* cprofitt waves00:00
pleia2evening cprofitt00:02
cprofitthope you slept well pleia200:02
cprofittand your beer did not make your head ache in the morning00:03
pleia2sure did, thanks00:03
pleia2nah, I just had one :)00:03
ZachK_hey pleia200:03
pleia2evening, ZachK_00:03
ZachK_and how are you doing pleia2?00:03
pleia2doing good, you?00:04
ZachK_i'm fine00:04
ZachK_pleia2, so....how's the council thing going?00:09
pleia2busy, good00:09
ZachK_pleia2, nice00:10
ZachK_missed a meeting this morning00:10
pleia2a meeting?00:10
ZachK_asia oceanic board meeting00:10
ZachK_it started at five...i got up around that itme00:13
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