poncha|workgreetings, ops!01:12
poncha|worki have a problem with #ubuntu-ru . can anyone help me ?01:13
poncha|workor maybe #ubuntu-ru has a problem (not only me). cause /names #ubuntu-ru is blank01:13
pleia2poncha|work: you want #ubuntu-irc for localized ubuntu channel discussions, complaints, etc01:16
poncha|workthanks pleia201:17
naliothponcha|work: client issues are not network issues01:20
poncha|worknalioth: what do you mean by "client issues" ? i am banned from the channel now, and as far as i can tell the channel is empty, and it is always full of people01:24
poncha|worknalioth: that being said, i have no clue as to why i am banned...01:25
naliothponcha|work: /names doesn't work unless you are inside the channel  :(01:25
naliothand #Ubuntu-irc is a better place to continue this01:25
zmanninghey guys the 'test me' stuff isnt working03:02
MenZazmanning: You're having issues joining #ubuntu?03:11
MenZaHave you attempted connecting to port 8001?03:12
zmanningtried following instructions and just get kicked out and back into read-topic03:12
zmanningno ill give it a shot03:12
zmanningMenZa: i got a file transfer from flood bot this time03:14
zmanningMenZa: oh ok cool im in now03:14
MenZanp :)03:14
MenZaIf there will be nothing else, please note the channel idle policy :)03:14
MenZazmanning: If that's all, please part this channel.03:15
zmanningMenZa: sorry, thanks03:16
MenZayay vox03:48
mingdaotest me03:52
Flannelmingdao: You don't need to be tested03:52
Flannelmingdao: is this your usual nickname?03:53
Flanneloh, well, nevermind then.03:53
MenZamrmowgli in #ubuntu has a bad attitude.03:59
ubottuFloodBotK2 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:13
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:13
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:13
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:13
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:14
mneptok!staff | fstock DCC exploit04:16
ubottufstock DCC exploit: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)04:16
Shadowwolfwhy cant i join ubuntu-offtopic?05:47
FlannelShadowwolf: Because you've been forwarded here due to your quit message.05:50
Shadowwolfwhat quit message?05:50
Flannel"I've come to the conclusion...It's not considered rape, if you yell, "SURPRISE!!!" beforehand!"05:50
Shadowwolfits just a joke05:50
Shadowwolfi apologize for the crude humor05:51
FlannelShadowwolf: I fail to see any humor in it.05:51
Shadowwolfive changed it05:51
FlannelShadowwolf: What makes you think something like that is appropriate for an Ubuntu channel anyway?05:51
Shadowwolfto "FRIED CHICKEN"05:51
ShadowwolfFlannel: well, i dnt see why it must be taken so seriously as to keeping me out of a channel... a simple warning or asking me to change said quit message wouldve sufficed05:52
Shadowwolfid have been happy to alter it05:52
FlannelShadowwolf: When it's a quit message, we can't simply tell you (because you're not connected anymore), that's why we forwarded you here, to make sure it would get addressed.05:53
Shadowwolfi thought i was permanently banned05:53
Shadowwolfok, well, i understand... no more crude humor05:54
Shadowwolfor actually...05:54
Shadowwolfim sorry05:54
Shadowwolfi should just shut up05:54
FlannelShadowwolf: Are you aware of our IRC guidelines and Code of Conduct?05:54
Shadowwolfbut i am sorry, it's very inappropriate05:54
ShadowwolfFlannel: yes, but ive had not a chance to closely go over them05:55
Shadowwolfive skimmed them once05:55
FlannelShadowwolf: alright, why don't you take the time now to better acquaint yourself with them.05:55
FlannelShadowwolf: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines and http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct05:55
Shadowwolfwell, actually i have since then05:55
Shadowwolfi understand05:56
FlannelShadowwolf: I'd appreciate it if you spent some time right now reading over both those documents.05:56
ShadowwolfFlannel: im sorry, but that is impossible atm, im on my nintendoDS05:57
Shadowwolfif you need me to see something and the information is limited... its possible to see through a pm05:59
Shadowwolfwhich would be appreciated05:59
MenZaThere's quite a lot to read, Shadowwolf.05:59
Shadowwolffine w/ me05:59
Shadowwolfif ur willing to pm05:59
Shadowwolfim willing to read, MenZa05:59
MenZaI suggest you get the DS Browser, or get to a location which has a normal browser.06:00
Shadowwolfthis is my lone internet source right now06:00
Shadowwolffor a while06:01
Shadowwolfbesides, ive read the rules of conduct06:01
Shadowwolfonce before06:01
Shadowwolfi understand that my message was wrong and inappropriate, so i shall change it06:02
ShadowwolfMenZa: that version request was precisely on the hour, nice timing06:03
MenZaThank you.06:04
MenZaHang on for a minute. Flannel will be right with you.06:04
* Shadowwolf would like the definition of "right with you"06:06
MenZaShadowwolf: Just wait.06:06
ShadowwolfMenZa: im just fooling06:06
Shadowwolfim bored, sooo, how are you?06:07
Shadowwolfis that so? sry to hear that06:07
FlannelShadowwolf: Alright.  I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But you *need* to read and understand both of those documents, and act accordingly.06:11
Shadowwolfok, understood06:11
Shadowwolfthank you, Flannel06:11
FlannelShadowwolf: In order to be sure you understand them soon, I'm going to assume from now on that you've read them, and encourage others to treat it as such.06:13
ShadowwolfFlannel: how is that to be any different than before the quit message?06:14
FlannelShadowwolf: In theory? none.  We assume everyone reads them.  In practice?  You don't get to play the "Oh, I didn't know" card06:15
ShadowwolfFlannel: thank you for understanding, i shall act more mature06:15
ShadowwolfFlannel: when will i be able to return to offtopic?06:17
Shadowwolfand, how did you manage to forward me here?06:17
FlannelShadowwolf: You can return now, actually.  I removed the ban a few minutes ago.06:18
Shadowwolflol, but how did u manage to get me forwarded here?06:18
Shadowwolfban and +f?06:18
ShadowwolfFlannel: ?06:21
Shadowwolfwas that it?06:21
Shadowwolfa ban plus the chan mode +f #ubuntu-ops, Flannel?06:21
jussi01Shadowwolf: there are ways of forwarding, you can check how the network works on freenode.net :)06:23
Shadowwolfjussi01: is it difficult to tell me your method?06:23
Shadowwolfi have a chan too, and i like the way your method works06:23
jussi01Shadowwolf: just add !#channel-to-be-forwarded on the ban mask. if you have irssi you can use the script autobleh.06:24
Shadowwolfjussi kewl, thank you06:25
jussi01Shadowwolf: anything else you need? general freenode questions should be asked in #freenode. :)06:25
Shadowwolfjussi01: nope, i believe im good06:25
Shadowwolfty for everything, MenZa, jussi01, and of course Flannel!06:25
* Shadowwolf waves06:25
mneptokthat ident, and that /quit message06:50
mneptokmy brain hurts06:50
* jussi01 hands mneptok a strong drink... here, you look like you need this...06:56
mneptokit's MOTOR OIL!06:57
jussi01mneptok: we need to plan this session for open week.07:00
jussi01also, did you get onto jcastro with the description?07:01
mneptoki did07:02
mneptok"IRC is one of the primary communication methods used in the Ubuntu universe. This session will guide you through IRC best practices and etiquette. Learn where and how to ask questions to receive the best  help possible. Learn what to do, and what not to do. Official Ubuntu IRC ops will help you learn how to make IRC an effective tool for giving and receiving help!"07:03
Mamarokwhat's with all thos DCC stuff coming in lately?07:14
mneptokMamarok: the exploits?07:14
Mamarokwell, I got 5 DCC requests since yesterday from hackerthreads, yes07:15
Mamarokhm, actually the day before yesterday and one this morning07:17
mneptokyou know how you have hobbies? people that love you, and whom you love in return? you know how you like a nice walk in the beautiful sunshine? remember that first kiss, fumbling, yet perfect in it's own sense?07:18
mneptoknot everyone has that.07:18
mneptokwelcome to the Internet.07:18
jussi01only 5 ?07:23
jussi01Mamarok: http://pastebin.ca/OR0ERZZw07:24
jussi01thats since monday morning07:24
Mamarokjussi01: well, that's because you are famous :)07:28
* jussi01 has cold fingers... do famous people get cold fingers?07:28
topylijussi01, yes. for example, i have cold fingers07:29
jussi01oh, thats alright then. but wait! Im more famous than you :P07:29
topylioh no! your fingers must be really really cold!07:29
Mamarokjussi01: well, I prefer it that way :)07:30
* Mamarok has warm fingers07:31
ubottuMenZa called the ops in #ubuntu (SharpRain (Repeated swearing, personal attacks))10:40
MenZanoone around?10:41
Flannelreading backscroll10:41
MenZaThanks, Flannel :)10:41
ikoniahe did have a point, indus is annoying ;)10:41
* MenZa slaps ikonia 10:44
bazhangthreats to 'end someone' are hardly justified10:44
ikonia.....it is indus10:44
ikoniaI am of course kidding10:45
ikoniaincases you didn't get that10:45
MenZabazhang, I think you can safely /remove that guy.11:03
iBiZa-bazhang is a homosexual. be warn when bazhang is around to cover your ass.11:06
MenZaWill someone take care of this mess?11:07
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!11:08
ubottuMenZa called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()11:08
jussi01iBiZa-: is there something we can help you with?11:08
MenZajussi01: bazhang just banned him from #ubuntu; I just banned him from -ot.11:09
iBiZa-yes, i jizz in my pants :(11:09
bazhangspamming multiple channels11:09
jpdsInteresting real name.11:09
MenZaPardon anyone I hi-lighted with the above ops trigger.11:09
elkybazhang has a fan club now?11:09
MenZajpds: Ehehehe.11:09
MenZaelky: where do I sign up?!11:10
jussi01MenZa: no...11:10
MenZajussi01: well, anyone without access.11:10
bazhanghe entered #ubuntu with something very foul, then PM'ed me and started in several channels11:10
elkyMenZa, please dont. i really dont want you telling rape "jokes".11:10
MenZa(":(" no at the lack of a fanclub. not at the jokes, ftr)11:11
MenZaI <3 bazhang.11:11
MenZaOk, #ubuntu is confusing me. o_o11:15
* MenZa blinks11:15
bazhangcurtisjackson is the boxxy bot11:15
bazhangerr was11:15
jussi01bazhang: are you certain?11:15
jussi01oh nm11:15
jussi01I see.11:16
bazhang* boxxy (n=lol@c-24-63-197-185.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu11:16
bazhangthen morphed into curtisjackson11:16
elkysame as the ones that have miike@* idents?11:16
MenZaThat wasn't too far, was it bazhang?11:24
MenZawestmi: Hello. I assume you know why you're here?11:24
westmiwhy can you talk about it but not me?11:25
MenZawestmi: Talk about what?11:25
westmiand misunderstand everything i said and then bann me???!!!????11:25
westmifor it???!!!11:25
MenZaI banned you and forwarded you here because I feel your manners are incompatible with the Ubuntu core channels.11:26
westmiyou stupid suck wad?11:26
elkywestmi, you are aware "fags" is hatespeech, yes?11:26
westmihope you undersood that??!!!11:26
MenZawestmi: I wouldn't take that tone with me, or anyone else in here.11:26
westmiyou can say that shit, and ban me for it11:26
* Tm_T is slow11:27
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines11:27
elkywestmi, read that link.11:27
MenZawestmi: I already sent you the above link, but it looks like you may need a reminder.11:28
elkynow, lets see if we can do this without the insults.11:32
MenZawestmi: Have you taken the time to read the link ubottu sent you?11:34
westmiwhy do i have to listen to your disgusting habits?11:34
elkywhat on earth are you talking about?11:35
westmiand what you do with them?11:35
MenZaNoone's forcing you to listen to us, westmi. We're trying to help you here.11:35
westmiyou are the one that started this, and your buddy11:36
westmii only joined the conversation11:36
MenZaI'm pretty sure you're the one who started this by breaching the channel rules in #ubuntu-offtopic, and refusing to alter your course when we kindly asked you to.11:36
elkywestmi, are you referring to the individual who was harrassing bazhang?11:36
westminope. you did first on ubuntu-offtopic11:37
westmii only answered you and that other persons comments11:37
westmiyou started it11:38
westmii think you should be banned11:38
MenZaI don't consider spam a 'comment'. The fact that the person was banned for it should make it pretty clear that you shouldn't pick the conversation back up.11:38
elkyno westmi. that other person was a troll who was harrassing bazhang. he was harrassing bazhang because bazhang didn't like the rape "joke" he spewed in to #ubuntu.11:39
westmithen maybe you should watch what you say then11:39
elkylucky, i was about to remove him11:40
MenZaI'll change my ban in -ot to a regular ban?11:40
elkyMenZa, yes.11:40
MenZaftr, westmi is in #ubuntu now.11:45
MenZaJust thought I'd point it out in case he starts ranting there instead.11:46
elkyso long as he doesn't see a conversation about homosexuality shortly before a conversation about a hamster to conflate, he'll probably be fine.11:46
MenZaI assume so11:46
elkythat really was bad timing :P11:46
MenZabazhang: You are a magnificent translator. I can yet again see you standing there, waving your arms about.11:47
topylibut that happens all the time! he should develop a thicker skin if he wants to succeed on the internet11:47
jpds"I've got ham but I'm... not a hamster".11:47
elkytopyli, the problem here is, some people are going to take you seriously :(11:48
* MenZa hands topyli an elephant hide to climb into.11:48
topylisorry elky, i keep forgetting it's possible :(11:49
bazhangMenZa, heh11:49
elkytopyli, as soon as the freenode devs figure how to add the sarcasm features, we'll be sweet11:50
topylieither that, or clown hat extensions to nicks11:51
MenZaelky: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcasm#Sarcasm_mark11:51
elkyi would like to order a keyboard with a sarcasm mark. oh, while you're at it, add a new any key, i can never find the other one!11:52
elkythat looks like a good tweet.11:53
elkytempted. so tempted.11:53
MenZadooo eeeet11:53
MenZaI'll RT it.11:53
topylimarx used (!) in capital? modern publishers would simply edit them away and smite the author11:55
MenZaprobably, yeah11:55
topylialso, i've never noticed one when reading it11:55
MenZaI never read Das Kapital11:55
topyliyou don't really need to. the secondary literary is good and plentiful11:56
elkyMenZa, done11:57
topyliMenZa, http://marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1867-c1/index-l.htm - marxists.org is one of a kind :)11:59
MenZaelky: I had to remove the trailing ! to fit the char limit :(11:59
MenZatopyli: I don't need any more socialist literature. The Manifesto is more than enough for me.11:59
elkyMenZa, fairy nuff11:59
topyliit's not very good though12:00
MenZatopyli: nope12:01
MenZatopyli/w 7912:01
bazhangwestmi in -ot again12:31
bazhangMenZa, ^^12:32
jussi01bazhang: relax, he had his ban lifted, all good.12:33
jussi01the ot'ers know where the !ops button is :)12:33
jussi01oh, wait a sec12:33
jussi01bazhang: my apologies, I missed the reinstatement of a normal ban12:34
jussi01getting tired...12:34
bazhangjussi01, get some rest! moving is tiring12:35
jussi01bazhang: huh?12:38
bazhangjussi01, thought you said you were looking for an apt12:39
jussi01bazhang: I moved about 3-4 weeks ago...12:39
bazhangah my apologies jussi0112:39
* jussi01 updates bazhang's firmware12:39
elkyjussi01, no, his ban didn't get lifted.12:42
jussi01elky: keep reading...12:42
elkyjussi01, it's just stopped being hostmasked12:42
elkyjussi01, * MenZa removes ban on *!*@24-180-134-170.dhcp.aldl-nbb.mi.charter.com!#ubuntu-ops12:42
elky* MenZa sets ban on *!*@24-180-134-170.dhcp.aldl-nbb.mi.charter.com12:42
elkyis that the bit i'm supposed to read?12:43
jussi01[14:33:41] <jussi01> oh, wait a sec12:45
jussi01[14:33:43] <jussi01> sorry12:45
jussi01[14:34:06] <bazhang> rly?12:45
jussi01[14:34:51] <jussi01> bazhang: my apologies, I missed the reinstatement of a normal ban12:45
elkywestmi, are you back to discuss this in a civil manner now?12:45
elkyjussi01, ah, i thought you mean in the other channel12:46
westmiif you don't mind, no-i want to just drop it12:46
elkywestmi, we can do that when you accept the guidelines.12:47
elkyjussi01, what do you want to do about it. that was some pretty fierce homophobia he was spouting...12:48
elkynickban forward to here?12:49
jussi01elky: if he rejoins -ot then to staff with the issue, he will be ban evading. Id suggest a ban on the current mask also and see where it goes.12:50
jussi01yes, maybe thats a good idea also12:50
ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (Emery)12:50
elkyanother indus induced tantrum.12:51
jussi01bazhang: you PM'ing him?12:51
bazhangjussi01, yep12:51
jussi01bazhang: if not, please do.12:51
elkyyeah, he said rtfm, indus told him to shut up.12:51
jussi01ok :)12:51
bazhangemery was aghast at the simplicity of the questions asked, felt it better to recommend !google! and such13:08
westmiIRC lacks the normal facial expressions and body language used in everyday conversation. Without these it can be easy to misunderstand the intentions of someone and lead to uncomfortable situations13:17
jussi01westmi: yes?13:18
jussi01westmi: we are here to talk about your behaiour. Now I didnt see the original incident, only what has happened in here, but Im a little concerned. Do you wish to talk about it?13:19
westmiwith someone is inpartial13:20
westmia neutral opinion13:20
jussi01westmi: do you regard me as impartial?13:20
westmidont even know you13:21
jussi01SO, shall we talk?13:21
westmimy behavior is a direct resopnce to someone else's comments13:22
jussi01westmi: ok, but dont you agree that you are responsible for your own behaviour? nobody can make you do anything, right?13:24
westmido you object to being classified as a troll?13:25
jussi01westmi: that would depend on if I had been trolling. but it still would not make me react in the way you reacted in this channel earlier.13:26
westmithe thing you dont understand is i was replying to a comment-and getting banned for it-on another channel-i dont know how i ended up in this one13:27
jussi01westmi: you were forwarded here. the real issue though, is about you, not what anyone else did. you need to obey the channel guidelines, if someone else doesnt, then the operators are capable of sorting it out. if there is a channel emergency, you can call the !ops13:28
westmithe channel operator started it!13:29
jussi01westmi: 1 moment while I go to read the logs from the original incident.13:29
westmimaking some crack about some hotel13:29
westmii would look at them, also, but i got banned13:31
jussi01westmi: this is the first comment I see from you: [13:16:54] <westmi> fags are always the first to point fingers13:31
westmilook further back13:31
jussi01westmi: is there something in particular you are trying to point out?13:32
westmiif there was something else going on that i wasn't aware of,then someone should have explained13:32
westmilike i said before,13:33
westmiIRC lacks the normal facial expressions and body language used in everyday conversation. Without these it can be easy to misunderstand the intentions of someone and lead to uncomfortable situations13:33
jussi01westmi: which is why we have guidelines, and why you need to do what an operator says.13:33
westmiand also i did state i would conform to the rules13:34
westmiand got banned anyways13:34
jussi01westmi: you said you would follow the rules, then promptly broke them...13:34
jussi01[13:22:23] <westmi> but all you abnormals can go do what you do best:each other13:34
westmii'm not good at doing what im told13:34
jussi01westmi: unless I can have some confidence you will follow the rules, I cant let you back into the channel.13:35
westmiif your going to be that way, i'll just live with it13:37
westmidont need that channel that bad13:38
westmiknow that the next time i'll handle the situation different13:38
jussi01westmi: how so?13:39
westmii'll keep my opinions to myself13:39
westmibunch of power trippin ____13:40
jussi01westmi: great, sometimes it just takes some self control. If you'd like to come back in here and talk to me in 1 week, if you can show a changed attitude we can look at the ban again. how does that sound?13:40
westmihear something you dont like and ban someone13:40
westmiwhat ban?13:41
jussi01in #ubuntu-offtopic13:41
westmiyeah-they can talk about there sexual preferences, and get away with it13:42
westmiwhen someone calls them on it, they get all uptight13:42
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct13:42
jussi01westmi: please note the "If you are asked to stop, do so politely."13:43
westmiand they bragging about it aint baiting?13:43
westmii personally find that repulsive13:43
jussi01westmi: regardless of their behaviour, it doesnt excuse yours.13:44
westmigotta always have the last word?and ban someone so you get it?13:44
jussi01westmi: Im trying to help you.13:45
westmilike i said before......they should be banned also13:46
westmijust as guilty as i am13:46
westmii really dont like it when i am pushed around like a punk kid13:47
bazhangwestmi, was there something you needed assistance with?14:09
westmiyou want me to go away?14:16
elkywe want you to take the guidelines seriously and behave.14:18
westmifine-what do you want me to say?14:21
bazhangcheck out lefjojo14:25
bazhangwestmi, you were asked to return in a week's time to discuss your ban in #ubuntu-offtopic14:26
bazhangwestmi, great. Please don't idle here as per the channel topic14:47
westmiwhy not? you are14:47
MenZaoh dear.15:18
* genii sips and thinks about Wave invites15:21
Tm_Tgenii: s/thinks/dreams ?15:27
geniiTm_T: Nah, I don't care much about Wave. but I know it's MenZa's pet peeve and he went  "oh dear"15:42
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
leaf-sheepHello OPS, Do ban _21h_'s IP for pm-ing me (and likely other people) for lame phishing/scam attempts. :(17:27
Picileaf-sheep: do you have the message that you got?17:27
leaf-sheepPici: Yes. I'll pastebin it now.17:27
leaf-sheepPici: http://pastebin.com/d5d43ec6917:28
Picileaf-sheep: Thanks for the report17:30
leaf-sheepPici: No problem. Have a nice day. :317:30
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)18:36
Tm_Thi bullgard418:44
Picibullgard4: Is there something that we can help you with?19:27
bullgard4Tm_T: Sorry, I do not consider myself an ubuntu-op. My IRC client connected to this channel automatically when starting. I need to tell it not to do so.19:28
=== ubot3` is now known as ubot3
ikoniaPici: bullgard4 has a forward on put on be me, as he is again persistantly ignoring the rules of the channel21:33
ikoniaeg: cross-posting in #ubuntu and +1 about karmick issues,21:33
ikoniaall the stuff he knows well and has been asked to stop doing in the past21:33
dragonthere's a troll "appleman_" in #ubuntu22:12
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!22:15
ubottudragon called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()22:15
dragonappleman_ needs attention22:15
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