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chih__i upgraded my jaunty image to karmic through "update-manger -d" on an i.mx51 based system.  now the system would always get stuck while loading gdm. could anyone give me some pointers regarding how to go about debugging it?09:56
loolchih__: That's with a custom kernel and no initrd right?10:02
loolchih__: Can you setup a serial console and change the cmdline to log to serial console to see what's going on?10:02
chih__chih__,  i tried "single" to get to the console mode and manually run "/usr/sbin/gdm" gets me the same result.10:03
chih__lool,  already did that.10:03
chih__lool,  right. custom kernel + noinitrd. that's right10:03
loolchih__: So what's the actual problem you're seeing when starting gdm?10:04
loolIt hangs the system or it doesn't come up or...?10:04
chih__lool,  i did get "gdm-binary: WARNING: Unable to find users: no seat-id found" while system is hanging...10:04
loolDon't start "/usr/sbin/gdm"; use "sudo start gdm"10:05
chih__lool,  the x swirling cursor is running...10:05
loolIn which case?  "sudo start gdm"?10:05
chih__lool,  and disk status light is still flashing. but i never got to the gdm login window.10:06
chih__lool,  whether it is through upstart or /usr/sbin/gdm10:06
loolchih__: Can you upload /var/log/gdm/* somewhere?10:07
chih__lool,  sure. hold on.10:07
chih__lool,  are you looking for any specific logs there or everything?10:09
loolchih__: All might be relevant, I dont know yet10:10
chih__lool,  ok. do you have an email address i can send it to?10:11
loolCant you just upload it to a pastebin or something?10:11
loolOr people.c.c10:11
chih__lool,  ok10:12
loolchih__: start with gdm.log10:14
loolchih__: You know ubuntu-paste?10:14
loolchih__: apt-get install pastebinit10:14
loolalias ubuntu-paste='pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com'10:14
loolchih__: do you see xsplash during boot?10:24
chih__lool,  yes10:24
loolchih__: Do you see it when the session starts?10:25
chih__lool,  i don't quite get your question10:25
loolchih__: Can you paste the list of processesw10:26
chih__lool,  ok10:26
loolchih__: also .xsession-errors from the autologin user10:26
chih__lool,  .xsession-errors at http://paste.ubuntu.com/293009/10:31
loolchih__: Aha10:31
chih__lool,  :-)10:31
loolchih__: So your log shows UNR starting, that's not standard ubuntu at all10:31
loolchih__: Not only is it UNR, but it's not ubuntu's UNR; it's an enlightenment UNR10:32
chih__lool,  ah. ok. i didn't mean to have it running.10:32
loolchih__: and Xfce?!!10:33
chih__lool,  yep10:33
loolWTF is this setup??10:33
ogralool, APM10:33
loolchih__: Is this xfce or unr or...?10:33
chih__lool,  the image happens to use xfce for some reason10:33
chih__lool,  it is a unr launcher on top of xfce desktop10:33
chih__lool,  don't be10:33
ogralool, it's an xfce desktop and the 2D efl thingie :)10:33
chih__lool,  :) i know it sounds like a mess...10:34
chih__lool,  should i remove unr and try again?10:34
loolchih__: Ok so disable autologin from gdm10:34
loolchih__: Use a recovery session (just starts an xterm) and launch things manually10:34
chih__lool,  ok. need your help here10:34
loolchih__: You could launch "xfce-session &" in that xterm for instance10:35
loolchih__: sudo vi /etc/gdm/*.conf10:35
loolchih__: Look for autologin10:35
ografunny that the launcher defines itself as <unknown> :)10:35
chih__lool,  like running xinit directly?10:35
loologra: How do you know it's the launcher?10:35
ogralool, because of the error messages10:35
ograwell, warnings rather10:36
loologra: Yeah, How do you know it's the launcher?10:36
ogra(<unknown>:1175): liblauncher-DEBUG: launcher-menu.c:36110:36
loolchih__: Or run startx if you like, but I'd recommend a gdm session instead10:36
ograand the icon names sound very much like launcher icos as well10:36
ograi suspect the fl libs got updated during the upgrade as well ?10:37
chih__lool,  ok. autologin disabled.10:37
loolchih__: Now you should get the gdm login screen and can select a xterm session and type in your username + password10:38
ograEDJE: Error loading image collection "images/20" from file "/usr/share/netbook-launcher-efl/data/themes/default.edj". Missing EET Evas loader module?10:38
loologra: that's what I think as well10:38
loolchih__: So what's your goal exactly?  Running the same stuff as you ran on jaunty or running karmic xfce or karmic gnome?10:39
ograkarmic w3m ! minimalism FTW !! :)10:39
chih__lool,  oh. i am trying to help someone verify some packages that only seem to be available in karmic's arm port10:40
loolchih__: Could you be more precise?10:40
loollots of packages in karmic10:40
chih__lool,  qt development tools/libraries to be exact10:42
loolchih__: Did you get to that xterm?10:45
loolchih__: So the issue seems pretty clearly related to the UNR 2D + Xfce stuff not starting in karmic anymore; it's likely this stuff needs to be rebased if you want to use it10:45
loolThat's not in karmic though, so cant help much there10:45
loolchih__: What you can do is start other session types and test the qt libs from there10:46
chih__lool,  tried startx and failed10:46
loolchih__: startx will start the same session by default10:46
chih__lool,  so, can you show me how to start gdm-session alternatively?10:47
loolchih__: As I said, just select the other session from the gdm start screen10:47
loolchih__: You dont see the session type drop down on your gdm greeter?10:47
chih__lool,  ok. i haven't got to the greeter window yet10:48
loolchih__: You have a password set for your user?10:48
chih__lool,  yes.10:48
chih__lool,  i am still in console mode10:49
loolchih__: If yes, just "sudo stop gdm" and "sudo start gdm"10:49
chih__lool,  ok. trying...10:49
loolThat should get you to the gdm greeter now that you turned off autologin10:49
chih__lool,  i got "gdm start/running, process XXXX" and nothing happened...10:50
loolchih__: Switch VT10:50
chih__lool,  negative. tried all the VT's. tty1~tty610:51
loolchih__: It's on 710:51
looltry alt + left arrow10:51
chih__lool,  uh. no tty7 for me10:52
loolchih__: just reboot, it should get gdm up on the greeter10:52
loolchih__: how did you diable autologin exactly>10:52
loolchih__: I need to drop off now10:52
loologra: ^ can you plesae pick it up10:52
chih__lool,  it is in /etc/gdm/gdm-cdd.conf10:52
chih__lool,  thanks for your help!10:52
chih__ogra,  there is another seemingly important message while booting up: "gdm spawning too fast, stop..."11:02
ograChanServ, sounds like your xserver cant start11:02
ograerr chih__ :)11:02
chih__ogra,  yeah?11:03
ograchih__, so check /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:07
chih__ogra,  ok.11:07
ograor dump it on the pastebin11:07
chih__ogra,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/293031/11:20
chih__ogra,  sorry for being a bit slow. network is on and off on this board... :(11:20
ogramxc_ts The /dev/input/event* device nodes seem to be missing11:21
ograthat shouldnt stop X from coming up though11:22
ograbut it looks like udev issues11:22
chih__ogra,  x has been rock solid in jaunty though...11:22
chih__ogra,  ok...11:22
ogralikely caused by your kernel missing bits or pieces11:23
ogragdm still didnt come up after reboot, right ?11:23
chih__ogra,  right. only got to see the xsplash and a running cursor11:24
ograwell, but that means X comes up11:24
ograweird that gdm doesnt11:24
chih__ogra,  right!11:24
chih__ogra,  mmmm11:25
ogrado the following:11:25
ograecho xterm >~/.xsession11:25
ograthen try with startx11:25
ograshould get you at least an xterm up11:25
chih__i am in11:26
chih__ogra,  then...11:26
ograok, that proves it's not X at fault11:27
ogratry running xfce4-session from  your xterm11:28
chih__Gconf error...11:30
chih__initializing gdu failed11:31
ograbut the session comes up ?11:31
chih__not completely. i saw the desktop background coming up11:32
ograpanels etc ?11:32
chih__ogra,  nope. still only xterm is there11:33
ograno WM either ?11:33
chih__xfce4 in karmic is seriously screwed?11:33
ograbut i have no clue what the actual name of the xfce session has to be11:36
ograNCommander, ^^^ wha do you need to run to get an xfce desktop ?11:39
ograchih__, ah, it's startxfce4 not xfce4-session11:43
ograstop the process in the xterm and run startxfce4 instead11:43
chih__exactly the same as running xfce4-session11:47
ograthats weird11:48
ogracan you paste your .xsession-errors again ?11:48
chih__strangely. whenever system hangs for a considerable amount of time, i start to see "I/O error, dev sda, sector XXXXXXXX" "EXT3-fs error ..."11:50
ograoh, that sounds like a kernel bug11:50
chih__ogra,  right. never had that in jaunty...11:51
chih__ogra,  oh oh. i am still using the jaunty kernel by the way11:51
ograwell, you are still using the same kernel, no ?11:51
chih__ogra,  yes. only upgraded the FS11:51
chih__ogra,  kernel is in SD card separate from FS11:52
ograkernel is on SD ?11:52
chih__ogra,  which is in an external USB disk11:52
chih__ogra,  right. the board only supports booting from kernel in SD11:52
chih__ogra,  ah?11:52
ograi was about to ask about where the rootfs lives ... you answered that faster than i could ask ... thus "ah" :)11:53
chih__ogra,  oh actually...11:53
chih__ogra,  i was trying to upgrade to karmic by manually adding a "karmic" repo in sources.list and gradually went through "apt-get upgrade"...11:54
chih__ogra,  the system was fine during the first couple batches of updates11:55
ogrause update-manager for such things in the future11:55
chih__ogra,  i was able to enjoy all the rich packages in karmic that way11:55
ograit has a cmdline tool as well11:55
chih__ogra,  till i updates some "core" stuff and then system wouldn't boot into x any more11:55
chih__ogra,  i think it was upstart related among other things...11:56
chih__ogra,  anyway, it is ok that i can't make it work completely11:57
ograi heard rumours that upstart has issues when you run it without initramfs11:57
ograsince i'd never do that i cant verify11:58
chih__ogra,  after all, all i need are those karmic packages...11:58
chih__ogra,  i see11:58
ogrado you still see upstart errors on bootup ?11:58
chih__ogra,  i would go back to jaunty and only grab those packages as i usually did before11:58
chih__ogra,  yes. like "gdm spawning too fast..."11:58
ograbeyond that i mean11:59
chih__ogra,  nope.11:59
chih__ogra,  the system would hang trying to get to greeter window/gdm12:00
chih__ogra,  or i shouldn't say "hang", the disk was actually busy reading...12:00
chih__ogra,  until the "I/O error message" i mentioned earlier finally came out.12:01
ograwell, do you have an .xsession-errors excerpt for the test from xterm ?12:02
chih__ogra,  oh. hold on. i have to reboot the system...12:02
* ogra has to run out for 30min or so12:03
chih__by the way, i have since removed all netbook-launcher related packages....12:06
NCommanderchih__, ogra, intsall xubuntu-desktop, then select Xfce from th eSessions list at GDM.12:32
whazillahi how do i prepare and boot ubuntu on arm mmc bageleboard ?14:10
whazillai got mini projector as hdmi screen14:11
loolwhazilla: http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu14:23
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* armin76 checks his mail :)16:44
Martyn1armin76: Didn't send it.   I had an argument with the CEO yesterday about remote access16:44
Martyn1"Is it a partner, or company we are doing business with?"16:44
Martyn1it's going to take a bit for him to cool down, and for me to explain what a 'community developer' is16:45
Martyn1he's a good guy, it's just that he is in the middle of Round A financing talks, and so he's touchy about IP, remote access, NDA's, etc.16:45
armin76np, thanks for trying though16:46
Martyn1now, to the business of getting Karmic Koala working16:46
Martyn1I have a serious problem with php5 .. we didn't build it with zlib enabled!16:46
Martyn1Downloading update from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wordpress-automatic-upgrade.1.2.5.zip. Unpacking the update. Abort class-pclzip.php : Missing zlib extensions16:47
Martyn1I was testing out wordpress on my BeagleServer, and ran into this problem.   turns out it's a can of worms16:47
* armin76 blames NCommander 16:47
Martyn1zlib, as a whole, is missing.  PHP5 does seem to have been compiled with zlib support, but there is no php5-zlib plugin, nor is zlib.so part of the distribution16:47
NCommanderarmin76, what did I do O_O;17:12
armin76NCommander: you don't let me play with armv7!17:12
NCommanderarmin76, I gave you a shell over IPv6!17:12
armin76NCommander: but for only one day!17:13
Martyn1NCommander: Speaking of v7, do you have 20 minutes or so to give me a helping hand?  I need to understand the PPA process of creating an arch17:22
NCommanderMartyn, public PPAs are x86/x86_64 only17:23
NCommanderSorry :-/17:23
NCommanderNo way around that17:23
Martyn1I need to find a reliable way to build for v7, with NEON optimizations, for our A917:23
Martyn1and that means finding a better way to recompile all of karmic.  I'm abandoning the launchpad system, because it's 1) baroque and 2) broken as all hell for me now17:24
Martyn1even though I had it working for a while17:24
NCommanderMartyn, probably abuse wanna-build/buildd17:25
NCommanderMartyn, hold on17:25
NCommanderMartyn1, http://www.wzdftpd.net/trac/wiki/Debian/Buildd17:26
NCommanderMartyn1, thats part of the Debian build systme, but its compatible with Ubuntu17:26
Martyn1sure, but only compatible.17:27
Martyn1Can I point buildd to the ubuntu repositories, and actually end up with a real karmic build?17:27
NCommanderMartyn, yes17:27
NCommanderMartyn, back in the days before Soyuz, I believe Ubuntu even used the same build infrastructure as Debian17:28
Martyn1Worth a try, at least17:34
loolmaen: I just reviewed the two patches from NCommander and will send them your way ASAP; one fixes the e2fsck issue17:39
NCommanderlool, er, no, that one just fixes a conditional17:40
NCommanderlool, the e2fsck one probably a more indepth fix :-/17:40
NCommanderlool, I can try and run that one down if you want though17:40
* NCommander isn't sure if upstream u-boot is affected or not17:40
loolNo; maen's on it already17:40
NCommandermaen, you mind trying to help me with UART booting again? I'd *really* like to get it to work17:41
Martyn1UART booting?17:53
Martyn1Is that broken?17:53
Martyn1We have it working here, but on our PBX system17:54
Martyn1(we're working on getting PXE support shoehorned into u-boot)17:54
Martyn1then pushed upstream17:54
NCommanderMartyn, I just can't get it to work17:55
NCommanderMartyn1, probably user error on my end, but damned if I can find the error17:55
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NCommandermaen, do you know if there are any known issues with the kernel on the Y0 locking up hard?21:04

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