superm1tmkt, well review the diffs on cvs for lirc-i2c to start02:30
superm1see is anything stands out02:30
superm1particularly look for commits that say something like "Break all HVR-XXX hardware to annoy tmkt" :)02:31
Seventoesis mythbuntu 9.10 stable enough to use?03:11
Seventoesand would a 2.5 single core, 512 ram be fast enough to use those really cool looking themes on standard def? :P03:13
tmktwill do03:21
tmktyeah..9.10 is working great for me03:22
tmktother then the remote03:22
Seventoesremote working is important imo :P03:22
Seventoescant i just copy my lirc* files over?03:22
superm1not all remotes are broke03:28
superm1just some :)03:29
Seventoeshmm gambling is fun sooommmeetimes03:29
Seventoesi dont have anything important yet so ill try it out and go back to .04 if it doesnt work03:29
superm1make sure to file bugs if you run into problems first ;)03:30
Seventoeswill do03:37
ToeBeewell fiddlesticks. Oct 13 live cd worked but it looks like X is crashing now that I installed it on the hard drive03:39
ToeBeehmm it can't find the nvidia kernel module03:41
tmktSeventoes..hvr-1600 is giving me an issue03:52
tmkti'm guessing it's fine for everyone else03:52
Seventoesi have a hvr--15003:52
Seventoesreally basic setup03:52
tmktso was hvr-1600 with lirc 0.8403:52
tmktfrom what i've read..hvr-150 and hvr-1600 are the same pretty much for the remote03:53
Seventoesi couldnt find much info about the remote03:53
Seventoesended up making my own lircr.conf03:55
tmktyeah...the problem for me..is i dont even have a device listed03:55
tmktnothing at /dev/lirc003:55
Seventoesthat was my problem when i was trying to install mythtv on ubuntu manually03:55
Seventoesworked fine with myhtbuntu though otb03:55
ToeBeeseems like the restricted drivers utility is failing to activate the nvidia driver but it isn't giving me an error message either03:58
tmktyeah..mythbuntu is nice03:58
superm1ToeBee, did you do an install with the network cable plugegd in?03:59
superm1ToeBee, okay i've got a theory then..04:00
superm1ToeBee, but first lets find out the problem at hand04:00
ToeBeenetwork cable has never NOT been plugged in since like 2 weeks ago :)04:00
superm1ToeBee, so if you try to ssh in and modprobe nvidia, does it let you?04:00
superm1and if not, does depmod -a help?04:00
ToeBeemodprobe says "FATAL: Module nvidia not found."04:01
ToeBeedepmod doesn't help04:01
ToeBeerunning the restricted driver utility by hand lists the available drivers and when I tell it to use one it thinks for a second and then exits without error... but nothing happens04:02
ToeBeerunning /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/jockey-gtk04:03
superm1ToeBee, okay can you check if nvidia-glx-185 is installed?04:04
superm1and next can you check "uname -a"04:05
superm1and then "dpkg -l | grep linux-"04:05
ToeBeeok dpkg says I have a bunch of nvidia packages installed... nvidia-glx-185 is there04:06
superm1okay that's good04:06
ToeBeeLinux lcars 2.6.31-13-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 10 15:27:14 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:06
rhpot1991superm1: I have nvidia 185 and headers to match my kernel04:06
superm1rhpot1991, does your nvidia module exist?04:07
rhpot1991linux-headers-2.6.31-14   and linux-headers-2.6.31-14-generic04:07
rhpot1991should there be a -restricted?04:07
superm1or did the dkms build maybe fail04:07
ToeBeeI take it I'm not the only one having this problem tonight :)04:07
superm1rhpot1991, no restricted has gone away few releases ago04:07
superm1ToeBee, yeah rhpot1991 was mentioning it in another channel a few minutes ago04:07
superm1bug 450865 or bug 450493 maybe?04:08
ZinnBug 450865 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-185-kernel-source_185.18.36-0ubuntu5 not installing correctly, blank screen on reboot" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/45086504:08
ToeBeewell I have nvidiafb.ko in /lib/modules/2.6.31-13-generic/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia/04:08
superm1sounds like it's exactly those two bugs04:09
rhpot1991bug 45049304:09
ZinnBug 450493 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 (Ubuntu) "xorg: failed to load module "nvidia"" [Undecided, Confirmed] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/45049304:09
* rhpot1991 reconfigures04:10
rhpot1991superm1: fixed :)04:11
rhpot1991ToeBee: run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-185-kernel-source04:11
ToeBeeholy hell X fired up automagically before that was even done running!04:11
ZinnToeBee: Please watch your language.04:11
McNeverhey guys... quick question guys04:11
superm1rhpot1991, yeah just need to figure out why that happened in the first place04:12
foxbuntuMcNever, possibly quick answer04:12
rhpot1991!stab foxbuntu04:12
* Zinn stabs foxbuntu with a WASP knife.04:12
ToeBeeso yes... that did indeed fix it04:12
McNeverjust replaced my bunch backend with an upgraded box04:12
foxbuntuMcNever, bunch backend?04:12
McNeverpulled the tuner out of my old box popped it in the new one... ran through the install (much easier 2nd time around)04:12
rhpot1991superm1: I'm gonna continue upgrading, I'll prob do a fresh install on my ion when I'm all done, we can see what happens there04:13
McNeverbunk... crappy... old04:13
foxbuntuMcNever, gotcha...ok continue04:13
superm1rhpot1991, doy i see what it is04:13
superm1it's a silly bug in the postinst04:13
McNevermy frontend connects... but when i go 'watch tv' it flashs and rigth back to the menu04:13
superm1he's checking for CVERSION when he should be checking for PKGVER04:13
rhpot1991superm1: in ours?04:13
superm1not ours,04:13
superm1it's easy enough to fix though04:14
ToeBeesoo... mystery solved?04:14
rhpot1991superm1: there you go, you can swoop in and fix another nvidia bug :)04:14
superm1rhpot1991, yeah i guess :?04:14
foxbuntuMcNever, run this command and post the link it produces here: cat /var/log/mythbackend.log | pastebinit04:14
superm1ToeBee, yeah! thanks for helping to nail that so quick04:14
superm1ToeBee, just run that command rhpot1991 mentioned and that should fix you right up for now though04:15
ToeBeeyeah I have X running as we speak04:15
tmktthatnow the question is to get a new remote...or hope they decide to fix it04:15
ToeBeehmm slightly odd though... the restricted driver util still doesn't say that the nvidia driver is in use04:16
ToeBeealthough it clearly IS in use04:16
ToeBee(I can run nvidia-settings)04:16
McNeverfoxbuntu, no file there by that name04:17
ToeBeeoh, speaking of which... nvidia-settings has a nasty bug too04:17
foxbuntuMcNever, whoops04:18
foxbuntuMcNever, run this command and post the link it produces here: cat /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log | pastebinit04:18
ToeBeejust tried to save my current config out to a file. It pops up an error "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'" When I click "OK" nvidia-settings crashes04:18
McNeverfoxbuntu, thanks... never seen pastebinit before04:20
foxbuntuMcNever, np, its pretty slick04:21
foxbuntuMcNever, what type of tuner are you using?04:21
superm1ToeBee, you've gotta run it under gksudo or sudo i think04:21
superm1which is el sucky04:22
superm1its an open source app but no one wants to go patch in policykit support04:22
ToeBeethat doesn't help. It is puking on something in my xorg.conf file04:22
ToeBeeVALIDATION ERROR:  Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.04:22
ToeBeeUndefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen".04:22
ToeBeethen it segfaults04:22
McNeverfoxbuntu, hauppauge hvr180004:22
McNeverhaha... whats that mean?04:23
foxbuntuwell... iirc support on the hvr1800 is minimal atm04:23
foxbuntubut it appear to have init'd the tuner04:23
McNeverit was working in the old backend... not very well but it was working04:24
foxbuntubut the error seems to be failing to tune to a multiplex, did you set the ATSC/QAM side of the tuner to record more than 1 at a time?04:24
McNevernothing should be scheduled to record right now04:24
foxbuntuMcNever, no I mean when you setup the tuner04:25
foxbuntuone of the options for the ATSC/QAM side of the card is # of recordings at a time04:25
McNeveroh... i see what your saying04:25
foxbuntuor something along those line04:26
ToeBeesuperm1: found someone on the nvidia forums who has run into this: http://forums.nvidia.com/lofiversion/index.php?t64339.html04:26
McNeverdont think so... let me verify04:26
superm1ToeBee, well that's a very old version, i'm sure nvidia-settings has changed a bit since then04:26
McNeverfoxbuntu, no its set to 104:27
foxbuntuMcNever, you may also want to verify that the device node is correct in mythtv setup04:29
tmktsuperm1: think this might help?04:29
tmktcvs -z8 -d:pserver:anonymous@lirc.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/lirc co lirc04:29
tmktignore that04:29
tmktstupid mac04:29
foxbuntuMcNever, as in, if /dev/video1 is or atsc tuner, thats the one in the mythtv-setup for the atsc tuner04:29
foxbuntuMcNever, they like to change device nodes on reboot04:30
ToeBeesuperm1: bug 28642404:30
ZinnBug 286424 in nvidia-settings (Ubuntu) "nvidia-settings crashes when user clicks Save To X Configuration File" [Medium, Confirmed] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/28642404:30
ToeBeecomment number 64 does indeed solve it for me04:31
superm1tmkt, i bet that's already in 0.8.604:31
tmktoh well04:32
tmktguess i'm out of luck04:32
superm1tmkt, talk to j-rod04:32
foxbuntuMcNever, if you are not sure which device node is correct for the atsc side of the tuner: dmesg | grep cx1804:32
McNeverfoxbuntu, yeah it looks good for the analog side, not sure how to check the dig. side or if it works the same way04:32
superm1tmkt, he's in #mythtv-users04:32
superm1he's the one who has done tons of work on lirc-i2c04:32
tmkthe's in lirc also04:32
tmktnot saying much04:33
foxbuntuMcNever, did you setup the seperate tuners in mythtv-setup?04:33
superm1well he might not be in front of his pc04:33
superm1ToeBee, too bad no one has a good fix for nvidia-settings there04:33
superm1jsut ways to fix the xorg.conf04:33
tmktyeah..lirc is a pretty slow channel04:33
foxbuntuMcNever, the HVR-1800 requires two tuners/input devices in mythtv-setup04:33
ToeBeeyeah it's a band-aid04:33
tmktusing my iphone right now to control my system04:34
tmktbut a pain04:34
ToeBeeheh also, my phone filled up it's text message inbox. I have my IRC client set up to text me whenever I am nickalerted :)04:34
McNeverfoxbuntu, correct one is dev/video0 which appears to correct the other is just listed as DVB:004:35
foxbuntuMcNever, there should be a device node for DVB004:35
foxbuntuMcNever, let me check my 1600, same card but on PCI04:36
McNeverfoxbuntu, humm... i thought the 1800's were pci... just looked up the pics and this is a 1600... sorry for the miss info04:38
foxbuntuMcNever, well then04:39
foxbuntuMcNever, that makes things a little easier, I have my 1600 working04:39
foxbuntujust let me pull up my backend config04:39
McNevercool thats nice... do you have your setup as the v4l or the mjpeg... i've read people saying you have to one or the other...04:42
McNevercant remember what i had on my old backend04:42
foxbuntuMcNever, that wrong both ways04:43
foxbuntuMcNever, the option for the ATSC/QAM side is DVB DTV Capture Car (v3.x)04:43
foxbuntuMcNever, the you should see it populate the device node to something like: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend004:44
superm1ToeBee, rhpot1991 okay nvidia 185.18.36-0ubuntu6 should have this fixed04:46
McNeverfoxbuntu, yes i do see that04:47
foxbuntuMcNever, that should do it fr ya04:48
ToeBeewow there are a lot of updates even to this morning's CD!04:48
McNeverfoxbuntu, huh?04:49
McNeverfoxbuntu, i think i missed a step, we didnt change anything?04:49
foxbuntuMcNever, configure the card with those options rather than the ones you are using now04:49
foxbuntuMcNever, the DVB fot HD, and IVTV for Analog side04:50
foxbuntuthen try the tuner again, it *should* work04:50
McNeverfoxbuntu, yeah sorry i miss read the stuff above the first time the IVTV analog side is setup that way now04:57
foxbuntuMcNever, let me know how testing goes04:58
McNeverthe dig side just lists as 004:58
foxbuntuas 0?04:58
McNeverno change04:58
foxbuntu0 where?04:58
McNeverthe field is DVB Device number04:58
foxbuntuwell you may have to type it in, I have seen that04:59
foxbuntuMcNever, check to see if this exists: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend004:59
McNeveryeah it exists... thats what i checked before when i said 'yeah i see that'05:00
McNeverbut i cant type in the field its just a drop down '0' is the only option05:00
foxbuntuyou should be able o ype in it still05:00
McNeverfrontend ID is showing as a samsung was like that on the last machine though...05:01
foxbuntuMcNever, are you using the -fixes or -truck build of mythtv?05:01
McNeverno clue... pulled the livecd from mythbuntu.org05:01
McNeverinstalled from that05:01
foxbuntuok, grab the weekly build package from our site05:02
foxbuntudo you ahve any frontend systems yet?05:02
McNeveri feel like a tool, but how do i grab the build your talking about?05:03
foxbuntu....and which livecd did you grab, 9.04 or 9.10?05:03
McNeverthey should all be 9.0405:03
foxbuntujust download that package, install it (sudo dpkg -i mythbuntu-repos.deb), sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:04
foxbuntuyou will want to use it on your frontend machines as well05:04
foxbuntudon't select the PPA option05:06
McNeverfoxbuntu, ok... thanks i'll let you know how it works out05:07
McNeverfoxbuntu, do i want to let it upgrade me to .22?05:17
foxbuntuMcNever, if you dont mind doing testing, .22 is fairly stable but unreleased05:18
foxbuntuMcNever, there are some huge changes in .2205:18
McNeverdoes 'watch tv' work ;)05:19
McNeveri'll stick with .21 for now05:19
McNeverfoxbuntu, do i need to anything other than restart the service after that is done?05:21
foxbuntudepends on what updates got applied05:21
foxbuntuis there were any kernel updates or such, you need to rebot05:22
foxbuntuI would suggest a reboot just to be sure05:22
foxbuntuMcNever, alright gtg for a bit bbl05:25
ToeBeehmm well I just restored my database from my previous mythbox... wonder if it will "just work" :)05:39
ToeBeewow schedulesdirect is running SLOW tonight05:43
ToeBeeseems like I'm getting one packet at a time or something05:44
ToeBeewow! looks like things are working for the most part!05:54
ToeBeeall the tuner settings are there... "watch TV" worked on the first try05:54
Seventoesdoes mythbuntu automatically make a system partition and a data partition?05:59
superm1Seventoes, depends on the version06:00
superm19.10 makes one big one for you06:01
superm19.04 does two06:01
Seventoesk, im about to replace my .04 with .10 anyways06:05
* ToeBee just did06:07
Seventoeshowsit workin?06:07
ToeBeewell it's been a bumpy ride over the past couple of days (dealing with bugs in the liveCDs and such)06:09
ToeBeebut as of now it seems to be working pretty well06:09
ToeBeeI restored a database backup and it remembered my tuner and recording schedules06:10
Seventoesim installing from iso on a thumb drive, so im assuming ill hit the same livecd issues?06:10
ToeBeewell which iso? I was using the daily builds06:11
Seventoesthe one on the download page06:12
ToeBeeah ok the beta... I think that one worked except for some sound problems that were probably specific to my hardware06:12
Seventoesis there a nightly iso i could download? i dont wanna be reporting old bugs06:13
Seventoesare themes as pretty as they look in the screenshots? lol06:14
ToeBeethe current one booted fine but X did have a problem after restarting and booting to the fresh install06:14
Seventoeshowjda fix?06:14
ToeBeebug 45086506:16
ZinnBug 450865 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-185-kernel-source_185.18.36-0ubuntu5 not installing correctly, blank screen on reboot" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/45086506:16
ToeBeeonly affects it if you are using the nvidia binary driver06:16
Seventoesah nvidia06:16
ToeBeealso, be prepared for huge numbers of updates on a daily basis :)06:17
Seventoes"Hey my TV is updating!"06:18
superm1Seventoes, if you wait about 45 minutes a new nighly gets posted at 1:06am06:18
superm1(central time)06:18
Seventoesdownload is 45 minutes away from finishing anyways lol06:18
Seventoesmight as well06:18
ToeBeehmm not sure my remote is working out of the box06:20
ToeBeethen again it didn't totally work before either06:20
superm1ToeBee, do the updates, we just bumped to lirc 0.8.606:20
ToeBeeI just used a wiimote06:20
superm1and need the new kernel to go with it06:21
ToeBeehmm I did updates maybe an hour ago06:21
ToeBeethese changes newer than that?06:21
superm1well yeah there are updates since then, but none relevant06:21
* ToeBee wonders why things are running so slowly06:24
ToeBeeoh wait that would be the rsync of all the recordings I'm doing06:24
Seventoesanyone know how to get 9.10 booting with grub (not grub 2)06:25
Seventoesthe same entry as 9.04 in menu.lst isn't working06:25
ToeBeehmm are you using the ubuntu startup disk creator?06:26
Seventoesmapping the iso06:27
ToeBeeah. the startup disk creator didn't work for me (grub error) but unetbootin has worked great06:27
Seventoesi am using a usb drive i have other OSes on so i'd rather stick with grub06:28
Seventoessince im using it to boot about 10 other things lol06:28
ToeBeenot sure what unetbootin uses06:29
Seventoeswell my myth box doesnt have a cd drive so i need to figure it out :(06:29
ToeBeeah probably isolinux or syslinux06:29
ToeBeeyeah... not sure what to say06:31
ToeBeehmm yeah lirc won't start up06:36
ToeBeetried recording my own lirc config file and got lircd to start but irw is not registering any buttons07:11
superm1whats ure remote?07:14
ToeBeecame with my pinnacle 800i tuner card07:15
ToeBeetiny little thing. http://images.tigerdirect.com/itemDetails/P121-8168/P121-8168-out7-hl.jpg07:17
ToeBeeit looks like the pinnacle remotes that have existing configs in lirc are much more... "functional" than this one. Probably satelite receiver remotes and such07:18
ToeBeeactually... I wonder if I could program the empty slot on my universal remote to some random device and then record IR signals from that to use with lirc07:22
ToeBeethat would be kinda hot07:22
ToeBeewell now this could be a problem. lircd-0.8.6[2551]: config file contains no valid remote control definition07:33
superm1checkout /etc/lirc/lircd.conf?07:38
ToeBeeyeah I got it to recognize my recorded config now and irw generates output07:40
ToeBeeit complained about the config file when I used an "include" but when I cat'ed the file directly to the end of lircd.conf it worked07:41
ToeBeestill not affecting anything in mythtv... but that may be a problem for tomorrow07:41
ToeBeeI lied08:10
* ToeBee now has volume, mute, pause, FF and rew working08:11
ToeBeeand channel08:12
ToeBeeok to do any more is going to require more use of irrecord. Definitely time for bed now08:20
IanCalHi, I'm trying to set up my remote (hauppage nova-t 500 PCI card, mythbuntu 9.04) but "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" gives nothing related to a remote. Any clues as to where to go from here?09:33
tmktIancal..nothing in /dev/lirc0?13:48
IanCaltmkt, thanks for the reply, sorry if it was some time ago! I've only got /dev/lircd14:40
tmktyour lirc modules are loaded?14:42
tmktlsmod|grep lirc14:42
=== bogus is now known as Guest97413
IanCalI can modprobe the modules I think I need (lirc_ic2 and lirc_dev) but I'm not sure where to go from there. Do I need them inserted at boot-time to see a difference in /dev or /proc/bus... ?15:10
IanCalI've restarted lircd (driver devinput, device /dev/lirc0) but there's still no lirc015:13
IanCalHi all. I've been trying to get my hauppauge nova-t 500 remote working (mythbuntu 9.04) and have now got a /dev/input/irremote and all the expected output in dmesg, but nothing from irw, cat /dev/input/irremote16:53
IanCalany clues for things I should check?16:53
IanCalI've got the v4l drivers from mecurial (needed to get anything to do with the remote working) and have followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114041116:54
rgdThere is a " missing at REMOTE_DEVICE="/dev/input/irremote  line of /etc/lirc/hardware.conf in that forum post, which always used to catch me out.17:01
IanCalthanks, I filled that in, but still haven't got IR to work17:21
McNeverim having some issues with my frontend...18:19
McNeverwas running ok but i think i broke troubleshooting my new backend i just turned up last night18:19
McNeveri uninstalled and reinstalled mythtv last night and now when i go to 'watchtv' i get choppy audio and no video...18:20
McNeveri've pasted my logs above... any help would be great18:22
humehi...is there a mythbuntu-package for ppc? cannot find on the mythbuntu.org-page.....?18:25
superm1hume, if you install ppc ubuntu, all the mythbuntu packages should be available18:25
humesuperm1, thing is, i'd need it as a live cd....18:25
superm1but we dont make ISOs18:26
humeanyway to run myth from a live cd on a ppc then.....suggestions?18:26
superm1beats me18:26
humemakes two of us18:26
superm1there are ubuntu disks for ppc18:27
superm1that's all i know18:27
humegot a solv it through that i guess18:27
McNeverok addition to the earlier issue... i apparently have no video in vlc or mplayer as well... w32codec is installed, i tried reinstalling it but no change18:50
tmktsuperm1: working with j-rod...haven't made any progress yet..19:27
tmktbut he is super helpful19:28
superm1tmkt, glad you touched bases.  i'm sure he'll  be able to help you get it sorted out19:29
tmktyup. could be a big issue when mythbuntu launches19:29
tmktseems these cards are rather popular19:29
tmktbut then again..who knows..19:30
tmktsilly card comes with black remote which is mceusb19:30
tmktand the grey remote which is i2c.19:30
superm1well if you and j-rod come up with a patch, we can at least document how to apply it with lirc-modules-source19:36
superm1and then plan for getting it in a kernel update19:36
tmktwhen is it going to be released?19:38
tmktgotta be pretty soon19:38
tmktstill 15 days until ubuntu releases 9.1019:39
superm1yeah same for us19:43
superm1so we'll have to probably do a kernel update with this patch when it's ready19:43
superm1 mrand i tracked down when bug 413789 was fixed.  anyone who dist-upgrades after the 12th from jaunty should have a clean dist-upgrade19:47
ZinnBug 413789 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "mysql-server has been kept back with dist-upgrading" [High, Fix Released] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/41378919:47
superm1so in theory we've got no more dist-upgrade problems19:47
mrandsuperm1: yay!20:15
McNeverok guys... so i've go video working, but now it seems i dont have audio out of my analog channels, works fine with dig channels20:16
McNeverfyi i've got a hauppauge hvr1600 so they're configured at 2 tuners20:16
McNeverif i download the video clips through mythweb they have audio, as a matter of fact if i download them on my frontend and play them through mplayer they have audio... just not through myth20:17
McNeverany ideas?20:17
gunniMcNever: Is pulseaudio running?22:02
leprasmurfhello all.  I recently upgraded some packages and now mythvideo isn't working/installed23:13
leprasmurfI've found the issue is python-imdbpy, which says it relies on python < 2.6 but I can't uninstall python 2.6 because too many other things depend on it23:14
leprasmurfI've found that python 2.5 and 2.6 are both installed.  has anyone run into this before?23:15
leprasmurfhelif anyone is interested.  I had to force the version for mythvideo, libmyth-python, and python-imdbpy to the jaunty versions.  They were set to the intrepid versions for some reason.23:54
leprasmurfif anyone is interested.  I had to force the version for mythvideo, libmyth-python, and python-imdbpy to the jaunty versions.  They were set to the intrepid versions for some reason.23:56
leprasmurfsorry, double post23:56
leprasmurfI may have set a "force version" on those file previously.  who knows :-)23:57
marc_hi everyone, I have poor dvd playback using mythtv internal player.. is this a known issue? I've googled it a bit and all the information I've found is fairly old.23:58

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