command outputs this, only on this computer16:27
Tonio_Riddell: even if I clean my .bzr16:27
Tonio_Riddell: and commands do work :)16:27
Tonio_Riddell: weird, I agree :)16:27
ScottKTonio_: I'd ask in #bzr then16:28
Tonio_ScottK: not a bad idea indeed :)16:29
PedroLeKoiRiddell: Please give me further instructions which will enable me to test the failsafe mode.16:32
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
RiddellPedroLeKoi: I think you need to log out and select it from the session menu at the login screen16:35
RiddellDaskreech: ^^16:35
DaskreechHmm wonder what pulled in pulse for me16:36
* Riddell uploads qt4-x11_4.5.3really4.5.2-0ubuntu116:37
PedroLeKoiRiddell: This will not work - sorry. Every time I logged out I am sitting in front of a black screen??? I hope that's a known bug. If not... Than it might be an unknown one.16:38
RiddellPedroLeKoi: yes it is a known bug16:38
PedroLeKoiRiddel: Isn't it possible to get into failsafe mode after a reboot. That will work.16:41
RiddellPedroLeKoi: yes a reboot would work16:41
freinhardTonio_: switching desktop on dual screen works since i reset and set options in systemsettings. so this must be related to a somehow broken config file16:42
DaskreechPedroLeKoi: You haven't rebooted after install of Koala yet?16:43
Tonio_freinhard: yeah, but as discussed with JontheEchidna, we just disabled it anyway...16:45
Tonio_freinhard: it ain't that popular in any case16:45
PedroLeKoiDaskreech: Never...16:47
PedroLeKoiDaskreech: Of course I did. Why?16:47
DaskreechPedroLeKoi: You can login to failsafe from KDM ?16:48
=== seele_ is now known as seele
PedroLeKoiRiddell: First thing I figured: The touchpad of my laptop doesn't work when log in screen is visible. After I plugged in a usb mouse I could move the cursor. I changed to failsafe mode - the cursor is still blinking in the password field. But even if I press keys on the keyboard there's no input.16:53
PedroLeKoiRiddell: Keyboard is cut off...16:54
nixternalanyone else get an email about your ubuntu.com addy and security changes?16:58
JontheEchidnaI haven't received anything16:58
RiddellPedroLeKoi: that's sounding very broken16:59
Riddellso do we want to set TerminateServer=true in kdmrc to workaround the intel logout issue?16:59
ScottKRiddell: I thought the fix for that got uploaded17:00
ScottKI think in yesterday's intel update17:00
RiddellScottK: oh?  I've not heard of a fix17:00
ScottKRiddell: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/2:2.9.0-1ubuntu217:01
* ScottK didn't test yet17:01
DaskreechPedroLeKoi: Which laptop is this?17:06
DaskreechRiddell: I can confirm that hotkeys don't work for me. I need to use a mouse to access the menus17:06
micmordALT+E seams to work on kdm logout17:09
micmordwow... now kdm logout works again17:12
micmordsomeone could confirm that?17:13
JontheEchidnasomebody on the launchpad bug has confirmed that logout works now17:15
micmordit works on all my intel systems17:15
astrommenixternal: Just a fyi about the RTM applet. I got an exception to make string changes from i18n team17:20
astrommewhich means 4.3.3 will include a fixed rtm applet17:20
astrommeand the patch that is currently applied will not be needed17:20
astrommesvn commit 1035265.17:20
Riddellyay, logout works17:23
sylv1hi all17:23
micmordxserver-xorg-video-intel chancelog i read: fix LP bug 43252117:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432521 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "kdm does not restart X server (that crashed on logout)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43252117:23
sylv1I would like to report an karmic issue about translations17:23
micmordis bug 371500 the same?17:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 371500 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i965gm] X server crash at closing session if kdm is in use. [UXA bug]" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37150017:24
sylv1after a karmic fresh install it seems that everything that is akonadi related is untranslated17:24
sylv1are you aware of this kind of issue ?17:24
Riddellmicmord: they're different bugs but with similar symptoms17:24
Riddellsylv1: nope, got an example?17:24
sylv1akonadi related translations were fine on jaunty + kde 4.3.2 from ppa + uptodate language packs17:25
sylv1akonadi entries in kickoff are untranslated (i'm using french locale)17:25
sylv1Riddell: for example in jaunty I had "Miniature Akonadi" instead of "Akonady tray" or something17:26
sylv1and the akonadi configuration module in systemsettings in completely untranslated too17:26
micmordRiddell: ops.. i didn't subscribe the right bug  :-(17:26
JontheEchidnamicmord: both should be fixed by now, though17:27
Riddellsylv1: I confirm, it's broken17:27
Riddellsylv1: seems like desktop_kdepim-runtime is missing17:28
JontheEchidna^probably nobody bothered to add the magic to the new package for that to happen17:28
sylv1Riddell: okay17:29
sylv1apart from that translations are very good (in french at least)17:29
Riddellsylv1: is kpackagekit translated?17:30
PedroLeKoiDaskreech: Sorry for the delay. It is a 'lenovo G530'.17:30
sylv1the only thing I noticed too is that Arora displays "Web Browser" in kickoff instead of "Navigateur Web" but it may only be a missing translation17:30
JontheEchidnaouch, I only have 1 string translated for kpackagekit in spanish17:30
Riddellsylv1: yes Arora has poor translations, that was one of the marks aginst using it17:30
sylv1Riddell: hum, I haven't checked cause I do not use KPK but I'll try when I get back from work17:31
JontheEchidnaoh, right. the fix still needs to land in the langpacks for KPK17:32
PedroLeKoiRiddell, Daskreech: After a reboot it was possible to select failsafe mode and the keyboard worked. But now - after typing in username and password - I see nothing but the wallpaper...17:32
SputScottK: I'll look into the patch later when I'm back home17:32
Sputthough I still wonder why it works with KNotification but not with MI (our X11 specific hack is what the kwin maintainer recommended and it seems to work here)17:32
sylv1Riddell: in french translations are good but it might not be the case in other languages indeed17:32
JontheEchidnasylv1: how are keyboard shortcut translations in the menus of applications?17:32
* Sput is off for the train17:32
ScottKSput: It didn't work here with focus stealing prevention enabled.17:32
sylv1but I'm starting to like Arora17:32
ScottKWith no focus stealing prevention it works fine for both.17:33
sylv1JontheEchidna: don't know ... I will check it later if you want17:33
JontheEchidnasylv1: I'd appreciate it. In spanish at least "shift" manages to be untranslated.17:33
sylv1okay I'll try that and kpk tonight17:34
LureRiddell: interesting: bug 447823 is milestoned, but not on Steve's list of milestoned bugs17:35
PedroLeKoiI am leaving. Take care and see you soon. Pedro17:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447823 in kde4libs "kopete crashed with SIGSEGV in KHTMLPart::~KHTMLPart()" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44782317:35
* Lure confused, but will rather fix it now... ;-)17:35
JontheEchidnaagh, we should have taken care of that one with our upload an hour ago17:36
* JontheEchidna forgot about it entirely though17:36
LureJontheEchidna: no problem, will prepare now and ask for another uploads17:36
* Lure is not concerned until uploads are still available under current price ;-)17:37
JontheEchidnaI had a build score of over 9000 and it still took an hour until it built17:38
JontheEchidna"VEGETA! What does the scouter say about his build score?"17:40
JontheEchidnaWhat? Nine thousand? That can't possibly be correct!17:40
Riddelluh oh, JontheEchidna is going mad and we still have over two weeks to release, this could end in disaster17:42
Riddelldebfx: merge done thanks17:42
JontheEchidnaQuintasan'd probably appreciate that17:42
Riddelldebfx: bit frustrating this situation with pidgin and seb's high quality demands :(17:42
JontheEchidnait seems to me it's not a workaround for KDE's sake, but a workaround for really crappy old GTK dark magic's sake17:44
SputScottK: not even the normal notifications?17:44
ScottKSput: Correct.  You get the notification, but then when you click on the action the window doesn't come to the front.17:44
Riddelldebfx: maybe we can convince rickspencer3 to talk him round17:44
SputScottK: interesting, works here :)17:44
Sputand since the kwin guy told me setting the apptime was the right way to do it, I didn't care anymore :)17:45
ScottKSput: Quassel helpfully switches to the right channel, just the window raising fails.17:45
SputI'll apply the patch, of course, but still interesting that it doesn't seem on your system what it's supposed to do and does on mine :)17:45
ScottKSput: I'll carry it as a distro specific patch if you don't want it, but it seems harmless.17:45
ScottKSput: Do you have focus stealing prevention enabled?17:46
* Sput makes mental note to talk to the guy again17:46
Sputyeah, but I think I have it on low17:46
SputI'll apply the patch, no problem17:46
ScottKI had it on low too.17:46
Sputjust curious :)17:46
ScottKYeah.  Me too.17:46
Sputclicking the View button consistently works here. mh.17:47
Sputand I think it did since I last touched the code, so I can't write it off to me using KDE trunk :)17:47
RiddellJontheEchidna: should I be worried that kde4libs just failed to build in a ppa17:48
JontheEchidnaI definitely didn't get that failure locally17:48
ScottKsomeone please give me a ping in a moment (Sput, I'm double checking)17:50
JontheEchidnaScottK: ping17:50
Riddellping ScottK17:51
ScottKSput: Confirmed17:51
JontheEchidnaRiddell: :( failed in the archive17:51
ScottKNeither clicking on the icon nor the notification action works with focus stealing prevention on (even low)17:51
LureRiddell: I am adding patch to kde4libs and am testing build in ppa now17:51
LureRiddell: so you may want to wait for this update17:51
LureJontheEchidna: link to buildlog?17:52
JontheEchidnaLure: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/33664053/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-armel.kde4libs_4%3A4.3.2-0ubuntu5_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz17:52
macocan anyone else confirm that if in KOrganizer's ToDo list you have some tasks categorized into a subcategory like School:Networks (in this case), and you choose either the category or subcategory from the dropdown in top right, it shows *nothing* instead of showing the tasks in the chosen category?17:52
Lureok, found that I need to add "Nominate for release" for Karmic to get it on Steve's list17:52
JontheEchidnaMy patch should have added the field it's looking for :(17:53
* JontheEchidna checks if all patches are being applied17:53
LureRiddell: did it fail for you on non-armel?17:58
* Lure would not be suprised if gcc on armel is just more strict17:58
debfxRiddell: yeah it is17:59
JontheEchidnaLure: fails the same in a ppa on all archs17:59
debfxis there any progress in making brightness up/down global shortcuts work (except adding the keys to Qt)?17:59
Riddelldebfx: no I don't think anybody has looked at that18:01
Riddelldebfx: well Tonio_ wanted to have a standalone app control it, but I'd like it to be part of the normal powerdevil bits18:01
Tonio_Riddell: I want to get it to work :) whatever is the easiest :)18:02
Tonio_Riddell: and that's on my plans, of course18:02
Tonio_Riddell: time is the enemy18:02
LureJontheEchidna: and it builds in your pbuilder? strange...18:04
ScottKNCommander is the expert on those kinds of fixes18:06
* NCommander runs for the nearest emergency exit18:06
JontheEchidnaah! the patch is incomplete18:07
JontheEchidnano clue how the hell it got so far locally18:08
JontheEchidnafix pushed to bzr anyways18:11
Riddellwe'll wait for lure's patch before uploading anyway18:13
* Riddell out for a couple of hours18:13
debfxRiddell, Tonio_: i'll try to get it working18:14
LureRiddell: ok, I will retest in ppa first18:14
hungerWill kubuntu use this ubuntu-one couchdb thing, too?18:32
ScottKNot in the default install.18:34
ScottKI think they are looking for someone in the community to write a KDE client for it.18:35
* ScottK doesn't think anyone is going to volunteer to write a client for a proprietary web service18:36
* hunger really sees no value in the whole thing. We have akonadi... syncing that might be a nice idea, but preferrably not to ubuntu-one.18:38
ScottKWell the ubuntu one 'client' for us might be some akonadi glue to couchd18:46
hungerScottK: Does not really sound convincing to me... Having a DB to DB converter so I can have my data in a proprietary service I definitely do not want it in:-)18:47
hungerScottK: People are already working on sync support for akonadi. I'd really prefer using that to sync to a place of my choosing.18:48
ScottKhunger: I'm not trying to convince you.18:48
* ScottK added up the union of data that he has that he doesn't want public, but is comfortable with Canonical having and came up with an empty set.18:49
hungerSometimes I am happy that kubuntu does not get the full canonical love:-)18:57
ScottKI don't mind if they want to do stuff to make money off of what we do.19:18
* yuriy thinks lots of people are volunteering to write clients for proprietary services19:31
ScottKMore power to them if they do19:32
hungerScottK: I do not mind anybody making money with free software. I just do not want to use proprietary services:-)19:43
ScottKRight.  Understandable.19:44
SputScottK: not even on the tray icon? that is doubly weird, as we are using KSystemTray's own method for that :)19:53
ScottKNo idea.19:53
Sputor, even better, we don't handle it at all, the tray icon itself handles the raising on KDE19:54
ScottKI just know it works and having the focus stealing prevention back on is very nice.19:54
Sputwell, if it works with agateau's patch, all the better, but it's a mystery to me :)19:54
SputI should be able to tag in ~2 hours19:54
ScottKThat gives me not very long to upload things, but I guess it is what it is.19:55
Sputmaybe half an hour earlier :)19:55
ScottKOK.  I'll take what I can get.19:56
lex79Printer configuration in system settings doesn't work anymore19:56
ScottKSomeone was complaining about Python breakage earlier today19:57
lex79found the problem20:06
lex79/usr/share/python-qt4/widget-plugins/kde4.py -> ../../../lib/python2.6/dist-packages/PyQt4/uic/widget-plugins/kde4.py20:07
lex79../../../lib/python2.6/dist-packages/PyQt4/uic/widget-plugins/kde4.py: No such file or directory20:07
lex79symlink broken20:07
sylv1JontheEchidna: keyboard shortcuts translations seem to be OK20:07
sylv1do you have any application in particular you want me to check ?20:08
JontheEchidnanope, just KDE apps in general20:08
JontheEchidnamaybe it's just a problem with the spanish translations20:08
sylv1Shift is well translated here, in systemsettings, dolphin, konsole, even Arora20:09
sylv1let's see kpk20:09
dschulzhi all20:12
sylv1well kpk seems to rock, translation wise of course:)20:12
dschulzis there any known bugs affecting keyboard layouts in kde 4.3.2 ?20:13
sylv1but it does not show any packages ...20:13
dschulzi'm having a hard time trying to make US International layout permanent20:13
dschulzright now and since a few months ago i've got to run setxkbmap -...   every time i start a kde session20:14
sylv1ha it works now20:15
dschulzi configured it in System Settings as US International already, but in the next session, all i get is a plain US layout20:15
sylv1JontheEchidna: package description are untranslated though20:15
dschulzwithout dead keys and all20:15
sylv1packages I mean20:15
JontheEchidnamm, I think that's out of the scope of kpackagekit20:16
ScottKIt is20:16
sylv1ok fine then20:16
sylv1well, got to go20:18
sylv1congrats to the kubuntu team (and translation team) for a great karmic release :)20:18
dschulzhere's a copy of my current .kde/share/config/kxkbrc file :  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/293383/20:19
dschulzthe most strange thing is that, if i copy the command line 'setxkbmap -...'  and run it in konsole, the us_intl layout is applied and effective until the next session20:20
dschulzwell, nobody cares20:29
dschulztried already in #kde20:29
dschulzgot tired of trying to explain issues in my poor english, all i get is echo20:31
LureRiddell: kdm.upstart fixes pushed to kdebase-workspace bzr - have tested boot with no side effect20:36
LureRiddell: this fixes bug 437281 and possibly bug 44722620:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437281 in gdm "Karmic 64bit: Cannot set system into maintenance mode with "init 1"." [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43728120:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447226 in gdm "gdm does not start after bootup" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44722620:37
LureRiddell: kde4libs also pushed to bzr, but still waiting for ppa build to test digikam/kopete crash failure20:38
Daskreechhi hunger20:40
ScottKdschulz: Please file a bug.  It's not that we don't care, it's just that everyone is very busy today.20:42
dschulzScottK: ok, thanks20:42
hungerHi Daskreech.20:43
Daskreechhow are you hunger ?20:44
Daskreechhunger: Propietary? Not so much worried about propietary as them holding on to all of your data20:45
DaskreechEven if Wave is open sourced and you can roll your won having all your data on Google's servers where they can decide if they want to accept your patch on the live servers to allow you full export of your data in a format you like doesn't make it being open source any better20:46
hungerDaskreech: I do not mind as long as it is encrypted. And I still hope that ubuntu one is. Not that I ever would entrust it with data that I had not encrypted before handing it over to the service.20:46
hungerDaskreech: ... and if it is not proprietary then I can run my own server, too.20:47
DaskreechThough you lose the cloud benefit20:47
Daskreechwhat's Canonical's history with being cloudy?20:48
hungerDaskreech: Oh, the cloud. To me that is mostly a buzzword:-)20:48
DaskreechI guess if you look at the PPAs you can get an idea of how well they do a cloud infrastructure20:48
Daskreechhunger: Yes but it's still a valid one :)20:49
DaskreechIt's not just a server20:49
hungerDaskreech: Well, they can not even come up with a decent web interface to this launchpad thing.20:49
ScottKIMO they work very hard to worsen it with every release.20:49
DaskreechThat's web app design20:49
* hunger agrees with ScottK.20:50
DaskreechThat's differnt20:50
hungerDaskreech: THat is what I always get... "if it sux then it can not be cloud.".20:50
ScottKDaskreech: I'm not kidding.  IMO the LP U/I peaked at the orignal beta.20:51
DaskreechAh well :-)20:52
DaskreechIs kubuntu getting an App store as well?20:52
hungerScottK: You can not even file bugs in LP anymore using the web UI. At least not without given the URL manually.20:53
* hunger gave up reporting bugs in ubuntu after he ran into this.20:56
DaskreechIs Koala supposed to handle apt:// URLs ?21:06
DaskreechWhy do I see apt:// urls as a bad idea21:06
LureI need to do -sa upload for ppa (even though if orig.tar.gz is already in ubuntu archive)?21:19
* Lure not really happy to see that ppa build failed due to missing orig.tar.gz after waiting in queue for hours21:19
debfxTonio_: is there a bug that tracks that the monitor brightness keys don't work?21:41
hungerdebfx: They do not on the samsung nc10 fwiw.21:45
debfxhunger: they aren't even grabbed, at least in kubuntu default installation21:48
hungerdebfx: on the nc10 they are grabbed and available as XF86MonBrightnessDown/Up. Still does not work. But then I need to update the BIOS, the newest version is supposed to improve the issue.21:57
hungerActually almost all keys are triggering some keyevent on the NC10.22:00
=== ryanakca is now known as Guest25376
Tonio_debfx: it's not a bug, buta lack of feature22:22
Tonio_debfx: technically powerdevil doesn't listen to xf86 signals through dbus22:23
=== Guest25376 is now known as ryanakca
debfxTonio_: do you think the key handling should be in the battery applet or in powerdevil?22:25
Tonio_powerdevil definately22:26
Tonio_the applet should only do the presentation job to the user22:26
LureRiddell: I am confused: did you already update patch 74: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdelibs/ubuntu/revision/112.1.122:26
Tonio_debfx: I'm planing to do something, but when I have time, maybe in a month or so22:26
LureRiddell: problem is that digikam still crashes here, so I suspect this was not released and logged22:27
LureRiddell: will fix the logs then22:27
debfxTonio_: can't we just register a global shortcut?22:32
Tonio_nope :/22:37
Tonio_those wouldn't work, the only way is to listen and act according to xf86 keys22:37
Tonio_especially to notify even if the action is handled hardware22:37
debfxwhy wouldn't they work?22:39
debfxcan we detect if it's handled by the hardware?22:40
LureRiddell: kdelibs is now clarified - you already fixed crash patch inplace (but did not note it in changelog), but it was not released yet due to ftbfs of last upload.22:44
LureRiddell: simple upload with ftbfs will fix it22:44
LureRiddell: I just added note in the changelog that this build will also fix the crash bug (even though the fix was already in previous upload)22:44
LureRiddell: package is building in my ppa, but it is too late for me to wait and confirm that crash is fixed.22:45
LureRiddell: will do in the morning22:45
debfxTonio_: registering kaction global shortcut seems to work after fixing kdelibs22:46
Tonio_debfx: that would make it to work indeed, but what about notifications ?22:50
Tonio_debfx: I think it should be handled a lower level... just my opinion22:51
Tonio_although I'm not against this as a workarround22:51
Tonio_debfx: could you look at kosd on kde-apps ?22:51
Tonio_this is what I would like to do22:51
Tonio_but using xf86 keys instead of global shortcuts (which does this app)22:52
Tonio_debfx: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KOSD?content=8145722:52
Tonio_my intention is first to fork this22:52
Tonio_then eventually rework the same codebase inside powerdevil22:52
Tonio_debfx: imho the osd stuff is at least as important as the action in fact22:54
Tonio_debfx: but that's just me :)22:54
debfxTonio_: sounds good, but i'm trying to make the brightness keys to work on karmic22:56
debfxI think a lot of laptop users will be unhappy if those don't work22:57
Tonio_debfx: agree22:59
Tonio_I agree22:59
Tonio_in my case I can't test since my laptop does everything hardware22:59
Tonio_and I have no time right now, unfortunatelly22:59
Tonio_the best thing to do then is to isolate settings in your .kde23:00
Tonio_and send any person here the list of settings required for that to work23:00
Tonio_in order to include them in kubuntu-default-settings package23:01
debfxTonio_: I don't think we need any default-settings changes23:22
debfxI posted a merge request https://code.launchpad.net/~debfx/kdelibs/kaction-qt-keys/+merge/13388 to fix bug #29321323:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293213 in qt4-x11 "Qt doesn't support various multimedia keys, k-d-s has a broken modmap" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29321323:23
debfxthat allows us to use the brightness keys in global shortcuts23:24
Tonio_debfx: right, could be done that way too23:25
=== kubotu_ is now known as kubotu
* JontheEchidna has figured out bug 44673923:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446739 in kdebase-runtime "duplicated language on kde systemsettings" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44673923:40
JontheEchidnakde-l10n-* install their own entry for the language, which the language KCM picks up23:40
debfxTonio_: and the powerdevil part: https://code.launchpad.net/~debfx/kdebase-workspace/powerdevil-brightness-shortcuts/+merge/1339023:41
JontheEchidnaso you have /usr/share/locale-langpack/es/entry.desktop and /usr/share/locale/es/entry.desktop23:41
JontheEchidnanow we will have to employ yet another workaround to each and every kde-l10n package for rosetta's sake \o/23:45
ScottKJontheEchidna: Can we put it pkg-kde-tools and only do it once?23:48
JontheEchidnawe'll have to take the .desktop entries out of the .install manifests of the packages23:48
JontheEchidnaI don't know if it's possible to automate that23:49
ScottKRiddell: ^^^^?23:50

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