kenvandineav`, we will want one :)01:43
mac_vasac: ping.. ;) ... last day for changes... is the gnome-bluetooth[ubuntu] being updated?07:26
eagles0513875mac_v: pong :P07:27
mac_vlol ;)07:27
eagles0513875how goes it mac_v07:29
eagles0513875starting my morning off reading about data bases lol07:30
mac_veagles0513875: bah , nothing much... the UX guys want the humanity icon changes by today... so getting things done asap ;)  and it was fun with the U1 wrongly tagging all files/folders  as U1synchronized ;p07:31
eagles0513875hehe sounds like fun im reading for my course about databases at the moment07:32
eagles0513875and i still need to finish verifying the flipping bind wood extensions but am swamped with stuff for my coursse07:32
asacmac_v: no on my list for today08:57
micahgasac: when's the final day to get something into karmic?08:58
micahglow priority...08:58
micahgasac: bug 41169108:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 411691 in firefox "many Exception... "update.locale file doesn't exist" in console" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41169108:58
asacmicahg: today ;)08:59
|eagles0513875|morning asac and micahg08:59
asacmicahg: you think we need to fix update.locale?09:00
|eagles0513875|how goes it09:00
asaclet me check what that update.locale thing actualyl does09:01
micahgasac: there were 2 options, one was to touch the file, the second was to remove locale from the update string09:01
micahgwe don't use it09:01
micahgit shouldn't be firing since we have disabled the updater09:01
micahgbut it was a bug09:01
mac_vasac: when will the bluetooth be fixed? could you pls do it today... thats probably the last of the fixes needed for humanity09:01
micahgfixed in 3.6+09:01
micahghe said he would fix it maybe on 3.509:02
micahgbut I figure at this point we can't wait09:02
micahgand should add a patch to temporarily fix it09:02
micahgasac: If I commit something later this morning, could you still get it in?09:03
micahgor rather propose a merge09:03
mac_vasac: since its gonna be in RC , could you consider a few mins for this :)09:03
asacmac_v: its on my list for today .... :)09:07
mac_vasac: wohooo.. ! thanks :)09:08
asacand there might be another chance next monday09:08
asacnew gnome tarballs coming09:08
asacbut i definitly will do that today09:08
* asac gest cofffee09:09
micahgasac: I'll be back in about 7 hours09:09
asacmicahg: i will check the update.locale touch09:13
asacwill upload ffox today maybe i can take that09:13
micahgasac: I would suggest a patch for the locale string instead09:13
micahgsince it shouldn't be a problem on future releases09:13
micahgwhy should we create another file for no reason09:13
asacmicahg: i am not sure yet. have to check what its use is ;)09:14
asacmicahg: is there a patch somewhere?09:14
micahgI can make one :)09:15
asacmicahg: talk to you in 7 hours then. i will check and then we can decide09:16
micahgasac: here's the conversation I had with rs in the mozilla dev channel: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/292975/09:17
* micahg is off to sleep09:17
av`kenvandine, I'll be busy the whole day, open a bug, attach a debdiff and assign it to me, when I get back home I gonna process it09:35
av`kenvandine, so we make it before the tomorrow's freeze09:35
asacmac_v: sorry that i asked you three times now, but what was the upstream bug id for the icon change? making a list so i dont forget to take anything09:54
mac_vasac: lp > Bug #437162  ... gbo > https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59656409:56
ubottuGnome bug 596564 in applet "Uses application icon in system tray" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]09:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437162 in gnome-bluetooth "Gnome Bluetooth needs to use different icons for notification area and system menu" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43716209:56
asacfta: wow. we got merge request on chromium parts ;)10:11
asaclets party10:11
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
jdstrandasac: hi! have another merge request for you (https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/firefox/firefox-449286/+merge/13344)15:03
jdstrandasac: it's not critical, but would be nice15:03
rbelemasac, ping15:05
rbelemasac, firefox still with extensions problems :-/15:06
rbelemasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/293159/15:12
asacjdstrand: can you include the ubuntu-bug one we talked about ?15:40
asacthat would help me ;)15:40
asacas i wouldnt have to test15:40
jdstrandasac: ok15:44
asacrbelem: i sthatjust and error or are you having any symptoms?15:44
asacjdstrand: i will do an upload later tonight.15:44
asacjdstrand: what is "k" access?15:45
jdstrandasac: locking15:46
rbelemasac, the symptom is that plugins do not load15:46
asacjdstrand: you added "k" to the .sqlite in that merge ;)15:46
asacrbelem: plugins? you mean extensions?15:47
rbelemasac, yep extensions15:47
jdstrandasac: it should be:15:47
jdstrand-  @{HOME}/.mozilla/**/*.sqlite k,15:47
jdstrand+  @{HOME}/.mozilla/**/*.sqlite* k,15:47
jdstrandasac: we had sqlite before, but I changed that to sqlite*, since the zotero extension uses ...sqlite.tmp15:48
asacjdstrand: ok. but what does "k" mean? lock?15:48
asachmm ok15:48
jdstrandasac: yes, lock15:48
asacwhat is zotero?15:48
asacwhy does it use .tmp :(15:49
asacmaybe thats something we want to break ;)15:49
asacanyway. i think looks good15:49
asacif you could add the ubuntu-bug execute/read permission that owuld be perfect ;)15:49
asacjdstrand: bug 433128 and bug 44942315:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433128 in firefox-3.5 "Apparmor denies firefox extension execution" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43312815:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449423 in firefox-3.5 "report a problem is broken because of apparmor" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44942315:51
asacthe former is fixed?15:51
jdstrandasac: you committed my merge already for ubuntu415:53
jdstrandasac: bzr diff -r 471..47215:54
asacjdstrand: ok so that will happen in that upload. great.16:02
asacrbelem: system installed plugins do not load? or nothing new?16:03
asacdo you always get "restart required" i nthe tools -> addons dialog?16:03
rbelemasac, yup, do not load and always shows  "restart required"16:04
asacvery good16:07
asacrbelem: please backup your .mozilla thing so it stays reproducible16:07
asacrbelem: go to about:config and enable extension manager logging16:07
asacthats the key16:07
asacstart firefox and tell me what you see16:07
rbelemasac, ok16:07
jdstrandasac: ok, implemented and tested fix for bug #449423. merge request in https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/firefox/firefox-449423/+merge/1334916:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449423 in firefox-3.5 "report a problem is broken because of apparmor" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44942316:11
rbelemasac, the output after the logging enabled http://paste.ubuntu.com/293185/16:14
asacvery good16:16
asacrbelem: what package version installed?16:16
rbelemasac, ii  firefox-3.5                                3.5.3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu316:17
rbelemasac, i have to go. i will come back in one hour and half16:19
rbelemasac, thx a lot16:19
asacrbelem: thx. i have to give you a few things to test so we can track this down.16:21
asaci made  patch whih i know works, but upstream wasnt happy because it was too dirty, so i appreciate that you see this now and can help ;)16:22
asacrbelem: in /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.3/components there is an nsExtensionManager.js ... please copy that somewher ein your home and replace it with this file: http://people.canonical.com/~asac/tmp/nsExtensionManager.js.116:32
asacthen post the logging output again16:32
bdrungasac: what's the progress of bug 445899?16:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445899 in mozilla-devscripts "Sync mozilla-devscripts 0.17 (main) from Debian unstable (main). " [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44589916:59
asacjdstrand: ^^ you think you can kick that off?17:04
asacits a bug fix only release ;)17:04
asacwell ... slight adjustment  ;)17:04
jdstrandasac: sure. can you add a comment saying it is ok?17:05
asacdidn i open it?17:06
jdstrandasac: it is listed as Denjamin Drung17:06
asacjdstrand: ^17:06
jdstrandok cool17:06
asacthx a bunch17:07
bdrungasac: i was faster than you? ;)17:07
asacbdrung: i will work all night today and do all the extensions not yet done17:07
asacfrom the wiki page ;)17:07
bdrungasac: wow, thanks17:07
asacif you want to upload a bunch too, just go ahead ;)17:07
asacwell thats my goal17:07
asacif i dont make all ... ;)17:07
asachmm. seems that wiki page was not full filled for a bunch of extension at the bottom17:08
bdrungasac: i have eclipse to release (and stand up tomorrow very early - that's against the 'genfer konvention')17:08
asacin cae you want light food with upload credits, extensions are your way to go :)17:09
asaci usually like doing simple stuff while doing big stuff ;)17:09
bdrungasac: let me do some merges17:10
jdstrandasac: done17:11
jdstrandasac: one last merge for you: https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/firefox/firefox-439484/+merge/1335517:13
jdstrandasac: again, not critical, but simple and would be nice17:13
bdrungasac: av` and me have made some packages policy compatible in debian.17:16
asacplease use the branches ;)17:17
asacthen there is not much need to merge right?17:17
asacrather sync17:17
asacbdrung: are the merges on that extensionreview list?17:17
asacso i dont do them while you merge ;)17:17
bdrungasac: we do not rename the packages to xul-ext -> mergo17:18
bdrungasac: they are not special marked. let me see...17:18
asacimo that rename shouldnt have happened in debian alone17:18
asacyes, please put you in the assignee row for those17:18
eagles0513875asac: is there a deadline for the extensions17:19
asacyes... last week17:19
asacwe will do just whats left now .... done17:19
asacnext cycle is another chance17:19
eagles0513875ahhh ok17:19
eagles0513875:( well bind wood is ready just few things i need to finish up17:19
av`eagles0513875, I've heard this latest phrase like 200 times now17:22
av`if I get logs I think I can write a book with all these phrases17:23
eagles0513875i guess im not cut out to be a dev :(17:23
jcastrodon't let it get you down, freezes cut everyone!17:24
bdrungeagles0513875: m-d 0.17 will tell you if you made a packaging mistake17:24
asaceagles0513875: watch commits we do to the extension branches17:24
asacand try to learn from that17:24
eagles0513875asac: i dunno how much i would learn i actually learn from trying17:24
eagles0513875jcastro: i just feel like i havent had give enough time to bind wood extension i was working on17:25
asaceagles0513875: then try to replay the stuff we do locally17:25
asace.g. look what was done17:25
asacuncommit it locally17:25
asacthen do it on your own ;)17:25
eagles0513875you know what i will probably finish that up this evening once i finish printing these notes17:25
asacwhatever, do it as an excersize17:25
av`eagles0513875, bindwood package is easy and it's like 3 weeks you're working on it17:25
asacwe will do that on the branch and then you can compare if you did the same17:26
asacthat gives you feedback on what you did17:26
eagles0513875av`: i have started lecutres and im still trying to get back into a routine17:26
av`eagles0513875, I'm at university and I have plenty of stuff to study17:26
av`plus lessons, and many more stuff17:26
av`so if you don't wanna learn just say so17:27
eagles0513875i do17:27
eagles0513875i love linux i love the kubuntu community17:27
eagles0513875i have tried other distros and always end up back on kubuntu17:27
eagles0513875so something is being done right here17:27
av`I keep hoping that what ikonia said is not true17:28
eagles0513875i admit time management is what i lack17:28
eagles0513875well i did and completed the first task asac assigned me17:28
asaceagles0513875: yes. thats ok17:29
asaci dont think you lack the willingness to work17:29
asaci am not yet sure what blocks you. i dont think its time17:29
asacits probably just the way you approach stuff17:29
asaclike: if you do something ... finish it with all the work required and then do something else17:30
asacoften its harder to start to do things then to think about starting it17:30
eagles0513875asac: its time management i need to come up with a schedule that works for me in regards to helping out here and with studies17:30
asacso take 1h ... do the task17:30
asaceagles0513875: right. but you chat enough to have that time ;)17:30
asacso time management might be a general issue ;) ... but i don think its the problem for this17:30
asacits really the way you approach things ... like not-getting-started17:31
eagles0513875will get onto finishing bindwood after i print out my notes17:31
asacopen the editr... just do it (TM) ;)17:31
asacrather than thinking 30 minutes if you have enough time to do it ;)17:31
eagles0513875asac: and also i would help out at school but problem there is all downloads are blocked17:31
asacyou can branch stuff before that17:31
asacwork while you are bored17:31
asacand push when you get home17:31
asacno need to download anyting during extension stuff17:32
* eagles0513875 makes note to self about branching before leaving the house17:32
eagles0513875i got the i think i can mentality running through my head right now17:33
eagles0513875av`: and asac working on bindwood now finishing up the testing of it17:40
=== av`_ is now known as av`
* eagles0513875 gets down to finishing up bindwood17:42
eagles0513875•remove unzip from Build-Depends, if there is no direct unzip call in debian/rules17:44
eagles0513875•remove zip from Build-Depends, if there is no direct zip call in debian/rules17:44
eagles0513875 17:44
eagles0513875asac: what do those mean17:44
eagles0513875anyone can answer that question for that matter doesnt have to be asac17:46
av`'if there is no direct unzip call in debian/rules' says it17:48
eagles0513875does that have something to do with packaging or something?17:49
av`eagles0513875, debian/rules is something related to packaging,17:52
eagles0513875av`: just trying to understand the meaning behind some of the things im doing17:52
eagles0513875ill be right back and continue17:52
eagles0513875bout ready to make another push with some improvements such as updated email from motu email to devel email and some other things17:53
eagles0513875av`: actually do have some other questions to throw out there but at the moment i have to run some where :)17:53
eagles0513875av`: you asac and bdrug have motivated me actually17:53
eagles0513875if you av` can do it and study so can i17:54
av`let's hope it's true17:54
bdrungmy name is still not 'drug' ;)17:54
eagles0513875i should be able to churn out god willing one extension a day17:54
eagles0513875sry bdrung17:54
av`b - drug17:54
eagles0513875i type faster then i read and fail to use tab completion17:54
eagles0513875av`: ill pastbinit my control file to see if everything ok looks ok to u with some more of the changes i have made17:55
eagles0513875be back in a few17:55
av`k, cool17:55
jagadeeshin thread mode in thunderbird, how can I jump to unread email?18:06
jagadeeshin thread mode in thunderbird, how can I jump to unread email?18:08
Mook_sb"n", I think?18:11
Mook_sb(Go -> Next -> Unread message)18:11
bdrungasac: that's the list: http://packages.debian.org/search?suite=sid&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=xul-ext18:15
rbelemasac, i'm back18:28
ftajcastro, what happened to the archive reorg? i answered some questions from colin & daniel a few weeks ago, no news since18:32
eagles0513875av`: im back18:33
eagles0513875let me pastbinit my control file and let me know what u think18:34
jcastrofta: I haven't been tracking what's going on with that18:34
av`fta, cjwatson gonna send more mails soon18:34
av`fta, after uds I guess18:34
av`karmic needs to go out18:34
av`then there is time for that18:34
eagles0513875av`: http://pastebin.comf17de408c18:35
eagles0513875let me know how it looks i have 2 things that need to be gone through or added in that file18:35
eagles0513875av`: can i push those changes i have made even though its bout 3 things or so18:39
=== rbelem_ is now known as rbelem
eagles0513875av`: you had a chance to look at my paste prior to me pushing some more changes i have made19:06
ftai want the icons in firefox back19:10
eagles0513875which icons fta19:13
ftain the bookmarks toolbar19:13
ftaoh, they are back19:14
eagles0513875asac or bdrung you guys in the office or out of the office19:14
ftathey were gone for ~a week19:14
eagles0513875dunno m819:14
bdrungeagles0513875: i was here (but busy with various things)19:15
eagles0513875bdrung: would you mind taking a quick look at my control file to make sure everythign except for 2 things is there before i push19:16
bdrungeagles0513875: 1. do you call zip in debian/rules?19:16
eagles0513875neither zip or unzip in debian/rules19:17
bdrungeagles0513875: 2. the Provides, Depends, and Enhances missing19:17
bdrungeagles0513875: 3. xpi:Depends was renamed to xpi:Recommends (-> bump m-d to >= 0.16~)19:18
bdrungeagles0513875: 1. then remove zip from Build-Depends19:18
eagles0513875didnt i already do the recommends and bumped the m-d to 0.16~19:19
bdrungups, you bumped it already19:20
bdrungeagles0513875: you have 'Recommends: ${xpi:Depends}'19:20
eagles0513875isnt that right cuz there are other packages under depends19:20
eagles0513875couchdb and python-desktopcouch19:21
bdrungyou should add ${misc:Depends} to Depends19:22
eagles0513875then what happens to those dependences which are listed under depends?19:22
bdrungeagles0513875: they stay there19:24
eagles0513875ahhh ok so will add misc:depends to that19:24
bdrungwith the ${}19:24
asacrbelem: id you try?19:25
eagles0513875bdrung: other then that everythign else ok19:25
bdrungyes, it looks good19:26
asac17:32 < asac> rbelem: in /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.3/components there is an nsExtensionManager.js ... please copy that somewher ein your home and replace it with this file:  http://people.canonical.com/~asac/tmp/nsExtensionManager.js.119:26
eagles0513875:) making another push now then :)19:26
eagles0513875im getting an interesting error about paths are not versioned so i couldnt commit my changes :(19:28
eagles0513875im running bzr commit and then the link to my branch that im working on19:29
eagles0513875so i can push it19:29
eagles0513875what am i doing wrong here19:32
eagles0513875this is a strange error im trying to commit changes as i made an addition to the change long but im getting something about paths not versioned error19:36
* eagles0513875 starts banging head on desk19:38
eagles0513875bdrung: what am i doing wrong in regards to committing changes im missing a step just dont know what19:41
bdrungeagles0513875: cd into your bzr directory and run 'bzr ci' there19:41
eagles0513875i knew i was missing something19:42
eagles0513875thanks :)19:42
eagles0513875well those changes have been pushed19:42
eagles0513875hold on a sec19:43
eagles0513875bdrung: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/firefox-extensions19:44
rbelemasac, firefox dies with the new file19:44
eagles0513875whoops that didnt copy right bdmurray19:44
eagles0513875damn i cant type tonight and im uber tab completion failure19:44
eagles0513875bdrung: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~eagles051387/firefox-extensions/bindwood.ubuntu.lp42563119:44
eagles0513875re packaging and goign ot reinstall it and retest to see if it works with 3.519:45
bdrungeagles0513875: über is written with 'ü' ;)19:45
rbelemasac, i copied the http://people.canonical.com/~asac/tmp/nsExtensionManager.js.1 to /usr/lib/xulrunner-
eagles0513875im getting jibberish here bdrung19:45
eagles0513875über is written with 'ü :P19:46
bdrungeagles0513875: Depends is a _comma_ separated list19:46
eagles0513875bdrung: how can i push it since i didnt make any changes to the change log cuz im getting an error when i do about versioned and not versioned again19:49
eagles0513875i tried adding a line then removing it then running bzr ci to commit it again but i couldnt push it :(19:50
bdrungeagles0513875: 'bzr push' does not work? are you in the correct directory?19:51
eagles0513875im still getting the error about uncommited changes19:52
eagles0513875i just want to push a minor update with out bumping out the revision since all i did was add a comma19:52
bdrungeagles0513875: 'bzr st' and 'bzr cdiff' are your friends.19:52
eagles0513875what does st do and cdiff19:52
eagles0513875and whats the diff between the 219:52
bdrungst = status19:53
bdrungcdiff = colored diff19:53
eagles0513875the only thing that changed is a comma after python-desktopcouch19:54
bdrunggimme the error log19:55
eagles0513875bzr: ERROR WOrking tree "/home/jonathan/bindwood.ubuntu" has uncommitted changes19:57
eagles0513875the only uncommitted changes is in debian/control19:57
eagles0513875even when i run bzr status thats only thing that shows modified19:57
bdrungeagles0513875: you should commit it then: bzr ci19:59
eagles0513875i havent made any changes to the changelog it shows up blank and then when i try to save the changes and commit it doesnt cuz its blank20:00
bdrungeagles0513875: what does bzr diff show?20:00
eagles0513875only the debian/control file has been modified20:01
bdrungeagles0513875: running bzr ci and add describe your changes (e.g. 'added missing comma'), save and exit20:02
bdrungand then push it20:03
eagles0513875bdrung: is that necessary to document though20:03
bdrungeagles0513875: yes, every commit needs a comment (otherwise it will be aborted)20:04
=== stevel_ is now known as stevel
eagles0513875rebuilding to test with ff20:06
eagles0513875bdrung: changes committed and pushed reinstalling to test20:07
eagles0513875strange gdebinstall is crashing O_o20:08
eagles0513875bdrung: thanks for your patience with me this evening :)20:15
eagles0513875thing i need food this evening im famished20:17
eagles0513875but then again want to stay here and finish bindwood20:18
eagles0513875so asac could merge it tomorrow20:18
bdrungeagles0513875: 2. the Provides, and Enhances missing1. then remove zip from Build-Depends20:18
eagles0513875zip and unzip were never there to begin with20:19
eagles0513875tbd = to be done20:19
eagles0513875bah im getting myself confused zip and unzip in debian/rules before20:20
eagles0513875im just going through this one step at a time copied all the points into a word document and as i complete them delete them so i know what i have done20:20
LLStarksmicahg. sup.20:31
micahghi LLStarks20:31
LLStarksi'm not sure why you need a screenshot for that bug i filed.20:32
LLStarksit's fitt's law.20:32
LLStarksthere is not enough separate in terms of pixels.20:32
micahgLLStarks: I don't see the issue, when the menu is open, it's open20:32
micahgare you using the standard icon set?20:32
micahgthe back button should be big enough20:32
LLStarksand i've triggered the bug 12 times today.20:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 12 in rosetta ""Next 10 messages" changes Display Settings" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1220:33
micahgI'm using the smaller icons and I don't have the issue20:33
LLStarksstupid bot.20:33
LLStarkswhat icon set?20:33
* eagles0513875 wonders what would happen if i added AI to the bots would they rise up and rebel like in i robot20:34
LLStarksit's still less than 10 pixels no matter the icon size.20:34
micahgi don't remember, but my icons are smaller now20:34
micahgdo you have the issue opening a new window?20:35
LLStarksmy mouse is pretty expensive, but sometimes i veer too high.20:35
micahgso, when hitting the back button you open a new window?20:35
LLStarksno. a new window is accidentally opened instead of going back.20:36
bdrungeagles0513875: you need to finish a ff extension before adding ai to the bog - so we are safe :p20:36
LLStarksbecause they are close together.20:36
eagles0513875bdrung: i know i have yet to learn AI in my course that will be next yr god willing lol20:36
micahgI don't see how that's possible20:36
LLStarksyou accidentally click file>new window20:36
micahgLLStarks: can you do a screencast?20:36
LLStarksno i won't20:36
micahgwhy noT?20:37
LLStarksi believe i've explained the bug.20:37
LLStarkswhen trying to click the back button, one has the tendency to overshoot the button and click file.20:37
bdrungeagles0513875: i studied it last year20:38
eagles0513875is it worth learning20:38
eagles0513875i was going ot take that since i have to choose 6 half credits next yr that and neural networks20:38
micahgLLStarks: I'm sorry, I just don't see how that's possible unless there's a lack of motor control or the mouse is set to move too fast20:38
micahgno offense intended20:38
eagles0513875i already have an idea for my thesis involving ai and possibly neural networks for speech recognition software20:38
LLStarks400dpi right now.20:39
LLStarksgoes as high as 800dpi20:39
micahgmaybe asac would have some insight20:39
LLStarksi have fine control of the mouse. the problem lies in the upper boundary of back and lower boundary of file.20:39
LLStarksthey don't overlap, but they are very close.20:40
micahgyes, but why are you aiming so high is my question?20:40
LLStarksi don't20:40
LLStarksit just lands there.20:40
micahgthe button seems big enough, even on the small size ones20:40
LLStarksit is big enough, but it requires effort to stop in the middle and not near the edges of the button20:41
micahgsorry, I've been looking in 3.6, I j 3.5ust pulled up20:41
micahgok, unless you are above the line, it doesn't open the file menu20:41
micahgand that button is big20:41
micahgso, if there's a problem with the mouse driver, that's another issue20:42
micahgand the back button is highlighted when you hover over it20:42
LLStarkstry swinging from the bottom right to top left of the screen20:42
LLStarkswith your mouse.20:43
micahgno problem for me, idk, that's why I'd like to see what's going on...but feel free to ask someone else20:43
LLStarksdoes shutter do screencasts?20:43
bdrungeagles0513875: i studied only the basics (6 ects points - one term). the first half was interesting. i dislike the second - probabilistic ai20:44
* micahg is looking up Fitt's law20:44
eagles0513875not sure what my syllabus will be like but its gotta be an interesting topic20:45
micahgLLStarks: gtk-recordmydesktop is pretty nice20:45
LLStarksread my mind20:45
eagles0513875night yall20:46
eagles0513875bdrung: will work on finishing up the last touches to bindwood so i can start on the next one20:47
micahgLLStarks: you're not going to like 3.6...20:48
micahgicons are smaller20:48
LLStarksthat sucks20:48
micahgidk what to tell you20:49
micahgthe gui seems to be very good about not opening the menu unless you are above the line above the button20:49
LLStarksit's still a fitt's law issue20:51
LLStarksmaybe 4.0's new ui will fix it20:51
LLStarkschrome does a good job  preventing this sort of bug.20:51
micahgI read a document describing the law, but I still don't see it20:53
LLStarksremember the trough-border scrollbar issue?20:55
LLStarkssame thing.20:55
LLStarksyou had to aim for the center of the scrollbar.20:55
LLStarksclicking the right bound wasn't an option20:55
micahgthat seems like a more conventional application of Fitt's law20:58
LLStarksanyway, brb21:00
ftaMook_sb, stevel: still no fix?21:37
Mook_sbfta: with no bug filed in an extended release crunch, not likely :(21:37
Mook_sb(the bug being, we don't understand --with-system-sqlite at all)21:38
ftajust wondering what i should answer to users complaining about lack of upgrades21:38
ftamaybe i should just delete the ppa21:38
ftajcastro, do you think you could find someone to take care of the songbird package & its ppa? i want to drop the ball21:40
ftaasac, micahg: ^^, unless one of you is interested..21:40
micahgit's tempting for me...21:41
micahghow often is there breakage?21:41
ftanot often, but when it happens, it can last a while unless you fix it yourself21:42
micahgfta: I'd be willing to give it a try21:42
ftavery different from chromium where i can easily motivate upstream to fix it21:42
jcastrofta: :-/ ok I can look for someone21:42
micahgfta: would you mind tutoring me in how your bot works, maybe another time21:43
ftajcastro, let's try with micahg ;)21:43
ftamicahg, sure21:43
micahgok, I have a server I can deploy it to, but I won't be able to start until next week21:43
ftamicahg, good21:44
ftabut you'll start with a broken build :P21:44
micahgnp, I'm used to that now :)21:44
ftathis time, it's not a patch21:45
micahgok, well, I'll see if I can figure it out21:45
ftabut it needs a new patch as upstream is apparently unwilling to fix it directly21:45
micahgbrb, need to see if sound comes back after reboot21:46
bdrungasac: i only upload adblock-plus22:11
bdrungasac: i need sleep now, could do more tomorrow22:12
ftahm, my usb devices/keys are no longer auto-mounted, wtf?22:31
=== stevel_ is now known as stevel
asacfta: 3g?23:00
micahgasac: do you need that patch from me?23:01
ftanope, data key23:01
asacmicahg: sorry i was hidden in a dark room today so far23:01
asacmicahg: what patch ;)?23:01
asacthe update.locale?23:01
asacmaybe tell me what exactly you will do ;)23:01
asaci think touching that file will avoid getting one more patch ;)23:02
micahgok, I was going to remove the %LOCALE% string from the update.url pref23:02
micahgsince we don't use update.url anyways23:02
micahgand it only needs to be in 3.5 as 3.6 doesn't have this issue23:02
ftamicahg, added you to the songbird-daily team so you push to the ppa, whenever you're ready23:06
ftafor the branch, it's owned by mozillateam like all firefox & xul branches23:06
micahgok, so I'll still have to propose merges for bze23:08
micahgbut I can upload to the ppa23:08
ftaI can also change the ownership of the branch23:10
ftabut if you run the bot yourself, it doesn't really matter, you can make it use any branch you want23:11
ftaattempting a last resort reboot to fix my usb problems :P (i hate reboots)23:19

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