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tseliotapw: what value do you use for the MovementBottomEdgeArea or whatever is called of your touchpad14:59
apw4100 i think14:59
apware we aiming to get that to happen magically ... its pretty annoying14:59
apwxinput set-int-prop "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad" "Synaptics Area" 32 0 0 0 410015:00
apwtseliot, ^^15:00
tseliotapw: yep, this is why I asked15:01
hyperairspeaking of touchpads, for some reason, my bottom left corner has become trigger for circular scrolling that scrolls horizontally15:01
hyperairnot that i'm complaining or anything, but isn't there documentation about this?15:01
hyperairit seems like an unexpected and welcome feature that's undocumented and may have been the result of some bug or other15:01
tseliothyperair: circular scrolling? Isn't that disabled by default?15:03
hyperairyes it is15:03
hyperair(i wish it were enabled by default though)15:03
hyperairor at least some way of configuring it in gnome15:03
hyperairi've got circular scrolling explicitly enabled in an fdi file here15:04
tseliota UI should be available for Lucid15:04
hyperairthat's nice15:04
hyperairwhile that's done, i think it'd also be awesome to enable middle button configuration for both mouse and touchpad15:05
hyperairin particular, my use case is middle button emulation for touchpad but not mouse15:05
hyperairbunch of fdis to handle that15:05
jcristaudoesn't the gnome pointing device stuff handle those things?15:06
tseliotthat depends on the gnome-settings-daemon15:06
mac_vtormod: hi... regarding comment > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/436546/comments/6  i'm on x-updates ppa.. how do i revert to the karmic mesa? doesnt the x-updates have the fix?16:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 436546 in cairo-dock-core "X crashes when using compiz cube and cairo-dock" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:20
tormodmac_v: ppa-purge16:20
tormodmac_v: x-updates does not have the fix, because it is just upstream, packaged16:21
tormodmac_v: there hasn't been an upstream fix yet16:21
mac_vtormod: isnt the ppa purge only for edgers?16:21
mac_vrather from edgers ppa16:21
tormodmac_v: no it purges any ppa you specify16:21
tormodmac_v you can also use apt-get install PACKAGE=VERSION or PACKAGE/karmic16:22
mac_vtormod: is the ppa purge available only from the edgers ppa?... i cant seem to find it16:23
tormodmac_v: yes it's only there ATM16:23
mac_vah... thanks. will do16:23
tormodreminds me I have been working on it and I should publish a new version16:24
tormodcan't believe they're so slow fixing that mesa crasher upstream though. it's crashed, regression, and in the 7.6.1 release16:26
mac_vtormod: its crashing even when i switch windows a tad faster :/   16:28
tormodguess it doesn't help that the guy who wrote that code seems to have vanished16:28
tormodmac_v: it crashes with the new karmic packages?16:28
mac_vtormod: no , the x-updated one..16:28
tormodoh good :)16:29
mac_vhavent yet ,switched to karmic packages16:29
tseliotapw: the next revision (i.e. ubuntu7) of synaptics will have that option set to 4100 by default. Just FYI16:37
apwtseliot, cool, is that just for dell 10v, presume so16:37
tseliotapw: yes, it's just for 2 models16:37
apwvery cool16:38
mac_vhmm , the ppa purge wasnt very useful for x-updates... how do i revert the x-updates packages all at once? is apt-get for the individual packages the only option?18:09
mac_vbryce_: any suggestions? ^ how to revert from x-updates back to karmic packages18:18

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