acusterJordan_U, is there a way to get there from the command-line if I can't get that far in X?00:00
uboxlike the package manager lol00:00
ikthow does one set a bug report to 'public' from private00:00
drbobbbut gnome in jaunty does't work right for me due to h/w isues00:00
iktin launchpad00:00
DopeGhotiI am _no_ fan of PackageKit.00:00
uboxi suppose all options will have their issues, and then more so for some than others. at least we all like the same conceptual operating system00:01
uboxme neither00:01
uboxit doesn't even list packages unless you search00:01
Jordan_Uacuster: You can run "DISPLAY=:0.0 metacity --replace" from a tty while X is running, or "sudo apt-get remove compiz"00:01
DopeGhoti'couse, I do most of my package managment in a terminal00:01
uboxi might install the gnome one, what is it's true name?00:01
DopeGhotiubox: the package?  'ubuntu-desktop' I think00:01
uboxme too lately, but it is nice for browsing stuff00:01
acusterJordan_U, thanks, I'll try with that00:02
DopeGhotiubox: for browsing, I use apt-cache :)00:02
uboxthat is the gnome package manager?00:02
DopeGhotiubox: oh, that: synaptic I believe00:02
uboxoh :) lol i didn't know there was an option for it with apt00:02
uboxlike the add/remove programs thing in the applications menu?00:02
drbobbwell the old kde package manager was a lot more functional00:02
drbobbaptitude, iirc00:03
DopeGhotiubox: I don't know if the Software Store¹ is in KDE or not00:03
DopeGhoti¹: Or whatever it's called this weel00:03
uboxthis one might be ok, if it could authenticate properly00:03
drbobbwait aptitude is the terminal package manager00:03
drbobbah forgot the name already00:03
uboxsynaptic was not too bad00:03
uboxold and cludgy though00:03
drbobbok ,adept was the name00:03
uboxok, i will try and get it00:04
drbobbbut adept was deprecated and i don't think it's available in new releases anymore00:04
uboxit is in the karmic/universe00:04
drbobbit will bitrot, cause nobody maintains it, afaik00:05
uboxhmm, it doesn't look to have been adept. that worked though. still not the one though00:06
drbobbadept worked very well for browsing through what's available00:07
uboxi just updated yesterday and already 34 more00:07
uboxdevelopement is fast00:07
Lars_GSo I'm here00:10
Lars_Gis there word from the coronel?00:10
DopeGhotiLars_G: no, you're there.  *I* am here.00:10
olivier83need help!!  i boot up ubuntu today and now i got no sound what going on??00:11
Lars_GOh dogs, I got in the wrong place again00:11
Lars_GDopeGhoti: will you switch with me?00:11
timberwhy every file or folder in my computer has a green icon?00:11
DopeGhotiLars_G: I can't. Wherever I go, I always seem to be here.00:11
Lars_Golivier83: jic checked your mixed volume?00:11
olivier83Lars_G yes and no muted00:12
DopeGhotitimber: green icons seemed to indicated' updating the icon, hold on a sec' earlier after a just-finished upgrade00:12
timberDopeGhoti: is an emblem00:12
DopeGhotitimber: Hmm. Screenshot?00:12
Lars_Gyeah screenshotr00:13
timberdooglus: ubuntu-sychronized00:13
timberDopeGhoti: ubuntu-synchronized00:13
timberwait a minute00:13
* Lars_G floats by00:14
wildweathelLP says that the green-icon issue was just fixed.00:15
DopeGhotitimber: were yousaying that your icons *are* emblems, or that they *have* them?00:15
Lars_Gwildweathel: Loss Prevention?00:16
timberDopeGhoti: how can i send the screenshot?00:16
timberDopeGhoti: they have00:16
Jordan_U!paste | timber00:17
ubottutimber: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!00:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450112 in ubuntuone-client "Entire Hard Drive Marked as ubuntuone-synchronized" [Critical,Fix released]00:18
timberhttp://imagebin.org/67680 and http://imagebin.org/6768100:19
legend2440timber: green checkmarks?  they are a known bug. the devs in #ubuntuone said they have a fix that will be released soon00:19
timberlegend2440: i got it...thanks00:19
acusterany pointers for fixing a mixed up grub2 setup from the liveCD?00:21
* acuster forgets the error message, soemthing about an invalid environment00:21
* IndyGunFreak hates grub200:22
olivier83need help!!  i boot up ubuntu today and now i got no sound what going on??00:22
* legend2440 hates Grub2 too00:22
* DopeGhoti knocks on wood, as he is having no trouble with grub-pc00:23
acusterno man pages! grrr00:23
acusteroooh, i am wrong! cool.00:24
wildweatheloliver, did it work before?00:26
froodieis there any sign that nvidia problems will be fixed in the next while?00:27
* acuster contemplates the fourth install00:27
zaccouris it a good time to upgrade to beta?00:27
froodienot for me ;_;00:27
DopeGhotizaccour: that depends on how dear stability is to your heart.00:27
wildweathelIf you have an Alienware m5550, yes.  Can't speak for other hardware.00:28
zaccouri don't like the brown theme in 9.10 when i upgrade later i'm changin the theme colors and wallpaper back to 9.04 style00:28
zaccouri mean the shade is too dark imo and in 9.04 its beautiful00:28
DopeGhotizaccour: Huh. I just upgraded, and my theme was grey, not brown.  I dig it.00:28
zaccourDopeGhoti, i thought its a dark brown00:29
zaccourthey changed to gray?00:29
zaccourwhen did it change to gray?00:29
cwillu_at_workcan somebody confirm a bug for me?  Openoffice, calc document, make one cell a number, and another cell a formula using the first cell.  Copy the second cell, and try to paste the value (not the formula) via ctrl-shift-v (deselect 'all' and 'formula', and make sure 'numbers' is selected)00:30
cwillu_at_workShould result in the value being pasted, I just get an empty cell00:31
zaccourwhen did it change to gray from brown? are you serious?00:31
wildweathelcwillu, I'm trying it now.00:31
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, thanks :)00:31
cwillu_at_workzaccour, I suggest filing a bug: "Grey is not a shade of Brown.  Neither is Gray" :)00:32
acusterI suspect the grey thing is a beta branding00:34
wildweathelcwillu, make sure that "numbers" is checked.  I did that and it worked.00:34
acusterand that the real release will have colour restored00:34
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, doesn't work here :/00:34
acusterbut yes, 9.04 is particularly tasteful00:34
cwillu_at_work(yes, I've got numbers checked)00:34
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, ugh00:35
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, try it with a forumula pointing to a formula pointing to a value00:35
KnifeySpooneyUhh. I just ran a daily update and now my two windows partitions and my cd drive are given the iPod icon instead of the hard drive icon00:35
cwillu_at_work(i.e., one more formula)00:35
wildweathelMy version is 1:3.1.1-4ubuntu1.  I think there was an update recently.00:37
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, it works here on the first formula, but not in a formula pointing to a formula00:38
wildweathelOkay, I'll try that.00:38
cwillu_at_workhmm, no, that works too00:39
wildweathelNo, it still works.  What's your test case?00:39
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, give me a sec, I'll send you the file00:39
wildweathelCan't send over IRC, I'm on empathy..00:40
cwillu_at_workit's a sum of a few rows + a tax calculation, and I can't paste the results, although I can paste every test case I've told you so far :p00:40
wildweathelYou're using the latest version?00:40
cwillu_at_workbut, the problem is actually related to a filter that I had on the data, let me check if that's actually a known bug first00:41
wildweathelMaybe there's something in the more complex test case, then.00:41
wildweathelOh, like filtering.00:41
cwillu_at_workwell, you should be able to copy and paste out of a filter, that's the whole point00:41
wildweathelIf the data's not confidential, you should file a report including it.00:42
cwillu_at_workI can strip out the confidential info easily enough00:42
cwillu_at_workugh, I just did that thing where I reflexively 'ctrl-a, ctrl-c, alt-tab, ctrl-v', and now I'm waiting for oo to copy a few billion empty cells :(00:43
cwillu_at_workthere, done :p00:43
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, okay, so it works in a different file, but the same data00:45
thumperattn kde people: latest update causes ubuntu-bug script to fail with http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/292710/00:45
zaccourso the selected window color for beta should not be dark brown?00:46
alteregoazfs for linux00:46
cwillu_at_workalteregoa, you mean btrfs?00:47
wildweathelthumper, I think you should try "ubuntu-bug ubuntu-bug" ;)00:48
thumperwildweathel: funny, but I've tried that :)00:49
KnifeySpooneyUhh. I just ran a daily update and now my two windows partitions and my cd drive are given the iPod icon instead of the hard drive icon00:49
KnifeySpooneyanyone know how to return the normal icons?00:50
wildweathelI think it's a bug.00:50
* wildweathel checks launchpad00:50
KnifeySpooneywildweathel: did you mean me? Is this happening to you too?00:50
james^^hi, why was ttf-bitstream-vera removed from ubuntu 9.10 desktop?00:50
jbuncherWhat's with the new icons today?  Why do my internal drives look like mp3players?00:51
cwillu_at_workjbuncher, rather unfortunate bug introduced in the last hal update, it converts internal devices into ipod's.  I took 2 iTouches and a nano out of my server just yesterday where I had two 500gb satas and a _really_ expensive solid state drive the day before :(00:54
* cwillu_at_work shakes his fist at the apple gods00:54
HoopyCatcwillu_at_work:  can i backport this to jaunty?  i have a bunch of hard drives, but no portable music experience managers00:55
jbunchercwillu_at_work, har har, but seriously.  I also seem to have a green check-mark next to every icon in nautilus.00:55
wildweathelGreen check bug is known and was recently fixed00:55
james^^Any ideas about the missing bitstream fonts in Ubuntu 9.10?00:55
jbuncherwildweathel, lol recently fixed?  it just showed up today?00:55
Lars_Gjbuncher: they're fast00:56
wildweathelThat's what launchpad says.00:56
wildweathelI haven't actually installed the update, since it hasn't percolated through the mirrors yet.00:56
* wildweathel checks.00:56
jbuncherLars_G, I guess so.  Hopefully the drive icons get fixed as well.  Internal drives should not look like ipods.  I'll just have to wait until the green check fix hits the repos00:56
KnifeySpooney@wildweathel: lol, i just uninstalled ubuntuone because that green check annoyed me so much. I won't even use ubuntu one anyway00:57
KnifeySpooneyIs anyone else having issues with Compiz's "normal" resizing setting?00:58
KnifeySpooneyit shows white rectangles where the window border should be whenever I resize00:58
KnifeySpooneyI can use any of the other resize types fine00:58
wildweathelResize is working okay for me.01:00
jonathank89hello all01:00
jonathank89I've been testing karmic for a while now and it's been working great! but after a batch updates i've been getting this really annoying system beep. eg. if i'm in gedit and there's nothing in the document and press backspace it beeps01:01
wildweathelOops.  I was mucking about with pulse earlier today and managed to turn it off.01:03
dotblankCan anyone test the guest session in 9.10 cause in my VM it fails miserably01:03
wildweathelSo, these instructions are blind: but,01:03
wildweatheljon, try right-clicking the speaker icon -> sound preferences.01:03
Lars_GOdd there's a bug I'm sure, almost know, others have, and I can't find anything on LP, I knwo must be there but must be searching wrongly01:04
Lars_Gbasically the machine will suspend every time I connect or disconnect AC01:04
dotblankHow does the grub pop-up in 9.10 cause it seems to randomly show up for me01:05
KnifeySpooneyDoes anybody know why my two Windows partitions and my CD-ROM drive are being given an MP3 player icon?01:05
wildweathelLars, you might be the discoverer of that bug.  Congrats!01:06
Lars_Gwildweathel: o.O01:06
wildweathelKnifey, I'm trying to find the bug in launchpad, but I'm not having much luck.01:06
undeconstructed1wow, unexpected win.  If anyone else comes along with a failing boot and an nvidia card, suggest boot from livecd, chroot to there installation, go to their apt cache and run dpkg -i nvidia*180*.deb01:06
KnifeySpooneywildweathel: Oh, i didn't know you meant me. Thanks then :)01:06
wildweathelI think what's happening is that HAL is calling your windows partitions music players.01:07
wildweathelI'm seeing the same thing with my livecd.01:07
Volkodavguest session seems to be buggy all over - Snow Leopard's as well01:07
bjsniderdevicekit, not hal01:07
KnifeySpooneyand yeah, i thought hal was replaced01:07
jonathank89wildweathel, i've looked in there i turned off all sound alerts, its the pc speaker like.01:07
bjsniderdave has shut down hal01:07
* cwillu_at_work starts singing 'daisy'01:07
Lars_Ghal is still pumping our xorg config afaik01:08
wildweathelWell, that would explain why there are no bugs in HAL!  lol.01:08
coz_KnifeySpooney, did you try one of the other resize options like stretch or rectangle ?01:09
KnifeySpooneyYes, the other types work fine01:09
coz_KnifeySpooney,  ok01:09
coz_hey guys are there any issues with intel video on karmic ?01:09
cwillu_at_workcoz_, not really01:09
daviscI know this is a very general question, but is there a simple/known fix for nvidia problems on karmic?01:10
coz_davisc,  which issues?01:10
bjsniderdavisc, are you having such problems?01:10
davisccoz_: Yes, but the latest karmic kernel fixed it for me01:10
cwillu_at_workcoz_, at least, not general issues; you'll have to search for your chipset to get any more detail01:10
dmj727COmpiz with the cube worked fine for me on an eee pc 900.01:10
dotblankhmm odd if ubuntu cleanly shuts down then it doesnt show grub. anyway to envoke it?01:10
dmj727try pressing escape during boot?01:10
coz_KnifeySpooney,  did you do sudo apt-get update  then   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?01:10
davisccoz_: Well, a friend is. Just about to SSH into her machine and was wondering if there was a big known issue01:10
KnifeySpooneycoz_: I ran 'sudo apt-get update' then 'sudo apt-get upgrade'01:11
coz_davisc,  well so far on this system no  I havent seen any issues01:11
cwillu_at_workdavisc, I haven't had any nvidia issues myself01:11
Travis-42The following root process is taking up all of my CPU: "/usr/bin/X :0 -br -verbose -auth /var/run/gsm/auth-for-gdm-stuff/database -nolisten tcp vt8" any ideas?01:11
bjsniderdavisc, when you do, run dkms status01:11
KnifeySpooneycoz_: I have to run 'dist-upgrade' not just 'upgrade'?01:11
cwillu_at_workTravis-42, is cryptsetup installed?01:11
coz_KnifeySpooney,   no   sudo apt-get update  then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:11
Travis-42cwillu_at_work: yes01:11
davisccwillu_at_work: Cool, well then at least it should work somehow :-)01:11
cwillu_at_workTravis-42, known bug01:11
KnifeySpooneycoz_: Ok, I'll try that now01:11
daviscbjsnider: Okie dokie01:11
undeconstructed1davisc: I've had nvidia problems today, but they seem specific to me, other people have had other nvidia things, not sure what the deal is01:12
Travis-42cwillu_at_work: any workarounds?01:12
Travis-42it won't let me kill the process01:12
Lars_GI think I'll have to make udev debug01:12
cwillu_at_workTravis-42, it's a race condition, a slower computer will fix it I think :p01:12
cwillu_at_workTravis-42, "sudo stop gdm; sudo start gdm"01:12
cwillu_at_workTravis-42, alternatively, boot up into single user mode, and start gdm by hand01:13
ojiihi all, I tried to update but I get "Not all updates can be installed" in update-manager, what does that mean and how do I fix it?01:13
cwillu_at_work(well, sudo start gdm)01:13
ojiiin apt-get it tells me something about 'packages being held back'01:13
wildweathelIn my case, it was a bad hard drive.01:13
KnifeySpooneycoz_: Ah, I already see an update for the package called 'devicekit-disks'. That's probably the fix right there.01:13
ojiiwildweathel: how would I check if it's really a bad hard drive?01:14
coz_KnifeySpooney, essentially  upgrade is used to install the newest versions of all packages currently installed on the system  where as  dist-upgrade, in addition to performing the function of upgrade, also intelligently handles changing dependencies with new versions01:14
coz_of packages"01:14
ojiiwildweathel: and how would apt know how well my harddrive feels?01:14
undeconstructed1ojii: running synaptic will show you the details, it sounds like you updated at a bad moment and there's some inconsistency in the index01:14
KnifeySpooneycoz_: Oh. That may explain other breaks i've had in my system before .. (oops) .. great tip to know!01:14
wildweathelWell, when you get Karmic installed, it has this sweet little app that tells you.01:15
coz_KnifeySpooney,  no problem and on a beta OS like karmic  dist-upgrade is probably a good idea on occasion maybe even every other day :)01:15
coz_KnifeySpooney,   at least until release01:15
ojiiundeconstructed1: synaptic wants to remove ubuntuone client and also talks about stuff being held back, it doesn't warn as explicit as update-manager tho01:15
daviscbjsnider: dkms status comes back blank01:16
bjsniderinstall nvidia-glx-18501:16
daviscIs there a replacement for the linux-restricted package in karmic?01:16
bjsnideri'm assuming this is a modern card01:16
KnifeySpooneycoz_: Yeah i've been eager to run updates every day because something cool comes out almost every day. Should I run 'dist-upgrade' even after the finalrelease is out, or is this only for the beta?01:16
ojiioh also sudo apt-get update runs WAY too fast01:16
daviscbjsnider: GeForce 8400M GS01:16
bjsnideryeah, that's fine01:17
daviscbjsnider: nvidia-glx-185 already installed01:17
coz_KnifeySpooney,  after release   dist-upgrade once a month  may be enough   but during pre release stages it is smart to run that at least every other day as I said :)01:17
=== idleone_ is now known as IdleOne
bjsniderdavisc, try modprobe nvidia01:17
KnifeySpooneycoz_: Ok, thanks for the help! Updates are finished so i'll restart01:17
wildweathelojii, if you want to check your HDD, info is here: http://www.averyjparker.com/2009/01/12/checking-the-smart-details-of-a-hard-drive-with-an-ubuntu-boot-cd/01:18
wildweathelyou don't need to boot if you're already running ubuntu, of course.01:18
daviscbjsnider: FATAL: Module nvidia not found01:18
daviscI'm obviously missing some package...01:18
bjsniderdavisc, install nvidia-185-kernel-source01:18
ojiiwildweathel: tried to run SMART the other day but that takes AGES01:18
daviscbjsnider: Already there...01:19
wildweathelJust look at the report.01:19
bjsniderdavisc, reinstall that package01:19
wildweathelThere should be very few bad sectors.01:19
wildweathelBut, (for example) I had ~130,000 on an 80 GB disk.01:19
lfaraoneHow do I disable the system beep in Karmic?01:20
wildweathelPC speaker beep, or sound effects?01:20
lfaraonewildweathel: Speaker beep.01:20
wildweathelIfara, hmm, not sure.01:20
bjsniderthere's a kernel module for that, pc_spkr or something01:20
wildweathelI'm kinda busy though, so if you could wait a few minutes...01:21
bjsnideryou blacklist it01:21
daviscbjsnider: Haha! modprobe nvidia now works :-)01:21
lfaraonebjsnider: tried "sudo modprobe pcspkr", no output, but it still beeps01:21
lfaraonebjsnider: tried "sudo modprobe -r pcspkr", no output, but it still beeps01:21
bjsniderdavisc, try dkms status01:21
daviscbjsnider: Yeah, now gives me nvidia, 185.18.36, 2.6.31-13-generic, i686: installed01:21
* davisc starts gdm01:21
bjsniderdavisc, now it will work01:21
lfaraonebjsnider: it's already blacklisted in modprobe.01:22
bjsnidermust be a new procedure then01:22
Lars_Gsomeday I'll have to restart my machine to make my nvidia driver and module match01:23
wildweathelIfra, what does "lsmod | grep pcspeaker" show?01:24
lfaraoneI guess bug 77010 must be reopened.01:24
bjsnideri think it's exclusively in alsa/pulse now01:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 77010 in hundredpapercuts "Overuse of system beep without volume control" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7701001:24
lfaraonewildweathel: "".01:24
ojiiwildweathel: do you mean "reallocated sector count"? I have 1, is that bad?01:25
cwillu_at_workojii, not especially, no01:25
wildweathelNot really.  It's probably an issue with the repositories, then.01:25
ojiihm okay01:26
ojiireally hope that those update fix those annoying icon-bugs01:26
wildweathelThe green checks, yes.  But, I'm not sure that the music player thing has been reported yet.01:26
ojiiyea just got the music player after reboot and the green checks bfore01:27
ojiiand yea it looks very much like repositories failing, sudo apt-get update is done in 1 second, that's not really possible with 400KB/s for 10MB worth of repository index I usually have01:27
daviscbjsnider: Cheers. That seems to have worked. I should know all this, just didn't know the package that the driver came in :-)01:29
bjsniderno prob01:30
wildweathelhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devicekit-disks/007-2ubuntu2  Yay!  Here comes the media player icon bug fix.01:30
ojiiis it a bad idea to do a partial upgrade?01:30
wildweathelOn the forum, there's some info about that.01:31
wildweathelNot always.01:31
wildweathelBut, usually.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128630901:31
voxis thumbnail generation broken in nautilus?01:34
wildweathelvox, I don't think so.01:34
* wildweathel checks.01:34
alteregoaxorg is a cpu hog01:35
voxi've installed every gstreamer package i can find, and nautilus is refusing to generate thumbnails for .avi/.mpg/etc01:35
alteregoait uses 50 percent cpu for unknow reason01:35
coz_vox,   open nautilus  and   Edit  Preferences01:35
coz_vox,  go to the Preview tab and make  Other previewable files   "only for files amaller than" and make that  1 gig01:36
coz_vox,   see if they show up then01:36
voxno change01:36
coz_vox,  mm01:36
wildweathelvox, do those files play?01:37
coz_yeah do they open at all?01:37
voxwildweathel: yes01:37
coz_vox,  unless you have a fairly low end video card01:37
coz_vox,   which card do you have?01:38
wildweathelOkay, I'm getting my external HDD of many animes to try it with some video files...01:38
coz_although the previews should works regardless I beleive01:38
voxcoz_: nvidia 9600gt01:38
coz_vox,  oh that's more than efficient enough :)01:38
coz_vox,  is this a clean install of karmic  or an upgrade from jaunty?01:39
voxclean install01:39
vox3 days old01:39
coz_vox,  mm  I have nvidia here as well....  did this happen right after install or just recently after updates?01:39
voxit hasnt worked since karmic was installed01:40
coz_vox,    then it may have been a bad install... did you check the disck  or md5sums before installing?01:40
coz_vox,  did you check disk with the live cd or the md5sums01:40
voxmd5sum was correct01:41
voxi must just be missing a codec somewhere01:41
coz_vox,  ok open a terminal run  sudo apt-get update  then   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:41
voxdid that three hours ago :)01:42
wildweathelOops.  I think I need to restart thanks to devkit upgrade.  Be back in a couple of minutes01:42
coz_vox,   then I am puzzled..... since this is beta  I would just go ahead and reinstall to see if the same situation occurs,,,if it does I would redownload the live cd01:42
voxit's not a huge concern, just a bit of a "...what the"01:43
voxi'll re-install when karmic is in full release if need be01:44
coz_vox,  well my guess is that  this issue may efffect other things...i would try a reinstall just to see if it occurs again01:44
wildweathelOh, noes.   It looks like my external disk isn't automounting...01:46
wildweatheloop, no there it is.01:47
wildweathelSlow, though.01:47
ojiispeaking of slow, is it normal that karmic takes 4 times as long to boot than jaunty?01:48
wildweathelojii, No, it should be much faster01:48
wildweathelat least a little. :)01:48
ojiithat's what I thought01:48
ojiimy last boot on jaunty: 25 seconds, the last boot i did (karmic): 1 minute 34 secs01:49
wildweathelWell, video thumbnails work for me.01:49
ojiialso filed this to launchpad a couple of days ago but didn't see any action on it01:49
wildweathelLink to bug, please01:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444405 in boot "regression in boot" [Undecided,New]01:50
voxcoz_: just worked it out. some $obscure ffmpeg package wasnt installed01:50
coz_vox, oh cool01:50
coz_vox,   thats interesting   do you have the exact name of the package?01:51
Amaranth!info boot01:51
ubottuPackage boot does not exist in karmic01:51
voxcoz_: heh i dont now, just closed synaptic01:51
Amaranthojii: you filed it against the wrong package01:51
coz_vox,  ok well it should be in history but that's ok01:51
ojiihow do I fix that Amaranth01:51
blueglassesinfo !rtkit-deamon01:51
blueglasses!info rtkit-deamon01:52
Amaranthalthough scott seems to have noticed people were doing this as he subscribed to all 'boot' bugs01:52
ubottuPackage rtkit-deamon does not exist in karmic01:52
mandaradoes the two way sync(read/write) with google calendar works now in evolution 2.28?01:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rtkit-deamon01:53
ojiiAmaranth: what's the correct package then?01:53
Amaranthojii: depends on where the slow down is01:54
ojiiwell how would I know?01:54
alteregoadoes bonobo reflect the sexual activity of their species?01:54
ojiithat's what I filed the bug for, so ppl can find out01:54
wildweathelIt looks like you have some more digging to do (sorry).01:54
Amaranthojii: look at your bootchart01:54
ojiiI did01:55
Amaranthalteregoa: Uh, what?01:55
wildweathelAnd compare it to /var/log/messages01:55
ojiiAmaranth: it's just loads of times/bars/names for me01:55
alteregoayeah bonobos are known for the most sexual active mammals including humans01:55
Amaranthojii: oh, not a bug01:55
Amaranthojii: bootchart is configured to run 45 seconds after the boot is finished so it can profile the desktop too01:55
blueglasses!info rtkit-daemon01:55
ubottuPackage rtkit-daemon does not exist in karmic01:56
alteregoaand i think whats up with this bonboboactivationserver01:56
ojiiAmaranth: meaning?01:56
Amaranthojii: so subtract 45 seconds from the time it says and you get something similar to your jaunty time01:56
blueglassesanyone knows what is this package?01:56
alteregoajust use a debian package instead01:56
ojiiAmaranth: nope, 96 - 45 = 51, 51 > 25! actually twice!01:56
Amaranthojii: my boot is twice as slow too01:57
Amaranthojii: did you upgrade or do a clean install?01:57
alteregoai got a billion english bytes01:57
Amaranthojii: sreadahead doesn't take location on disk or fragmentation into account so it seeks really badly01:57
ojiibut I had no regression when i upgraded to jaunty 6 months ago...01:57
ojiiand it's really notably slower01:57
Jordan_UAmaranth: I thouhg that was only used with ssds?01:58
Amaranthojii: so clean installs will be about as fast as jaunty or faster but upgrades will almost certainly get slower01:58
AmaranthJordan_U: nope, readahead isn't even in the archive anymore01:58
alteregoayeah there is no way to defrag with karmic because the e4defrag isnt in the kernel01:58
shawn_How stable is karmic so far?01:58
Amaranthsreadahead is used for all systems01:58
Jordan_UAmaranth: :(01:58
alteregoashawn unstable at all01:58
alteregoawait aprox 3 months after releasing the final01:58
wildweathelshawn: if you don't like pain, stick with Jaunty.01:58
ojiiAmaranth: how did my upgrade to jaunty get faster then? And is there some way to remove that slow down even tho I upgraded? Clean install is absolutely no option01:58
shawn_alteregoa Oh really? I got Jaunty like the day it was released in final... I should really wait 3 months?01:59
alteregoashawn:; you ask me something, and accept it or don't ask anymore01:59
Amaranthojii: jaunty got faster because ext3/4 doesn't fragment unless you run out of disk space and readahead loaded files from the disk in the order they are laid out on the disk01:59
ojiiI use ext402:00
Amaranthojii: sreadahead just loads them in the order they are used by the boot so it seeks a lot02:00
alteregoashawn: i know its what i said, gdm and all those underlying stuff is still buggy02:00
alteregoalol ext3 doesnt fragment don't tell lies please02:00
Amaranthalteregoa: you'll get about 5% fragmentation after using it for a year (if that) so long as you keep the partition less than 80% full02:01
alteregoaevery FS fragments, but in real-life you didn't notice that02:01
Amaranthext4 even more so02:01
wildweathelSo, how did readahead know what order the files were on disk?02:01
alteregoaget a SSD drive, so you can use 98 percent of the space02:01
Amaranthwildweathel: If you stat them you get the inode so you can sort by that02:02
Amaranthstill some seeking to stat them but it only takes like 200ms or so iirc02:02
alteregoamyspace is changing to ssd arrays02:02
alteregoa1000x better IOPS02:03
Amaranthalteregoa: even only using 80% of a HDD I get more storage than 100% of an SSD for the same price02:03
Amaranthor even for double the price02:03
alteregoagnome spaghetti code monitor eats 50 percent of my cpu02:03
Amaranthalteregoa: Do you even program?02:04
alteregoayes, in c02:04
AmaranthApparently not well enough to know better...02:04
alteregoaand in the past with turbo pascal, and basic02:04
dumby_anyone get VMWare Tools install sucessful  on 9.10? i need help on it ~ all i got after install is black screen02:04
alteregoaamaranth: yeah im not a professional, im just a amateur02:04
neoTheCathello.  i updated my desktop to 9.10, everything worked fine.  on my laptop, when i upgraded, firefox complains about the wrong sqlite version, yet it is the same version as my desktop.  any ideas?02:04
alteregoaskalariak is cool02:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about VMtools02:06
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware02:07
LordMetroidHow do I get the Japanese input activated02:08
dumby_LordMetroid: System -> Admin -> Lang. Support02:08
LordMetroidSCIM doesn't seem to appear with anthy in the notification area and I can not use the key to switch between alphabetic and japanese02:08
dumby_9.10 use ibus ~02:08
LordMetroiddumby_, I've installed Japanese and choosen a japanese keyboard02:09
dumby_LordMetroid:  System -> Pref. -> iBus02:09
LordMetroidthere we go02:10
LordMetroidthank you02:10
Laibcomshmm... grub2 is supposed to be using UUID right?02:11
dumby_Laibcoms: default yes~ you can switch that off thou02:12
mole_i just updated to karmic and now my flash sound isn't working... now cause of the new linux kernel i have two sound devices so i need to make firefox use /dev/dsp1 instead of /dev/dsp but /etc/firefoxrc i don't see a documented option for this02:13
mole_anyone have any clue02:13
dumby_anyone get VMWare Tools install sucessful  on 9.10? i need help on it ~ all i got after install is black screen02:14
kklimondadoesn't flash use pulseaudio?02:14
kklimondathough some alsa plugins02:14
Laibcomsdumby_: ah thanks. Im having problems with Karmic following the HDD cable setup instead of my BIOS setup. I checked grub.cfg on a fresh install and the new grub.cfg produced after update-grub is run.  I noticed that grub2 is using the old format (/dev/sd*), known bug?02:14
LaibcomsOn a fresh install, grub2 used UUID02:15
mole_i have no idea... not really familiar with pulseaudio02:15
Amaranthdumby_: this is known, vmware needs to update the tools02:15
kklimondamole_, is flash the only place you have no sound?02:15
alteregoaskype doesnt work with junky nor with kazmic02:16
mole_kklimonda: that i've noticed.... amarok works by default... teamspeak i changed to /dev/dsp1 and it started working02:16
dumby_Laibcoms: what old format?02:17
Laibcomsdumby_: /dev/sda ; /dev/sdb02:17
kklimonda /dev/dsp? you are still using OSS then.. curious.. I haven't had any experience with OSS for years..02:17
mole_i guess i could just remove the second sound card i was just wondering if there is a way to change it02:18
mole_alsa uses /dev/dsp too02:18
mole_i'm pretty sure02:18
dumby_Laibcoms: i don't know they change that ~ but (hd0,1) is the first partition insted of (hd0,0)02:18
kklimondamole_, /dev/dsp is only for oss emulation02:19
dumby_Amaranth: oh ~ so no work yet ?02:19
mole_kklimonda: i don't believe you02:19
Laibcomsdumby_: since Karmic is following the "cable" setup of my HDD and not my BIOS boot-order, my SATA where Ubuntu and XP are installed becomes /dev/sdb - and XP fails to boot. But if I change grub.cfg back to using UUID, it works fine.02:19
Laibcomsdumby_: but thanks! will try to search the launchpad if any.  :D02:20
mole_maybe u r right i dunno02:20
dumby_Laibcoms: i don't think /dev/sd* order are meant to follow the boot-order in bios02:21
dumby_Laibcoms: since you are booting well~ what changes are you trying to make?02:22
Laibcomsdumby_: hoping to make update-grub to default to UUID instead of /dev/sd*  but grub2 is new so Im still trying to learn the new system ^^;;02:24
Laibcomsdumby_: so if there are kernel updates, I don't have to edit grub.cfg everytime :p02:24
* IndyGunFreak hates grub202:32
IndyGunFreakdo we really need a full featured menu to choose between OS's?02:32
* dumby_ agree with IndyGunFreak02:34
rippswell, they've been really throwing out the updates lately02:34
=== NCommander is now known as NC|G1
=== NC|G1 is now known as NCommander
dschulzanyone noticed weird behavior while reproducing sound and switching between ttys?02:40
dschulzis it normal that all activity in tty07 (Xorg) stops when one switchs to tty01 ?02:41
RussellAlani always do this by accident... how do i view my windows in a flat layout02:42
RussellAlana second ago, i screamed and moved my mouse upward and clicked something, lol, and of course it pulled up a flat layout of the windows.02:42
Jordan_Udschulz: Pulseaudio ( for security reasons? ) stopps outputting when you are on a different tty that the sound was produced from, and it pauses any apps trying to output to pulse02:45
dschulzJordan_U: sounds like a good explanation, I was expecting something like that :)02:46
alteregoadwight schultz02:46
alteregoahey murdoch02:47
alteregoareginald barclay02:47
dschulzthis is diego, not dwight :)02:47
alteregoadiego, what a goddess02:48
dschulzbut i'm a big fan of a team02:48
dschulzas everyone born in the 80s here in Paraguay02:48
alteregoayeah ok james02:48
alteregoaparaguay paranormal paranoid02:49
alteregoawhats so special in paraguay?02:49
dschulzlook at uncyclopedia for a good definition :)02:50
dschulzthat Josef Mengele was here?02:50
alteregoahe was married to a guarani girl02:51
dschulznaa, that's not true02:51
alteregoathat was a joke02:52
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=== Broccoli is now known as dschulz
alteregoaheh barclay02:56
ransomhey all.  I having trouble getting Karmic beta to load from a USB.  It will load just fine until it is time for GDM to come up, then I just get a blinking mouse cursor.  I know a few other people have had this issue.  Any suggestions?02:58
ransomoh, and I am pretty sure it is a GDM issue, b/c Kubuntu and Xubuntu load just fine.02:59
Jordan_Uransom: Does it boot from the LiveCD ok?03:01
cdm101whaa? update-manager's back to gksudo? :(03:01
ransomJordan_U yeah, it does03:01
ransomJordan_U: i tried both using unetbootin and the built-in USB creator03:02
Jordan_Ucdm101: back? It's always used gksudo03:02
cdm101Jordan_U: nah, in Karmic it switched over to PolicyKit and aptd03:02
mips-BRhey there evry1.. I ran across a serious trouble over here03:03
mips-BRanyone could give me some advice? I upgraded libncurses5 to 5.7 and now everything I run, that was linked to the older versions 5.6 and lower, segfaults!!!03:03
Jordan_Ucdm101: Ahh, Software Center uses PolicyKit and will eventually replace update-manager at least03:04
mips-BRhas anyone gone through the same?03:04
GodfatherofEire1Is that whole issue with nm-applet & static IPs fixed?03:04
ransomcdm101: yeah, i heard that change will take place in the next version03:04
cdm101Jordan_U: for some time in Karmic, update-manager started using policykit and aptdaemon just like software-center.03:05
cdm101ransom: meh, I liked the new way of doing things :-/03:05
Jordan_Ucdm101: Use packagekit-gnome ;)03:05
cdm101I mean, to me it doesn't really matter which is used, it just seemed that the new way was better and was a nice default.03:06
AmaranthJordan_U: nope, update-manager is the one thing software-center isn't going to replace03:06
cdm101Amaranth: thought that was in the distant future or something?03:06
GodfatherofEire1Also, any devs of Karmic in here?03:07
Amaranthcdm101: if the distant future means lucid, sure03:07
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: depends on what your next question is03:07
Jordan_UAmaranth: My "eventually" meant after Karmic03:07
AmaranthJordan_U: no they changed their mind03:08
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth: Just a question on why a couple of things weren't updated to their current versions, like GRUB and GNOME in Karmic03:08
AmaranthJordan_U: there is no plan for software-center to replace update-manager anymore03:08
AmaranthJordan_U: they are just too different03:08
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: we're up-to-date on all GNOME packages afaik03:08
Amaranthshould be for grub as well (prerelease grub 2)03:09
Jordan_UAmaranth: I assume that update-manager will at least use policykit and aptdaemon by lucid?03:09
AmaranthJordan_U: it does in karmic03:09
=== J``Aglpe is now known as LjL
cdm101Amaranth: it did. Now it doesn't.03:09
ransomAmaranth: do you know anything about a GDM bug in Karmic that, when booting from a USB, GDM won't load and will only display a blinking mouse cursor?03:09
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth, yeah, disregard that, I was just looking on wiki, and it said that Lucid would be the last to use GNOME 2.x and would then go to 3 (Which seemed to already exist from the way it was phrased)03:10
cdm101Amaranth: unless my system's just messing with my head :)03:10
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: nope, we don't even know if GNOME 3.0 will be the next release yet03:10
mips-BRanyone using beta ubuntu KK with ncurses lib problem got an idea on solving it?03:10
Amaranthransom: no idea03:11
jimpopoooh, another kernel update.  This is like the 5th new kernel for a Beta product....03:11
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth; yeah, sorry bout that03:11
Amaranthjimpop: we're nearing kernel freeze so they are revving rapidly to get people to test fixes03:11
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: it's ok03:11
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: but don't be surprised if the next GNOME release is 2.30 and not 3.003:12
jimpopAmaranth, kernel freeze should have been before Beta, no?03:12
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth: I wouldnt be in the least bit, I just assumed from the wording that the frameworks (at the least) were already implimented03:12
Amaranthjimpop: no, why would it be?03:13
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth: One other thing. Are they ever going to fix the shutdown/log off sounds?03:13
jimpopAmaranth, usually Beta is the break between what was in testing and what is close to shipping03:13
jimpopBeta updates should be serious bugs.. but not much else03:14
Amaranthjimpop: beta is feature freeze, that is all03:14
jimpopwere there 5 serious kernel bugs in the past week?03:14
Amaranthjimpop: you're thinking of release candidate03:14
HoopyCatjimpop:  idle here for awhile, *every* bug is a serious bug to somebody ;-)03:14
jimpopRC should be all known fixes and normally expected that RC1 is golden03:14
mips-BRanyone having trouble with libncurses from today's repository?!?03:15
dschulzmips-BR: ncurses was upgrades here too. Everything is working fine (ncurses vers.  5.7+20090803-2ubuntu2)03:15
Amaranthjimpop: this is the way our system has worked for 5 years now03:15
jimpopto me, Karmic Beta was decided more on time than code quality (given the continuous number of fixes and re-fixes we've seen this week)03:15
Amaranthjimpop: and there were a couple serious kernel issues03:16
jimpopAmaranth, it should be better after 5 years.03:16
Amaranthjimpop: um, duh03:16
Amaranthall our releases are based on time03:16
mips-BRdschulz: well I have no idea why everything is segfaulting here :(03:16
dschulzmips-BR:  what is the version you get with  apt-cache policy libncurses503:16
Amaranthwe do, wait for it, "time based releases"03:16
cdm101anyone know if we've fixed the "Ubuntu clobbers existing OS's" issue?03:16
mips-BR  Installiert: 5.7+20090803-2ubuntu203:16
mips-BR  Kandidat: 5.7+20090803-2ubuntu203:16
jimpopAmaranth, i'd prefer quality based releases.  but that could just be me03:16
Amaranthjimpop: you want RHEL03:17
dschulzmips-BR: weird03:17
HoopyCatjimpop:  LTS is closer to that03:17
alteregoayeah weird, looks like german03:17
QtpaxaAmaranth: Barney Stinson.. that's goood03:17
alteregoaeat my shorts03:17
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth: they ever gonna fix the shutdown/log off sounds?03:17
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: I don't even know what you're talking about03:18
dschulzmips-BR: aptitude crashes too?03:18
* jimpop goes to reboot into yet another new kernel.... (crossing fingers)03:18
cdm101...guy's running a beta, if it doesn't boot up after the update, oh well.03:18
mips-BRdschulz, nope03:20
mips-BRdschulz, aptitude is fine03:20
=== FOAD_ is now known as FOAD
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth: like when you shut down or log off, and even though you have a sound set, it doesnt play?03:20
bjsniderAmaranth, you didn't know those sounds were broken?03:20
bjsniderjust kidding03:21
dschulzmips-BR: try to update03:21
Amaranthtbh if it's not compiz I probably don't know all the details03:21
dschulzmips-BR: sudo aptitude update  (or hit 'u' in aptitude interface)03:22
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth: its in both metacity and compiz, hasnt worked since 8.04 (and probably before that even)03:22
mips-BRdschulz, I will do that03:22
mips-BRI tryied an apt-get update/upgrade a while ago03:22
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: that would mean it isn't related to compiz03:22
mips-BRI guess all the fault is mine, since I did a symlink (that just didn't exist, but anyway it was a missing library!)03:22
mips-BRlibncurses5.0 simply disappeared03:22
dschulzmips-BR: try to reinstall03:23
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth: true enough. Also, whats up with compiz and openGL, ATi still hasnt fixed that one yet?03:23
bjsniderGodfatherofEire1, ask ati03:24
dschulzmips-BR: sudo aptitude reinstall libncurses503:24
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: Do you mean OpenGL apps drawing on top of everything else when using compiz with fglrx?03:24
GodfatherofEire1Amaranth: yep03:25
AmaranthGodfatherofEire1: yeah, fglrx problem :)03:25
GodfatherofEire1I figured03:25
bjsniderin other words, it's another example of ati's comical tail-chasing escapades03:26
bjsniderthey'll have a perfect driver by the year 204703:26
Amaranthbjsnider: but it's already better than nvidia's driver :P03:27
bjsniderAmaranth, sure it is03:28
bjsnidernvidia hater03:28
GodfatherofEire1Well, I gotta give nVidia credit, at least there workin on DRI 2.003:29
mips-BRdschulz, now this is happening03:29
mips-BR# ldd /bin/bash.old03:29
mips-BRlinux-gate.so.1 =>  (0x0063b000)03:29
mips-BRlibncurses.so.5 => not found03:29
mips-BRI moved bash to bash.old and symlinked bash to /bin/sh otherwise I wouldn't be able to use a terminal03:29
cwillu_at_workAmaranth, in what world is fglrx even in the same league as nvidia's?03:30
Amaranthcwillu_at_work: the "users filing compiz bug reports" world03:30
cwillu_at_workcompiz under fglrx just looks horrendously broken compared to nvidia03:30
bjsnidernever had a problem with compiz using this card03:30
cwillu_at_workI've had three nvidia cards, never a problem03:31
dschulzmips-BR: what is the bash version?03:31
cwillu_at_workI've had 3 radeon cards, and haven't had compiz work properly under a single one03:31
dschulzmips-BR: i mean, the version installed03:31
dschulzmips-BR: looks like broken dependencies03:32
mips-BRI will check out wait a sec03:35
timberwhy sometimes the gnome freezes?03:35
mips-BRdschulz, I got an idea, will try to reinstall bash03:35
mips-BRwait a sec03:35
mips-BR# bash03:36
mips-BRbash: error while loading shared libraries: libncurses.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:36
mips-BR <- same thing03:36
dschulzmips-BR: try opening aptitude03:36
dschulzmips-BR: then press 'f'03:36
dschulzmips-BR: then move to 'Installed packages' and press '+'03:37
dschulzmips-BR: then move to 'Not installed packages' and press _03:37
dschulzmips-BR: then press 'g'03:38
dschulzmips-BR: 'g' twice03:38
Billiardin karmic is where is $PATH set?03:40
dschulzmips-BR: are there any broken packages (a red line at the bottom)?03:40
mips-BRit started to do something03:41
dschulzmips-BR: but you don't see any red message, right?03:41
jonndsadamn I updated via the update manager to 9.10 and after the boot it was just black03:42
mips-BRit called bash and it is broken, i will symlink and try again wait a sec :/03:42
jonndsathat sucks03:42
timbersometime the gnome has freeze?03:42
jonndsait may break your ssytem, yes it did03:43
mips-BRthere are a lot of magenta lines03:43
dschulzmips-BR: try installing sash, a statically linked version of bash03:43
mips-BRis this normal?03:43
jonndsaim going to try reinstalling with the disc, hopefully that works03:43
dschulzmips-BR: yes, those are packages not really installed but with residual config files03:43
mips-BRI don't see anything red... now it is working03:43
jonndsado you think karmic will work if I install it from the disc?03:44
dschulzmips-BR: depending on how many are these 'a lot of magenta lines'  :)03:44
jonndsaI hope so, I have been downloading it forever03:44
dschulzmips-BR: not sure, but i'd recommend you not to reboot until you solved the issue03:46
mips-BRI know ;)03:47
mips-BRI wont, unless the system locks up lol... but it's been pretty stable since I upgraded to KK03:47
mips-BRthis system is not fail-safe.. it's an old faulty desktop PC.03:47
mips-BRlucky me I got a 12MBPS connection03:48
dschulz12Mpbs ?!03:48
alteregoa12mbit is slow03:55
alteregoanext year i got ftth with 1gbps03:56
cdm101...there's a 1gbps ftth service?03:59
alteregoayeah but of course not in the usa03:59
alteregoakorea has already 1gbit ftth03:59
cdm101fastest I can get here is 50. I'm on 20.03:59
dave1231does anybody know if my graphics issues with the two monitor support with ati is solved in 9.10?03:59
cdm101(er, Mbps)04:00
virtualddave1231: what issues?04:01
error404notfoundhow can i upgrade to karmic using commandline. do-upgrade-release -d on my jaunty desktop says no new releases available04:01
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading04:02
jimpopdave1231, ATI proprietary or the radeon drivers?04:02
dave1231virtuald: my graphics driver do not support the dual mode and i have heard of other people in forums which have the same problem04:02
dave1231jimpop: the prorietary04:02
error404notfoundalteregoa, i have tried those... i don't wanna use GUI, and on commandline it says no new release04:03
virtualdwhen the proprietary driver worked for me (i have an x1950) xinerama worked for dual monitors04:04
jimpopdave1231, the proprietary drivers always worked well for me.  what was your issue?04:04
alteregoamaybe add the repos04:04
evilaimHey, do you know if I could install Ubuntu on an SD Card?04:05
Jordan_Uerror404notfound: If you follow the directions in the upgrade notes do-release-upgrade will work04:05
evilaimI guess not since it would never be bootable right?04:05
alteregoano its possible if your bios supports04:05
Jordan_Uevilaim: I've done it04:05
dave1231jimpop: i would like two have two monitors working at the same time and they do, but not paralell, if i start the catalyst control center, the button for the "dual mode" is gray, even if i start it as superuser04:06
duncanis there any disadvantage to using the daily build to install over using the beta and updating?04:06
jimpopdave1231, in Karmic?04:06
Jordan_Uevilaim: If your BIOS can do it ( mine can ) or if it can boot from USB and you have a USB reader, it's just like any other disk04:06
dave1231jimpop, in 9.04, i dont know the nicknames04:06
jimpopdave1231, 9.04 is Jaunty04:07
virtualddave1231: use aticonfig from the command line04:07
alteregoa1.12 jiggawatts!04:07
jimpopdave1231, i've only used ati drivers on Intrepid and Karmic04:07
jimpopdave1231, have you tried d/l'ing the latest from ati and re-installing?04:08
virtualddave1231: like aticonfig --dtop horizontal --something (my card has been unsupported for a year so i don't remember exactly)04:08
dave1231jimpop, why dont you have switched to jaunty?04:08
dave1231virtuald: i am gonna try04:08
jimpopdave1231, Jaunty broke hibernation on my IBM T61p04:08
jimpopso i stayed (reverted) with Intrepid until Karmic went Beta04:09
leaf-sheepduncan: It's mostly about updated packages. If you already have a Karmic ISO, you might want to zsync to latest karmic.  If not, you can install and update afterward.04:10
mips-BRstill got the same problem04:11
mips-BRis there any command in apt that would reinstall every package in the system?04:11
duncanleaf-sheep, aye, that's what I was not wanting to have to do was update again, i'm running Karmic on my desktop and it's now stable enough for my laptop (main work computer) and was wondering if I lost anything by going with a daily build for installing04:11
cdm101mips-BR: what on earth did you DO?? :)04:11
Jordan_Umips-BR: What problem?04:11
ArkoldThosubuntu karmic isn't starting the X, already did sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:11
ArkoldThossince I updated04:12
leaf-sheepduncan: Mind you that Karmic isn't final yet, there are always little bugs that needs to be ironed out.  There was 75 new packages just for today. :)04:12
Jordan_Uduncan: The daily is less likely to install successfully, but if it installed there is probably no difference04:12
ArkoldThosI did sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg too04:13
duncanJordan_U, leaf-sheep thanks04:13
Jordan_Uduncan: np04:13
error404notfoundJordan_U, alteregoa : http://pastebin.com/m524d417d after trying again and again, i couldn't convince it that there was a newer version avilable04:16
vividArkoldThos, what error are you getting?04:16
dave1232jimpop: how do i install the newest driver? just download from the ati website or is their another way?04:17
vigoArkoldThos: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1260518 ,,,maybe04:18
Amaranthdave1232: system->administration->hardware drivers04:18
dave1232amaranth: okay, thats what i have already tried04:19
Amaranthdave1232: if that failed I doubt anything on ati's website is going to help04:19
jimpopdave1232, d/l it from ati.com then run it04:19
Amaranthit'll be the same version you get from our GUI or something older (which won't work at all)04:20
jimpopAmaranth, Ubuntu now ships with the ATI proprietary drivers?04:20
dave1232so then, i dont have to dl at ati?04:21
dave1232at all?04:21
Amaranthjimpop: in the Hardware Drivers GUI you can get it to download, install, and configure the driver04:21
Jordan_Uerror404notfound: What mirror are you using?04:21
Jordan_Udave1232: It's better to install the latest drivers with envy-ng04:21
basixhi everyone, can someone please confirm whether karmic beta works as good as it says here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Karmic04:22
jimpopAmaranth, my Hardware Drivers gui is blank with no option to add/specify anything else04:22
Amaranthjimpop: Do you have fglrx-modaliases installed?04:22
error404notfoundJordan_U, general, archive.ubuntu.com04:23
jimpopAmaranth, no, but will add04:23
dave1232jimpop do you recommend karmic for dual monitors, i have not the time to experiment?04:25
jimpopdave1232, i would wait if you don't have the time to deal with any potential problems (hourly kernel updates, etc.)04:25
jimpopKarmic is marketed as Beta right now.... but i'd still call it Alpha at this point04:26
error404notfoundJordan_U, even tried with the US one..04:27
dave1232jimpop: so karmic is the newest version?04:27
jimpopdave1232, yes, it's what this IRC chan if dedicated to04:27
alteregoayeah, after karmic comes lunatic lemur04:27
jimpopalteregoa, lol04:28
vividsuch lies04:28
dave1232jimpop: okay i am going to wait for karmic, thx04:29
dave1232jimpop: just 20 days04:29
dave1232or so04:29
jimpopdave1232, wait for Karmic v1.1  ;-)04:29
duncandave1232, depends on your proficiency, karmic is perfectly stable for me atm04:30
dave1232duncan: okay ill try it now then04:30
jimpopto be clear, Karmic *is* coming together quite nicely and quite fast.  BUT, there are still issues that remain and are being conquered.  However, if you can;t afford dealing with some problems then you shouldn;t jump in at this point.04:31
vividperfectly stable for me as well04:31
sgrahamhi, i just upgraded from jaunty to karmic and rebooted to a (mostly) black screen after the white ubuntu for a few seconds04:31
sgrahamboots fine into recovery mode, but i'm not sure how to diagnose from here04:31
Jordan_Uerror404notfound: What does do-release-upgrade -d output?04:31
vigoKarmic has been stable(ish) since I put Alpha 2 on. still running smooth and gets better every day.04:31
vividsgraham, try removing 'splash' from the grub kernel line04:31
error404notfoundJordan_U, "Checking for a new ubuntu release, No new release found", funny thing is update-manager -d shows 9.10 available and even tries to upgrade, but i am try cli04:32
sgrahamvivid, ok will do04:32
basixhi everyone, can someone please confirm whether karmic beta works as good as it says here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Karmic04:32
sgrahamdoh! i think it might just have been fsck'ing a 2T drive with no output04:34
sgrahamunfortunate that it happened right after an upgrade :/04:34
assoguerozen_sxsomebody here have qjoypad working?04:34
jimpopbasix, you might want to ask over in #ubuntu-mactel04:35
vividsgraham, im having an issue where i have to tty screens as well04:35
basixjimpop, yeah i did. there are 2 people in there :|04:35
jimpop:-) srry04:35
sgrahamvivid, ok. i tried ctrl-alt-f1..7'ing but didn't get away from the mostly black screen04:36
sgraham(mostly becase it's still got part of the logo hanging around)04:36
vividsgraham, if you want to be able to ctrl+alt+f1 and actually see the console, you need to disable bootsplash, im still trying to figure out how to get them working with it enabled04:36
sgrahamvivid, oh ok.. that's "splash" on the grub line?04:37
Jordan_Uerror404notfound: Maybe there is another configuration file causing problems, try purging and reinstalling udpate-manager-core04:37
vividunless someone here already knows how to fix it :p04:37
Jordan_Uvivid: It's not a universal problem, it only affects some hardware04:37
vividJordan_U, as in, nvidia cards?04:38
sgrahamheh, that's a bit broad :)04:38
Jordan_Uvivid: I don't know what specifically, most computers I've used don't have the problem, doesn't seem at all related to nvidia04:39
vividmeh, i just ignore it for now, figure there will be a fix or workaround eventually04:39
arrrghhhhey i'm having issues with my wireless card.  ubuntu seems to "provide" both drivers, the ones it uses by default (rt2800usb) do not work at all.  i see no networks.  when i switch to the rt2870sta driver, i see networks but cannot connect to my own.  i don't see nearly as many as other cards either...04:39
Jordan_Uvivid: I have one machine that has had the problem on every other release :)04:39
error404notfoundJordan_U, it also tried to remove ubuntu-desktop on purge, which i think isn't something i would like, i tried "apt-get install --reinstall update-manager-core", didn't worked04:39
arrrghhhthere's drivers provided online by ralink, but i can't compile it... make fails.04:39
Jordan_Uvivid: Since Breezy04:40
dave1232hey guys, is it possible to update from 9.04 without burning it?04:40
cdm101my new ralink card drops out about once a day.04:41
Jordan_Udave1232: Yes, see the beta release notes04:41
dave1232thx jordan04:42
arrrghhhcdm101, what driver are you using?  i'd love to try the newest ones from ralink... they're very new in fact, but i can't build them...04:42
arrrghhhi'm probably missing some package... i installed build-essential and linux-headers-`uname -r`04:43
vividarrrghhh, did you install linux-source?04:43
arrrghhhvivid, no, is that the package?04:43
vividarrrghhh, if youre going to build a module against the kernel, you will need its source installed04:43
arrrghhhk i'm installing it now.04:44
Jordan_Uarrrghhh: Drivers directly from Ralink usually don't compile with the latest linux version without work, I'd look at the ralink drivers in the staging area of the linux kernel as they are kept up to date ( and are being cleaned up as well )04:45
arrrghhhJordan_U, yea... cuz that didn't fix my issue..04:46
arrrghhhi used modprobe to remove the rt2800usb driver04:46
arrrghhhand put the rt2870sta driver in its place.  some networks showed up, including mine.  but it wouldn't connect.04:46
arrrghhhmakes me mad that this card works so well in windows... maybe ndiswrapper would solve my problems?04:48
arrrghhhi hate doing that.  i thought i was buying a card that would work in linux, crap.04:49
Jordan_Uarrrghhh: Go with Madwifi, they provide specifications and good Free drivers04:49
Jordan_Uarrrghhh: I mean Atheros04:50
bjsniderd-link has atheros chips in its wifi cards04:51
arrrghhhi'd like to get this card to work, if possible.  it worked stupid fast under windows.  didn't even have to install a damned driver.04:51
Jordan_Uarrrghhh: Have you tried the ralink drivers from any of the 2.6.32 rc's?04:51
bjsniderarrrghhh, try the linux-backports-modules package. it has newer wifi stuff04:52
arrrghhhJordan_U, no... do you suggest i run a newer version of the kernel, or just the ralink driver piece?04:52
arrrghhhbjsnider, just that meta-package?04:52
bjsniderit will pull other stuff in04:53
bjsniderthen you have to reboot04:53
arrrghhhwell it wants a more specific package than that04:53
arrrghhhor -`uname -r`04:53
arrrghhhthere's some others as well04:54
arrrghhh -karmic-generic04:54
Jordan_Uarrrghhh: Probably easiest to test with the latest full kernel, there are even pre-built packages for Ubuntu. Incompatabilities with things like Xorg might make you want to use just the ralink drivers if you find the new kernel works04:54
bjsniderkarmic generic04:54
douglasawhdoes anybody have any suggestions about: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=810124804:54
douglasawhseems no matter what I do I keep getting a "file too short" error04:54
douglasawhwhat, does it need some viagra or something?04:55
arrrghhhbjsnider, i don't know what you're having me install... it doesn't want to install 'em tho.04:55
arrrghhhJordan_U, i'm just worried about stability.  i just want to set this box up and forget about it essentially.  it'll be my music box in my bedroom :D04:56
bjsniderarrrghhh, install linux-backports-modules-karmic04:56
arrrghhhbjsnider, doesn't work either.04:56
bjsniderthat package was created spcifically to solve problems like yours04:56
bjsniderwhat do you mean doesn't work?04:57
arrrghhhit's saying there are unmet dependencies, and that the packages are BROKEN as it so claims!04:57
Jordan_Uarrrghhh: Can you pastebin the error?04:57
bjsniderarrrghhh, run sudo apt-get -f install04:58
leaf-sheepCan I ask what those "verified" green check baby icon on top-right of all my files are for?04:58
legend2440leaf-sheep: its a bug pertaining to ubuntuone. the fix just came down here. ubuntuone-client (1.0.0-0ubuntu1) to 1.0.1-0ubuntu1 fixes it05:01
arrrghhhor how about http://pastebin.com/db34e27c05:01
vividi dont think 2.6.31-14 has been added to the repos yet05:02
douglasawhvivid: I saw -14 come across one of my many attempts to update05:03
douglasawhso, if it's not there, there's something telling apt it's there05:03
vividno its there05:03
leaf-sheeplegend2440: Thanks. It was strange to see those yet I felt comfortable knowing all files are "secured" for some silly reasons. :)05:04
legend2440leaf-sheep: yea. i was just getting used to seeing them and now their gone05:05
thiebaudeim still having problems with nvidia-settings, i have the drivers installed, but everytime i login i have to set the resolution manually05:10
=== timber_ is now known as timber
thiebaudeanyone have a suggestion?05:11
alteregoasudo nvida-xconfig05:11
thiebaudeok thanks i'll try05:11
bjsniderdo NOT use that command05:11
alteregoait works for me05:11
thiebaudei try to save to X configuration in nvidia-settings and it won tlet me05:12
bjsniderthat command creates an unusable xorg.conf based on old x-server parameters05:12
alteregoayeah, because it doesnt start with admin privilegs05:12
legend2440thiebaude: if you  run   gksudo nvidia-settings and change the res then Save the x configuration it should write it to your xorg.conf05:13
spencer_when i try to run Xephyr, it's giving me seg fault.. i don't know if it's a QEMU issue or Xephyr issue or something else in general in X windows.. how can i find out?05:13
thiebaudelegend2440, it brings up an error05:13
legend2440thiebaude: the way i got around that was i had to  open the Previw window and copy paste the settings to my xorg.conf05:14
alteregoain Turkey, Kurdish is forbidden,so Microsoft never makes a Kurdish support for windows or they would loose Turkey's market but Ubuntu doesn't give a damn about fascists governments ,"it is not for market, it is for humans."05:14
thiebaudelegend2440, it brings up- failed to parse X config file /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:15
akioanyone here know how to use xrandr in the gdm startup scripts?05:15
bjsnideralteregoa, market != fascism05:16
akioI have xrandr lines that I know work when run as a script, put them at the end (before exit) of /etc/gdm/Init/Default05:16
legend2440thiebaude: yes i am familiar with that error05:16
thiebaudelegend2440, where is preview?05:16
thiebaudei have nvidia-settings open05:16
akiostill starts up at the wrong resolution05:16
douglasawhbjsnider: he wsn't calling MS fascist05:17
alteregoadr. noonien soong05:17
legend2440thiebaude: when you click the Save X configuration its supposed to open a box. inside that box is a Preview button. but it sounds like that box is not opening for you05:17
thiebaudelegend2440, no, it wont open it gives me an error05:18
legend2440thiebaude: can you paste your   /etc/X11/xorg.conf  file?05:19
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!05:19
thiebaudeso everytime after i login i have to set the resolution manually05:19
thiebaudelegend2440, i got my xorg.conf open but dont know how to show it05:22
thiebaudelegend2440, how about a screenshot05:22
legend2440thiebaude: copy and paste it  here  http://paste.ubuntu.com/05:22
legend2440thiebaude: then paste the url here05:23
thiebaudelegend2440, http://paste.ubuntu.com/292844/05:23
bjsnidergood, solid xorg.conf05:26
legend2440thiebaude: wow thats pretty sparse. you can use mine as a template if you want  http://paste.ubuntu.com/292846/05:26
thiebaudeok thanks05:27
bjsniderthe nvidia settings issue is because it expects to find a section of the xorg.conf file that is now missing05:27
bjsniderthat's why it says there's a parse error05:27
thiebaudebjsnider, ahh ok05:27
legend2440bjsnider: yes thats true. but i cant remember which Section it needs for Save X to work05:28
thiebaudelegend2440, im trying to figure out what to put in my xorg.conf05:28
bjsnideri think my version of nvidia-settings fixes that problem, but i'm not 100% sure05:28
thiebaudebjsnider, is it a bug?05:28
bjsniderit was05:29
bjsnidermine, the one in the nvidia-vdpau ppa, fixes that problem, i think05:30
legend2440my nvidia-settings app is   Server Version Number    11.005:30
bjsniderno, you need look look at the package name05:31
legend2440nvidia-settings 180.25-0ubuntu105:33
=== FOAD_ is now known as FOAD
bjsnidermine is 190.3205:33
mips-BRpeople I got what happened here05:34
mips-BRwas getting segfault for everything05:34
mips-BRI deleted apt's cache05:34
bjsnidermine is a lot different than that old one05:34
mips-BRall the packages downloaded05:34
mips-BRchanged to main repository05:34
mips-BRdid apt-get update / upgrade again and reinstalled libncurses05:34
mips-BReverything worked again05:34
legend2440bjsnider: are you using the 190 drivers too?05:34
achiangfresh install of karmic, gnome-keyring doesn't seem to unlock my ssh key, so when i ssh from the terminal, i get prompted for my passphrase every time. known issue?05:34
bjsniderlegend2440, no, it doesn't depend on the beta driver05:35
legend2440bjsnider: oh ok05:35
douglasawhso, no one has seen my error before? I never got a response05:35
douglasawhgtk-update-icon-cache: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/libobject-2.0.so.0: file too short05:35
KoterpillarVuze fails to start on x64 complaining about SWT: http://paste.ubuntu.com/292854/ - am I missing some packages, is my Java broken, or is it a known bug?05:36
douglasawhit's somehow related to startx not working...the only link may be a lock up during an update, but now I can't seem to update anything...have to use netroot to try05:37
kindofabuzzwhat's up with the new checkmark icons in my ~?05:37
FFEMTcJI'm trying to install startupmanager, however I get a message saying grub-pc is broken.. it then wants to remove grub-pc.. any suggestions?05:38
legend2440kindofabuzz: its a bug pertaining to ubuntuone. there is a fix on the way. i just got the fix about half hour ago05:38
alteregoatry grub205:38
kindofabuzzlegend2440, thanks05:38
FFEMTcJalteregoa: by try grub2, what do you mean?05:38
alteregoagrub version 205:39
legend2440kindofabuzz: update called   ubuntuone-client (1.0.0-0ubuntu1) to 1.0.1-0ubuntu1   fixes it05:39
FFEMTcJright.. how do i 'try' it05:39
alteregoayeah thats easy05:39
KoterpillarFFEMTcJ, aptitude install grub-pc05:39
FFEMTcJKoterpillar: says no packages to install upgrade or remove05:40
kindofabuzzlegend2440, must be in proposed?05:40
KoterpillarFFEMTcJ, then you already have it05:40
FFEMTcJright.. however startup manager is saying its broken05:41
hatchetman82whats the recommended directory into which to install a JDK ? (java dev kit)05:41
legend2440kindofabuzz: no i dont have proposed enabled. its a regular update05:41
Koterpillarstartup manager appears not to be compatible with grub205:41
kindofabuzzlegend2440, hmm just ran an update and don't get anything05:42
FFEMTcJis there a replacement?05:42
Koterpillarfile a bug on it05:43
Koterpillarit says to be compatible with grub2, but lists grub as a dependency05:43
legend2440kindofabuzz: ubuntuone-client is in the main repo. you using the US server?05:43
kindofabuzzlegend2440, yes05:43
legend2440kindofabuzz: it should be coming along soon05:44
erossany word yet on fragmentation of this ext4? Yah I've googlyed it and read where some online tools blah bla blah bla.. exist etc. Is there a current lowdown, if ext4 fragments similar to NTFS?06:00
sebsebseb!defrag |  eross06:01
ubottueross: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.06:01
sebsebsebeross: and Ext4 is better than Ext306:01
erossbetter could mean compromises :/06:01
sebsebsebeross: You don't have to defrag Linux file systems it's as simple as that06:02
DopeGhot2Is it, all things considered, safe to do an upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic on a wubi installation?06:02
erossok ty06:02
sebsebsebDopeGhot2: Wubi and upgrade hmm06:02
sebsebsebDopeGhot2: doesn't sound that good at all06:02
sebsebsebin fact good idea to clean install  Ubuntu  for the Ext4 in 9.10 :)06:03
sebsebseband people get problems with Wubi sometimes06:03
sebsebsebDopeGhot2: the final isn't out yet,  I woudn't recommend upgrading your  wubi install to the beta, but not the final either,  if you can it's better in the long run to do real partitions06:03
DopeGhot2sebsebseb: This I know, but the Windows installation is on a Dynamic Disk, and that doesn't play well with GRUB06:04
sebsebsebDopeGhot2: How so?06:04
sebsebsebDynamic Disk what do you mean also?06:04
DopeGhot2When you boot Windows on a Dynamic Disk, it klobbers GRUB as an "error correction"06:05
sebsebsebDopeGhot2: If you want Wubi I suggest waiting for there to be a 9.10 installer, and starting over06:05
sebsebsebwhat's a dynamic disk?06:05
erossanyone forsee any issues when I reformat my partition into ext4, after the karmic release? Currently am running latest release ubuntu on a 60Gb SSD harddrive and mount of home on a 1Tb harddrive. I've backed up my important home directory files just in case, it is formatted in ext3.06:05
kindofabuzzi installed 9.10 on my laptop and 9.10 on my server, both clean installs. SSH'ing into my server seems slower than 9.04. anyone know what's up?06:05
DopeGhot2It's like LVM for Windows, to oversummarize06:05
DopeGhot2kindofabuzz: meaning it takes a while for SSH to connect / ask for authentication? That's usually a DNS issue (serverside)06:06
sebsebsebeross: Doing a clean install of  9.10 is the way to go,  then  get Ext4 by default,  as well as Grub 206:06
sebsebsebwhere as  Ext3 9.04 upgrades will have neither06:06
sebsebsebby default06:06
erosswould it be good to reformat my 1Tb to ext4 too?06:06
sebsebsebeross: probably not06:06
sebsebsebeross: Which file system is it currently?06:06
kindofabuzzDopeGhot2, to connect, but i'm connecting internally06:06
sebsebsebeross: ok and you don't have any really massive files on it?06:07
sebsebsebExt4 is better  than Ext3 for much bigger files, but I am talking huge stuff06:07
DopeGhot2kindofabuzz: does the server also take a couple extra moments sshing to localhost?06:07
erossno, lots of development hobby stuff06:07
sebsebsebeross: keep it as Ext3  I think, since you probably won't notice any benefits if you change it to Ext406:07
kindofabuzzDopeGhot2, little faster connecting localhost06:08
sebsebsebthe main thing when it comes to Ext4  is to have / in it :)  so  fast boot up, shut down, and disk checking, plus  9.10 has something else in it to speed up boot up and shut down06:08
erossi keep my games on it though, open arena, quake live, x-plane..06:08
sebsebsebeross: that's fine06:08
sebsebsebeross: an Ext4  Ubuntu install can read and write to a Ext3 partition06:09
erosssavage 2  - so no benefit to playing fps' then06:09
sebsebsebeross: as  far as I know a file system does not speed up  frames per second in a game ever06:11
DopeGhot2sebsebseb: eross: indeed not.  Best case is a minor improvement in level load times.06:12
sebsebsebeross: fps is graphics so your graphics card,  and any  driver  for it, will be taking care of that, and xorg06:12
coordinadori havent the "services" item in administration menu06:13
coordinadordoes anymore have it?06:13
erossthat makes sense, I don't like the anticipation of waiting for the release, it drives me crazy when I count the days :P06:13
sebsebsebeross: well the release isn't amazing06:14
sebsebsebit won't be amazing06:14
coordinadoreross, or sebsebseb (assuming that only you are awake) if you have ubuntu 9.10beta, could you please check if you have the services item in menu?06:14
sebsebsebfar from amazing even,  that's what it will be it seems, and I say this as someone who has been testing it since alpha 406:14
DanaGeh, not right now, but maybe tomorrow?06:15
DanaGEh, I don't need a pie.06:15
erossfar from amazing in a neg or pos direction?06:15
coordinadori was testing karmic since the repos are online, and i think this karmic release is awesome06:15
DanaGsorry, was meant for another channel.06:15
erosssee if i have karmic in the software updates?06:15
DanaGdamn scrolly tabs.06:15
sebsebsebcoordinador: I coudn't see it, but  things don't always up date properly when updating since an alpha 4.  I wonder if I am meant to be having the add/remove in the admistration menu for example, as well as the software centre06:16
sebsebsebcoordinador: awesome if you need it to fix hardware issues such as  an Intel graphics card,  otherwise  not quite06:16
erossmy update manager was empty. it complained about a launchpad key first06:16
coordinadorsebsebseb, i erase each prerelease and install newest each time , i am using beta clean installed06:17
DanaGssh servers are very handy for testing.06:17
DanaGAnd so is a serial console.06:17
erossoh duh sorry.. not using beta06:17
sebsebsebcoordinador: I didn't want to waste CD's, so I didn't do that, even though I have many CD R's here06:17
coordinadorsebsebseb, i use a usbdrive06:17
coordinadorand install from it06:17
coordinadorwith a couple of gigs is enough06:17
sebsebsebcoordinador: I haven't installed from USB before06:18
sebsebsebcoordinador: and the bigger  USB stick I have, I might not be able to make into an Ubuntu one06:19
coordinadorsometimes if you update since alpha versions somethings doesnt work perfectly, thats why i prefer to use a clean install. Installing from a usbdrive is more quick06:19
sebsebsebcoordinador: exactly  if updating since an alpha version, but even the beta for that matter,  things may not always up date properly, hence why  I will clean install the final in  November06:19
coordinadorsebsebseb, you could install it in a virtual machine, so you can check the new appearance, new software, etc... and report bugs if you want to06:20
sebsebsebcoordinador: and next time round I will probably do Lucid in  a vm  clean installing releases06:20
coordinadorand without use cds06:21
coordinadorhehe yes :)06:21
sebsebsebcoordinador: plus by then I might even be using another distro as my main distro :)06:21
sebsebsebreally I wanted to get away from 9.04, and do Fedora 11, but  it woudn't like  my partition set up06:22
coordinadori am using karmic as my main distro, is working ok in my machine. I will install fedora12 alpha tomorrow, its already available06:22
coordinadorhi glick06:22
glickis anyone running ubuntu 9.10 on their netbook already?06:22
erosssebsebseb, you're not impressed with karmic?06:23
sebsebsebeross: indeed06:23
coordinadorsebsebseb, do you have a problem with karmic? hardware maybe?06:23
glickim wondrin if i should put 9.10 on my netbook06:23
sebsebsebcoordinador: no06:23
coordinadorglick, you should try to run live06:23
sebsebseb8.10 was a great release,  shame it lacked stable Ext4 support though06:24
Koterpillarglick: yes, if you are prepared to deal with everything failing06:24
sebsebsebplus 8.10 isn't LTS06:24
glickKoterpillar, heh you think everything will fail?06:24
glicktheres only 16 days left till launch06:24
glickeverything is frozen for the most part06:24
coordinadorKoterpillar, what are you talking about? did you have bad experience with karmic in your machine?06:24
coordinadorin my machine everything works fine06:25
KoterpillarYes, because I run it from Alpha.06:25
coordinadorits a dell intel chipset06:25
sebsebsebI can rip apart  the releaes since 8.04 and say what is good and bad about them,  plus I have used Ubuntu since the second release in 2005,  so I have seen this distro grow,  become  better, but also worse in certain ways06:25
KoterpillarOnce X refused to start, numerous times suspend did strange things06:25
coordinadorKoterpillar, well i think glick dont want to install the alpha06:25
glickKoterpillar, your running alpha?06:25
sebsebsebas for 7.10 and releases before that, oh  yes they were pretty good at the time, but I don't remember them that much now06:25
glickwell alpha is alpha06:25
KoterpillarI am running... what's current now? Beta already06:25
coordinadorKoterpillar, you should try to install a clean beta06:26
Koterpillarbut i have a backup instance of 9.04... well, on desktop.06:26
glickcoordinador, i remimber really liking the one before gutsy06:26
Koterpillarcoordinador, everything is running fine now06:26
coordinadorfeisty? yes06:26
coordinadoroh i see06:26
coordinadorglick, well... you should try karmic in live mode06:26
glickwhat was before feisty06:26
sebsebsebcoordinador: 7.10  is  Gutsy Gibbon  the first release to get proper  NTFS read and write support06:26
Koterpillaragain, save for the question I asked earlier06:26
coordinadorglick, edgy06:26
glickyeah edgyu06:27
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 25th, 2008. See !eol for more details.06:27
glickedgy was one of my fav releases06:27
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases06:27
glickkoala is a 2 year desktop release and 5 year server06:27
sebsebsebglick: no06:27
glickkoala is a LTS release06:27
coordinador10.04 lucid is lts06:27
sebsebsebglick: no it is not06:27
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l02bhwofEqw for announcement video.06:27
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)06:28
glickok ok my bad06:28
coordinadori cant wait that lucid repos are online :3~~06:28
coordinadori always have 2 partitions, one with current release and other with next06:28
glickwill i have to change anything if i install beta when the release becomes official06:28
glickor do i just do a regular update06:28
sebsebseb9.10 is not a great release,   it's not all  Ubuntu's/Canonicals fault though,  for example it's not their fault that the new GDM  2, can't be themed like the old one06:29
coordinadoroh well, sebsebseb  that is true06:29
coordinadorbut in general i think 9.10 has a LOT of good thinks, more quick, more stable, more compatible, better looking, etc...06:29
coordinadorthe last technologies06:30
SwedeMikethe kernel is a bit too fresh for my liking though, but I guess by time of the release most will be fixed06:30
SwedeMike2.6.31 hasn't been a great release so far, though06:30
kindofabuzzkernel freeze is tomorrow i think06:30
coordinadorSwedeMike, why do you say that?06:30
sebsebsebcoordinador: Ext4 by default at last,  Fedora 11 already did that a while ago.  With  a nice stable kernel for it and all that.  Ext4 can be done in 9.04, but they don't have a proper kernel and that for it,  so  maybe a lock up issue when deleting big files.06:30
glickis there a big diff between ext3 and ext3?06:31
coordinadorglick,  no06:31
SwedeMikecoordinador: the 2.6.31.x releases have contained quite a lot of fixes.. and mucking with the vty layer is always dangerous06:31
glickso whats the big hoopla about ext4>?06:31
coordinadorext3 and ext3 are the same XD, may be you wanted to say between ext3 and ext4 :P06:31
SwedeMikeglick: ext4 isn't ext306:31
sebsebsebglick: noticable differences,  when it's done to /  in 9.04 this is,   faster  boot up,  faster shut down, and rather fist disk checking after the 23 or so boots,  9.10 with Ext4 is like that, but they also have  the new boot up stuff to speed things up06:32
vividwhere is the System > Administration > Services menu?06:32
coordinadorSwedeMike, oh i see06:32
coordinadorvivid,  i dont have it neither06:32
coordinadorvivid, i reported that as a bug06:32
coordinadora couple of days ago06:32
vividis there a cmd line to access it?06:32
coordinadorvivid,  i dont remember the command06:34
coordinadorbut you can edit services in /etc/ dir06:34
coordinadori dont remember which subdir neither, my memory sucks i know06:34
coordinadorand sorry for my english , my main language is spanish06:34
assoguerozen_sxguys, what is the command to activate gnome-volume-control tray icon?06:35
Koterpillar/etc/init.d ? /etc/rc?.d/ ?06:35
Seventoesis it possible to boot off of the 9.10 iso with grub (not grub2)?06:35
coordinadorassoguerozen_sx, i think is an applet of gnome panel06:35
sebsebsebSeventoes: I think so, but  it won't be easy to set up06:35
coordinadorassoguerozen_sx, check private06:35
assoguerozen_sxcoordinador not here06:35
Seventoessebsebseb: clue on where to start? :P06:36
sebsebsebSeventoes: I think you have to made a CDFS  partition or something06:36
sebsebsebmake not made above06:36
Seventoestrying to avoid partitioning and extracting the files if possible, i have about 10 other OSes booting off the same drive06:36
petafileI need to use a verson of a package (matplotlib) that is available for karmic, but not jaunty (what I'm running).  is there a way to do this without upgrading to karmic beta?06:37
assoguerozen_sxcoordinador btw, that applet just works with pulseaudio06:38
assoguerozen_sxi remove it, then no more applet to show06:39
Koterpillarpetafile, download it and install with dpkg06:40
glickis anyone running karmic on a netbook?06:40
Koterpillarglick, I am06:40
glickKoterpillar, the full version or the netbook remix06:40
Koterpillarthe netbook remix06:41
Koterpillarbut it's by no means not "full"06:41
glickwhats the difference06:41
Koterpillarsome fancy default settings, like windows all maximized (which I like) and some launch manager instead of desktop (which I don't like and have disabled)06:42
glicki actually dont like the all maximized setting06:42
glickit ws  the first thing i disabled06:42
habanany_anybody knows why i cant use my logitech notebook deluxe webcamera with skype, ( karmic koala )06:42
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yukongtevery time i check for updates it tells me: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found06:44
yukongtSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead. Am i missing updates i need because of this or can i get it to stop trying to check there? What is the problem?06:44
Koterpillaryukongt, you do not. Go to software sources and delete that line06:45
habanany_how do i report bugs for karmic?06:46
Koterpillarhabanany_, ubuntu-bug <package-name>06:47
Koterpillarif you are running Karmic, that is06:47
hatchetman82how do i change the default domain used when connecting to a windows metwork share ?06:49
hatchetman82by default, the user field is the same as the logged in ubuntu user and the domain is WORKGROUP06:49
hatchetman82can i change those defaults ? (at least the domain part)06:49
hatchetman82(im using gnome, btw)06:50
alteregoain the smb.conf it hink06:56
eagles0513875alteregoa: ya i think its in the smb.conf file as well06:56
alteregoasmb.conf in the global section06:58
alteregoathere is a entry workgroup = WHATEVERYOUWANT06:58
alteregoaif you're done smbd reload or something06:59
alteregoamaybe someone builds a gui to configure that, but this takes forever, because the average developer doesnt care07:00
Koterpillaralteregoa, system-config-samba07:01
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evanproHi all07:03
evanproI'm having a problem with reboot07:04
hatchetman82is tweaking the smb.conf the same as editing the gnome configuration editor ?07:04
evanproIt's probably VirtualBox07:04
hatchetman82because i've found /system/smb/workgroup in there07:04
evanproTHanks for adding the topic tonyyarusso07:04
hatchetman82and i think thats where the default is kept07:04
freenoseWhat app does karmic uses for cpu freq scaling?07:04
alteregoathis program crashs random07:05
hatchetman82what smb.conf to edit ? i see it at /usr/share/samba and /etc/samba/07:06
hatchetman82ok. out of curiosity, whats the purpose of the /usr/share file ?07:07
evanprogonna reboot07:07
evanprowish me luck folks07:07
hatchetman82good luck07:08
alteregoai wish me luck yeah07:08
Koterpillar$ head /usr/share/samba/smb.conf: # Sample configuration file for the Samba suite for Debian GNU/Linux.07:08
alteregoahmm i hope some distro tries to merge every config file into a single registry07:08
KoterpillarVuze fails to start on x64 complaining about SWT: http://paste.ubuntu.com/292854/ - am I missing some packages, is my Java broken, or is it a known bug?07:09
Koterpillaralteregoa, Windows :(07:09
alteregoakoterpillar: i know, but the idea is good07:09
Koterpillaralteregoa, Disagree. Say I want to try out my new Samba/X/etc. config, how do I back it up?07:09
alteregoai remember pre windows 95 times, win31 with those wierd .ini's07:09
Koterpillarcp smb.conf smb.conf.bak07:10
vividffs, can i safely remove pulseaudio in karmic?07:10
KoterpillarHow do I restore it if I messed up? Same. How do I restore a registry if the system doesn't boot, and I can't use whatever registry editor?07:10
alteregoakoterpillar? central managing linux(es) becomes more easy if you have just a single file to modify07:11
alteregoakoterpillar: a registry to restore is easy, there are many backups07:11
KoterpillarMy point is: you should't need an utility to read it, or to edit it.07:13
evanproit wasn't VirtualBox07:13
evanproSo, I have a problem with karmic07:14
alteregoakoterpillar: i agree, but this utility could fit within the mbr07:14
evanproI updated & upgraded this afternon07:14
evanproWhen I rebooted this evening07:14
evanproThe boot sequence stops at "Starting init crypto disks"07:14
Koterpillar!enter | evanpro07:14
ubottuevanpro: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:14
texnofobixanyone here using kubuntu netbook version?07:14
evanproKoterpillar: thanks.07:14
ArkoldThosanyone got this after upgrading to karmic? Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module07:15
evanproMy theory is that the init script that runs after /etc/init.d/cryptdisks-early is failing.07:15
texnofobixi'm seeing issues with the panel with application and newspaper to stay in an edit mode after going to the application (widget) menu07:15
ArkoldThosevanpro, just wait MANY time there, waited for me :)07:16
ArkoldThosi mean, worked for me*07:16
eagles0513875evanpro: will reboot to see if it happens to me as well07:16
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: will check that as well for ya07:16
hatchetman82alteregoa: i think a better idea would be some sophisticated configuration editor that _presents_ everything as if it was lone large conf structure, but stores it into the original seperate files07:16
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, that just happens, when you booted the system 20+ times without fsck checking07:17
hatchetman82lone = one*07:17
ArkoldThosso it checks it, but unlike other ubuntu versions, it doesn't advices, no clue why07:17
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: i havent run fsck yet i have another 3 reboots before it does07:17
Koterpillarhatchetman82, and I don't have to use it if I don't want to07:17
hatchetman82while browsing the smb.conf file i see 2 performance-enhancing lines commented out ((SO_RCVBUF and socket options)07:17
hatchetman82is it same to uncomment them ?07:17
eagles0513875ohhh new kernel07:17
slacker_nlweb interface to packages.ubuntu.com down?07:17
evanproBut I don't know how to figure out which script that actually is. I've booted from a USB key, chrooted to the hard drive, and done an apt-get update & upgrade. I've also removed VirtualBox ,which is mentioned in the /topic.07:18
slacker_nlcan anyone confirm? ^^^07:18
Koterpillarslacker_nl, seems so07:18
ArkoldThosanyone having this with while updating? :/ Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module07:18
slacker_nlKoterpillar: kthnx07:18
hatchetman82slacker_nl: yeah, cant load the page either07:18
eagles0513875evanpro: no problem with it hanging in regards to  your issue07:18
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: it loaded the driver just fine for me07:18
evanproArkoldThos: so, it's a fsck that's taking a while and not giving good output? I'll try doing an fsck in my USB-key environment and then reboot. Hopefully it won't try to fsck again.07:19
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: are you using the 185 driver or the generic nv one07:19
hatchetman82ok, smb.conf tweaked, rebooting to test07:19
evanproeagles0513875: thanks for checking07:19
eagles0513875no prob :)07:19
evanproJust did an fsck, going to reboot now. Wish me luck!07:20
eagles0513875good luck evanrmurphy07:20
eagles0513875whoops wrong person07:20
hatchetman82is it possible that after a couple of successful boots to a new kernel the system removes the prev kernel entries from grub ?07:20
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, i think is generic one... is for a friend that is stuck but he is slow at answering07:21
ArkoldThossince he just installed jaunty and updated to Karmic, I belive he didn't even install the propietary one07:21
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: in my honest opinion its best to do a clean install07:21
coordinadorhatchetman82, if you still have installed the prev kernels i think is not possible07:22
eagles0513875but then again upgrade results may vary07:22
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: i would have him try the proprietary one from nvidia thats in the repos07:22
coordinadorhatchetman82, but if you uninstall it, the system will remove07:22
hatchetman82uninstall, as in from synaptic ?07:22
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, what is the name of the package to install it from the console?07:23
eagles0513875hold on let me boot up vm to check for you ArkoldThos07:23
hatchetman82thats too bad actually, would have been a nice feature (even if opt-in from some setting somewhere) to keep a system clean after dist-upgrades07:23
slacker_nlcould anyone do me a favor and paste the output of aptitude changelog update-manager? Since i'm not running karmic and cannot reach packages.u.c07:23
ArkoldThosim unfamiliar to nvidia packages :p07:23
eagles0513875slacker_nl: packages site down for you?07:23
ArkoldThosslacker_nl, sec07:23
coordinadorhatchetman82, yes, from synaptic07:24
ArkoldThosslacker_nl, from what date? :O07:24
ArkoldThosor what version07:24
coordinadorhatchetman82, thats how i do, and the system removes automatically from grub list07:24
slacker_nleagles0513875: yes07:24
hatchetman82coordinador: thanks.07:24
slacker_nlArkoldThos: take the top 3 changes :)07:24
hatchetman82i think i'll go suggest the auto-remove-after-X-boots feature. should be really helpful on most new user's computers07:25
eagles0513875where can i report that http://packages.ubuntu.com/ is down07:25
ArkoldThosslacker_nl, http://pastebin.com/m1a2221be07:25
hatchetman82i dont think a lot of people really wish to keep all their kernels, and a lot of them are probably afraid of synaptic07:25
ArkoldThoshatchetman82, i have them all since 2 yrs ago i believe :p07:25
coordinadorhatchetman82, sometimes the new kernel doesnt work perfectly so in that case you could go back to the older kernel, that is why the kernels are kept07:25
hatchetman82coordinador: thats why its after-X-boots, and opt-in07:26
hatchetman82ArkoldThos: and you consider yourself to be a representative case ? :-)07:26
coordinadorhatchetman82, what about if wifi doesnt work, or sound, or something else than x07:26
ArkoldThosis like coordinador says, somethings got broken from time to time07:26
hatchetman82by X boots i meant configurable number, not the window system07:26
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: its nvidia-glx-18507:27
eagles0513875thats the name of the driver07:27
ArkoldThosthanks eagles051387507:27
hatchetman82or maybe make it an off-by-default option in the janitor application07:27
eagles0513875no problem it could be for him his nv driver is bugging out ArkoldThos07:27
coordinadorhatchetman82, maybe a tool that manages the kernels... or some07:27
hatchetman82....the janitor07:27
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, after installing the driver the next action is dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg right?07:28
coordinador...or the system probe  (comprobador del sistema in spanish)07:28
eagles0513875no need ArkoldThos07:28
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: just reboot07:28
hatchetman82where do i file suggestions ?07:28
coordinadorsince the janitor cannot differentiate between a good working system and a bad one07:29
coordinadorhatchetman82, you could use ubuntu-bug , may be07:29
eagles0513875launchpad.net hatchetman8207:29
hatchetman82so off by default. the user would need to select the old kernels for removel himself07:29
eagles0513875or hatchetman82 could ask in the channel coordinador said07:29
hatchetman82no such channel. mailing list maybe ?07:30
coordinadorubuntu-bug is a command07:30
coordinadorand its argument is a package07:30
eagles0513875also a channel if im not mistaken07:30
eagles0513875its ubuntu-bugs07:30
coordinadoroh i see07:30
eagles0513875ya ubuntu-bugs is the channel hatchetman8207:30
coordinadorand ubuntu-bug is the command hah07:31
hatchetman82thanks, ill ask them07:31
ghendarit would make more sense to do a kernel-image rotation... keep original, last and newest07:36
coordinadorbye guys,  i hope that in karmic final , the Services item reappear in administration menu07:37
coordinador:p bye07:37
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, it returns that it is installed07:39
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: :) then thats a bug in the nv generic driver07:43
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: anyway thats better then the nv driver he has 3d acceleration now07:44
ArkoldThosx still doesn't work :(07:44
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hatchetman82well, i've posted my idea. if you like it, you can vote : http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/21844/07:48
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: ?07:50
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: is it dropping right down to a console07:50
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, yup07:50
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: funny solution for this07:51
eagles0513875remove the nvidia driver that u installed from the repos and download and install the one from the nvidia website cuz on alpha 5 thats what i did was having the exact same issue and i used the driver from nvidia site instead of what was in the repo and it fixed not having x07:51
hatchetman82rael men dont need x :-D07:52
karmicpeople do you have any issues with Networkmanager or it just happpening to me ?07:52
hatchetman82everything is fine with metwork manager on my machine07:52
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, im thinking that something different is happening, like my friend being a noob and giving wrong logs, since I got the drivers and it works as always07:53
DanaGgrr, stupid usb 2.0.07:53
DanaG1.1GB of 5.9GB copied -- approximately 4 hours left (307.8 KB/sec)07:53
DanaGThat is utterly pathetic.07:53
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: its possible how come he isnt in here07:54
karmicMy network manager do not save any setting like user name passwords/satatic ip and so , I had to setup internet sharing in my other windows machine my network managert only can connect to "auto eth0"07:54
eagles0513875karmic: kde or gnome network manager07:55
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, he doesn't know nothing about the console, so he can't log on irssi :p07:55
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: there are gui based clients and is he on gnome or kde07:55
ArkoldThosx doesn't start :p07:55
eagles0513875karmic: not that i know of i know on kde the network manager doesnt work with wifi07:55
eagles0513875does he have a win based machine he can get on07:56
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, he installed some msn console client07:57
ArkoldThosno clue xd07:57
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: i think he just needs to reinstall07:57
eagles0513875and do a clean install instead of upgrade07:57
ArkoldThosclean install of the beta?07:57
eagles0513875especially since he isnt well versed in command line07:57
eagles0513875karmic: whats wrong07:57
karmicnothing :D07:58
ArkoldThosi wonder why karmic is more unstable than debian sid :p07:58
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: that will change07:59
Ian_Corneis it unstable?07:59
Ian_Cornehaven't noticed tbh07:59
SwedeMikeArkoldThos: probably because of newer kernel?07:59
SwedeMikesid is at 2.6.30 afaik?07:59
induswhy is the new gdm black and not brown like the mock up08:00
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, yeah, just about 15 days more D:08:01
ArkoldThosSwedeMike, yup 2.6.3008:01
SwedeMikeso it has 3 more months of kernel fixes08:01
glickhey, in netnbook remix, how can i adda folder to my home folder08:01
eagles0513875SwedeMike: and ArkoldThos the kernel isnt bad has some issues in my studies for linux certification if i learned anything about the kernel the odd numbers are usually dev versions even numbers are release versions08:01
glickwhen i right click nothing happens08:01
ArkoldThosnever said the kernel was bad :p the kernel is okay, is just that everytime I update the packages alsa goes broken and other things do too, but well, just 15 days more of 10329103 updates daily :p08:02
glickwow, the new UNR interface is pretty damn sweet08:04
glicki didnt like it before but  now i love it08:04
glickit adds sooo much realestate08:04
ArkoldThosglick, what netbook you got :O?08:05
ArkoldThosim thinking on buying one, not sure yet though08:05
glicki got the 1000HE08:05
glicki love it08:05
eagles0513875ArkoldThos: i have duel boot on my macbook pro and its the same i have no audio what so ever08:06
eagles0513875ahhhhhh i hate vista08:06
glickim running 9.10 off a usb drive and so far im VERY impressed08:07
vividive had troubles with this is the past...what is the recommended method to uninstall pulseaudio08:08
SwedeMikeeagles0513875: that is not correct anymore, it hasn't been correct for several years. there is nothing with odd and even numbers anymore.08:09
SwedeMikeeagles0513875: it used to be that 1.x where x was odd, it was dev version08:09
eagles0513875but from what i have seen with kubuntu SwedeMike is that they always seem to use even numbered kernels08:10
SwedeMikemust be a coincidence.08:10
glickhmm i think i found a small bug in unr08:10
glicknothing major though08:10
glickbut slightly annoying08:10
mac_vglick: big or small... any bug is a bug ;)08:11
ArkoldThoseagles0513875, the thing that is going broken on every update is alsa-base so you dont have to deal with it heheh08:12
eagles0513875i wonder if compiling it from source package would fix it08:12
nowimprovedinstalled karmic koala, and it killed my whole system08:18
nowimprovedso I reinstalled with an old ubuntu cd I had, and it somehow combined 2 of my hard drives08:18
nowimprovedI cant start ubuntu unless they are both connected08:18
wektnowimproved: do you understand how it did that?08:18
wektnowimproved: which installer?08:19
nowimprovedone of my hard drives had windows on it08:19
nowimprovedand still has it08:19
wektnowimproved: the debian installer (a.k.a. 'alternative') or ubuntu installer?08:19
nowimprovedyou need both of the drives connected to boot ubuntu though08:20
nowimprovedthe live cd one08:20
nowimprovedI dont care though, I will wait until karmic stable comes out , and format both of them08:20
nowimprovedand make sure not to have 2 hard drives connected when installing08:20
wektWhat are the bug targets for the debian & ubuntu installers?08:21
Ian_Cornethe update just installed both -13 and -14 kernel08:31
Ian_Corneand it took the -13 kernel as the one to use actively08:31
Ian_Cornehow can i change that?08:31
Dr_Willis2.6.31-14-generic   is being used here08:32
Dr_WillisTry reruning 'update-grub' ?08:32
Ian_Cornewell i saw something like -13 has been configged last, not creating symlinks08:33
glickhey does anyone know a good tutorial on how i can enable bootbooster on my eeepc with ubuntu?08:34
mysticdarkhackanyone here experience keyboard problem where it slow typing respond?08:36
wektno, mystic08:37
wektno, mysticdarkhack08:37
Dr_WillisNot really had any keyboard issues here in a while.08:37
bullgard4Is Karmic supposed to display an applet if I plug in an USB web cam (which works all right in this Karmic computer)?08:37
wektbut i have not updated to the most recent XServer for fear that something may break08:38
wektand i don't wish to re-log in08:38
wekti will do that now, though.  Bye.08:39
=== histo_ is now known as histo
mysticdarkhacknevermind, it the cheap battery for my wireless keyboard08:43
thepianoguyhi guys08:46
thepianoguymy pulseaudio doesn't see any devices08:46
thepianoguyis there anything else I need to install/configure other than default package08:46
* Dr_Willis sucks at sound trouble shooting08:46
thepianoguy- the new skype supports pulseaudio only AFAIK... no alsa/oss anymore08:46
|eagles0513875|morning Dr_Willis was talking with ArkoldThos about sound he said the updates are constantly breaking alsa base package08:47
glickdoes ubuntu unr automatically encrypt your home folder?08:47
glickwhy does it give me the option to require password to login and decrypt home folder?08:48
Dr_WillisI was?  :)08:48
Dr_Willisglick:  sounds like its asking if you want to encrypt. I dident think it did it by default. But ibe not tested the UNR version lately.08:48
ArkoldThoshi D:08:49
glickdoes it decrease performance a lot?08:49
Dr_Willisglick: it might a little.. i dobt if its a lot.08:50
Dr_WillisIf you are paranoid about someone stealing you rlaptop and getting your data - it may be a good idea08:51
lodderHelp, on every icon in nautilus there is a check icon, how can i get rid of it?08:56
=== |Myxb| is now known as Myxb
topylilodder, yeah ubuntu one decided to put them there for both my laptop and desktop09:09
loddertopyli: is it ubuntu one? that causing it ?09:10
topylilodder, well at least the emblem is named "ubuntuone-synchronized"09:10
topylilodder, here's the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/45011209:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450112 in ubuntuone-client "Entire Hard Drive Marked as ubuntuone-synchronized" [Critical,Fix released]09:11
yoritomo every web browsers are extremely slow on my karmic09:12
yoritomoi thought it was coming from the new firefox09:12
yoritomobut i tryed arora and some others one09:12
yoritomolooks like it has a problem in the config09:12
yoritomofor a page of google needs 10 secs to appears :s09:14
yoritomothat is a fresh install the the cash is almost empty09:14
loddertopyli: thx09:15
yoritomolooks like a bug09:16
yoritomocan anyone check with me please ?09:16
vividfirefox opens for me in 1.14 seconds09:18
sarmisakhi all09:20
yoritomoeven for a page of google it is like that09:20
sarmisakI am using openoffice 3.1, but when I start it, it dies without warning after displaying the splash.09:20
dbuggerHey guys! Can anyone tell me why after the latest update, every icon has a green tick?09:22
glickhey how come when i do a update on a freshly installed system  i get an error message that says not all updates can be installed09:23
glickand it aske me if i wanna do a partial update09:23
vividwhat updates?09:23
glickvia the update manager09:24
glickafter a fresh install09:24
glickover 40009:24
vividwhich packages will not update?09:24
yoritomoglick i got it too09:26
yoritomotry to change the server to see09:26
yoritomosource server09:26
vividglick, 'sudo apt-get upgrade' , what packages are under will not be upgraded?09:27
topylidbugger, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/45011209:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450112 in ubuntuone-client "Entire Hard Drive Marked as ubuntuone-synchronized" [Critical,Fix released]09:29
dbuggerlol, funny bug :D09:30
topyliglick, in such situations, use synaptic. the updates need to remove/install packages, which an upgrade won't do but dist-upgrade will09:30
glickwhat do you do with dialog screens that are too big for the physical screen and you cant click 'ok'09:32
topyliglick, alt-drag09:33
glickthanks topyli09:34
yoritomowhat can make the web browsers so slow like that?09:34
glicki hope they fix that papercut during final release09:34
glickthats diffinatly an annoyance09:35
topyliglick, which papercut?09:35
topylioversized dialogs exist in many apps that should be fixed. it's not really a single problem09:36
topylito make matters worse, compiz constrains (or at least used to constrain) windows to the top of the screen by default so you couldn't even move them09:37
yoritomoglick what is your screnn resolution?09:38
vividcompiz should be optional to install anyway imo09:38
Dr_WillisBut the cube effect is the whole REASON for running Linux!09:40
vividoh yea, most people run linux because it has flashy desktop effects right?09:40
Dr_WillisIt worked for OS-X :)09:41
glickyoritomo, 1024x60009:41
vividi guess09:41
yoritomoperfect anyway, :s09:42
vividbut it should still be optional to install, instead of optional to remove, like *cough* pulse09:42
yoritomohow comes you experience such window problem09:42
glickhey do i have to reinstall when 9.10 is officially released?09:42
glickor will the update manager bring everything up to speed?09:42
elumbellavivid: what do you run instead of pulse?09:43
vividelumbella, alsa, but it would seem i cant do that in karmic09:44
elumbellawell, i use pulse and it works fine for me09:44
vividfor me, it causes more problems than it adds features that i will ever use09:45
vividthe largest of which is microphone functionality09:45
elumbellahehe, and for me, without pulse my sound didn't work correctly09:45
Dr_Willisglick:  i tend to wait a week or 3 after release.. then do a clean reinstall.. just  to clear out all the cruft i was beta-testing09:45
vividelumbella, but, wouldnt it be easier for you to 'apt-get install pulseaudio' to fix than it is for me to take an ice pick to my computer to get pulse to go away09:46
elumbellavivid: yeah, that of course. but you could do that with a lot of packages and then we dont have a distribution anymore...09:47
vividwell i would advocate pulseaudio if my microphone would work09:48
glickyeah good idea Dr_Willis09:48
vividhell, i would even settle for them actually making an attempt to help get it working, rather than telling me my configuration is wrong09:48
yoritomoin virtualbox i use jaunty and the web pages are extremely faster09:50
yoritomobut on karmic can't use a browser09:50
yoritomoi think i will stop to use karmic, not yet on maturity i will reinstall jaunty09:50
glickso far the nbr is pretty nice09:50
glickim liking the netbook interface09:50
glickbefore i hated it09:50
yoritomofor me the experience will stop here, web browser is a thing i can't do without09:53
vividyoritomo, try back when karmic is no longer Beta09:53
glickif i add a folder to my home directory why cant i see it in appear in the files and folders of the ubr interface?09:54
yoritomoyes, but untill now, nobody can tell me the problem about browsers, than means it is difficult case09:54
vividyoritomo, i would tell you why, but i dont have that problem and no idea what to tell ya : /09:55
vividare you running a LiveCD by chance?09:55
glickis that a bug?09:56
yoritomono :) it is installed on hard drive :)09:57
yoritomoand not usb ;)09:57
glickive installed it09:57
yoritomovivid i can provide logs, but need to know which one10:00
=== RonaldH is now known as Ronald
glickwhy arnt all my folders in my home directory listed under files & Folders?10:12
Dr_Williswhat 'files and folders' ?10:13
glickDr_Willis, in the ubr interface10:13
Dr_Willisno idea on that. I hate the UNR interface.  :) fisrt thing i did on my AAO was install ubuntu-desktop10:14
* Dr_Willis imagines we will need a #ubuntu-UNR+Moblin channel soon.10:14
Dr_Willisits proberly getting what ones to show from a directory of links, or other settings10:14
Dr_WillisHmm.. HULUdesktop for Linux is getting me... annoyed.. pause a video..  and it then cant resume it.10:15
vividhulu for linux?10:16
Dr_WillisYes. Hulu came out with a linux client last week10:17
Dr_Willisit works 'ok' but has issues.. or it could be hulu servers are the issue10:17
Dr_Willisbut at least it lets me legally watch some shows. :)10:17
vividi thought hulu was a website10:17
tosse_hi, im having problems getting kernel output on serial console in karmic (amd64), normally console=ttyS0,115200 in the kernel line in grub does it but i get no output10:18
tosse_i get "Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console" but I don't know if thats related10:18
Dr_Willisvivid:  yes. it is.. and they have had 'stand alone' clients for ages.10:20
glickanyone use netbook remix with the UNR interface?10:20
rob0I wonder why, with UNR Karmic, there was an ISO of the beta and not a USB img? How many netbooks have CD drives, and what's the point of a tiny little computer if you're also toting along an external CD/DVD drive?10:23
Lego9998Hello volks, perhaps anyone can help mei have done a upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic with apdate-manager -d10:24
Lego9998the upgrade was very well done but at the next reboot Grub can't find the Partition (there is encryptet with LUKS)10:25
Lego9998what can i do to learn Grub the correct way ? thanks for propositions10:25
Dr_WillisYou can easually use unetbootin, or the usb-creator tool to make a bootable flash gizmo rob010:25
Dr_Willisrob0:  when we had the IMG many people wanted it to be an iso.. or though tit was an iso and tried to put it on cd.10:25
rob0yeah I know, but I don't have either of those, my only ubuntu is the netbook.10:25
Dr_WillisIt was a little annoying when you dd'd the 1gb img to a 8gb flash drive.. then discovered that the other 7gb was basically unuseable...10:26
Dr_WillisNow if unetbootin could just set up a peristant save file.. and if persistant save stuff worked better.....10:26
Dr_Willisthen that would be nice. :)10:27
rob0true, but that's only an issue for the install, once you're past the install, repartition the flash.10:27
Dr_WillisBut i wan tto keep the flash useable as a restore/recover/live portable system also10:27
rob0yes, an OS-on-USB would be handy.10:28
glickwhy arnt all my folders in my home directory listed under files & Folders?10:28
Dr_WillisI have to tweak my usb-os - things to get the peristant save working properly10:28
glickin the nbr interface10:29
joaopintoglick, no nbr users here10:33
vividDr_Willis, yes the hulu client is pretty neat, a little laggy though, gg flash10:34
Dr_Willisvivid:  been trying to watch some videos.. it fails 3x now to play the 2 comercial break.. then  cant resume the video10:35
Dr_Willissort of makes it suck :)10:35
vividhavent gotten that far yet, are you on 64bit?10:36
Dr_Willisvivid:  the moovida progral in the repos is a similer interface for your local files.10:36
Dr_Willis64bit here.10:36
Dr_WillisI had to edit my .huludesktop file to point to the right flash plugin10:36
Dr_Willisflash_location = /var/lib/flashplugin-installer/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so10:36
Dr_Williswas what i got from the forums. :)10:37
wektIf you have a backlog of stale unsent apport crash reports, how can they be summarily deleted?10:38
Dr_WillisHmm.. grub2 can aparantly boot .iso files? from what i just read in a forum.10:39
Dr_Williswekt:  not sure.. i end up having to clean out a dozen a day.10:39
Dr_Willisim so used to that crash icon being there..10:39
Dr_WillisId be happy if the crash reporter could rember my sudo password.. so i dont have to keep reentering it.10:39
Dr_Willisdevkit-disks-helper-ata-smart-collect is Always crashing10:40
joaopintoDr_Willis, right, in some place that other app would be able to get :)10:40
wekti haven't seen that one10:40
wektjoaopinto in private non VM RAM10:41
joaopintowekt, private RAM ? what is that ?10:41
glickhard to believe to one uses nbr10:41
joaopintoglick, believe it :)10:41
wektThere is 'shared memory' by 'private', i mean not shared.10:42
wektthen the kernel & CPU prevent access to it by other processes10:42
joaopintowekt, hum, I am not aware of memory controlled on a per process basis, only on a per user/group basis10:42
wektit is per process10:42
joaopintostill, that would require ubuntu-bug to run as a service, which is not the case :)10:43
joaopintowekt, any link where I can read about that ?10:43
wektyes, that would be required.10:43
wekti'll check my bookmarks.10:43
rob0I use NBR and the NBR interface for it, but the file browser works for me.10:44
aprilhareis anyone having problems with zeroconf?10:52
aprilharecause i can't access my linux box's attached printer from windows machine..10:53
stonkhi. WQuick question, does karmic have better support for photocopiers that use mailbox/passwords? thanks10:53
ActionParsnipaprilhare: do youhave samba installed?10:54
aprilhareActionParsnip, not using samba. not sure if its installed.10:54
wektjoaopintoi i don't know anything exact links to the topic, but these are good resources for that sort of thing.10:54
aprilhareActionParsnip, yes samba installed10:55
ActionParsnipaprilhare: ive not done it any other way, your printers (i believe) are default shared with samba. If you jump on the windows system and open a run dialogue and type: \\<host name>    you should see the printer which you can right click and click connect10:56
ActionParsnipaprilhare: you may need to provide the driver for the printer in windows10:57
joaopintowekt, I am familiar with C apps development in Linux, I am not familiar with the feature you have described :)10:58
aprilhareActionParsnip, all that is taken care of. its the resolving the mdns thats the problem10:58
aprilhareHP WeirdJet on http://aprilhare-x64-desktop.local10:59
aprilhareforgot that bit10:59
aprilhareso yeah zeroconf is stuffing up10:59
joaopintowekt, private memory usually referes to non shared memory, however, it is not protected from an OS perspective10:59
wektjoaopinto, the protection is what causes SegFault11:00
joaopintowekt, not really, a segault is when you try for example to write data on a code segement11:01
joaopintoit protects segements flaggeds for different purposes11:01
wekti did not know that would also produce seg fault.11:01
joaopintowekt, the name implies it "segmentation fault" :)11:02
wektdo you have a reference about that?11:02
wektThere is self modifying code11:02
joaopintowekt, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segmentation_fault11:03
aprilharefor those out of the loop, zeroconf is also branded as Bonjour by Apple: http://support.apple.com/downloads/Bonjour_for_Windows11:05
wektjoaopinto, well they don't cover code segments in that article, but they do address constant strings, so one can expect that code is also protected.11:06
* aprilhare checks the version of bonjour on his laptop and discovers it is old11:07
joaopintowekt, they described read-only areas, code segements can be flagged as read-only11:07
ActionParsnipaprilhare: you can have it printing directly to cups11:07
ActionParsnipaprilhare: http://www.kindawannadothat.com/2009/06/connect-windows-to-a-cups-printer/11:07
aprilhareActionParsnip, i suspect thats what i set it up to do :)11:08
ActionParsnipaprilhare: seems like a decent guide. review your settings11:08
aprilhareits odd. you can't check printer settings in windows for a network printer unless it can connect to the printer.11:08
Dr_Williscups security.11:09
aprilharesince it has worked once it may work again (you never know) lol11:09
Dr_WillisYou could set up guest accounts to let anyone/everyone connect/print to the printer11:09
Dr_Williscups is 1/2 voodoo 1/2 logic 1/2 luck11:09
Dr_Willisand  smb on windows is 90% luck it seems11:09
aprilhareits worked right for a long time now11:09
aprilhareas i said, its not the printing its the zeroconf/bonjour11:10
Dr_WillisI still cant figure out why  the one xp box i got hass to connect to the shared printer on linux via ip# not servername11:10
aprilharei prefer it that way actually Dr_Willis11:10
aprilharezeroconf is the best11:10
Dr_Willisnot when the wife wants to print. and she cant. :)11:10
aprilhare... when its working that is11:10
Dr_Willisive never really dug into zeroconf. it seems like a cool feature taht no one mentions/uses/knows about11:11
aprilharegotta quit bonjour install wants xchat dead brb11:11
aprilharezeroconf is very cool11:11
ActionParsnipjesus sql is sloow :(11:13
* aprilhare restarts windows11:13
aprilharesilly windows installers11:14
aprilhareyou blow your nose on a windows pc you need to reboot11:14
ActionParsnipor move the mouse11:14
aprilharegfloppy still missing from karmic :/ how am i gunna format my floppy disks? :D11:15
Dr_Willismkfs command. :)11:16
aprilharei suppose i could install kfloppy... but its so not gnome!11:16
aprilharemkfs command somehow seems overkill :D11:16
Dr_Willisa gui to do it seems overkill11:16
rob0Floppies are ... underkill?11:18
aprilhareDr_Willis: you never used amigaos then :) gui >> cli for some tasks. such as formatting floppies11:18
Dr_WillisI used the AmigaOS for a great many years11:18
Dr_Willisand i had command line tools in it to format my floppies to the fastfilesystem :)11:18
Dr_Willisand copy them to the RAD: disk so i could boot from Rad:11:19
aprilhareyay for RAD:!11:19
* Dr_Willis misses the CanDO for many tasks11:19
Dr_WillisSuch a handy program/ide/language11:19
Jaymacis ayone else having huge usb stick issues?11:19
aprilhareactually RAD: didn't work at the end for me. for some reason caching my kickstart to fast ram broke rebootable RAD disks11:20
aprilhareJaymac: i hope not.11:20
Dr_WillisJaymac:  they are not auto mounting automacially?11:20
aprilhareyay for CanDO!11:20
aprilhareis there an equivalent of CanDO! for linux?..11:20
Dr_Willisaprilhare:  yep. Still havent found a good replacement for it..11:20
aprilhareDr_Willis: time to get coding :)11:21
Dr_Willisaprilhare:  Not that ive seen.  but i dont really need it any more11:21
Dr_WillisI rarely need to program much these days. but if i had the tools i might11:21
Dr_WillisThen theres the Amiga Emulators out I could really use if i wanted..11:22
JaymacDr_Willis, it mounts automatically - i see it on my desktop11:22
Jaymacbut it takes nautilis several minutes to open it11:22
Jaymacand even trying command line transfer or listing on it takes ages11:22
Dr_Willisbut i realized the power of Regular expressions -  a 200+ lines of CanDoo Scripting.. i replaced with 3 lines of perl and a regular expression or 2.... :P11:23
Dr_WillisJaymac:   so they are 'slow' Hmm11:23
|eagles0513875|hehe i need to pick up scripting when i have some time11:23
|eagles0513875|just swamped wtih school atm11:23
aprilhareDr_Willis: i give u a programming challenge and you turn to emulators? what sort of linux hacker are you? :D11:23
Dr_Willisaprilhare:  one that gets the job done.11:24
* Dr_Willis is an Engineer.11:24
C-S-Bmmm... the ubuntu kernel seems to be a lot more stable than my one. Does that say more about me or ubuntu?11:24
Dr_Williswell im trainded as an enginere.. and am 'skilled trades' who actually DOES real work fixing things.11:24
aprilhareDr_Willis: i've worked as engineer too11:24
ActionParsnipC-S-B: i'd say whomever compiled the ubuntu one :)11:24
C-S-BActionParsnip: yeah, ive found things I'd learnt to live with, are working again since loading the generic kernel11:25
ActionParsnipC-S-B: a clear choice then, my man11:25
C-S-BActionParsnip: agreed11:25
C-S-BActionParsnip: i dont mind waiting for 2.6.30 + until karmic is out but I'm verging on installing the beta11:26
ActionParsnipcould put it on a usb stick to test ;)11:26
C-S-BActionParsnip: how good/clean an install would you get doing an upgrade from beta11:26
ActionParsnipC-S-B: its seamless from beta to rc11:26
C-S-BActionParsnip: 9.10 is firmly placed on my stick11:27
ActionParsnipC-S-B: what about the usb storage? ar ar11:27
C-S-BActionParsnip: so if i install beta now, i'd have just as good an install when its updated post 29 /10 than if i installed that day?11:27
ActionParsnipC-S-B: usb is a good way to test systems as your internal drive is untouched, if it runs ok then install to the internal11:27
C-S-BActionParsnip: it runs ok, ive tested off usb11:28
ActionParsnipC-S-B: sure, you will simply install some updates (slowly) on release day and get the rc11:28
C-S-BActionParsnip: mmm...that sounds good. i don't mind beta for 2 weeks or so11:28
ActionParsnipC-S-B: mines been great since alpha211:29
C-S-BActionParsnip: and there wont be any left overs from beta?11:29
ActionParsnipC-S-B: define leftovers11:29
C-S-Bevidence/uncleanliness from where I'd updated from beta11:30
ActionParsnipC-S-B: if the same version of a package is in the beta as the rc then it wil not be updated. otherwise you will have the same system as a dude installing from CD for a clean instal11:30
Dr_Willisi always just do a clean reinstall/reformat about 2 weeks after release.  That way all beta cruft is gone and the stuff i tested is gone also. :)11:30
Dr_WillisI tend to install too much stuff to 'test' in beta. :)11:31
C-S-BActionParsnip: i hate you ActionParsnip now I see no reason to wait for my reinstall. :(11:31
ActionParsnipC-S-B: if its working then why not. its your call dude11:31
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: me too, bleeding edge xorg for one, ff3.7 alpha 64it flash11:32
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: suprised it boots :)11:32
C-S-Bso nothing changes in beta now, just updates and bugfixing11:32
Dr_WillisBeen testing out HuluDesktop..it works... but has issues.11:32
ActionParsnipC-S-B: afaik, yes. Dr_Willismay know etter11:32
C-S-BActionParsnip: i wont be left with old versions of stuffs.11:32
aprilharegrrr somethings wrong with network printing....11:32
ActionParsnipC-S-B: as long as the version you have is not a part of the beta already you will get all new stuff. You can't update something thats already up to date11:33
C-S-Bhi C-S-B11:33
ActionParsnip3 hours later and sql is shrunkifed :(11:34
Janis_Hi all!11:34
ActionParsnip!hi | Janis_11:35
ubottuJanis_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!11:35
C-S-BActionParsnip: the reason I ask is with beta, newer things like grub2 and the new boot up images werent implemented, would they have been implemented with updates?11:35
Janis_I am having some problems with pulseaudio on karmic. Before any sound plays I her some kind of click from speakers and laptop's mute led turns on for a moment11:35
ActionParsnipC-S-B: not sure if upgrade jumps grub version. I did a clean install of the alpha11:36
Janis_and when I switch to tty1, 2, 3 etc. I see no terminal. Instead I get some random noise on screen.11:37
C-S-BActionParsnip: thats the thing, i do want an install identical to rc when the updates come out, if you think installing now will result in that, im happy11:37
Janis_Everything else seems +- OK.11:37
topylihmm can i still pretend on karmic that i have old-style init scripts?11:37
Dr_Willistopyli:  yes. for some serrvices11:38
Dr_Willisits best to learn to use the 'service' command for many cases however11:38
topyliyeah i might as well upgrade my brain, the world of init has moved ahead of me11:39
topylilooking for documentation now :)11:39
ActionParsnipC-S-B: yes you will have the beta til the rc, then when its released the updates will push you to rc11:40
topyliDr_Willis, ummm, the service man page still talks about sysv init11:41
aprilhareok. this issue is cups related. tried browsing http://aprilhare-x64-desktop.local:631/ and got "400 Bad Request"11:46
aprilhareon the linux machine this works ok11:46
aprilharethat is, if i specify localhost:63111:47
aprilharenot the zeroconf name.. hang on. this is zeroconf11:47
acusterhey all, karmic seems to add a checkmark to all my folders, which seems to be an annotation for ubuntu cloud storage service. Is there a way to get rid of them, they are a bit intrusive?11:51
acusterJordan_U, thanks for the help last night, I did manage to disable desktop effects which helped me get further along.11:52
wildweathelacuster: latest update should fix it11:55
sasallihello. i can't found menu.lst and can't changed under /boot/grub/ . so how can i edit boot list? thanks!11:57
sasallion Ubuntu 9.1011:58
aprilhareyeah; thought so. something wrong with zeroconf in cups in karmic methinks11:59
hakaishiHi folks, is there a way for a user to shutdown per terminal? (gnome-power-cmd is no longer there, as well as gdm-control)12:00
L_X_hi, there!12:01
L_X_can anyone help me about not being able to install linux-backports-modules-karmic?12:01
wildweathelDelopment = no backports, if I understand correctly.12:02
wildweathelYou're already running the most dangerous version.12:02
L_X_it always returns the error "E: Broken packages"12:02
hakaishireally? I didn't encounter any problems with it... maybe you should wait a day if it's because of deps?12:03
L_X_it is about the ath9k bug with lots of reconnecting and phasing out of connection...12:03
wildweathelOops, no that's a real package, my bad...12:03
L_X_the bug description on launchpad hints to install that package...12:04
L_X_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/378156 (last entry)12:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 378156 in linux "UNR Ath9K unstable connection" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:04
aprilhareif i'm running most dangerous ver why does 2.6.31 kernel not support my webcam then when 2.6.30 daily build did under jaunty?12:04
wildweathelBecause I'm wrong.12:05
L_X_I like to be proved wrong if what I say is sad ;-)12:05
L_X_anyway, how to handle unmet dependencies?12:06
wildweathelI haven't used lbm before, but, looking at Synaptic,12:06
aprilharewildweathel: well someone needs to be wrong occasionally :)12:07
L_X_being wrong is the first step of learning12:07
wildweathel"Depends: linux-backports-modules-2.6.31-14-generic  but it is not installable"12:08
hakaishiif its about kernels and headers, I made the experience, that a few hours or a day later the dependencies were there12:08
L_X_ok, will try later then12:08
wildweathelI think the repositories are out of date.  Again, try a few hours later.12:08
hakaishias I just said^^12:08
hakaishiIs there a way for a user to shutdown per terminal without using the command shutdown?12:10
wildweathel"sudo halt" ?12:10
hakaishiand without using sudo?12:10
wildweathelMaybe, but I haven't found it.12:11
TermanaThe user could press the power button12:11
hakaishias I said, I wont to shutdown per terminal12:11
wildweathelAnd you can't use sudo?12:12
wildweathelI think there's probably some way using devicekit, but12:12
Termanayou mean you want to shut down via terminal or do you literally mean "per terminal" as in thin client terminals?12:12
hakaishiTermana: I would enter sudo shutdown -P now, but I need a command that is useable for a user (without using sudo)12:13
TermanaWithout being too nosey - why do you want a normal user to issue a shutdown command via terminal?12:15
hakaishiIt seems that gnome-power-cmd has been removed, so I wonder if there is a new way to use it...12:15
hakaishiTermana: I wrote a Program that needs it12:15
wildweathelDevkit can do it,12:17
wildweathelbut I don't know exactly how.12:17
hakaishiwildweathel: Is that a package I need to install?12:17
wildweathelNo, it's already part of the system.12:18
wildweathelIt's what handles the power menu options12:18
wildweathel(and other things)12:18
hakaishiman devkit-power doesn't reveal much -.-12:20
wildweathelno, the docs don't seem to be too good.12:20
wildweathelFrom what I gather, it's a D-Bus service.12:21
hakaishiyes, I just read that too12:21
wildweathelhttp://hal.freedesktop.org/docs/DeviceKit-power/ << Looks like it can only suspend/hibernate, though.12:25
hakaishiokay, I'll try to search the internet once more -.-12:26
wildweathelIt looks like ConsoleKit can do those.  At least until gnome/ubuntu replace it... http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/devkit-devel/2009-September/000443.html12:27
jimlovell777What's with the checkmarks on all of my folder icons? Does it signify anything or is it just the new look?12:28
wildweatheljimlovell777: That's a bug in ubuntuone-client that's been fixed.12:29
jimlovell777wildweathel: Ok just checking, thanks.12:30
wildweathelhakaishi: I'd like to make sure you get this link: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/devkit-devel/2009-September/000443.html12:35
Dr_Willishakaishi:  you could 'suid' the shutdown command.. then any user could run it and shut down the system. (with out sudo)_ but that could be considered a security hole12:36
wildweathelhakaishi: oops, no, http://www.freedesktop.org/software/ConsoleKit/doc/ConsoleKit.html#dbus-reference12:36
hakaishihmm... but how to use ConsoleKit???12:42
Dr_Willisuse it to do what. :)12:43
hakaishito shutdown the pc as a user (without sudo or such)12:43
hakaishiI guess, I'll just make shutdown useable for all users -.-12:44
hakaishiwildweathel: thank you for your help :-)12:45
wildweathelNo need to thank; it was fun.12:45
Dr_Willishakaishi:  set the suid bit on the shutdown command... then any user can run 'shutdown' :)12:46
Dr_Willishakaishi:  but thats a old-skool way.12:46
Dr_Willisand considered a security risk to have lots of suid bit set apps about12:46
hakaishiDr_Willis: I thought to customize sudoers12:46
Dr_WillisYou can customiuze sudoers to allow it without a password. but the user would still have to do 'sudo shutdown'12:47
Dr_Willisnow you COULD make an alias  'ShutDownNow'='sudo shutdown'  I guess :)12:47
hakaishiargh... thats right12:47
Dr_Willis  theres also the halt, and poweroff, and reset commands. :)12:48
hakaishiDr_Willis: I know12:48
Dr_Willismake a user called 'shutdown' that has the default shell of 'sudo shutdown' :) then you can login as 'shutdown' and the system would start shutting down.12:48
ltspadmin i dont have a pxe boot rom nic card so i want to boot the thin client machine from the hdd (only boot the machine from hdd )12:48
Dr_WillisDid that befor also.. years ago. :)12:48
hakaishiDr_Willis: I wrote a Qt-Programm to shutdown on a certain time or after a certain number of minutes. It was fun^^ (but it still uses system("sudo shutdown -P now"); )12:50
jbeitler three kernels in almost as many days.. this is getting exciting12:50
TermanaYou know your a geek when..... you wet your pants over kernel builds12:51
ltspadminif i install lan driver on the server then it is automaticaly detecte the thin client end..12:52
ActionParsnipltspadmin: installing the lan driver will make the device work like an NIC, get an ip via dhcp (well attempt)12:53
nstar7is 9.10 slightly faster in destkop than 9.04?12:53
wildweathelnstar7: maybe.  It depends. ;)12:53
hakaishiI'm off. Bye bye12:54
ltspadminhow can i find out the network driver is installed or notV ?12:54
breezer890722Help! wifi available in karmic beta. cannot light and connect to the net.12:54
wildweathelltspadmin: I assume it doesn't connect to the net?  Try lsmod12:55
wildweathelltspadmin: lsmod | less12:55
wildweathelltspadmin: or12:55
breezer890722or what?12:56
wildweathelltspadmin: ifconfig12:56
ltspadminatually what happen...one of the my thin client machine can not boot through i-ball nic12:56
ltspadminmodel no. is iB-LPA432E12:57
nstar7did the developers eliminate the lame and ugly GTK authorization dialog for asking password when you install packages from PackageKit?12:58
wildweathelltspadmin: Hmm.  This problem's probably out of my league, now that I think about it.  Sorry.12:58
wekthow do you get a list of UUIDs?12:58
ltspadminHUM..ITS OK..SIR12:58
wektfor filesystems?12:58
wekti don't understand, ltspadmin.12:59
ltspadmini want a boot the thin client without pxe boot rom in ltsp ubuntu 9.10 64bit13:00
wildweathelSo, you want to boot with HDD, right?13:01
jbichatry #ltsp13:02
Dr_Willisltspadmin:   ive seen iso images, and floppy images and  flash images to boot  over the net.13:04
ltspadmincan u plz..send the step..13:04
wildweathelltspadmin:  Have you used LTSP before/13:05
Dr_Williswhich step?13:05
* Dr_Willis has never really worked with PXE stuff.. just looked at a few guides.13:05
ltspadminbut not in depth..13:06
ltspadminbefore i used ubuntu 8.0413:06
ltspadminat that time ..i have enough lan card with pxe boot rom..13:06
wildweathelltspadmin: I'd recommend getting it working with Jaunty (9.04) before trying Karmic.  As jbicha said, #ltsp will probably be more helpful.13:06
jbeitlerok who is trying to PXE boot and with what/to what?13:07
acusterwildweathel, thanks, will try13:07
ltspadmincan u help me in karmic..13:07
wildweathelltspadmin: Karmic isn't supported yet.  It's available for testing, but if you're still learning LTSP, you should do that on a stable release.  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPBootingClientsWithoutPxe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP and the #ltsp channel (but, they won't want to help with Karmic, either).13:09
ltspadminatualy i have 32 gb ram..13:10
ltspadminof dell server13:10
ltspadminno i install jaunty..13:12
ltspadminltsp server (9.10)13:12
wildweathelltspadmin: Good luck. :)13:13
ltspadmin9.10 is  karmic...????13:13
aprilhareltspadmin: very perceptic13:13
aprilhareltspadmin: very perceptive even13:13
nocturn_Anyone know what this buzzing sound in recent karmic builds is, it seems to be there when the system bell goes off...13:14
nocturn_I find no options in pulseaudio to disable system bell or set it to visual like I used too13:14
Dr_WillisTheres an annoyance in pulse where the sound turns off/on and makes a little 'noise' as your sound card reinitlizes or somthing...13:15
Dr_Willisyou notice it with the bell. because itdoes it right be for the bell is supposed to beep I think13:16
wildweathelnocturn_: There's a crackle on some machines that's related to power management.  And I've heard about, but not experienced an issue where the pc speaker is used as the system bell.13:16
Dr_Willisand it only seems to do it - after the system is quiet for a long time (a few min)13:16
hakaishiHi, I have a question about grub2. How do I hide the menu window for a few seconds?13:16
nocturn_not here13:16
nocturn_it does it every time13:16
nocturn_There's no beep and pcspkr is not even loaded13:17
wildweathelnocturn_: Well, how do you make it buzz?13:17
nocturn_wildweathel, anything that sounds the system bell, like hitting backspace in xchat with no characters left to delete of tabbing in a terminal when there are no completions13:18
wildweathelDoes it come from the audio speakers?13:18
nocturn_wildweathel, I can't tell13:19
nocturn_I guess so13:19
wildweathelPC or laptop?13:19
nocturn_Laptop, a Dell precision M440013:19
wildweathelCan you plug in some headphones?13:19
nocturn_it outputs sound with sound muted though13:20
wildweathelIt sounds like it's the "pc" speaker then (it's soldered onto the motherboard).13:20
nocturn_before karmic, I could just blacklist pcspkr to disable that13:21
hakaishiI know, I have to customize the /etc/default/grub... Currently I have the options: GRUB_HIDDENTIMEOUT=3  and GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=false and GRUB_TIMEOUT=0. What am I doing wrong?13:21
wildweathelnocturn_: for whatever reason, that doesn't seem to be fixing it anymore.  It doesn't affect me, so I don't really know.13:22
joaopintonocturn_, try: xset b off13:22
joaopintoI have the beep disable problem since jaunty13:22
Dr_Willishakaishi:  dont forget to rereun update grub after alterting the configs13:22
joaopintoadded the set bell off to my bash_rc13:22
Dr_Willisblacklist the pcspkr module also?13:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beep13:23
joaopintoDr_Willis, that doesn't work for our case13:23
Dr_Willistake a wirecutter to the speaker wires. :)13:23
wildweathelnocturn_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1289536&highlight=pc+speaker+system+beep13:23
hakaishiDr_Willis: I did that, but the grub just opens the menu... maybe I should try once more (I did this yesterday).13:24
Dr_WillisWhy do you want it to hide for 3 seconds then show up?13:24
hakaishiDr_Willis: no it didn't13:25
hakaishiDr_Willis:  no, I'd like it to hide for 3 seconds and then boot the default13:26
doogluscan someone help please?  when I plug in a USB mass storage, device, it used to use what I wanted to do with it.  then I checked 'don't ask again', and now it doesn't work.  how can I undo that 'don't ask again' setting?13:26
Dr_Willisyou set the hidden timeout to ne 3 then i thought13:26
nocturn_thanks wildweathel, I muted the speaker in ALSA13:26
Dr_Willisgrub timeout is for when its not hidden13:26
Dr_WillisI think.....13:26
wildweatheldooglus: Open a folder, then Edit -> Preferences -> Media13:27
doogluswildweathel: thanks so much13:27
hakaishiDr_Willis: I also tried to place a # before grub_timeaout13:27
Dr_Willisif #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=013:28
Dr_Willisthen it shows the menu..13:28
doogluswildweathel: I've wanted to know that for over a year :)13:28
Dr_Willisif thats set to some # (and uncommented) it  hides/waits  then goes to the default.. I thought13:28
Dr_Willisif its not hidden. then it uses the GRUB_TIMEOUT instead (i think)13:29
hakaishiDr_Willis: Okay, I'll just try again... I'll be back13:30
nstar7is it normal that the system becomes rather unsusable when running a karmic-upgrade and it installs the packages?13:32
nstar7it responds very slowly13:32
void^_slow in what way, starting applications etc. may be slow due to heavy disk io13:33
nstar7yep.. starting applications13:33
nstar7im using IDE hdds ..13:34
nstar7and 1gb of ram and a athlong64 3800+ single core13:34
dooglusoh, something else I wanted to know: I installed 2 different versions of ubuntu on 2 different root partitions, but no separate /boot partition, so I don't see all kernels versions of both of them.  can I now make a shared /boot partition?13:34
nstar7running amarok, karmic-upgrade, quassel irc and konqueror13:34
nstar7and kopete13:35
Dr_Willisegads... its a wonder the system dosent explode-anate!13:35
Dr_Willisupgrades do use a lot of resources13:35
void^_you'll probably have little cache memory, so a larger update will remove any apps and libs from the cache and require reloading when at the same time the disk is very busy. difficult scenario13:36
yoritomonstar7 i experience many slow attitudes as well on karmic, firstly grub, then web browsers , updates ...13:36
Dr_Willisdooglus:  id keep the /boots/ seperate  - grub2 is supposed to be able to see the other OS's  and add them to the grub2 menus13:36
yoritomolooks like a kernell problem finally13:36
joaopintowhat is the benefit of having a dedicated /boot theses days ?13:37
joaopintoexcept for lvm13:37
Dr_Willisjoaopinto:   I keep a copy of a few Mini Linux disrtos on mine. for reasier rescue/restore :)13:37
Dr_Willisbut i dont mess with /boot/ on its own parittion much any more13:38
dooglusDr_Willis: I installed 64 bit ubuntu on sda1 first, then 32 bit on sda3.  a few days ago I upgraded the 64 bit one, it installed a new kernel, but when I rebooted, the new 64 bit kernel wasn't on the grub menu.  it seems that I need to run grub-update or some such on the 32 bit partition before the menu is updated13:38
yoritomonstar7 how is the time for pages to load on firefox under karmic ?13:38
Dr_Willisdooglus:   You really need to either chainload the grubs.. or pick one OS to handle grub and boot os's13:38
Dr_Willisdooglus:   I dont see much need to use 64bit and 32bit. Im all 64bit now on all my box's13:39
nstar7btw i didnt mention im on wubi :D13:39
nstar7with my install13:39
* Dr_Willis scoffs on wubi13:39
dooglusDr_Willis: I would use 64 bit if the wireless driver would work and I could get the buttons on flash apps to work13:39
dooglusDr_Willis: maybe a broken youtube isn't a deal killer, but not being able to get online is13:39
* Dr_Willis runs wires13:40
dooglusDr_Willis: it's a shame, because in 32 bit I can only see 2.9GB of RAM, wasting the other 1GB or so13:40
yoritomowubi?? what is it ? a kind of virtual machine?13:41
Dr_WillisHmm.. i dont recall havbing any flash issues here on my 64bit setup.13:41
dooglusyoritomo: it's a way of running ubuntu from a windows partition without booting windowx13:41
joaopintodooglus, with a PAE kernel you should see the entire RAM, event with 32 bits13:41
dooglusjoaopinto: PAE?13:41
Dr_Willisdooglus:  if you mwan run a 'wubi' install in virtualbox.. that might not be doable13:41
dooglusDr_Willis: nstar7 is using wubi, not me.  I tried it once though, and it was better than I expected13:42
joaopintodooglus, it's a feature that enables to use a larger addressing space, even using 32 bits13:42
Dr_Willisok., i missread the question. :)13:42
* Dr_Willis reccomdnes using Virutalbox instead of Wubi13:43
joaopintohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension :P13:43
dooglusnstar7: I think disk access was pretty slow in my wubi install too13:43
yoritomoyes slowness is looking like the main caractéristique on karmic untill now :(13:43
moonfluxis ubuntu-bug known to be broken on kubuntu?13:43
* Dr_Willis finds karmaic quite a bit faster13:43
joaopintoyoritomo, please be more precise, you mean for you, not in general :)13:43
dooglusjoaopinto: thanks.  is there a package for that?13:43
nstar7yea disk acces may be sucky, especially if the ntfs partition needs defragmentation13:43
joaopintodooglus, the -server kernel package was compiled with AE, i think it was renamed on karmic13:43
wildweathelmoonflux: I think I heard something about that.13:44
* wildweathel checks Launchpad, cuz he's bored.13:44
moonfluxcan't find anything there13:44
moonfluxah, got it13:44
yoritomojoaopinto, untill now nobody could find a solution to my slowness problem, then looks like difficult, if i may give some logs tell me, the most annoying are web browsers13:44
moonfluxhm, nope, bug 450851 is the wrong one13:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450851 in apport "ubuntu-bug fails with most recent karmic kubuntu updates" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45085113:45
dooglus!info linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic-pae13:45
ubottulinux-image-2.6.31-14-generic-pae (source: linux): Linux kernel image for version 2.6.31 on x86. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6.31-14.46 (karmic), package size 28244 kB, installed size 88204 kB (Only available for all i386 amd64 lpia ia64 powerpc sparc armel)13:45
joaopintodooglus, good hit :P13:45
dooglusI got lucky13:46
joaopintoI am on amd64 so I couldn't find it on apt search :P13:46
dooglusjoaopinto: it is only available for all architectures... ;)13:46
doogluswill it work with ndiswrapper?13:47
wildweathelmaybe :p13:47
joaopintodooglus, no idea, but the PAE should not interfere with that13:47
dooglusdo I need any other packages?  it has no unmet dependencies for me, but do I need new modules, etc?13:47
joaopintono idea13:48
joaopintoI guess not13:48
joaopintosince it's the same version, just with a different option enabled13:48
doogluscurrently, free tells me: "Mem:       3057856" when I really have 4GB.  I shall reboot into the PAE kernel and see if it's better...13:50
dooglusthanks for your help, all13:50
wildweathelGood luck.13:50
joaopintodooglus, please note that it could be a chipset limitation, I have 4GBs, 64 bits, but free reports 3.213:51
yoritomoi will create a bug ticket for the web browser slowness13:51
yoritomosee you later13:51
yoritomothat is not related to firefox or anything, because i tryed some browsers still same13:52
joaopintoyoritomo, how have you determined it's browser related and not internet in general, have you tried other operations like downloading something with wget ?13:52
yoritomoon a AMD64 XP3200 that is not normal at all13:52
yoritomoyes, chat working find and email loading fast too13:53
dooglusjoaopinto: now: "Mem:       4079272".  thanks again.13:53
joaopintodooglus, great :)13:53
wildweathelyoritomo: those are both things that don't use very much bandwidth.13:53
yoritomowhich tests can i make to move a bit ?13:54
dooglusjoaopinto: I knew I could see all 4GB in the 64 bit ubuntu13:54
wildweathelMaybe you could try browsing a local set of html files?  To be sure it's not a connection issue.13:54
dbuggerHey guys, can someone tlel me how to install grnotify in karmic?13:54
joaopintoyoritomo, please download a iso with wget, and check if the download rate meets something expected for your internet speed13:54
yoritomodownloading iso image at 450kb/sec13:54
dooglusyoritomo: I didn't see your issue re. browser slowness,13:54
yoritomoyes very correct13:54
dooglusbut may have seen the same.  if you make the browser window tiny, does it improve?13:54
joaopintoyoritomo, when you mention "slow", slow in which operations ? scrolling or other graphical intesntive operations ?13:55
wildweatheldbugger: Currently grnotify doesn't work because python-xml isn't part of Karmic.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grnotify/+bug/41381613:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 413816 in grnotify "[karmic] grnotify fails to install" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:57
dbuggerno workaround? :(13:58
moonfluxwildweathel: in case anybody asks again: I reported bug 451247 about the kubuntu ubuntu-bug stuff :)13:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451247 in apport "[karmic] Kubuntu ubuntu-bug: "Could not import module, is a package upgrade in progress? Error: No module named kdecore"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45124713:58
BluesKajHiyas all13:58
lodderWhat is the kernel-image version of ubuntu server karmic?13:59
wildweathelmoonflux:  Thanks.  Actually, that was a different problem than what I heard about last night.  Apparently, it's not a good time for kubuntu...14:00
moonfluxwildweathel: yeah, the Help->Report Bug menu item is also still not working (since Jaunty) *sigh*14:01
moonfluxbut karmic definitely feels snappier14:01
yoritomojoaopinto, slow on loading pages 12 sec for google14:01
wildweathelyoritomo, try "w3m google.com" in a terminal.  Faster?14:02
Likehi i need too install virtualbox too see tv that's for my tv card usb does recognized by linux kernel14:02
Solar_FlareAnyone using Karmic Koala right now`14:03
wildweathelLike: Hi, are you new to Ubuntu?14:03
Likeno mi amigo14:03
wildweathelAnd, you've had it working before in Jaunty?14:03
dbuggerhola Like :D14:03
Likeim under ubuntu maeby 6.10?14:03
Likehi dbugger14:04
Likeany one help me too install virtualbox ?14:04
wildweathelAh, cool, you're older than I am in linux years... So, what you're trying to do is run windows in virtualbox, right?14:04
Solar_Flare@Like which one?14:04
Likethe best14:04
Likei dont know how is work...14:04
Solar_Flare@Open Source Edition or the Sun Personal Edition14:05
Likei nedd usb14:05
Likefor see tv shows14:05
Solar_FlareLike: Use the Personal Edition14:05
Likehow i can install this14:05
Solar_FlareLike: Which linux are you using?14:06
Like9.10 alpha 614:06
Solar_FlareLike: I don't think theres a VBox edition for KK now.14:06
yoritomowildweathel 20 sec14:07
Likeanother form too emulate xp or vista ?14:07
Likewith usb suport :P14:08
Solar_FlareLike, add download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian karmic14:08
Solar_Flareto your repository14:08
wildweathelyoritomo: in w3m?  Sounds like a connection issue then.14:08
Liketired me a link mf14:08
Likeppa pls14:08
Solar_Flareopen the repository manager and add it by hand.14:09
yoritomowildweathel  20sec w3m , 12sec firefox , 10 sec arora,  and downloading iso ubuntu at 450kb/sec14:09
Solar_Flarejbicha: thx14:09
wildweathelyoritomo: that's really weird.  w3m should be fastest.  Did you test them all on the same page in that order (w3m first)?14:10
LikeSolar_Flare,  in a repositories ?14:10
wildweathelLike: please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Repositories/Ubuntu?action=show&redirect=AddingRepositoriesHowto14:11
rockratinstallation of screenlets and compizconfi-settings-manager was closed unintentionaly, and now i can't remove or re-install both14:12
Likei know is deb download.virtualbox.org/ etc .. rigth ?14:13
rockrattried to reinstall but it ain't working14:13
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat14:13
yoritomowildweathel yes on google main page14:13
Solar_FlareLike: what?14:14
yoritomowildweathel under jaunty it was very fast14:14
Likeis deb download.virtualbox.org .bla bla bla in apt14:14
wildweathelyoritomo: I'm going to try to find a downloadable web book for you, so you can try browsing HTML offline.14:14
rockratplease check this link for errors >> http://paste-bin.com/view/720b702d14:15
yoritomowildweathel ok, what does it contains ? checking procedure for networking ?14:15
MCROnlineI wonder if anybody else is having an issue with pan crashing out after you click post when composing or replying to a message?14:16
KristinnI just installed Kubuntu off of Ubuntu 9.10, and I rebooted, now it asks me for a password to log in, and my ubuntu account doesn't work for it :S14:16
MCROnlineKristinn: did you just add KDE or did you wipe/install Kubuntu?14:17
wildweathelyoritomo, no just a copy of ESR's jargon file (actually several html files) wget http://www.catb.org/~esr/jargon/jargon-4.4.7.tar.gz and extract it.14:17
KristinnAdded KDE, through "Kubuntu-desktop" in the Synaptic package manager14:17
Solar_FlareSry, changed my Client.14:17
MCROnlinekristinn: and when it comes to logging in can you see KDE and Gnome in the login section?14:18
KristinnI can pick from things like "KDE, and GNOME"14:18
yoritomohow may i use it ?14:18
KristinnBut everything requires log ins :(14:18
MCROnlinekristinn: and when you pick Gnome and click your username it doesn't accept your password?14:19
wildweathelyoritomo, it doesn't matter what's inside (its a dictionary, actually).  I just want to see if firefox is slow browsing a website that's saved to your computer14:19
yoritomowildweathel it is like that since i installed karmic14:19
KristinnIT doesnt14:19
KristinnIt doesn't do anything, except clear out the text boxes14:19
thiebaudeKristinn, did you create a username and password when you installed ubuntu?14:19
yoritomowildweathel ha ok i understand now14:19
KristinnI did14:19
MCROnlineKristinn: But you can log into KDE?14:20
xenfanwill karmic boot as a domU on hardy?  getting "mountall:/proc: unable to mount: Device or resource busy"14:20
KristinnI can't log in to anything :(14:20
MCROnlineKristinn: Stupid question, but you checked to see if caps lock is on?14:20
KristinnNot a stupid question at all, but unfortunately, I have.14:21
MCROnlineKristinn: Is there an option to log into xterm at all?14:21
KristinnThere is14:21
yoritomoKristinn check if it is not a keymap problem14:21
yoritomoazerty qwerty ...14:22
KristinnNothing wrong with those :(14:22
MCROnlineKristinn: can you try logging in with xterm.. maybe not14:22
KristinnAnd I have an option of logging into xterm, but it's the same as with all the others.14:22
MCROnlineKristinn: ok14:22
rockratdpkg (subprocess): unable to execute installed pre-removal script: Exec format error14:23
wildweathelkristinn: can you log into a text terminal (ctl+alt+f1)?14:23
yoritomoor simply you mistaked when seize password on installation, by cap lock or by a ctrl instead of shift ...14:23
Solar_FlareKristinn: Activate the CapsLocj and try it again. Maybe you had it on, while creating your account.14:24
KristinnI can access a text terminal, yes, but that asks me for a log in14:24
Solar_FlareAnd if you're using a laptop and have no numpad, try the Fn Key.14:24
MCROnlineKirstinn: what does it say when you enter your username and password?14:25
MCROnlineat the xterm session?14:25
KristinnWell, it says "KFJ Login:" What do I type there?14:25
yoritomowildweathel, did you find that ebook?14:25
KristinnAnd it doesn't say anything at all.14:25
yoritomoKFj is your username, type the nickname14:26
MCROnlineKirstin: On Login: you type your username, then it will say Password: and you type that14:26
yoritomothe one you used on intallation14:26
KristinnWell, my username is KFJ14:26
KristinnThat doesn't do anything except get me a "Login incorrect"14:26
KristinnI got it, turns out I was using caps on the log in :)14:27
KristinnIn the text terminal14:27
Likefive percent & installing xD14:27
=== garm_ is now known as garm
yoritomoKristinn working now?14:28
xenfananyone tried karmic domU on a hardy dom0 in xen?14:28
Solar_Flarecu  guys14:28
KristinnWell, I get a "kfj@KFJ:$"14:28
KristinnWhich is the command prompt, I think14:28
wildweathelyoritomo: Yes.  Did you not get the link? http://www.catb.org/~esr/jargon/jargon-4.4.7.tar.gz14:29
yoritomowildweathel in the help of ubuntu, the first option about internet connection drives to an error message as unavailable14:30
jbeitlerso vmware is still no go.. or has anyone had success?14:30
KristinnAh, I managed to set a new password14:30
KristinnHow do I exit the text terminal?14:30
jbeitlerKristinn: type exit14:30
jbeitleror Ctrl+d Kristinn14:31
KristinnAh, let's see if this works :)14:31
KristinnIt works! :D14:32
KristinnMany thanks for your help :)14:33
jbeitlerKristinn: what did you install? I came in at the end14:33
yoritomowildweathel pages opening instantly14:33
lodderWhat is the kernel-image version of ubuntu server karmic?14:34
wildweathelyoritomo: then it's not a problem with the browser but with networking somewhere.14:34
joaopintolodder, check packages.ubuntu.com14:34
jbeitlerlodder: i believe its
yoritomowildweathel yes now it is sure14:34
yoritomowildweathel is it any diagnostic utility ?14:35
wildweathelyoritomo, what's your setup (ISP, routers, wifi/vs ethernet)?14:35
wildweathelI'm not a networking expert, but I'll do what I can.14:35
yoritomoi am connected by cable to a rooter belkin, it is a lan by tv cable14:35
KristinnNow, If I decide to not like Kubuntu, how do I rid myself of it, and go back to normal ubuntu?14:35
FFEMTcJAny idea why my update manager says the info was last updated 7 days ago even though I just updated and upgraded everything?14:36
lodderjbeitler: I just checked and for me it's still 2.6.28-15 and i use the kernel-image-server, it doens't update but i'm using i38614:36
yoritomothanks a lot for your help you are the first one to don't ignore my request :)14:36
wildweathelyoritomo, do you have other stuff running?  Other computers, games?14:36
xenfanlodder = phillippe delodder?14:36
yoritomono, now my system is particularily unloaded, except empathy14:37
yoritomobut even without it still same14:37
KristinnWell, Kubuntu doesn't run too good on my laptop, how do I uninstall it, so I can go back to normal ubuntu 9.10?14:38
wildweathelwildweathel: 'kay, try ping google.com -c 1014:38
Likehey boys karmic koala have gnome live ?14:38
thiebaudeLike, Oct 2914:39
Likeyeahhh !!!!!!14:39
KristinnI'm getting swamped by kernel errors :(14:40
Likehey here a Q14:42
JanCKristinn: install the 'ubuntu-desktop' package14:42
yoritomowildweathel http://pastebin.com/d22f3885a14:42
wildweathelyoritomo: I was hoping to find the problem there, but that's better than mine.14:43
xenfankarmic rocks on my desktop but is going to ruin my life if I can't boot it in a domU over hardy14:44
yoritomoreally? of course not coming from the connection because under XP it is fast like  a Boeing :)14:44
wildweathelyoritomo: Man, this is kinda frustrating....  Anyone else have ideas about slow firefox performance when accessing Internet pages?14:45
yoritomofirefox, arora , konqueror, and other, all the same14:46
yoritomolooks like a packet in networking is broken14:46
=== idleone_ is now known as IdleOne
wildweathelBut, wget is still fast, right?14:46
yoritomonot related to a dns problem?14:46
wildweathelCould be, actually.14:47
wildweatheldig google.com14:47
wildweathelwhat's the "query time"14:47
wildweathel(not real hopeful, since that would slow down WinXP, too)14:48
lodderxenfan: yes why14:48
xenfanYou mentioned domU support for karmic on twitter  a while back14:49
yoritomowildweathel http://pastebin.com/d6d31664e14:49
xenfanwas wondering what ever happened to it14:49
lodderxenfan: it's possible14:49
lodderxenfan: I'm not that much on twitter any more don't have much time14:49
xenfanah, I'm trying to get a domU I upgraded to karmic to boot, but I'm getting errors in mountall14:50
xenfansame place you tweeted :P14:50
wildweathelyoritomo: your router is answering DNS requests.  So, you're faster than my connection again.  Try looking at firefox edit -> preferences -> advanced ->network -> settings14:50
wildweatheland it probably says "no proxy"14:51
lodderxenfan: i had no issues @ all running karmic as a domU, I was running it on a debian dom014:51
xenfanremember what kernel?14:51
lodderxenfan: but I used pygrub to bootload it but I used grub1 instead of the new one14:52
xenfanat scripts/init-bottom I get mountall:/proc: unable to mount: Device or resource busy14:52
loddermaby that can help you14:52
yoritomowildweathel "use system's proxy settings is enabled , and every other things are greyes14:53
wildweathelyoritomo:  well, that's a possible problem...  I'm trying to remember how to change system proxy settings.14:53
yoritomoi tryed to use define proxy automatically but not changing anything14:54
wildweathelsystem -> preferences -> network proxy14:54
yoritomocan you check what you have please ?14:54
wildweathelmy firefox is set to use no proxy.  Also, there's no proxy set up in the GNOME applet I just mentioned.14:55
lodderxenfan: about those things I don't know that much14:55
yoritomodirect connection to internet14:58
lodderxenfan: I even stopped using xen until version 3.5 and the kernel merge is complete14:58
yoritomowildweathel i am trying something, i will disable auto and define a manual ip and dns14:59
wildweathelyoritomo, 64 bit or 32?14:59
yoritomo64 bits14:59
wildweathelDon't do that yet.15:00
wildweathelSee this thread, maybe it'll help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1272161&highlight=slow+web+browsing15:00
lodderxenfan: for the pygrub info: http://www.delodder.be/blog/howto/making-use-of-pygrub-in-lenny-dom0-and-hardy-domu/15:00
xenfanthx, lodder15:01
lodderxenfan: no problem15:01
peppois it possible to install epiphany-gecko somehow? -webkit is a nightmare15:04
KristinnEh, I uninstalled every package related to kubuntu, but it's still there, somehow!15:06
uboxthat is strange, you don't like kubuntu?15:07
KristinnI do, I do! But my Laptop can't handle it :(15:07
uboxreally? what are the specs on your laptop?15:08
Kristinn320 mb of RAM, and such.15:08
KristinnIt's 10 years old15:08
KristinnBut normal Ubuntu works fine15:08
uboxlol oh i see, i just bought a new used one actually, i was using a g4 mac laptop previously15:09
wildweathelyoritomo, it looks like this might be an IPv6 issue.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/43681515:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 436815 in network-manager "Internet is very slow with a Livebox (ipv6 incompatibility)" [Undecided,New]15:09
KristinnSo, how do I chuck out Kubuntu?15:09
thiebaudeKristinn, when i uninstalled kubuntu, in synaptic i had to delete packagaes one by one15:09
KristinnI did do that15:10
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal15:10
thiebaudethanks pici15:11
wildweathelyoritomo, are you still here?15:12
rockratmanaged to remove compizconfig-settings-manager, but now when i re-install, it doesn't launch.15:12
KristinnThanks a lot, everyone! :D15:12
eagles0513875nice to see the ladies getting on board of the open source distros :)15:18
marko-_-hello, i have a problem when installing ubuntu 9.10 and restarting it, it won't boot... once i got a message to press any button to continiue and nothing happened and the other 10 times my screen started blinking (like x couldn't start) but it was making it endless15:18
KristinnWhere can I get more backgrounds and themes for Ubuntu?15:18
yoritomowildweathel sorry rebooted15:18
tech404Kristinn: there are a lot of places.... this one is not bad for linux stuff http://www.box-look.org/15:19
marko-_-hello, i have a problem when installing ubuntu 9.10 and restarting it, it won't boot... once i got a message to press any button to continiue and nothing happened and the other 10 times my screen started blinking (like x couldn't start) but it was making it endless15:19
tech404marko-_-: did you read the topic for today?15:20
marko-_-yes i did15:20
Picitech404: Thats for openbox.  Kristinn for gnome you can use http://www.gnome-look.org15:20
KristinnAh, thanks again :D15:22
tech404marko-_-: have you tried taking quiet out of your grub line to see where it is stopping?15:22
marko-_-i can't type or anything when it want's to boot or something15:22
marko-_-or what do you mean?15:22
zanshinI'm testing karmic and having problems with my wifi. dmesg gives me and Invalid RF chipset detected error. Is this a firmware or a driver problem?15:25
mersaultHello. Is anyone aware of anyone maintaining/building more up to date Xen packages? 3.4.1 or later?15:25
zanshinIt's the rt61pci driver15:25
tech404marko-_-: so if you used the default settings when you installed it used grub2 as the boot loader.... you can hold shift at the beginning of boot to bring up a little menu. the top option will be your default. you can then press 'e' to edit that option. in the kernel line it should say 'splash' and 'quiet' as well as some other things. remove those two works by moving your cursor and using the backspace button, then hold <ctrl> and press 'x' to bo15:27
wildweathelyoritomo: sorry, was watching anime.  Back. Can you check system -> preferences -> network connections?15:27
marko-_-wow tech404 ok15:28
uboxmarko-_- there is a way to get into a terminal, i can't remember the comination of keys. something like ctrl+alt+f2 or f12 maybe15:28
yoritomowildweathel anyway i need to block my ip on then i need to pass on manual, sear domain what should i put in the gui under dns ?15:29
wildweathelI don't think you need to manually configure everything.15:30
wildweathelYou might, but first check the 'IPv6 Settings' tab.15:30
wildweathel"Method" should be "ignore"15:30
yoritomoother wise i will get problem again with the forwarded ports on the router if my wife connect again to it15:31
tzangergood morning15:31
uboxct529, maybe try --download-only ?15:31
yoritomoipv6 disabled15:31
tzangeris anyone else noticing kopete crashing every few hours?15:31
tzangerjust started last night15:31
uboxtzanger, i had kopete crash closed on me once, i left my mouse pointer over the window edge for a few seconds and it died. i don't know why but that was the only time15:32
tzangerubox: hmm15:32
tzangerit usually crashes when I'm not watching, makes it difficult to pin down :-)15:32
tzangerand apport didn't come up this last crash15:33
ubottuTo set up OpenDNS in Ubuntu, see https://www.opendns.com/start?device=ubuntu15:33
wildweathelThe easiest way to set up DNS is probably to use that.15:33
edgyHi, ctrl+alt+f1 gives some colors instead of the virtual console!!115:33
nemoedgy: ah. yeah. that happened to me the other day :(15:34
uboxedgy, try f515:34
nemoX just kind of blew up, and when I did ctrl-alt-f1 I got scrunched up colours that looked like they might be a tiny screwed up console15:34
uboxmine, 1-4 is funny colors15:34
nemoedgy: so I just ssh'd in and rebooted it15:34
nemoI'm using fglrx fwiw15:35
edgynemo,ubox: f5 still same problem, any bug reported?15:35
uboxnot sure15:35
nemoedgy: hm. I see my console is *still* screwed up :-/15:35
nemoI just hadn't thought to check15:35
shadeslayerhow many updates do you guys get in a typical week?15:36
Ana-MariaHi all15:36
shadeslayerAna-Maria: hi15:37
Ana-MariaAfter my update of ubuntu 9.10 beta my grub crashed now i cant reboot whats the best way to restore boot sektor?15:37
shadeslayerAna-Maria: just use a live cd and run grub-install15:37
shadeslayer!grub > Ana-Maria15:37
ubottuAna-Maria, please see my private message15:37
shadeslayerAna-Maria: follow the instructions given for restoring grub after installing windows15:38
evanproHi folks15:38
dphasecan the pop notifications be configured, ie, font size, position, etc?15:38
shadeslayerevanpro: hey15:38
shadeslayerdphase: for gnome?15:38
shadeslayerdphase: nope15:39
dphasenothing in gconf even?15:39
evanproI have karmic installed. apt-get update & upgrade yesterday afternoon, rebooted last night and bootup started an fsck. Get a "clean" message, no other output, but doesn't continue (even after waiting 4-5 hours).15:39
wildweathelyoritomo: is it working?15:39
peppois it possible to install epiphany-gecko somehow? -webkit is a nightmare15:40
shadeslayerdphase: file a bug against them ( or a wishlist ),or propose something on brainstorm,or comment on the infinite no. of bugs against it launchpad :P15:40
evanproI've booted into a recovery USB key, fsck'd the hard disk again, and still get stuck right after the fsck check in regular boot.15:40
evanproI had VirtualBox on the computer, but I've apt-get removed it (chrooted to hard disk while booted into USB key)15:41
yoritomowildweathel i am trying some stuffs, i will reboot to know now15:41
wildweathelgood luck15:42
shadeslayerevanpro: can you get a terminal?15:42
evanproshadeslayer, do you mean when I boot from the hard drive, or from the key?15:45
evanproI'm booted from the key right now, so yes.15:45
shadeslayerevanpro: from the HD15:46
evanproYou mean, setting init=/bin/sh or something?15:46
shadeslayerevanpro: can you chroot into the machine and see any apt error messages?15:46
shadeslayerevanpro: no i meant like after the fsck do you get a tty?15:47
evanproIt just stops responding15:47
evanpro^C doesn't do anything (I think that usually stops an fsck)15:47
shadeslayerevanpro: ok,try and chroot into the machine and see for error logs15:47
evanproone sec15:48
evanpromounting /dev and /proc and /var/run/dbus and setting up /etc/mtab and all that jazz15:49
evanprochrooted, doing an apt-get update... successful15:50
evanprodoing an apt-get upgrade... note that initscripts and initramfs-tools are both updated...15:50
evanproupstart too15:51
virtuelvwow, my machine went berserk on logging in15:51
xteejxhey guys, I'm using Karmic, but empathy doesn't seem to support IRC whereas pidgin did, why is that? or have i missed something?15:51
douglasawh-workis having someone that wants to use ALSA uninstall pulse a safe thing to do in Karmic?15:51
shadeslayerevanpro: i dont know a thing about upstart,so cant help you there,if there are no broken packages,i cant think of anything else15:52
douglasawh-workxteejx: everybody has their favorite IRC client of course. I got sick of pidgin and IRC and use Quassel...it'll install some KDE libs if you're using GNOME, which I do, but I was cool with that15:52
evanprodouglasawh-work, hey there15:52
evanproshadeslayer, upgrade went OK15:52
shadeslayerxteejx: it supports irc15:52
douglasawh-workevanpro: hi15:53
evanproI'm going to try to reboot and give it a try, thanks shadeslayer15:53
xteejxshadeslayer: i haven't seen any options for it?15:53
wirechiefdouglasawh-work: removing pulse can be tricky this was recommended by dtchen: touch $HOME/.pulse_a11y_nostart ; echo autospawn = no|tee -a ~/.pulse/client.conf ; killall pulseaudio15:53
shadeslayerxteejx: theres a seprate plugin i believe15:53
douglasawh-workwirechief: thanks. hmm, it's not for me. it's for a Windows-first user, so I doubt he'll be willing to do that. He was using karmic because his audio did work15:54
shadeslayerxteejx: Multi-protocol: Google Talk (Jabber/XMPP), MSN, IRC, Salut, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo!, Gadu Gadu, Groupwise, ICQ and QQ. (Supported protocols depend on installed Telepathy Connection Manager components.) Supports all protocols supported by Pidgin.15:54
douglasawh-workis going through the GUI and just seeing the default to ALSA a better idea?15:55
shadeslayerxteejx: see the part where it says (Supported protocols depend on installed Telepathy Connection Manager components.)15:55
xteejxshadeslayer: ah ok, so telepathy-irc or whatever will work without messing around?15:55
shadeslayerxteejx: yes15:55
wirechiefdouglasawh-work: i understand and thats why i mentioned it was tricky, also  if you don't use PA, you need to ensure that your user is in the audio group15:55
BluesKajGents , had to reboot twice in oder to get the login page , first time I got a tty and I did a startx , then after doing some editing grub images etc i rebooted again , but this time i had no tty or any response except the blinking cursor , ctrl+alt+F1 didn't get a tty , so I had to do a hard reboot , then finally booting up was in normalmode again15:55
shadeslayerxteejx: http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/FAQ#head-6e8718e2160a273ab4753d701c89235b3d21e04115:55
xteejxcool thanks, although I would've thought that would be part of a default install, oh well :)15:55
douglasawh-workwirechief: I'll let him know that. is that not the default though?15:55
shadeslayerxteejx: you need telepathy-idle15:56
shadeslayer!info telepathy-idle15:56
ubottutelepathy-idle (source: telepathy-idle): IRC connection manager for Telepathy. In component main, is optional. Version 0.1.5-1 (karmic), package size 55 kB, installed size 212 kB15:56
wirechiefdouglasawh-work: im just a messenger ;) i dont use PA15:56
xteejxshadeslayer: no probs, i'm not a dumb user, just a bit divvy sometimes ;) i can apt-get install it ;)15:56
shadeslayerxteejx: of course not,just thought youd like the full info,not just half baked :P15:57
xteejxhehe thanks ;p15:57
shadeslayerand i think ive had too much coffee15:57
tzangerhmm 428MB of updates in a week15:58
tzangerI'ma little suspicious :-)15:58
* shadeslayer gives all the extra coffee to genii 15:58
BlackFatetzanger, it's still beta15:58
shadeslayertzanger: dont be,im on opensuse and we have 500MB updates every 2nd day15:58
tzangerBlackFate: for sure15:58
* genii bounces off the walls in a caffeine-induced funk15:58
tzangerI do understand that, and I'm willing to accept this kind of stuff since I want to help make the project better15:59
tzangerI also make daily backups of my data :-)15:59
BlackFatetzanger, consider the fact that even if they change a small part of line.. you have to download all package to upgrade15:59
BlackFatethere is no system to install diffs15:59
BluesKajWow, just did an autoclean : Freed 1,065MB of disk space15:59
wirechiefdouglasawh-work: i just checked my install on karmic and i am not in the audio group so it isnt default16:00
geniiThats a helluva lot of old deb files in the cache16:00
tzangerBlackFate: yeah but e2fsprogs, openoffice, python... ? all that stuff has changed in the span of a week?16:00
BluesKajunreal genii , and I usually do one every day16:00
wirechiefdouglasawh-work: i just checked my install on karmic and i am not in the audio group so it isnt default16:00
BlackFatetzanger, the packages are not still under freeze.. so their versions may change during a week16:01
tzangerfair enough, was just curious :-)16:01
BluesKajgenii, it deleted several kernel images16:02
tzangerBlackFate: is there an rss feed or mailing list I can watch to see what's changing in the beta?16:03
BlackFatetzanger, im not registered to any of these, soz.. :-/16:03
BlackFatetzanger, i once tried to follow debian devel list.. but it was too much16:04
tzangerheh I was on the linux-kernel list for a few years16:04
BluesKajbbiab , gonna check grub again16:04
Koverthas any one else had this issue with libstdc++5 not being installable when invoking install vmware-package16:05
elvirolohi everyone16:09
douglasawh-workwirechief: interesting16:09
elviroloi'm using kubuntu karmic, and, although it is installed, the plasma network widget doesn't appear in the list16:10
douglasawh-workwhy would it work and then stop working though? that doesn't make a lot of sense16:10
tzangerhmm, kopete crashed again16:10
tzangerin libc of all places16:10
tzangerbutit's crashing consistently there16:10
Kovertisnt the plasma network widgit held back?16:10
elviroloKovert: held back?16:11
douglasawh-workwirechief: so, should I confirm this and file a bug? Not being able to play audio out of the box is going to turn a lot of people off16:11
shadeslayertzanger: theres a beta mailing list16:12
Kovertyes held back16:13
shadeslayertzanger: cant seem to find it atm16:14
elviroloideas anyone?16:14
tzangershadeslayer: I'm looking too now :-)16:15
shadeslayertzanger: search them at : https://lists.ubuntu.com/16:15
tzangershadeslayer: karmic-changes perhaps16:16
douglasawh-workcan anyone confirm that not being in audio is the default? I'm installing virtualbox now to take a look, but that seems ridiculous16:17
shadeslayertzanger: yeah,thats the one16:18
tzangershadeslayer: thank you :-)16:18
shadeslayerbtw if i download a CD,can i just dump it to the usb with dd and boot from it?16:18
yoritomowildweathel thank you very much for your intensive help, it is working perectly now16:18
wildweathelGlad to hear it.16:18
junjunhi. anybody knows how to install gcc-3.4 on 9.10?16:19
wildweathelDid you end up using OpenDNS?16:19
junjuni want to compile grub from source, but it seems gcc-4.4 doesnt work --> so i am looking for gcc-316:19
yoritomoi set as manual and found the dns of my provider by the config page of the router, then i pu a manual ip, rebooted and i just click enter it appears already16:19
yoritomolooks fater than jaunty now16:20
yoritomokoala maybe fater too :D16:20
junjuni install grub1 (grub package), but dont find /boot/grub/stage1 and so on... why??16:20
yoritomothat is so strange, the other slowdown of karmic is grub this time, i get the message "loading grub"  during 10 second16:23
=== dummy__ is now known as dummy_
junjunhi. i install grub1 (package "grub"), but dont find /boot/grub/stage1 and so on... why??16:27
yoritomojunjun your grub does not works?16:31
junjunyoritomo: yes, Xen fails with Grub2 on my machine16:32
yoritomoXen ?16:33
yoritomoheu what is it ?16:33
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen16:33
yoritomoand it is a bootable VM ?16:33
wildweathelIt allows you to run multiple OSes at once.16:34
yoritomomaybe try the way of swaping partitions like windows ?16:35
yoritomoi mean like windows style grub entry16:35
junjunyoritomo: you dont know what Xen is? you must be under the rocks in the last few years!16:36
DaskreechHello :-)16:37
shadeslayerDaskreech: hi16:37
DaskreechAnyone here on Koala Kubuntu willing to do a 4 minute test?16:37
Daskreechit's disruptive though16:37
JackDGEMU kicks xen's ass :P16:37
* shadeslayer is on suse16:38
Daskreechwhich KDE?16:38
shadeslayerDaskreech: 4.3.216:38
yoritomojunjun, right exactly :D my house is 60cm thick stone walls :) 2 centuries old :)16:38
wildweathelDaskreetch: What's the test?16:39
shadeslayerDaskreech: anything that doesnt involve shutting down the pc or disconnecting from the net,i can do16:39
Daskreechwildweathel: Logout and choose failsafe from the KDM session menu and relogin16:39
xguruhas anyone got google gadgets working in Karmic?16:39
Daskreechshadeslayer: I don't think it's a KDE issue I think it's an Ubuntu issue16:39
shadeslayerxguru: i think theres a command to run them16:40
wildweathelOops, didn't read "k"ubuntu part.  Would you like me to try GNOME or is it a KDE issue?16:40
yoritomogoogle gadgets and everything only proprietary spy softs, better to keep it away from our clean ubuntu, becomes like MS :)16:40
Daskreechwildweathel: Sure try Gnome as well16:40
wildweathelone minute then16:40
xguruyoritomo: what would u suggest using asside from gkrhelm?16:41
wildweathelLooking good on GNOME.16:41
DaskreechCan someone try on /16:41
yoritomoxguru, it has on kde a nice weather utility for the task bar but under gnome, me i prefere to check on wind guru website16:45
yoritomoanyway now i have my own meteo station in the garden it is really more accurate than forecasts16:45
yoritomobarometer is the best deal :)16:45
yoritomoi am a palm collector then i need my local weather checking, last year we had -21C on 7th january heu, on the net it was forecasted -15c everywhere :S16:47
Martyn1We've got a pretty serious problem with php5 in Karmic Koala16:49
Martyn1zlib is missing16:49
Martyn1Downloading update from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wordpress-automatic-upgrade.1.2.5.zip. Unpacking the update. Abort class-pclzip.php : Missing zlib extensions16:49
Daskreechyoritomo: I read that as Pre16:49
kklimondais the "right" way to change default grub entry editing /etc/default/grub ?16:49
yoritomoPre ?16:49
Martyn1As an example .. php5-zlib (or just having zlib.so present in the main php5 dpkg) is gone .. and this problem may span upstream all the way to Debian16:49
yoritomoxguru on gnome click on the upper deskbar add icon and it has a weather icon16:50
legend2440!grub2 | kklimonda16:50
ubottukklimonda: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub216:50
xguruyoritomo: yea i have my location filled in and also the boxes checked to display the weather...but it doesn't show up16:50
Luitsomething weird happened to my computer... suddenly neither Eclipse nor NetBeans will work properly16:50
Luitcould this be relevant to the VirtualBox trouble? (this one is quite probably Java-related... is VirtualBox Java-based too?16:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439407 in zlib "Abort class-pclzip.php : Missing zlib extensions" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:53
Martyn1"Undecided" .. good lord, this is a crit bug16:54
Luitanyone here experiencing the same NetBeans or Eclipse problems?16:56
LuitEclipse just won't start, and NetBeans doesn't want to create projects16:56
junjuni found this message: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/karmic-changes/2009-June/002952.html, but why i cannot find gcc-3.4 anywhere in 9.10??16:57
sourcemakerare there major issues in karmic? or can I start the upgrade? (I know... it's not released)17:00
joaopintojunjun, because it was removed later17:00
joaopintojunjun, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/karmic-changes/2009-June/002952.html17:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 418372 in gcc-3.4 "removal request" [Undecided,New]17:01
junjunjoaopinto: why they removed that? will they add that later, again?17:01
wildweathelsourcemaker: how comfortable are you with ubuntu?17:01
wildweatheland do you need your computer?17:01
joaopintojunjun, read the bug report :)17:01
sourcemakerjoaopinto: ok... I keep my fingers away :-)17:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450980 in eclipse "Eclipse is not starting in 9.10 at all. No errors are reported." [Undecided,Incomplete]17:05
Luitcould someone verify this?17:06
Luitanybody with a clean 9.10 install, install NetBeans, start it, try to create a Java Project17:06
Luitif it doesn't work, lift this bug off eclipse and on some java-related package, or add netbeans to the list of affected packages17:07
marko-_-Hello, where in karmic are the sound preferences? like choosing the daemon and stuff?17:08
Martyn1junjun: gcc-3.4 has been deprecated in 9.1017:08
Martyn1junjun: Only gcc 4.x compilers are now available.  I had a long-ish talk with devs (Martin and others) and support for the 'obsolete' compiler has been dropped17:08
junjunMartyn1: so what if we want to compile some old code, like old qemu??17:08
Daskreechyoritomo: You said you collect Palms and I read it as if it was Palm Pre17:08
marko-_-Hello, where in karmic are the sound preferences? like choosing the daemon and stuff?17:09
Martyn1I had the same problem having to compile some code for ARM software simulation (like qemu)17:09
teolicyHi. I have a laptop with Jaunty, which I'm happy with. I'd like to upgrade it to Karmic's final release, but can't wait until the actual release date (I'm going on a long trip and probably won't be able to mess with reinstalling my laptop). I'd like to do-release-upgrade, and switch to 9.10 beta, but first I wanted to ask this - after the final release date, if I'll do apt-get upgrade, will my laptop be reasonably equivalent to a Jau17:09
teolicyupgraded to the final Karmic, or is it likely to still have 'beta traces' on it? I actually did backup all of it, so I'm more worried about "hidden defect" than "immediate crash and burn".17:09
yoritomoDaskreech palm trees for cold climate17:09
Martyn1Luckily, I got _new_ qemu to compile so I was able to run code on an ARM versatilepb system17:09
junjunMartyn1: pls consider that carefully, because still some old and popular code are around!17:09
Martyn1junjun : Hey, I'm on _your_ side on this one.   I'm just telling you that the devs have said "no"17:10
junjunMartyn1: so sad!17:10
callum1getting constant "poping" sound from laptop unless music/sound is playing (same as the sound you get when you power off) any one help?17:10
Martyn1junjun : You're free to attempt to try to compile gcc 3.4 on the current system, and create a PPA in universe for it17:10
Martyn1I was /not/ able to do so, however.17:10
Martyn1callum1: That sounds more like a hardware issue, than a Karmic issue17:10
junjunok so somebody can support that in universe repo, i hope17:11
wildweathelCallum1: yes.  It's a known karmic regression.17:11
callum1only happened since upgrade17:11
Martyn1callum1: I know some people have had some issues with newer sound drivers under PulseAudio than they had in Jaunty... but the root cause isn't something trivial17:11
callum1oki this a known bug then?17:11
Martyn1it's going to take some digging into to figure out what went bang.  there's a launchpad bug for it if you search .. add your hardware configuration to it, and subscribe to the bug17:11
callum1will do17:12
callum1thanks :)17:12
wildweathelcallum1:  please follow the instructions to report here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-May/008239.html17:12
wildweathelA work-around is to edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf .  Comment out the "options snd-hda-intel" line at the very bottom.17:13
Luitanyone on this Eclipse and NetBeans thing?17:15
callum1thanks wildweathel will report the bug and try a restart with the line commented out17:15
wildweathelLuit, I don't use Eclipse, but you say it doesn't start at all?  How big is it?  I might install it and try to confirm if it's not too bad.17:16
andreas_hey there...does anyone have infos on the nvida driver for karmic? I downloaded the daily build the other day and couldn't install the nvidia driver...17:16
andreas_it downloaded but didn't install...after that the computer didn't boot anymore...17:17
yoritomoandreas, for which device model?17:17
wildweathelandreas_: Ouch.  Are you at least able to boot now?17:17
andreas_8400M GT on my Sony Laptop...17:17
bjsniderandreas_, reinstall nvidia-185-kernel-source17:17
yoritomowhich driver, which device, which error message or phenomens17:17
andreas_well I'm on Arch Linux now...but they have problems with Gnome 2.28...rolling release is only cool in theory ;-)17:18
sourcemakerwhy is kubuntu using ext4? is it really stable to use?17:18
yoritomoandreas_ was you using 173 ?17:18
andreas_now 185...it downloaded but didn't install for I a rights issue...read somewhere it had something to do with the kernel update?17:19
andreas_sorry my english isn't that good...I'm actually from germany...17:19
mbeierljust had gvfs-mount.smb taking up 1.3g of memory.   gvfs-mount -u -s smb cleared it.17:20
yoritomoandreas ,  guten tag mein frund :)17:20
andreas_wünsche ich Dir auch ;-)17:21
shadeslayerandreas_: heh,arch is like cool at first,then its a pita17:21
yoritomoandreas_ i had exactly same problem with nvidia fx5200 with driver 173 from nvidia, forzen desktop too, or sometime blind,17:22
andreas_as I said the rolling release idea is great but I felt like it's always in beta state...I always had to adjust .conf files and stuff...it's for people with lots of time17:22
shadeslayerandreas_: i completely agree,i couldnt stand arch for more than a week17:22
yoritomohigh unstability, and then finally i keep always with the ubuntu drivers, proprietary nvidia is really not accurate17:22
andreas_my idea is I want to work WITH the OS...not ON the OS all the time...17:23
shadeslayerand suse has these huge updates every other day.... im coming back to kubuntu once they release it17:24
andreas_but I learned a lot about linux by using Arch though...17:24
shadeslayerandreas_: same here,starting daemons,etc,etc17:24
wildweathelI feel the same way.  Gentoo, not Arch, but it was the same sort of valuable learning experience.17:25
shadeslayerubuntu is like,install and forget17:25
callum1wildweathel: just a heads up that fix worked after a reboot thanks so much that was doing my head in!!!!! also added note to bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/433782) I now have a click free life!!!17:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433782 in linux "ubuntu-bug alsa-base Poppting Clicking Pulse Audio crashing" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:26
jemarkshadeslayer: yes, but not a rolling distro17:26
shadeslayerjemark: yep17:26
jemarkshadeslayer: cutting edge every 6 months ;)17:26
andreas_everyone has to decide weather or not it needs every single kernel version...17:27
shadeslayerjemark: i always thought why ubuntu had meta cycles,and wasnt a rolling release,now i know why17:27
shadeslayerand suse has this seriously messed up repo structure.....17:27
andreas_I mean I have her on my Arch system an there's absolutely no difference than 2.6.30...it still can't fly or anything...17:28
wildweathelcallum1: Did you file a new bug?  Should be a new, separate bug that looks like this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/45063017:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450630 in alsa-driver "[9.10 regression] HDA power_save=10" [Undecided,New]17:28
jemarkshadeslayer: it probably causes more issues :) Suse is rpm, like fedora17:28
andreas_I tried Fedora, too...didn't like their package manager...I just couldn't find what I needed...17:29
shadeslayerjemark: yeah,i know,but guess what,they have seprate repos for each KDE revision which i dont understand the purpose of...17:29
shadeslayerof course some people might like this....17:29
andreas_but it's good to have all these distros side by side...and it's all linux after all...17:29
shadeslayerandreas_: oh yeah!!17:30
andreas_which means world peace and eternal happiness...17:30
shadeslayerbut i cant believe that ill have to work in promoting MS @ my college :(17:30
yoritomowildweathel thanks again for your good help, now i will play some music as VSTi are working now on lmms, that a good news17:30
jemarkshadeslayer: i prefer a debian based distro, debian itself is not bad but the stable has a bit old software17:30
andreas_ah...and MS is the devil and Apple for the rich kids...bring in the clichees please ;-)17:31
yoritomoshadeslayer promote wmware to teach them how to use linux on windows :D17:31
cwillu_at_workandreas_, get with the times, apple is the devil, ms is his servant17:31
jemarkandreas_: :) yes, bsd is for the geeks17:31
shadeslayerjemark: i prefer my cup of kubuntu with a few of my favorite compiled from git17:32
andreas_I mean I had Windows XP for 7 years (note the irony of that number) and I was happy with it...17:32
wildweathelSo, anyone have problems needing fixing?17:32
shadeslayerwildweathel: check out the list of bugs on launchpad :P17:32
andreas_well is it save to download the latest daily build and hope that the nvidia driver will work this time...c'mon guys take a look into the future...17:32
yoritomobsd i don't like at all :s so close to linux, but not much softwares, ugly interface, and much stuffs under terminal only :(17:32
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, multiple pl2303 serial adapters into the same hub cause kernel oopses17:32
wildweathelSend me the hardware and I'll look into it.17:33
jemarkandreas_: sure you can be happy with it when you don't know of any alternatives or when you like to pay money for your software17:33
shadeslayeryoritomo: cant,i HAVE to preview only upcoming MS tech17:33
cwillu_at_workyoritomo, you do realize that Xorg runs on bsd, and gnome, kde, etc are all available?17:33
shadeslayerwildweathel: hehe.... also #ubuntu-bugs,nasty bugs just keep flying by17:33
yoritomohoho i hope for you, ms will sign their fail before :D17:33
andreas_ah...I wanted to test freeBSD, too...it refused to install on my laptop...17:34
yoritomocwillu_at_work yes, and with very high stability but not intuitive at all17:34
leaf-sheepWhy is the X taking up 100% CPU? :(17:35
jemarkandreas_: that's funny... well... at least you tried ;)17:35
wildweathelYeah, I should learn how to do bug triage.  Or maybe I should work on bug #117:35
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)17:35
jemarkleaf-sheep: maybe there is an open bug about it.17:35
leaf-sheepjemark: Can you link me to it? I'll post myself as a duplicate.17:35
wildweathelOkay, back to work.17:36
andreas_I'll go and ask at ubuntu-bugs right at this instance...hell yeah!!!17:36
froggerAnyone having an issue where the ubuntu one checkmark is marked on all of your documents?17:36
wildweathelFrogger, yes.  Update fixes it.17:36
froggerI really hope the ubuntu one isn't syncing all my docs :o17:36
froggerwildweathel, which one?17:36
joaopintofrogger, it's no, is a display bug17:37
froggerAh, see the update, thanks. Just got worried about stability with that and nvidia drivers wigging out :)17:38
jemarkleaf...you can search it on lauchpad. if you don't have a launchpad account, you can make one. the more people report bugs, the better Ubuntu will become :)17:38
leaf-sheepFor those who experience X taking up CPU2 100%, Log out and in will resolve it.17:42
thiebaudeleaf-sheep, yea, i had to do that before17:43
wildweathelandreas_: Did you get your computer to boot again, after the failed install?17:43
leaf-sheepthiebaude: Cool. I found out about that just now when I noticed the sluggish behaviors and decided to check processes. :317:44
andreas_nope...it just bootet like forever with blank screen...17:44
wildweathelAnd it's still like that?17:46
andreas_no...I'm running Arch Linux atm...17:46
wildweathelAh, cool.17:46
andreas_not really...it has Problems with Gnome 2.28..17:47
* thiebaude brb17:47
RediXeDisplay Manager locks up when I hit apply after unchecking "Mirror screens" and it says it needs to set a new virtual resolution (I tell it Yes on this dialog). Any ideas on getting this to work?17:47
ibkanatwhat happened to the services configuration17:50
RediXeThe gnome-display-properties* locks up not display manager17:50
nemonot only did the new Eclipse 3.5.1 in karmic supersede my yogarine 3.517:52
nemo(yes, I should have locked it)17:52
thiebaudeibkanat, i was wondering that too17:52
nemobut now I can't go back to the yogarine one, after attempting a few times, something seems screwed up config wise17:52
nemoI can't seem to get my addons to "take"17:52
andreas_ok...I think I'll grab the latest snapshot and give it another try...ttl...17:53
nemoand the new Eclipse 3.5.1 has no proper software update, so I can't seem to use it to reinstall Subversive17:53
joaopintonemo, eclipse is still being worked, updates are expected to work on the next upgrade17:53
nemojoaopinto: well. going to try blowing away ~/.eclipse, completely wiping /usr/lib/eclipse after uninstalling17:53
nemothen trying to install the yogarine one17:54
ibkanati think bluetooth app is causing locks on different software for my17:54
ibkanatjust killed it yeah :) and trying a debug build again17:54
ibkanatI dont even have bluetooth why is it installed by default?17:55
joaopintoibkanat, because you could need it ? like plugging a bluetooth dongle ?17:55
ibkanatbt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)17:55
ibkanateven after I killed it how would I blacklist it?17:56
joaopintoibkanat, which app is it ?17:56
joaopintoyou can blacklist the bt module17:56
ibkanatI am building blender 2.5 it works fine on 9.04 but I am having it freak on 9.1017:57
ibkanatalso with other apps17:57
ibkanatone thread maxs out17:57
ibkanatone core17:57
ibkanator dual17:57
ibkanator- of+17:57
nemojoaopinto: well. actually, before I get all drastic - is fixing software update like "next day or two" ?17:58
nemojoaopinto: I can probably put up w/ broken eclipse until end of week17:58
joaopintonemo, no idea, I just was told it was being worked17:58
ibkanatjoaopinto where is the blacklist file again sorry17:58
ibkanatand what exactly is the modules name17:59
joaopintoibkanat, the blacklist is for kernel modules, not for applications, I didn't understood your problem yet17:59
joaopintoI don't have bt loaded here, I don't know the modules name17:59
ibkanatI want to black list the bluetooth will that disable my wifi17:59
joaopintoibkanat, no17:59
ibkanatI disabled it on startup and killed the process but...18:00
joaopintoibkanat, which process ?18:00
ibkanatfrom the monitor18:00
ibkanatbut I am wondering if its in the audio part some how18:01
ibkanatbt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)18:01
ibkanatbt_audio is bluetooth audio right?18:01
joaopintoafaik, yes18:01
joaopintowhich is odd to be loaded if you dont have it18:01
joaopintoibkanat, lsmod | grep bt18:01
nemoaaargh. I can't seem to convince Synaptic to install a clean set of the yogarine packages18:02
ibkanathmm nothing18:02
nemoit keeps trying to put in some of the new broken karmic ones :(18:02
joaopintonemo, if it's a lower version you will need pinning18:02
neoTheCati just upgraded on two boxes, one is fine.  on the other, firefox complains about an old sqlite version and won't start.  both have the same sqlite version.  any ideas?18:03
ibkanatwhen I killed pluseaudio it was able to exit the app so makes me wonder if its connected to pulse some how18:04
joaopintoneoTheCat, it could be a problem with the firefox preferences migration18:04
joaopintoneoTheCat, try renaming .mozilla/ to .mozilla.old18:04
neoTheCatjoaopinto: just tried it.  it asked me if i wanted to import anything, i said no, and then it gave me the same sqlite version error.18:05
Lin_hi there. My ubuntu+1 install is working fine now, but I have a little problem, in my computer I have 2 disks (sda and sdb), when sdb (just one ntfs partition) is plugged I cannot start my system it says Timeout to find rootfs, but when I unplug it, the rootfs is found without any problem. This sound a kinda weird since grub2 and fstab check disks by uuid not dev names. Anyone have any clue about this?18:05
ibkanatjoaopinto so I dont need to blacklist if the module is not found with grep?18:06
joaopintoneoTheCat, apt-cache policy sqlite, in both systems, check the versions18:06
ibkanattrying to remove the pluseaubio bt module18:06
joaopintoibkanat, if you don't know the module name you can't blacklist it18:06
Dr_WillisHmm.. Weird..  www.squashrecipes.net works in firefox but not Chromium.18:08
joaopintois mysql server broken ?18:09
nemoPackage: *18:10
nemoPin: release o=LP-PPA-yogarine18:10
nemoPin-Priority: 90018:10
nemojoaopinto: that didn't work :-/  looking into it, but if you have any familiarity...18:10
neoTheCatjoaopinto: both same exact versions18:10
joaopintonecroforest, does the o= mathces the "Origin" field on the Release file ?18:10
joaopintoneoTheCat, no idea, better file a bug report18:10
joaopintoops, nemo ....18:10
nemojoaopinto: dunno. I was just copying someone else's syntax from another pinning bug18:11
nemounfortunately the pinning howto doesn't explain what to use to refer to PPA18:11
joaopintoa PPA is just a generic repository :)18:11
nemogreat. what is it *called* :-p18:12
joaopintonemo, you need to check the "Release" file from the ppa18:12
nemoisn't like I know what o= or a= refer to18:12
joaopintonemo: /var/lib/apt/lists/*Release18:12
joaopintoo=, matches with the "Origin" field there18:13
nemojoaopinto: changing that pin to o=LP-PPA-yogarine-eclipse did not help18:21
nemomaybe I'm misunderstanding Pin-Priority18:22
nemoI thought 900 would be "really really high"18:22
nemolooks like it is. hm.18:22
nemobut prioritises release18:22
lanoxxi just upgraded to karmic18:23
joaopintonemo, apt-cache policy package, to check how priorities are set18:23
lanoxxgetting a strange errror that upstart can not be started18:23
lanoxxstart: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused18:24
RediXeRunning gnome-display-properties as root it let me uncheck and give it permission to write the virtual resolution and it asked me to logout which I did and it had no effect and when I checked, it was back to Mirror screens :(18:24
lanoxxcan anyone give me a hint on how to fix this issue? I have already tried dpkg --configure -a and apt-get install -f and update-manager -d nothing works18:25
mvolanoxx: did the upgrade itself work fine? or did you have issues during the upgrade?18:26
Strogg_looks like driver atheros9k is not very stable on asus eee18:26
lanoxxmvo, i had several issues and did a couple of partial issues18:27
lanoxxmysql and openoffice game several dependency cycle issues18:28
lanoxxand i had that known bug about python giving a deprecated errro because of some unofficial python package18:28
mvolanoxx: did any package fail to upgrade during the upgrade? what does apt-get install -f ; apt-get install ubuntu-standard ubuntu-minimal show ?18:28
lanoxxhang on18:28
nemojoaopinto: http://wiki.debian.org/AptPinning "Note that a priority above 1000 will allow even downgrades no matter the version of the prioritary package. This means that you can use priority 1001 for a stable source if you want to downgrade to the stable versions of the packages you have installed (let's say from testing) on the system."18:29
lanoxxa lot of errors, i post you the log file18:29
nemonot that it actually seems to be working... :-/18:29
nemoreading apt_preferences though18:29
lanoxxmvo, http://pastebin.com/f454df9d18:29
lanoxxmvo,  it seems to fail with upstart, then all other errors are related to that18:30
lanoxxmvo, still there?18:35
mvolanoxx: yeah, is dbus installed ok?18:37
mvodpkg -l dbus18:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450980 in eclipse "Eclipse is not starting in 9.10 at all. No errors are reported." [Undecided,Incomplete]18:37
Myxbhm... is the there an option not to 'sound' icon in the notification area? can't find it here..18:37
Luitanyone tried verifying this problem yet?18:38
dfarmHey guys, I was just trying to run update manager and getting 404s on e.g., downloading the updated kernel, etc. is there another official mirror/source I can try?18:38
lanoxxmvo, no it istn see my private message18:38
mvolanoxx: hm, that does look ok18:38
lanoxxmvo why does it say reinst-required?18:39
nemoPackage: eclipse18:39
nemoPin: release o=LP-PPA-yogarine-eclipse18:39
nemoPin-Priority: 200218:39
nemo2002 for both the official 3.5.1 and the 3.5.0 yogarine in apt-cache policy eclipse18:39
nemomaybe o= is being ignored18:40
howd36hi. so, a 9.10 update batch not more than a week old just rendered my system unbootable. is this a known one?18:42
nemoand if I do Package: *  I get a 0 for both, oddly18:42
howd36it suddenly restarted X halfway through the update, without asking, and stuff went downhill from there :P18:42
mvolanoxx: hm, unless this paste got garbled it looks like the third column is not set (that is the one with the req-reinst)18:42
shane2peruis karmic support with ATI any better than Jaunty?  I'm having serious problems with my Radeon HD3100 graphics card, can't do anything it overheats18:42
lanoxxmvo, http://pastebin.com/f78fbdfb5 check that out it came about half an our ago when i tried to upgrade18:42
Luithowd36: I had the same, though it didn't break my system18:43
Luitit did crash my X18:43
mvohowd36: urgh, can you report a bug if X got restarted? and include the log in /var/log/apt/term.log ?18:44
mvolanoxx: hm, is this a chroot or something where no dbus system bus is available?18:44
nemoI'm getting the impression pinning is just broken.18:45
lanoxxmvo, nope just my normal system nothing unusual, x61, intel grahpics, no vm or anything unusual running18:45
joaopintocan someone on 64 bits check: ldd /usr/sbin/mysqld18:45
nemothe parameters are becoming straightforward, they just don't seem to work as advertised.18:45
joaopintoa lot of unresolved libs18:46
howd36Luit: halfway through a recent update as well?18:46
Luityesterday, or today...18:47
lanoxxmvo, i have had a few ppas installed and i had kernel 2.6.31 running like 2 weeks ago but then reverted to the ubuntu standard kernel again because i got problems with the new kernel18:47
Luitdon't know for sure when, though I had to fix dpkg today18:47
lanoxxmvo, and i installed the new intel-2.7.1 drivers from x-updates ppa, thats about it18:47
* Luit is updating his desktop computer at the moment, checking if this happens again here18:47
innomenI'm getting strange cursor related visual artifacts all of the sudden. Is anyone else having this issue?18:47
mvolanoxx: hm, that should all not be causing this error - odd18:47
innomenIt's like mouse trails, only it's offset squares, as if my desktp were made of tiles and the mouse pulls them out of place occasionally.18:48
howd36"restart: Unknown instance:" sounds like fun in the term.log18:48
cwillu_at_worknemo, pinning _is_ broken, or at least, isn't implemented consistently across all of the dpkg frontendsd18:49
innomenWhat terms would i use to google an issue like this?18:49
cwillu_at_workinnomen, display cheese or cursor corruption18:49
innomencwillu, thank you18:49
howd36I really do wonder why it would send a restart command there to begin with, but I suppose that's for the bug fixing magicians to find out :)18:49
nemocwillu_at_work: basic pinning seems to work18:49
cwillu_at_workor artifacts :p18:50
nemocwillu_at_work: Package: *18:50
nemoPin: origin ppa.launchpad.net18:50
nemoPin-priority: 200218:50
innomencwillu_at_work, well i tried that and got video card over clocking issues mainly18:50
nemocwillu_at_work: I switched to that - hideous, but luckily the only one I'm subscribing to right now is Yogarine's eclipse18:50
cwillu_at_workinnomen, searching launchpad?18:50
lanoxxmvo, very, i can tell you the whole history, i started upgrading and after i had downloaded all but a few packets update-manager crashed saying something about an unresolved error with openoffice.org-core at that time i was also getting a strange error about some python function beeing deprecated, i simply removed openoffice.org-core and along some other openoffice.org-packets got removed, including a packet called python-uno afterwards th18:50
lanoxxe upgrade worked and the python error didnt come again, next thing i remember is that mysql upgrade failed and i got a lot of errors that upstart couldnt get updated18:50
nemocwillu_at_work: I can manually add each package name then invert with a -10 on * too, I guess...18:50
nemobleah :(18:50
innomencwillu_at_work, i knwo what it is18:51
innomencwillu_at_work, I added a lin to xorg about allowing animated cursors trying to make a game playable.18:51
innomenthat must be it18:51
innomenthanks :)18:51
nemocwillu_at_work: also, although that selected the right candidate, apt-cache policy was *still* misreporting the weightings :)18:52
Luithowd36: it just crashed18:53
cwillu_at_worknemo, "broken"18:53
howd36more importantly for me personally right now is that i'm on a 9.04 livecd trying to recover files from my 9.10 encrypted home folder, but I have no idea how :o18:53
Luithowd36: not sure which package it was configuring at the time...18:53
howd36Luit: again? that's not good :(18:53
Luithowd36: do you have virtualbox installed?18:53
howd36I do not18:54
Luithm, then that must have finished just before the crash18:54
howd36after my crash it seemed to not be able to detect USB ports anymore18:54
lanoxxmvo, whats the name of the upstart script?18:54
lanoxxto start upstart manually18:54
howd36or even start ubuntu, eventually :P18:54
Luithowd36: how much does it boot for you?18:55
mvolanoxx: the "start" command is what upstart uses, upstart itself runs as a daemon18:55
* cwillu_at_work huggles upstart18:55
howd36I don't into the GDM, it flickers infinitely on the startup text screen right before18:55
cwillu_at_workmvo, not sure you can call the init process a daemon18:55
lanoxxso how do i start the daemon? i couldnt find anything in /etc/init.d/18:55
lanoxxstart upstart just gives me: start: Name "com.ubuntu.Upstart" does not exist18:56
cwillu_at_worklanoxx, upstart is init, it's the first process started by the kernel; you don't start it yourself18:56
howd36it seems my X is somewhat very broken :)18:56
Dr_Willislanoxx:  sudo service servicename18:56
Dr_Willislanoxx:  sudo service servicename start   (oops)18:56
nemoyay. finally have my eclipse back18:56
Dr_Willislanoxx:  upstart isent a sevice however..  so im not sure what you are trying to do.18:56
cwillu_at_workDr_Willis, "start servicename"18:57
LuitI just had to RSEIUB my system...18:57
nemogranted, buttons are broken again, but I'll take that over non-functional plugins any day18:57
lanoxxstart: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused18:57
howd36right after it rebooting automatically I did get back into the GDM but the settings were reverted to default GNOME settings (blue background and the likes) - after I hard reset the system (as keyboard and mouse were not responding anymore) I never managed to get back into the GDM again18:57
cwillu_at_worklanoxx, are you reading what people are telling you?  you can't start upstart yourself, the kernel does it at boot18:57
AceKingHas anyone had any luck running Bitpim in 9.10? It can't find my phone "LG VX9100"18:57
howd36just a flickering terminal screen right before it's supposed to show GDM :)18:57
howd36Luit: are you on an encrypted home by any chance?18:57
cwillu_at_worklanoxx, if upstart isn't running, then your machine isn't running18:58
lanoxxDr_Willis, im trying to compete my distupgrade which fails because xorg-server cannot be configured which inturn fails because upstart is not running18:58
Luithowd36: nope18:58
Luithowd36: can you still use the terminals?18:58
Dr_Willislanoxx:  perhaps boot live cd. and chroot in and do the upgrades?18:58
howd36I can only stare at a flickering screen18:59
lanoxxcwillu_at_work, then i would have to restart but im not sure if that is a good idea since the dist-upgrade was not successful? will i still have a working system when i restart?18:59
Luithowd36: you can finish (resume) the update from the terminal18:59
Luithowd36: press CTRL + ALT + F118:59
Dr_Willishowd36:  if you can get to the console, you can stop the gdm service18:59
howd36I tried, but my USB ports do not seem to be detected anymore18:59
howd36I vaguely recall seeing an error fly by18:59
LuitUSB keyboard?18:59
howd36laptop, but I'd imagine it's the same internally19:00
Luitnot really...19:00
howd36well then, it's just ignoring my keypresses :P19:00
cwillu_at_worklanoxx, you may be in a situation where you have to recover from a live cd19:00
cwillu_at_worki.e., chroot in to complete the updates, assuming it doesn't boot19:00
howd36I did the whole reisub dance, tried getting into my ttys as well19:00
cwillu_at_worklanoxx, but I'd expect that you could still boot into single user mode and finish updates fom there19:00
howd36no go, just the flickering screen19:00
LuitI had to raise the elephant after X crashed to get it to respond19:01
lanoxxcwillu_at_work, so u suggest that i reboot first and if the system still runs, then complete the update process?19:01
Luithowd36: try booting in init mode 3 instead of 519:01
howd36I was hoping to first recover some files from my encrypted home folder before messing about with it more. But I have no idea how I'd go about doing that from a 9.04 livecd ;(19:02
Luithm, dpkg resumes the update with "Setting up initramfs-tools"19:02
lanoxxcwillu_at_work, on thing i am wondering about, how is the system supposed to upgrade under normal circumstanced? obviously some processes require upstart to be started which only started at boot time, so it cant be running since i ran the distupgrade from a running jaunty system?19:02
Luitand that's probably everything it still had to do...19:03
lanoxxcwillu_at_work, shouldnt the update process tell me to reboot before it attempts to configure the packets that depend on a running upstart?19:03
lanoxxcwillu_at_work, last question: who do i get into single user mode?19:03
Luithowd36: what videocard are you using?19:04
ldeveauxI have a question about network configuration of Kubuntu. I want to use a SOCKS5 proxy for all my connections. How can I configure it in Kubuntu settings? Thanks in advance19:04
ldeveauxI have found a menu in system settings to configure http, https, ftp but no SOCKS519:04
Luitseems like the crash was because the video driver module was ejected somehow... X couldn't find the module, judging from my logs19:05
howd36Luit: nVidia GeForce 8600M GT19:05
lucahi everyone19:06
lanoxxcwillu_at_work, still there?19:06
Luitstrange, my desktop has nVidia too, so that would seem to correlate, though my laptop uses an Intel chip...19:06
Luitand it crashed the same way19:06
lucadoes anyone know how to revert from an encrypted home/swap setup chosen during boot?19:06
howd36the last things my apt did were: "Processing triggers for hal ...", "Regenerating hal fdi cache ...", "restart: Unknown instance: ", "Processing triggers for install-info ..." end log19:07
Luithowd36: where did you find that?19:07
howd36which might explain a thing or two19:08
howd36that's from term.log in /var/log/apt/19:08
howd36or /media/disk/var/log/apt in my case ;)19:08
jimpopluca.  as the logged in user, cd /home; tar -czf user.tar.gz ~/ and then boot into single mode, purge all crypt packages and extract the tar ball into /home19:08
jimpopluca: then you will need to mkswap on your swap partition and update  /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume with the new uuid19:09
lucajimpop thanks19:10
lanoxxim gonna try i reboot, lets see19:10
lucaduly copied your instructions in a text file, will do :)19:10
jimpopluca, also update /etc/fstab with the new uuid19:10
lucajimpop of course19:10
h00k_I am getting kernel panic after kernel panic, whats the best way t go about tracking the cause down?19:14
h00k_Karmic Beta, latest updates, nvidia185 drivers19:14
lucah00k_ : check your /var/log/syslog and kern.log19:14
lucaas first thing19:15
lucathere are also some kernel debug packages which you can install from the synaptic manager, if I am not mistaken19:15
lucaother problem here, my samsung mp3 player is mounted incorrectly as a read-only filesystem, new bug19:16
lucagoing to post it on the launchpad, but first, anyone else with this problem? it is a fat16 device which I can mount correctly with "sudo mount -t vfat" etc.19:16
Luithowd36: booting with the previous kernel doesn't make it work either?19:16
thiebaudeupdate manager wants to run partital updates , what should i do?19:17
h00k_luca: do you happen to know what those are?  I see nothing specifically in syslog and kern.log19:18
Luitthiebaude: what's wrong with that?19:18
=== h00k_ is now known as h00k
thiebaudeLuit, some people say its bad to run partial updates19:19
lucathiebaude: open the package manager and see what it wants19:19
thiebaude232mb of updates in 9.1019:19
lucathiebaude: sometimes for "partial update" it means that it has to remove/install some packages, nothing special19:20
thiebaudeluca, ok i'll go with the updates19:20
howd36232mb of updates is what I had right before it crashed :P19:20
howd36it wasn't a partial update though, so ignore me19:20
lucah00k_: I think it is linux-crashdump19:20
thiebaudehowd36, yea, this is a fresh install19:20
lucah00k_ can't be sure because I never had to use it myself19:21
howd36Luit: I did not get to try yet as I don't want to mess about with it until I figure out how to back up my files19:21
Luithowd36: booting with the old kernel can't break much19:21
howd36I always remind myself to make backups, but I always forget :)19:21
howd36Luit: that is true19:22
Luithowd36: it's well worth a try, because with the old kernel running properly you can restart (continue) the update19:22
thiebaudepartial update of 423 packages19:22
Luit(from the terminal running `sudo dpkg --configure -a`19:22
howd36and no one seems to know exactly how to access an encrypted home dir so I might as well try to get it booted again :(19:23
thiebaudeLuit, yep, i remember that before when updates were interupted19:23
lucaanyone knows how to check why my mp3 player is consistently mounted in read-only mode?19:23
thiebaudeLuit, well, i see what happens when update manager is done19:24
Luitthiebaude: for me X didn't break completely (reboot made it work again) and Synaptic told me to do `dpkg --configure -a` to be able to use synaptic again19:24
thiebaudeLuit, my only problem is when i gksudo nvidia-settings cant save resolution to X configuration19:26
howd37I don't even know how to get into the new grub2 boot menu :o19:27
lucahowd37: count me too on that one19:28
howd37I managed to get into my tty1 now, but I can't log in because of the flickering! gah!19:29
VeinorFor some reason after I upgraded to karmic I can't get sound out of my speakers.19:29
wildweathelhowd37, luca: hold shift during boot to open grub2 menu.19:31
howd37ah, ty19:32
lucawildweathel: I meant something like the startup-manager for grub :)19:32
lucawildweathel in any case thanks19:32
wildweathelAh, okay.19:32
wildweathelVeinor, what is your soundcard?19:33
Luithowd37: as soon as it starts GRUB, try hitting the Pause/Break key once19:33
howd37hm, it seems to be running kerneloops19:34
wildweathelVeinor: /proc/asound/cards19:34
howd37and cryptswap1 seems to be failing19:34
howd37there we go, recovery mode finally works - time to finish those packages :)19:35
howd37Luit: holding shift seems to work for me :)19:35
lucaproblem with the player solved, the fs had become corrupted, fsck and everything is fine19:37
howd37Luit: it seems part of the update was installing a new nvidia module, so what you were saying might be right (ignoring the whole intel chip counter-argument)19:38
howd37wb X19:41
howd37if only I knew what just happened so I could bugreport it properly ;o19:45
wildweathelVeinor, you there?19:47
howd37initramfs-tools might have been the cause here, Luit19:47
howd37can you confirm that package was part of your installation?19:47
dpicWhere's the Gnome 3.0 PPA?19:49
alex88hi all19:50
alex88how can i change the boot image of 9.10? i've searched on google but haven't found anyresult19:52
wildweathelBoot image?19:52
dpicwhat do you mean, change it?19:52
DanaGgrr, printing recently broke for me... but only for postscript printers.19:52
DanaGps2pdf jashak06.ps19:52
DanaGError: /invalidfont in /findfont19:52
DanaGOperand stack:19:52
DanaG   12   Helvetica19:52
alex88yeah..i want to make a personal one..19:52
alex88the actual is that one with the ubuntu log in white19:53
wildweathelAh, The boot logo.  Interesting...19:53
* wildweathel looks into it.19:53
wildweathelalex88, here you are: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplash19:54
alex88because now it doesn't use usplash..19:54
wildweathelOh, spoke too soon, sorry.19:54
alex88wildweathel: it doesn't use usplash mor19:54
dpicanybody know what PPA to use for gnome 3.0?19:55
virtualdxsplash then19:55
alex88from wiki: Graphical boot splash that will be running on top of X-server, not Usplash19:55
alex88virtuald: i'll search for it19:55
alex88virtuald: found it..thanks..now i'll search in how make theme..thanks19:58
wildweathelIs it just me or did *everything* change from Jaunty to Karmic?  And all the docs need to be written.  Or am I just an idiot?19:59
andreas_hey...back to Ubuntu (after 6 month with Arch)...20:00
wildweathelIt installed?  Congratulations.20:01
andreas_now what is the best way to uninstall packages? I wanna get rid of the gnome games....20:01
aliendude5300sudo apt-get purge [package]20:01
andreas_writing "sudo apt-get remove gnome-games" won't do the job...20:01
andreas_so "purge" ist better than "remove"?20:01
PiciThey're different.20:02
aliendude5300purge deletes configuration files as well as what remove deletes20:02
geniiwith apt-get purge is not a command it's an additional option to remove as in apt-get remove --purge something20:02
andreas_in Arch it was "pacman -Rcsn package" to completely remove a packge with all it's dependencies..20:02
PiciPurge will not remove settings that are stored inside user's home directories. Which is the case with many gnome packages.20:02
andreas_ok...so that's what I need is "apt-get remove --purge pachagename"?20:03
alex88virtuald: but the xsplash is the animation before login..with brown background..i need the boot image..that one with the ubuntu white logo20:03
aliendude5300"           purge is identical to remove except that packages are removed and purged (any configuration files are deleted too)." -- man apt-get20:04
andreas_I did it with gnome-games but the games are still there...20:04
andreas_I checked the "new" software center but there I have to pick and delete every single one of them...20:05
dpicdoesn't anybody know where the gnome 3 ppa is?20:05
aliendude5300andreas_: not a fan of games?20:05
andreas_I am a fan of games...but not these ones?20:05
geniiandreas_: Even a purge does not remove stuff created in user's home directories or subdirs thereof20:05
Picidpic: No, why not look through launchpad yourself for it?20:05
geniialiendude5300: Ah, nice.20:05
=== akgraner__ is now known as akgraner
andreas_ok...so how do I get rid of all the gnome-games at once?20:06
PiciThe gnome-games packages were split off into separate packages iirc.20:06
dpicPici: because i <sarcasm>didn't</sarcasm> already try that20:06
andreas_Pici: I was affraid you'd say that ;-)20:06
Picidpic: No need for the attitude.20:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about atttiude20:07
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:07
andreas_but could it be that if I want to delete f-spot and write "sudo apt-get remove --purge f-spot" only one package is removed? are there no dependencies to be deleted with it?20:07
Veinorandreas_: it might be that all f-spot's dependencies are also depended on by other things20:08
dpicthiebaude: are you kidding? i was responding to a snarky comment20:08
aliendude5300you don't need to type apt-get remove --purge. apt-get purge works fine.20:08
thiebaudedpic, no i wasn't kidding20:08
andreas_is it just me or does the software center suck big time?20:09
dpicthiebaude: you can't tell everyone looking for help to go find out on their own20:09
andreas_why do I have to pick and install every single program?20:09
dpicand assume they haven't tried.20:09
thiebaudedpic, i understand what your saying20:10
aliendude5300andreas_ Sadly, I agree with you. I loved the old add/remove. I suggest using Synaptic to add/remove packages. That's what I do.20:10
FinnishHmm, I can see my 250gb usb-drive in GParted, but it won't mount, I can't see it anywhere?20:10
tonyyarussoFinnish: Does it have a filesystem on it yet?20:11
andreas_ok...I now did "sudo apt-get purge empathy"...but when I check Synaptic it still shows me other packages like "empathy-doc"...20:11
Finnishtonyyarusso,  It's NFTS20:11
thiebaudedpic, hopefully many things will be fixed in 16 days20:11
Finnishtonyyarusso, And it's going to a windows-machine20:11
andreas_add/remove...I loved it...man do I miss it :-)20:11
tonyyarussoFinnish: can you mount it manually specifying the type?20:11
Finnishtonyyarusso, How?20:11
dpicthiebaude: <<..16 days>> was that meant for me?20:11
coz_hey guys..ok ctrl+alt+F1 now works  yay :)   but  how to enable log in as root there?20:12
tonyyarusso!ntfs | Finnish20:12
ubottuFinnish: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE20:12
MadsRHHi. I've got this weird issue where I have to constantly press ENTER during the Karmic boot and shutdown. Does anyone know why? If I stop, I'm stuck in console. Any ideas are welcome :'(20:12
coz_no login window under system/administration now20:12
Picicoz_: Login as yourself and use sudo20:13
RediXeI assume it is possible to get dual monitor working with the xserver-xorg-video-ati driver? Do I have to manually edit the xorg or is there a gui method? The gnome-display-properties doesn't appear to work for this.20:14
andreas_software center does the same...it removes only this one package and leaves the other packages that belong to it untouched...20:14
blackxoredvmware server doesn't compile modules with latest 2.6.31 what can I do, where I can get feedback?20:14
coz_Pici,  that sounds fine  but I use root in the text console most of the time20:14
andreas_so my harddrive is full of stuff I don't need...great...20:14
Picicoz_: then use sudo -i, that will give you an 'interactive' session20:14
coz_Pici,  ok let me try that20:14
wildweatheldpic, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=gnome+3.0  Doesn't look like there is one.  You'll have to build from source.20:15
coz_Pici,  well that didnt work  i am logged in as my username right now20:15
coz_Pici, let me exit that20:15
ior3kdid anyone else lose their mic after the last couple days?20:16
Picicoz_: If you're in the admin group and then you use sudo -i you will effectively become root.20:16
Veinorwildweathel: fixed it.20:16
coz_Pici,  my mistake   that did work thanks :)20:16
wildweathelVeinor, do you want help with filing a bug report?20:17
Veinornah, it was a misconfiguration on my end20:17
andreas_wasn't there a command to clean the system of these residues? (like "sudo apt-get clean")20:17
coz_sudo apt-get autoclean  or    autoremove  different  functions20:18
Veinorclean just removes stuff from the cache, autoremove is what you're looking for20:18
alteregoathe lunatic lemur is straight?20:18
andreas_autoremove didn't find anything...20:18
wildweathelWell, Ubuntu is supposed to just plain work.  If you have to mess with config files, it's (strictly speaking) a bug.20:19
Veinorwildweathel: more like "I had some config-file stuff that I needed in Jaunty that Karmic fixed"20:19
andreas_in that respect Arch was great..."pacman -Rcsn" and it was ALL gone...20:19
aliendude5300Suggestion: Have a right click function in the software store. When a user right clicks a package, have the options "Install Package" (or remove if it's already installed), "Mark for Installation", and "More Info" to see the description page for the package. That would make it much faster for power users to install and remove packages..20:19
wildweathelAh, lol.  Thanks for humoring me.20:19
Veinorno problem.20:20
* aliendude5300 is going to make a quick mockup of what he thinks the software store should look like in Java...20:20
Finnishtonyyarusso, Still no help20:21
tonyyarussoFinnish: what happened when you tried?20:21
FinnishI have installed ntfsprogs etc, but I can see it only in GParted and in terminal20:21
FinnishBut I don't know how to mount it20:21
FinnishIt's sdb120:21
tonyyarussoFinnish: Are you aware of the 'mount' command?20:21
FinnishYeah, I am, but It's a bit new to me20:22
andreas_when I click on my name on the top right corner to reboot...can I get rid of the 60seconds stuff?20:22
tonyyarussoFinnish: OK.  You should be able to get a read-only mount at least with something like 'mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /media/createthisdir' - FUSE for ntfs-3g would be a little different20:23
=== Into_the_Pit is now known as Frickelpit
andreas_ah...the package "gnome-games-common" removes all the games...who'd have thought that?20:24
lucahi everyone20:24
RediXehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver  (Does anyone know if this info is still valid in 9.10, I have X1300 trying to get dual monitor working)20:24
thiebaudeluca, ciao20:24
blackxoredanyone is running vmware server on karmic???20:24
jimpopandreas_, when you remove a common pkg it removes all dependencies20:24
lucaam I the only one whose rhythmbox adds files to the mp3 player without creating the appropriate folders?20:24
alteregoaok after version zird zebra, what folllows?20:25
lucahi thiebaude, hope your upgrade went well :)20:25
maxstirner1I wish I knew where these hardlocks are coming from...20:25
alteregoaaaronish aark?20:25
andreas_jimpop: seriously I didn't know that...thank you...20:25
Veinoralteregoa: then we start with greek20:25
jimpopandreas_, np20:25
thiebaudeluca, in the process of installing, now , thanks20:25
andreas_jimpop: now I can get rid of the stuff I don't need...20:25
jimpopandreas_, :-) i do understand that.  Ubuntu is sort of bloated these days20:26
wildweathelRediXie, I have an x1400, and I've had dual monitor working before.  Haven't tested with Karmic yet, but it "should just work" ;)20:26
* jimpop wonders if there is a bug already open on bloatedness20:27
andreas_jimpop: especially when you previously had Arch Linux which gives you only a bash...20:27
lucaanyone here using rhythmbox to put files into their mp3 players and finding it behaves strangely?20:27
blackxoredwill karmic include gnome-3.0 ???20:27
cwillu_at_workare question marks more meaningful in threes???20:27
* cwillu_at_work wonders if jimpop has a good definition of bloatedness20:28
* jimpop thinks that all unnecessary packages are bloat. YMMV 20:29
wildweathelblackxored, It's 2.28.0 now.  Seeing as we go into final freeze in a few hours, I can safely say "no".20:29
blackxoredwildweathel, hehehe20:29
* cwillu_at_work thinks jimpop's opinions on the matter should henceforth be heavily discounted20:29
blackxoredwildweathel, aren't ubuntu release schedules somehow based on gnome releases?? :P20:29
wildweathelNope, every 6 months, whether you need it or not.20:30
jimpopideally a base Ubuntu system shouldn't try to satisfy all of the preferences of all of the targeted users20:30
cwillu_at_workwildweathel, gnome's releases are every 6 months :p20:30
blackxoredwildweathel, yes I know that but those months , weren't based on gnome releases somehow ;)20:30
maxstirner1there were some moves to synchronise it by shuttleworth20:30
blackxoredwildweathel, I don't like gnome 3. that much just asking ;)20:30
blackxoredwildweathel, I don't like the kde-like features that are going to be introduced ;)20:31
blackxoredbut i will like some, like the new scroll and the like :P20:31
jimpopcwillu_at_work,  if it weren't for the Ubuntu installer, one could install Ubuntu on a 1GB partition20:31
andreas_I have question about Wine...I'm running the 64bit Version and Karmic offers me to install Wine...since it is 32bit only does it install all the lib32-packages with it?20:32
cwillu_at_workjimpop, um, alternate cd and/or server install20:32
jimpopcwillu_at_work, Desktop20:32
wildweathelThere's an alternate desktop cd.20:32
cwillu_at_workrather, the alternate cd will install a desktop20:33
natewiebe13alright.. im trying to find something like this: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-boot-cd-for-ubuntu-904/ for 9.10, karmic now uses grub2 so im prutty sure that this would either no longer work.. anyone have any ideas?20:33
cwillu_at_worknothing requires you to use grub2;  grub1 can't boot an ext4 partition without a separate boot drive, but that's the only issue20:34
thiebaudeluca, everything works now, my resolution is set to what i want everytime i log in20:34
lucathiebaude: nice to hear that20:35
* thiebaude fresh install 20:35
* cwillu_at_work cries tears of joy: when did metacity | general | resize_with_right_button come about?20:35
lucaanyone here using rhythmbox?20:35
natewiebe13anyone? ^20:35
maxstirner1luca: yes20:35
wildweathelAh, cool, Gnome is on a 6-month release cycle, too.20:35
* wildweathel has lost one point of nooblyness.20:35
mac_v!grub2 | natewiebe1320:36
ubottunatewiebe13: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub220:36
mac_vnatewiebe13: grub2 should work too20:36
coz_hey guys ..would someone open  Games/Chess  and see if it is a bit jerky for you?20:36
natewiebe13mac_v: so in theory, the instructions there should still work?20:37
maxstirner1coz_: not the least bit jerky20:37
wildweathelcoz_, I'm on it.20:37
coz_maxstirner1,  mm  seems real jerky here but  it may be my card20:37
natewiebe13mac_v: thanks20:37
mac_vcoz_: might be your graphics card20:38
maxstirner1which one you on? driver?20:38
maxstirner1radeon at this end20:38
wildweathelOops.  I think I found a bug in gnomechess.20:38
coz_maxstirner1, old nvidia card because i good one popped two caps  and took monitor and memory with it :(20:38
maxstirner1my karmic keeps crashing a lot, super annoying, was on bomb-proof 8.10 before20:39
blackxoredshould  I give a try to gnome-shell in karmic???20:39
maxstirner1can't find any bugs on this20:39
philly_chkI installed 9.10 today on a windows 7 machine using a onboard nvidia raid, but I installed it only a 3rd SATA drive.. but it borked all the OS's from running.. any ideas how to repair?20:39
maxstirner1philly_chk: could you not install wvista boot loader over the top using vista cd?20:39
mbeierlwhat is gnome-shell?20:39
gregwebHi, using Karmic 9.10 beta, plasma-widget-networkmanagement disappeared, how to reaadd to system tray?20:40
wildweathel<<onboard nvidia raid>> oh, that sounds bad.  Was tha 3rd SATA drive part of the RAID?  If not, installing the vista boot loader will hopefully fix things.20:40
philly_chkmaxstirnerl: I booted with the w7 rescue mode and it doesn't see it as a OS, but when I drop to the command line I can see the partitions (C,D), I can even see them from this CD-booted ubuntu20:41
RediXehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver  (Does anyone know if this info is still valid in 9.10, I have X1300 trying to get dual monitor working)20:41
arakthorHas anyone had any issues with eclipse plugin installationg in Karmic?20:41
maxstirner1philly_chk: does the ubuntu installer not recognise vista? if so, you could install ubuntu bootloader over top20:41
blackxoredarakthor, yes it's a reported issue20:42
wildweathelRediXe, I think it should just work.  I have the mobile version of that card (X1400) with no problems under Jaunty.  I haven't tried using an external monitor yet on Karmic.20:42
wildweathelHave you tried it yet?20:42
philly_chkmaxstirner1: I got no errors, when installing I saw all the partitions and chose the drive.. just when it reboot got the NO SYSTEM error, tried even juggling the boot order in BIOS and nada, I can't even "boot from 1st" partiton on the ubuntu CD20:43
diwicI see you're speaking of Grub 2...I have a problem; the latest kernel 2.6.31-14 does not show up in the menu, only -13, -12 and -11.20:43
wildweatheldiwic, no error messages during install?20:44
blackxoreddiwic, sudo update-grub ??? :P20:44
philly_chkcan you just install GRUB from the cd boot mode?20:44
andreas_which version of grub do I have installed? In Synaptics it says grub is installed and in not installed (left over) it says grub-pc 1.97...)20:44
maxstirner1philly_chk: sounds nasty.. seems ubuntu isntalled its boot loader - and failed20:44
Piciandreas_: 1.97 is grub220:44
andreas_Pici: I know but it's unchecked here...20:45
andreas_so I have grub1 and not grub2, right?20:45
philly_chkmaxstirner1: Hmm20:45
diwicwildweathel: well, it said something about "I cannot find /boot/grub/menu.lst, would you like me to create one for you?" and I picked the default (no)20:46
andreas_with which command can I check which version of grub is installed?20:46
diwicblackxored: result is http://paste.ubuntu.com/293406/ - but it does not help20:46
blackxoredandersk, grub --version20:47
wildweatheldiwic, it sounds like you have grub2, but menu.lst is a grub1 thing.20:47
imesseduphey guys, how do i enter recovery mode in new grub ? i messed up installing graphics drivers, and xfails, im not sure how do i enter recovery mode in new grub20:47
RediXewildweathel, What do you mean by external monitor? I was about to use the proprietary driver in 8.10 but apparently 9.10 drops support for my card so I'm using the ati open source driver for the first time. I'm just getting mirrored screens (dual 22in)20:47
wildweathelimessedup, hold shift during boot.20:47
blackxoredtalking about grub I did a dist-upgrade, so how can I upgrade grub as well?20:47
imessedupwildweathel: thanks, ill try that now :]20:48
coz_hey guys  another question...anyone having issues with playing dvds  so far?  iam here20:48
RediXewildweathel, I used to use the proprietary drivers in 8.10*20:48
wildweathelRediXe, external monitor is second monitor for us laptop folk.  I mean that using a previous version I had dual monitor working.  The free driver is quite good now.20:48
blackxoredhow I upgrade to grub2???20:48
diwicwildweathel: I tried startupmanager but I uninstalled it afterwards, could this have messed up my system?20:48
RediXewildweathel, I'm not on a laptop20:48
coz_blackxored,  I believe karmic has grub2 already20:48
blackxoredcoz_, I did a dist-upgrade from jaunty, grub wasn't updated20:48
blackxoredcoz_, is intended behaviour but now I want to give grub2 a try :P\20:49
coz_blackxored,  oh ok   you might want to go to the #grub channel also20:49
wildweathelRediXe, Yes, but the X1400 (which I have) is the laptop version of the X1300 (what you have).20:49
Piciblackxored: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Installing%20/%20Upgrading20:49
coz_blackxored,  grub2 is way different especially editing grub20:49
blackxoredcoz_, this is karmic channel dude I need to ask here first ;) don't you think20:49
RediXewildweathel, ahhh - sorry :P I usually don't use ati (on work machine)20:49
blackxoredPici, thanks :P20:49
coz_blackxored,  not necesarily    #grub will have just as much if not more info on this  as this channel if no one can help here20:50
RediXewildweathel, well both monitors are working just in a mirrored view not a big desktop or something of the sort. The gnome-display-properties has the option to un-check "Mirrored Screen" but that doesn't appear to have any effect.20:50
blackxoredcoz_, I'm following Pici's link it's quite easy ;)20:51
coz_blackxored,  sounds like good advice20:51
gregwebDoes someone have a hint how to get the network manager widget back in the system tray (it does not appear in the "Add Widget" dialog box, I'm on KUbuntu, KDE  4.3.2)20:51
wildweathelRediXe, that sounds like a bug then.  I'd try right now but a) that means unplugging from the internet (no wireless) and b) the family is using the TV right now.20:51
wildweathelgregweb, have you tried logging out and back in?20:51
Veinorwoohoo, apt-getting upgrades at 80 Mbps20:52
gregwebwildweathel: yes, I rebooted (it happened when switching to another user)20:52
gregwebwildweathel: I meant: rebooted and it didn't help20:53
diwicwildweathel: seems like I somehow switched back to grub1...I'll try to upgrade again, thanks20:53
wildweathelGood luck, diwic.20:53
RediXewildweathel, just some more info on it - I have to run sudo gnome-display-properties from terminal because running from the menu doesn't work. It launches but when it tries to write the virtual resolution it just locks up. sudo gets around this but again to no avail.20:53
wildweathelWow, sounds like g-d-p is messed up.  I'll have to play with it tomorrow.20:54
philly_chkWhats the default su password on ubuntu?20:54
RediXewildweathel, well it's not totally messed up - it rotates my monitors just fine :P20:55
philly_chknothing like not being able to fix my own system lol20:55
guntbert!root | philly_chk20:55
ubottuphilly_chk: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:55
Veinorphilly_chk: use sudo with your own password20:55
philly_chkalrighty, thanks20:55
wildweathelgregweb, I'm looking into the networkmanager issue20:56
wildweathelWell, the widget.20:56
gregwebwildweathel: thanks, maybe it's a dock issue, I filed a bug report to launchpad with more information: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-widget-networkmanagement/+bug/45153720:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451537 in plasma-widget-networkmanagement "Network Manager Widget in System Tray Disappeared After User Switching" [Undecided,New]20:58
gregwebubottu: yess20:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yess20:59
wildweathelAnd I shall read it too my edification.20:59
wildweathelAlso, ubottu, tell gregweb about ubottu20:59
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:59
ni1sI've noticed that karmic doesnt have /etc/default/avahi-daemon, which I would need to have avahi working(dumb ISP domain'ing), how do I enable avahi (forcefully) in karmic?20:59
gregwebwilweathel: ;-)21:00
jimpopanybody know when Bug #393008 (gnome-power-manager) is going to be addressed?21:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 393008 in gnome-power-manager "[Karmic] power management icon says laptop is connected to power when it isn't" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39300821:01
blackxoredyou can't use gnome-shell with compiz??21:09
alex88ok..i've got the xsplash image changed..but..i need to change the image that comes first21:09
alex88where is the gdm config file?21:10
oorahis the beta an improvement worth upgrading to right now?21:10
evanproThings are broken.21:11
wildweatheloorah, I dunno.  It depends on you and your computer.  Do you like fixing stuff?21:11
oorahwildweathel, is there still stuff to fix? lol21:11
oorahwildweathel, how much faster is it?21:12
guntbertoorah: of course there is - what did you expect?21:12
evanproI'm running Karmic, and when my system boots, it jams up and never finishes.21:12
evanproIf I run in recovery mode, I see the fsck line, then a note that my HD is "clean", then nothing happens.21:12
guntbertevanpro: run fsck -f (for force)21:13
wildweathelIs there a good way to see the boot process?  xsplash is nice, but not for fixing stuff.21:13
evanproguntbert, I've actually booted into a USB key and fsck'd  the HD manually.21:13
gregwebmy machine boots fast, but sometimes xorg uses 99% cpu (mostly system) after having booted, need to reboot to "fix" it21:14
guntbertevanpro: yes, I thought so, but sometimes you have to tell fsck "yes, you shall really check the whole drive and not only the "clean" flag!"21:15
evanproguntbert, OK, I'll give it a shot21:15
oorahis the beta a lot faster than the current version?21:19
durtJust did an update and rebooted, it took forever to boot, I don't know what it was doing as the screen was blank with a flickering cursor in the top left corner21:19
andreas_does startupmanager uninstall grub2 and install grub1?21:19
wildweatheldurt, are you chatting on a different computer?21:20
durtandreas_, ya I think that happend to me21:20
durtwildweathel, yes21:20
oorahis the beta a lot faster than the current version?21:20
andreas_I thought grub2 is default...I've installed startupmanager and Synaptics shows me grub2 as "not installed (leftovers)"...21:20
radixso, karmic changed the default settings for auto-mounting of FAT32-formatted usb keys that I plug in so that the files are world-readable. Since I host my SSH private key on such a usb key, ssh-add fails to work. Is there a way to change the settings so that it auto-mounts this key with permissions restricted to the currently-logged-in user, like it used to do in older versions of Ubuntu?21:21
andreas_now I've installed grub-pc (which is the grub2 package) and grub and startupmanager are removed...21:21
HoopyCatoorah:  when dropped, they both fall at approx. the same rate21:21
durtandreas_ ya, a reinstall of grub2 worked fine for me21:21
wildweatheldurt: Try rebooting but remove quiet and splash from the end of the kernel command line.21:21
wildweathelSo you can see what's happening.21:21
durtwildweathel, will do21:22
andreas_is there another app to configure grub2 the way startupmanager did?21:22
oorahhow bout xubuntu beta? in the past i've seen no difference in boot speed21:22
wildweatheloorah, check out this wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/UsingDevelopmentReleases  It might be faster, but there's no guarantees but that it'll be buggy.21:22
guntbertoorah: install Virtualbox, build a VM and give it a try21:22
* wildweathel seconds guntbert.21:22
Brian_was there just a big update?21:23
guntbertwildweathel: seems we scared oorah away - was not My intention21:23
wildweatheloops. :(21:23
Brian_what the hell21:25
guntbertwildweathel: and the capital M wasn't intentional either :)21:25
wildweathelAnyway, Brian, I haven't seen a bigger than usual update.  It averages about 100MB of packages a day.21:25
* Crashbit a drogarse → Tetrazepam+dexiubuprofeno+rabeprazol21:25
wildweathelOr a little less, if you don't upgrade every day.21:26
mersaultis anyone aware of a repo for more up to date xen packages? anyone maintaining a 3.4.1 or 3.4-testing repo anywhere?21:27
wildweathelmersault, now that the network's back to normal, you might want to re-ask your question.  (Sorry, I don't know)21:36
arakthorwhy do so few -dev packages in ubuntu include manpages?21:38
tormoddoes anyone know if/where the broken terminal bell has been reported?21:39
wildweathelI think it has been,21:39
tormodany idea which package?21:39
wildweathelbug 7701021:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 77010 in hundredpapercuts "Overuse of system beep without volume control" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7701021:40
tormodwildweathel, thanks21:40
tormodwell I don't get the beep, just a pop21:41
bjsniderarakthor, -dev packages only contain developmental headers. look for the manpage for the non-dev package21:41
wildweatheltormod, does happen when you play music, or only when your computer should be quiet?21:42
tormodwildweathel, when it should be quiet. music works fine.21:42
tormodif I trigger a system bell, I hear a loud pop, like something got plugged in, then it doesn't work for a while21:44
tormod"work" like in making a pop21:44
radixdoes anyone know what affects the permissions of an automounted FAT32 USB key when it's plugged in? I assume something in udev. I'd like to get the old behavior pre-karmic, where the permissions were restricted to the current user session, instead of world-readable.21:44
wildweatheltormod, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-July/009134.html  There's a test kernel there for you to try.  Before you start with that though, this problem can be temporarily fixed by editing /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf.  Comment out the last line and reboot.21:44
ActionParsnipradix: you can add extra mount options, like uid=1000   makes things nice21:45
radixActionParsnip: where do I add those extra mount options?21:45
tormodwildweathel, uh that's from July. this appeared like 2 days ago. I'll try the alsa-base.conf though21:45
wildweatheltormod: Does it play sounds after making the pop.  Like if you trigger a bell (POP!) and then start some music, does it play?21:45
tormodI'll try21:46
wildweathelUnless you just switched to Karmic, it's probably another problem...21:46
ActionParsnipradix: when you mount the device21:46
tormodno I have been running karmic for months :)21:46
SimFireHello Guys, do anyone of you have a problem with xorg taking 100% cpu and VT switching beeing disabled after upgrade to Kubuntu Karmic?21:46
radixActionParsnip: like I said, the device is auto-mounted when I plug in the usb key. I'm not doing it explicitly.21:47
shane2perudoes anyone know  what package copydir comes with? copydir is a command, but not sure what package to install to get it one my other box.21:47
tormodwildweathel, actually aplay only gives a pop21:47
SimFiretried google but found no good solution, only that some arch and debian people also seem to have the same problem with 4.3.2?21:47
ActionParsnipradix: sudo mkdir /media/usb; sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usb -t vfat -o uid=1000,rw,user21:47
ActionParsnipradix: you may have to do it explicitly21:47
radixI'd rather not. :)21:47
radixThat would mean I'd have to plug in the key, unmount it (after it being auto-mounted by udev, or whatever), then remount it with that command line, every time I want to use it.21:48
wildweatheltormod, How long of a sound file?  The problem I'm familiar with is that Karmic is powering down the soundcard amps.  They might take a second or two to turn back on.  If you only aplay a short clip, the card might not turn on fast enough to hear anything.21:48
radixI'm pretty sure there must be some way to change the default settings for how karmic auto-mounts a usb key.21:48
ActionParsnipif you arent getting the right access you will have to, you could add it to fstab using its UUID21:48
Jordan_Uradix: You can set extra mount options from nautilus, right click the volume and go to properties21:49
cfurlinI'm having a wireless problem with Karmic beta on a netbook. Wireless works fine when I run the OS from the USB stick, but after installing the OS from the stick, no more wireless. Anyone know why that would be?21:50
radixJordan_U: I thought that would be possible, but I don't see anything about mount options in that window.21:50
tormodwildweathel, could be that. I play a longer piece, and starting/stopping makes a pop if I pause it too long21:50
wildweathelbut, do you get sound when you play something longer?21:50
Jordan_Uradix: The settings drop down in the disk or volume tabs21:51
tormodwildweathel, yes I get sound then, but with a pop when I resume after a long pause21:52
wildweathelLets see if changing alsa-base.conf fixes it.21:52
radixJordan_U: I don't have either of those tabs. I'm navigating to /media with nautilus and right-clicking on the mount point and going to "Properties". Maybe I need to navigate to the properties window some other way?21:52
tormodwildweathel, seems like threshold is between 10 and 15 seconds (of pause=21:53
Jordan_Uradix: Go to Places > Computer21:53
wildweatheltormod: Default in alsa-base.conf is to power down after 10 seconds.21:53
radixJordan_U: aha, okay.21:53
tormodwildweathel, aha21:53
grusumI seem to be stuck at 2.6.31-12 even tho 2.6.31-13 and 14 are in /var/cache/apt/archives... anyone know how to update to newer kernels ?21:54
radixJordan_U: hmm... still no difference. I only see the usual tabs that I get with any folder. Basic, Emblems, Permissions, Open With, and Notes. nothing about mount options.21:54
ActionParsnipgrusum: tell apt-get to install it21:54
joaopintogrusum, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:54
radixJordan_U: I'm also totally up-to-date on karmic; I just updated half an hour ago.21:55
ActionParsnipgrusum: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.31-13-generic21:55
grusumhave used Synaptic Pkg Manager but never requires reboot nor do it evidently install it...21:55
SimFireAny Kubuntu Karmic user who have this 100% CPU xorg problem after upgrade? http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=81798 ?21:56
Jordan_Uradix: Do you see an icon on the desktop for your thumb drive? The key is that it's a property of nautilus's idea of the volume, not a property of the directory that happens to be the mountpoint21:56
tormodwildweathel, yes it was the powerdown option. thanks a bunch!21:56
romthere is no remaining battery prediction21:56
romanymore :(21:56
radixJordan_U: yeah, there's a volume icon on my desktop when I plug it in too. right-click -> properties on that is the same. Tabs are: Basic, Emblems, Permissions, Notes.21:57
radixJordan_U: If you're seeing something different with a usb thumb drive then something's pretty strange...21:57
wildweatheltormod: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-July/009134.html for bug-report instructions.  The test kernels are only for 64 bit, so if you're on 32, that will be it for now.21:57
tormodyes I am on 32bit21:57
Jordan_Uradix: That's how it is in Jaunty, if it's not that way in karmic Gnome either removed the feature or more likely it's a bug21:58
dupondjehmz, sdems like I can't open PDF documents anymore21:58
dupondjethe link to 'document viewer' is gone21:58
dupondjeany idea how to put it back ?21:58
radixJordan_U: oh, you're running jaunty still? yeah, I think I seem to remember seeing mount options in older versions of Ubuntu.21:59
radixthat's why I was kind of lost after upgrading to karmic.21:59
thiebaudedupondje, do you have evince installed?21:59
BluesKajhas anyone managed to remove/purge pulseaudio modules from his/her setup , without wrecking alsa ?21:59
dupondjethiebaude: yep22:00
radixJordan_U: it may have been removed since the bigger focus on udev in this release (?)22:00
wildweatheldupondje: Try running evince in a terminal.22:00
wildweathelDoes it open?22:00
Jordan_Uradix: Oh, now I remember. I think you can change mount options in Palimpsest22:00
* radix apt-cache search22:01
dupondjewildweathel: yep, without problem22:01
Jordan_Uradix: It's installed by default in karmic, don't remember what the menu entry is named22:01
radixoh, typo22:01
wildweatheldupondje: Okay, now if you right-click on a pdf?22:01
radixJordan_U: ah, "Disk Utility". Yeah, I already came across that, and couldn't find any place in it to change m ount options.22:02
grusumactionParsnip: when I do sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic it says  "That 2.6.31-14 is already the newest version" but uname -r says I's using -1222:02
dupondjewildweathel: the link seems back ...22:02
dupondjewell pdf evince ... :)22:03
dupondjefile association :)22:03
wildweathelOh, it works now?  Don't sneeze!22:03
radixJordan_U: it only lets me... change the filesystem type and the label. and delete the volume or make it bootable.22:03
radixJordan_U: by the way, thanks very much for chatting about this :)22:03
Jordan_Uradix: np, hopefully I can find something helpfull to say eventually :)22:04
TrizicusAfter installing Ubuntu and trying to boot in Vista and restarting and trying to boot into vista again the Vista loading screen appears then my computer just reboots. How could I fix this?22:04
uboxhas anyone else experienced a problem with firefox 3.5? not automatically knowing what to open things with22:04
mersaultis anyone aware of a repo for more up to date xen packages? anyone maintaining a 3.4.1 or 3.4-testing repo anywhere?22:05
grusumanyone help with updating to newer kernel??/ I seem to be stuck at 2.6.31-12 ??? even though apt-get says 2.6.31-14 is already installed22:05
dupondjegrusum: try to run update-grub22:05
radixJordan_U: do you have any suggestions on packages I might file bugs or ask Questions against in launchpad?22:05
ldeveauxhello! I'm using Kubuntu Karmic Beta. How can I force all connections to pass through a SOCKS 5 proxy? thanks in advance22:05
uboxgrusum, .. beat me to it dupondje22:05
RediXewildweathel, well, I just realized that I didn't update after installing >< going to see any updates will help with the dual monitor and gnome-display-properties22:06
grusumaha - says my /usr is broken22:06
wildweathelRediXe, good idea! ;)22:06
wildweathelgrusum, could you pastebin?22:06
TrizicusAfter installing Ubuntu and trying to boot in Vista and restarting and trying to boot into vista again the Vista loading screen appears then my computer just reboots. How could I fix this?22:06
grusumwildwathel - never have done it before... this first time here tooo.....22:07
wildweathel!pb | grusum22:07
ubottugrusum: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic22:07
dupondjelong live ubuntu :)22:08
dupondjetrying to fix Windows installation here22:08
dupondjeit gives 'Error while installing22:08
dupondjegreat error description ;)22:08
wildweatheldupondje, the Windows installer?22:08
dupondjejust windows crap :) no ubuntu involved :p22:09
dupondjebtw, somebody has Thunderbird installed ?22:09
dupondjeneed to get something confirmed :)22:10
TrizicusAfter installing Ubuntu and trying to boot in Vista and restarting and trying to boot into vista again the Vista loading screen appears then my computer just reboots. How could I fix this?22:10
wildweathelTrizicus, did you install Vista first?22:10
wildweathelDid you resize the partition?22:11
dupondjeTrizicus: but you get Vista boot screen ?22:12
SimFirejust killed xorg and now cpu usage for xorg is back to normal in kde, which is good, but i don't know what the problem is?22:12
TrizicusYes I get the bootscreen then the computer just restarts22:12
dupondjeSimFire: try checking xorg logs22:12
dupondjeTrizicus: try safe mode ?22:12
TrizicusSame thing22:12
TrizicusVista cant even repair itself with the DVD22:12
dupondjeTrizicus: its time to fully move to Ubuntu then ;)22:13
TrizicusThis is basically my problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55239822:14
uboxscary, i tried to see my display settings and everything went nuts, grew large and unresponsive22:14
uboxi guess next time i will use nvidia's tools22:15
wildweathelTrizicus, if the DVD doesn't repair, I don't see what your options are other than re-installing Vista or asking MS's tech-support.  (Oh, they'll love you...)22:16
Trizicusit's an obv vista problem22:16
lucas_hello i have a problem! http://paste.ubuntu.com/293460/22:17
lucas_i dont know whats wrong22:17
wildweathellucas, My Spanish is bad, but it looks like dpkg is broken.  Anyone here know how to deal with that?22:19
lucas_no idea about it??22:19
wildweathelFortunately, I haven't run into anything like that yet.22:20
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VipanHi all22:22
joebodo!hi | vipan22:23
ubottuvipan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!22:23
VipanI wonde if any of you have had any issues when upgrading Jaunty to Karmic Beta ?22:23
wildweathellucas, the first thing I'd want to do is get the english error message and google it.22:23
joebodolucas normally, running if sudo apt-get update fails, it will tell you want to run to fix the error22:25
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yofeljussi01: wildweathel: lucas_ is already gone...22:25
yofeljoaopinto: ^^^22:25
Jordan_Uradix: Looks like the package that provided that functionality for nautilus was gnome-mount, which indeed uses hal22:26
wildweathelToo bad.22:26
radixJordan_U: I think this might be something about the switch to devicekit-disks?22:26
Jordan_Uradix: Yes, since hal is depricated, so are utilities that depend on hal, like gnome-mount22:26
radixahhh, right, ok.22:27
radixJordan_U: so, I'm currently composing a Question for devicekit-disks on launchpad22:27
Vipani heard about changes to ext4 in Karmic, did anyone notice a performance difference on that ? and also, is Karmic that much faster as some people claim or is it just like always ?22:28
uboxvipan, i think it is very much faster22:28
uboxespecially start up22:28
yofelVipan: the ext4 changes for karmic are more stability than performance related, but boot is definitely faster now22:28
joaopintoVipan, karmic just uses ext4 as default, ext4 was already available on jaunty22:29
wildweathelVipan, boot is faster, but it downloads just as slow over Roadrunner :p22:29
joebodoVipan, from what i know, you need to do a fresh install to get the full benefits of ext4 (and you'll get grub2 also)22:30
joaopintowell, is not about a fresh install, but an ext4 formatted filesystem :P22:30
NoelJBdtchen, do you have an open bug on the fact that the "beep muted on boot" bug is back?22:30
joebodojoaopinto, i suppose you could convert each file system over manually22:30
joaopintojoebodo, you can, but you don't get the performance improvement22:31
joebodojoaopinto, so i guess that leaves a fresh install as about the only optin22:31
joaopintojoebodo, not really, you can backup your data, reformat as ext4 and restore22:32
joaopintojoebodo, which actually is the required option for /home22:32
joebodojoaopinto, got it  - thx22:33
radixJordan_U: In case you're curious, I've filed the question: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devicekit-disks/+question/8584822:34
radixJordan_U: thanks again for the guiding :)22:34
uboxgeneral computing question22:37
iokaguys I can not install the beta 9.10 from the usb drive22:37
iokait gives me I/O error22:37
uboxmy laptop supports 2gb 667mhz ram, it has 1gb 3xxmhz currently. will one 2gb @667mhz see a large performance boost?22:37
joaopinto!ot | ubottu22:38
ubottujoaopinto: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.22:38
iokaI try to change to ext3 also.Same thing I/O error22:38
uboxor is two 1gb667 sticks better?22:38
joaopintoubox, try #hardware22:38
iokamaybe ubuntu copies the files from the usb drive too fast and my usb pen can not handle it.Any ideas?22:38
yofelioka: did you verify the cd image with md5sum after downloading it, or did you check it before booting it?22:39
uboxthanks joapinto22:39
iokathis happens at 45% of installation22:39
iokathere is no md5sum for the beta iso22:39
yofelioka: yes, that can happen with a bad image22:39
yofelioka: there is22:39
iokawhere I can not find it22:39
sebsebsebioka: installing the beta now hmm when the release is not that far away22:40
sebsebsebmaybe better to just wait untill the relase22:40
ioka2 weeks?22:40
yofelioka: you might want to try a daily image22:40
sebsebseb29th October22:40
yofel!daily | ioka22:40
ubottuioka: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/22:40
yofelioka: with this you won't have to install that many updates22:40
iokawhat is the different between tht two links?22:41
yofelioka: one is the text mode install, one is the live disk22:41
iokaok do not what text mode is, so I'll try the live install22:41
=== YDdraigGoch is now known as Richie
yofelioka: and for the next time: on the beta page, when you get to the download page with the iso files there are md5 and sha checksum files on top of the list22:45
douglasawh-workdid anybody else see Linux Outlaws' Dan post to identi.ca about install problems? has anyone else seen similar?22:47
iokaI download not from this page.I used mirror I think.One question.I have a amd athlon .How can I check weather if it is full 64 bit processor, so I can use the advantages from the ubuntu 64?22:47
yofelioka: not sure... depends on what athlon it is.22:48
iokawindows says amd athlon(tm) 64 processor 3200+22:50
uboxthat is 64bit ioka22:51
uboxif in doubt try out the 64bit live cd22:52
uboxbut that is the same as mine22:52
iokathere are no mirrors for the daily builds, right?22:53
uboxyes.. one sec22:53
ChogyDananyone know the process by with one could fix a ftbfs error?  Fixing compile errors sounds easy enough, but I really don't know the process.  I assume that I can apt-get source the packages, run the make file, fix the errors, but then what?22:55
yofelChogyDan: if you want to build a package locally, you run apt-get source <package> , go into the source directory and run 'debuild' there, that will compile the app and build the .deb files22:56
yofelChogyDan: you'll get signature failures at the end, you can ignore those22:57
ChogyDanyofel: ok.22:57
AmaranthChogyDan: If you fix the problems make a diff of your changes22:58
AmaranthChogyDan: What I do in those cases is fix the problems then rename the directory to foo-0.1.1.new then apt-get source foo again which will give you a new foo-0.1.122:59
AmaranthChogyDan: then you can diff the two (but be sure to only diff the files you edited)22:59
ChogyDanAmaranth: ok22:59
Sh4wnOk guys, I did a "partial upgrade" because a lot of updates came in recently, but now my karmic installation is broken. I tried to fix it, by going into recovery mode, and run dpkg fix. Unfortunateley, networking doesn't work, so dpkg can't get any packages. I tried to run the net root, connect to my wireless by running iwconfig wlan0 essid "My SSID", iwconfig wlan0 ap mac-address, dhclient wlan0, but dhclient doesn't get any DHCPOFFER's, so no network. ->23:01
Sh4wn can't fix my installation23:01
ChogyDanoops, wc23:02
Sh4wnwhy does the netroot have no networking?23:04
Sh4wnwith only wireless available23:04
RussellAlanI think Karmic is reading my mind.23:04
=== Lars_G is now known as Lars_G_zombie
RussellAlanIt's altering settings when I think about altering them.23:04
jemarksince one of the latest update i have sometimes a system beep and i can't turn it off :(23:05
NoelJByofel, not to mention having to get the build dependencies for that package.23:06
jemarkwhen I turn the laptop off and when there is a warning... it's veryy load23:06
yofelNoelJB: oops, yes ^^23:06
Sh4wnanybody an answer on my question? :)23:07
ChogyDanSh4wn: have you thought about using a livecd?23:08
Sh4wnand then reinstalling ChogyDan ?23:08
ChogyDanSh4wn: well, no, I was thinking of just fixing the apt/dpkg errors you were having23:09
NoelJBSh4wn, I don't suppose starting with DON'T DO THAT (partial upgrades) unless you really really really know you're sure helps?23:09
Sh4wnUbuntu actually came with it, I though it would be the best way23:10
NoelJBSh4wn, one problem is that the wireless networking is probably waiting to be told by the network manager to start, and that would be kicked off by the gnome session.23:10
ChogyDanSh4wn: you should be able to bootup, chroot into your drive, and then run apt upgrade, reconfigures whatever23:10
Sh4wnChogyDan ah ok23:10
Sh4wnwill try, but I don't have any empty cd's at the moment, should order some new :')23:11
Sh4wnNoelJB is it possible to start it manually?23:11
RussellAlanound through flash players in the browser doesnt work.23:11
RussellAlanAnyone know what this can be caused from23:11
ChogyDanSh4wn: I use usb drives and rw cds  :(23:11
phakoif totem or wine apps always change my desktop settings (from external monitor only to extended on notebook and external) - against what package exactly would I file a bug?23:12
NoelJBSh4wn, drop by #nm.  answer is yes, but the person best able to tell you how is there right now.23:12
RediXewildweathel, If your still around .. after updating I got dual monitors :) ... but I seem to have lost the option to rotate the monitor to the left or right .. only normal and upside down ... would like to rotate one to the left .. any idea's on how to do this?23:15
iokais unetbootin reliable for making live usb with ubuntu under windows? maybe unetbootin is causing problems and that's why I can not install it from the usb23:16
alteregoaok i use almost lunatic lemur, and i have a problem23:18
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Uschi_hi there, I experience a painful slow wireless networking with karmic, using ipw394523:22
RediXewildweathel, oh yeah - that update helped a lot :P just missing the rotate left/right option and the 2nd monitor seems to flicker on and off every so often (didn't do that before)23:26
komputesHow do you disable the X buffer/paste (middle click, or R+L =middleclick emulation) in Kasrmic? (w/o editing xorg.conf since it doesn't exist)23:28
joseantoniordlmcdoes anyone know hot to enable the desktop effects23:30
joseantoniordlmcia alredy installed the nvidia drivers23:31
joseantoniordlmcdoes anyone know how to enable the desktop effects23:32
bjsnidersystem>preferences>appearance>visual effects23:33
chuck_phlAnyone here dual boot windows 7 and 9.10?23:34
phakochuck_phl: yes, me23:43
chuck_phlphako: No issue with W7 bootloader taking a crap?  I had to screw with DISKPART and boosec to just get w7 booting again, I never saw the grub loader, both OS's wouldnt work23:45
chuck_phlphako: I have an odd disk setup I guess, 3 drives 2 in a RAID and 3rd just a JBOD single23:46
_tuxxyany news on the flash problem yet guys23:48
iokawhat flash problem?23:50
thiebaude_tuxxy, i didn't know there was a flash problem23:50
_tuxxythe 64-bit flash doesnt work properly23:50
_tuxxythe adobe plugin23:50
_tuxxyyoutube videos wont respond to liek the play and time trackers and also on other flash pages it doesnt recognize any clicks23:51
iokayes i have one . it says corruped package bad consistency.I do not know how to fix it.Dicided to leave it that way23:52
_tuxxyanyone here on 64-bit try flash on youtube quick23:52
chuck_phlis there a wubi for 9.10? I guess i'm too retarded to install linux the old fasioned way lol23:54
iokathere is a wubi in every live iso23:54
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.23:54
iokajust open it with demon tools23:54
iokaand activate wibi23:55
leaf-sheepchuck_phl: You make me sad. :(23:56
_tuxxymaybe i should make a bug for this flash error then but the flash plugin im using is adobe 64-bit and dont think its in the repos =/23:56
chuck_phlleaf-sheep: why's that leaf? cause I just spent a few hours getting my windows 7 to boot again after ubuntu borked my bootloader with no error messages or anything working.  all the info I google has help for 9.04 + vista/7 or simpler installs23:59
leaf-sheepchuck_phl: You called linux retarded. :(23:59

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