DarxusWow, new upstream merged two days before kernel freeze.01:13
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MTecknologyWhat's the difference between Ubuntu-2.6.31-14.46 and Ubuntu-2.6.31-302.7 ?04:52
MTecknologyobviously the numbers - I'm just curious what the really high numbers are used for04:54
billybigriggerdoes anyone here maintain submit fixes to upstream for the gspca v4l2 modules?06:56
billybigriggerrather :P06:57
MTecknologyI tried to build a package and when I did "make install" I got this error. I'm wondering what's missing in the kernel to make it work. "include/linux/autoconf.h or include/config/auto.conf are missing."06:57
billybigriggerjust wondering how i go about getting my webcam to work, it hasn't worked throughout the whole 2.6.31 kernel development, and i was hoping by now that it might have been fixed06:57
billybigriggerdo those files exist in your kernel source directory?07:00
MTecknologythey do07:07
MTecknologybillybigrigger: do you know ho to find out what option compiles the files?07:11
billybigriggerhaven't done any compiling for months07:11
MTecknologyI'm shooting for a 2.5MB kernel07:11
billybigriggersince A2 :P07:11
MTecknology12min to dload vbox - hurray crappy internet07:46
DarxusI got the kernel source package to build and boot patched with both the bfs cpu scheduler and the bfq i/o scheduler.08:24
xteejxhi guys, member of bug control here, there is a bug 425756 in the Ubuntu kernel which affects the SB6/700 sata controller with an ata soft lockup, there seems to be a patch at http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/git-commits-head/2008/6/14/2122314 does this look any good, and is there any chance we can get it in? :)11:56
ubot3`Malone bug 425756 in linux "[Karmic] cd/dvd drive not detected ." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42575611:56
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L_X_hi there! I have a little trouble installing the backports-modules11:58
ubot3`Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com11:58
xteejxL_X_, the place for help and asking questions is #ubuntu this is the kernel teams IRC chatroom :)11:58
L_X_only in launchpad (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/445931) it says to ask the question here... maybe you should clarify...11:59
ubot3`Malone bug 445931 in linux "linux-backports-modules-karmic not installable, dependency problem" [Undecided,New] 11:59
* L_X_ is heading to 11:59
* L_X_ is heading to #ubuntu11:59
xteejxKernel Team: Sorry to be a pain, but I'd appreciate if you could look at that patch if/when you're not busy bug 425756 with patch :)12:01
ubot3`Malone bug 425756 in linux "[Karmic] cd/dvd drive not detected ." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42575612:01
xteejxand thank you12:01
csurbhiIn hotplugging, a bus probe occurs after which a matching driver probes a device. The driver is chosen based on the device id and the vendor id.12:40
csurbhiIs this understanding right ?12:40
csurbhi Or does a bus driver probe for every device (without looking at the device id) ?12:41
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smbcsurbhi, It is add devid,vendorid based. When a new device appears it will register to a bus and each driver already registered with that bus will get its probe function called with the device id until one driver claims it or no more drivers are present. As there s an add event for the device udev can match that id of the device with alias strings of drivers and load one if one is found which is not already present. New drivers registering ag13:09
smbain get their probe function called with every device on the bus, which is not yet claimed.13:09
csurbhibut is not  /lib/modules/modules.alias looked at to modprobe a particular driver?13:14
smbright, that file is generated from the information in the modules when you run depmod13:15
csurbhii thought that the bus looks at the vendor id and the product id and then looks at the modules.alias and then appropriately that driver module gets inserted13:15
smbthe bus (from the kernel) does nothing here. It is udev that loads modules13:15
smbif you insert a device, this jsut generates an add event and causes currently loaded drivers to be called13:16
csurbhibut what happens if a driver (compiled as a module) for a device is not yet loaded13:17
smbif you do a modinfo on a driver you will notice alias strings, these are used to make the modules.alias file and that is used by udev to match an add event on a bus with a driver13:17
csurbhiright..so who generates the event on the bus13:18
Keybukwhat bus?13:18
csurbhibecause that event should have the device id and the vendor id13:18
csurbhiwhen you add a device an event is generated. on a bus ? so who generates that ?13:19
smbI would call it the bus subsystem (not sure this is the correct term)13:19
Keybukwhen new devices are detected, the subsystem driver creates stub kernel objects for them13:20
csurbhiyes.. thats why i said that the bus might look at the device id and the vendor id13:20
csurbhiok.. but i get it13:20
Keybukthe properties of those kernel objects include things like their port id, and any bus-specific information like vendor id, device id, etc.13:20
Keybukdriver core creates entries in the /sys filesystem for these13:21
Keybukand it sends a message on a special netlink socket announcing the new device13:21
Keybukit then *also* runs its internal match table against built-in and already loaded modules13:21
csurbhiyes.. and then udev gets this message looks at the module.alias and modprobes the device driver13:21
Keybukand those modules may claim the device (in which case they take over the kernel object and begin added more details, like interfaces and device nodes)13:21
Keybukudev receives this message13:22
Keybukinside this message is a "modalias" string13:22
Keybukthis is a single string made up of the important kernel object information13:22
Keybukthe format of the string is generally <subsystem>:<info>13:22
Keybukso for example, a PCI subsystem modalias would look like13:22
Keybukwhile a USB subsystem modalias looks like13:22
Keybukas you can probably tell, inside that is the vendor id, device id, etc.13:23
Keybukmodules themselves have match tables which are used in the kernel to match against a module13:23
Keybukfrom these wildcard modalias strings are generated13:23
Keybukthese have the "any of these" bits of the string replaced by *13:24
Keybukand you can see these by running modinfo on a module13:24
Keybuk# modinfo ricoh_mmc | grep alias13:24
Keybukalias:          pci:v00001180d00000843sv*sd*bc*sc*i*13:24
csurbhitwo questions 1) at boot time, how is a bus driver claimed ?13:24
Keybukso whenever it receives a netlink message with a modalias in it, udev calls "modprobe $MODALIAS"13:24
Keybukmodprobe matches the string against the known module names, and known module aliases13:25
Keybukusing wildcard matching13:25
Keybukand thus you end up with a particular driver loaded13:25
Keybukas this driver loads, its _init() function will bind it in-kernel to any kobjects13:25
Keybukand since it's loaded, any new devices it claims will be bound in-kernel too13:25
Keybukthat's it ;)13:25
Keybukcsurbhi: I have answered that question above13:26
csurbhiso by this logic a driver should be invoked only when a device id is registered in it13:26
csurbhiif a device id is not registered it should not be called13:26
KeybukI don't know what you mean by "called"13:26
csurbhicalled = invoked13:27
Keybuka driver is not bound to a device that it hasn't claimed13:27
KeybukI don't know what you mean by "invoked"13:27
Keybukdrivers aren't called or invoked, they claim devices13:27
Keybukthe devices become bound to the driver13:27
csurbhibut a modalias of a driver will have a device id and a vendor id13:27
Keybukcsurbhi: not necessarily13:28
Keybukit's quite valid to have a modalias wildcard match that matches all devices13:28
Keybukthat would be a driver that can claim any pci device13:28
Keybuk(for example)13:28
Keybukthat'd be bad though, only one driver can claim any one device13:28
Keybukthere are drivers that match entire device class or interface classes though13:28
csurbhibut then what is the point of this:13:28
Keybukusb-storage for example13:28
Keybukalias:          usb:v*p*d*dc*dsc*dp*ic08isc06ip50*13:29
csurbhiless 2.6.28-15-generic/modules.alias | grep sdhci13:29
csurbhialias pci:v*d*sv*sd*bc08sc05i* sdhci_pci13:29
csurbhiyes.. exactly13:29
Keybukcsurbhi: exactly my point13:29
csurbhihave a v*d* ?13:29
csurbhiwhy have that ?13:29
Keybukany vendor's device, that has a PCI base class of 08 and subclass of 0513:29
csurbhicould there be a clash ? when another driver for eg: says bc*sc*13:30
csurbhiand one driver says v*d*13:30
Keybukhad to look that up13:30
Keybukand some eejit has moved pci.ids13:30
KeybukPCI class 08 is "Generic system peripheral"13:30
Keybuksubclass 05 is "SD Host controller"13:30
csurbhihmmm...thanks a lot :)13:31
Keybukso you have a case there where there is a generic kernel driver for that entire device class13:31
csurbhithat helped me a lot.. :) 13:31
Keybukthat's actually a Linux tendancy13:31
csurbhinow i get it13:31
Keybukif you can do away with a driver-per-device and instead have generic drivers that deal with the special cases through quirks, that's a big WIN!13:31
Keybukyes, you're quite right that if you added another driver that matched the same device (e.g. by vendor/device id) they would clash13:32
Keybukboth would be able to claim the device13:32
Keybukin which case there are rules about which one wins13:32
Keybuk(look at the modules.order file :p)13:32
csurbhii can see a sdhci-pci driver getting called and failing and then another driver getting called.. and i was wondering why the sdhci-pci was getting called.. i can now see why !13:32
Keybuka driver is quite permitted to decline a device13:32
Keybuk"oh, I don't know about *this* one"13:33
Keybukin which case, the next driver in line can have a go13:33
csurbhinow i get it :) thanks a lot !!13:33
csurbhione more question13:33
csurbhii also read somewhere13:33
Keybukthe Windows developers hate this13:33
csurbhithat hotplugging could be scpi intermediated13:33
Keybukgregkh gave a wonderful presentation at a devcon about Linux driver core13:33
Keybukand the windows people were sitting with dropped jaws13:33
Keybukthey have nothing as simple and elegant as this ;)13:34
csurbhiboy !!! thanks a lot!!!!13:34
Keybukcsurbhi: I'm not sure how scpi applies in this question?13:34
Keybukdid you mean acpi?13:34
csurbhii not get the whole thing !! i took a great deal of time looking at why ricoh_mmc was getting called after a sdhci-pci driver13:34
csurbhinow i get it completely !!! wow !13:34
csurbhiyes.. i meant acpi13:35
Keybukoh wow that was a totally freaky guess13:35
KeybukI picked ricoh_mmc simply because it was the last thing with a pci modalias in my udev log ;)13:35
KeybukACPI is a whole world of pain13:35
csurbhiso can u pleaee tell me how this thing works13:35
csurbhiwhen acpi mediates ?13:35
Keybukeverything I am about to say is a lie13:36
csurbhii believe u13:36
Keybukbut it's a lie that explains how things work13:36
KeybukACPI is a system that allows your computer to have software that is executed by the kernel13:36
Keybukwhen the kernel needs to do something (e.g. enumerate the PCI bus), it actually runs this special software13:36
Keybukthis special software is run on a virtual machine that Linux implements13:36
Keybukand produces the results the kernel expects13:37
Keybukthis can also deal with interrupt handlers, and so forth13:37
Keybukthe side-effects of running this software ideally include programming chips on the board to do the right things13:37
Keybukthat way the kernel doesn't need to know how to program the MMC13:37
Keybukor PCI controller13:37
Keybukthe motherboard can know that13:37
csurbhiso cool13:37
Keybukbut the motherboard doesn't need an operating system on it13:37
Keybukso the kernel executes code on the motherboard's behalf13:38
Keybukso on boot, the kernel will begin executing the acpi code13:38
Keybukthis will result in the hardware being programmed correctly13:38
Keybuklinux arranges (through standard acpi methods) for pci hotplugging to be enabled13:38
Keybukthis may require, for example, that when a card is hotplugged that further acpi methods are invoked to communicate with the pci controller and find out what happens13:39
Keybukbut this results in Linux's registers being updated13:39
Keybukso it can know what cards were added/removed13:39
Keybukand can arrange for the new card to be initialised13:39
Keybukor resources of the old card to be freed13:39
csurbhiso when its not acpi mediated, the pci subsystem gets the interrupt when a device is added13:40
csurbhiwhereas when it is acpi initiated, acpi gets the interrupt13:40
Keybukno, it's still all done with interrupts the old fashioned way13:40
Keybukthe difference is that when not using acpi, Linux has to do the leg work to talk to the pci controller13:40
Keybukand has to know every detail about your pci controller13:41
Keybukwhereas with acpi, that is somewhat abstracted13:41
csurbhiand one last question13:41
csurbhithe modules.order13:41
csurbhiwho creates that and based on what ? 13:41
Keybukthe kernel build system creates that13:42
Keybukbased on the order that modules are listed in its Makefiles13:42
Keybukthis is the same order that the code would be statically linked into the kernel if they were all built-in13:42
csurbhithanks a lottt13:42
csurbhithat was veryy insightful13:43
joaopintohello, is the generic kernel built with PAE enabled ?13:44
joaopintooh, its linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic-pae13:46
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apwamitk, bjf, all new shiney arm kernels of both types are in the archive15:54
apwlool, i belive you should find a good linux-libc-dev for armel in the archive now15:55
wzssyqa[Bug 447791]15:56
ubot3`Malone bug 447791 in linux "after update to 2.6.31-13,the virtual Console Huap" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44779115:56
happyaronhi team, could I ask which package should we exactly file bug against for this bug? ^^^15:57
bjfapw, thanks, looks like I might have a regression on mvl15:57
bjfbug 45094015:58
ubot3`Malone bug 450940 in linux-mvl-dove "Regression in linux-mvl-dove 207 and later causes Y0 boards to hang seconds after booting" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45094015:58
loolapw: Thanks15:58
loolapw: I did see the build output the package at least15:58
apwbjf, hrm, is that your new fix or something in the rebase do we think15:59
bjfapw, I've not touched dove other than that config issue, possible rebase / stable updates fallout, not sure15:59
apwhrm yes it was a simple config change.  then again the rebase shouldn't have changed much core it was mostly stable updates and that was pretty limited16:00
apwand cirtainy nothing on the mvl-dove boot i'd think 16:01
loolToo bad we cant bisect it -- exactly what was to be solved by rebasing the tree  :-)16:07
loolwe could cherry pick stable updates on top of the previous mvl tag and see how long it works16:07
MTecknologyDid you guys know that rolling your own kernel can be heap load if fun and irritation :)16:14
Keybukrtg: got one for you16:25
Keybukext4 doesn't seem to be syncing data on shutdown or SysRq-S16:25
Keybukan explicit sync() does seem to work16:25
rtgKeybuk, that seems more like one for Ted16:26
MTecknologydid I break something?16:27
Keybukwell, it's causing me at the moment to fail to boot after upgrading the kernel ;)16:27
Keybukbecause the initramfs is trunctated16:27
rtgKeybuk, ick!16:28
rtgKeybuk, so, we don't normally sync() on shutdown or reboot? it should sync on unmount.16:28
Keybukwe don't call sync() no16:28
Keybukthe kernel should do that16:29
rtgKeybuk, does rootfs get unmounted before shutdown? I'd think it couldn't as long as /sbin/init was alive.16:30
rtgso that should sync16:30
Keybukof course, now that I look at it, I can't find that sync16:32
Keybukmaybe ext4 doesn't sync the filesystem on remount readonly now?16:32
rtghell if I know16:33
rtgits hard to imagine that an issue this systemic would not have been noticed already16:33
Keybukdoesn't look like it does now16:35
rtgKeybuk, drat, lemme wrap up LBM. are you gonna file a bug? this seems like a show stopper.16:36
Keybukthe kernel comment for reboot() says you should sync() first16:36
rtghow can remount readonly _not_ sync first? especially if there are not outstanding I/O errors.16:37
Keybukit just doesn't16:38
Keybukext3 clearly does16:38
Keybukext4 clearly does not16:38
Keybukthis looks like a change in ext4 relatively close to .3116:38
rtgKeybuk, well, we should confirm this with Ted16:39
KeybukI'm going to put the sync() call back into reboot anyway16:39
Keybukit's probably for the best16:39
rtgKeybuk, do shutdown and reboot go through the same path at some point?16:39
rtgapp sapce or kernel?16:39
Keybukapp space16:40
Keybukkernel is quite different16:40
rtgI haven't looked at the shutdown path in the kernel since 2.4 days16:40
Keybuklet's see if this fixes it16:44
apwKeybuk, so how did you notice, ext4 always dirty on reboot?16:45
Keybuk_that seemed better16:46
Keybuk_will probably need to do a few of those to be sure16:46
apwKeybuk, so how did you notice, ext4 always dirty on reboot?16:46
rtgapw, I'm wondering if this might have something to do with the KVM folks complaining about fsck on boot16:46
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apwrtg very likely ...16:46
apwi am supprised noone noticed before, like you or me16:46
Keybukapw: no, truncated files or empty files after reboot16:46
rtgKeybuk, I must update kernels several times a day on different machines.16:47
csurbhi but there was an article on lwn about truncation of files for ext416:47
Keybukyeah, but depends how much gets flushed to disk16:47
Keybukspeed of reboot16:47
Keybukreboot here is fast, I'm on SSD, but it's *ahem* not production16:47
apwKeybuk, i note my main lappy is still ext3, but my 10v is ext4 and i've not seen it there16:48
csurbhiit seems that it does a sync only after a timeout and before that if you reboot or shutdown, u can loose data16:48
apwbut its likely i am idle for ages before reboot often16:48
Keybukapw: I've been doing a lot of "update-initramfs -u ; reboot" in the last 24 hours16:48
Keybukand that's when I've noticed it16:48
apwoh is this the cause of your bust initramfs you mentioned ... hrm16:49
Keybukanyway, comment in the kernel above the definition of reboot() says you must call sync() first16:50
Keybukso I call sync() first :p16:50
rtgit sure can't hurt16:50
apwKeybuk, i wonder what use there is to not sync and hit reboot ...16:58
Keybukapw: speeeeed17:02
apwKeybuk, speedily losing my data, yay17:03
apwbjf, did you say your y0 was ok on that kernel?17:04
bjfapw, so far so good17:04
apwbjf, so panic 'less'17:04
bjfapw, because it's Y0 and now Y1 I panic 'less'17:05
apwbjf, basically it works on all your h/w ?17:06
bjfapw, it works on my Y0  and lool's Y117:06
bjfapw, I've not had a chance to test my Y117:06
bjfapw, these are not fat machines to install onto17:07
apwno i guess not17:07
* apw didn't even see that17:08
loolbjf: so you coulduse yesterday;s image to install and then upgrade to today's kernel?17:08
bjflool, yup, doing that17:08
MTecknologyHow can I find out if I have any EFI firmware?17:11
rtgMTecknology, unless you are running a recent server, then you likely _don't_ have EFI. 17:14
rtgapw, care to have a look at karmic LBM?17:14
MTecknologyrtg: thanks17:14
apwrtg sure17:15
Q-FUNKsmb: howdy! is there anything else I should test for the Geode bug?17:39
smbQ-FUNK, Hi there. As much I hate to say so, the last days have been busily filled with other work, so I never had much time to get back to that.17:41
MTecknologykernel freeze is tomorrow, isn't it?17:44
Q-FUNKsmb: understood. please let me know if there's anything else I can do.17:45
rtgMTecknology, its effectively already frozen.17:47
smoserjjohansen, you re-run your kernel tests ?17:47
smbQ-FUNK, Sure will do. I'll put any updates into the bug17:48
smoseri do remember that we had some intermittent issues with kernel logs, but nothing since we attached chuck's patch that i was aware of.17:48
Q-FUNKsmb: ok.  I'm just wondering how we're gonna manage to fix this on time for Karmic's release, though.  right now, the whole Geode product line no longer works on Ubuntu, which pretty much kills the investment that Canonical made into LTSP.17:49
jjohansensmoser: not yet, and I haven't seen any problems since chucks patch either until yesterday17:50
smoserdo you happen to have available to you the region that they failed in ? you might wnant to try ther eagain17:51
DarxusThis is why freezes should happen sooner and be more strict :)17:54
smbQ-FUNK, It is quite unlikely that this will happen in the Karmic release. The kernel freeze is tomorrow. We will have fix it in later updates.17:55
Q-FUNKsmb: sad to hear.  17:58
smbQ-FUNK, Yes, I know18:00
Q-FUNKsmb: espeically considering that support for older geodes already fell down a few kernel releases ago and the bug was not acted upon.18:01
DarxusIs LTSP still usable under hardy?18:01
rtgsmb, have we broken something in the 386 flavour?18:01
Q-FUNKDarxus: yes and no.  support for Geode x86  CPU is currently broken, which essentially kills support for the most wide-spread CPU used in thin clients.18:02
DarxusAh, Geode is a CPU, thanks :)18:03
DarxusI would be more comfortable with this if I felt it was less likely to happen on an LTS release, but I see kernel freeze wasn't any longer for Hardy.18:04
Q-FUNKDarxus: hardy was the release that broke if for older Geode variants, actually.  it's never been fixed.18:05
Q-FUNKnow, karmic broke it for more recent Geode variants, which affects the OLPC as well.18:05
smbrtg, It is a one byte corruption in inodes early on boot, but as far as I can tell only on geode18:06
DarxusThe ubuntu release process is weird :)18:06
Q-FUNKall this because upstream kernel developers cannot be bothered with answering bug reports.18:06
DarxusQ-FUNK: Ah, that sucks.18:06
DarxusQ-FUNK: Does it work in upstream?18:06
Q-FUNKmeanwhile, smb does his best to pinpoint the source of the regression, but he has so much work on his hands that he's unlikely to figure out the solution on time for Karmic.18:06
AlanBellooh, did someone say OLPC?18:07
Q-FUNKDarxus: as I already said, upstream is the one that broke it.18:07
DarxusQ-FUNK: Ah, okay.  I didn't catch that.18:07
Q-FUNKAlanBell: yup. OLPC support broken starting with Karmic, due to upstream regressions in kernel.18:07
AlanBelldid it ever work? I didn't think the DCON drivers were in the Ubuntu kernel18:08
Darxus(I guess submitting an upstream bug report is sufficient implication that the problem was upstream.)18:08
Q-FUNKAlanBell: yes, they are in the standard kernel18:08
AlanBellat the moment mine never unfreezes the display after the open firmware bit18:09
Q-FUNKAlanBell: well, the problem is not DCON support as much as the fact that kernel 2.6.31 flat out won't boot on Geode LX.18:09
AlanBelloh, mine flashes the microphone light after 10 seconds or so which I thought was an indication it was doing some stuff18:10
Q-FUNKAlanBell: the kernel dies sometimes during the loading of the initramfs image.18:10
AlanBellisn't the viglen mpc-l a geode?18:11
Q-FUNKAlanBell: viglen products use either a geode GX or a geode LX, depending on which one you're talking about.18:11
AlanBellquite a few Ubuntu-UK people have the MPC-L. There was a special discount offer via the Ubuntu-uk podcast18:13
DarxusDo you think, for LTS releases, kernel freeze and final freeze should be doubled, to a month?18:13
DavieyAlanBell: *IS* still the offer L(18:14
AlanBellhi Daviey 18:14
popeypip pip18:15
AlanBellpopey has an MPC-L18:16
popeyor two18:16
AlanBellwill they boot Karmic is the question18:16
AlanBelllive CD should prove it one way or the other18:17
popeyi dont have cd, i can try off a usb stick, if that helps18:17
popeyor pxe18:17
AlanBellpopey: is it a geode GX or a geode LX?18:18
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/viglen/hardware.html says it's a GX218:18
AlanBellah, so that might work18:19
AlanBellapparently the kernel 2.6.31 flat out won't boot on Geode LX18:19
smbQ-FUNK, I just noticed in the latest dmesg, that there is a crashkernel line in the parameters. Has that been always enabled when you booted newer kernels? The original boot with 2.6.30 does not seem to have one. Maybe just desperate but ...18:20
popeybug 39628618:20
ubot3`Malone bug 396286 in linux "2.6.31-generic: kernel panic near the end of initramfs" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39628618:20
Q-FUNKsmb: I installed crashkernel recently.  actually, I think that was pulled by recent ubuntu-standard.18:21
DarxusAny objection to me adding "geode" to the title of that bug?18:23
smbHm, then rather not. The bad pointers seem to start right after mounting the root fs. Before much else is done... :/18:24
apwpopey, did you try the very latest kernel, there were a couple of allocation off by two bytes style bugs fixed in .4618:33
popeyI haven't done any testing at all yet18:33
popeymine run hardy, I'm just here in case someone needs something confirmed/tested18:33
Q-FUNKDarxus: I just updated it now18:35
smbQ-FUNK, Also, as apw said, it might be at least worth a check with -14.4618:37
AlanBellanything I can do on the OLPC to confirm whether or not this is the bug I am stumped by?18:38
Q-FUNKsmb: I check with every new kernel that pops up.  if any of them ever fixed anything, I'd report it. :)18:38
apwso you checked .46 today18:38
Q-FUNKAlanBell: yes.  boot with usplash disabled and snap a picture of what happens when it freezes.18:39
apwsmb, it would be good to report the addy of the i_default_acl ptr in the debug next time18:39
apwso we can see if its one inode its reporting or 10 differnet ones18:39
DarxusQ-FUNK: Thanks.18:39
apwas you cannot get the name18:40
Q-FUNKapw: yup.that one crashes too.18:41
smbapw, Ok, I update the patch with that18:41
apwsmb, as it occurs really early in boot, you could consider printing the addy of every inode too as they are added to dcache, with the file18:42
apwand see if we get a name that way18:42
apwi guess that does assume we ahve some way to collect a long boot output18:43
smbapw, I already had the check whenever one was looked up, and that seems to happen rare to never18:43
apwsmb, i see in the last one there are three bad ones at 83583s in ... so very late in the day18:44
apwsmb, when you report it, are you releasing the inode then?  ie. its guarenteed to be a different one?18:45
smbapw, Yes this actually reverses the claim that it only happens early18:45
smbapw, Yep, the inode gets released just the call to release the acl struct is suppressed18:45
jjohansensmb: which bug# is this again?18:50
dhillon-v10ogasawara: hi, did you recieve my email18:51
smbjjohansen, bug 39628618:51
ubot3`Malone bug 396286 in linux "[Geode LX] [OLPC] 2.6.31-generic: kernel panic near the end of initramfs" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39628618:51
AlanBellQ-FUNK: I don't think the OLPC would do usplash as the kernel is loaded from open firmware rather than grub18:52
AlanBellI get an Open Firmware screen indicating it is loading the kernel then the ramdisk image into memory, then it should start the kernel and the kernel should start the DCON screen after it gets going. That never happens18:54
ogasawaradhillon-v10: I did, unfortunately haven't had time to dig into it18:54
dhillon-v10<ogasawara> that's okay, I know that you are very busy but its something interesting I can assure you that :)18:54
superm1apw, so re what happens with the half of the patch that's already applied, you aren't able to get wifi enabled still if you boot with it turned off18:55
superm1with my other half applied it works properly in either scenario18:55
rtgsuperm1, looking at it.18:56
dhillon-v10<ogasawara> I'll talk to you later bye19:02
jjohansensmb: what problem with AppArmor did you see with bug 396286, AA uses the inode in very limited ways so it would be good to know what exactly you were seeing19:19
ubot3`Malone bug 396286 in linux "[Geode LX] [OLPC] 2.6.31-generic: kernel panic near the end of initramfs" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39628619:19
smbjjohansen, None in the end. But I like to try to blame apparmor first19:20
jjohansensmb: ah, what made you think there were AA problems19:20
smbjjohansen, Just as the first messages came in one case after apparmor loaded profiles19:21
jjohansenhrmm, well that isn't any help for debugging this :(19:21
smbjjohansen, No especially after running with apparmor turned off and still getting the problem. So it is not the reason19:22
jjohansensmb: I was just hoping it would be another avenue of looking at the problem19:22
jjohansensmb: your and apw discussion failing to get the name peaked my curiousity19:23
apwwe have an inode getting corrupted, specifically the i_default_acl gets mushed19:23
apwand we find out too late to find the name of the file as the dentry has gone19:24
smbjjohansen, I am about to update the patch. but unfort. at the time off seeing (inode destroy) the names are likely gone19:24
apwso was trying the inode num and device out the inode as they are likely there19:24
jjohansensmb: yeah that seems to be always the case19:24
jjohansensmb: is the address reliable enough to stick a hardware debug watch on it19:25
smbjjohansen, that is what we need to find out19:26
* jjohansen will be interested to see the results19:26
apwsadly the aa off by two has been ruled out ... was hoping19:27
jjohansenhaha, I guess smb wasn't joking when he said he wanted to blame AA first :)19:28
apwheh nope :)19:28
jjohansenthats alright, I do too.  The LSM is so invasive, that and AA used be mucking around with the vfs, so it was much more likely19:32
Q-FUNKjjohansen: except that I *did* try purging AA and it did not resolve the issue.19:35
jjohansenQ-FUNK: yeah, not saying it is the problem, just that it is a good first candidate to suspect19:37
jjohansenany LSM module really19:37
Q-FUNKjjohansen: smb indeed first thought about AA being the culprit, except that purging it didn't solve it.19:37
jjohansenQ-FUNK: yeah, though I was hoping he was actually seeing something in AA when it wasn't disabled as that might have been another avenue to debugging the problem19:39
smbQ-FUNK, I am right now compiling a new debug version, which I will upload as soon as it is done, just be prepared that it has received no boot testing and its later into a long day here... :-P19:39
apwsuperm1, this dell patch set seems to stop dell laptop loading completly for the mini1019:40
Q-FUNKsmb: noted :)19:40
superm1apw, which is intended behavior19:40
apwit is loaded on my mini 10 now, is it doing nothing?19:40
superm1apw, it doesnt do anything there, you are supposed to use compal-laptop19:40
superm1apw, smbios 17,11 doesn't work on compal laptops made  this year or earlier19:41
apwsuperm1, hrm i have both loaded19:41
superm1apw, so you can try to run rfkill block on the dell-laptop rfkill interface for the mini 10, but it won't do anything useful.  if you run rfkill block for the compal-laptop interface, it will actually block19:41
apwsuperm1, well as it has wl poop in it i assume it actually won't ?19:42
superm1apw, actually it should still work with wl19:42
apwwild /me tries19:42
apwsuperm1, so it does ... amazing19:43
superm1apw, yeah that's some stuff i wrote into compal-laptop earlier this cycle19:44
apwshame its not connected to the wireless button on the keyboard still19:44
superm1apw, yeah still have a problem that FN-F2 is spitting out what looks like the wrong keycode though19:44
superm1once can figure out why the kernel thinks that FN-F2 is the same as XF86AudioNext, then that part can be fixed19:44
superm1it's more troublesome for the 11z which actually does have an XF86AudioNext key too19:45
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sconklinapw and rtg, I'm looking at changing the CONFIG_VERSION_SIGNATURE setting for netbok-lpia, I'm not sure how the files in debian/rules.d get included. What's different for the case of "fdr binary-custom"? 20:51
rtgsconklin, the rules files get included in debian.master/rules (or whatever the topic branch name is). This must be for Hardy still?20:53
rtgdid we convert Hardy to the abstracted build yet?20:53
sconklinrtg: oh yeah, sorry. I'm stuck in the past :)20:53
sconklinthere's a sed string substitution done by 2-binary-arch.mk that's not happening in the lpis case for the binary-custom target20:55
sconkliner lpia20:55
rtgsconklin, custom binaries were handled in special places. it'll take me a bit to remember20:55
rtgsconklin, look in 6-binary-custom.mk20:56
rtgbut why is the netbook branch building  a custom binary? that was for xen, etc20:57
sconklinrtg: I don't know, I inherited it20:57
apwrtg it was always a custom-binary lpia, and i just moved the patches to the branch and made them null in the custom bit20:58
apwprobabally should have been converted ... but20:58
rtgapw, oh, its all rushing back. ick!20:58
apwi know... stem that memory tide you will hurt self20:59
sconklinthere be dragons here20:59
rtgapw, if folks are to continue building lpia in the netbook branch, we should normalize it with master.20:59
rtgsconklin, anyway,  6-binary-custom.mk is where the majik happens20:59
sconklinrtg ok thanks20:59
sconklinoh yeah, custom-prepare- instead of prepare-21:01
SyLI'm getting hard freezes about 2 minutes after booting like clockwork when it boots normally. it works find when I boot into the rescue mode. can someone tell me what is the differences?21:44
DarxusSyL: What do you select when rescue mode asks how you want to procede?21:47
SyLDarxus: when grub boots (hitting escape) I see the menu to select the kernel I want. the rescue mode is from that. 21:49
DarxusSyL: Right, then it asks you if you want to drop to a root shell or something, right?21:49
SyLonce I'm there I do the "drop to root" item and when I select that, it asks for root password and it works21:49
DarxusHeh, yeah, there's a bunch of other stuff that runs normally.  Pretty much everything.21:50
DarxusSyL: I think your best chance of debugging is the kernel debugger.21:50
DarxusAssuming you're not getting anything in logs, like /var/log/syslog21:50
SyLDarxus: I have an identical box which is running 2.6.28-* fine. 21:51
SyLDarxus: yeah, there is nothing in messages, kern, syslog, etc. 21:51
SyLjust freese and I have to reboot again21:51
DarxusSyL: So you have a bad bug in the current kernal, and the way to figure out what's going on is the kernel debugger.21:51
rtgsuperm1, you around? looking at your rfkill patch.21:52
SyLbut it almost happens after a minute and 30 seconds21:52
SyLDarxus: and how do I select that? 21:52
DarxusSyL: Report a bug with the command "debian-bugs linux"21:52
superm1rtg, sure, what's up?21:52
rtgsuperm1, how does the dell-laptop driver get notified when the physical rfkill switch changes?21:53
superm1rtg, input interface, that was mjg59's first patch21:53
DarxusSyL: I don't know, it might not be packaged.  If it's not packaged it probably means patching and recompiling the kernel, which is not something the average user is expected to do.  File the bug.21:53
superm1rtg, dell_rfkill_update gets called when the keypress arrives over the input interface21:53
rtgsuperm1, but the key code event isn't sufficient to tell you the state of the switch, is it?21:54
rtgdell_rfkill_update() simple tioggle the existing state21:54
superm1rtg, unfortunately not.  it's just XF86WLAN.  so you need to keep track of the state in the driver21:54
rtgsimply toggles*21:54
rtgso, if you boot with rfkill enabled it detects the state of the kill switch, then depends on key codes thereafter?21:55
superm1by doing it this way you don't lose soft kills that were manually set either21:55
rtgok, I get it. I've added a couple of comments, but have left the code intact.21:56
superm1sounds good.  whenever mjg59 has his new i8042 stuff ready, i'll rework this on top of that too21:57
SyLDarxus: ok, so I'm SOL until it's fixed. gotcha22:04
SyLDarxus: thanks22:04
DarxusSyL: It won't get fixed if you don't submit a bug.22:08
DarxusSyL: Also, if you submit a bug, people who know a *lot* more than me about the ubuntu kernels will see it.22:09
SyLDarxus: I am submitting a bug. I don't seem to have debian-bugs command, which package is that in? 22:09
Darxusubuntu-bugs, sorry.  Did I say debian?22:09
SyLDarxus: that makes more sense, thanks. =) 22:09
SyLDarxus: what package is ubuntu-bugs in? 22:11
DarxusAh, ubuntu-bug, not plural.22:12
SyLDarxus: that was it, thanks. 22:14
SyLDarxus: one last thing. is there a way to force grub to force you to pick a kernel? 22:15
DarxusSyL: Probably.22:22
DarxusSyL: Probably by setting the timeout to unlimited.22:22
DarxusSyL: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/Configuration.html#Configuration22:24
DarxusSyL: Set timeout to something big.22:24

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