thumpermwhudson: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~thumper/launchpad/script-error-reporting-utility/+merge/13329 perchance?03:07
mwhudsonthumper: why not run all diff tests in the zopeless layer>03:09
mwhudsoni guess some of the code runs in the webapp03:09
thumperI could do  I gess03:09
* thumper smacks forehead03:10
mwhudsonthumper: did you know https://code.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+activereviews is oopsing? 03:10
mwhudsonTypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to NoneType<br /> 03:10
mwhudsonsomething to do with the sorting, i think03:10
thumperya think?03:10
thumperand no losa :(03:11
thumperwas hoping for a db query03:11
mwhudsonthumper: pjdc can do them03:12
thumperwho is pjdc?03:12
thumpermwhudson: do you think it better to run all the tests in the zopeless layer?03:16
thumperall the diff ones anyway03:16
mwhudsonthumper: wellington based sysadmin03:17
thumperah, I forgot about him03:17
* mwhudson looks at the diff testsx03:17
mwhudsonthumper: i guess it makes sense to divide up the tests depending on whether they'll be running in a script or the webapp03:29
mwhudsonthumper: (and in the medium term, let's kill more and more of the zopeless/webapp description)03:30
mwhudsonnot description03:31
* mwhudson says stuff on the mp03:33
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noodles775Hi allenap, got time for this one: https://code.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/launchpad/450124-findBuildCandidate_improvements/+merge/1333411:25
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allenapnoodles775: Yeah, sure.11:25
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noodles775Thanks allenap 12:22
allenapnoodles775: You're welcome.12:23
allenapnoodles775: Do you know where we use YUI 2.7?12:25
noodles775allenap: yep - the date/time picker :/12:25
noodles775allenap: see the inclusion in templates/sprint-new.pt for example.12:26
allenapnoodles775: Thanks. By the way, it's in reference to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/canonical-fonts-bug-435356/+merge/13318 where sinzui has updated the font-family definitions in the YUI 2.7 code. I wondered if it was necessary.12:27
noodles775allenap: right. fwiw, afaik we're only using yui2.7 for the calendar, so updating those two css files would be necessary, not sure about the others.12:29
allenapnoodles775: I'll add that to the review. Thanks.12:30
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achunihi, I'm looking for a reviewer for https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-isd-hackers/canonical-identity-provider/wip/+merge/1330913:58
achuniit's a huge monster of a diff13:58
achunibac started on it yesterday but didn't get round to finish it13:59
achuniI was wondering if some kind soul could look at it, or if we'll need to set out and split it up14:00
allenapachuni: I'll take a look.14:10
allenapachuni: Ah, I don't have permission to see that.14:10
achuniallenap: I'll subscribe you in a sec14:10
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achuniallenap: subscribed14:12
allenapachuni: Thanks.14:12
allenapachuni: I think it would be better if you could break it up into three changes, two at least. There's a lot of new stuff there, and it's not to a codebase that I'm intimately familiar with. On another day I might feel brave and do it, but my history on mammoth reviews is that the time spent shoots up as the diff gets bigger, and the quality goes down.14:19
allenapachuni: Do you think you'll be able to break it up?14:19
achuniallenap: I'll do my best14:20
allenapachuni: Cool, and sorry for now :-/14:22
achuniallenap: np, it's all for the best14:23
sinzuiallenap: Thanks for the review. noodles775: I updated all the YUI css because mt reopened the bug for U1 because the JS widgets were not in the official style. I think it is safer to convert them all in the off chance we use another 2.0 widget.14:35
allenapsinzui: You're welcome, and that sounds reasonable.14:36
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noodles775allenap: I don't seem to be getting an email notification - so maybe you didn't either, but jfyi, I've added an incremental after your review to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/launchpad/450124-findBuildCandidate_improvements/+merge/1333416:06
allenapnoodles775: I'll have a look. I haven't received an email either.16:07
allenapnoodles775: Still r=me :)16:09
noodles775allenap: thanks.16:09
allenapnoodles775: Thanks for replying; not everyone does if I have some comments but +1 anyway.16:09
noodles775allenap: np - I always like to know how people finish up branches too - after having poured over the code :)16:10
adeuringallenap: could you please review this mp: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~adeuring/launchpad/hwdb-class-udev-device-5/+merge/13350 ?16:18
allenapadeuring: Sure.16:19
adeuringallenap: thanks!16:19
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al-maisanjml: it would be nice if we could make some headway wrt bug #34776816:56
mupBug #347768: Allow anyone with upload rights to write to a package branch <package-branches> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:In Progress by jml> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/347768>16:56
jmlal-maisan, yes, I very strongly agree.16:58
al-maisanwould you have time for a call?16:58
jmlal-maisan, yes I would. Can you give me 5-10 minutes to gather my thoughts?16:59
al-maisanjml: most certainly!17:00
allenapadeuring: The diff is rather long; I assume it's meant to be against devel rather than db-devel?17:02
adeuringallenap: argh, of course... Let me paste te real diff17:02
allenapadeuring: It's okay, I have it.17:02
adeuringallenap: ok, thanks17:02
jmlal-maisan, ok, let's do it.17:08
al-maisanjml: yup17:08
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jmlal-maisan, nothing is happening.17:10
al-maisanjml: I tried calling but got a "call refused"17:10
allenapadeuring: All looks good.17:16
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adeuringallenap: thanks!17:16
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jmlal-maisan, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/293241/17:23
adeuringallenap: could you add your review to my MP?17:33
allenapadeuring: I sent an email review...17:33
adeuringallenap: Ah, OK. Seems that processing needs some time...17:34
allenapadeuring: Mmm, I sent it nearly 20 minutes ago.17:34
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leonardredwin, i'd like your views on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~leonardr/lazr.restful/optional-compression/+merge/1335817:46
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rockstarEdwinGrubbs, may I stick a branch in your queue.  It's seriously a one line change.18:35
EdwinGrubbsrockstar: sure18:56
achuniallenap: I've split the merge out in to three MP:18:58
achuniI'm afraid the second one is still quite large18:58
leonardrEdwinGrubbs, did you see my review request?19:01
EdwinGrubbsleonardr: no19:01
leonardredwingrubbs: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~leonardr/lazr.restful/optional-compression/+merge/1335819:01
EdwinGrubbsrockstar: where is your MP?19:04
rockstarEdwinGrubbs, still prepping it.  leonardr can go first.19:04
EdwinGrubbsleonardr: reviewing it now19:06
bachi edwin -- can i add a super simple one to your queue?19:20
EdwinGrubbsbac: sure19:20
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bacEdwinGrubbs: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/bug-436978-pg-index/+merge/1336819:40
bacbeuno: UI review?  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/bug-436978-pg-index/+merge/1336819:40
beunobac, sure19:40
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bacbeuno: scroll down for screenshots19:40
beunobac, reviewed19:43
bacbeuno: fast!19:43
EdwinGrubbsleonardr: Is BaseWSGIWebServiceConfiguration supposed to be used somewhere, or is it just a resource for other applications?19:54
leonardredwingrubbs: it's just for other applications, but it is used in the wsgi example service19:55
EdwinGrubbsleonardr: I see that it sets set_hop_to_hop_headers to False, but that variable defaults to true in the tests. Is it not using that base in class in that test?19:56
leonardredwin: right. all the tests except the ones in wsgi/example/tests use the default behavior19:57
leonardrthe tests in wsgi/example/tests will have it set to false, but as i mentioned in the merge proposal, it doesn't seem to make a difference, because my test wsgi server is less strict than real wsgi servers19:57
leonardri can add a test that shows that the TE header is ignored in wsgi services19:58
EdwinGrubbsleonardr: I don't think that's necessary. I was just confused.19:59
rockstarEdwinGrubbs, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rockstar/launchpad/fix-ensure-login/+merge/1337320:11
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EdwinGrubbsrockstar: it's a good thing you told me it was one line, since I almost went to lunch. r=me20:17
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rockstarEdwin-lunch, thanks!20:17
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nhandlerDoes anyone know where the error message 'Invalid value' that you get when you try to subscribe a non-existant user to a bug is defined?22:11
mwhudsonnhandler: it's something terrible deep in the zope form machinery i think22:55
mwhudsonnhandler: do you know what a 'vocabulary22:55
mwhudson' is in the context of launchpad?22:55
nhandlermwhudson: Not really. I'm still learning as I go. I was working on bug #231168, and in order to properly fix it, the error message should really be modified22:58
mupBug #231168: Subscribe someone else says: "...if they have an active account." <trivial> <ui> <Launchpad Blueprints:In Progress by nhandler> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/231168>22:58
mwhudsonnhandler: ok22:59
mwhudsonnhandler: basically, i can't remember22:59
mwhudsonnhandler: but i think i knew once, so i can probably find out quicker than you :)23:00
nhandlerThanks a lot mwhudson 23:00
mwhudsonnhandler: can you tell me where the view class is for this form?23:00
nhandlermwhudson: The view class? My python abilities are very minimal I'm afraid.23:01
mwhudsonnhandler: it's ok, i think i found it23:01
mwhudsonnhandler: i *think* you need to specify a validator for the "person" Field in IBugSubscription23:04
nhandlermwhudson: Thanks. Now I have somewhere to work from. My goal is to get this bug fixed and ready to be reviewed/merged by the end of the week23:06
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