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mdkemorning all08:41
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jbichathere are 2 separate wikis right? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ is the first not used as much these days?16:00
starcraft-ntbkother way jbicha, community is the main documatation storage with wiki.ubuntu being a dumping ground.16:02
starcraft-ntbkjbicha: new and looking to get into docs?16:03
jbichaI think that's confusing16:03
jbichabecause a lot of the good stuff is in the wiki.ubuntu.com one16:03
starcraft-ntbkjbicha: somewhat. It's the system we have though.16:04
jbichaI'm wanting to help edubuntu16:04
starcraft-ntbkhmmm. dunno much about edubuntu, I guess they fall under doc team as well16:05
jbichafor instance, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam is the official wiki page for you guys, right?16:05
starcraft-ntbkyup, that's our page. Wiki.ubuntu serves as a team organization place as one of its roles.16:05
jbichaI'm so used to mediawiki, moinmoin or whatever is a bit confusing for me, is there a good page I can learn what's going on16:07
jbichais there a way I can view all edits by one person?16:08
starcraft-ntbkuh, moment, i'll get the guide16:09
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starcraft-ntbkjbicha: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide16:09
starcraft-ntbkmost information there, formatting and conventions16:09
starcraft-ntbkjbicha: not familiar enough with edubuntu wiki to give ya specific advice on that, mostly just an ubuntu worker16:11
stlsaintlo starcraft-ntbk16:13
starcraft-ntbkhi stlsaint16:14
stlsaintlo all16:55
jbichawiki.ubuntu.com is down for me18:19
jbichaand it's back18:23
starcraft-ntbklo again jbicha18:23
starcraft-ntbkdroppy wireless.18:24
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LaserJockdo the Category pages on wiki.ubuntu.com show the full contents of the categories?21:53
LaserJockit seems like I'm not getting all the pages21:53
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