krabadorno changes in artwork until the stable?01:19
mac_vkwwii: icons are done, just checking with asac if the bluetooth naming has changed... and will send the email07:52
kwwiimac_v: great, thanks09:21
mac_vkwwii: do you want the apport icon to be red too ? > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/humanity-icon-theme/+bug/450825/comments/309:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450825 in humanity-icon-theme "color regression: no colors in default panel icons" [Undecided,New]09:26
kwwiimac_v: yeah, that would make sense I guess09:27
kwwiiorange or red I guess09:27
mac_vkwwii: hmm , lol... i was thinking orange too..09:28
mac_vkwwii: but the other icons either use red or grey... so do we use orange for this or just stick with red?09:28
kwwiistick with red, I guess09:29
mac_vkwwii: you have upto rev 406 , right?09:48
kwwiimac_v: you might want to look at lp:09:50
mac_vkwwii: i saw this https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-art-pkg/humanity/release ,seems like you have upto rev 406...  but couldnt be sure , just checking09:52
mac_vkwwii: also i few icons need to be removed , so09:52
kwwiimac_v: right, that is the same09:52
mac_v also a few*09:52
kwwiiphone, bbiab09:53
kwwiimac_v: btw, would you be interested in coming to UDS?10:08
mac_vkwwii: Interested yes... :) but unfortunately cant make it in November ... :(10:09
kwwiimaybe next time10:10
kwwiiI think you'll get an email with an official invitation very sooon10:10
kwwiijfyi ;)10:10
mac_vkwwii: awesome ... thanks... but my timing always sucks :/10:11
mac_vhope i make it next time :)10:11
kwwiimac_v: essentially, you can get my bzr branch and then change it as you want, push it to your bzr and then ask for a merge10:11
kwwiimac_v: I'll get you a t-shirt ;)10:12
kwwiithen you can tell everyone you were there :p10:12
mac_vnice :D10:12
mac_vkwwii: when merging should i also edit the debian/changelog?... or is it the reviewer how is to edit that?11:37
mac_vwho has*11:49
* mac_v waits for kwwii to push changes :)11:54
kwwiimac_v: you should edit the changelog12:03
mac_vkwwii: ok , so what will be new version?12:03
mac_vlast was >  humanity-icon-theme (0.4.1ubuntu4)12:04
darkmatter0.4.1n00buntu5? :o12:08
mac_vdarkmatter: i was thinking  humanity-icon-theme (0.4.2-0ubuntu0)12:08
darkmatterbah :P12:09
mac_vor is it  > (0.4.2-0ubuntu1)12:09
kwwii0.4.1n00buntu5 would be best12:09
kwwiimac_v: we can do this update as 0.4.1ubuntu512:10
kwwiiand then when there is major update switch to 0.4.212:10
darkmatterhaha! I still remembered my goofy ubuntu revisioning! xD12:11
kwwiimac_v: can you point me to what you've done?12:12
mac_v  * Editing apport icon to red ; LP: #450825 .12:12
mac_v  * Adding 24px Bluetooth icon and renaming previous greyscale icon to12:12
mac_v    bluetooth-active. Removed app icons from Humanity-Dark which are no longer needed ;  LP: #43716212:12
mac_v  * Edits to user status icons to avoid using English characters in the bubbles ;12:12
mac_vLP: #439743 .12:12
mac_v  * Adding gpm-* icons ; LP: #44933412:12
* darkmatter return to messing with the gnome-main-menu sources12:12
mac_v  * Adding U1 icons ; LP: #43864112:12
mac_v  * Correcting drive-* label ; LP: #43646212:12
mac_v  * Different icons for volume mute and volume-0  , LP: #44454812:12
mac_vkwwii: ^12:12
kwwiimac_v: ok, looks good12:14
kwwiithorwil: thanks for putting up the lucid page13:29
thorwilkwwii: np :)13:29
kwwiithorwil: still sure you cannot come to UDS?13:30
thorwilkwwii: no. my answer back then referred to just that one UDS :)13:32
kwwiithorwil: then please come!13:32
kwwiithorwil: I'll get an invitation out to you asap13:32
thorwilkwwii: invitations come with sponsoring?13:33
kwwiithorwil: yes, sponsoring comes with it13:38
kwwiiwe need to get it out asap, as you'll have to book flights13:38
kwwiiwe ahve a travel agency in belgium which can take care of it, or you can do it yourself and we'll pay you back13:38
thorwilkwwii: somehow i managed to never fly. pretty clueless regarding int. travel :)13:41
kwwiithorwil: I let the travel agent take care of it...just booked all my flights until january13:45
thorwilMonday 16 Nov - Friday 20 Nov 2009 .. somehow i had december in mind. well, doesn't matter, except for less time for preparation :)13:46
thorwilkwwii: cool13:47
kwwiithorwil: right, you should plan on arriving Sunday and leaving either Friday evening, or Saturday13:51
kwwiithere will be an email in your inbox asap13:51
kwwiimac_v: the only thing that I noticed was wrong, was an error in the changelog entry which13:55
mac_vkwwii: was it the second line ? bluetooth icon mention?13:57
kwwiinope, line 1713:58
kwwiimac_v: there was an extra return in it, so it saw the last LP: #number part as a new entry13:58
mac_voh...ok  /me will be more careful next time :)13:59
kwwiimac_v: no worries, that can happen to anyone13:59
mac_vkwwii: when is the last day to decide about the UDS? [that is if i receive the invite ;) ]14:01
kwwiimac_v: I just merged the packaging, so everything is done, yeah!14:02
kwwiimac_v: emails are being sent out now, the decision would need to be made asap, or the flight prices will be too high14:03
mac_voh.. yeah... thats true..14:04
darkmatteroi... so much work to do, and I'm to tired to do it atm14:09
kwwiiohhh, I just love it when update-manager crashes half-way through14:18
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
ubunterhave you planned to change something until the 29?15:28
kwwiiubunter: not sure I understand your question15:36
ubunterkwwii, i'm asking if i can expect some changes in artwork until the 2915:37
kwwiiubunter: the last changes in the artwork are already commited although there might be last minute changes to fix any major bugs15:37
ubunterkwwii, every 3-4 days i use a karmic daily live15:37
kwwiithe last upload was this morning15:38
ubunterkwwii, only for bugs'15:38
kwwiiso as of the next iso's everything should be up to date15:38
kwwiiubunter: yes, only for major bugs during the release cycle15:38
kwwiierm, release candidate part of the cycle, I should have said15:38
ubunter"system" in ubuntu menu haven't the icons15:39
ubunter"preferences" "administration" are without icons15:39
ubunterit's a new set?15:39
mac_vubunter: that is a new change from upstream ;)15:40
mac_vubunter: Bug 40762115:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "(design decision) Icons missing from context menu , dialogue buttons , firefox bookmark favicons, system menu" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40762115:41
* mac_v wonders who Frank Schoep is ...15:49
kwwiimac_v: Frank used to work on ubuntu-artwork15:58
kwwiihe is a young dutch guy15:58
kwwiimac_v: anyway...I have permission to upload these latest changes...is that *anything* else you would like to see included in karmic?15:59
kwwiias in, this time is the very, very, very last time15:59
kwwiiif not, I will tell them to upload it now15:59
* kwwii runs to the bank, bbiab16:11
kwwiimac_v: feel free to respond here, I'll catch it when i get back16:12
mac_vkwwii: nope nothing else... its good to go16:15
kwwiimac_v: cool, thanks16:16
mac_vkwwii: actually thanks to you ... :)16:17
kwwiiglad to help ;)16:18
FLOZzHello all  _o/18:05
mat_tmac_v: kwwii: do we have an svg for tomboy notes icon?18:08
thorwilkwwii: just got the invitation. had to pull it out of junk 0.o18:13
mac_vmat_t: nope.18:16
mac_vmat_t: you asked for humanity... right? else the hicolor has an svg18:17
mat_tmac_v: ok, thanks18:18
kwwiithorwil: cool, good that you didn't miss it ;)18:30
thorwilit's actually a new feature (or changed pref?) with Karmic's Evolution to bold and count unread messages in Junk. at first i thought: how annoying. but this is the 2nd time it helped me catch a false positive (i have a habit of skimming junk once a day, anyway, though)19:08
jonian_ghi all23:27
jonian_gkwwii: hi, I saw the changed software store icon and it looks a bit out of place. I had created an icon for software store some time ago that you might want to check it out: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1541424/Screenshot.png23:32
jonian_g*software center23:33
kwwiijonian_g: did you do that with the svg or the png?23:51
kwwiijonian_g: if it is svg, please send it to me23:51
kwwiiit has the older gradient which is nicer23:52
kwwiibtw, did mpt ask for this change? he mentioned it as well ;)23:52
kwwiiheading off to bed soon, night23:53
jonian_git is svg. I had uploaded it once in the humanity bzr but mac_v removed it because we were not supposed to create icons for canonical apps23:53
jonian_gdo you want me to upload it to humanity bzr?23:53
jonian_gI have 48px and 24px23:54
jonian_gBTW, the gradient is a bit modified from the original23:55
kwwiijonian_g: best would be to upload the svg with any resulting pngs23:55
kwwiiit goes in the app itself, not the icon theme23:55
kwwiiI have the original svg, if you are interested...I thought about tweaking it a bit23:56
kwwiianyway...I really have to go to bed now23:56
kwwiialmost 1am here23:56
jonian_gyep, i'd love to23:56
kwwiido you have my email address?23:56
jonian_gplease send it to me23:57
kwwiilol, I don't have yours ;)23:57
kwwiikwwii at canonical dot com23:57
kwwiisleep now23:58
kwwiisee you soon23:58

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