jhutchins_ltubox: Is it just firefox that has the problem?00:12
uboxi'm not sure, let me try konqueror00:12
uboxyea konqueror works fine, it's just firefox 3.500:14
uboxmaybe it will be fixed soon00:14
thumperanyone know the name of the Device Notifier applet?00:16
jhutchins_ltProbably some package update knocked out the application preferences.00:17
kenny1hi all00:38
kenny1hi i just updated and any thing past the log in screen doesn't show00:41
kenny1#any iders00:41
kenny1hi ubuntu0100:43
kenny1is thare any one free that could give me a hand00:49
digitalheadkenny1: what did you update?00:53
kenny1kde 4.3.1 or .200:54
fstockn #xubuntu00:55
digitalheadkenny1: try rebooting into recovery mode and at the prompt, select "netroot" to get an internet connection (wired) then exit (typing "exit" and press enter). Then select "Fix broken packages"00:57
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ubuntu01does anyone know how to use eclipse?? xD00:59
kenny1digitalhead how do i select netroot its a comand line01:00
digitalheadkenny1: it didn't come up with a menu?01:03
kenny1it says not using locking for read onley lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock01:05
kenny1unable to wright /vare/cashe/apt/01:05
kenny1the package lists or status file could not be parsed01:06
kenny1or opened01:06
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digitalheadsounds like the install didn't go well. Try running apt-get update01:07
digitalheadkenny1: are you root right now?01:10
digitalheadkenny1: this might help http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3889231&postcount=201:12
kenny1it says read only file system01:14
digitalheadkenny1: then you're not in recovery mode. Do you have multiple kernels installed from updates?01:15
kenny1yep sould i try another01:16
digitalheadif your most recent was installed before this happened and the system has worked since, it should be used01:17
kenny1yep still read onley01:20
digitalheadkenny1: It's possible that your filesystem has been corrupted. Try editing or creating something in your home directory. "nano test.txt" Ctrl+O to save it, Ctrl+X to close01:30
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kenny1digitalhead yep it says read onley01:34
digitalheadkenny1: PM me01:38
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mole_my sound comes from /dev/dsp1 instead of /dev/dsp ... how can i set up firefox to use this... i see firefoxrc and FIREFOX_DSP but i is there another setting cause i don't think FIREFOX_DSP takes /dev/dsp1 as an argument?02:08
JuJuBeeAnybody able to help me with a RTL8110s Realtek network card?02:53
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Balsaqis kubu too heavy for a 2.0ghz and 512rdram?03:11
Balsaqanyone running it on similar low specs?03:13
jamesjedimasterI run kubuntu on a 1.3GHz and 512KB RAM laptop03:14
Balsaqwhats it like...03:15
Balsaqis it fast03:16
jamesjedimasterit's ok for me, also I have desktop effects, like the cube and others03:16
Balsaqi am on ubun now on a super old 400mgz machine and its ok but that lag time i drivin me nuts, so i got a used one comin  in to mess with debating between xubu and kubu03:17
Balsaqheard kubu has a nice windows like environment03:18
Balsaqonly had buntu now for about 2 weeks03:18
Balsaqwhen i type words sometimes i have too wait for the letters on screen to catch up03:20
jamesjedimasterthat could be the disk access that loads the system03:22
Balsaqhmmm as in some kind of hardware prob? or just as in 11 year old hardware03:22
Balsaqsometimes it really fast03:22
jamesjedimasterthe old hardware...03:23
jamesjedimasteryou could try xubuntu03:24
Balsaqyeah...even being a certified non tech i figured that, am hping a 1.5 runs 3-4 times faster, but really don't know if the math works that way03:24
jamesjedimasterit's not as good-looking as kubuntu, but it works on old hardware03:24
Balsaqwhich one are you refering too james?03:25
Balsaqoh i see noxubu03:25
Balsaqxubu you meant03:25
Balsaqi have been reading alot of stuff in here and on the net but really don't understand why xubu or xfce is faster03:26
jamesjedimasteryes, xubuntu03:27
Balsaqi mean i know if a lot of stuff is disabled boot up is faster, but does that still make it run faster after boot up?03:27
jamesjedimasteryes, for example, you don't need a mysql database, so you can disable it (if you installed the mysqlserver)03:29
Balsaqso if i got a list of all the stuff i don't use or need i could disable it on this computer and get the same speed03:30
webbb82what compositor do you think would run the fastest on a netbook  xrender opengl compiz03:30
jamesjedimasterbut most of the programs are daemons that doesn't load your system to make it slow03:32
webbb82so what would you sugjest i do to help speed things up a bit03:33
webbb82i turned off almost all the effects03:33
webbb82it doesnt run really slow just slow enough to get annoying03:33
jamesjedimasterit depends on the RAM of the laptop03:33
jamesjedimasteri have opengl and runs ok03:34
webbb82how can i find that out03:34
Balsaqhow bad is 3minutes 30 seconds to go from completely off, thru log in, and all they way to the internet03:38
jamesjedimasterwith that time you can go for a cup of coffee03:48
carpii_is there an app which can wrap a browser session, including cookies etc?  So I can have two icons for firefox on my desktop, and running either will result in it using a different cookie jar ?04:28
webbb82i downloaded compiz-kde how do i enablel compiz after installin compiz-kde file04:34
ekeluowebbb82, what version of kde r u running?04:37
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ekeluoGo to system settings>default application>window manager>select compiz in the dropbox. And then promptly switch back a few minutes later after you realize kwin integrates better. :-)04:48
ussher_Im on Jaunty.  thumbdrives used to pop up a window when inserted, but now dont and arnt in /etc/media/  how do i get to the contents of the thumbdrive?04:58
ussher_oops, they arnt in /media/04:59
thumperussher_: I have that problem too05:03
thumperussher_: I think it is a bug in the device notifier05:03
thumperussher_: wait, I'm on karmic05:04
thumperussher_: worked for me in jaunty05:04
ussher_I thought it was a problem with the thumbdrive, but ive tried with a couple now, and one that used to work.05:04
thumperussher_: have you upgraded to kde 4.3 on jaunty?05:05
ussher_ive tried a few fixes from bug reports but no solution yet.05:05
ussher_i could try that.  im on 4..2 right now05:06
ussher_the current page im looking at is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB  and if that doesnt work, ill try the upgrade05:06
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binskipy2uanyone see any REAL good reason to go from a working Kubuntu 9.04 w/kde 4.3.2 to 9.10 when it comes out? or anyone here make the switch even though its NOT final yet, and realize its a great idea when the final comes out?05:56
navetzis creating an orm model really as easy as it looks?05:58
navetzwhoops wrong channel05:58
shmI am not able to get login screen in my ubuntu....though I am able to do remote login06:03
shmwhat should I do?06:03
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binskipy2u anyone see any REAL good reason to go from a working Kubuntu 9.04 w/kde 4.3.2 to 9.10 when it comes out? or anyone here make the switch even though its NOT final yet, and realize its a great idea when the final comes out? anyone see any REAL good reason to go from a working Kubuntu 9.04 w/kde 4.3.2 to 9.10 when it comes out? or anyone here make the switch even though its NOT final yet, and realize its a great idea when the final com06:06
binskipy2ues out? anyone see any REAL good reason to go from a working Kubuntu 9.04 w/kde 4.3.2 to 9.10 when it comes out? or anyone here make the switch even though its NOT final yet, and realize its a great idea when the final comes out?06:06
bogdanbiv__Hello texnofobix.06:55
texnofobixi am trying out how to stop my top bar from being stuck in edit mode06:57
texnofobixi'm getting the newest updates (this is the netbook beta)06:57
bogdanbiv__You have a top panel?07:01
texnofobixApplications Newspaper and etc07:02
bogdanbiv__texnofobix: What version?07:02
bogdanbiv__.whois texnofobix07:03
texnofobixi'm connected via NX client to another kde session07:04
texnofobixkde 4.3.207:04
texnofobixi think07:04
texnofobixlet me double check07:04
texnofobixmake that 4.3.107:04
texnofobixi've got some updates that are installing now07:05
Mamaroktexnofobix: please ask in #ubuntu+1 for Karmic related issues07:11
texnofobixah ok07:12
texnofobixwill do, thanks  Mamarok07:12
Mamaroktexnofobix: you are welcome :)07:17
ussher_thumper: i did the upgrade, it didnt help.  but this fixed the issues with the USB thumbdrive http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=23740#p3447107:19
ussher_thumper: added that "new device widgit" and all is good07:19
CrazycheeseHey guys, do you know if 9.04 actually comes with DSL(pppoe) support OOTB?07:36
CrazycheeseYesterday I needed a Livecd that is capable of providing dsl networking in live environiment and I was unable to establish even LAN connection. DSL is greyed out as well.07:37
CrazycheeseIm speaking of Kubuntu 9.04.07:38
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igor__hi, I've just upgrated to 9.10 and I got the message "NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module. Please check your", package  nvidia-glx-185 is installed08:15
igor__I had to switch nvidia->nv in xorg.conf08:16
thepianoguyhi guys08:23
thepianoguyI don't see any devices in pulseaudio08:23
thepianoguyis there anything else I need to configure/install?08:23
thepianoguyalsa works fine08:23
thepianoguy* using karmic08:24
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Mamarokthepianoguy: well, pulseaudio doesn't show devices, and you don't really need it unless you want to have network sound08:42
thepianoguyhm... the new skype supports pulseaudio only08:42
thepianoguyno support on oss and alsa anymore :/08:42
Mamarokah, then you have no other choice08:45
Mamarokplease ask Karmic related questions in #ubuntu+108:45
thepianoguyok, thnx08:45
wes_who bipolar08:54
Mamarokwes_: do you have a question?08:55
wes_i didnt think anyone was awake08:55
Mamarokwes_: well, this is a support channel08:55
wes_how do i get a list of other channels?08:56
switzchI stalled windows7 after what I forgot was a hard shutdown. I just booted the kubuntu livecd to  do the usual grub fix, except this time my main partition, /dev/sda5 is showing up as a 44G "Linux swap / Solaris" with the NC (not clean?) flag and I can't even try to forcemount it as ext3 (not even sure if it's ext3...) because it says it's already mounted08:56
switzchany ideas other than panicking and starting to look for my backup dvds?08:56
Mamarokwes_: what IRC client are you using and what channel are you looking for?08:57
wes_Konversation. I just intalled yesterday, so im still looking around, so i dont have a difinitive answer for the second part08:57
Mamarokwes_: well, then I can't answer you :)08:58
Mamarokswitzch: boot the live CD in recovery mode, so it doesn't mount the partitions08:58
switzchMamarok: the thing is they're not mounted as far as I can tell08:59
switzchMamarok: /dev/sda5 isn't listed when I run 'mount'09:00
olafwwhat does cat /proc/mounts show ?09:00
switzcholafw: same as mount - I'll post it on a pastebin, sec09:00
Mamarokswitzch: if it is markead as a swap aprtition of course you can't mount it09:00
switzchMamarok: I tried to force it with -t ext309:01
MamarokI don't think that helps, you probably need to check it for errors first09:01
switzchfsck complains about the partition being already mounted09:02
* Mamarok had that once with an external ext3 HD09:02
switzchfdisk and /proc/mount at http://pastebin.com/m6f2d6b7c09:03
switzchMamarok: I think I could tell fsck to go on regardless of the mounted status, but I'm a bit wary of running fsck.ext3 seeing as how I'm not entirely positively sure that the partition was ext3 - it might have been xfs09:04
Mamarokah, that's a problem then09:05
olafwswitzch: there seems to be a hole in the partition layout?  That is sda5 doesn't fill sda409:11
switzcholafw: ah I just noticed that the fdisk -lu output is different from cfdisk's...09:13
olafwthe size of sda5 also seems more appropriate for swap09:13
switzchthanks for making me notice09:13
switzchcfdisk was showing only sda5 and gave it 44G09:13
olafwcould your missing fs be sitting in the hole ?09:14
switzchlooks like the start of the swap is overlapping with the last bit of sda409:14
olafwsda4 is an extended partition09:14
olafwin the dos-style partition layout, an extended partition contains other partitions09:15
switzchah ok09:15
olafwso having sda5 "inside" sda4 is normal09:15
olafwthis is b/c the partition table in the disk label has only room for 4 entries...09:15
olafwyou could use fdisk to create a partition that spans the "hole"09:17
olafwthis affects the partition table, but not the contents of the hole itself.09:17
switzchis there a way to back up the partition table first, just in case?09:17
olafwthen see if fsck _with_ the -n flag, finds an fs in there.09:17
olafwIIRC partition table would be the 1st block (or couple of blocks) of sda409:18
olafwfor the extended partitions09:18
olafwso you can use dd to pull it off and put it back, but have to be very careful09:18
olafwso that dd doesn't write where it should skip09:19
switzch(by the way, it looks like what happened is that the windows7 installer created a new boot partition and then, because of the limit you mentionned, had to move stuff to an extended partition)09:19
olafwIn practice, I've worked with just a printout of the partition table -- block units09:19
olafwNot sure what windows 7 did here09:19
olafwbut if that is what it did, then there may be a problem, b/c that would make the lower bound of sda4 likely the original lower bound09:20
olafwThe info on the printout is sufficient to recreate the layout with fdisk.09:21
olafwIt _may_ be possible to run an fsck.ext3  -n on the /dev/sda4 device itself.09:26
olafwAnd see what it spits out.09:26
switzcholafw: "fsck.ext3: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sda4. Could this be a zero-length partition?"09:33
switzcholafw: guess I'll have to play with dd09:33
olafwlooks like it09:33
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nstar7hey i got some problems with konqueror.. flash doesnt work although its installed12:04
nstar7videos load but dont play12:04
nstar7on amd6412:04
BobencetoI use karmic KDE 4.3.212:08
Bobencetoalso i use gdm for login manager, is there any way to put shutdown and restart in leave menu?12:08
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ubsafderhow can i change the name of my computer under kubuntu ?12:22
ubsafderso it register into the dhcp serveur differently12:23
nstar7why cant i use flash in konqueror?12:24
EagleScreennstar7: you can12:25
EagleScreenubsafder: look for the file /etc/HOSTNAME12:25
nstar7i have it installed and it doesnt work.. videos dont play12:26
nstar7they load and dont play12:26
nstar7no controls12:26
nstar7just black screen12:26
EagleScreennstar7: KDE and Kubuntu versions?12:26
nstar7kde 4.3.2 / kubuntu 9.04 / amd6412:26
EagleScreennstar7: how did you install flash?12:26
nstar7konqueror asked me to install it12:27
nstar7and i accepted12:27
nstar7shockwave flash12:27
EagleScreenwas it installed with InstallPackage from Ubuntu packages?12:28
nstar7i dont think so12:28
EagleScreennstar7: close all Konqueror instances, and install "flashplugin-installer" package12:29
ubsafderEagleScreen: great /etc/hostname did it12:30
nstar7EagleScreen: its installed already12:36
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EagleScreenis Konqueror still not playing flash?12:37
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nstar7EagleScreen: some play, some dont.. i dont understand why this doesnt play12:40
nstar7black screen no controls12:40
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EagleScreenKonqueror bug12:42
EagleScreenconsider to use another browser12:42
nstar7ok, then i tried to install firefox 3.5.. and i got a mess of packages .. it wante do to install firefox 3.0 too as dependency?! why? and instead of firefox 3.5 i got shiretoko? why is it called like that?12:42
nstar7and it doestn appear anywhere in the kde menu12:43
EagleScreenArora 0.10.1 is working very well in Kuubntu 9.10 beta12:43
Boushiretoko (firefox) is working well either12:43
nstar7im doing a upgrade to 9.10 now12:43
nstar7Arora has better kde integration?12:44
nstar7i dislike gtk shit12:44
nstar7ok then im doing a upgrade to 9.10 from the alternate cd12:44
EagleScreenArora is built on Qt, the KDE graphics drawing libraries12:44
ubsafderthx bye12:44
EagleScreenbut Arora also is well integrated with any other Desktop: Gnome, Win32, etc..12:45
EagleScreenKubuntu 9.10 has a special installer for Firefox, not sure about how good it is12:45
nstar7EagleScreen:  what do you use?12:46
nstar7what kde12:46
nstar7and kubuntu12:46
EagleScreenin Kubuntu 9.10 i am using Arora 0.10.112:46
nstar7is kubuntu 9.10 slightly faster in desktop and application overall responsiveness?12:48
nstar7cause i'vr read that in 2.6.31 they changed some memory management heuristics and desktop interactivity is better12:49
nstar7under high memory pressure12:49
EagleScreenFirefox installer in 9.10 seems to be ok12:52
naught101hi, my pagedown key has stopped working, xev reports it as keycode 117 (keysym 0xff20, Multi_key)12:58
naught101any idea why it might have stopped?12:59
naught101I mean, where it might be set wrong?12:59
EagleScreencheck: KDE keyboard config, X server keyboard config, and console-setup keyboard config13:00
EagleScreenand also check locale config13:01
naught101EagleScreen: yeah, reloading with "setxkbmap us" makes it work again, but temporarily, so it is the keyboard config, I'll just have another look13:02
_lmilano_Any Kubuntu developer around?13:03
_lmilano_(I don;t need help, but I have an idea for a blueprint, I wanted to check if it makes sense)13:04
naught101EagleScreen: hrmm... I need keyboard layouts on, because I use the compose key, but that seems to always screw up the pgdn key. any ideas?13:07
dambonjour tout le monde, j'ai une imprimante Lexmark de type x2670 (serie x2600). j'ai installer les drivers nécéssaires mais mon ordinateur ne semble toujours pas détecter l'imprimante. Quelqu'un pourrais m'aider ?13:22
ProgzyI am looking for a svn GUI client. I have tested many but I can not find the feature I need. I'd like the possibility to make "patch" like it is possible in tortoise SVN cient (but for windows)13:38
dami have a Lexmark printer, an x2670 (x2600 series) . I downloaded the drivers from thier web site but my pc still wont detect it. Can anyone help ?13:38
ProgzyBy "patch", I mean : show log then select 2 different revision then "compare revision". This give a list of all files modified, added, deleted. Then one can select files and export them to a specific directory to do a patch.13:40
ProgzyAnyone could help on this please ?13:41
Zubatacaiuto doppio monitor in karmic13:47
eugenpcbuna ziua13:49
Zubatachelp me double monitor13:50
BluesKajHiyas all13:59
KristinnEh, I just installed kubuntu from ubuntu, and it needs a password to log in, my Ubuntu account doesn't work :S14:11
SadlyEscriba el texto aquí....14:15
SadlyBuenos días!!!14:15
SadlyEsto es un canal en español cierto?14:16
Pici!es | Sadly14:16
ubottuSadly: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.14:16
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skhaenbonjour tout le monde14:35
skhaenje viens de passer sour kde apres un gros moment sous gnome14:35
skhaenmais j'ai quelque problèmes ..14:35
skhaencomme l'impossibilité d'ouvrir "fenetre de connexions" dans "configuration"14:35
skhaensi quelqu'un sait pourquoi ..14:35
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genii!fr | skhaen14:50
ubottuskhaen: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr14:50
skhaenoh sorry14:52
skhaendefault in konversation ^^'14:52
ct529I am trying to install knode using apt-get .... I would like to install without checking the dependencies ..... for some strange reasons apt-get -f install knode does not work14:58
prashanti need to repair mp4 file..they say me ..d best software  is "Treasured" for MAC....is there any1 for ubuntu 9.04 as well..plz help15:10
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:21
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factor_esa gente que dise el trabajo e15:37
lovrewhat is the simplest virtualization software other than virtualbox, i am having trouble installing it15:40
geniilovre: vmware15:42
lovregenii: can i install it from the repos? Does it require any complicated setupi?15:43
genii!info vmware-package15:49
ubottuvmware-package (source: vmware-package): utility for building VMware Debian packages. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 0.22 (jaunty), package size 28 kB, installed size 464 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)15:49
geniilovre: Might want to enquire about installing, etc in their channel #vmware15:50
lovregenii: ok, thank you15:52
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lovrehi all. please help. I cant install linux-headers-xxx, look at this: http://pastebin.com/m48e2121b16:17
geniilovre: enable repository of intrepid-updates16:29
lovregenii: what is the exact repository name?16:30
geniilovre: It depends on your area. In mine, Canada, it would be like: deb http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-updates main restricted universe multiverse16:31
geniiSubstitute //ca. part accordingly16:31
geniiAlso suggest to add same line but with deb-src at beginning16:32
lovregenii: ok, trying, brb16:35
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subitohi, what is a good screencaster on kde?16:54
sourcemakerare there beta users of karmic?16:56
Picisourcemaker : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Karmic/9.10 support/discussion.16:57
sourcemakerPici: ok16:57
subitoi got this when i try to 'make' recordmydesktop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/293227/17:02
geniisubito: Why try to make it when you could just: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install krecordmydesktop17:02
genii(might be just recordmydesktop and not krecordmydesktop, but you get the idea)17:03
subitogenii: because i did not find the package krecordmydesktop and the package recordmydesktop is only for the command-line interface17:04
genii!info gtk-recordmydesktop17:05
ubottugtk-recordmydesktop (source: gtk-recordmydesktop): Graphical frontend for recordmydesktop. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 79 kB, installed size 564 kB17:05
ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.17:05
subitogenii: i'm on kde so i'd rather use qt-recordmydesktop that gtk-recordmydesktop17:08
subitogenii: i jut have an error when i try to install qt-recordmydesktop17:08
genii!info qt-recordmydesktop17:08
ubottuPackage qt-recordmydesktop does not exist in jaunty17:08
geniiThat might be since it doesn't exist17:08
subitoi mean i have an error when i try to compile it myself17:08
subitothe error that i pasted above: http://paste.ubuntu.com/293227/17:09
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subitonobody has an idea about that error?17:11
subitoi got this when i try to 'make' qt-recordmydesktop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/293227/; does someone have an idea about this?17:13
geniisubito: Seems to indicate that Argentina is not a valid locale to build for17:13
subitogenii: ?17:13
geniisubito: ar.gmo17:13
subitogenii: ok, but i'm not from argentina :/17:14
subitogenii: do you know how can i fix that?17:14
geniisubito: try using make with -k17:16
subitogenii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/293239/17:17
droxeminj EFNet17:20
droxeminjoin EFNet17:20
geniisubito: Do you have the Qt dev packages installed?17:20
geniidroxemin: /server newservername    or /join #channelname17:21
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subitogenii: i code some projects with qt so no problem from there i thing17:22
subitogenii: i compiled with '-i' it seems to work17:24
subitoCould not open/configure sound card :(17:25
geniisubito: Their page http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net/about.php indicates that pyQt4 (qt-recordMyDesktop) is needed. Perhaps to install the pyQt4 dev package17:25
subitogenii: i've installed it already17:25
geniisubito: I'd suggest then to go moan at whoever is responsible for qt-recordmydesktop17:26
subitogenii: it worked with the option '-i' but now there is a sound problem17:27
subitowow but even without sound the .ogv output is horrible17:27
geniisubito: -i just ignores errors, doesn't repair them or prevent the errors from corrupting whatever gets made17:28
subitoyes but since they're translation errors it's not really a problem17:28
geniisubito: I'd still recommend to you to contact whoever writes and maintains this app, since it's not an officially supported package and there's only so much assistance that can be given here on the subject.17:30
subitogenii: ok17:31
subitoi will, thanks17:31
=== christoph_ is now known as natschil
subitoanyway the ogv output of recordmydesktop (the official package) is horrible so i think i'll try another one17:33
=== christoph_ is now known as natschil
geniisubito: Another suggestion offhand is maybe look at the configure options to see if it has some switch/option to use .po files instead of .gmo17:34
geniisubito: If the configure file is well written, something like: ./configure --help           or --list  usually gives all the things which it can use17:36
subitogenii: ./configure --help | grep .po gives nothing (but there is a (long) help)17:37
rickeyi have a proublem ,i am setting up a computer for browesing the internetbut i dont have another dsl modem for her to use , nor a full depelex modem for dail up . but i do have a few win modems . i have heard the now you can fyind pyrograms yin ylyinux yto make win modems work dose anyyone here know anything about that?17:38
compilerwriterrickey does the box you want to use as web terminal have a nic card?17:39
rickeywow i didnt understand17:39
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php17:40
rickeythe computer i am useing now will be the computer ill be satting up for her i am useing dsl rigth now17:40
geniirickey: winmodems are hit-and-miss as far as trying to get them working under Linux17:41
compilerwriterrickey if the computers will be in the same place what genii and I are trying to steer you toward is some sort of networked internet sharing as winmodems are flaky at best.17:42
rickeyit is all i have to try and gyeyty her online on her yown17:42
compilerwriterYour box and the one that you are setting up will be at two different locations then?17:43
rickeytyhe two computyyeyrs wyilyl bye yin diffyeyryenyt ypayrts yof tyhe house17:43
geniicompilerwriter: As I gather they are setting the system up at their place with a DSL, then trying to figure out what to put in there so when she takes it home she can still use internet from there17:43
genii(although the question at first was not entirely clear)17:44
compilerwriterThere are ways to do wireless networks in the same building rickey.17:44
geniirickey: Is the computer a Dell , by any chance?17:44
compilerwritergenii you might be right I am still not certain from what he has told us.17:45
rickeythe two computers will be in different parts of the house17:45
rickey no it isnt a dell17:45
compilerwriterbugger had it been a Dell we might have had a fighting chance.17:46
rickeyi have no extra money for wileryless17:46
geniirickey: If the two systems are going to be adjacent to each other, best solution is still the connection-sharing17:46
rickeyand my dsl moden only syeyrvyes yone cyonnecytyion17:47
rickeythis keyboad sucks17:48
compilerwriterthe one connection thing can be fixed with a switch or a router or a second nic card on one machine.17:48
compilerwriterhiya BluesKaj17:49
geniirickey: You can get a router for about $20, have it do the DSL login, plug both boxes to the router17:50
BluesKajhi compilerwriter17:50
* compilerwriter pours BluesKaj a snifter of brandy17:50
rickeybut i dont have two modems17:50
BluesKajwow, compilerwriter thx :)17:50
rickeyi know very little abot dsl ,except i use it17:51
compilerwriterrickey you would only need the one modem.  The router would share the connection from the one modem for you.  You would still have to run cable though to the other location.17:51
geniirickey: You don't need two modems in that case. It goes: phone line->DSL modem->router-> whatever number of computers the router has plugs for17:51
compilerwriterthanks for drawing the picture for me genii17:52
rickeynow where to find a cabel long enoth17:52
rickeyhow dose wireless work17:53
rickeywhat do yyou need to put in yyour machine for wireless17:54
BluesKajrickey, cat 5 cable can be expensive ..there's a wireless alternative if your router has that option..some wifi adapters are the same price as 50ft of cat5/6 cable17:54
compilerwriterA wirless router would send the signal from the router to a wireless receiver in the other machine.17:54
compilerwritervia radio frequency of course.17:54
rickeywhat is the recive called and how much are they17:55
compilerwriterphone line --> DSL --> wireless router --> airwaves --> other computers.17:56
compilerwriterThere are several ways to receive rickey.17:56
BluesKajI bought a belkin USB wifi adapter for 50bucks , it works well17:56
rickeythe wireless recivers in the computers are called??17:56
compilerwriterThere are cards that you would install in the machine.  There are USB adapters.  Many laptops have wifi built in.17:57
BluesKajactually wireless is an exchange of data back and forth between the router and your wifi adapter connected to the pc17:57
rickeydo they havye a namye17:57
compilerwriterRickey where are you in the world?17:58
BluesKajUSB wifi adapter is one name17:58
rickeyyoyk ythank17:58
rickeyi am in arkansas17:58
compilerwriterRickey do you have a Fry's Electronics, or a Best Buy, or a WalMart nearby.17:58
rickey yi ylive yin ythe countryy syide17:59
compilerwriterHell if your from Arkansas you have to have a  Walmart then.17:59
compilerwriterThe people in the store would be able to point you in the correct direction.17:59
rickeydid yyou sayy  the recivers was about  $50.0018:00
compilerwriterI'm guessing you won't need to do anything fancy like Wireless N unless there is a large distance to be covered.18:00
compilerwriterRickey just out of curiosity what sort of DSL modem do you have?\18:00
rickeyi have a 1mg connection18:02
compilerwriterThe name of the modem is zhone?18:02
compilerwriterWhat is the model number?18:02
geniiLooks like a Siemens/SpeedStream number18:07
rickeyill gyivye yyyou ythe whole nu.18:07
geniiOr maybe Paradyne18:08
compilerwriterDoesn't look like your modem is already wireless capable.  You will need to purchase a router and a receiving unit.  If I am not mistaken you can go to Walmart and get a package kit that has both in one box.18:08
compilerwriterlooks like Paradyne to me genii18:08
compilerwriterRickey genii started with you.  I have to move on to something else.  Genii will help you get finished.  I only butted in because I didn't realize you already had help anyway.  Cheers.18:09
rickeyZhone 6381-A3-200 ADSL2 /R BRIGE ROUYTER18:11
geniirickey: http://www.dsldepot.com/dslmodem.asp?modem=152 indicates your DSL modem is also a router. So all you really need is the cat5 cable to run from there to the other computer, and use the router part of the modem to do the login to your ISP, instead of logging in with the computer18:11
geniiHangon, that was for a Paradyne and not Zphone18:12
geniirickey: Hm. How many plugs on the thing?18:13
genii(network plugs)18:14
rickeysorry about the caps18:16
rickeyi have the drive disk18:17
geniirickey: The driver won't be much help under Linux18:18
rickeyuser guid usb drivers 6381-a1-gb83-2018:19
geniirickey: If just one network plug, then the router is still your best bet, or if the DSL modem is supplied by your internet provider, have them swap it for one with wifi and then get an inexpensive adapter for the other box18:20
rickeyok ty18:20
rickeythanks for tyhe help18:21
geniirickey: You're welcome18:21
razerwhat's add/remove called? I'm trying to install in kubuntu18:27
geniirazer: KPackageKit18:29
razergenii: the gnome one18:29
geniirazer: Synaptic, usually18:29
razergenii: the simple add/remove applications18:30
geniirazer: The Gnome package manager is Synaptic. The KDE package manager is KPackageKit (used to be Adept)18:31
razergenii: I want Add/Remove like in this picture http://fosswire.com/post/2007/4/introducing-ubuntus-addremove-packages/18:32
ubottusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto18:32
geniiSee above18:32
razerI already have synaptic installed18:32
razerI want Add/Remove18:33
geniirazer: Add/Remove IS SYNAPTIC in Gnome!18:33
geniirazer: Add/Remove IS KPACKAGEKIT in KDE!18:34
Fersurerazer: I believe it's: gnome-app-install18:35
razerFersure: thanks, I'll see if it is18:36
razerI'm having a problem with Nvidia-glx-185, I can't install without  it breaking my Xorg.conf18:38
peabodyI've got audio in Dragon Player, but I can't get audio in VLC or Flash18:41
=== jipang_menjerit_ is now known as jipang_menjerit
razeruh go to Kmix, then in settings unclick remember volume, then reboot18:44
razerIt fixed it for me18:44
razersettings, configure Kmix, remember volumes on login18:44
peabodycan it be so simple18:46
peabodywe shall see18:46
razernow is there anyway, to separate desktops without installing video drivers, i can't do it with krandr18:48
=== gary1122 is now known as N0LLY
jtheuerDoes anyone know a good file sync application (that also works under win/mac)?18:53
ldeveauxI have a question about network configuration of Kubuntu. I want to use a SOCKS5 proxy for all my connections. How can I configure it in Kubuntu settings? Thanks in advance18:55
ldeveauxI have found a menu in system settings to configure http, https, ftp but no SOCKS518:56
subitohi, my kde just crashed and i had to 'ctrl+alt+backspace' to restart it. could someone help me find out where does this bug come from? i'm using kde 4.3.218:57
=== gordon is now known as Guest45259
=== jonathan_ is now known as Neremor
ldeveauxnobody can help me?19:05
webbb82i am trying to install plasmas i got from kde-look but i dont know how to install them or make if i try install plasma from file it doesnt show up19:06
razerwebbb82: you can't find it under right lcik add plasmoid?19:07
lovrecan i use synaptics with kubuntu and everything will work fine?19:25
tomtom456Does anyone know how to extract a email address from a php form?19:31
=== andrea is now known as Guest38353
subitois there a solfege program for kde?19:36
ZeikfriedIs there a way i can save my current installation to a DvD for reinstallation at a later time?19:45
leaf-sheep!remaster | Zeikfried19:46
ubottuZeikfried: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility19:46
=== jmartina is now known as kidem
BiggBosshi, a question. If i have more than 1 hdd in my machine, how can i switch betwen them with the command line?¿19:55
* genii ponders "switch between them"19:55
blueyedBiggBoss: they get mounted somewhere.. all are below /19:55
tsimpsonusually in /media if you didn't specify where to mount them at install time19:56
=== kb is now known as Guest53991
noemihi there20:15
noemianyone know how i can ride of flickering in kde4?20:16
=== wsulug is now known as guppy_
noemiit is very annoying...20:19
eugenpcqe pasa?20:21
genii!ro | eugenpc20:22
ubottueugenpc: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro20:22
orion76kubuntu 9.04 and 9.10 update-notifier-kde -d20:22
noemican anybody help me?20:22
eugenpcda ro20:22
orion76Traceback (most recent call last):20:22
orion76  File "/usr/bin/update-notifier-kde", line 29, in <module>20:22
orion76    from PyKDE4.kdecore import *20:22
orion76ImportError: No module named kdecore20:22
FloodBotK1orion76: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:23
geniieugenpc: /join #ubuntu-ro20:23
geniiorion76: As the bot suggests, use the pastebin website for multiple lines of things you want to show us20:23
geniiorion76: apt-cache search kdecore     returns only: python-kde4 - Python bindings for the KDE 4 libraries20:25
orion76genii: python-kde4 - Python bindings for the KDE 4 libraries20:25
geniiorion76: Looks like a typo where module name should likely be kde-core20:27
genii!info kde-core20:27
ubottukde-core (source: meta-kde): the K Desktop Environment core modules. In component main, is optional. Version 5:48ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 7 kB, installed size 40 kB20:27
gregwebDoes someone know how to (re)add plasma-widget-networkmanagement again to system tray? It disappeared in one account after having switched users (graphically).20:29
jamesjedimastergregweb: unlock widgets, right-click on menu bar, panel options, add widgets, and search for the one you want20:31
geniigregweb: Should be able to right-click on bottom right of bar and go Add Widget pick Network Management20:31
gregwebjamesjedimaster, genii: thanks for the answer, but I already tried this, network manager does not show up in "Add Widgets" dialog box although aptitude says it is installed20:34
=== root is now known as Guest91423
genii!info plasma-widget-networkmanagement20:35
ubottuPackage plasma-widget-networkmanagement does not exist in jaunty20:35
genii!info plasma-widget-networkmanager20:36
ubottuPackage plasma-widget-networkmanager does not exist in jaunty20:36
gregwebI'm on Karmic 9.10 beta20:36
geniiInteresting, both appear in my apt-cache search results20:36
geniigregweb: #ubuntu+1 then please20:36
gregwebgenii: ok I'll try there, thanks20:38
yourixwhy my firefox cannot open all video?20:42
jtheuerall? ;-)20:45
yourixone opened one not opened20:47
westyi keep getting an error in vlc says this It seems your FFMPEG (libavcodec) installation lacks the following encoder:MPEG AAC Audio anyone know a fix for that?20:48
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:48
=== hemathor_ is now known as hemathor
SimFireHello Guys, do anyone of you have a problem with xorg taking 100% cpu and VT switching beeing disabled after upgrade to Karmic?21:41
mfraz74haven't had that with my only karmic install, but that wasn't done as an upgrade21:42
SimFirehmm, ok tried google but found no good solution, only that some arch and debian people also seem to have the same problem with 4.3.221:44
geniiSimFire: Perhaps ask in #ubuntu+121:45
amgarchIn9anybody is runnung ubuntu-one from kde? I dont seem to get an offer to "add this computer" on applet start. Any idea21:45
mfraz74haven't tried to use it with kde21:46
amgarchIn9I get this when starting applet from cmdline: AttributeError: HTTPSConnection instance has no attribute '_tunnel_host'21:48
sumanhi all.. how can i disable some services which starts on startup??21:53
sumani am on 8.1021:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about up21:56
ubottuTo make programs start up automatically when you log into your KDE session, run all programs that you want to be started and close all other programs, then select 'Save Session' in the K menu. Alternatively, create a !symlink to the wanted program in ~/.kde/Autostart - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot21:56
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto21:57
geniiYes, was looking for that or something about Services...21:58
lucas_i have a huge problem! http://paste.ubuntu.com/293460/21:58
lucas_dont know whats wrong21:58
ldeveauxhello! I'm using Kubuntu Karmic Beta. How can I force all connections to pass through a SOCKS 5 proxy? thanks in advance22:06
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=== ivan__ is now known as lovaspillando
=== Guest25376 is now known as ryanakca
android87I need some help regarding Ubuntu. Anybody??22:27
LexRI like the eye candy of kde4 :)22:27
LexRwhat you need22:28
android87Many questions here...22:28
android87Question 1: I'm on Jackalope22:29
android87New to it, new to Linux22:29
LexRme 222:29
LexRask your question22:29
android87okay.. well. whr can I find themes for it??22:29
android87and how do I install it??22:30
LexRfor kde?22:30
LexRyou will do better to go in #ubuntu room. kubuntu uses default kde theme22:30
LexRkde desktop environment22:30
android87I'm not on Kubuntu22:30
LexRbut you can look for themes on gnome-look.org22:30
android87I'm on Ubuntu22:31
LexRmetacity and gtk are for how windows looks, icon themes are for all icons22:31
android87Well, I got that but how do I install them22:31
android87They share those tar.gz files which I uncompressed22:31
android87what next22:31
android87do I have to copy it somewhere/?22:31
LexRdownload a theme you like, it should be in theme.tar.gz file, and right click on desktop, go preferences (the last on menu)22:32
LexRand click on most left tab. and simply drag and drop theme.tar.gz to it22:32
LexRit will ask you if you want to install it.22:32
LexRdo not uncompress it22:32
LexRtry it22:33
android87well. thats what I did wrong22:33
LexRubuntu is easy :) see?22:33
lovaspillandoI need some little help but about chat22:33
android87I'll do it rite now !! Thanks man... will be back shortly..22:33
LexRask lovaspillando22:34
lovaspillandoI can't configure my konversation (over Edubuntu), i mean, I just can connect to this server and see ubuntu channels, which is interesting but I am looking for some more things22:34
lovaspillandobtw, konversation installed over Gnome ;-)22:35
LexRyou need to connect to another irc server. you are probably on irc.ubuntu.com22:35
LexRfind in menu network list and select irc.freenode.net22:35
lovaspillandolex, yes I am, but every other servr I configured, doesnt dont work for me22:36
LexRor create a server yourself if it is not there22:36
LexRlovaspillando, may I recomment xchat? it has all servers configured, and looks pretty much the same as konversation.22:36
LexRjust easies to use22:36
android87it worked man thanks !!! appreciated22:37
LexRtry sudo apt-get install xchat22:37
LexRno problem android8722:37
lovaspillandommmm, thanks, I will try tomorrow then... I supose xchat is in repository22:37
LexRyes it is lovaspillando22:37
lovaspillandothanks so much22:37
LexRI am using it, it is great. (I am on kubuntu)22:37
android87LexR .. can you tellme which is the best language to write applications for linux??22:37
LexRnp :)22:37
LexRwell, I do not write programs, but you can use perl, python or c++22:38
LexRpython is widely used in linux. and c++, then perl22:38
android87I'm currently use php for web development and have started writing programs in Java on linux22:39
lovaspillandosome other question, this time about edubuntu, I am studying Social Education, so I am interested in everything about education... I tried Edubuntu but I am looking for something more focused in test aplications, control of classroom, and so on...22:39
lovaspillandoany idea?22:39
android87Oh.. Python and perl wowo22:39
LexRjava is great :) I had one course IBM rational 7 (eclipse platform)22:39
LexReclipse is awesome!22:39
lovaspillandoandroid, most used is c++, but you need some extra libraries for using desktop22:40
android87Well I work on NetBean IDE22:40
lovaspillandoLexr, I use netbeans IDE, eclipse is so complicated for me ;-)22:40
android87Well, I've started learning python and will start will perl very soon22:40
=== mic is now known as qwert
android87Me too22:41
LexRnetbeans is also cool. Eclipse is not so complicated, if you poke around it a few hours to make yourself comfortable with its interface22:41
lovaspillandohehehe, thats the point ;-)22:41
LexRlovaspillando, what do you mean when you say test applications and control of classrooms?22:42
lovaspillandoit is not complicated at all, but for me, as long I am pretty used to Netbeans already ;-)22:42
android87Not much different but I like netbean IDE as i've got used to it now22:42
LexRit is like wheter you preffer chocolate or vanilla ice cream:)22:42
lovaspillandowith test aplications I mean aplications which help me doing evaluation tests and controlling answers, like having a databes with questions and answers and make a interactive tests22:43
android87You know what, I was searching for someone to answer the same question,so I logged into my yahoo messenger22:43
LexRgnu/linux is all about choices. if you dislike vanilla, you can always try chocolate, or if you want exotic, there is always cherry flavor xD22:43
android87and then it started pouring all those pop ups for Sex Chat and all crap..22:43
android87So I came here22:43
LexRlovaspillando, sorry, I havent found that kind of application for linux :)22:44
lovaspillandowhen I say classrooms I mean applications like database interface for controlling califications, results and so on22:44
LexRi get it :)22:44
LexRtry googling about it, or ask a question on some forum lovaspillando22:44
lovaspillandoyes, I thought it is not easy to find, as long is so specific software and as always that software use to be comercial and for windows :-/22:44
bpascal91bonsoir tout le monde22:45
lovaspillandoI will, thanks so much!22:45
android87Bye Bye22:45
LexRyeah, we used to use an app like that on my faculty, I think it is called "the learning software"22:45
LexRbye bye android8722:45
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr22:45
lovaspillandobye bye android22:45
lovaspillandoI actually just heard about it, but never had oportunity of try a software like this22:46
android87hey LexR, is there anyway I can reach you guys just in case i've got any further problem??22:46
LexRyou can always find us here android87  :)22:46
android87I mean I can google it but is rather easier and best to ask the same question live22:46
android87same time??22:46
LexRlittle earlier, I am going to sleep in 10-15minutes, but this channel is open 24/722:47
lovaspillandothats internet! every time, is there someone online ;-)22:47
LexRyeah! :)22:47
nestorHoola alguien que hable español?22:47
lovaspillandohola nestor22:47
LexR!es nestor22:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about es nestor22:47
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:48
android87Thanks man...bye bye22:48
LexRbye bye22:48
lovaspillandolexr, what means when you type ! es or ! fr?22:48
lovaspillandoa kind os translation script?22:48
LexRit puts out a message on that language to help people who do not speak english22:48
nestorperdon la ignorancia pero como entro a esos canales ya le di vuelta a esto y o le hayo22:49
LexRno, it is a message configured on this channel.22:49
LexRso if I type !sr22:49
ubottuMolimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.22:49
LexRit speaks serbian :)22:49
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.22:49
lovaspillandoI see22:49
LexRand this channel is english speaking only :)22:49
lovaspillandotoo much time out of chat I guess ;-)22:50
LexRme? no...22:50
lovaspillandono, it about me ;-)22:50
LexRfrom time to time to find help, or to help someone in spare time ;)22:50
LexRanyway, I gotta go to bed, I get up early tomorrow. good night...22:51
lovaspillandoI do not chat for three years when I decided to use linux and not windows anymore22:51
lovaspillandosame to you22:51
lovaspillandogood night from Spain22:51
LexRgood night from Serbia :)22:51
bottigercan someone please post thier /etc/pam.d/(common-account|common-auth|login|gdm) files?22:52
nestorhelp me!22:55
nestori need someone that speak spanish22:56
nestormy english its more bad22:56
leaf-sheepnestor: I read you fine.22:56
nestorok but a write more slowly22:57
nestorok but i will learn more of english no?22:57
dschulznestor: puedo ayudarte22:57
nestorgracias por responder dschulz22:58
=== root is now known as Guest87402
nestornecesito hacer una video llamada pero solo me salen invitacio0nes por webcam en amsn22:58
nestory pidgin me deja menos agradecido pero me gusta esto de ubuntu22:59
dschulzmmm... la última vez que intenté eso con amsn terminé frustrado22:59
nestorjaja somos dos22:59
* leaf-sheep mumbles to himself "I only understood pidgin and ubuntu" ;322:59
nestory cual seria la solucion22:59
dschulzla cámara en si funciona?23:00
nestorsi la reconoce23:00
nestorpero digamos que solo para hacer llamadas de audio23:00
dschulzpuedes intentar con skype23:00
nestorse puede?23:00
dschulzpero claro, no es lo mismo23:00
dwidmann!es > nestor23:00
ubottunestor, please see my private message23:00
nestorPero quiero compartir con mis contactos de hotmail acabo de migrar23:01
nestory ubottu no se donde ver tu privado (Almenos que la diferencia de color de fondo sea el priv)23:01
dschulzubottu es un bot, tambien te escribi en privado. Fijate en la columna de la izquierda23:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:02
jamesjedimaster!es | nestor23:05
ubottunestor: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:05
guy-kubuProblem with Kubuntu 9.04 on a Asus M50S series laptop23:09
omary aurais pas kelk un23:15
omarki sait ou on est le projet koala23:15
omarkde sous java23:15
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melomaneis there any countdown for kubuntu?23:27
Fanfaremelomane: 14 days till 9.10 or what do u mean?23:28
melomaneFanfare: i mean sth we can add to our websites, like what ubuntu has. the one in kubuntu site is an image and we have to change it ourselves23:29
melomaneFanfare: a countdown script or sth like that23:29
Fanfaremelomane: go to ubuntu.com klick on the countdown   there is none for kubuntu, as ubuntu and kubuntu usually are in sync23:30
uboxhow could one easily share a network connection from wifi > lan23:31
melomaneFanfare: yea u r right, but i thought maybe there is sth for kubuntu, sth in blue, instead of brown!23:31
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melomaneubox: i use gnome network manager. it s really simple but complete and useful23:31
Fanfaremelomane: well, i use the 2nd spotlight, which is something like bw23:32
uboxit allows sharing? and works in kde?23:32
melomaneubox: kde network manager (at least the one in kbuntu) sucks23:32
melomaneubox: yea it works in kde, i have it now, i use it as my connection manager, for anything, wifi, lan, vpn, dsl23:32
melomaneFanfare: yea thats a good idea23:32
uboxhmm, i might try it out23:33
melomaneubox: yeah , the ubuntu network manager rocks23:33
uboxok, thanks23:33
melomaneubox: welcome :)23:33

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