poncha|workhi. can anyone please help figuring out why i am banned from #ubuntu-ru ?01:24
naliothponcha|work: you want /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-ru list01:26
poncha|workgot it ;) thanks. will try to contact these people01:29
poncha|worknalioth, btw you have access ;)01:30
poncha|workthey have *@freenode/staff/* in access list01:30
naliothponcha|work: ok01:31
poncha|workapart from freenode staff members and bazhang who has special access in there, none of the people having access are even online01:35
poncha|workneed to try in more conventional hours for russia probably ;)01:35
naliothponcha|work: did you /whois each person?01:35
naliothponcha|work: the access list doesn't show user activity, just channel activity involving changes to the list01:36
poncha|workgot no such nick on all but bazhang01:37
poncha|workoh, actually i found [green] is online too, but he is probably asleep too cause i've  tried to reach him on one of his other channels and no answer ;\001:38
poncha|workhm. if i send a memo to all ops of #ubuntu-ru ... and *@staff is listed there - all staff will get this memo ??? :S01:42
poncha|work(i mean /memoserv sendops)01:42
LjLoof, i didn't even know of sendops.01:44
poncha|workme neither, just read memoserv help ;)01:51
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ubot2In #ubuntu-se, Kim^J said: !syn is <reply>ack18:32
Nafallohe is wrong! it's syn/ack surely!18:41
tsimpsonnalioth: if you're about "<jml> could ubot3` please leave the #launchpad-dev channel?"19:50
tsimpsonasked 3 hours ago in -bots...19:50
jmlcan the owner of ubot3` please remove it from #launchpad-dev? It gets into bug quoting matches with mup.19:52
naliothpatience, please19:52
jmlnalioth, thanks :)19:52
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