slangasekand defeat the purpose of 'console' at all in the case of cryptsetup00:00
slangasekit only wants it for prompting, not output00:00
slangasek(rather: if there's no prompting, there's no reason to output either)00:00
Keybukdoes it defeat it?00:01
Keybuknot sure00:02
slangasekcryptsetup wants the console for prompting00:02
slangasekdoes that work with 'console output'?00:02
Keybukyeah, but does it need to have it as the controlling terminal?00:02
Keybuksure, the difference between the two is whether you get signals from the console driver00:03
slangasekok, then perhaps not00:03
Keybukif cryptsetup doesn't need SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTSTP, etc. it should be ok00:03
Keybukbut I still don't like the idea of cryptsetup prompting for a passphrase while X is running00:03
Keybuksits badly with me00:03
* jdong watches some funky policykit-gnome-auth-handler-thingie arise out of this discussion...00:04
Keybukgod know00:04
Keybukgod no even00:04
jdonghaha joking :)00:04
slangasekKeybuk: no, I agree, I think we either need cryptsetup to block X until it's done, or die when the dm starts00:04
Keybukbut then I start to wonder whether the same shouldn't really be true of mountall as well00:05
Keybukshould we really be checking filesystems behind X ?00:05
slangasekperhaps not... but mountall is trickier because it may be running waiting for remote filesystems and there's no way presently to distinguish that from the "going to fsck" case?00:06
slangasekI guess it could emit a "no more fsck" signal00:06
slangasekanyway, is mountall getting fixed to talk to usplash for karmic so people don't get into a reboot loop wondering why their systems have hung at boot?00:07
Keybukdoesn't cryptsetup use X already?00:07
KeybukI mean use usplash already?00:07
slangasekshould do00:08
slangasekbut you're the one who added the 'console owner' upstart job, so I don't know :)00:08
Keybukyeah I think that was wrong of me ;)00:09
slangasekheh :)00:09
Keybukwriting an operating system is *hard&00:11
crypt-0anyone know how to prevent malicious hardware initialization while im away?00:13
crypt-0is stopping hald while im good enough?00:13
Keybukcrypt-0: turn off the machine?00:14
chrisccoulsoni would go one further and unplug it from the wall00:14
chrisccoulsonjust in case it switches itself back on again00:15
Keybukchrisccoulson: I was being serious ;) rather than just joking00:15
slangasekright, you only need to disable wake-on-lan for the latter00:15
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - i wasn't sure if you were being serious or not ;)00:15
cjwatsonKeybuk: I wonder if it would make sense to use usplash's bogl backend on KMS00:17
Keybukcjwatson: isn't it only 16-colour?00:17
cjwatsonI don't think that's intrinsic anyway, depends on the framebuffer type00:18
Keybukhow easy would it be to test? :p00:18
slangasekis the current problem KMS-specific?00:19
crypt-0Keybuk, besides turning off the machine00:19
slangasekor would we need another solution for !KMS cryptsetup users?00:19
Keybukcurrent problem?00:19
Keybukcrypt-0: if you want to avoid attack, powering off the machine is the only solution00:19
slangasekKeybuk: the bug number I cited 800 lines ago?00:19
cjwatsonKeybuk: I think you just need to nobble uplash_setup_func00:19
KeybukI don't think bogl vs. svgalib is relevant here00:19
crypt-0Keybuk, why wont stopping hald work?00:19
cjwatsonapparently my  key is a bit wonky00:19
crypt-0Keybuk, can i PM you?00:20
Keybukcrypt-0: no.00:20
Keybukcrypt-0: seriously though, there's no way to disable things against malicious use short of powering down the box00:23
Keybukcrypt-0: assumedly you're leaving it up so you can access00:23
Keybukcrypt-0: well, so can naughty people00:23
Keybuk(and for the exact question you were asking, hardware configuration and activation is largely performed by the kernel - which you kinda need running <g>)00:24
Keybukso my answer was correct00:24
LaserJockam I supposed to have green check marks on all my files?00:29
TheMusoLaserJock: Known, its an UbuntuOne bug.00:29
LaserJockcan  I just uninstall UbuntuOne and it'll go away?00:29
TheMusoI guess so, I don't know for sure./00:29
crypt-0is there a way to "lock" the kernel?00:32
crypt-0as in make no hardware initialization possible without x password00:33
sladenurm.  Don't load the kernel?00:34
Keybukbryce, tjaalton: either of you around?00:35
bryceI am00:35
Keybukbryce: how do I make nouveau work?00:35
sladencrypt-0: you will *require* the kernel have have initialised various bits of hardware in order for you to interact with the machine00:35
bryceKeybuk, first you must have the right hardware00:36
Keybukbryce: I have an nvidia ;)00:36
Keybuk[    7.994703] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: Detected an NV50 generation card (0x086700a2)00:36
Keybuk[    7.994981] [drm] Initialized nouveau 0.0.15 v2.6.31-rc6-539-ged53f9fcabd42f004 for 0000:01:00.0 on minor 000:36
KeybukI have that in dmesg00:36
pwnguinlspci is smarter00:36
bryceKeybuk, seriously, in my testing I've found so many card-specific bugs that I ended up giving up trying to make it the default driver for us00:36
Keybukbryce: I want to try something out with usplash which needs mode setting00:37
pwnguinKeybuk: right now I use xorg.conf00:37
pwnguinDriver "nouveau"00:37
brycepwnguin, you using any special kernel?  xorg-edgers?00:38
KeybukX isn't smart enough to use nouveau automatically?00:38
bryceKeybuk, re: my comment about defaults on karmic00:38
lifelessits smart enough not to :P00:38
Keybukbryce: even if you've loaded the nouveau module?00:38
pwnguinKeybuk: smart enough is the wrong phrase. crazy enough is the rgiht one00:38
brycethere was a patch floating around to make it try nouveau first if installed, then -nv if failed, but don't know the status on that00:38
pwnguinbryce: honestly, i switched to nvidia a few weeks ago to try out 3d accelleration of unr00:39
bryceKeybuk, in any case, that's a pretty minor issue, like pwnguin says it's sort of a box of chocolates at the moment00:39
crypt-0sladen, right but if hald inst running "evil" hardware cant be intilizied right?00:39
pwnguinbryce: but until then it'd been running nouveau on karmic00:39
Keybukbryce: ok00:39
Keybukbryce: if I have nouveau modeset=1 will X burn in flames?00:39
pwnguinno clue00:40
brycepwnguin, was this stock karmic or were you using one of our special ppas?00:40
Keybukcrypt-0: evil hardware will still be initialised, the kernel does the initialisation00:40
pwnguinbryce: i believe it's stock. might have what's his name's ppa00:40
bryceah yes00:40
bryceKeybuk, I'd certainly wear flame retardant underware00:40
pwnguinanyways, it's at home and im not00:40
bryceI think it's nouveau.modeset=1 btw00:40
pwnguinits probably time for me to turn off the nouveau hilight on irssi00:41
pwnguinim not smart enough to handle it00:41
bryceapw also had a special kernel built for us with updated nouveau bits, although I think by now that's all in the stock kernel00:41
crypt-0Keybuk, but wont it be "ignored" rendering it useless?00:42
crypt-0Keybuk, how about killing dbus?00:42
Keybukcrypt-0: no, it will not be ignored00:42
Keybukkilling dbus won't help you either00:43
Keybukfrankly, you're being rude now00:43
Keybukyou asked us a question, we gave you answer00:43
Keybukwe're not lying to you00:43
brycethat's it... but looks like it's probably way out of date now00:43
crypt-0Keybuk, so there is no software solution then. Will have ti implement a hardware one00:44
brycein any case, was buggy as hell when I tested it on a few cards, but the intro directions might be useful00:44
Keybukcrypt-0: there's already a hardware solution - it's the plug on the wall00:44
crypt-0Keybuk, i know, but i like to run my pc 24.700:45
Keybukcrypt-0: your electricity supplier loves you00:45
* walters likes the "kill dbus" solution to arbitrary problems00:45
crypt-0Keybuk, rmod <drivers_for_evil_hardware>00:46
Keybukwalters: "kill init" works well ;)00:46
crypt-0Keybuk, correct me if im wrong, but blacklisting and unloading every kernel module for anything hot-swappable excapt for PS/2 should do it , but its a rater crude way of doing it00:47
lifelesscrypt-0: if you don't trust the hardware don't use the machine.00:48
Keybukcrypt-0: PCI is hot swappable, as is USB00:48
lifelesscrypt-0: its extremely simple.00:48
Keybukin fact, Linux supports hot-swappable CPUs00:48
Keybukso good luck with *that*00:48
crypt-0no need for USB. my mobo doenst support PCI hot swap00:49
Keybukcrypt-0: you'd need a custom kernel though, ours has the USB host drivers built-in00:49
crypt-0Keybuk, for example with a "live image hack tool" wouldnt you need to root the system?00:50
crypt-0(no DMA for anything hot-swappable is already applied)00:51
Keybukcrypt-0: always assume that's possible00:51
crypt-0Keybuk, but if your sys gets rooted, arent you owned anyway?00:51
slangasekLaserJock: this edubuntu karmic livefs build failure looks kinda edubuntu-specific, like it doesn't want to install the default kernel or something?00:56
LaserJockslangasek: for which build?00:57
slangasekLaserJock: edubuntu/karmic/amd64, email just came in00:58
sladencrypt-0: r00ted == 0wned.00:58
slangasek(not on the website yet)00:58
LaserJockslangasek: k00:59
LaserJockslangasek: I wouldn't think that'd be edubuntu-specific. Could it be that the build caught the archive at a bad time?00:59
LaserJockslangasek: we don't do anything with the kernel I don't think01:00
slangasekLaserJock: possible; let me double-check, then01:00
crypt-0sladen, i know, there is no point to protecting against any attack if your rooted...01:01
crypt-0unless the evil hardware is what roots you01:02
sladencrypt-0: unplug the evil hardware.  It's not forcing you to use it01:03
sladencrypt-0: if you're running Free Software, you've got the source code and are free to analysis.  If you're choosing to run on hardware you don't have source code for, then that's a risk you are *choosing* to take01:04
slangasekLaserJock: can't reproduce the problem locally, so I don't know01:05
slangasekLaserJock: can try to respin in a bit01:05
LaserJockslangasek: ok01:06
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
crypt-0sladen, evil hardware such as in a hackers laptop plugged into my USB port01:10
KeybukI go test usplash now01:11
crypt-0ive seen windows machines rooted from something like a hackers laptop,01:12
sladencrypt-0: I'd care if somebody had a firewire cable... unsolicated incoming DMA01:14
sladencrypt-0: if you can't unplug the USB hardware, get some superglue and bung it up01:15
cjwatsonLaserJock: I've committed a cdimage fix which might sort out Edubuntu on the next build, so please shout if it doesn't (unfortunately I'm probably not going to have enough attention to check myself)01:15
LaserJockcjwatson: no problem, I'll let you know01:16
virtualdTurn off all ports and DVD etc in BIOS setup then though the computer wouldn't be very useful01:16
virtualdThat includes network01:17
cjwatsonLaserJock: thanks01:18
crypt-0sladen, i have no firewire, its de-soldered01:21
sladencrypt-0: cricky.  +1.  That is paranoid01:23
Keybukcjwatson: well, this is truly fascinating01:40
crypt-0sladen, what use is disk crypto if any script kiddie can crack your system wide open with thier laptop?01:42
ionIf you give an attacker physical access, you’re screwed.'01:43
jdongI still haven't seen any reasonably plausible demonstrations of how SHA1 in this case comprises a major vulnerability01:45
Keybukbryce: well, that's nice01:55
Keybukusplash uses bogl with noueveau too ;p01:55
AmaranthKeybuk: are you subscribed to 'boot' bugs just because people like to file boot issues there or do you actually use it? :)02:05
KeybukAmaranth: because people like to file boot issues there02:06
KeybukI have never knowingly known anything about 'R'02:06
Amaranthhehe, figured02:07
Keybukincluding why 'R' maintainers think namespaces only happen to other people02:07
ionWell, R isn’t even a word. “A” would be a better name.02:08
cjwatsonI'm pretty sure I objected to R's namespacing on debian-devel in like 2002 or something02:10
lifelessthe way its packaged, or some internal of its implementation?02:13
Keybukslangasek: around?02:15
Keybukcan you remember why we decided to unconditionally load vesafb?02:15
nixternalcjwatson: I take it dirk objected to your naming? :)02:16
geofftis it just me or is packages.ubuntu.com down? (port 80 closed)02:16
nixternalhe sure loves his R02:17
nixternalgeofft: there are a few machines that are experiencing issues...I just ran across a bug report for p.u.c so it is known02:17
geofftokay, thanks02:17
nixternalkeyserver is another one with issues02:17
cjwatsonlifeless: the binary packages have r-cran-* namespacing; the source packages typically do not, hence 'boot' (binary: 'r-cran-boot')02:18
slangasekKeybuk: ... was I around when that decision was made?02:18
cjwatsonthere was some excuse about "boot" being the upstream name02:18
Keybukslangasek: yup02:18
KeybukI have a feeling it got noted down somewhere with a ? and the ? got lost, so we force load it02:18
slangasekKeybuk: well, I don't think I was party to the decision...02:18
KeybukI was talking at you :)02:18
slangasekhmm :)02:18
Keybukyou were being a teddy bear02:18
KeybukI wondered if you could remember *why* I did that02:19
d3xterhey guys02:19
d3xteris anyone here?02:19
LaserJockcjwatson: yeah, I remember when I was doing MOTU Science we got a ton of mis-filed bugs :-)02:20
Keybukd3xter: no02:20
d3xteralright ^^02:20
d3xterwell, one of my friends tryed to install nvidia 185 on 9.04, but the installation messed up, so he tried to get back to 180, but the links libGL and libGLcore still remained at the 185 versions of this libraries02:23
d3xteris there any way, so that other users dont get stuck with this problem?02:23
Keybukusplash hates me02:24
KeybukI bet it's pitti's fault02:27
lifelesscjwatson: ughhhhh02:30
Keybukthat's interesting02:35
Keybukit is *kinda* pitti's fault ;)02:35
=== NCommander is now known as NC|G1
Keybukthe problem isn't that the console is screwed02:36
Keybukthe problem is that usplash isn't exiting02:36
Keybukbut you can't tell that, because he's set the entire palette to a trendy black-on-black :p02:36
exarkunI seem to find the ?no-redirect thing for filing Ubuntu bugs offensive somehow.02:37
=== NC|G1 is now known as NCommander
exarkunIt doesn't help that it combines with the frequent timeout bug in a way which probably makes it even harder to report bugs against Ubuntu than whoever came up with the idea intended.02:38
exarkuntimeout, hit back, get bounced back to the wiki page asking for people to not report bugs02:38
exarkunI almost gave up and didn't report this bug that I'm now going to report02:39
ScottKexarkun: #ubuntu-bugs is probably the best channel for feedback on that decision.02:39
exarkunI'm sure the average Ubuntu user wouldn't have gotten nearly this far02:39
exarkunScottK: This is about barrier to participation.  And as a demonstration, I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline to join #ubuntu-bugs and re-complain about it there.  If no one here cares enough to pass on the message, then I guess the feedback will be lost and the community will suffer.  Or maybe not even notice.  Beats me.  Anyway, this has already taken twice as long as I expected, I'm not going out of my way to find more work.02:41
Keybukexarkun: we've been shouting about the message ourselves02:41
ScottKexarkun: It wasn't anyone here who made that decision.  You are declining then to discuss it with the people that can do something about it.  Not very effective.02:42
exarkunScottK: Yes, it's too bad.02:43
exarkunMy bug is filed.  Good night.02:43
LaserJockwell I wish everything was that easy02:45
ionHereby world peace has been achieved. Good night.02:56
StevenKAh ha! 2.6.31-14 did hit universe. Thanks for making that helpful to find out, LP.02:58
Keybukso usplash is getting SIGTERM ok03:06
Keybukand is exiting03:06
Keybukbut is not unpainting the screen03:06
Keybukor changing the console03:06
Keybukor, in fact, anything03:06
=== greeneggsnospam is now known as jsgotangco
hyperairStevenK: it did?03:08
StevenKhyperair: Yup03:08
hyperairer where does it say?03:08
hyperairi only see it in main03:08
StevenKI can see the kernels themselves in universe.03:08
StevenKhyperair: I can't give you a link, I'm doing it from a shell on the archive master.03:09
hyperairaah i see03:09
hyperairbut why are there kernels in universe?03:10
StevenKThey aren't supposed to be03:10
slangasekKeybuk: do you have a way to reliably reproduce the X+cryptsetup conflict bug?  I've never seen it here and can't reproduce it at all, regardless of what sleeps I put where03:10
* hyperair doesn't understand03:11
Keybukslangasek: I can't even get cryptsetup to work for me normally03:11
lifelessslangasek: whats the bug ?03:12
slangasekKeybuk: getting cryptsetup to work is orthogonal to reproducing the bug03:13
slangasekKeybuk: most users complaining about this aren't using crypted disks03:13
StevenKslangasek, cjwatson: The 2.6.31-14 kernel was accepted to universe, I'm just in the middle of processing it into main.03:13
slangasekwell.  I /hope/ it's orthogonal... maybe you have to not be using cryptsetup to reproduce it :P03:13
slangasekStevenK: ah, sigh; thanks03:14
lifelessslangasek: is there a bug # ?03:14
slangaseklifeless: bug #43913803:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439138 in cryptsetup "[karmic] Xorg 100% CPU utilization -- only after first login" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43913803:14
kirklandslangasek: hey, i need to move a couple of upstart scripts from one binary package to another03:18
kirklandslangasek: should i purge it in the old package in a preinst script (conditional on the version)?03:18
Amaranthkirkland: that's what Conflicts/Replaces is for03:19
kirklandAmaranth: good call03:19
Keybukok bogl is fine03:22
Keybukit's the svga backend03:22
Keybukwhich explains why intel people don't see this03:22
lifelesswow busy bug03:26
Keybukthe best ones are03:28
=== Whoopie_ is now known as Whoopie
Keybukthat's the third screwed initramfs in a row03:53
kirklandwhat's the recipe for moving a file from one package to another, when both packages are going to be installed at the same time on the same system04:16
kirklandconflicts/replaces i know, more detail please04:17
kirkland(it's late)04:17
Keybukthat's all you need04:17
kirklandKeybuk: okay04:17
KeybukI think I just beat usplash04:17
Keybukthat's like the biggest end-of-level boss ever04:17
* kirkland high fives Keybuk 04:17
Keybukin the last four hours, I have learned more about svgalib than any human should have to04:18
kirklandKeybuk: is it 3:20am for you?04:18
kirklandKeybuk: prime hacking time04:19
Keybukexactly, and this is a *good* bug04:20
Keybukone of the ones you can really get your teeth into04:20
Keybukooohohhhhhh yes!04:21
Keybukusplash just exited normally with a console flip ;)04:21
Keybukand now I just got a getty04:21
Keybuknow the ultimate test, booting into X04:22
Keybukthen seeing if C-A-F1 works again04:22
* TheMuso follows with interest. :p04:24
lifelesskirkland: replaces says 'when this package is installed take over files from that package'04:24
lifelesskirkland: so its necessary; sometimes its not sufficient,and in that case 'breaks' is wanted - not conflicts. conflicts is a last resort04:25
kirklandlifeless: thanks that makes more sense04:25
kirklandlifeless: replaces is confusing, because only a couple of files are replaced, not the whole package04:26
lifelessto determine if you need breaks:, consider 'if the old version of the other package is not upgraded will things still work'04:26
lifelessif the answer is no, you need to either breaks other << VERSION or depend other >= VERSION04:27
lifelessdepending on why things wouldn't work, which is clearly situation specific04:27
lifelessif you cannot _unpack_ the packages at all at the same time, then you need conflicts: rather than breaks:04:27
KeybukTheMuso: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/usplash/ubuntu/revision/323 if you're curious04:29
kirklandlifeless: great, thanks, that's very helpful04:29
slangasekKeybuk: why intel> ah, damn, so that's why I can't reproduce it at all here04:39
NCommanderKeybuk, please disregard earlier noise on a possible mountall regression; it was an unfortunate red hearing04:41
KeybukNCommander: yes, most mountall bugs that happen before it's even started are ;)04:42
Keybukslangasek: right, you had mode setting04:42
Keybukmode setting uses the bogl backend04:42
Keybukwhich is fine04:42
slangasekright, just means that the time I spent trying to reproduce the problem was wasted04:43
Keybukyeah we never saw corrupted text on intel04:43
Keybukif you added intel.modeset=0 to your command-line you may well have done <g>04:44
NCommanderKeybuk, *cough*. I'm not very familiar with mountall. So sorry for the noise ^ 204:44
kirklandKeybuk: what's the upstart debug variable i can set to get more verbose output in syslog?04:44
Keybukkirkland: initctl log-priority debug ?04:44
slangasekwell, I also couldn't reproduce the 100% CPU usae04:44
Keybukslangasek: that's a different issue to this one04:45
slangasekshould that be reproducible on intel?04:45
slangasekwhat bug # are you working on?04:45
Keybukthis was the "text consoles always corrupted and unusable, whether or not you start X" bug ;)04:45
slangasekStevenK: did you get through moving the kernel back to main?  it looks like only amd64+i386 have been fixed, maybe?04:46
StevenKslangasek: I took the binary names from the ACCEPTed .changes04:46
kirklandKeybuk: cool; i can put that anywhere in there?04:46
slangasekStevenK: on all archs?04:47
Keybukkirkland: anywhere in where?04:47
slangasekkirkland: it's a command to be run04:47
StevenKslangasek: lpia and ia64 should have it that list too04:47
Keybukslangasek: what is the 100% bug # ?04:47
kirklandKeybuk: oh04:47
slangasekkirkland: so you need to run it before the stuff you care about logging04:47
kirklandslangasek: thx04:47
StevenKs/ it/ hit/04:47
slangasekKeybuk: bug #43919804:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439198 in nvidia-settings "using propretory drivers for my nvidia 9500gt did not function correctly. also, i got a crash when trying to install the upgrade tool." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43919804:47
slangasekno, that's not it04:48
slangasekKeybuk: bug #43913804:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439138 in cryptsetup "[karmic] Xorg 100% CPU utilization -- only after first login" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43913804:48
KeybukI shall upload the owner -> output fix04:49
StevenKslangasek: I can pastebin the entire list of packages I touched, but I can see powerpc, ia64 in that list. Interestingly only -di bits for i386/amd6404:49
Keybukand if that makes it go away, we know we isolated the real cause04:49
slangasekwe do?04:49
Keybukand can "improve" it later04:49
slangasekStevenK: ah.  Ok, I've punched the rest into main now; I just did it by source package, and after the next publisher run I'll demote those that aren't supposed to be in main04:50
StevenKAh, I did the piecemeal approach.04:50
slangasekehm, if there even are any04:50
StevenKslangasek: I think it's because the publisher hasn't run yet04:51
StevenKslangasek: Contents generation is running, which has taken over the publisher running this hour04:51
slangasekStevenK: change-override assured me that there were packages still needing their components updated04:52
StevenKI'm concerned that I didn't see -di bits for !i386,amd6404:52
slangasekyeah, that's what I saw being picked up by change-override this time04:53
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
kirklandslangasek: i just uploaded eucalyptus_1.6~bzr931-0ubuntu1_source.changes ... should this make it onto tonight's daily CD build?05:32
slangasekkirkland: server daily build is at 10:30 BST, so yeah06:34
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ttxpitti, slangasek: please trigger a -server daily CD respin07:32
dholbachgood morning07:38
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
dholbachlool, paulliu: there's a bunch of sync requests of new packages in the sponsoring queue... did you guys talk to the release team about it?07:54
paulliudholbach: not yet. How to do that? We only have an FFE.07:57
dholbachoh... you have a FFE07:58
dholbachnevermind me07:58
paulliudholbach: Those new packages are already well tested in our PPA for a long time. We are conservative now and not chasing the latest version of Intel's Moblin repo.07:58
dholbachwhere does libmoblin-panel-dev come from?08:00
paulliudholbach: mutter-moblin.08:01
paulliudholbach: There are some dependencies. anerley should go first. And then mutter-moblin.08:01
dholbachlooks like they are still waiting in the queue somewhere?08:01
paulliudholbach: Yes. In New.08:01
looldholbach: (Right, we have a LP #425547 as some kind of standing FFE on Moblin packages)08:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 425547 in Ubuntu Karmic "Ubuntu Moblin Remix: Merging ~moblin PPA packages into karmic" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42554708:03
dholbachok, super08:04
dholbachhi lool08:04
* dholbach loves Launchpad's -changes mails that tell us how to spell "non-Standard" letters: ALEFHAHMEEMDAL ALEFLAMMEEMHAHMEEMWAWDALYEH08:06
dpmpitti, hey good morning. I've tried to provide a fix for bug 449411 (extracting .desktop translations for onboard). Onboard is using the auto module from python-distutils-extra, which should autodetect .desktop.in files. However, it didn't seem to do it, and I had to explicitly list them in a setup.cfg file. I'm just wondering, was that the right way to do it?08:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449411 in ubuntu-translations "Make the desktop entries translatable" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44941108:29
ttxcjwatson: do you have the magic power to respin server ISOs ? My usual helper doesn't seem to be around :)08:38
pittiGood morning08:39
ttxpitti: good morning !08:40
pittidpm: hm, can you please show me your changes?08:42
pittihey ttx08:42
ttxpitti: see backlog, I need a server CD respin when you have 2 minutes.08:43
nikolamHI! packages.ubuntu.com does not work again. Who to report that?08:43
slangasekwgrant: I guess none of the counts on http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909-karmic.html deduct the "superseded source versions"?08:43
pittittx: running (CC: slangasek)08:43
ttxpitti: great!08:44
dpmpitti, yes, the changes are here -> http://launchpadlibrarian.net/33487525/make-desktop-files-translatable.debdiff08:44
dpm(I basically renamed the .desktop files to .desktop.in, marked them for translation and added them to setup.cfg)08:45
wgrantslangasek: No, they don't. I can easily enough fix that.08:46
pittidpm: oh, there are two patches, one for renaming and one for adding the X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain one08:46
pittidpm: (they could be just merged, but nevermind; just looked confusing)08:47
liwhm, LP isn't talking to me -- is this happening to anyone else?08:47
dpmpitti, ah, ok, I'll take that into account for the next time08:47
slangasekwgrant: would appreciate it, seeing as I noticed this 5 minutes /after/ sending out a mail to u-d-a with some overinflated numbers ;)08:47
pittiit's not automatically handled since the .desktop file is explicitly mentioned in data_files[]; if you drop it from there completely, does it work?08:48
wgrantslangasek: Oops. Sorry.08:48
slangasekhmm, here's a nice NM regression, if a network ever fails to connect then clicking on it again in the applet doesn't retry08:49
dpmpitti, I'll try. I've also noticed just now that the translations from the .ui files are not extracted, and it might be that's because of this as well (*.ui files are also mentioned as data_files)08:49
slangasekeither that or my driver is really unhappy08:49
DarxusIt's been 11 minutes since I uploaded a (large) package to my ppa, should I be concerned that I haven't gotten a confirmation or rejection from launchpad?08:57
wgrantDarxus: Yes. But #launchpad is better.08:57
pittittx: image built08:58
wgrantslangasek: Code should be fixed, but LP is being disagreeable so it's not updating.08:58
Darxuswgrant: Thanks.08:59
bryce_"No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already" (on doing apt-get dist-upgrade)08:59
slangasekwgrant: thanks :)08:59
ttxpitti: thx. rsyncing and going for a coffee08:59
wgrantliw: What is the problem you're having with LP?09:01
liwwgrant, I can't get any page to open09:01
wgrantIt's not processing uploads, and I'm getting 502s and 500s far too often tonight. I think something might be wrong.09:02
wgrantBut normal page views work most of the time.09:03
dpmpitti, ok, I've dropped the .desktop files from data_files[] in setup.py and I've also removed setup.cfg. That caused translations from the .desktop.in files to be extracted as expected, but the .desktop files don't seem to be then neither generated nor present in the package09:03
mac_vkees: hi.. could you file a separate bug for the apport icon? or you could edit your existing bug accordingly09:09
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pittidpm: I removed 20-add-i18n-setup-cfg.patch and desktop from data_files and applied your patch; 30-make-desktop-files-translatable.patch doesn't apply now09:12
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james_wmvo: would you have a few minutes to chat about bug 449738 today?10:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449738 in update-notifier "ships /var/crash when it doesn't need to, breaks apport for non-root processes on karmic installs" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44973810:35
mvojames_w: yes! right after lunch?10:36
james_wsuits me fine10:36
mvogreat, thanks!10:36
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andersinCan someone please point me to the place in shutdown that removes the grub2 environment variable recordfail10:46
andersinThe reason is that in karmic, whenever I come out of hibernate, grub does not have a timeout10:47
andersinit does when I come back from normal shutdown10:47
cjwatsonandersin: there is no place on shutdown that removes that10:49
andersinreally, then how is that ever removed?10:49
cjwatsonandersin: however, there is a known bug that it is not removed on resume from hibernation10:49
cjwatsonandersin: that bug is fixed in the upload I'm currently testing10:50
cjwatsonandersin: it's removed on boot, not shutdown10:50
cjwatsonthe purpose of recordfail is to determine whether the last boot succeeded10:50
andersinah, so once the boot is complete, it is removed?10:50
andersindo you have a bug number for me by any chance, so I can take a look?10:52
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cjwatsonandersin: bug 44772510:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447725 in grub2 "grub nice 'recordfail' feature doesn't work for hibernation" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44772510:55
dpmpitti, re: python-distutils-extra, sorry, I had some breakage after an update, got disconnected and sidetracked. The last thing I got from you was:11:39
dpm"dpm: I removed 20-add-i18n-setup-cfg.patch and desktop from data_files and applied your patch; 30-make-desktop-files-translatable.patch doesn't apply now"11:39
pittidpm: right, I then just noticed that the patch was already applied11:40
pittidpm: it's a bit weird, if I do ./setup.py install --root=/tmp/x, the desktop.in files get installed automagically11:40
pittidpm: but with a .deb build they aren't11:40
dpmpitti, what I've done now is to simply drop the 20-* patch, replace it by this -> http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d352a1a1e and rebuild the package11:40
dpmah, ok11:40
pittidpm: just keep the setup.cfg for now, seems there's a p-distutils-extra bug somewhere11:41
dpmpitti, ok, thanks a lot, I'll see if I can file a bug11:41
dpmpitti, any recommendations on how to extract the translations from the *.ui files? They don't seem to be processed automatically, and I'm not sure how I can specify the .ui files in setup.cfg11:42
pittidpm: how do you mean? ui files (as in GTKBuidler) don't have translations11:43
pittidpm: oh, you mean extract the translatable strings into the POT?11:43
dpmpitti, yes, they don't seem to be extracted11:44
dpmand merged into the POt11:44
dpmusing the p-distutils-extra auto module11:44
pittithis is all just supposed to happen automatically..11:44
pittidpm: you can manually add it to po/POTFILES.in, of course, but then you need to add all the other source files as well11:46
dpmpitti, yes, that's what I thought, but it doesn't seem to happen with this package, and I couldn't find any other packages that use p-distutils-extra 'auto' instead of 'command', to use as an example11:46
pittidpm: jockey and apport11:46
dpmpitti, ah, ok, I'll have a look at them11:46
pittidpm: aah, got it11:46
pitti                if '<interface>\n' in contents and '<requires lib="gtk+"' in contents:11:47
pitti                    files.add('[type: gettext/glade]' + f)11:47
pittidpm: ^ that's my check if it's a GTKBuilder file (since Qt also uses *.ui)11:47
pittibut your's has11:47
pitti<interface domain="onboard">11:47
pittidpm: can you please file a bug about it?11:49
pittidpm: I think I can manage to fix it today, and upload a new version11:49
dpmpitti, about the check? Sure, I can do it11:50
dpmgive me a couple of minutes11:50
pittidpm: about not picking up your .ui file11:50
pittidpm: I'm not entirely sure why it doesn't pick you your .desktop.in file for installation automatically11:51
pittifeel free to file a bug about it as well11:51
dpmYes, I was intending to file a separate one :)11:51
dpmpitti, ok, filed bug 451170 and bug 451175, let me know if you need more information12:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451170 in python-distutils-extra "GtkBuilder *.ui files are not recognized for translation extraction" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45117012:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451175 in python-distutils-extra "Desktop entries are not generated from .desktop.in files in auto mode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45117512:09
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ogracjwatson, could you let the two armel kernels out of NEW ?12:21
cjwatsonogra: already doing12:27
ograthanks :)12:27
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cjwatsonArneGoetje: I've sponsored language-selector 0.4.12. I'm afraid I had to 'bzr upgrade' the ubuntu-core-dev branch to the 2a format in order to work around problems here, so you may find that you likewise have to 'bzr upgrade' your local branches before you can do anything useful12:46
amitkhmm.. why is my "lock screen" option grayed out in the indicator-applet-session?12:49
seb128amitk, because you use autologin I guess12:50
seb128amitk, "design decision", we will change it before karmic with a distro patch though12:50
statikhi james_w, i wonder if you could take another look at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntu/karmic/desktopcouch/snapshots-with-packaging/+merge/13209 ? from what I can tell, chad fixed the review comments12:50
james_whi statik12:51
james_wit's on my list for today12:51
statikyou rock12:51
pittidpm: ok, got these two testcase'd and fixed; uploading now12:54
joaopintoVTs are fixed, great12:54
dpmpitti, that's awesome, thanks!12:55
amitkseb128: aah. Thanks for the info.12:57
cjwatsonjoaopinto: excellent13:04
\shdo we have some problems with X + nvidia closed source drivers? I have a very fast blinking console after latest upgrades and a reboot on my ThinkPad R6113:09
ArneGoetjecjwatson: thanks a bunch13:10
\shnot an nvidia issue13:11
* Keybuk begins a mental countdown13:11
mterry_slangasek, I'd like bug 430220 to get pushed before final freeze.  It fixes a buffering issue with rsyslog that prevents kernel messages from being immediately logged.  It also fixes some minor upstart packaging issues, but the buffering is the real win.13:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430220 in rsyslog "[karmic] Upstart fixups" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43022013:12
joaopintocjwatson, tks13:15
\shok...removing old xorg.conf with nvidia driver entry helped...13:17
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ArneGoetjecjwatson: are you going to collectively pull translations from LP and update those packages which don't use language-packs?13:27
cjwatsonArneGoetje: I normally do13:28
ArneGoetjecjwatson: :) can you please include language-selector for that? That would save us the sponsoring step. ;)13:29
cjwatsonok, can do13:30
ArneGoetjecjwatson: thanks a lot13:30
cjwatsonArneGoetje: any particular timing?13:30
ArneGoetjecjwatson: well, deadline for those translations is tomorrow... so, I guess those uploads should happen on Friday?13:34
cjwatsonfine by me, maybe remind me then if you could :)13:34
ArneGoetjecjwatson: ok.13:35
cjwatsonmemory like a ... thing with holes in13:35
ArneGoetjecjwatson: :)13:35
* Keybuk stops counting13:42
Keybuknobody jumped on me13:42
KeybukI guess I didn't break anything ;)13:42
StevenKKeybuk: That we've found ... :-P13:42
KeybukStevenK: the thing about things I maintain is ...13:44
Keybukif I break things, people notice13:44
StevenKHeh, I know :-)13:47
Keybuksiretart: around?13:55
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Notch-1hi, i'm developing an utility for gnome, but i do not have a samba share right now,so should somebody tell me how the samba mounted filesystem looks like, in ~/.gvfs directory please? i need just the name of the folder, like "smb on" or "samba on"...14:09
Notch-1please guys, nobody uses samba? it will take a microsecond to help me :°14:18
TheMusoNotch-1: For me, its "sharename on server"14:20
ttxNotch-1: looks like "SHARENAME on SERVERNAME", but localized14:20
chrisccoulsonIf you're developing a utility for gnome, then why do you need to know about stuff in ~/.gvfs?14:21
Notch-1there is not something like "WebDAV on 192.168..."... like for ftp, ftps, dav, davs, etc ? in  other words: is the SHARENAME part fixed?14:22
Keybukbryce_: around?14:22
ttxNotch-1: no, it's the share name, so it's not fixed.14:22
Notch-1chrisccoulson:  because with gnome is very difficult to use smb://192.... so i'm replacing it with "~/.gvfs/SOMETHING on 192..."14:23
chrisccoulsonwhy is it difficult to use smb://?14:23
chrisccoulsonjust do it all through GIO14:23
Notch-1ttx: ah well, so i can't get my utility working with samba, only the others protocol...14:23
chrisccoulsonnot everyone uses gvfs-fuse...14:23
hyperairuse the gfile functions14:24
hyperairit'll automatically convert14:24
Notch-1chrisccoulson: ask python people :D (http://groups.google.com/group/wxpython-users/browse_thread/thread/dafae506fc629087)14:25
Notch-1hyperair: gfile function, of who?14:25
hyperairer gio_whatever14:26
hyperairi remember there was something14:26
hyperairlemme dig it up14:26
chrisccoulsonNotch-1 - the GIO reference is here: http://library.gnome.org/devel/gio/stable/14:27
hyperairNotch-1: i think g_file_get_path in C. not sure about the python equivalent14:27
hyperairor wait.. i think i might know.14:27
hyperair    path="$(python -c "import gio; print gio.File('$uri').get_path()")"14:27
hyperairthat was in a bash script14:27
Notch-1thank you very much, i'll check it out14:28
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thomas_schmy friend can't use his sound card (Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1) anymore since he updated ubuntu.i modprobed als emu10k* modules and this is the dmesg output is http://nopaste.info/1595709da2.html14:33
thomas_schs/my friend/a friend of mine/14:33
seb128wgrant, what is "superseded" on your ftbfs list?14:34
sistpoty|workseb128: a new version was already uploaded after the test-build14:34
seb128sistpoty|work, is there any point to list those?14:34
sistpoty|workseb128: not too much I gues, unless you want to look at past build failures (funnily I did just this at the moment *g*)14:35
seb128ok ;-)14:35
seb128I've enough to do without looking at those I think ;-)14:35
sistpoty|workheh, you could enjoy knowing how much is fixed already :P14:36
cjwatsonthat is actually a useful thing to see14:39
cjwatsonan indication of progress ...14:39
mdeslaurtedg: I have a couple of questions about indicator-applet-session: how does it populate the "Guest session" item in it's menu? What does that run?14:46
tedgmdeslaur: I'm not sure what you mean by "how does it populate" but it runs /usr/share/gdm/guest-session/guest-session-launch14:48
mdeslaurtedg: that answers my question, thanks. I couldn't figure out what it was launching by looking at the source in the indicator-applet package...14:50
mdeslaur(still can't...)14:50
tedgmdeslaur: The code you're looking for is in indicator-session.  bzr branch lp:indicator-session ; cd indicator-session/src ; vi users-service.c14:51
mdeslaurtedg: thanks!14:51
pittiKeybuk, cjwatson: oh, now it's quite obvious why usplash fsck integration doesn't work any more -- mountall completely replaced /etc/init.d/check{root,fs}.sh :)14:52
Keybukyes ;)14:52
KeybukI actually ported your shell to C ages ago14:52
Keybukand have it sat here in a branch14:52
Keybukbut needed to fix usplash first, because every time I tried to debug, I corrupted my console <g>14:52
pittiKeybuk: you mean the entire /lib/init/usplash-fsck-functions.sh, or just the bits that called it from check*.sh?14:53
Keybukmost of it14:53
pittiKeybuk: since bug 451087 is currently assigned to me, should I take this up?14:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451087 in sysvinit "usplash fsck integration broken in Karmic (dup-of: 446596)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45108714:53
Keybukno, I have it14:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446596 in mountall "fsck does not show progress during boot" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44659614:53
KeybukI dup'd your bug against the one assigned to me :p14:54
pittiah, awesome14:54
Keybukpitti: it's basically done, I just need to do some testing and upload today14:54
pittiso, off to fixing the next dozen..14:54
pittiKeybuk: many thanks14:54
Keybukit stalled because my Dell laptop died14:54
Keybuk(which had the Intel card, on which usplash worked)14:54
Keybukso I'm on a different laptop, which has nvidia, and usplash didn't work :p14:54
pittihm, that means I need to go back to fixing gdm14:54
KeybukI fixed usplash early this morning ;)14:55
Keybukwhat's up with gdm?14:55
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pittiKeybuk: https://edge.launchpad.net/~desktop-bugs/+bugs?field.milestone%3Alist=12698 is still full of it14:55
Keybukslangasek: I've been staring at the mountall bugs trying to work out why a bug you marked Won't Fix is still in the list14:56
Keybukslangasek: just realised, when you Won't Fix a release-targeted task, it puts the master task back!14:56
Keybukpitti: eep14:56
cjwatsonyeah, it's the only way to achieve that effect14:56
cjwatsoni.e. Won't Fix for karmic -> previous state for some future release14:56
pittiKeybuk: yes, in fact that's the only way to throw something off the release monitor14:57
Keybukyeah, I think steve actually really intended to Won't Fix the bug though ;)14:57
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tormodpitti: would you be able to look at the debdiff in bug 440852 please?15:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 440852 in sane-backends "saned is very verbose about not being started" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44085215:02
pittitormod: I looked at it :)15:15
pittitormod: do we even install that by default?15:15
tormodpitti, I think so, I did not install it15:16
pittitormod: If we do, I'm all for it; but if you have to install it explicitly, I'd rather leave it in TBH15:16
pittiah, ther it is15:16
pittipulled in by hplip15:16
tormodpitti, maybe you have an opinion (for karmic or not) on 45883 as well?15:18
pittiwow, a five-digit bug?15:19
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tormodpitti, yes I have been waiting for years :)15:20
pittitormod: sane-backends uploaded15:20
tormodpitti, thanks15:20
pittitormod: hm, I seem to remember reading about that in some changelog recently15:21
pittitormod: ah, in indicator-session 0.1.7-0ubuntu115:21
pittibug 44439115:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444391 in gnome-media "Sound recording doesn't produce sound when it plays." [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44439115:22
pittitedg: ^ you clearly referenced the wrong bug in the indicator-session changelog :)15:22
sladenmpt: suggestions for bug #334544 ?15:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 334544 in indicator-session "indicator applet needs keyboard shortcut" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33454415:23
tedgpitti: Indicator-session is so good it fixes sound bugs too! ;)15:23
sladenindicator session is so awesome that usability is an after-thought15:24
pittitormod: hm, I wonder if that will just land in 2.28.1 (which we'll upload anyway); I'm going to ask Richard about it15:24
tormodpitti, is it on the trunk but not yet in 2.28 branch15:24
pittitormod: right, I just checked; that's why I'm asking hughsie15:25
pittitormod: either way, thanks for getting that fixed15:26
tormodpitti, thanks, would love to see it finally fixed in Karmic :)15:28
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pittitormod: updated; Richard will land it on 2_2815:30
tormodpitti, alright thanks for checking! that was my last fix in the queue for karmic :)15:31
mathiazcr3: yo!15:31
pittiI never expected karmic to get that level of polish, given how much new crack went into it..15:31
mathiazcr3: how is checkbox 0.8.4 progressing?15:31
cr3mathiaz: fixed, but I'm looking into removing my existing branch and having one commit instead of the multiple commits I've been done15:32
cr3err, s/done/doing/15:32
mathiazcr3: as you wish15:32
cr3mathiaz: I should ping you in a moment, when done. I'll go through the same process and create a merge request for you15:33
mathiazcr3: awesome15:33
mathiazcr3: you don't need to send me an email anymore - just subscribe me as a reviewer15:33
mathiazcr3: LP sends out notifications now15:34
cr3mathiaz: yay!15:34
pittitormod: http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gnome-power-manager/commit/?h=gnome-2-28&id=26182959c7fea5aa63a23e57de4cf62b8da5fe54 :)15:37
tormodpitti, excellent15:38
cr3mathiaz: all done, I'm pleasantly surprised that I was able to remove a branch and then create another branch with the same name after. sweet!15:45
mathiazcr3: has all your natural optimism gone away overnight?15:46
cr3mathiaz: nope, it is eternal15:46
cr3mathiaz: if it hadn't worked for some reason, I would've still been optimist that there was a good reason :)15:47
cr3mathiaz: that reminds me of removing people or teams in launchpad, the name still seems to be kept and there's a good reason for that... which I unfortunatley don't remember :)15:48
liwcr3, re-use of names leads to opportunities of identity theft15:49
mathiazfree: hi - could you mark https://code.launchpad.net/~free.ekanayaka/landscape-client/jaunty.fix-347983/+merge/12172 as being merged?15:51
freemathiaz: hello, sure15:52
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freemathiaz: btw, thanks for the karmic upload of the latest landscape-client, I'll use a bug next time :)15:53
mathiazfree: could you have a look at bug 450907?15:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450907 in landscape-client "package landscape-common failed to install/upgrade: error writing to '<standard output>': Input/output error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45090715:54
junjunany idea on how to install gcc-3.4 (to compile some old apps) on Karmic?15:54
freemathiaz: we saw it, but didn't quite understand it15:54
zulpitti: ping15:58
mvofree: there a few dup on various package with this error, I have no idea yet what causes it16:06
freemvo: you mean various packages are failing with this error?16:07
james_wmvo: are these from upgrades with aptdaemon do you know?16:07
mvojames_w: not sure, that was my first instinct, but there is one kpackagekit as well16:08
mvofree: yes, including eglibc16:08
james_wthat would still fit I guess16:08
freemvo: the only thing that comes to my mind is a "usermod -g landscape landscape" in landscape-common.postinst, which makes the script write a "usermod: no changes" to stdout16:09
mvobut not in a reproducable way16:09
mvojames_w: my gut feeling is that it is releated to aptdaemon16:09
james_wI've seen that error a couple of times16:09
freemvo: it would probably better to "> /dev/null 2>&1"-it16:09
james_wI put it down to the frontend going away16:09
james_was X went away16:10
mvojames_w: oh? you saw it with PK? or aptdaemon? or both?16:10
mvocool, any way to reproduce?  ctrl-alt-backspace while it is running?16:11
james_wI had X die I think16:11
james_wso that might work16:11
james_whowever, I'm not sure why that would break a pipe to dpkg's stdout?16:12
james_wI guess the X session going kills D-Bus, which kills aptd?16:12
james_wno, it's on the system bus isn't it?16:12
mathiazcr3: checkbox-cli still failing in a guest - http://paste.ubuntu.com/293187/16:14
mathiazcr3: I've run a successful test on my laptop though16:15
mathiazcr3: so I'll upload 0.8.4 to the archive16:16
siretart``Keybuk: yes?16:16
Keybuksiretart``: I had to smash the cryptsetup repo16:16
mathiazcr3: the issue on my virtual guest should still be tracked down - at some point16:16
Keybuksiretart``: you might have to pull --overwrite16:16
siretart``I notice that you preferred to overwrite my commit over adding an mkdir -p to debian/rules :-/16:17
mvojames_w: its on the system bus - the only thing I can think of is that its a bug in aptdaemon. it feed stdout back and forth over the bus for the terminal16:18
james_wmvo: that could well do it then16:18
siretart``regarding the cryptsetup branch, it is royally messed up anyway. we should probably just replace it with launchpad's auto imports16:18
mvojames_w: I have a look16:19
siretart``besides, I image that apport hook would have been very useful16:22
mathiazcr3: could you mark https://code.launchpad.net/~cr3/ubuntu/karmic/checkbox/0.8.4/+merge/13347 as being merged?16:25
siretart``james_w: has the launchpad package-branch importer been suspended, or is it 'just' slow?16:26
james_wsiretart``: which package are you looking at?16:26
james_wit's not suspended16:26
james_wand it is quick :-)16:26
james_wso it's probably a failure16:26
siretart``james_w: cryptsetup16:27
james_wsiretart``: yeah, it's a failure, sorry16:28
james_wbzrlib.errors.DuplicateFileId: File id {tree_root-20090616034229-jktmk6p46y1yuzrw-182} already exists in inventory as InventoryDirectory('tree_root-20090616034229-jktmk6p46y1yuzrw-182', '', parent_id=None, revision='james.westby@ubuntu.com-20070109215306-1r0mkhd5igfx7a8z')16:29
james_won fetch16:29
james_wwhich is odd16:29
siretart``no problem, but how could I check if an package import failed myself?16:29
james_wthey are not currently publically accessible, sorry16:30
james_wI should talk to IS about that16:30
siretart``OK, just wanted to confirm. no problem16:30
james_wI was hoping that no-one would need to care ;-)16:30
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
debfxseb128: ted acked my changes to fix bug #346840, please also read my last comment on that bug in the hope to convince you to apply the workaround for kde16:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 346840 in pidgin "Buddy List taskbar icon shows on all virtual desktops" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34684016:33
slangasekKeybuk: heh, yes, that's how wontfix+devel target works :)16:34
seb128debfx, ok for the workspace thing, I'm still not convinced for kde16:35
slangasekmterry: right, someone nominated that as a "fix this before release" bug in response to the email announcement... I can take a look at that today16:35
Keybukslangasek: yeah I just got confused16:36
Riddellseb128: if we have a fix for an issue surely we should use it?16:36
seb128Riddell, yes, a fix, not a random hack to do something non standard depending of an environment variable16:36
Riddellseb128: how else is this going to get fixed before final freeze?16:38
seb128Riddell, I don't know, either by somebody wanting to look at what is wrong in the code or not16:39
seb128Riddell, is pidgin the default kubuntu im client?16:39
seb128we have thousand of small glitches, I don't see that one as a priority for karmic right now16:39
Riddellbecause it's one we have a workaround for16:40
slangasekScottK: hrm, it seems emacs23 is still building 'emacs' - debian/control.in :/16:40
james_wI was once told you could override the version of a single binary package from a source package by putting "Version: whatever" in its binary stanza16:43
james_wexperimentation suggests this was a fib, and intuition suggests it would cause trouble any way16:44
dholbachjames_w: I hope that's one of the best-kept secrets of the world ;-)16:44
james_wis there any way of doing this?16:44
slangasekjames_w: right, you have to do it with dpkg-gencontrol -v instead16:44
slangasekand it's a horrible, horrible thing16:44
james_wwe want to provide a transitional package from the new source, but the old source had an epoch16:44
ScottKslangasek: Sorry.  I'll fix it again16:44
slangasekwhich is why the gcc package does it on every single binary it generates :)16:45
slangasekScottK: thanks16:45
james_wso would that be frowned upon?16:45
cr3mathiaz: done and thanks!16:45
slangasekjames_w: well, that's what I just did in emacs2216:45
james_woh, I'll crib then16:46
slangasekand I did more of the frowning than anyone else ;)16:46
mathiazcr3: that's 394 poutines and 5822 beers you owe me now16:46
=== Keybuk_ is now known as Keybuk
* sistpoty|work is sorry for not having checked good enough to make slangasek frown16:47
slangaseksistpoty|work: I don't think it's really the responsibility of the release team to check for arbitrary craziness in the package when ok'ing freeze exceptions... but I fear the uploader may have been expecting this to happen :/16:49
Keybukslangasek: the release team should check every single upload16:51
Keybukwith an oscilloscope!16:51
sistpoty|workwell, I do have a few oscilloscopes here (at work) :P16:53
LaserJockI have some lasers16:54
LaserJockmaybe that'd help16:54
ttxKeybuk: sorry for the lazy upstart assignment. And thanks for the detailed explanation.16:57
mptsladen, no, I don't have any17:00
mptI'm not familiar with keyboard navigation of the panel in general -- is there a help page describing it?17:00
slangasekwgrant: I'm still not seeing the statistics I would expect to on the rebuild status page; the only summary figure for 'main' is 89, and I can tell at a glance that this doesn't equal 3 ;)17:19
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
kirklandjdstrand: do you recognize this?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/293242/17:23
jdstrandkirkland: I've never seen it except for maybe once when you asked me about it before (ie, it seems vaguely familiar, but I've never encountered it in my work)17:25
* Riddell hugs bryce_ for finding the fix for bug 43252117:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432521 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "kdm does not restart X server (that crashed on logout)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43252117:30
cjwatsonbryce_: this -nr patch that's in your 'red' PPA - are you considering it for karmic?17:32
kirklandcjwatson: hey, could you rescore https://edge.launchpad.net/~kirkland/+archive/ppa/+build/1292104 ?17:41
kirklandcjwatson: eucalyptus needs to test that to fix a release critical bug17:41
cjwatsonkirkland: done17:42
mathiazzul: why is puppet still in universe?17:42
zulmathiaz: because of libaugeas-ruby asac hasnt looked at it yet17:45
mathiazzul: ok17:45
ccheneyslangasek: hey what did you determine was the cause for it pulling in the other ooo style? I followed up to the bug just now and was wondering why the openoffice.org-gtk, which openoffice.org-gnome depends on would have pulled the proper style without pulling in both?17:49
* zul returns17:49
ccheneyer would not have17:49
slangasekccheney: because openoffice.org-gnome depends on openoffice.org-core, openoffice.org-gtk, and the dependencies are traversed depth-first17:50
ccheneyslangasek: oh17:50
slangasekso it was still seeing -style-default before -human-style17:50
ccheneyoh ok17:50
ccheneywe might run into that same issue on kubuntu then if i understand what you said17:51
ccheneysince it wants -style-oxygen (iirc)17:51
slangasekright, I haven't checked kubuntu - I noticed Ubuntu because it pushed the CDs oversized17:51
slangasekccheney: ok, checked now and kubuntu still has -style-oxygen17:52
slangasekand not -style-galaxy17:52
ScottKccheney: IIRC we seed the oxygen style directly as a work around.17:52
ccheneyScottK: ok17:53
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mathiazis there a reason why avahi would change the existing ip address configuration when started?17:58
sladenmathiaz: it fires up a link-local address and attaches to that17:59
mathiazI've got a system that uses dhclient. Then I installed eucalyptus-cloud (which starts avahi) - the IP address of the system has changed to
mathiazthe old address ( is still pingable though18:00
mathiazbut ifconfig eth0 doesn't list the old address anymore18:00
hyperairshouldn't it be eth0:avahi having the link-local address?18:01
hyperairspeaking of which network-manager fails to communicate with avahi, iirc18:02
hyperairavahi will get an address, then nm will timeout and complain that ip config failed or something18:02
hyperairit can get rather annoying18:02
mathiazhyperair: the system doesn't use nm18:02
hyperairso what does ifconfig say?18:02
sladenmathiaz: can you pastebin   ifconfig -a18:03
mathiazsladen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/293272/18:03
mathiazkirkland: hey - do you remember the bug about detecting the wrong ip address for the CC (ie we saw last week18:06
mathiazkirkland: has this been fixed?18:06
kirklandmathiaz: it's been hacked around18:07
mathiazkirkland: right - hacked around18:07
mathiazkirkland: see above - I may have find another clue18:07
kirklandmathiaz: my CLC still occasionally thinks its ip address is 169.254x218:07
mathiazkirkland: I've installed eucalyptus-cloud and now eth0 has
mathiazkirkland: where it used to have 10.153.X.Y18:08
kirklandmathiaz: right, i'm seeing that occasionally -- that sucks18:08
keesseb128: I need bug 446395 assigned -- I've been totally unable to reproduce it, but more and more people are hitting it (and we're starting to see some hopefully useful debug output)18:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446395 in gnome-screensaver "Screen lock unlocks after 5 wrong attempts" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44639518:09
=== djsiegel2 is now known as djsiegel
pitticr3: *hug*18:15
cr3pitti: right back at you!18:16
seb128kees, looking18:18
chrisccoulsonkees / seb128 - i wonder if that's related to a gnome-screensaver crasher that's just been submitted18:19
keeschrisccoulson: I sure hope so, because I've been having a terrible time getting more info about it.  :P18:19
keeschrisccoulson: which bug # is the new crash?18:19
chrisccoulsoni've just triggered the bug anyway18:20
chrisccoulsonthe crash is bug 45134518:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451345 in gnome-screensaver "gnome-screensaver-gl-helper assert failure: gnome-screensaver-gl-helper: ../../src/xcb_io.c:542: _XRead: Assertion `dpy->xcb->reply_data != ((void *)0)' failed." [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45134518:20
cr3pitti: man, you've had a lot on your shoulders this release: policy kit and hal seem to have been big ones18:20
seb128chrisccoulson, kees: the log has18:21
seb128"The program 'gnome-screensaver' received an X Window System error.18:21
seb128This probably reflects a bug in the program.18:21
seb128The error was 'BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)'.18:21
seb128  (Details: serial 11249 error_code 9 request_code 53 minor_code 0)18:21
pitticr3: that was quite a large chunk indeed, but it was fun, too; lots of nice upstream development for me :)18:21
keesseb128: yeah, but they didn't have dbgsym installed, so they couldn't catch the error to get a backtrace18:21
cr3pitti: oh nice! always feels good to give back18:21
chrisccoulsonright, so they're the same bug then18:22
keeschrisccoulson: while I certainly want that to be true -- how do you know?  does the helper crashing do this?18:22
chrisccoulsoni need to try and see if i can get a better backtrace then18:23
pitticr3: yeah, I was able to port the entire gvfs from hal to DK, and write the udev bits for hotkey management; for the other bits I mainly coordinated and gave some suggestions18:23
pitticr3: with the benefit that I can now pretty much ignore all those 500 hal bug reports :-P18:23
pitticr3: (which was actually the entire purpose of the show, to get rid of this bug and race condition laden monster)18:23
cr3pitti: that's an awesome idea: when there are too many bugs, remove the project!18:23
seb128chrisccoulson, kees: I can confirm that after 5 tries it does from password prompt to screensaver18:24
seb128chrisccoulson, kees: I can confirm that after 5 tries it does from password prompt to screensaver18:24
seb128does -> goes18:24
seb128so maybe the screensaver hack they use lead to a crash18:24
keesseb128: right, that's the expected behavior.  they're saying it goes to the desktop.18:24
seb128seems gnome-screensaver is quite crashing when using nvidia binary drivers and 3d screeensavers18:24
keesseb128: having a hack crash shouldn't take out the whole screensaver.18:25
seb128good point18:25
pittiScottK: oh, so karmic's emacs is supposed to be 22? I think I installed it for my wife at beta, and she ended up with 2318:25
seb128let's wait for chrisccoulson to get a debug stacktrace18:25
* kees nods18:25
seb128chrisccoulson, what videocard do you use?18:25
keesI will try to create a local crashing hack...18:25
ScottKpitti: If you want the supported one, 22 is what you want.18:25
pitticr3: yes, indeed! and since users don't really see hal, we can actually do it :)18:25
pittiScottK: hm, if emacs23 doesn't build "emacs" any more, how can we make sure that the old 22 "emacs" package becomes current again?18:26
seb128chrisccoulson, you crash was a gnome-screensaver-gl-helper one, what would be useful is a gnome-screensaver stracktrace18:26
ScottKpitti: I think slangasek had some kind of black magic for this.18:27
pittiScottK: I'm not entirely sure whether LP will like us when we rebuild emacs22 with the binary having a lower version number than the previous one18:27
pittiScottK: ok; so it's been discussed already then? fine18:27
slangasekpitti: it won't; we have to do stupid version tricks18:27
pittislangasek: ok, so binary specific version number then18:27
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i'm trying to get one but it doesn't happen consistently here18:27
slangasekpitti: yep18:28
pittirelease times are fun; time for nasty hacks :)18:28
chrisccoulsonand i've no virtual consoles either, which makes debugging a pain18:28
seb128chrisccoulson, use user switching and a real user?18:31
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i'll have to do that18:31
kirklandcjwatson: could I trouble you for a rescore of https://edge.launchpad.net/~kirkland/+archive/ppa/+build/1292274 ?18:31
kirklandcjwatson: thanks, as always18:31
chrisccoulsonwould be nice to have some consoles though:)18:31
chrisccoulsonright, triggered it again in gdb but forgot the sync option18:37
kirklandpitti: slangasek: hey, do you guys have build rescoring capabilities?18:38
pittikirkland: I do18:38
slangaseknot I18:38
kirklandpitti: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kirkland/+archive/ppa/+build/129227418:38
kirklandpitti: could you have that build now?18:38
pittikirkland: well, I can't do "now", but I can do "next"18:39
kirklandpitti: good enough :-)18:39
pittikirkland: i. e. only sysadmins can actually cancel build jobs18:39
pittibut I guess that's not necessary here18:39
pittikirkland: (done)18:39
kirklandpitti: thanks muchly18:40
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* pitti discovers grep --color=auto in the guest session (apparently new ~/.bashrc default); nice!18:44
seb128pitti, same here ;-)18:44
pittihaving used my /home directory since pre-warty, I wonder how much other goodness I have missed18:45
keesseb128: okay, I can reproduce it with an explicitly crashing hack.18:45
seb128kees, good18:46
chrisccoulsonkees - you recreated it too right?18:48
keeschrisccoulson: yeah, but it doesn't always happen.18:48
keeschrisccoulson: still can't catch a backtrace, though18:48
chrisccoulsoni've got one18:48
keeschrisccoulson: I selected antmaze, then replaced it with "sleep 10; kill -SEGV $$" shell script18:48
bryce_cjwatson, the DX team wanted to test the norootbg patch to see if it'd help with what they were doing.  I never heard back from them on how their testing turned out or if they needed it.  So at this point I do not have plans to put it in.18:49
chrisccoulsonit's calling XFreePixmap with an invalid pixmap somewhere18:49
chrisccoulsonhence the BadDrawable error18:49
seb128chrisccoulson, kees: I got one too, http://paste.ubuntu.com/293308/18:49
seb128but I lack libx11 debug symbols18:49
keesare those different?  chrisccoulson's was a crash through "shake dialog"18:51
keesseb128's was due to a keypress?18:51
chrisccoulsonwas it with --sync?18:52
seb128new one18:53
seb128it's by running "gnome-screensaver --sync --no-daemon"18:53
seb128and attaching gdb from an another session18:53
seb128and breaking on gdk_x_error18:53
chrisccoulsonhmmm, they look different18:53
seb128then I do a serie of wrong passwords18:53
seb128yes, the first one was not a crash18:53
seb128on the second one I got the "The error was 'BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)'."18:53
seb128the new one is http://paste.ubuntu.com/293311/18:54
seb128sorry wrong url before18:54
seb128chrisccoulson, kees: ^ that's the crash one18:54
chrisccoulsonthat's better :)18:55
chrisccoulsonXFreePixmap is what throws the error18:55
keesok, that one might be the same, some unresolved functions, but the path looks similar18:55
seb128that one is a debug one18:58
seb128seems similar to chrisccoulson's one now18:58
seb128the bug is quite easy to trigger indeed18:58
chrisccoulsoni found it quite hard to trigger :/18:58
keeshmpf, I hit it once now and not yet since then.  :(18:59
chrisccoulsonit takes a lot of tries before i trigger it18:59
seb128I set the screensaver hack on random hack there18:59
seb128and I do enter, wait a second, enter, wait a second, enter, etc18:59
seb128it takes 6 to 8 tries to get it18:59
seb128I sometime to esc between to display the screensaver and try again though18:59
seb128not sure if that makes a difference18:59
keesthe 5th failure shuts down the password prompt dialog, at which point g-ss will sometimes crash19:00
keesI can't reproduce it under gdb19:00
seb128I don't always get it on the 5th try I think, but I'm not sure19:00
seb128kees, run gnome-screensaver --sync --no-daemon and attach gdb from an another vt19:01
seb128then break on gdk_x_error?19:01
keesoh, good idea19:01
seb128that's what I do there19:01
seb128because otherwise I had no way to go back to gdb to type "bt" there19:01
seb128since the screensaver was frozen on the session19:01
keeshrm, I still can't get it to crash now.19:04
keestedg, bryce_: either of you working on inkscape pre4 for karmic yet?19:13
tedgkees: No, I haven't made a package.19:15
chrisccoulsonkees - my eyes are starting to hurt trying to figure out how gnome-screensaver works right now - i'm going to send the bug upstream just in case they come up with some ideas before we do19:15
tedgkees: It should just be the grab tarball thing, right?19:15
bryce_kees, I've not looked at it19:15
bryce_hmm, ought inkscape have released by now?  getting kinda late...19:16
tedgbryce_: Apparently one planned patch is outstanding.19:16
keeschrisccoulson: ok19:16
tedgbryce_: And translation updates.19:16
keestedg: yeah, me either.  I'll snag the tarball19:17
tedgkees: What's the command to grab the tarball, I'm looking, but I never remember it.19:17
keestedg: "uscan" (I'm running it now...)19:18
* tedg tries "iscan" but apparently it only works when you tell other people "you scan" (hmm, pronunciation puns don't work well over IRC)19:21
kirklandmvo: ping?19:22
kirklandmvo: I have that qemu-kvm upload ready to go...  did you have that transitional package patch for me?19:22
bryce_tedg, we all scan19:23
bryce_(our eyes can)19:23
tedgbryce_: Heh, you're not convincing me that these type of jokes are good for IRC ;)19:24
kirklandmvo: okay, i found https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu-kvm/+bug/451508 from james_w19:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451508 in qemu-kvm "should ship a kvm transitional package" [High,Triaged]19:24
james_wkirkland: good timing :-)19:24
kirklandjames_w: thanks, man!19:25
seb128debfx, I've uploaded your debdiff I'm too busy to argue but I will probably not keep the workaround in karmic+1 so you should still look at make things work with KDE correctly19:25
mvokirkland: yeah, that the one19:30
kirklandmvo: perfect, got it!19:31
mvocool, thanks19:32
cjwatsonbryce_: I'm experimenting with it now in conjunction with a usplash change Scott suggested19:33
cjwatsonbryce_: apparently it's working nicely for him, and gets us away from an ugly transition that's attracting a lot of attention19:33
cjwatsonbryce_: not got it working for me yet, though, just wanted to check whether I was wasting my time19:33
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
bryce_cjwatson, ideally for something like this I'd like to see some good coverage to make sure we're not improving one driver at the expense of others, it's getting kind of late to make a decision on it though19:36
cjwatsonis it all that driver-specific? aside from KMS vs. non-KMS19:37
cjwatsonmy plan was to only pass that option if KMS is up; we can't do very much about the non-KMS usplash->xsplash transition anyway19:37
bryce_cjwatson, well, mainly I'm thinking of an earlier patch that affected how root background was handled, which provided a nice solid performance boost on -fglrx, but after we put it in we found it caused nasty window corruption issues for kde users on a few other video drivers19:38
bryce_I guess if it's limited to only KMS, that narrows it to one driver effectively (at least for Karmic) so that'd reduce the risk19:38
bryce_still worth testing at least with ati KMS; folks are starting to use that now even though it's not the default19:39
cjwatsonmm, right19:39
cjwatsonif it isn't obvious, what I'm trying to do is leave the usplash logo on-screen until xsplash gets around to replacing it19:39
cjwatsonincidentally when testing this sort of thing I REALLY want network-manager to get a command-line interface that we install by default19:39
bryce_I run into that problem a lot19:40
mathiazkirkland: hey - doing an UEC install - run into this problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/293351/19:40
cjwatsonhaving no working X and being unable to apt-get install <last version of stuff that worked> is no fun19:40
bryce_I suppose if I were less lazy I'd figure out a workaround19:40
mathiazkirkland: have you seen this with the current packages?19:40
bryce_cjwatson, yuppers19:40
mathiazkirkland: note that this is not an ISO install19:40
cjwatsonthere are a couple of command-line interfaces floating around the internet, but of course I can't download them right now19:40
mathiazkirkland: just a package install on a base system19:40
kirklandmathiaz: i've never seen that on19:40
cjwatsonthere was a python one which I contemplated just typing in interactively, but (a) it looked a bit hatstand and (b) it didn't actually support activating connections19:42
bryce_cjwatson, fwiw I recall noticing asac had a wireless-with-no-x-running setup on his laptop once when I was helping him with an X problem.  I've neglected to inquire what that was, but maybe he knows a good trick19:43
cjwatsonit may depend on the wireless driver19:44
cjwatsonsome of them, you can just dhclient19:44
bryce_ah could be19:44
cjwatsonin fact I'm sure I used to be able to do mine that way, or maybe I had /e/n/i configured19:44
debfxseb128: ok, thanks19:51
=== akgraner__ is now known as akgraner
pittiRiddell: any idea what happened to PyKDE4.kdecore?21:06
pitti$ python -c 'import PyKDE4.kdecore'21:07
pittiImportError: No module named kdecore21:07
mathiazhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/293427/ <- does this mean there are multiple ip addresses for eth0?21:09
pittimathiaz: you might have virtual subdevices, such as eth0:avahi?21:10
mathiazpitti: probably - how can I tell?21:11
pittimathiaz: check "ifconfig eth0"?21:11
* pitti isn't familiar with ip output, sorry21:11
mathiazpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/293430/21:11
mathiazpitti: well - I've seen that a couple of times - dhclient gets the 10.X address and then avahi starts and there is the 169.Y address21:12
pittimathiaz: erm, sorry; does "ifconfig" give multiple interfaces for eth0? above looks pretty normal21:12
mathiazpitti: nope21:12
pittimathiaz: yes, it's supposed to actually21:12
mathiazpitti: ifconfig -a only shows one interface for eth021:12
mathiazpitti: the 10.X address has disappeared from ifconfig21:13
pittiin the past it used to run avahi-autoipd on them which created virtual subdevices for link-local addresses21:13
pittibut apparenty that changed21:13
mathiazpitti: although the system is reachable via the 10.X address21:13
mathiazpitti: the problem here is that I'm trying to get the IP address of the system21:14
mathiazpitti: and ifconfig shows 169.X which is not working well21:14
Lurepitti: afaik, due to python-sip4 upgrade (license issue), whole PyQt depends needs to be rebuild21:15
Lurepitti: so it may be related to this21:15
pittiLure: right, but that already happened for kdebindings21:21
pittisee bug 45085121:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450851 in kdebindings "ubuntu-bug fails with most recent karmic kubuntu updates" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45085121:21
pittiah, got it21:29
pitti/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/PyKDE4/__init__.pyc still stayed around21:30
pitti... only to get the next crash, darn21:41
mathiazpitti: bug 441669 <- does that ring a bell?21:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441669 in openssh "User with restricted rights is able to shutdown machine while ssh superuser is connected" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44166921:45
keespitti, slangasek: I'd like to get some eyes on bug 449535 before I upload what I think is the fix.  e.g. I don't want to break it further.21:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449535 in apt "/etc/cron.daily/apt doesn't run apt-get update anymore" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44953521:49
kees(I'm assuming cjwatson is asleep, and mvo is offline)21:49
slangasekkees: looking21:54
slangasekkees: I still get an 'E: The update command takes no arguments'22:03
keesslangasek: with the evals missing?22:03
slangasekkees: yes; the eval isn't the cause of that error22:04
slangasekthe 'update' needs to be moved to the end of the commandline, after the -o22:04
kees+ apt-get -y update -o APT::Update::Auth-Failure::=cp /usr/share/apt/apt-auth-failure.note /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/22:04
keesIgn file: karmic/main Translation-en_US22:04
keesI didn't need that...22:05
slangasekkees: ah, because you set VERBOSE22:05
slangasekif it's not set, the command is 'apt-get -qq -y update -o ...', which fails for some reason22:05
slangasekheh, the apt-get manpage says never to use '-qq update', and that '-qq -y' is redundant :P22:06
keeswith verbose unset, it runs correctly with eval removed...22:06
keesoh, no, my bad22:06
keesthose evals are still wrong...22:07
slangasekthe evals are wrong, yes22:07
slangasekI don't know what possessed someone to put those there22:07
kees+ apt-get -qq -y -o 'APT::Update::Auth-Failure::=cp /usr/share/apt/apt-auth-failure.note /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/' update '2>/dev/null'22:08
keesE: The update command takes no arguments22:09
keesoh, heh, the redirection is getting escaped.  ;)22:09
keesthat's what the eval is for?  madness22:10
slangasekoh, I suppose it is22:10
slangaseknice :)22:10
slangasekso, ok, the eval isn't broken, just CRAAAAAZZY22:10
keesright, so actually the originally suggested patch is more correct...22:11
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chrisccoulsonkees - you had a look at this screensaver issue at all?22:34
keeschrisccoulson: got side-tracked, sorry22:35
chrisccoulsonno worries ;)22:35
chrisccoulsoni have my suspicions what might be triggering it, but i'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to prove it22:37
keeschrisccoulson: seems like the "shake" animation somehow?22:40
chrisccoulsonyeah, on each shake iteration, some events are queued on the main loop to realign and redraw the window contents. i suspect what might be happening is that the lock dialog disappears whilst the events are being dispatched (when gnome-screensaver-dialog exits)22:41
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chrisccoulsoni'm going to rebuild gnome-screensaver with some extra debug info in, to give me a better idea what order the different events get dispatched in22:42
chrisccoulsonjust to see if there is a difference between crashing/not crashing22:42
keeschrisccoulson: I also noticed that sometimes while validating, the dialog with grey out the "unlock" button and highlight "cancel" for a moment before shaking.  other times, the whole dialog would go grey before the shake.22:43
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm not too sure why that would be22:44
mdkepitti: I think probably for the fix to bug 441401 to become available for ubuntu-docs, the langpacks need to be rebuilt? Am I right? The bug is still appearing with ubuntu-docs 9.10.10 which has now been published (ie the symlink is still broken)22:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441401 in ubuntu-docs "Symlink not working with Karmic translations" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44140122:47
* chrisccoulson is thinking xtrace is going to come in handy here for me22:47
mdkepitti: if I'm right, then I'll just wait for the next langpacks. If not I'll do some more digging :)22:48
slangasekmdke: why is ubuntu-docs suddenly so much bigger?22:52
slangasekit looks like the language split has been dropped?22:52
chrisccoulsonkees - the X call which generates the error is actually CreatePixmap (as shown in my xtrace log here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/293501/ )22:56
chrisccoulsonthe invalid drawable is 0x05400020, which my log shows was destroyed earlier on22:56
chrisccoulsonwhich sort-of backs up my suspicion22:56
chrisccoulsonso the fix is probably for gnome-screensaver-dialog to not exit on its own accord after 5 failed auth attempts, but rather wait for gnome-screensaver to kill it after it has done the shake animation22:57
keeschrisccoulson: yeah22:58
chrisccoulsoni hope that's it anyway22:58
asacbryce_: connections marked as automatically connect + available to all users should work without X22:59
bryce_asac, ah 'available to all users'... hadn't seen that option, I'll look for it23:02
ScottKlamont: What's the status on maven?  ETOOHARD?23:14
slangasekkees: are you uploading the 449535 fix, then?23:26
keesslangasek: yeah23:26
keesslangasek: er, no, after looking at the bzr tree, I'd like mvo to do it -- there are a number of changes pending23:29
slangasekseems the bug has been there long enough that one more day won't make much difference23:29
* kees nods23:30
slangasekmdke, pitti: is the "ubuntu-docs has ballooned" bug known to be linked to bug #441401, or is it a new issue?23:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441401 in ubuntu-docs "Symlink not working with Karmic translations" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44140123:34
lamontScottK: EPOSTKARMIC I expect - it's below a few other much more critical activities23:43
* lamont afk23:46
ScottKlamont: OK.  Would you please comment in the relevant bugs then.23:46
ScottKslangasek: ^^^ I think we need to remove maven2 then, since it's currently, as I understand it broken.23:46
lamontgar.  once I read the ticket to see where doko got to with his trying to get something installable for me to use for bootstrapping23:47

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