ikthow do you set a private bug to public on launchpad?00:02
iktI can't see any options :/00:02
arandConnecting to wless fails with network manager but succeeds with wpa_supplicant manual config: Which package to bug report against? nm-applet?00:22
bdmurraylikely network-manager00:25
arandOh, right... /me be blind00:27
iktanyone :s00:40
bdmurrayhere I am!00:40
bdmurrayThere is a pencil by "This report is private" in the upper right00:41
bdmurrayclick that00:41
iktI don't see it00:41
bdmurraywhat bug number is it?00:42
bdmurraybeneath reported by and above Mark as duplicate00:42
iktoh ffs00:44
iktit seems like it's a chrome bug00:44
hggdhbug 14835700:44
ubot4hggdh: Bug 148357 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/148357 is private00:44
hggdhikt -- probably. I see it00:44
iktyeah it shows up in firefox00:44
bcurtiswxanyone else getting the system beep when backspacing too far.. like a modem style beep.. thats really annoying01:03
hggdhbcurtiswx: on a terminal?01:03
bcurtiswxthat and other places01:03
dmj728turn off system beeps?01:04
hggdhtry a new userid01:04
hggdhI could not turn them off. I had it until I moved to a new userid01:04
bcurtiswxa new userid.. seems like an odd workaround01:07
iktserious hggdh?01:08
hggdheventually I saw it not was a workaround, but as a way to clean up all the cruft I acquired in upgrade after upgrade (I also reinstalled Ubuntu from scratch)01:08
hggdhikt: serious01:08
hggdhbcurtiswx: the point is I got rid of a LOT of configuration files. Some of them were clashing with PA01:09
bcurtiswxyeah, i wonder if i can find which config file it is01:10
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LordMetroidI installed scim in my ignorance and as I was informed 9.10 uses ibus instead I uninstalled scim02:18
LordMetroidHowever the options in the drop down menu are still present in the language admin settings, what am I to file this under?02:18
micahgLordMetroid: I would guess scim02:21
d3xterhey guys02:40
d3xterone of my friends tryed to install nvidia 185 on 9.04, but the installation messed up, so he tried to get back to 180, but glx stopped working. the problem was, that libGL and libGLcore pointed at the appropriative 185 version of the library. is there any way that other users dont get stuck on this problem?02:41
micahgd3xter: I suggest checking in #ubuntu for support02:51
d3xterwhy not overwrite the symlinks during the installation? :)02:53
micahgah, you're asking about filing a bug02:54
micahgok, could you please submit a bug against the 180 package02:55
d3xterwell, i'm a little bit disappointed about filing bugs at launchpad :P02:55
d3xtermicahg: ok02:55
micahgd3xter: why?02:56
d3xtermicahg: well, i've reported several bugs, but most of them are just marked as "new" and no one has responded02:58
micahgd3xter: we are very limited on human resources...if no one responds after a few days, feel free to come in here and ask about it02:58
d3xtermicahg: ok, i'll do it the next time :D02:59
micahgif you'd like to help with bugs, bugsquad's looking for volunteers :)02:59
d3xtermicahg: i'll read through the HowToTriage-page and then lets see :)03:02
d3xterbut for now, i'm going to file my bug :D03:02
micahggreat, feel free to ask questions :)03:02
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d3xtermicahg: how many hours per week should someone in the bugsquad work on triaging bugs?03:06
micahgd3xter: as many as you want03:08
micahgany and all help is appreciated03:08
d3xterand a question about the mentorship. i just triage bugs (e.g. reproduce the bug) and then tell my mentor, that i've got the same bug?03:13
micahgno, the mentor is there to answer questions and guide03:13
micahgif you can reproduce you can confirm a bug03:14
NCommanderDoes anyone know where the wiki page that defined the criteria for priorities are?04:52
NCommanderI have a possible Critical bug, but I just want to recheck it04:52
NCommanderGoogle isn't seeing it04:52
greg_gNCommander: is you mean the "importance" field in launchpad, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance05:00
* NCommander bumps his bug down to high05:03
NCommandergreg_g, thanks. Sorry, Debian used priority, and its become ingrained in my brain after so many years :-)05:03
greg_gNCommander: no worries :)05:03
bd_How long does the apport retracer usually take to process new bugs? I have a few that have been in need-amd64-retrace for three days now...05:10
turtlesnakeanyone experience issues with the DNS resolver for karmic?  (e.g. multisecond delays before some addresses resolve)05:37
* ^arky^ is back 05:41
^arky^About bug 450826:  any clues?05:53
ubot4Launchpad bug 450826 in ubuntu "The screen now flickers and the keyboard has a mind of its own, e.g. "t" works occasionally, "c" ofen doesn't work, a window about Caret Browsing won't stop popping up.  There's an error message at boot that says "318340 Unknown controller version (16)" and that it may cause trouble.  The earlier version of Ubuntu was great.  This one is trying to imitate Windows--it crashes almost as frequently." [Undecided,N05:53
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hatchetman82hi. where do i file feature suggestions ?07:31
coordinadori have a bug...07:32
coordinador(or may be a suggestion)07:32
coordinadorhi hatchetman8207:32
coordinadori want to ask for the "services" item in the administration menu07:32
coordinadorthis item will be replaced by another one?07:33
coordinadori think everyone else are sleeping, hatchetman8207:33
coordinadorwell... i think im gonna sleep07:35
coordinadorsee you hatchetman82 , good luck07:35
indushi all08:31
xteejxmorning all10:28
xteejxanyone around?10:31
xteejxjoaopinto, lol10:33
indushello anyone11:30
xteejxindus, hi11:38
indusoh hello11:39
indusi need to know what the status 'triaged' means11:39
induscan i ask some developer to look into a personal bug?11:41
indusi could pay money if thats a good thing11:42
indushmm no one?11:44
xteejxindus, we don't accept money :D we are mostly volunteers, but if there is a bug we will get to it. Perhaps if you give us the bug number we can take a look11:44
indusxteejx: i have this problem since intrepid , cant even boot live cd11:44
indusxteejx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/42575611:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 425756 in linux "[Karmic] cd/dvd drive not detected ." [Undecided,New]11:44
xteejxindus, triaged means that the bugsquad have collected enough relevant information to help developers begin finding the cause of the problem, and it has been passed on to them, but i'll take a look anyway :)11:45
indusxteejx: ya that was an unrelated question, i triage bugs myself :) but made some mistakesbefore11:45
xteejxohh hehe11:45
indusxteejx: so 23meg from forums explained to me, its not same as confirmed etc11:46
xteejxindus, no, confirmed means another user can reproduce it11:46
xteejxindus, is it related to bug 39905411:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 399054 in linux "[Karmic] Frequent freeze on Dell D810" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39905411:47
indusxteejx: anyway, imagine not being able  to boot live cd, now thanks to usb boot, i can use ubuntu, a year ago, after passing a million parameters to boot, my live cd booted ,then i always do dist upgrade to update fromwithin11:48
xteejxindus, i see11:48
indusxteejx: that bug is totally differnet11:48
xteejxdo you know what options you used before to get it to work?11:48
indusxteejx: i tried pci=nomsi all_generic_ide all those11:48
xteejxlol ok :)11:48
indusxteejx: but it was sheer luck it workedback then, yesterday i tried like hell cos  whole system crashed and had to usb boot after failing allother things11:49
xteejxi see11:49
indusxteejx: the live cd after showing menu, seeks HDD thinking it is cd drive11:49
indusi mean once you select first option in menu11:50
xteejxindus, it's not one of those sata dvd combo drives is it? i had problems with one before11:50
indusxteejx: its combo drive but its plain ide11:50
indusxteejx: that huge wide thin cable, cable says HDD cable though :)11:50
indusxteejx: amd 690 g chipset , did you read that link at last comment?11:51
xteejxindus, can you try the latest daily build, the kernel version you were using there is 2.6.31-9.29 its above that now, perhaps it has been resolved?11:51
xteejxindus, i did have a look ye11:51
indusxteejx: :) iam on karmic beta11:51
xteejxindus, ok i understand now hehe thought it was a live cd problem, obviously it is if the drive isn't found :D11:52
indussolve it and i give you 0.5 dollars :D11:53
induswell, just kidding11:53
xteejxi don't want money i work for free....for ubuntu anyway hehe11:53
xteejxi'll grab the kernel team on irc if poss11:53
indusbut 1 year i havent watched a single dvd movie :(11:53
indusso much for a combo drive :)11:53
indusi will be greatful11:54
indusalso, that link is good to see maybe, redhat had a fix too11:54
induswait do you want that link ?11:54
xteejxits a patch, if it can be injected quick enough it might just work ;)11:54
indusxteejx: i have one question though11:54
indusxteejx: my same motherboard some people had issues before but fixed later, i had it working before, now stopped11:55
indushold on11:55
xteejxmight be a combination of the motherboard and drive11:55
indusxteejx: i have ide combo with sata hdd seagate11:56
indusxteejx: worked great till hardy11:56
indusincludin hardy i mean11:56
xteejxno probs indus, i've got the kernel team now and have notified them, fingers crossed ;)11:57
indusaah cool11:57
indus i should hop into irc more :)11:57
xteejxi still think we (bugsquad) should have a series of live assistants but in reality it wouldnt work lol11:58
indusmind you, iam not on my system right now11:58
indusat work now11:58
indusbut yesterday was a bad night, finally got it instaleld with usb11:58
xteejxno worries11:58
indusso what will the kernel team do now?12:00
xteejxhaven't got a reply, will see the procedure i'm a bit rusty have been out of triaging for 4 months lol12:00
indusxteejx: i found similar bug but thats fixed strangely12:01
xteejxor number12:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 138305 in linux "Dell Optiplex 320 won't boot from live CD Gutsy, Hardy, Intrepid" [Medium,Fix released]12:02
indusxteejx: iam going to try rootdelay=90 tonight to seeif it getsthe device, since the message at boot is . ata1 soft reset failed,device not ready12:03
indusill brb a smoke12:04
xteejxanything is worth a try i guess, but it does look like there's enough information there for the kernel team to have a look, so you're a few steps ahead already12:04
industhanks a lot12:04
indusya i triage too thesedays12:04
indusbut i confirmed my own bug once :P12:05
xteejxshouldnt confirm your own bugs, ask on here ;12:05
xteejxindus, your bug report has been updated with more information we need, after checking the new kernel policies, this needs to be done for testing purposes12:14
indusxteejx: yikes, how do i do this?12:19
indusall i can do is apt-get update12:19
xteejxno worries, we can walk you through it12:20
xteejxits not OVER difficult thankfully :)12:20
indusshall i just use the ppa?12:20
indusxteejx: hmm interesting, its the vanilla kernels isnt it? not ubuntu ones12:21
xteejxindus, it is, yes12:22
indusxteejx: hmm ok so should i try the build for oct 13th?12:23
xteejxwhichever the latest daily build is for your system amd6412:24
xteejxindus, ^^12:24
induswow oct 14th :) they build everyday it seems12:25
indusso these are just plain vanilla kernels from linus? with no ubuntu patches?12:25
xteejxindus, daily builds hehe, so from top to bottom you would need numbers 1, 3 and 412:25
xteejxthey have some ubuntu customisation apparently, but they are pretty much vanilla yes12:26
indus1,3,4? i didnt understand12:26
xteejxtop .deb, the third and the fourth ones down12:26
indusya got it12:26
indusall amd64s and all.deb12:26
xteejxlinux-headers-2.6.32-999_2.6.32-999.200910141000_all.deb and linux-image-2.6.32-999-generic_2.6.32-999.200910141000_amd64.deb12:27
indusok will try this today, iam excited already12:27
xteejxyes but not source hehe :)12:27
industhank god12:27
indusi hope internet works with this ,i think display wont work, i have nvidia12:27
xteejxindus, i am not guaranteeing that will work by any means, but its part of the testing that needs done according to the kernel team12:28
xteejxi dont make the rules ;)12:28
indus'kernel team' mmm sounds important12:28
indusso how come if its there in the vanilla kernel, same thing isnot in the ubuntu kernel>?12:29
indusxteejx: does bios have anything to do with my problem?12:30
xteejxindus, the ubuntu kernel is only really updated with new ubuntu versions for stability purposes, and I doubt the BIOS would have anything to do with it to be honest12:31
indusso what do you do in real life12:33
induswhich team are you part of?12:33
xteejxi'm a prison supervisor for work, but off sick at the mo, and I'm part of Ubuntu BugSquad and Bug Control :)12:34
indusinteresting, prison supervisor12:34
indusshouldnt you be a programmer?12:35
indusdo they use ubuntu in prison btw ? :)12:35
xteejxgod no, i only push around bugs, useless with with code, and no they use windows 2000 in the prisons how sad lol12:35
induslol windows 2000 hehe12:35
indusat least xp is good12:35
xteejxwaste of taxpayer money they should use almighty ubuntu :D12:35
indusso many diifferent people in ubuntu community12:36
indusits cool12:36
xteejxxp was the only half decent semi bugless OS M$ ever made, but we're going off topic now we'll be told to /msg each other for chit chat :)12:36
indusanyways ill leave you alone12:37
indusi go to main ubuntu channel12:37
indusi check tonight in a few hours and update, will someone be here?12:37
xteejxlol no problem indus, glad to have been on help :)12:37
xteejxthere's usually more people around about 7 onwards GMT+112:37
indusdidnt expect such fast help :) iam very happy12:37
xteejx7pm sorry12:38
indusbye then, good days and get well soon12:38
indusiam from india12:38
xteejxthankyou good luck!12:38
indusand i teach ubuntu and get paid for it12:38
zulpedro_; is the bug day happening here?13:08
pedro_zul, yup!13:08
pedro_zul, is this something you plan to fix for karmic? bug 30999213:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 309992 in dhcp3 "Japanese manual-pages placed in wrong package" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30999213:11
zulpedro_: i dont think so probably for karmic+113:11
pedro_zul, roger13:12
zuloooh...i like the hugday tool ;)13:18
* ttx looks up the tools13:21
pedro_ttx, zul bug 403599 has a debdiff that might solve the issue, may you have a look to it?13:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 403599 in php5 "Installing PHP5 performs a reload to apache instead of a restart" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40359913:24
pedro_mm ubot4 is being slow today13:24
zulpdedro: yeah ttx and I have discussed this before and we are still a bit hestitant about it13:25
zulbesides debian does it a bit differently now13:27
pedro_zul, i see.. could you comment on the report?13:27
zulpedro_, done13:32
pedro_zul, great, thanks!13:32
zulttx: 400492 im going to mark that as wont fix because lamont does both debian and ubuntu does that sound sane to you?13:37
ttxzul: if you comment to explain it and the debian bug is open, yes13:38
zulttx: debian is marked as wont fix as well13:38
pedro_ttx, to who should be assigned bug 379991? it's milestoned to 9.10 and kirkland is commenting on it13:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 379991 in qemu-kvm "Certain VMs do not run under KVM using karmic's kernel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37999113:47
* pedro_ don't like unassigned milestoned reports13:47
ttxpedro_: I'll look into it13:48
pedro_ttx, thanks13:48
pedro_is launchpad a bit slow today or just me?13:48
ttxpedro_: looks like a mistake. kirkland milestoned it back in June, I think he didn't really want to do that13:56
ttxpedro_: I unmilestoned it13:56
ttxespecially as it was missing the corresponding karmic nomination13:56
pedro_ttx, ok, thanks13:58
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pedro_zul, is this going to make it for karmic? bug 43683515:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 436835 in vm-builder "[PATCH] fix failure: TypeError: not enough arguments for format string" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43683515:01
zulpedro_, dont know yet I would like it to i was going to do some vmbuilder stuff this afternoon15:02
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xteejxHey guys15:47
xteejxanyone ever use mdadm?15:51
pedro_ttx, zul to be sure, is this a mysql issue? bug 39252116:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 392521 in php5 "Segmentation fault when using php -l to validate any PHP script" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39252116:00
pedro_ttx, zul check comment 8 and 916:00
ttxpedro_: that would make it a duplicate of bug 343870, if those comments are true16:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 343870 in php5 "php-cli segmentation fault with mysql extension" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34387016:05
ttxpedro_: I would say "its probably fixed by the fix for 343870, please confirm" and set incomplete or fixreleased16:07
ttxzul should have more insight as he fixed the other one16:07
pedro_ttx, yup, will follow up with the guys there to get a confirmation16:07
zulsorry was on the phone16:10
zulyeah its a mysql bug I am able to reproduce it and have a possible fix for it, just havent gotten to it yet16:10
zuli havent been able to reproduce it on karmic thankfully16:11
pedro_zul, ah thanks, i've commented there to get a confirmation that it's fixed for them with karmic16:15
pedro_zul, ttx what do you think about bug 31542716:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 315427 in samba "winbind is not started before samba, but should" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31542716:15
pedro_could you comment there in the report?16:15
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xteejxAm i connected?17:23
joaopintoxteejx, no17:24
xteejxthanks joaopinto17:24
xteejxanyone know how to triage mdadm?17:29
andreas_is there any info on the nvidia driver working with the latest snapshot of karmic? downloaded karmic 2 days ago and couldn't install the nvidia driver...17:37
andreas_on my Sony laptop it's an 8400M GT...17:37
andreas_it downloaded but didn't install...and then didn't boot anymore...17:37
xteejxandreas_: I'm using Karmic with the 180 nvidia driver with no problem17:47
andreas_somehow it didn't allow me to install it...it asks for my PW I enter it and the driver was downloaded but not activatet..17:48
xteejxmy "hardware drivers" stalled when i tried to install it, i done all updates, rebooted and it was fine17:51
andreas_I think I'll grab the lates snapshot and try again...17:51
joaopintois mysqld broken today for anyone else ?18:02
zulpedro_, can i offer a suggestion for your lists, it would be nice to have 3 columns the bug number the title of the bug and the actual package that it affects18:15
pedro_zul, that's a good idea for general hug days like this one, but most of the times we organize bug days based on packages which makes things easier in that way, but yeah would be nice to include that there for next time18:16
* pedro_ taking note18:16
bdmurrayin a multi-task bug report which task would you pick?18:21
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lfaraonebdmurray: what package should bug 77010 be filed against? Even though snd_pskp and pcspkr are blacklisted, the system still beeps19:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 77010 in hundredpapercuts "Overuse of system beep without volume control" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7701019:27
bdmurraylfaraone: its hard to tell so far19:32
lfaraonebdmurray: mk. is there any way to simply tell GNOME apps to not send a system bell? It's causing problems when my laptop randomly beeps in class :(19:32
Snicksiehm, got that problem too on version 9.04, even with pulse-audio system-sounds turned off it still beeps :)19:33
joaopintolfaraone, try: xset b off19:34
Snicksiejoaopinto, in terminal? or where else? ;)19:36
joaopintoSnicksie, in terminal19:37
Snicksieall right, i'll try :)19:37
Snicksiejoaopinto, thanks, it works :) will it remain working after restart or do i have to do the same again? ;)19:38
joaopintoSnicksie, you will need to add it to your ~/.bash_rc19:40
joaopintoto make it permanent19:40
Snicksiejoaopinto, all right :)19:42
joaopintosorry ,i mean, ~/.bashrc19:42
joaopintoanyone on 64 bits that could check mysql ?19:43
xteejxanyone awake?20:06
xteejxperhaps not :)20:07
* micahg is :)20:09
xteejxmicahg, bug 158258, I assume it's OK to do that, I've seen it done before....that right?20:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 158258 in dpkg "dpkg core dump on too many dependencies resolution" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15825820:10
xteejxits a quickie20:11
micahgxteejx: I try to point people to here if it's an issue limited to their release: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades?action=show&redirect=FeistyUpgrades20:12
micahgactually just this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:12
xteejxha! i've never seen that before!20:12
micahgbut yes, I think it was correct to point out an upgrade in that case, you might want to comment with that link though so the user can get out of it20:13
xteejxI am just about to do that, and bookmarking it ;) thanks micah20:13
* xteejx hates UK telly at 8:15 on a wednesday....nothing on20:15
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xteejxbug 159100, anyone know about this suggest/depends apt suggestion??20:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 159100 in hibernate "Remove from archive / Conflict with "acpi-support"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15910020:58
bdmurrayasac: I'm experiencing bug 126987 atm depending on which theme I use21:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 126987 in network-manager-applet "The NetworkManager applet could not find some required resources.  It cannot continue." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12698721:04
micahgI've had this several times as well since upgrading to Karmic21:06
xteejxcan anyone look at bug 159100 please?21:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 159100 in hibernate "Remove from archive / Conflict with "acpi-support"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15910021:09
xteejxi've looked at the package and it doesn't have a conflict for that, but i'm not sure if it should...21:09
micahgping dtchen re pulseaudio21:26
xteejxmicahg, no speaky die deutsch21:33
xteejxbdmurray, are you around?21:33
xteejxbdmurray, its to do with bug 67226, I thought I should let you as bugmaster know about this one, simply for the reason that the report is being split into 2 conversations, I hope my last comment doesn't infuriate that member of canonical staff, if you wouldn't mind confirming the procedure for this please?21:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 67226 in openoffice.org "[jaunty] Firefox 3.5 and openoffice do not stick to antialiasing render settings" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6722621:35
micahgxteejx: why did you tag it jaunty?  it seems to be in karmic as well according to one of the commenters21:38
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lfaraonejoaopinto: that only works inside a TTY, nO?22:33
joaopintolfaraone, no, it only works from a X client22:34
joaopintoxset is for X22:34
=== YDdraigGoch is now known as Richie
molokhi *23:15
molokI have a bug to report, but I'm not really sure about the cause of the problem23:16
molokas you can see here http://pastebin.com/m7f8e01fe at line 61323:18
molokthe boot stops for ~10 minutes23:18
molokthen everything works fine23:19
molokit just stops for 10 minutes, for no reason23:19
molokI'm using the latest kernel (2.6.31-14-generic) and I've got this problem since the upgrade to the beta23:19
molokI'm not sure against which package file the bug23:21
mrandmolok: I'm not sure the answer to your question, but some items that might be of interest and worth mentioning in your bug report: does this only occur on resume, or does it also occur during a cold (non-resumed) boot?23:30
molokit has nothing to do with resume/hibernation23:30
molokthat log is from a straight boot23:30
mrandBTW, I applaud you for waiting out that ten minutes.23:31
molokI actually thought it was just broken23:31
molokbut I was busy lockpicking a lock23:31
molokthen the boot resumed23:31
molokI can reproduce this every time, it's really a weird bug23:32
mrandmolok: it appears from the messages that even if you weren't trying to resume from hibernation, it seems to think you were attempting to.  Messages 614 thru 61723:32
molokyep, I think it tries everytime; isn't that the default behaviour?23:33
mrandmolok: Indeed, but I can't help but be suspect that the delay is happening right there.23:36
molokI think I'll file it against linux-image, if it's the wrong package, someone will reassign it I guess23:38
mrandMy suggestion would be ubuntu-bug linux23:38

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