phuffwgrant: Ok, the Saga continues...00:19
phuffI've got the LocalID in there properly00:19
phuffI think00:20
phuffAnd I'm still getting the message...00:20
phuffHang on, though.00:23
phuffMy code might still be broken00:23
phuffYeah, nevermind, my code's broken and we're falling back to the html discovery, which is apparently also broken for launchpad.00:31
phuffGotta run to dinner00:31
wgrantphuff: But HTML discovery works fine.00:41
wgrantphuff: I tested it with a copy of my user page, but without the XRDS header or http-equiv.00:42
sosbornwgrant: I think our ability to consume delegated urls might just be borked in general00:45
phuffThat's possible01:06
phuffIt was working at some point01:06
zulhi is there anyway to query incomplete with responses bugs in launchpadlib?01:10
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RenatoSilvaWhy are not released milestones automatically deactivated for bug targeting?03:53
wgrantRenatoSilva: I thought they were, unless you unchecked the relevant checkbox while releasing them.03:54
RenatoSilvaok, but what's the sense on checking that03:56
RenatoSilvanew fixes should necessarily go under a new milestone I think03:58
thumperRenatoSilva: what if you are marking a bug as fixed by an old release?04:00
RenatoSilvadoes it really matter to flag the old release as fxing it, even if it's outdated?04:02
RenatoSilvaI think I would not care about that, I would not say the user 'downgrade to fix the problem'. I would target the bug to a future release04:03
thumpersometimes it is handy to know which release fixed the bug, even if it was in the past04:05
RenatoSilvathanks all04:11
bd_How long do apport retraces usually take to process? I have a few auto-reported crashes that have been private for a few days now waiting for a retrace...05:04
thumperI don't even know what a retrace is05:04
thumperI've been marking my apport bugs public myself05:04
bd_mmm, the core dumps for some contain private data, so I don't want to mark it public until it's retraced (stacktrace generated with debug symbols) and the coredump is removed05:05
thumperah, I didn't know about that05:06
bd_I think it's _supposed_ to be automated, but it's been three days now :|05:06
lifelessbd_: #ubuntu-bugs05:07
lifelessbd_: its not an lp service05:07
bd_ah okay05:08
lifelessthumper: a retrace is a conversion of a core dump into an annotated stacktrace, using the symbols for the libraries that were installed onthe users machine05:08
thumperlifeless: thanks05:08
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wgrantI'm getting approximately far too many 502s from edge (using the API).08:59
DarxusIt's been 14 minutes since I uploaded a (large) package to my ppa, should I be concerned that I haven't gotten a confirmation or rejection from launchpad?08:59
wgrantDarxus: Have you successfully uploaded packages from that system before?08:59
Darxuswgrant: Yes.08:59
DarxusThe package is a patched version of the linux source package.09:00
Darxusdput to ppa:darxus/bfsbfq.09:01
wgrantDarxus: Hm, I think something might be wrong. There don't seem to have been any uploads processed for nearly an hour and a half.09:01
Darxuswgrant: Cool, glas I asked.09:01
DarxusMy upload totalled 75 megabytes, including the necessary .orig.tar.gz.09:02
Darxuswgrant: So you can do something useful (like at least letting the right people know), or do I need to submit a bug or something?09:03
wgrantDarxus: London should be waking up now, so people should appear.09:03
noodles775Darxus, wgrant : the cronscripts on the machine that handle ppa uploads has been stopped for a few hours for some maintenance.09:03
wgrantnoodles775: Nobody told launchpadstatus...09:04
Darxusnoodles775: So this is a known outage and somebody is planning to re-enable it?09:04
noodles775mthaddon: ^^09:04
wgrantnoodles775: And edge is in trouble.09:04
wgrantnoodles775: 500s and 502s everywhere.09:04
mthaddonworking on it09:04
wgrantAh, is this related to the anonymous 'maintenance' which could break anything an hour ago?09:05
DarxusI didn't know there was a launchpadstatus or I would've looked first, url?09:05
DarxusIs there some way I should've known that url, or does it need to be better publicised?09:06
wgrantDarxus: It's now linked from the bottom of all LP pages, although that's only on edge right now.09:06
mthaddonedge should be beginning to come back now09:06
noodles775Thanks mthaddon !09:07
wgrantmthaddon: Thanks.09:07
* wgrant sends a few thousand API requests...09:07
DarxusSo you guy's have a handle on this and I can go to bed now?09:07
wgrantedge is indeed much more healthy.09:07
mthaddonnormal service should now be restored, please let me know if anyone is still seeing any issues09:08
DarxusCan you verify ppa uploads are processing?09:09
mthaddonI can verify if the PPA ftp server is responding - not sure about processing09:09
DarxusIt should be a while before I get a response to my ppa upload, so I should go back to sleep, right?09:09
wgrantIt doesn't look like it, but we'll see in 20 seconds.09:09
Darxusmthaddon: Uploading is working fine, I just haven't gotten an accept or rejection email in a long time.09:10
mthaddonDarxus: ok, cool09:10
DarxusThanks for your help, I'm going to try to go to bed now, and assume that you guys will either fix this or notify people who will :)09:10
noodles775Thanks Darxus.09:11
DarxusYou're welcome.09:11
wgrantAha, uploads are happening again.09:12
wgrantDarxus: You probably have mail.09:12
DarxusDate: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 08:10:47 -000009:12
Darxusfrom: Launchpad PPA <no_reply@launchpad.net>09:12
DarxusAccepted even!  :)09:12
DarxusThese accept emails should give an eta to build time.09:13
DarxusSo next time, how long after uploading should I wait for a confirmation email before alerting you guys?09:14
tim_blechmannhi, yesterday evening, i deleted a package from my ppa, in order to replace it with a fixed version of the same version number. when uploading the package, i still get error messages, that the package is already there. i read, that deleting takes some time, but it is more than 12 hours, now ...09:54
wgranttim_blechmann: Even if you delete a package, you can never upload the same version again.09:54
jmlGood morning, Launchpadders.09:55
tim_blechmannwgrant, hrm ... i see09:55
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mac_vhi... everytime i create a branch i get the name "+junk" in between , how do i avoid this?12:49
beunomac_v, you push to a project12:49
maxb+junk means "no project"12:50
maxbYou may replace +junk with the id of any project registered in launchpad12:50
wgrantNote that you don't need to register a branch in the UI first.12:50
wgrantYou can just push, and it will be created automatically.12:51
mac_vso if i want to push to lp:humanity .. i can push "lp:~mac-v/humanity/new"12:51
* mac_v tries12:52
mac_vlol... bzr is much easier than i thought *facepalm*  ... thanks all :)13:04
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apwthose of us with partial upload rights to the kernel seem to have lost our ability to accept nominations for the kernel packages... recently our rights were moved to a 'group' in the acls system and am wondering if that could be the cause14:00
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jmlapw, hmm.14:19
jmlapw, quite possibly14:19
jmlal-maisan, bigjools: any thoughts?14:20
al-maisanapw: possibly14:20
al-maisanapw: What group would that be? Is there an equivalent launchpad team for it?14:22
apwthe upload acl for myself (and smb) contains 'karmic-kernel' which seems to be badly named ... but contains all kernel packages14:22
apwi don't believe its a launchpad team at all14:23
al-maisanapw: bigjools has access to production data and maybe in a better position to tell you more about that acl, please ping him on #soyuz in 30 minutes or so.14:26
apwal-maisan, ack14:26
jmlal-maisan, is this an indicator that there should be more information about the ACLs on the website?14:27
dpmhi all, is there anyone around who I can ask for support for LP Answers?14:28
al-maisanjml: ideally, users should be able to figure out why they are lacking authorisation to do something14:28
jmlal-maisan, so that's a "yes" then? :)14:29
jmldpm, fire away14:29
al-maisanjml: yes :)14:29
dpmhi jml, I'm registered as an Answer contact at https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations, but I do not seem to receive any e-mail when there are new tickets filed.14:31
jmlinteresting. I'll have a look.14:31
dpmI do receive e-mail on replies when I've explicitly subscribed to a particular question, though14:32
dpmand at least two of the other Answer contacts (Adi Roiban and Aron Xu) seem to be receiving e-mail on new tickets without trouble14:33
jmldpm, is there a question that you _haven't_ explicitly subscribed to that I could look at?14:36
dpmjml, yes -> https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+question/82663, but I think with the help of a translator I might have found out the problem: I didn't have English as a preferred language for Answers, so I'm guessing that's why I was not receiving them14:38
jmldpm, !14:38
jmldpm, do you know if there's a bug filed about this?14:40
dpmjml, yep, that was it, I'm receiving mails now (someone just filed a test Answer for me). Is this a bug or expected behaviour, though?14:41
jmldpm, well, you didn't expect it :)14:41
jmldpm, and the UI says you were "Also notified"14:41
dpmcertainly not :)14:41
dpmI'll file a bug just in case, then14:42
jmldpm, that'd be good, thanks.14:42
jmldpm, I can't find any bug already.14:42
jmlbut maybe there's a feature where these bugs are visible only if my preferred language is Maori. :P14:43
dpmjml, hehe, what's the project name for Answers in LP to file the bug against?14:44
jmldpm, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-answers/+filebug14:45
dpmthanks jml14:45
jmlwe don't expose any answers stuff over the API.14:46
jmlsinzui, I bet you already knew that :)14:46
dpmjml, actually, I've realised that there's no need to file a bug, the text when setting an answer contact is quite clear already: "[...] By checking the box below, you will receive changes related to all questions (*written in one of your preferred languages*) opened on Ubuntu Translations, and thus receive mail notifications about them."14:48
dpmI would only have had to read it :)14:48
dnjlhi! does lp have any problems now? I'am waiting for hours for package builts, but nothing happens. the queue time always stucks at >=1h? Any ideas?14:49
sinzuidpm: I am not sure it is a bug. your description sounds like the design. Many user and teams do not want to get emails for languages they do not use. English is the default. If you do not choose english as one of your preferred languages, you do not get the emails.14:50
dpmsinzui, yes, I've just realised that. Thanks14:51
jmldnjl, hello14:52
dnjljml: hi :)14:52
sinzuidpm: there is an bug about the text we show to explain preferred languages. We have revised it many times, but not to anyone's satisfaction14:52
jmldnjl, I don't _think_ Launchpad is having any problems with building packages right now, but I couldn't say.14:52
jmlbigjools, how would I find out?14:52
dpmsinzui, ah, ok, thanks for the additional info14:54
jmlsinzui, there's no API for answers, did you know that?14:54
sinzuiof course. The application has not been under development for 2 years14:55
noodles775losa - are ppa uploads being processed?14:55
sinzuiu1, isd, and landscape have all asked for api and privacy, and it is not our focus14:55
mthaddonnoodles775: what are you seeing?14:55
dnjljml: mmh, so im waiting - i hope it will continue today - i really need some of the packages. well, I will use the time to go out for food ... :)14:55
noodles775mthaddon: dnjl says above he's been waiting for some packages ^^14:56
sinzuijml: bug 28992614:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289926 in launchpad-answers "API does not expose answer support tracker" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28992614:56
noodles775mthaddon: Ah, they've been processed - sorry. So they're just sitting in the queue... I'll look further.14:57
mthaddonnoodles775: ok, thx14:57
jmlsinzui, thanks.14:57
noodles775dnjl: what's the url for your ppa?14:57
jmlsinzui, oh yeah, privacy. that reminds me.14:58
dnjlnoodles775: https://launchpad.net/~dnjl/+archive/... - there are builds waitung in ppa, experimental, virtualization and multimedia14:59
dnjlnoodles775: especial on my new qemu with reenabled kqemu-support im waiting15:00
noodles775dnjl: so, they're queued up like all the other ppa builds - there's just a bit of a backlog atm (97 i386 jobs for eg.)15:01
dnjlk, well...15:02
dnjla heavy day :)15:02
noodles775dnjl: yeah, but looking at your waiting builds, I can't see qemu? https://edge.launchpad.net/~dnjl/+archive/ppa/+builds15:03
dnjlnoodle775: its in experimental: https://edge.launchpad.net/~dnjl/+archive/experimental/+builds15:05
noodles775dnjl: heh, ok, so it seems you've contributed to the backlog there yourself ;)15:06
jmlsinzui, can I have a pre-implementation call with you about the answers API sometime?15:07
sinzuisure. I will be available in 2 hours, and after the tl meeting15:07
james_wnoodles775: why are there only 2 ppa builders active?15:08
james_wi386 I mean15:08
dnjlnoodles775: yep, so many to do - new kernels, new virt stuff, ... :)15:08
noodles775james_w: no idea why they're all idle. looking now.15:09
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jmlsinzui, please don't get angry at me15:36
jmlsinzui, what's the difference between title and displayname for projectgroups15:36
sinzuiThe former is crack and the latter is sensible15:36
jmlsinzui, so I should set the both to the same thing?15:37
noodles775dnjl, james_w: there seems to be a general issue dispatching jobs to builders, it's being looked into atm by IS.15:37
james_wthanks noodles77515:37
sinzuijml: The former is intended for full information such as in the browser title, but we do not use it anymore in title. displayname is for inline content15:38
sinzuijml: I would, but let me get you the bug so that you you can read some of the stupidity at play here15:38
sinzuijml: i favour mpt's suggestion to remove user created title from models15:39
sinzuijml: bug 185315:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1853 in launchpad-registry "Project group "display name" is redundant with "title"" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185315:39
jmlsinzui, thanks.15:41
DarxusHah, 6 hours ago, when launchpad's build system just came back online, for 8 minutes it said my eta to start building was 2 minutes.  Now it says 56.  Apparently that calculation was not designed to handle backlogs :)15:48
noodles775Darxus: there's a general issue dispatching builds (since the build system came back online). It's being looked into currently. Sorry for the hassle.15:51
Darxusnoodles775: Ah, thanks.15:51
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james_wI find the discrepancies between https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/kvm/1:84+dfsg-0ubuntu16 and https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kvm/1:84+dfsg-0ubuntu16 to be rather irritating16:05
james_wespecially that LP likes to send me to the former, when the latter is usually what I want16:06
james_wand there is no link between them16:06
james_wis it not possible to fold them together?16:06
bigjoolsI'd love to do that, and in fact I tried16:06
apwal-maisan, bigjools doesn't know anything about series nominations in launchpad :)16:06
apwintellectronica, it is suggested you might be a better contact ... i have issues with not being able to accept series nominations on a bug in LP for packages i have upload rights for under a limited uploader style thing16:07
bigjoolsal-maisan: bugs ...16:07
al-maisanapw, bigjools: sorry I confused that with accepting packages in the upload queue16:08
apwheh yeah we figured that out _just_ before we went mad16:08
james_wbigjools: what prevented them from being merged?16:08
al-maisanapw: phew .. :)16:08
bigjoolsjames_w: too much dependency on the series package in the code16:09
bigjoolsbranches, for one16:09
intellectronicaapw: what bug and packages?16:09
intellectronicaapw: and what's your LP username if different from your nick?16:10
apwbug #392692 was the one we noticed it on, apw == apw in launchpad, the packages are the suite of kernel packages16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392692 in linux "hibernate, suspend, monitor switch keys don't work in Panasonic CF-Y7 laptop" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39269216:10
apwintellectronica, one possible hint is that the acl list for myself recently moved from directly attached to attached via a group thing in the acl table16:11
apwas shown by the edit_acl16:11
apwintellectronica, one last thing, am using edge in case that matters16:13
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dnjltnx noodles77516:16
intellectronicaapw: so, you're trying to accept the jaunty nomination but no luck?16:16
apwintellectronica, right its not showing the accept/decline thing thats normally there16:17
noodles775dnjl: ah, glad they're all going again - thanks losas :)16:17
intellectronicaapw: gotcha16:19
dnjlkk :)16:21
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intellectronicaapw: can you accept the nomination by tacking /+editstatus to the url of the bug?16:30
apwi don't see any accept/decline stuff on that page either16:32
intellectronicaapw: ok. the reason i asked is because i wanted to determine if it's really a permission problem or just broken ui16:32
apwintellectronica, yep np, where on that page would it appear if it was there16:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392692 in linux "hibernate, suspend, monitor switch keys don't work in Panasonic CF-Y7 laptop" [Medium,Triaged]16:33
apwused that URL16:33
dreamcat4is there a shell script / helper program to upload tarballs / release files ?16:43
dreamcat4We are finding the web UI a bit slow  because we have 9 files to upload each time16:44
dreamcat4Is this something to request for the other Launchpad ? (the open source project)16:45
beunodreamcat4, I think there is such a script16:46
beunosinzui would know16:46
dreamcat4Unfortunately we also have 2 other issue, relating to the project downloads page16:47
intellectronicaapw: nothing obvious, so i'm investigating. would you mind filing a bug?16:48
apwintellectronica, sure16:48
beunodreamcat4, what's the issue?16:48
apwintellectronica, against?16:48
dreamcat4One thing is that the upload date isn't printed next to each file in the table16:49
intellectronicaapw: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+filebug16:49
dreamcat4And there is no widget to sort - by - date16:49
beunodreamcat4, if you file bugs about it, we can try and fix it16:50
dreamcat4It poses a problem for us because we have so many similar - looking files to upload16:50
dreamcat4Should they be filed as feature request or bug ? thnks16:50
sinzuidreamcat4: which project are you uploading too?16:51
beunodreamcat4, a bug is fine, it will likely be marked as a wish list16:51
dreamcat4okay. Project is php-fpm16:51
sinzuidreamcat4: we do have an automated process that can download release files from other sites and add them to a series. It will even create the release if it does not already exist16:52
dreamcat4That sounds good enough for our purposes16:52
sinzuiI see the release file glob is already set16:53
Laneysoooooo I've brought this up before but never actually tested it16:53
LaneyI just downloaded a source package from LP and was able to upload it to the signer's PPA16:53
Laneybecause LP exposes signed changes files/dscs16:53
sinzuidreamcat4: and the release file glob is crack.16:53
dreamcat4i dont understand16:53
bigjoolsLaney: ha, we fixed it the other way around16:53
sinzuidreamcat4: The glob is for pointing to other sites where launchpad can download the files and add them to launchpad16:54
Laneybigjools: PPAs don't expose signed stufF?16:54
LaneyI guess that way is more serious16:54
bigjoolsno, the signature is stripped from the changes16:54
* sinzui really has to get some afterhours time to document this16:54
Laneyshould probably do it for main archive too16:54
bd_why not just make the PPA upload path use an authenticated upload method? sftp or something16:54
dreamcat4ah i think i know what you mean. its in some setting somewhere...16:55
bigjoolsyes, that's something we'd like to to, definitely16:55
bd_I mean, LP already has ssh key storage...16:55
sinzuidreamcat4: it is designed to suck release files from upstreams.16:55
dreamcat4i understand16:55
Laneybigjools: want a bug filed or?16:55
bigjoolsLaney: yes please.  I doubt we'll be fixing it in the near future though :(16:56
apwintellectronica, filed under bug #451390, and its possible it is related to bug #376006; assuming a package set is an acl group thing16:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451390 in malone "limited upload rights no longer give series nomination accept/decline rights" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45139016:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 376006 in malone "People allowed to upload to a package set should be allowed to approve bug nominations" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37600616:56
sinzuidreamcat4: but you can upload a zillion files to an ftp server or a http server that support dir listing and you can make the PRF do the work for you16:56
dreamcat4i think i set the glob to point to my github account16:56
LaneyI'm having trouble thinking of how it could be dangerous16:56
bigjoolsit's an inconvenience16:56
Laneymaybe if I download something from release n+1 and force the release in the PPA to be release n16:56
Laneycould cause some breakage16:56
sinzuidreamcat4: what url are you thinking of?16:57
dreamcat4just cant remenber where that setting is16:57
intellectronicaapw: thanks. i'm trying to figure out what's going on, will keep you posted16:57
* Laney -> bug16:57
apwintellectronica, yeah ... am suspicious its the package set thing16:57
dreamcat4i don't have that (public upstream host) properly set up yet.16:57
dreamcat4i guess its on 'master' series page16:58
sinzuidreamcat4: you can try this, http://github.com/dreamcat4/php-fpm/downloads/ but since it is not a dir listing I do not think it will work16:58
sinzuidreamcat4: actually...16:58
intellectronicaal-maisan, bigjools: know anything about that? ^^^^^ could the changes related to packagesets have affected the driver role status of people?16:58
bigjoolsintellectronica: it's quite possible16:59
sinzuiI have a dev server up. give me a few minutes and I will confirm if it will work16:59
intellectronicaapw: also, have you tried using the production server?16:59
bigjoolsintellectronica: it depends on which piece of our code your bugs code is using for authentication16:59
bigjoolsintellectronica: actually I remember something16:59
apwintellectronica, nope ... will do so now16:59
bigjoolsintellectronica: I remember saying to BjornT that you'd have to fix your code once we started using packagesets, as yours only takes components into consideration I think?17:00
al-maisanintellectronica: only if archive permissions based on package sets were granted I'd think..17:00
intellectronicaapw: cool, that will help us figure out how recently this broke17:00
dreamcat4@sinuzi alternatively we might use this page: http://php-fpm.org/downloads/17:00
sinzui^ that is perfect17:01
intellectronicabigjools: donnow, we're looking for driver permission for the target, but i don't know how that is implemented17:01
apwintellectronica, ok it does not work on the main site either17:01
bigjoolsintellectronica: I remember there being a check to look for package upload permissions in your code17:01
intellectronicaapw: thanks for checking17:02
dreamcat4@sinuze thank you all. Problem solved17:02
sinzuidreamcat4:using that url and the glob you set, the PRF will create  a release for each version on the master series.17:03
apwintellectronica, np.  on idea is you could try adding 'linux' to my acl directly and i can see if that changes it17:03
dreamcat4@sinuzi thats okay. Like you said, we could change the filenames and that will determine the release string17:05
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intellectronicaapw: not a bug. you're not a member of any of the teams that can approve nominations for jaunty (ubuntu-drivers and ubuntu-core-dev)17:13
apwintellectronica, so am i for karmic?17:14
apwas i understand things being able to upload a source package should let you do that for that package alone17:15
apwand i used to be able to ... see the bugs i mentioned, they imply i should be able to too17:15
intellectronicaapw: i don't see anything in the code indicating that. i don't think it has anything to do with upload permissions17:16
intellectronicamaybe i'm missing something17:16
apwintellectronica, well look at the first bug i mentioned which says it should work and is Fix Released, and i could do it for a while definatly17:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 373172 in malone "People allowed to upload only certain packages aren't allowed to accept nominations" [High,Fix released]17:16
intellectronicai see17:17
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
intellectronicaapw: could it be that the change can be accounted for by changes in team membership?17:20
apwintellectronica, ok ... i am told that the change to my upload acl was to move my rights from under my user into a package set, which puts it firmly in the scope of that second bug17:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 373172 in malone "People allowed to upload only certain packages aren't allowed to accept nominations" [High,Fix released]17:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 376006 in malone "People allowed to upload to a package set should be allowed to approve bug nominations" [Medium,Triaged]17:27
intellectronicaapw: the mysetery is that i find nothing in the code to indicate that the permissions to approve nominations have anything to do with package upload permissions. either i'm stupid or maybe it used to be like that and changed later on? probably the former...17:29
apwintellectronica, hehe know the feeling, would not the bug where it was added, tie to a commit in bzr in malone ?17:30
apw373172 i think it was17:30
intellectronicaapw: ah ok, i see where it's handled. sorry, it definitely does check for upload permissions17:35
apwintellectronica, cool.. can we tell if it handle "package sets" there?17:35
intellectronicaapw: it doesn't, it only handles the main archive, which may be the problem17:36
apwintellectronica, the main package we care about is 'linux' from a nominations point of view, so as a workaround i could ask for that to be moved to my main acl directly as well17:37
apwintellectronica, or is it something simple to fix17:38
intellectronicaapw: i'm not sure yet. it's unlikely that i'll be able to get this fixed still today. can you survive that one day, or would you like to try and work around it for now?17:39
apwintellectronica, i can ask our core-dev to accept the nom so we can survive17:40
intellectronicaapw: cool. i'm pretty sure we can have a fix tomorrow, but will keep you updated17:41
apwintellectronica, most excellent ...17:42
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DarxusMy package is building.17:50
pmatuliswhat is the env. variable that will change stdout to regular english again?  this is to get a legible bug report17:55
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Darxuspmatulis: stdout from what?17:57
pmatulisDarxus: the OS17:58
pmatulisDarxus: say apt spits out errors during an operation17:58
pmatulisDarxus: i don't want the errors in cyrillic, i want it in english to make a bug report17:59
DarxusI thought you were saying the errors were, say, not clear, in english.17:59
DarxusSorry, I don't know.18:00
Spadstry LANG=C18:01
SpadsI know that fixes apt when I'm on a machine that's en_GB.utf-8 and I'm en_US.utf-818:01
pmatuliswill try.  example: ErrorMessage: η υποδιεργασία post-installation script επέστρεψε κατάσταση λάθους18:02
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jdobrienis it me or is karma not working in launchpad18:02
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erosstheortical question - what if I make a commerical open-sourced project, do I still need to pay the yearly fee?18:58
phuffwgrant: sinzui: I updated your bug with a comment indicating that we've got code in the pipeline to fix the sf.net <-> launchpad.net issue18:59
beunoeross, as in, with a license, but an option to pay for it?18:59
sinzuiphuff: thank you very much. I was seeing to much code yesterday to see what you were seeing19:00
erossprob donation ware or something19:03
beunoeross, as long as the code's license is open source, you're free to do whatever you like19:04
erossthe personal apt packaging looks like a great feature19:05
beunoit's a fantastic way to deliver releases to Ubuntu users19:06
erossin launchpad can i store linux/windows compiled binaries, or do they have to be mirrored from another server?19:14
beunoeross, you can19:15
beunoyou just need to create a release19:15
erossok ty for your help19:15
kirklandThe following errors were encountered:19:31
kirkland    * Server error, please contact an administrator. OOPS ID:OOPS-1383ED140819:31
Ursinhakirkland: I think this is bug 10633819:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 106338 in malone "Editing a bug targeted to a release crashes if you directly edit the untargeted task " [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10633819:40
kirklandUrsinha: okay, cool, i eventually got it to work19:40
Ursinhakirkland: alright19:40
kirklandUrsinha: thanks; not urgent19:40
kirklandUrsinha: i've worked around it19:41
elfenquetschewhere can I change my e-mail-address?20:07
tsimpsonthere is a edit button by "Email:" on your user page20:09
tsimpsonor use a direct link: https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+editemails20:09
elfenquetschethanks :)20:12
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SinDocHow can I have Launchpad send bug notifications to our dev mailing-list?22:04
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PovAddictI just tried to put a comment in a launchpad bug but the "Post comment" button doesn't appear in Konqueror23:32
PovAddictI had to switch to Firefox23:32
PovAddictit seems pretty bad that the default browser of a LTS Kubuntu is incompatible with launchpad bugtracker :)23:32
wgrantPovAddict: There are some features a little broken in Konqueror, but that is not one of them.23:34
wgrantOdd. Maybe not many people are using Hardy's Konqueror, but Jaunty and Karmic don't have large issues like that.23:37
wgrantI suggest filing a bug.23:37
PovAddictif I can :D23:37
PovAddictand KDE4 is the very reason why I'm still in Hardy23:37

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