and471newz2000: hi17:04
newz2000hi and47117:04
and471newz2000: I don't know whether you saw this email yet, but this guy really wants to help :-) https://lists.canonical.com/archives/ubuntu-website/2009-October/000833.html17:05
newz2000ok, let me check. I'd not read this yet17:07
and471newz2000: thanks for doing that :-)17:15
newz2000thanks for helping me!17:16
newz2000There's a lot of stuff competing for my attention right now, I appreciate you bringing this up17:16
and471newz2000: np17:33
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Ekushey-hi guys18:55
Ekushey-what is the correct URL of Karmic Feature Tour webpage?18:55
Ekushey-I got http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/910features/ from the mailing list but it doesn't exist18:56
Ekushey-newz2000 you there?19:06
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newz2000hi Ekushey-, yes I'm here if you need me still19:59
newz2000just saw your question. I don't have it set yet19:59
newz2000Ekushey-: what are you doing? I may be able to lock one down20:00
Ekushey-hi newz200020:03
Ekushey-I read the email but couldn't find check what the feature tour page looks like20:04
newz2000Ekushey-: are you the person wanting to translate it?20:05
Ekushey-no no :)20:05
Ekushey-not me20:05

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