B3rz3rk3rcan anyone reccomend free Usenet servers.. my ISP doesnt provide access as part of its fee, and its between usenet and WoW for my $15 a month :p00:01
canthus13B3rz3rk3r: Free? Depends on what you're looking for.00:01
a_Jordan_U: when I try to update, I get this error. "Could not download all repository indexes" and in a box it says "Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/universe/binary-i386/Packages  404 Not Found [IP: 80]00:01
a_Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead."00:01
B3rz3rk3rcanthus13, alt.binaries00:01
canthus13B3rz3rk3r: There are tons of free text servers.00:01
B3rz3rk3rcanthus13, i know there are lots of free txt ones00:02
canthus13B3rz3rk3r: No such thing as free alt.b*00:02
canthus13err alt.binaries.*00:02
B3rz3rk3rcanthus13, :( thats what i thought00:02
Jordan_Ua_: Are you running ubuntu 6.10 ( Edgy ) ?00:03
canthus13B3rz3rk3r: Every once in a while you might find a free server test for a few weeks.00:03
erUSULa_: edgy has been eoled long ago...00:03
captainkirkhow can i list what is running from cli?00:04
erUSUL!eol | a_00:04
ubottua_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases00:04
jefinc!virus scanner00:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about virus scanner00:04
erUSULcaptainkirk: ps -ef00:04
canthus13jefinc: What are you looking for a virus scan for?00:04
a_Jordan_U: no I'm running 9.0400:04
B3rz3rk3rcanthus13, i ran a speed test @ Giganews and was maxing out my pipe.. so looks like il be dropping WoW for a bit :)00:04
B3rz3rk3rcanthus13, thx for the info00:04
shawn_InitHello you here?00:04
Jordan_Ua_: If so you should install a supported version of Ubuntu because Edgy is no longer supported ( no security updates either ). If not then you have a problem with your sources.lst00:04
jefinccanthus13: I want to scan a NTFS drive that has XP on it00:04
captainkirkok, so what is process nmdb?00:04
canthus13jefinc: ClamAV.00:04
captainkirkoops, nmbd00:04
jefinccanthus13: repos?00:05
olivier83need help!!i boot up ubuntu today and now i got no sound00:05
canthus13jefinc: I think AVG and Avast also have scanners.00:05
legend2440Morgansl: not sure about that card  maybe post #2  will help  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123174600:05
canthus13jefinc: It should be in the repos.00:05
Kerioubuntu-desktop is already the newest version00:05
jefinccanthus13: thank you :)00:05
Morgansllegend2440: i will look00:05
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus00:05
Jordan_Ua_: Can you pastebin the output from "lsb_release -a" and the contents of the file /etc/apt/sources.lst ?00:05
KerioPackage xubuntu-desktop is not installed, so not removed00:05
shawn_Can you access a proxy server from a computer thats in "Lock Screen" mode00:05
Kerioeven though its clearly still xubuntu00:05
Keriotrying to avoid a clean install00:06
Kerioany ideas?00:06
captainkirkhow do i kill all running processes with name nmbd00:06
a_gpg: key AF1CDFA9: public key "Launchpad PPA for Ubuntu-X" imported00:06
a_gpg: Total number processed: 100:06
a_gpg:               imported: 1  (RSA: 1)00:06
a_a@a-desktop:~$  lsb_release -a00:06
a_No LSB modules are available.00:06
a_Distributor ID:Ubuntu00:06
FloodBot3a_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:06
voxcaptainkirk: why do you want to do that?00:06
jefincKerio: try asking your question all on one line so that it is easier to understand00:07
olivier83need help!!  i boot up ubuntu today and now i got no sound what going on??00:07
uboxwhat is the name of the program run via the add/remove software thing in the applications menu?00:07
Jordan_UKerio: "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get autoremove" might do it, but be carefull it doesn't remove anything you really want00:07
SeaPhorshawn_, are you sure you stated your question correctly?00:07
canthus13olivier83: Did you check your speaker connections, make sure they're turned on, etc?00:07
captainkirkbecause my system is using up memory and crashing after about 1 hour, just did a ps -ef and there are 100's of processes named nmbd00:07
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a_Jordan_U: did you get my flood?00:08
canthus13a_: Heh.00:08
=== perrottino2 is now known as perrottino
shawn_SeaPhor well I have a proxy server set up on my home computer and have a port forwarded with it so I can connect through it from my laptop but it didnt work today and Im wondering if that is because my computer was "Locked"00:08
ZykoticK9captainkirk, killall is the program you're looking for.  IE "killall -9 nmbd" <- I don't know what nmbd is so don't know what this will do00:08
Jordan_Ua_: No, please use pastebin00:08
Kerioit states that u already have ubuntu installed and xubuntu uninstalled even though its still xubuntu after reboot00:08
Keriothat i00:08
voxcaptainkirk: thats.. weird. are you running samba?00:08
olivier83canthus13 yes it plug in nothing is mute and im dualboot with xp and xp got sounds!!00:08
a_Jordan_U: how I use pastebin?00:08
ewpubox, gnome-app-install00:09
canthus13olivier83: Hmm.  Try a previous kernel when you boot.00:09
captainkirkyes, i am running samba and nmbd is a process of samba and yesterday i did a system update (including smaba) and now it is broken00:09
Jordan_U!paste | a_00:09
ubottua_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!00:09
SeaPhorshawn_, which computer, the server that port is forwarded to, or the laptop you were on?00:09
uboxewp, thank you :)00:09
legend2440Morgansl: sometimes people in channel #alsa  are good at troubleshooting  Mic problems00:09
olivier83canthus13 no sounds on the previous one00:09
shawn_SeaPhor the computer that the server is running from was locked00:09
Morgansllegend2440: i will head there00:09
canthus13olivier83: But it was working before?00:09
voxcaptainkirk: sudo /etc/init.d/samba stop00:10
captainkirkok, so i did the killall and memory usage dropped from 1Gb to 247Mb00:10
olivier83canthus13 yes it work before but out of nowhere it did not work on the 3 last boot00:10
captainkirki have also stopped the samba daemon00:10
a_Jordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/292695/00:11
foofishmy weather applet doesn't ever update. my computer needs to use a proxy server to access the net, and i think it's ignoring the settings i put into gnome. how can this be fixed?00:11
SeaPhorshawn_, yes, i leave my FTP/VNC/SSH server locked all the time, i even reboot it remotely and can log back in remotely without logging in locally on the server00:11
shawn_SeaPhor then Im not sure why it wasnt working X_X00:11
Keriohow very weird, still xubuntu00:11
captainkirkand i have had 3 phone calls saying the server is down..... gota love em00:11
Kerioshould i try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"00:11
canthus13olivier83: Hmm. No idea then, if the old kernel isn't doing it.00:12
Jordan_Ua_: Can you also pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.lst ?00:12
ZykoticK9foofish, i "think" i read somewhere that 9.10 fixed the weather applet and that it's been broken for awhile now...00:12
foofishZykoticK9: hm, ok00:12
canthus13olivier83: run alsamixer from the command line and see if anything is turned down.00:12
Morgansllegend2440: I can hear myself!00:12
shawn_SeaPhor could my school's network have Proxy connecting blocked even though firefox said "This port is refusing connections"00:12
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »00:12
legend2440Morgansl: try recording something00:13
olivier83canthus13 what the command00:13
canthus13olivier83: alsamixer00:13
Morgansllegend2440: i did and my mic works00:13
shawn_vox What did he do?00:13
SeaPhorshawn_, i have my own IRC channel that i leave a nick used on that box logged into constantly so i know when it's up ordown while i'm at work00:13
voxshawn_: looking for dcc bots00:13
shawn_vox by saying that list thing?00:13
olivier83canthus13 it all up00:14
voxshawn_: yes00:14
canthus13olivier83: None are muted?00:14
foofishZykoticK9: i wonder if i can get a backport built...00:14
ZykoticK9foofish, I have no idea sorry.00:14
legend2440Morgansl: how did you fix it?00:14
olivier83canthus13 none00:14
shawn_vox What is a DCC bot?00:14
voxshawn_: ask in #ubuntu-offtopic00:14
Morgansllegend2440: i switched a setting in Audacity and i can record my voice00:15
a_Jordan_U: I tried pasting "/etc/apt/sources.lst" into terminal and it said that no such file or directory exists00:15
sputnikhow do i map an unused key on my keyboard?00:15
canthus13olivier83: Hmm. exit from alsamixer and type:  killall pulseaudio00:15
kilocan anyone recommend a channel that I can go to to discuss host-reselling packages?00:15
legend2440Morgansl: thats good00:15
shawn_SeaPhor Is it possible for a network to block users from accessing a proxy server from their web brouwser00:15
olivier83canthus13 my music and video won't even play only in vlc player it play but no sounds00:16
canthus13olivier83: Video isn't playing either?00:16
legend2440Morgansl: thats good. glad to hear it. no pun intended00:16
Jordan_Ua_: Sorry, I forgot the "i" "/etc/apt/sources.list" ( note that it's a file not a command )00:16
Morgansllegend2440: thanks for all of your help my mic is working.00:16
blingoHello, do I need to install special driver on builtin video laptop ? it works, but can it work better?00:16
legend2440Morgansl: your welcome00:16
Keriothis seems like a very odd problem, i have tried upgrade to ubuntu from xubuntu, it does. claim to be successful but not change occur00:16
Jordan_Ublingo: What GPU?00:17
Kerioanything left to try but clean install?00:17
ZykoticK9Kerio, from the GDM login screen can you select Gnome instead of Xfce?00:17
olivier83canthus13 video in vlc player start and play but no sounds but in mplayer nothing00:17
ZykoticK9Kerio, in Sessions00:17
Keriogonna check00:18
crawlerhello.  can someone help me get my wireless internet back?  it worked now it doesn't.00:18
canthus13olivier83: Hmm.. You've got me there. I'm stumped.00:18
andrew__Hello!  I need to execute a command on startup.  currently the command is running on login (in the .bashrc file) but I need it to execute before login.  can anybody point me in the direction of which file to add the command too?00:19
olivier83canthus13 someone the other day toll me it a software issue00:19
crawleri stupidly enabled the restricted atheros driver, and rebooted.  now no internet, and the hardware manager lists no drivers!00:19
SeaPhorshawn_, thats kinda ... open-ended, because i know how things work i dont know for sure if you are sure of the question you're trying to ask,,, better to ask in ##networking00:19
ZykoticK9olivier83, from command line try "mplayer -ao pulse FILENAME" and/or "mplayer -ao alsa FILENAME" -- see "mplayer -ao help" for list of all audio output00:19
crawlerso i can't even de-activate the restricted driver00:19
Jordan_Ucrawler: What driver did you enable?00:19
blingoIntel Gma 4500m00:19
a_Jordan_U: Sorry. but how do I open the file?00:19
Jordan_U!intel | blingo00:20
ubottublingo: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.00:20
olivier83canthus13 after i done this killall pulseaudio every time i start vlc i heard a stomping sounds00:20
crawlerJordan_U: i believe it was an atheros00:20
Jordan_Ua_: "gedit /etc/apt/sources.list" in a terminal00:20
shawn_SeaPhor I just mean when trying to connect through my Proxy server from school firefox said "This port is not accepting connections" Could this be because the network is blocking me from accessing the Proxy Server or is it my own error in forwarding it because Im fairly sure its correct00:21
olivier83canthus13 i got 12 ouput00:21
SeaPhorshawn_, yes, the school can block that port either incomming, outgoing , or both00:21
snow_ruhow to see the size of L2 cache?00:22
shawn_SeaPhor and there is no way around this? X_X Im just trying to find a way past their web site restrictions and I was told a proxy server is the best way but I think they are blocking my connection to it00:22
a_Jordan_U: Ok. thankyou. heres the paste link. http://paste.ubuntu.com/292700/00:23
m0r0nCan anyone help me with a songbird issue?00:23
cfeddesnow_ru: sudo lshw | less00:23
Keriomaybe sessions messed things up, rebooting again00:23
SeaPhorshawn_, use port 80 external and whatever internal00:23
shawn_SeaPhor what do you mean?00:23
fearful!ask | m0r0n00:23
ubottum0r0n: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:23
SeaPhorshawn_, or 808000:23
Jordan_Ucrawler: Try removing the package "madwifi-tools", if that doesn't work then "sudo apt-get remove linux-restricted-modules$( uname -r )" though the second might remove other driver you need00:23
blingo:o http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113058200:24
canthus13olivier83: Check alsamixer again and see if anything is muted.00:24
Laquewhat in the "New Wave" Control theme overrides the window decoration colour?00:24
ZykoticK9a_, line 8 & 9 should NOT say "edgy" they sould say "jaunty"00:24
shawn_SeaPhor I have port 8118 forwarded.. Why would using Port 80 make a difference?00:24
crawlerJordan_U: thanks mate, i will try that.00:24
arandConnecting to wless fails with network manager but succeeds with wpa_supplicant manual config: Which package to bug report against? nm-applet?00:24
Jordan_Ucrawler: np00:24
m0r0nSongbird isn't staring, what is happening?00:24
ZykoticK9m0r0n, are you using nvidia?00:25
SeaPhorshawn_, because the school doesn't block 80 0r 8080 or else you'd have no web00:25
foofishdo kde panel applets work in gnome?00:25
teckkind of off topic but what exactly is a .vod video file?00:25
olivier83canthus13 all are up00:25
m0r0nZykoticK9: Yes, but I fixed that, it was working for a couple months until I installed sensors, now it's not working00:25
shawn_SeaPhor so if I forward my port 80 or 8080 it would work?00:25
ZykoticK9m0r0n, sudo apt-get remove libvisual-0.4-plugins00:25
LaqueI want to use New Wave without being stuck with a dark gray clear looks instead of the green i selected DX00:25
canthus13olivier83: Ok.  Like I said, though... I'm all out of ideas.  You can get pulseaudio up and running again by rebooting.00:26
Kerioi marked display session on login now00:26
milescDumb question but google's not helping me much... I just finished installing 9.04 32bit in VMware, installed fine, changed the resolution up hi, and now I only get a black screen.  How do I get into recovery console to  fix xorg.conf since grub isn't showing during boot by default?00:26
Keriorebooting again00:26
canthus13olivier83: But beyond that, I dunno what would kill audio *AND* video playback.00:26
SeaPhorshawn_, not just that, that would be the "External" port, need more info-- ask in ##networking00:26
canthus13milesc: Can you switch to a different terminal? (ctrl-alt-f1)00:27
m0r0nZykoticK9: Thanks00:27
tab1293is there a way i can erase a windows7/vista bootloader from ubuntu00:27
milescI sure can, thanks cathus1300:27
kilocan anyone recommend a channel that I can go to to discuss host-reseller packages?00:27
Jordan_Ua_: You have two lines there referring to edgy, do you know how they got there? ( one is for wine )00:27
canthus13milesc: No prob.00:27
olivier83canthus13 even if i reboot im not getting sounds again00:27
_Techie_is there an alternative to usign grub on a USB install as grub wont work properly as it points to a static drive location00:27
canthus13olivier83: Yes, but if someone else is able to help you more, it would make it easier for you to be in a normal state (pulseaudio running)00:28
olivier83canthus13 how i do that00:29
canthus13olivier83: reboot.00:29
_Techie_how can i make a persistant USB install of ubuntu?00:29
canthus13olivier83: Running it from the command line, in my experience anyway, never puts things back quite the way they should be.00:29
fearfulcanthus13, olivier83 try ALSA?00:29
Jordan_U_Techie_: System > Administration > USB Startup Disk Creator00:30
canthus13_Techie_: Yes.  check out http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ for tutorials.00:30
olivier83fearful yes and it all up!00:30
canthus13fearful: Tried shutting down Pulseaudio and he seems to have gotten some noise, but nothing normal.00:30
Kerioi ended all xfce related now and are trying to reboot00:30
canthus13fearful: alsamixer has everything on and turned up with and without pulseaudio.00:30
a_Jordan_U: I dont know. the only thing I have installed for wine is Paltalk00:31
fearfulolivier83, out of curiosity did it work before?00:31
RoyallWhenever I start Ubuntu, Gnome-Do never has anything listed, and I have to restart it so it'll work00:32
Jordan_Ua_: They shouldn't be there, remove those lines from your sources.list, this time you need to open it with a slightly different command so that you have permissions to save the changes: "gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list"00:32
olivier83fearful yes it work before each time i install ubuntu it work for 4-5 boot and after that i lost sounds for no reason noby know how to regain sounds the only thing that work is format and reinstall ubuntu00:32
RoyallLike, the box opens, but when I type anything it acts as if I have no applications or anything00:33
Keriostill nothing! clean install now, not worth the effort00:33
Keriothx for your help though00:33
Farrelhow to list all the channels for java>00:33
mzuverinkjoin #grlug00:33
mdgHello! I just a fresh install of ubuntu (mint) on a P3 laptop and Gnome seems a bit "heavy".  Would I run into a lot of problems by changing my window manager to fluxbox?00:33
lstarnesFarrel: /msg alis list *java*00:33
Jordan_Uolivier83: If you create a new user does that new user have the sound problems?00:33
fearfulolivier83, what sound drive do you have00:34
blingoMany thanks, bye00:34
olivier83Jordan_U never try but i don't want to end up with 1000 of user00:34
Jordan_Umdg: Changing to Fluxbox won't save much compared to the rest of gnome, unless you mean replaceing all of Gnome and not just metacity00:34
mdgJordan_U: any other suggestions?00:35
Jordan_Uolivier83: It would help diagnose the problem, obviously not a solution :)00:35
olivier83fearful realtek ALC88000:35
a_Jordan_U: ok this is what I deleted "00:36
a_deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu edgy universe00:36
a_deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt edgy main00:36
olivier83Jordan_U im gonna try it soon lol00:36
FloodBot3a_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:36
Keriothank god for 100mbit connections00:36
Jordan_Ua_: That's correct00:36
Jordan_Umdg: If you are comfortable with fluxbox ( it can be hard for a first time user ) you can install fluxbox and choose a fluxbox only session from the session menu of the login screen00:37
fearfulolivier83, thats awkward, have you checked if in the sound preferences in the bottom list 'Master' volume is there00:38
mdgJordan_U: what kind of things would I not be able to do in a fluxbox only session?00:38
Jordan_Umdg: Or you could install Xubuntu which is lighter than Ubuntu but still very easy00:38
smanhey, I'm getting the error "scp: ambiguous target" when I run  scp -r localmachine/lab2 remotemachine:s1/programming/lab\ answers/00:38
smanI really do have a location on the remotemachine with the path  s1/programming/lab\ answers00:39
mdgJordan_U: would like to avoid re-installing - already have 3 other times with Crunchbang (had problems getting screen resolution to cooperate)00:39
a_Jordan_U: well thats good, and I am able to complete my repository download, but I still get no results for "xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.4"00:39
lstarnessman: try scp -r "localmachine:/lab2" "remotemachine:s1/progamming/lab answers/"00:39
[Mr_Wizard]would anybody know a good channel for a ubuntu noob that needs help with a few small issues?00:39
olivier83fearful master is all up00:40
shawn_[Mr_Wizard], Here00:40
smanlstarnes: grr... yes it worked00:40
andrew__[Mr_Wizard], whats wrong with here?00:40
smanlstarnes: such a simple solution! thanks ;)00:40
[Mr_Wizard]lol ok cool00:40
lstarnessman: quoting is often safer than escaping00:40
fearfulbut in System > Preferences > Sound Preferences there's a list is it on there?00:40
fearfulolivier83, but in System > Preferences > Sound Preferences there's a list is it on there?* sorry00:41
joeyeyeHow do I change the size of desktop icons in gnome ?00:41
[Mr_Wizard]my laptop's resolution settings are all screwed up, and i can't get any resolutions in widescreen other than 640x40000:41
olivier83fearful oh yeah it on and all up00:42
Jordan_Ujoeyeye: Right click -> Stretch icon00:42
SeaPhorshawn_, also, if you want to discuss OT stuff like extended networking, you are welcome to come by my channel when mems are active...00:42
joeyeyeJordan_U: nice, but how about all of them, always and forever ?00:42
smanlastpook: ok00:43
joeyeyeJordan_U: it's a nautilus setting ... under prefs00:44
[Mr_Wizard]too noob i guess?00:44
kilocan anyone recommend DVD backup/burning software (similar to CloneDVD and AnyDVD). I'd like to backup my DVD collection...00:44
Jordan_U!dvd | kilo00:45
ubottukilo: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:45
kilowoohoo!  thx00:45
fearfulolivier83, have you modified any system files before the sound disappears or something? or is it just out of the blue00:45
shawn_SeaPhor What channel00:45
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], sorry, missed the question??00:46
olivier83fearful it out of the blue i boot up and nothing00:46
[Mr_Wizard]my laptop's resolution settings are all screwed up, and i can't get any resolutions in widescreen other than 640x400?00:46
=== Randy is now known as Guest23489
SeaPhorshawn_, check PM00:46
[Mr_Wizard]stuck with 1024x800 right now00:46
jmaslibrebottesting: ping00:47
bottestingjmaslibre: pong!00:47
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], what video card you have?00:47
jmaslibrebottesting: visto jmaslibre00:47
bottestingjmaslibre: Parece que jmaslibre, andaba aquí el 2009-10-13 17:48:57, lo último que salio de su teclado fue «bottesting: visto jmaslibre»00:47
fearfulolivier83, thats really weird I've never heard of a problem like that00:47
[Mr_Wizard]umm. i think its an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500mhd? thats what the sticker on it says :/00:47
Jordan_U[Mr_Wizard]: What graphics card?00:48
Jordan_U[Mr_Wizard]: Sorry, missed your last comment00:48
Jordan_U[Mr_Wizard]: What version of Ubuntu and can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?00:49
olivier83fearful your not alone every time this happen no body can help me so i reinstall ubuntu to have sounds but im sick of it!!00:49
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], can you run lshw -C video   in a terminal?00:49
james^^hi, why was ttf-bitstream-vera removed from 9.10?00:49
voxjames^^: join #ubuntu+100:50
fearfulolivier83, I don't know what to say :S no one can help00:50
[Mr_Wizard]Jordan_U, 9.04 Jaunty, and i'm not sure what that means. :/00:50
Jordan_Uolivier83: It would be very usefull to know if a new user temporarily solves the problem00:50
[Mr_Wizard]SeaPhor, i'll try00:50
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], pastebin it plz?00:51
Jordan_Uolivier83: If so then we can track what files are changing in your home folder and find out what is causing the problem00:51
Jordan_U!pastebin | [Mr_Wizard]00:51
ubottu[Mr_Wizard]: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic00:51
olivier83Jordan_U im doing it right not brb00:51
UnknownFearNGhey all00:52
[Mr_Wizard]seaphor http://paste.ubuntu.com/292715/00:54
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SeaPhorJordan_U, you get that pastebin?00:56
Jordan_USeaPhor: Yes00:56
olivier83Jordan_U no sounds on the other user00:56
jonathank89I've been testing karmic for a while now and it's been working great! but after a batch updates i've been getting this really annoying system beep. eg. if i'm in gedit and there's nothing in the document and press backspace it beeps00:57
jonathank89any ideas how to fix this?00:57
fearful!karmic | jonathank8900:58
ubottujonathank89: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:58
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milescrip out your system speaker?00:58
coz_jonathank89,  not off hand but you may get more info if you go to  #ubuntu+1  which is for karmic :)00:58
jonathank89not really an option, it's a laptop @S00:58
jonathank89hey thanks i'll jump in there now00:58
olivier83Jordan_U every time i start to play a music file or video there a turn on speaker sounds type of sounds but nothing else00:59
Jordan_Uolivier83: Just to be thourough try creating a new user and reboot logging in as the new user. If it's a problem with a configuration file in the home folder that should be exactly like reinstalling, logging in as another user first might break sound for the rest of the time the computer is booted.00:59
olivier83Jordan_U alright brb01:00
Germanachohi everybody01:00
GermanachoI have a super problem :s01:00
Germanachothat's what I see on my desktop01:00
Germanachothose 2 pics01:01
Germanachoshow my problem Is like sudo rm -r / but I didn't made that01:01
Germanachoand I rebooted my system and could login fine01:01
Supersaiyan_IVGermanacho, gconf ?01:01
milescSystem font or character encoding problem?01:01
Germanacholemme test gconf01:02
voxcharacter encoding by the looks01:02
Germanachobeh is hard to execute gconf01:02
Supersaiyan_IVGermanacho, safe mode → try changing in the settings again01:02
Germanachoif I can't see anything01:02
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf plz?01:02
Supersaiyan_IVGermanacho, you mean gconf is messed up or the terminal01:02
Germanachoby the way, I didn't made any configuration01:03
GermanachoI just turn on the pc and saw in that way01:03
Supersaiyan_IVyou telling me it's a hardware failure?01:03
Germanachohttp://pastebin.com/m32bbd418 <== that's xorg.conf SeaPhor01:03
GaSSaN[a]heey all01:04
Germanachomaybe Supersaiyan_IV dunno01:04
SeaPhorty Germanacho01:04
[Mr_Wizard]seaphor, how do i do that? lol if you can't tell i just switched from windows.01:04
GermanachoI was washing me and put a movie to download came back and saw this mess01:04
GaSSaN[a]any one know to hack facebook zynga poker ?01:04
nullzeroany ideas for getting 3d rendering working on a radeon HD3200/RS7xx when having the fglrx kernel module causes a boot to black screen?01:04
[Mr_Wizard]seaphor, i know the pastebin now, just not the other part.01:04
nullzeromodule loaded*01:04
Supersaiyan_IVGaSSaN[a], you hack it by not playing it, saves you time01:04
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], ok, i'll show u the easy way ;-)\01:05
GermanachoI don't like this weird squares01:06
Jordan_UGermanacho: Are you using ext4?01:06
Germanachoyes Jordan_U01:06
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], do this in terminal-  sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:06
olivier83Jordan_U new user din't have sounds01:07
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], copy paste is best ;-)01:07
GermanachoJordan_U: why did you asked me if I were using ext401:08
one_do you know any good proxy ?01:08
Jordan_UGermanacho: First thing I would do is boot into a liveCD and make sure that you backup any files that are important to you, and don't force shutdown your computer even if it seems completely frozen01:08
GermanachoI didn't made nothing, just put a movie to download, came back and saw this squares01:08
one_my network provider banned my port 8001:08
[Mr_Wizard]seaphor, http://pastebin.com/f5d21af4a01:08
Germanachooke Jordan_U01:08
Germanachobut I rebooted the pc01:08
Germanachoonce, and didn't happend nothing01:08
Germanachojust could login fine into the session but watching the squares like b401:09
Jordan_UGermanacho: ext4 Has a bug where files can be lost if the computer looses power ( though that may not be what is happening to you, it's not common and luckily almost never affects user's data, just configuration files )01:09
Germanachoawe nice01:10
Germanachoand how I could restore my config files ?01:10
SeaPhorTY [Mr_Wizard] ,,, but that is no good for me, i'm good with Nvidia and ATi but intel .... maybe Jordan_U or another would be better to help you,,, i know it can be done, don't give up,,, its prolly fairly simple...01:10
ojiihi all01:11
ojiiI get "Not all updates can be installed" when trying to update my koala, why does that happen and how do i fix it?01:11
Jordan_UGermanacho: By reinstalling all of the packages whose files are zero bytes, but it could also be a bad drive or some other problem entirely so you should back up any important data now01:11
Germanachook Jordan_U01:12
Jordan_U!karmic | ojii01:12
Germanachodoing that right now01:12
ubottuojii: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:12
Germanachothen I will reinstall the system01:12
[Mr_Wizard]SeaPhor, probably. i've been using ubuntu for about 4 months now and i'm usually able to fix things just googling but this one i can't really find. i don't know why 1280x800 would disappear out of the blue like that. seems weird01:12
wildweathelojii, I had excactly those symptoms and it was a dying hard drive.01:12
Germanachoor execute the restore cd of ubuntu01:12
ojiiwildweathel: wtf?01:12
fsufitchhey, can anyone help me out? i need to get a left header, a centered header, and a right header on an openoffice document, but it only lets me do one of those at once. How do I do it?01:12
olivier83Jordan_U new user din't have sounds01:12
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Jordan_UGermanacho: I would do an fsck and try to figure out what went wrong, if it's a bad drive you might want to get rid of it01:13
Jordan_UGermanacho: Also try memtest01:13
Germanachoshould do ?01:13
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], so you had it working in native res before?01:14
Jordan_UGermanacho: You will need to boot into recovery mode or a liveCD to run fsck01:14
[Mr_Wizard]SeaPhor, yes01:14
Germanachook but first I will backup anything01:14
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Germanachothnx for the help Jordan_U :D01:15
Germanachofor recognize the problem01:15
Jordan_UGermanacho: np :)01:15
nullzerodoes anyone else hate fglrx a whole lot01:15
Jordan_UGermanacho: I just guessed possible problems, don't count on my guesses being right :)01:15
[Mr_Wizard]SeaPhor, attempted to have second desktop by plugging an HDTV into my HDMI input and failed miserably. then, while i messed with the settings 1280x800 and a bunch more resolutions just disappeared01:16
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], dont give up, and i may yet be able to help if no one else can,,, but i have to run to store ,, brb,,, (wife)01:16
Jordan_Uolivier83: Do you get an error when you try the test in System > Preferences > Sound ?01:16
[Mr_Wizard]SeaPhor, np, i'll be around.01:16
olivier83Jordan_U nope01:17
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olivier83Jordan_U it just openà01:17
BasketCase_Eeeis it possible to have a network-manager configured openvpn session run a script once the vpn interface is up?  (running UNR if that matters)01:17
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Jordan_Uolivier83: are all of the channels at full volume and unmuted when you run "alsamixer -c 0" ?01:17
olivier83Jordan_U all 100%01:18
GermanachoJordan_U: if I have to reinstall my system, do you reccomend me the 9.10 beta ?01:18
Jordan_UBasketCase_Eee: There may be an official way, if not you can have a script monitor the statis of network-manager through dbus01:19
BasketCase_EeeI would rather my script be a nice simple do stuff and exit01:19
Jordan_UGermanacho: No, not because of anything specific but just because it's still beta01:20
BasketCase_EeeI essentially want to do some route changes based on some if logic01:20
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Jordan_UBasketCase_Eee: You can configure static routes with network manager for certain connections.01:20
BasketCase_EeeI want to have only 1 connection01:20
BasketCase_Eee1 vpn connection anyway01:21
Guest89202I've a question about formatting my USB stick01:22
=== lippy is now known as Guest86712
Guest89202I've got a 4 gig partitioned into 2 separate 2 gig partitions. How do I format back to the original 4 gig?01:23
BasketCase_EeeGuest89202: you need to repartition it01:23
Jordan_UBasketCase_Eee: Just go to System > Preferences > Networking it looks like what you want to do is available in the GUI01:23
Guest89202Can I do that via terminal, or gparted?01:24
Jordan_UGuest89202: Do you have files on both?01:24
mar77ihey, why is packages.ubuntu.com down?01:24
BasketCase_EeeGuest89202: either, just make sure you pick the right device01:24
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: where?01:24
wolf23help me please~01:24
Guest89202If I do have files, I can erase them. That's not a problem01:24
Guest89202How do I know what the right device is?01:25
BasketCase_EeeGuest89202: it will certainly erase them01:25
coz_wolf23,  what is the issue?01:25
Guest89202and how do I change my user name?01:25
tylertHelp please.....Autostarted Apps will not run bash script?01:25
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coz_Guest85537,  where you type here  type    /nick  newnick01:25
biovoretylert: it should.. is the bash script set +x (executeable)01:25
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: I don't see anything about running scripts in the GUI01:25
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=== n is now known as night1ne
wolf23coz_,  thanx, i open youtube on firefox and the video cannot play :(01:26
VCooliotylert: did you make it executable (chmod +x script), else call it with "sh /path/to/script"; also does it nothing that requires root permission01:26
coz_wolf23,  did you install sun-java and ubuntu restricted extras?01:26
tylertbiovore: unknown i just got into the tech field with no experiance in linux01:26
coz_wolf23,  opne synaptic pacakge manager and then hit the Search button and type sun-java01:26
wolf23coz_,  how can i see if all are installed?01:27
olivier83Jordan_U did u miss my msg it was all 100%01:27
coz_wolf23, first go to system/administration/synaptic package manger01:27
biovoretylert: chmod +x <file.sh>  will make it executable..01:27
night1neI believe I've formatted both partitions at one time or another.01:27
coz_wolf23, ` then hit the Search button and type in    sun-java01:27
nullzeroguest85537: sudo fdisk -l to list your disks01:27
wolf23coz_,  yes unmark01:28
night1neokay. then what?01:28
coz_wolf23,  then scroll down the list and look for      sudn-java6-plugin01:28
coz_wolf23,  click and mark for installation01:28
nullzerodo you have the name of the drive?01:28
Gaming4JCHello All, I've been dual booting Windows Vista and Ubuntu for some time. But recently my Vista installation has a lot of BSODs, a tech told me it was due to Ubuntu's resizing of the partition and that Vista was accessing parts of the drive that didn't exist anymore. Is there any validity to that?01:28
tylertbiovore:  where you have file.sh  do i include the <>?   and if i include basic operation in that such as rdesktop and all tags i need01:28
night1nesda 1, 2, 5, 6, 701:28
wolf23coz_,  ok01:28
coz_wolf23,  then click search again and typein    ubuntu-restricted-extras01:29
coz_wolf23,  then click that one for installation as well01:29
coz_wolf23,  make sure it is ubuntu restricted extras and NOT   kubuntu restricted extras01:29
Gaming4JCI was like, hmm I don't think Ubuntu causes problems like that with partitions. :\01:29
BasketCase_EeeGaming4JC: not unless chkdsk says the filesystem is screwed up01:29
nullzeronight1ne: see any of them that are formatted with FAT?01:29
biovoretylert: no  <> are just indicators to put your own file in there01:29
wolf23coz_,  ok thank you i try01:29
nullzerothe FAT ones are probably your USB stick01:29
night1neyea, I've got them both.01:29
coz_wolf23,  then click the  Apply button... at some point a dialog will open for you to agree to the license  ...just tick the box and click forward01:30
tylertbiovore:  but about the other part of that question?01:30
night1nesdc 1 and 201:30
Gaming4JCBasketCase_Eee: Yah chkdsk says it's fine. So I'm pretty sure the guy told me wrong just cuz he doesn't like Linux or something lol.01:30
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], ask in channel how to reconfigure your xserver,,, its something like "sudo dpkg xorg,..... " or something,,, never had to myself but seen it01:30
coz_wolf23,  after that you should be able to play youtube videos ...if you want to play dvds let me know01:30
biovoretylert: what you tring to do?01:30
nullzerotry sudo fdisk /dev/sdc01:30
a_Jordan_U: thanks for teaching me all this stuff. I found "xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.4", do I have to restart in order for the changes to take effect?01:30
mgv1im connectet to open wireless connection but it very loose - even the speed of download goes betweeb 20 to 230 kb/s - why isnt it stable?01:30
Gaming4JCBasketCase_Eee: It's probably just Vista acting stupid, it's a very unstable operating system. Ubuntu kills it any day. ;)01:31
night1necommand (m for help)01:31
tuffaxcan anyone give me a hand with samba01:31
jeremiah__hulu.com videos are very jerky under 9.04 any reason why?01:31
tylertwell im making linux based wireless thin-clients via the rdesktop app,  but when people hit cancel on the server log on screen it took them back to the home machine, i want to make it so it will auto start back up01:31
coz_wolf23,   I would just run this command if you want to play dvds later  even if you dont runt this command by copy and pasting into the terminal   and to do that easily just hightlight the command here and ismply middle click inside the terminal window to paste01:31
wolf23coz_,  ok let me wait until done? :)01:31
coz_wolf23,       sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh01:31
night1neOkay, nm. Thanks much01:31
tylertbiovore:  sorry...read my last message01:32
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Gaming4JCBasketCase_Eee: He also told me it could be my boot manager and that I should try System Commander over grub for a "cleaner boot".. dunno about all that either... ??01:32
BasketCase_EeeGaming4JC: with windows it can be just about anything.  malware, ram, cpu, mobo, psu, file corruption, something else01:32
a_I'm gonna try that01:33
nullzeronight1ne: sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdc?01:33
BasketCase_EeeGaming4JC: the boot loader doesn't really leave anything behind01:33
night1nenah. I got it.01:33
BasketCase_EeeGaming4JC: unless you are doing disk remapping or something01:33
biovoretylert: probably don't want rdesktop then.. its session based.  When a thin client logs out.. you want it to go back to a login screen right?01:33
tylertyes sir,01:33
night1neWhat's sudo mkfs.ext3...do though?01:33
usser_tylert, if you dont want to implement a proper solution, like LTSP, i have a lazy one :), just did that in fact the other day.01:33
nullzeroformats the drive with ext3 file system01:33
night1neAhh, okay.01:33
nullzeromkfs = make file system01:33
Gaming4JCBasketCase_Eee: Ok, thanks I was pretty sure the guy was way off you just reassured me. :) Viva Ubuntu!01:33
tylertbiovore: yes sir01:34
usser_tylert, create a really restricted user, strip down everything, i'd suggest going with bare debian, install minimal xorg and fluxbox.01:34
night1neI just deleted one of the partitions and opened up gparted.01:34
nullzeroyou can also do mkfs.vfat if you want to use it under windows01:34
BasketCase_Eeeext2 is sometimes preferred for solid state storage01:34
biovoretylert:  probably want xdmcp..  but need to note that xdmcp isn't encryped, so probably want to run it over a ssh tunnel or openvpn.01:34
night1neHmm, well, I plan on attempting to install a windows distro on it.01:34
night1neOh, ok.01:34
grendal_prime_anyone ever loged into a vncserver and your keyboard just been all crazy and mixed up?01:35
usser_tylert, create a script with the following http://pastebin.com/m379b968101:35
Jordan_Uolivier83: Were they also all unmuted ( "OO" rather than "MM" at the bottom ) ?01:35
tylertusser_: wanna send me an email with this?01:35
usser_tylert, its not that much work, really01:35
nullzerono, but i logged into x once with the fglrx kernel module loaded and got like 8 distorted copies of the ubuntu logo on the screen01:35
night1neSo should I format it to fat?01:35
BasketCase_Eeenight1ne: depends on how you plan to use it.  fat is the most compatible but has significant limitations01:36
LjL!cn | yhge_01:36
ubottuyhge_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:36
tylertusser_: could you send an email about this to tylert@serrc.org01:36
SeaPhor[Mr_Wizard], ask in channel how to reconfigure your xserver,,, its something like "sudo dpkg xorg,..... " or something,,, never had to myself but seen it01:36
drewberthello, x is failing to start after installing latest nvidia drivers, running intel q9550 on nvidia 780i with geforce 9500 gt,  xorg.log:  http://pastebin.ca/1618463 xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ca/1618464 another (failed) xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ca/161846501:36
grendal_prime_crazy frigging key map or somerhing01:36
usser_tylert, sigh... sure01:36
tylertusser_: thanks so much :D01:36
usser_tylert, dont paste your email addresses like that.01:36
usser_tylert, you will be spammed into oblivion :)01:37
tylertusser_: got it01:37
nullzerosudo dpkg xorg --reconfigure01:37
nullzeroerr sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:37
nullzeroi think01:38
nullzerothat tool has done a whole lot of nothing for me though01:38
=== konsumer is now known as konbon
konbonHello everyone01:38
Jordan_UBasketCase_Eee: If you create a new vpn connection then go into ipv4 settings and create a static default route then select "Use only this connection for resourses on this network" I think that will make the only route in the routing table the default route ( and any others ) you set there01:38
night1neokay, so what is the command for formatting via terminal?01:38
drewbertnullzero: i tried nvidia-xconfig, didn't help much, someone else recommended sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg01:38
drewberthave yet to try that before i boot off this live cd01:39
celthundernight1ne, what are you doing that you need fat? fat is almost pointless in most situations01:39
drewbert*sigh* which i had lappy with me01:39
nullzerodrewbert: that fixes some problems but don't cross your fingers01:39
night1neWell, I'm going to attempt to install windows on the drive.01:39
nullzeroive heard stories of stuff just magically being fixed by dpkg-reconfigure01:39
celthundernight1ne, ntfs then01:39
nullzerodid absolutely jack for me01:39
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: I am not trying to set specific routes for the vpn connection.  I am trying to set dynamic routes through the vpn based on the dynamic settings of the wifi interface01:39
night1neAnd I believe someone suggested fat.01:39
konbonwhats the prob drewbert?01:39
olivier83Jordan_U yes at the bottom 00 and below that 10001:39
Jordan_Udrewbert: Just dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg will have you using the open source drivers, that then System > Administration > Hardware Drivers will get you the defaults + proprietary driver01:40
night1neOkay. So then what would be the command to perform the operation via terminal?01:40
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: my script is already written (works great in Gentoo) I just don't know how to tell the system to run it after bringing up the vpn01:40
=== kaie is now known as Guest50620
administratorcan i have a tutorial on how to install ventrilo ?01:40
nullzeronight1ne: my bad, i didnt even think of ntfs01:40
nullzeroi dumb01:40
yhge_please,who can tell me,i want to go #ubuntu.cn,how to do ???01:40
=== administrator is now known as Guest21663
night1neNo worries.01:40
drewbertkonbon: mind if i copy paste it to you in im?01:40
nullzeroyhge_: /join #ubuntu.cn?01:40
night1neNah. you're better at this than I am.01:40
tuffaxhi - i've gotten stuck trying to set up a file share between jaunty and xp. i'm trying to go through a belkin router using ethernet cables. can anyone help?01:40
konbonno prob drewbert01:40
Gaming4JCdrewbert: You can try entering recover mode and selecting fix Xorg. Also, if it's like my predicament was, you may need to uninstall the Nvidia drivers if they aren't the right ones for your system. :\01:41
drewbertJordan_U: i'll try that next time i reboot, however the system > administration > hardware drivers also cause a problem similar to the one i'm having now where x won't start01:41
Jordan_UBasketCase_Eee: http://ldn.linuxfoundation.org/article/performing-custom-actions-when-networkmanager-goes-onoffline01:41
high-rezCan someone explain the mechanism that ubuntu uses for deciding which X11 driver to use?  I have an nvidia chipset, and installed the drivers, but for some reason its still using the VESA driver.01:42
Guest21663can sum1 help me on how to install ventrilo on ubuntu?01:42
MenZahigh-rez: Try running sudo nvidia-xconfig01:42
konbonhigh-rez: did you reboot after the install?01:42
Jordan_Uhigh-rez: It's probably using VESA because nvidia failed to load, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:42
konbonsometimes a log out wont do the job. you need the full restart of the os01:42
werfactwhat is a simple decent ide for java and c/c++ on linux?01:42
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: that looks like what I want.  I will do some playing01:43
Gaming4JCwerfact: Code:Blocks?01:43
high-rezJordan: Nothing about it failing to load in xorg.0.log - already checked.01:43
Jordan_U!ide | werfact01:43
ubottuwerfact: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, QtCreator01:43
celthunderGuest21663, put on wine or a virtual software and install?01:44
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
high-rezMenZa: Aha.  I thought ubuntu used some smart mechanism for auto configuring xorg.conf ;)01:44
wolf23coz_,  done all, i have ubuntu restricted installed ,after done after i try open youtube and the video cannot play01:44
Jordan_Uhigh-rez: Can you pastebin your Xorg.0.log?01:44
Guest21663dont have wine installed on mines :(01:44
olivier83Jordan_U it should be mm rather then 00!?01:44
werfactGaming4JC, Jordan_U thanks01:44
MenZahigh-rez: I think it should run that on install, but *shrug*01:44
crawlerJordan_U: hey, sorry for the delay.  i tried what you suggested for my wireless, but nothing worked.01:44
night1neokay, so what is the command for formatting via terminal?01:44
Jordan_Uolivier83: No, it should be "00" rather than "MM"01:44
coz_wolf23,   mmm01:44
=== WikiNinja is now known as starcraftman
olivier83Jordan_U ah ok it 0001:44
Gaming4JCwerfact: np Ubuntu is an amazing community. Enjoy. :D01:44
crawlerJordan_U:  is there a way to force ubuntu to rescan for wireless cards?  it's not detected anymore it seems01:45
coz_wolf23,  you have all the codecs and sun java installed it should play well01:45
Jordan_Ucrawler: Can you pastebin the output of "lsmod | grep ath" ?01:45
coz_wolf23,  which video card are you running?01:45
high-rezJordan_U: No worries, nvidia-xconfig made everything happy...  I guess auto detection was just broken.01:45
olivier83Jordan_U could it be the External Amplifier01:45
arandHow are one to interpret this?: "password: Password string for EAP. This field can include either the plaintext password (using ASCII or hex string)" Does it mean that password="1" (ASCII) is the exact equivalent of password="31" (hex)?01:45
wolf23coz_,  sys01:45
celthunder                                                                          01:45
coz_wolf23,  oooo01:45
crawlerJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/m6e63efd101:46
Jordan_Uolivier83: I'm not sure why reinstalling would fix it if that were the case01:46
coz_wolf23,   in terminal   lspci | grep -i vga01:46
wolf23coz_,  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter01:46
celthunderarand, put \x for the hex one...01:46
nullzeronight1ne: sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs01:46
coz_wolf23,  ok and did you install the driver for that card?01:46
nullzerothat will let you format stuff in ntfs01:46
wolf23coz i dont know?01:46
olivier83Jordan_U on a website it sayd to turn off External Amplifier01:47
coz_wolf23,  then you didnt hold on let me find the deb package01:47
Jordan_Ucrawler: Try "sudo rmmod ath_pci ath_hal wlan"01:47
wolf23coz_,  ok thanx01:47
arandcelthunder: Thankyou! I've been fishing for answers for ages.01:47
crawlerJordan_U: ok, i did that..should i reboot?01:47
talonz1my motherboard crashed today and i had to replace it, i got everything working again but for some reason my sound card isnt detected any mroe any ideas ?01:48
Jordan_Ucrawler: No, pastebin the output of "iwlist scan"01:48
coz_wolf23,  do you know if this is 64 bit or 32 bit system?01:48
wolf23coz_,  3201:48
celthunderarand, lol np01:48
crawlerJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/m52d5a22901:49
veggteppeHi there. Got a quick issue: When i attempt to run a file through "./" i get permission denied. tried sudo ./name , but didnt seem to help. any ideas?01:49
nullzeroveggteppe: chmod +x filename01:49
celthunder  \\\\\\01:49
ryguyAre there any cd images of ubuntu 9.04 with all the current updates where I dont have to wait an hour and a half for the updates to install?01:49
celthundervega-, \\\01:49
lstarnesveggteppe: sudo sh ./name01:49
celthunderwtf my keyboards messed up :(01:49
coz_wolf23,  ok I believe it is here  http://altruistic.lbl.gov/mirrors/ubuntu/pool/universe/m/ms-sys/    go there and choose your architecture   ...click on the appropriate one...download to desktop...open terminal    cd  Desktop    then  sudo dpkg -i ms-sys_2.1.0-1  hit the tab button tocomplete the name  then hit enter  and then reboot the system01:50
lstarnesveggteppe: unless it isn't an sh script01:50
veggteppenullzero/lstarnes: thanks:). Gonna try both.01:50
Jordan_Ucrawler: Ok, try "sudo modprobe ath5k"01:50
nullzeroveggteppe: do chmod +x on it first, then ,.01:50
LinuX2halfdoes itunes work with ubuntu?01:50
MenZaLinuX2half: No.01:50
Jordan_Uryguy: You can install with the minimal CD which will grab the latest updates at install01:50
blueglasses!info rtkit-deamon01:51
ubottuPackage rtkit-deamon does not exist in jaunty01:51
wolf23coz_,  i try thanx01:51
crawlerJordan_U: ok, did that, it says: "WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, it will be ignored in a future release." then goes back to a prompt.01:51
LinuX2halfthen is there an program that supports ipod touch third generation?01:51
wolf23coz_,  i have installed about the dvd, how can i test it?01:51
coz_wolf23,  yes let me know  but dont delte that package until later  in case it doesn work01:51
Jordan_Ucrawler: Does "iwlist scan" say anything different than before?01:52
coz_wolf23,  install that driver first01:52
veggteppenullzero: example: got a readme file, and wanna try to open using terminal, did chmod +x on it first, then sudo sh ./README, but getting some errors.01:52
Jordan_U!ipod | LinuX2half01:52
ubottuLinuX2half: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod01:52
wolf23coz_,  ok01:52
celthunderveggteppe, open it in an editor... vi README01:52
gimmicklesshaving troubles with LAMP.  got as far as sudo tasksel install lamp-server.  http://localhost is not working.01:52
coz_wolf23,  dont forget to reboot the system  not just restart x01:52
crawlerJordan_U:  same thing as before :-(  i knew i shouldn't have messed with anything.  i even tried reinstalling all the kernel files and whatnot.01:52
veggteppecelthunder: Thanks :).01:52
celthundergimmickless, did you bind the http server to localhost or just the external ip01:52
=== matthew is now known as Guest92787
nullzeroveggteppe: i thought you were trying to execute something01:53
gimmicklesscelthunder, nope.  That under apache.conf?01:53
crawlerJordan_U:  i tried under the vista partition, and wireless works fine, so it can't be hardware related..01:53
veggteppenullzero: hehe, well, trying to learn most, so now i know both text editor, and execute a file:D01:53
eshannonHow would I change permissions on a folder and all of it contents subfolders and files?01:53
celthundereshannon, chmod -R01:53
MenZaeshannon: chmod with the -R flag.01:54
nullzeroveggteppe: you would use ./ to execute some scripts01:54
nullzeroand sh also01:54
parabyteHello, does anyone know of any streaming software that uses mp3's or aac format and i setup say my media player to stream the content and the host machine plays it????01:54
Jordan_Ucrawler: Did you ever try booting without linux-restricted-modules installed? ( they are installed now or you wouldn't have had ath_pci )01:54
nullzero!info xorg-driver-fglrx01:54
ubottuxorg-driver-fglrx (source: fglrx-installer): Video driver for the ATI graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is optional. Version 2:8.600-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 15088 kB, installed size 47388 kB (Only available for amd64 i386)01:54
coz_ok back in a bit01:54
usser_parabyte, subsonic is one of the solutions01:55
parabytelike plays the audio through its inbuilt sound card01:55
crawlerJordan_U: ok, i'll try that.. be back in a bit.  thanks for your help thus far!01:55
Jordan_Ueshannon: But be *very* carefull, especially if it's a system directory01:55
nullzeroanybody have a method for getting 3d rendering working on an ATI RS7xx chipset without using fglrx01:55
parabyteusser_, subsonic iit be?01:55
=== _NeoBlaster is now known as NeoBlaster
durthey folks, has anyone ever found an app thatcan scan and catalog optical media by files, my searches are fuitless.01:55
Jordan_Ucrawler: You need to remove the package for your running kernel01:55
crawlerJordan_U: okay, will do.01:56
celthundernullzero, KMS/radeonhd drivers dont support 3d on anything above RS5xx01:56
eshannonnot a system directory a Hard drive I installed from another system that I want to take files from. I have been using sudo chmod ugo+rwx01:56
usser_parabyte, eh?01:56
usser_parabyte, no problem01:56
nullzerocelthunder: i figured, radeonhd gives me atrocious FPS01:56
nullzeroradeon works fine but only gives me 2d, and simply loading fglrx breaks xserver01:56
mgv1yesterday ive tried gust user but there wasnt internet connection panel there :-) it was annoying - why isnt it there?01:57
=== nasa is now known as _3mendo
celthundernullzero, ah ...how are you installing fglrx01:57
shawn_Does Karmic run somewhat stabely yet?01:57
nullzerocelthunder: tried both from the repository and from ATI's website with the distro specific package01:57
Flannelshawn_: It's beta software.  Please ask in #ubuntu+101:58
nullzeroboth cause royal screwups , and doing it through the .bin installer made the kernel modules undead01:58
nullzerohad to reformat to get radeon working again01:58
celthundernullzero, hmm how did you reconfigure X after installing?01:58
ArManalguien habla español¿01:58
lstarnes!es | ArMan01:58
ubottuArMan: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:58
canthus13mgv1: So... you're on a public wireless connection?01:58
celthundernullzero, did you install catalyst or just the utils01:58
nullzerocelthunder: catalyst01:59
ArManchaaa manso01:59
=== hendaus is now known as wolf23
ArMangracias por contestar!01:59
celthundernullzero, boot to init 3 and then run ati-config --adapter=all --initial01:59
celthunderit might be aticonfig without a -01:59
_3mendosorry to every one I'm trying to install a software from that repositoryhttp://ppa.launchpad.net I got some problem with key certificate, now seems to be that are all ok but when I try to install that software I get some error for depence and I don't know why it doesn't solv it in auto, any help?? in advance thanks02:00
nullzerocelthunder: i don't have fglrx installed, should i use the repo version or the .bin02:00
foundry871Does that program, Alarm Clock, still have problems in Jaunty?02:00
celthundernullzero which card do you have specifically?02:00
Jordan_U_3mendo: Timeout?02:00
mrmowgliI keep trying to install off of a minimal cd using the command line and my screen goes blank and stays that way... :/02:01
nullzeropci id 1002:961202:01
elad`Using regular expressions in python, how do I say something like repetitions of "ab", such as "ab", "abab", "ababab", etc., but not "aba"?02:01
celthunderokay then 1 moment02:01
Jordan_U_3mendo: Try pool.sks-keyservers.net as the keyserver02:01
jalsnext year will ubuntu use Ubuntu X ?02:02
magnofluxhow can i run a .bin file on crossover linux02:02
lstarneselad`: maybe (?:ab)+02:02
_3mendoJordan_U,  equested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable02:02
_3mendodistribution that some required packages have not yet been created02:02
_3mendoor been moved out of Incoming.02:02
_3mendoThe following information may help to resolve the situation:02:02
_3mendoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:02:02
FloodBot3_3mendo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:02
_3mendo  avant-window-navigator-trunk: Depends: libawn0-trunk (>= 0.3.0) but it is not going to be installed02:02
lstarnesjals: 10.x02:02
elad`What are the paranthesis for?02:02
jalslstarnes, yeah, but like OSX02:02
crawlerJordan_U: still the same thing :-(02:02
lstarneselad`: grouping.  ab+ is a with one or more b's following02:02
jalsit can be Ubuntu X, or UX02:02
ryguyis there any reason why downloads from the internet are more than 300 KB/s yet downloads from the update manager are less than 80 KB/s?02:02
Jordan_U!mirror | ryguy02:03
ubotturyguy: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Jaunty, and help keeping the servers' load low!02:03
elad`I tried (ab)*. Why wouldn't that work?02:03
magnofluxdoes crossover linux load .bin files at all???02:03
lstarneselad`: that captures each instance of ab and matches 0 or more instances02:03
Billiardelad: ^(ab)+$02:03
mrmowgliIs there any way to force the command line install to keep using the same display setting as it starts off with?  Like vesafb or something?02:03
lstarnesmagnoflux: it depends on what the actual fromat inside the .bin file is02:03
elad`lstarnes, that sounds like what I was asking for.02:03
ryguyJordan_U:  No I mean I just started a download from ati and it goes at like 35002:03
lstarnesmagnoflux: try using file filename.bin02:04
Jordan_Uryguy: Sorry, thought that factoid had the information, System > Administration > Software Sources has an option to find the fastest mirror near you02:04
ryguyoh okay02:04
Jordan_Uryguy: np02:04
elad`(ab)* doesn't work, and I can't figure out why - leading me to the conclusion that I don't really understand regex yet.02:04
crawlerJordan_U: i booted into a live cd and took a screenshot of the hardware drivers window: http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/8937/screenshothardwaredrive.png02:04
crawlerJordan_U: the wireless worked in live cd without using the driver.  but enabling the driver and rebooting = no wireless, and no driver listed to deactivate.02:05
joebodowill ubuntu moblin remix work on non-atom processors - like the celeron in the eee 900 ?02:05
celthunderuh nullzero are you sure its 3200? doesnt even show up on atis site02:05
pepeehi. I wanna give internet to my cellphone through my machine via bluetooth02:05
nullzerocelthunder: yep, HD3200 mobility according to lspci02:06
pepeedo someone knows a way to do that?02:06
Jordan_Uelad`: <anything>* means *zero* or more of <anything>, <anything>+ means one or more of <anything>02:06
celthundernullzero, ah i missed the m lol02:06
_3mendoJordan_U, any subjest02:06
durtdoes any one have a good way of scanning and cataloguing removable media? CD/DVD/USB/NAS but mostly data DVDs.02:06
Jordan_U_3mendo: Please use pastebin to give the error message02:07
Jordan_U!paste | _3mendo02:07
ubottu_3mendo: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!02:07
_3mendoI'm sorry for before I did mistake02:07
elad`I know that, Jordan_U. That doesn't seem to be connected with "(ab)*" not matching "ababab".02:07
celthundernullzero, 32 or 64 bit?02:07
nullzerocelthunder: 3202:08
Billiardelad`: check out my pm02:08
elad`In [142]: re.findall('^(ab)*$', 'ababab')02:08
elad`Out[142]: ['ab']02:08
elad`That doesn't make any sense.02:08
magnofluxim trying to load a .bin file named mdi38.bin into crossover linux and when i click install unsupported software and browse in other cd-rom location the image name doesnt pop up02:08
=== andref__ is now known as netcrash
elad`Can you explain that, Billiard ?02:10
celthundernullzero, uh i'd try the ones in the repositories according to atis site that card isnt supported02:10
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: I figured it out...02:10
_3mendoJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/292754/02:10
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: it is a known bug in network-manager with VPNs02:10
nullzerocelthunder: roge. i did do aticonfig --initial but without the adapter=all02:10
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: it runs /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/01ifupdown with the vpn-up parameter instead of the up parameter02:11
nullzeroi suspect either the radeon driver is interfering with it OR it doesnt like my native 1399x76802:11
mrmowglion the minimal cd for 9.04 the command line installer hangs on detecting hardware, anyone have any ideas how to get past that or see some status messages?02:11
BasketCase_EeeJordan_U: which causes that script to fail and then no further scripts including the one I added get run02:11
nullzerobut it never seems to get far enough to give me an xorg.0.log02:11
nullzeroit just goes to vesa02:11
nullzeroor goes nowhere02:11
pepeenullzero, try the open source driver02:11
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Roller-chNow they are even though the network to make the world! If you're not hard to please register on this link http://vk.com/reg3864638 ! I would be very grateful!02:11
nullzeropepee: using it now, doesn't support 3d/compiz with this chipset02:12
mrmowglinullzero: which radeon is it?02:12
crawlerJordan_U: (i'm still fairly new to linux) i noticed a file in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath_pci.conf inside it says http://pastebin.com/maaa68cb  should i delete this file?02:12
nullzeromrmowgli: HD3200 mobility, RS7xx02:12
nullzerono 3d support with open source yet for rs700s02:12
mrmowglihrmm, been running into issues with a different mobility chip02:12
nullzerobut thankfully if it craps out i just have to apt-get remove and reinstall mesa02:13
Jordan_Ucrawler: Try commenting it out02:13
mrmowglinullzero: you are just trying to get the acceleration running?02:13
Billiardelad`: what exactly are you trying to do with regex, check if a string matches a pattern or find multiple occurances of a pattern?02:13
nullzeromrmowgli: yep, i have no compiz/3d02:13
pepeenullzero, add this to /etc/apt/sources.list "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main restricted universe multiverse"02:13
crawlerJordan_U: ok, brb02:13
elad`Check if it matches a pattern.02:13
mwattsi am also having graphics driver issue.  i have a compaq 6710b...lots of intel driver problems02:13
mrmowglinullzero: do you have the fglrx packages?02:13
_3mendodoes anybody know hot to fix this ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/292754/  in advace thanks02:14
nullzeropepee: may already be in there02:14
Jordan_Ucrawler: Wait02:14
mrmowglinullzero: or tried the ati downloads?02:14
nullzeromrmowgli: no, having the fglrx kernel module even loaded breaks the machine02:14
crawlerJordan_U: k02:14
nullzeroeven if I modify xorg.conf to use the open source driver02:14
Jordan_Ucrawler: That should say "blacklist ath_pci"02:14
nullzerothe machine will not boot if fglrx is loaded02:14
Jordan_Ucrawler: That's probably the change Hardware Driver makes02:14
Billiardelad`: use re.match or re.search02:15
mrmowglinullzero: have you tried it with the kernel option -nomodetest?02:15
crawlerJordan_U: ok, so tswitch ath5k with ath_pci?02:15
jalswhat will happen in 2017 after Zany Zebra02:15
Jordan_Ucrawler: Yes02:15
nullzeromrmowgli: no02:16
crawlerJordan_U:  ok, reboot?02:16
nullzeroi could give it a shot02:16
=== ricky_ is now known as Guest34934
Jordan_Ucrawler: YEs02:16
crawlerk, brb02:16
mrmowglinullzero: have a read with this note first (I know it's not ubuntu but it is interesting:02:16
dmsupermanI have a HDD with a FAT32 partition on it, I can't tell which is the damaged part but I'm able to mount the partition successfully. When I do something as simple as ls it takes an exceptional amount of time to perform it02:17
dmsupermanI'm using rsync right now to copy the files, however slowly, but I'm not sure this is the best tool for retrying broken files02:17
dmsupermanAny suggestions for perhaps more appropriate tools?02:17
nullzeromrmowgli: i'll give it a shot once i get fglrx installed again02:17
Satzodmsuperman, unstoppable copier02:18
dmsupermanSatzo: Is that in the repos?02:18
crawlerJordan_U: haha it worked!  thank you SO much02:18
=== PKnull is now known as Pooky
Satzoim not certain02:18
Jordan_Ucrawler: np :)02:18
nullzeromrmowgli: added to grub.conf02:18
crawlerJordan_U: now, do you think i should file a bug report somewhere?02:18
Satzodmsuperman, you should run the manufacturer's test on it02:18
Satzoex: a seagate tool from seagate website02:19
syn12Guest29953, type /nick newnickhere02:19
dmsupermanSatzo: A test doesn't help me copy02:19
mrmowglinullzero: make sure you check out that link, it has some interesting options for xorg.conf as well02:19
dmsupermanSatzo: I already know it's damaged02:19
Jordan_Ucrawler: Yes, against jockey-common or jockey-gtk02:19
dmsupermanSatzo: And that appears to be a windows application :-/02:19
syn12wrong room and wrong tab :-/02:19
Satzodmsuperman, http://lifehacker.com/253437/download-of-the-day-unstoppable-copier-windowslinux02:19
nullzeromrmowgli: i hate ati02:19
Satzoits ported to linux too02:19
mrmowglinullzero: me tooooo02:19
_3mendoJordan_U,  sorry for disturbing you is just to know if there is anything that I can do about this http://paste.ubuntu.com/292754/ in advance thanks02:19
Jordan_Ucrawler: The bug being that you were able to enable the madwifi driver but not disable it later02:20
Satzodmsuperman, ive never used it so i cant further advise02:20
dukzhi guys, i just installed a new 8.04 LTS server. While doing configuration, DNS, etc. etc.... my $TERM env variable became xterm-new for some reason02:20
mrmowglinullzero: this is the third OS attempt I've tried and they all fail because of the stupid ATI card02:20
Guest34934hi! please help my new webcam don't work vimicro/sonic series uvc, im using jaunty02:20
crawlerJordan_U: okay, i will do that for sure.  i'll go to jockey-gtk with the bug report.  you have a nice day, i wish you well! :-)02:20
dukznow, my man pages would tell me that the terminal is not fully functional. I know i can just do an export TERM=xterm, but how do i replace that permanently? Which file should I edit?02:21
sdwrageHey all02:21
Jordan_U_3mendo: Try "sudo apt-get -f install" and see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/43519302:21
_3mendoJordan_U,  thanks02:22
Jordan_U_3mendo: np02:22
sdwrageI have 2 hard drives, 1 with xp (80gig) and one that I have all my media on (250gig). I am wanting to resize my 250 gig so that I may install it on my media disk as well as have the loader installed. Is there an easy way to do this from the cd install?02:22
tuffaxcan i set up a samba file share through a wired belkin router?02:22
alteregoatuffax: are you trying to use a virtual connection?02:23
alteregoayou cannot route multicast stuff02:24
alteregoaso the samba server has to be in the same subnet02:25
mgv1how can i determine if my laptop microphone is not working? if it isnt recording it menas its bad?02:25
tuffaxwhat's the best bet then for connecting a laptop(xp) and unix box?02:25
LinuX2halfis there a way to install sharepod in ubuntu?02:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sharepod02:25
sdwragecan anyone help me with my above problem? :)02:26
_3mendoJordan_U,  just for your knowlodge http://paste.ubuntu.com/292762/ I'm looking the link that you just gave to me02:26
alteregoaanyone No such nich/channel02:26
mrmowgliClearly the various distro's are spending too much time adding cool shit instead of making rock solid installers ...:(02:27
sdwrageI have 2 hard drives, 1 with xp (80gig) and one that I have all my media on (250gig). I am wanting to resize my 250 gig so that I may install it on my media disk as well as have the loader installed. Is there an easy way to do this from the cd install?02:27
stebalienmgv1:  try the pulse-audio volume meter "sudo aptitude install pavumeter".02:27
nullzeronomodeset added as kernel parameter, aticonfig --initial --adapter=all, ati and radeon drivers uninstalled02:28
nullzeroim sweating already02:28
alteregoamrowgli: yeah thats like girls trying to push every cream into their faces, instead changing their character02:28
nullzerohere goes nothing02:28
nullzeroinit 6!02:28
ubottupong is an old atari game. It's fun!02:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about grog02:29
mgv1stebalien, ok im trying - how can i later remove :)?02:29
IdleOne!botabuse | alteregoa02:29
ubottualteregoa: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".02:29
sdwrageHey alteregoa, would you know anything about my above problem?02:29
alteregoathe psychosemantic police02:30
alteregoayour problem?02:30
sdwrageactually not a problem as it is a need of a solution really02:30
sdwrageI have 2 hard drives, 1 with xp (80gig) and one that I have all my media on (250gig). I am wanting to resize my 250 gig so that I may install it on my media disk as well as have the loader installed. Is there an easy way to do this from the cd install?02:30
alteregoayeah ise qparted and resize it02:30
alteregoastart from the cd02:30
sdwrageyeah, the problem is... I dont know what I need exactly.... there are a lot of formatting options... do I go with ext3? how big should my swap be? will it install grub loader?02:31
mgv1stebalien, i see the program bars going up and down - that means that the microphone isnt went bad?02:31
alteregoaok the swap should be 1.5 times your memory02:31
stebalienmgv1:  "sudo aptitude purge pavumeter"02:31
alteregoathe grub loader aprox 60mb02:31
konbonthanks for the help as always gents. much appreciated. have a good one! :)02:32
__Techie__is there an alternative bootloader to grub that works well with a persistant usb install?02:32
mgv1stebalien, ok - but how do i work with the program to know about the microphone? :-)02:32
tuffaxalteregoa: how would i connect the laptop and pc with out a crossover ethernet?02:32
Jordan_Uelad`: Still there?02:32
sdwragealteregoa, it doesnt give me an option for the loader in the drop down when I choose to resize my partition02:33
alteregoathe router has switch ports02:33
alteregoaok just connect the laptop to the router, and the pc02:33
stebalienmgv1:  run "pavumeter --record". this will show you the input volume on your microphone.02:33
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
tuffaxgot that so far.. i can ping the router with xp but not with the linux machine02:34
alteregoacould you ping the router from the linux machine?02:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about atunes02:35
sdwragealteregoa, how do I install the grub loader exactly? its not an option in the dropdown02:35
alteregoaask someone else i hate grub02:35
sdwrageI see02:35
tuffaxno.. ifconfig eth0 gives me an ip address but the ping times out02:35
sdwragealteregoa, what about the format that my file system should be with ubuntu? sorry for so many Q's x.x02:36
=== Snake23` is now known as Snake23
mgv1stebalien, it shoes wierd results - the front left is jumping at 0.5 percent and when i tap the microphone both are getting just a little bit furder to 4 % :-)02:36
=== NCommander is now known as NC|G1
alteregoatuffax: try change the wires02:36
lstarnessdwrage: ext3 is usually good enough02:36
nullzerowell, that failed in a rather stupid manner02:36
FeasibilityStudysdwrage: go to a terminal and type "grub"02:36
stebalienmgv1:  That means that the microphone is working but you may need to increase its volume.02:36
alteregoasdwrage: use ext302:36
sdwragethat helps a bunch02:37
tuffaxare you thinking that its a faulty connection>02:37
JuJuBeemtnbkr: still able to assist with  my network card?02:37
alteregoaext has still some spastic problems, or use xfs02:37
JuJuBeeI had to leave for a while/.02:37
sebsebsebsdwrage: Ext4 is the default for the next on 9.10, not for upgrades though, and it's not perfectly stable in 9.0402:37
FeasibilityStudysdwrage: actually just follow the instructions here.  Look at comment #2 and follow his advice..http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-24113.html02:37
=== NC|G1 is now known as NCommander
a1fai am trying to resize my lvm partition02:37
a1faand its not working02:37
a1faor lvmextend02:37
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs02:37
alteregoatuffax: yeah if you cannot ping the router its probaly a faulty connection02:37
mgv1stebalien, ive tried to increse it already :-) to try again - even when it was high nothing got working with the recorder02:38
sebsebsebnot for Ext3 upgrades02:38
tuffaxwill give it a go02:38
a1fanothing happens when i do lvextend -L33GB02:38
JuJuBeeI have a network card that is acting weird.  when i set it to dhcp it should get something in but it is getting inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
sebsebseband he left the channel and I am going afk02:38
alteregoafirst check wiring, then check the plug of the router02:38
LinuX2halfcan banshee support ipod touch 3 firmware?02:38
JuJuBeeMy laptop connected to same router is getting the correct address02:38
a1famy VG size is 60GB02:38
a1faand i want to extend my LV to 30GB02:39
=== rizal is now known as mohdrizal
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto02:39
Xcellah.. the godess of o/s's..02:40
nullzeromrmowgli: failure02:40
Xcellcomplicity is not an attribute.02:41
alteregoathank god i'm agnostic02:41
a1faalteregoa: i see that.. but its my root partition02:41
a1fai cant unmount it ;P02:41
alteregoayeah i didnt say its mine02:42
=== gRifter_ is now known as DavidGR
a1faoh well02:42
a1fai guess you dont have to unmount it02:42
a1fa                        35G   1.1G    33G   4% /02:42
nullzerowho wants go to ati/amd headquarters and tar and feather whoever writes their drivers02:42
a1faworked like a charm02:42
Xcellalteregoa-  stop being a plant.. but thats ok.. your logistics are coagulated into a database..02:42
alteregoayou need to umount02:43
Xcellthat is not a substantiated command.. please try again.02:43
a1faalteregoa: worked fine without umount02:43
a1fahow do you check if they are stripping?02:44
a1fai have 4x18GB hard disks in there02:44
a1fa10K RPM02:44
nullzerosudo exploding monkeys02:44
Xcellfor english press #102:44
Xcelli stifle02:44
a1fafor spanish press #102:44
alteregoalvextend -L+20G /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol0002:44
a1faalteregoa: i didnt have to umount02:44
nullzerofor all of the above, press pi02:44
alteregoaok fascinating02:44
a1fadoes lvm stripe by default?02:45
Xcellfor engineering falsivities press # alteregoa02:45
jeff1140I love ubuntu02:45
nullzeroto kill ATI developers, press #lol02:45
blueglassesjeff1140, its a nice flavour :D02:45
Xcellto kill amd who purchased ati through government grants press #pkill02:46
alteregoapress ctrl-alt-backspace to continue02:46
nullzeromrmowgli: blackscreened, didn't even give me any logs02:46
Xcellok !topic02:46
nullzeroi had to remove fglrx and reinstall ati and edit xorg.conf from recovery mode02:46
mrmowgliwhat drivers are you using?02:46
jeff1140I am having trouble with it on my pc though02:46
jeff1140the drivers02:46
jeff1140for my graphic card02:47
nullzerothen init 5'd into xorg and it works again02:47
mrmowglinullzero: did you read that section on ATI?02:47
blueglassesjeff1140, is it nvidia or ati?02:47
Xcellmy drivers get paid litle due to that production has been trashed via the obama (change).. thanks buddy.02:47
jeff1140its a nvidia 5200 fx02:47
nullzeromrmowgli: yes, i had the nomodeset02:47
JuJuBeeanybody know if a Realtek RTL8110s works with Jaunty 64Bit?  I am having a terrible time getting it working02:47
nullzeronone of the other stuff seemed to be applicable given my chipset is newer02:48
blueglassesnvidia shouldnt give any trouble02:48
mrmowglinullzero: is your chipset still supported by the main ati download drivers?02:48
Xcellnvidia is the way to go with linux.. pass it on.02:48
jeff1140it says unable to enable desktop effects when i try to enable them02:48
blueglassesyeap :)02:48
mrmowglinullzero: also, do you have dri off or on?02:48
nullzeronullzero: yes, and dri is on i believe02:49
Moon_Doggyxcell ubuntu didn't like my geforce 620002:49
nullzeroi mean its an rs7xx, supported as far as i know02:49
blueglassesjeff1140, probably you should get more memory, or faster card, but specially more memory02:50
mrmowglinullzero: well if you have the kernel sources you may want to do the ati download instead of using the repository02:50
nullzerofglrx just blows up xserver02:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ifuse02:50
jeff1140it has 256mb graphics02:50
jeff1140it should work02:50
nullzeromrmowgli: oh no, i am not doing that. i tried ati's installer and i couldn't get fglrx to fully uninstall02:50
nullzeronot only did it blackscreen as usual but i had to reformat to get radeon working again02:51
mrmowglinullzero: there's also a way to get extra debug info from xorg02:51
blueglassesjeff1140, and it works02:51
mrmowglinullzero: YIKES02:51
* mrmowgli hates stupid lame ati02:51
nullzeromrmowgli: the ati .bin installer left the kernel modules behind, and as long as they are loaded they interfere with radeon = 2 fps02:51
jeff1140it doesnt work though02:51
blueglassesjeff1140, try the nvidia drivers02:51
Xcelloh rly?.. explain.. did you first impliment the ubuntu drivers and then install the real ones?.. makes a diff....really folks.. pay attention.. once you load ubuntu.. you let it idle for 5 mins.. then go to nvidia site and download frivers.. and follow firections.. directions is what get people into trouble when not followed properly.. Think Smart.02:52
Hub_capAttempting to open gpass but I don't know paswd. Anyone know the default?02:52
=== pisser is now known as adam
nullzeroi did uninstall.sh and its totally useless, leaves crap behind everywhere02:52
=== adam is now known as Guest68042
mrmowgliLet this be a lesson folks, friends don't let friends buy ATI02:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnupod02:53
nullzeroi mean if i could just get some kinda debug info02:53
Xcellnullzero-  you did not follow implicit directions.. thats obvious.02:53
nullzerobut installing the headers for extra debug info wouldnt do me any good i don't think. since no logs are being generated i'm assuming xserver isnt even starting.02:53
mrmowglinullzero: well other than dmesg you can get more...02:53
nullzeroXcell: i did sudo halt as a startup script and its borked, wat do i do?!?!?!/1/102:54
Nautilusis there a command to list symbolic links (or maybe they're in a dir?)02:54
taggeddI have an acer aspire 3000.  Need SIS video driver that really works well.  Any thoughts?02:54
=== dschulz is now known as Broccoli
nullzerohep ubuntu shuts down every tiem i start!1144402:54
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:55
Snake23Nautilus: use the "find" command02:55
=== Broccoli is now known as dschulz
coolcatHi, how am I sopposed to install firefox-3.5 ? I see in the command Line I have firefox-3.0 and firefox-3.5 the last is buggy and I am not being able to use it, if I start it from the terminal I get error messages like: "../IcedTeaPlugin.cc:3858: Error: create process" and "/IcedTeaPlugin.cc:4081: Error: Failed to flush bytes to output channel" How to fix this?02:55
Xcellnullzero-  implimenting graphics drivers is simple.. problem is folks like to do that (after) everything is loaded.. U like most folks   know that graphics must load first te enable the X that will run it.. linux is a peculiar logic.02:55
=== Guest68042 is now known as xproject
LinuX2halfdoes gnupod supports ipod touch firmware?02:55
werfactis there a way to see if i registered any nicks with a given email?02:55
taggeddNeed sis video driver that doesn't have "wierd" effects.02:56
NautilusSnake23: what to look for?02:56
Xcellsis video?02:56
taggeddXcell:  Yes.  Using Acer Aspire 3000.  DVD video and other video has interlacing stuff.02:56
ybeddyjhow do i otherwise force screen detection without using /etx/x11/xorg.conf?02:57
LaqueMy nvidia-settings states that both my graphics card and my onboard gpu have 512MB of VRAM.02:57
LaqueMy motherboard supports Hybrid SLI so I'm hoping this means the onboard is being used as well.02:57
blueglassesthis might sound like a joke, but as more people use linux, more people need stupid software to do configurations for them, most people simply dont want to waste time configuring stuff, this might be good02:57
taggeddXcell:  Any thoughs?02:57
LaqueHow can I find out if my onboard GPU or at least its VRAM is being used?02:57
=== toby_ is now known as Guest4336
Xcellgoogle it.. ask google this...enabeling sis graphics in ubuntu.. folks forget google and come here looking.. google it02:58
Xcellgoogle.. google....google02:58
nullzeroi wouldnt be here if google had solved my problem, but it appears that i am not alone02:58
Xcellbeing alone.. state  ur case02:58
=== Guest4336 is now known as tobyn
blueglassesa google problem solver would be a nice piece of software :D02:59
Xcellfor the lazy02:59
mrmowgligoogle should just solve all the problems as soon as it indexes them02:59
Xcellit will and does.. it depends on the Q02:59
blueglasseswe all are lazy02:59
pepeewhat about similar problems, but without the same solution?03:00
ybeddyjmy system has a intel gpu but i keeps giving me only 800x600 on my 1268x1024 lcd03:00
Xcellit never waists bandwidth. lol03:00
alteregoayeah afaik it depends on the q continuum03:00
pepeegoogle can't think itself03:00
blueglassesyou just make a choice on what is your lazyness03:00
alteregoatime for romulan ale03:00
nullzerojohnnie walker blue with blue food coloring in it03:00
=== guilherme is now known as Guest78258
Xcellfolks.. google knows this.. convert. (for the time being) to dogpile.. and the (corp) will take notice.... pay attetion.03:01
nullzeroin any case i think i'm just going to wait, hopefully radeon or radeonhd will support 3d for rs7xx eventually03:01
=== Guest78258 is now known as mips
ybeddyjback in the days when  i get similar problems i could modify monitor setting in xorg.conf or even through system settings but thats no longer so it seems03:01
=== mips is now known as mips-BR
Xcellanyway.. nuff said.03:01
ybeddyjhow do i otherwise force screen detection without using /etx/x11/xorg.conf?03:02
ybeddyjmy system has a intel gpu but i keeps giving me only 800x600 on my 1268x1024 lcd03:02
Xcellmips-BR-  state ur claim03:02
ybeddyjback in the days when  i get similar problems i could modify monitor setting in xorg.conf or even through system settings but thats no longer so it seems03:02
BofIs there a risk to update bios?03:02
LaqueI assume there must be a linux terminal command or a utility of some kind that would state how much of my VRAM is being used out of its max03:02
mips-BRanyone here trying karmic koala had this gone through trouble? I upgraded libncurses5 and now I can't go back, and everything that used the old lib (5.6 and lower) segfaults!!!!!!!!!03:02
joebodoybeddyj, i had a similar issue - i had to enter my monitor information into the xorg.conf before it could provide the correct resolutions03:02
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:02
wolf23please help!03:02
phantomcircuitwhen i remove the battery from the ultrabay (lenovo T61 7662) the battery meter thing dies03:03
pepeeybeddyj, same as joebodo here03:03
Bofwolf23: Post your question...03:03
alteregoawelcome to the final to beta page03:03
scott9876how is Koala03:03
phantomcircuitwhat is the name of the program that shows up in the notification area to monitor the battery?03:03
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic03:03
GodfatherofEire1Can anybody think of why the usplash would only go part of the way, and then revert to text on "Reading files needed to boot"?03:03
scott9876and more importantly, eucalytis03:03
wolf23Bof,  thanx, can u please help me to download the vga driver?03:04
Satzoscott9876, : #ubuntu-103:04
Nautilusafter upgrading from U8 to U9, phpmyadmin isn't working on localhost... just a blank return, not even a 40403:04
mneptokscott9876: that's more a question for #ubuntu-offtopic03:04
=== Flare183 is now known as Flare-Laptop
Nautiluscan  anyone help me debug that?03:04
scott9876Satzo: WHAT IS UBUNTU-103:04
mnaines1coolcat: If this will work, try sudo apt-get shiretoko03:04
Satzoscott9876, sorry i got it confused03:04
nullzeroblorb blorb03:04
alteregoaubuntu is a african word and means we are human and you not03:04
Xcelluuknow?  linux is in the position that it can make inroads... but the hold off is only reminiscence03:04
Satzomneptok,  is right03:05
Bofwolf: Well, I'm not a pro but wait a bit an someone is going to answer.... if not... ask again. That's how it works03:05
joebodoybeddyj, here's the revelant part of xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/292782/03:05
nullzerois it just me or is this channel filling up with whargarbl03:05
joebodo!ot | nullzero03:06
tuffaxalteregoa: sorry i've been having connection issues.. after getting the ip address and successfully pinging the router, what should i do?03:06
ubottunullzero: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:06
BofIs there a risk to create problems with the OS if I update the bios?03:06
alteregoayou can ping the router u said?03:06
blueglassesBof, i dont think so.03:07
Jihui_ChoiI use sd card on 9.04. and now my can't write anything on my sd card after I shutdowned uncorrectly.03:07
alteregoatry to ping the notebook from the pc03:07
Jihui_Choihow can I fix it?03:07
Frijoliehow do you repair your environment variables?03:07
coolcatmnaines1, apt-cache search shiretoko, gives nothing to me, isn't in ubuntu repos?03:07
Frijolieis there a listing of the default settings?03:07
mnaines1coolcat: Yeah, its in the repos03:08
BofThank you Blueglasses !! I'll give a try03:08
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:08
pepeeI wanna "give internet" to my cellphone03:08
blueglassesJihui_Choi, you can insert it again03:08
pepeethere's a way to do that? how can I do it?03:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about radeonhd03:08
tuffaxokay.. i can ping the default gateway but the notebook times out03:08
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:08
Frijolie"The command could not be located because '/sbin' is not included in the PATH environment variable."03:09
pepeeohh, forgot to mention: via bluetooth03:09
coolcatmnaines1, Any Idea about why I am not findding it?03:09
Jihui_Choiblueglasses: thanks. it works. Damn I reboot several times because of this!03:09
=== LjL is now known as LjL2
=== J``Aglpe is now known as LjL
Jihui_Choithe solution is so simple -_-03:09
alteregoayeah ubuntu is not very talkative03:09
blueglassesJihui_Choi, you are welcome :-)03:10
Frijolieany ideas?03:10
alteregoaexport something03:10
Jihui_Choiblueglasses: there is a problem still. http://web.mr-dust.pe.kr/screenshots/Mr.Dust-desktop-20091013-20m11m17s.png03:11
mnaines1coolcat: Firefox 3.5 works fine for me03:11
nullzeroi wonder if i should reinstall the linux image and try fglrx again03:12
Jihui_ChoiI think it's mounted uncorrectly, see this screenshot, http://web.mr-dust.pe.kr/screenshots/Mr.Dust-desktop-20091013-20m12m42s.png03:13
GodfatherofEire1Can anybody think of why the usplash would only go part of the way, and then revert to text on "Reading files needed to boot"?03:13
BuddhistpineappLi want to switch from wired ethernet to wifi connection on my laptop without interrupting the connection. (all on the same network of course.)03:13
blueglassesJihui_Choi, just eject it or unmont it. On next reboot everything will be fine.03:14
BuddhistpineappLhow do you do it?03:14
verzelhi, i'm on a newly installed ubuntu server, and no network interfaces are showing up on an ifconfig!03:14
verzelonly lo03:14
Jihui_Choiok I'll try03:14
nullzerolshw -C network03:14
mrmowglinullzero: when you have the kernel module it won't even boot?03:14
nullzeroanything show up?03:14
zmanninghey guys can someone point me to the most recent macbook ubuntu documentation/image03:14
verzelnullzero, yes03:15
nullzeromrmowgli: nope. even when i edited xorg.conf to use ati, if fglrx is loaded x dies03:15
verzelboth my ethernet and wifi device03:15
nullzeroverzel: does it say they are unclaimed?03:15
verzelthe first line of each says *-network DISABLED03:15
nullzeroverzel: no network icon in tray?03:16
verzelnullzero : server03:16
mrmowglinullzero: but with fglrx it still boots, just xorg crashes?03:16
verzelubuntu server edition03:16
verzelcommand line only03:16
nullzeroverzel: oops, my bad.03:16
nullzeromrmowgli: with fglrx it gets to the point before the login screen, then blackscreen and hang03:17
verzeldo the atheros drivers come pre-installed on server now?03:17
nullzerowhatever it's doing it isn't writing anything to Xorg.0.log03:17
BuddhistpineappLi want to switch from wired ethernet to wifi connection on my laptop without interrupting the connection. (all on the same network of course.)03:17
BuddhistpineappLhow do you do it?03:17
mrmowglinullzero: full hang?  do you have another machine you could ssh into it with?03:17
carpediemverzel: doubtful....your server is wifi?  that's a bit odd03:17
mnaines1BuddhistpineappL: You don't03:17
verzelcarpediem don't worry about it.  first thing is i need to enable ANY network interface.03:18
nullzeromrmowgli: full hang, brief moment of graphic corruption, i don't get any command line03:18
nullzeroverzel: what vendor is your wired nic?03:18
leaf-sheepQuestion! Is there at least an AIM client that supports webcam? I know Pidgin does not!03:18
verzeli'm surprised it's not already working actually03:18
verzelit's an oldie03:18
nullzeromy wired NIC didn't work either03:18
wolf23can anyone please help me to download the vga driver -> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter03:19
BuddhistpineappLmnaines1: I'm sorry but that answer is wrong because I've done it once before.03:19
nullzeroi have an attansic, and it didn't work out of the box either03:19
nullzerobut i installed a new linux-image and suddenly it came to life, included the atl1c driver03:19
verzelnullzero, this has worked OTB before03:19
verzelon older ubuntus03:19
Jihui_Choihumm.. I have a problem still.. see http://web.mr-dust.pe.kr/screenshots/Mr.Dust-desktop-20091013-20m19m11s.png03:19
mnaines1BuddhistpineappL: If it cannot be repeated a second time and if you don't remember how you did it, why are you asking us for help?03:19
nullzeroverzel: if it says disabled and not unclaimed, i don't think it's missing the driver anyways03:20
alokitoim getting this error after the update-grub command: error: cannot seek `/dev/sda'03:20
alokitohow to fix it?03:20
* mnaines1 admires the wonders of documentation03:20
alokitoI installed mandriva recently, and I installed mandriva grub in it's own root partition03:20
BuddhistpineappLi never said it couldn't be repeated a 2nd time. who said it couldn't be repeated a 2nd time?03:20
verzelnullzero the thing is, there is no eth0 device03:20
wergeldverzel, i had the same problem. it came up after i tried to make the IP of eth0 static. It worked but when I rebooted into headless mode through NX it said there were not network connections available. yet i was logged in over the network. What I did to fix it was delete all info in resolv and rc and interfaces files and then enter in my static IP info in the network manager app. rebooted a few times and all is good.03:21
mnaines1BuddhistpineappL: I am not going to sit here and argue about it.  I do not think anyone in here can help you to figure it out03:21
wergeldseems like ubuntu's network manager gets confused if you use the GUI interface and also edit the files by hand. Unsure which takes presedence but some wires got crossed.03:21
verzelwergeld the thing is that there is no desktop interface on my machine, and there is no eth003:21
BuddhistpineappLok ill swing by networking then come back03:22
nullzerowhoops wrong screen03:22
Jihui_ChoiI can't write anything on my SD-card still. please help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/292796/03:23
mrmowglinullzero: I also read there were problems with the access mode on some of the mobilities - turning sideport off in the bios helped (using only shared memmory)03:23
nullzeromrmowgli: will try tomorrow. fglrx'd out for the time being03:23
carpediemverzel: I recently setup ubuntu server, and had no ethX.  In my /etc/network/interfaces I had a config for eth0.  But for some reason, I could see in dmesg that the server interface was trying to be activated on eth1.  I edited that config to change eth0 to eth1, ran /etc/init.d/networking restart, and then eth1 appeared.03:23
mrmowglinullzero: understood.  I'm very close to total burnout as well.03:24
verzelcarpediem i'll try that03:24
wolf23can anyone please help me to download the vga driver -> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter thanx03:24
wergeldcan anyone explain why my 120GB drive is being used as a swap partition? I did not set it to be used as a swap partition during install. I am unable to mount it or remove the swap flag from the partiton using fstab or pysdm tools03:24
mrmowgliwergeld: swapoff /dev/sdb03:25
joebodoJihui_Choi, unmount the sd card and run fsck on it03:25
mrmowglior whatever your deive is03:25
carpediemwergeld: lol, wow....and I thought I had seen everything03:25
verzelcarpediem my interfaces file doesn't even mention eth003:25
Madcamperwhats a minimal music player someone suggests for ubuntu? something like winamp03:25
nullzerowolf23: is xserver-xorg-video-sis installed?03:25
Jihui_Choijoebodo: thank you, I just found a page which has the same answer. :)03:26
nullzeroMadcamper: audacious is similar to winamp, you can reskin it03:26
wergeldcarpediem, yea its a fun one03:26
wolf23nullzero,  i dont know, how could i know?03:26
jamiewanMadcamper: vlc player is great too03:26
mnaines1Madcamper: Banshee music player03:26
GodfatherofEire1Can anybody think of why the usplash would only go part of the way, and then revert to text on "Reading files needed to boot"?03:26
Jihui_Choibut I can't unmount03:26
baltadtdoes anyone know of a program that translates speak to text?03:26
nullzerowolf23: try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-sis03:26
nullzeroit should be already installed, in which case you might need to just configure X03:26
jph_Flash Question - I have installed flash form adobe and restarted firefox, no when i go to this site - http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/  - i get a "play button" but once i click on that play button it works... How do i make it so that flash auto loads and auto plays when I visit a site?03:26
jamiewanbaltadt: what like the opposite to ORCA?03:26
carpediemverzel: don't know that you need to do this, but worth a try.  Try adding to the interfaces file "auto eth0" then another line "iface eth0 inet dhcp" then run /etc/init.d/networking restart03:27
wergeldfirst noticed the issue when none of my 3 drives other than my OS drive were being mounted at boot time. seems sketchy to me. all the drives had been mounted under opensuse 10.3 using ext3 and NOT set as a swap.03:27
Satzobaltadt, http://linux-sound.org/speech.html03:27
* mrmowgli secretly hates computers03:27
joebodoJihui_Choi, why can't you unmount ?03:28
joebodoGodfatherofEire1, is this on 9.10 ?03:28
baltadtjaimiewan: I want to use it to write school papers03:28
tuffaxalteregoa: thanks for your help - i assigned an ip address to eth0 and then reset samba and it connects fine now03:28
Guest35011name patrick03:29
Jihui_ChoiI don't know. anyway I unmount now.03:29
jamiewanBaltadt http://www.freeos.com/articles/2613/03:29
verzelcarpediem it worked!!!03:29
carpediemverzel: cool03:29
Germanaz0hi :X03:29
baltadtthanks i will check it out03:29
GodfatherofEire1Anybody know of a speech recognition program in linux?03:30
jamiewanGodfatherofEire1: http://www.freeos.com/articles/2613/03:31
Jihui_Choijoebodo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/292799/03:31
verzelstep 1: installing ubuntu-desktop :D03:31
alteregoais god a man or a woman?03:31
jamiewanalterBOTH LOL03:31
mrmowgligod is a bullet03:31
verzelGuest35011 : /quit03:31
Germanaz0I have an amazing bug03:31
Guest35011many thanks03:31
Germanaz0will show with screenshots03:32
Germanaz0that's all03:32
Germanaz0don't know if this is a Gnome or Xorg problem :S03:32
nullzerogod is liquor, satan is fglrx03:32
GodfatherofEire1jamiewan, speech recognition, not synthesis03:32
verzelis liquor a new ATI driver?03:33
verzelor are you being silly?03:33
alteregoaspeech regconesis not synthision03:33
nullzeroverzel: being mad03:33
mrmowgliverzel: if liquer is a new ati driver, I don't want it03:33
nullzeroi left a note on the table to disable sideport03:33
nullzeroso ill try it again whenever my hangover goes away but im not crossing my fingers03:34
mrmowgliI just want ANY ubuntu installer to work on this freakin laptop03:34
nullzeroim gonna cross my fingers and hope ati/radeon supports R7xx in the near future03:34
jamiewanGodfatherofEire1: try googling VoxForge03:34
mrmowglialteregoa: yep?03:34
alteregoawhats wrong with your installation?03:34
mrmowglinullzero: may the gods of ATI smile upon you03:35
baltadtwhat about Transciber? good or bad?03:35
werfactis there a way to see if i registered any nicks with a given email?03:35
mrmowglialteregoa: well that's easy they all hang on the graphical installer because I have one of the coolest ATI mobility chips EVER03:35
nullzeromrmowgli: they won't. and i've had this particular problem with 4 different distros so i'm fairly certain it's ATI03:35
n2diywhere would I put a file I want to be available over my lan? I have a "Public" directory, but the capital P doesn't look right, and I can't access the directory over the lan?03:35
jph_Flash Question - I have installed flash form adobe and restarted firefox, no when i go to this site - http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/  - i get a "play button" but once i click on that play button it works... How do i make it so that flash auto loads and auto plays when I visit a site?03:35
Germanaz0someone can help me ? :x03:35
mrmowglinullzero: I'm only on my third distro :(03:35
voxwerfact: join #freenode and ask there03:35
nullzeromandriva tried to use fglrx from the livecd, wouldn't even boot from that03:36
alteregoamrmowglI: yeah i had to use native drivers here03:36
nullzeromrmowgli: which chip exactly/pci id?03:36
mrmowgliI eventually got Fedora on this sucker03:36
wergeldthis so wierd....sda1 is NOT listed as a swap partition in fstab but pysdm sees as swap and i cannot write to it at all through Samba03:36
Germanaz0beh fuck bubuntu, viva gentoo03:36
werfactvox, ty03:37
=== list is now known as m0
alteregoabell invented it, thats why03:37
mrmowgliATI Radeon Mobility 200m03:37
alteregoai think i got the same crap chip here03:37
mrmowgliLovely Hp Pavilion zv600003:37
alteregoawait, i tell you what sucker i use03:38
nullzerois the 200m even supported?03:38
mrmowglinullzero: heh, no.03:38
night1neGot a quick question..03:38
nullzeroi figured, ati calls it 'legacy'03:39
mrmowgliThat's what I love about laptops03:39
nullzerobut the open source driver should work just fine03:39
mrmowgliI can't even get through an ubuntu install03:39
mrmowgliEven in text only mode03:39
alteregoax-server-.org video ati03:39
night1neI was able to copy the windows files over to the USB stick, but when I tried rebooting and all that, it said 'Boot Manager is missing'.03:39
=== P1ro is now known as Guest4024
night1neIs there any way to fix this?03:40
mrmowgliI'd put gentoo on it but it would be evil (someone elses laptop)03:40
nullzerothink ill just cut off the hd3200 and solder on an nvidia lol03:40
alteregoaand it works03:40
nullzerowhat i use also alteregoa03:40
=== Guest4024 is now known as P1ro
nullzerobut since i have a newer chipset i have no 3d accel without fglrx03:40
nullzerogives me good framerate for 2d03:40
mrmowglinullzero: if you get good at soldering, well then I have some work for you ;)03:40
pacificaGermanaz0: seems like a compiz issue to me03:40
nullzeromrmowgli: oh, i can solder...just not that delicately, plus i doubt it would work03:41
alteregoastrange 3d accel works, but whatever03:41
nullzeroalteregoa: what chip id?03:41
mrmowglialteregoa: I don't think it's going to help until I actually have an install work03:41
alteregoai got no clue03:41
nullzerors5xx and below have 3d with ati03:41
nullzerolspci -nn?03:41
pacificaGermanaz0: disable the desktop effects and try again03:41
P1royo, my AR242x restart everytime im playing quakelive im using lastest madwifi and taht happend too much, im using ubuntu right now on a usb flash o_O03:42
nullzeroif its an r5xx or below, the xserver-xorg-video-ati will give you 3d03:42
nullzeroand you are a lucky bastard03:42
alteregoaits 1002:565303:43
Balsaqinmy ubuntu error console it always shows this error:  file:///usr/lib/xrunner- does anyone know what this means?03:43
nullzeroyou're fully supported alteregoa03:43
nullzerothat's x300 series i think03:43
alteregoai t said x200 but nothing more03:44
alteregoaon the sticker at least03:44
nullzeroyeah, the middle-age chips have 3d support without needing fglrx03:44
nullzerokinda strange for me to be wishing i had an older gpu in this laptop03:45
Balsaqalso says key is null...right above that big long sequence?03:45
alteregoajamie oliver has nice chickens03:46
MenZaalteregoa: I bet he does. However, this channel is solely for Ubuntu support.03:46
alteregoayeah i agree03:46
jamiewanalteregoa: and he's a wanker03:47
bubba_has the boot option "noapic" changed to something else? karmic beta doesn't seem to like it.03:47
alteregoathats why i like the channel03:47
mrmowgliMenZa: Chickens is a new ati driver03:47
voxlanguage please, children.03:47
alteregoajamie: so he is related to al bundy?03:47
MenZamrmowgli: That has to be the weirdest name for a piece of software, ever. >_<03:47
voxguys, either keep your talk to ubuntu support related topics, or move to #ubuntu-offtopic03:48
_schism_evening all03:48
=== mike is now known as inurneck
=== mac9416_ is now known as mac9416
netbookCan I list the directory a file is in with ls command?03:51
netbookI want to list not just the file, but the directory the file is in03:51
voxnetbook: no, use locate03:51
scunizinetbook: you might need to "sudo updatedb"03:51
voxnetbook: no, just locate03:52
night1neHmm. So is there a windows room?03:52
night1neI'm kind of in the middle here.03:52
night1neI don't know if it's possible to install a boot manager onto a USB stick.03:52
scunizinight1ne: you mean just the boot manager or an entire live cd?03:52
night1neAnd the reason why I'm in here is, of course, because I run eeebuntu03:52
cody_How do i find out my manufacturer of my motherboard?03:53
night1neI've got the Windows 7iso files onto the USB, but it says no Boot Manager.03:53
cody_Will terminal be able to tell me?03:53
scunizicody_: sudo lshw will tell you los03:53
jeremey1I'm a web developer that is trying to get some help on switching completely from windows (ie from photoshop), is there a room for that?03:53
netbookvox i am trying to search through a pidgin log for messages sent to me today, eg 2009-10-13.*03:53
netbookvox locate didn't turn up anything03:53
cody_scunizi: Thank you very much, i will try it03:53
netbookvox I can do ls and i know there is the file, i just don't know what directory03:54
Cyrano_Denetbook: #gimp03:54
scunizinight1ne: so what exactly are you attempting?03:54
ixian_night1ne: did you just copy the .iso file to a usb stick? that doesn't really work03:54
netbookCryano_De what about gimp?03:54
night1neTo install the windows 7 through a usb stick03:54
Cyrano_Denetbook: Sorry, should have directed that @ jeremey103:54
night1neI didn't think so, either. but a friend of mine thinks it should work03:54
ErmottGood day. I just wanted to pop in, to thank those of you who have spent time creating, promoting and furthering both Linux and Ubuntu. As a longtime windows user, and now new Ubuntu user, both on my netbook and more powerful computer at home, I want you to know that the work you do has incredible value, and frees our hardware to perform without DRM and licence crippling.03:54
ixian_night1ne: there's a utility called winsetupfromusb, that ive used to install XP from a usb stick, i don't know if it supports win7 yet though03:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about god03:55
ErmottThanks so much for making my computer a pleasure to work with again.03:55
jeremey1Cyrano_D cool, duh...  thx03:55
night1neOkay. Linux version?03:55
Flannelalteregoa: Please help keep this channel ontopic, thanks.03:55
netbookAnyone know abou this?  I can do ls -R|grep  and i know there is the file, i just don't know what directory03:55
cody_scunizi: Are you able to tell me the model? I know the manufacturer: http://pastebin.ca/161860303:55
MenZanetbook: Try find . | grep <filename>03:55
InitHellogentlemen and/or ladies, what's the default volume control application in jaunty?03:56
MenZanetbook: That will give you absolute paths.03:56
ixian_night1ne: no idea. that utility is a win app03:56
night1nebloody hell. Which means I need windows.03:56
scunizinetbook: so let me see if I have this right.. you open a terminal and do an ls for a directory listing and the file you're looking for is there.. but you want to know what directory it's in as well. Is this an excersize in how to use ls or are you really interested in which directory?03:56
InitHelloaddendum: jaunty/kde03:56
MenZanight1ne: What are you attempting to do?03:56
night1neSorry for the language.03:56
netbookscunizi i am really interested in what directory, it isn't a directory listing it is a file03:56
ixian_night1ne: there could be something that runs on linux, i've never really looked into it03:56
dave1231hey guys, i have an ati and my driver support for two monitors suck, does anybody know if that changes with ubuntu 9.10?03:56
MenZanight1ne: I'm fairly sure you need a DVD drive to install that.03:57
MenZadave1231: Try #ubuntu+103:57
night1neWhat would I use as a search on google?03:57
netbookfound it, thanks all... i guess grep saves the day03:57
dave1231Menza: whats ubuntu+1?03:57
chalcedonywhat chat clients do work with ubuntu for msn yahoo icq gtalk jabber ?03:57
MenZanight1ne: For the record, this is waaay offtopic for this channel. Try 'windows 7 install from usb' or something similar.03:57
MenZachalcedony: Pidgin is installed by default.03:57
scunizicody_: sorry cody_ .. no way to tell by that info.. you might have to open the case and look if it's there.03:57
MenZadave1231: #ubuntu+1 is the channel for 9.10 support.03:57
InitHellodave1231: the next release of ubuntu, basically03:57
night1neokay. thank you much03:58
mrmowgliDoes anyone have an installer that works on a HP Pavilion Zv6000 ?  Preferably linux?03:58
mrmowgliI'm out of cd's :/03:58
night1nehow do I change rooms?03:58
MenZamrmowgli: What installer?03:58
chalcedonyMenZa, didn't yahoo quit supporting pidgin ?03:58
MenZanight1ne: /join #channelname03:58
mrmowgliMenZa: whatcha got?03:58
MenZa!yahoo | chalcedony03:58
ubottuchalcedony: At the moment there are many pidgin users experiencing problems connecting to Yahoo IM, you can try changing your paging server to cn.scs.msg.yahoo.com (port 5050) and see if that helps.03:58
IdleOnenight1ne: /join #channel-name03:58
cody_scunizi: Okay, ill open it, where would i find the motherboard? I am very bad at whats what in it03:58
mrmowgliKubuntu: fail03:58
MenZamrmowgli: What installer? For what?03:58
mrmowgliUbuntu: fail03:58
afeijoI enabled the apache module rewrite, but it isnt working yet, what else can I do?03:58
dave1231Menza thx03:59
mrmowgliUbubtu light net install: fail03:59
IdleOnemrmowgli: how are the failing?03:59
Balsaqdo this nightline..../join <type in the channel you want> and hit enter03:59
MenZamrmowgli: This channel is solely for Ubuntu support. For any other queries, please find a different channel.03:59
InitHellook, here's a bit of background: I'm trying to help my girlfriend (she's about 250 miles away) set up skype on jaunty, but I can't hear her. She's using the onboard audio on an asus M2N-X motherboard. Are there any known issues with that board, or are we missing something obvious?03:59
voxMenZa: he's just complaining03:59
chalcedonyMenZa, umm how do i do that?03:59
mrmowgliMenZa: is there another channel to get Ubuntu installers to work?04:00
MenZachalcedony: Good question. Check your Yahoo settings.04:00
vigo!skype | InitHello04:00
ubottuInitHello: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga04:00
night1neI though I did..04:00
MenZamrmowgli: This is the channel you'd want. You'll just need to be a bit more verbose than that. Saying "It fails" won't help us get anywhere.04:00
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
InitHellovigo: it's installed, I just can't hear her.04:00
chalcedonyMenZa, umm where? (i don't know much about it)04:00
assoguerozen_sxhow i can use joy2key?04:00
mrmowgliIdleOne: they end up hanging because of the ati video card04:00
MenZachalcedony: Neither do I. I don't use Pidgin.04:00
naknomik1how do I find out which package provides ncurses.h?04:00
assoguerozen_sxim searching for some howto04:00
MenZa!find ncurses.h | naknomik104:01
ubottunaknomik1: Found: ncurses-hexedit04:01
chalcedonyMenZa, i was using it until i got a new computer, but it wasn't complicated04:01
vigoInitHello: Okay, see that link ubottu brought up? That may have the solution for your end.04:01
InitHellovigo: ok, sorry, there's some useful info there04:01
InitHellovigo: we'll try that04:01
vigoInitHello: Okee dokee04:01
naknomik1!find libncurses.so04:02
ubottuFile libncurses.so found in lib32ncurses5, lib32ncurses5-dev, libncurses-gst, libncurses5, libncurses5-dbg (and 2 others)04:02
InitHellovigo: I've had a few glasses of wine, so I reacted at the "to install skype" part ;)04:02
vigoInitHello: Is all good, that ubottu link most likely has the solution for both ends.04:03
InitHellovigo: yeah, it's more than likely she has the wrong audio daemon thingie selected for her mic04:03
mrmowgliokydoke, currently the ubuntu light netinstall (cli fb=false) occasionally gets past the hardware detection and hangs downloading the software repo information for us.archive.ubuntu.org04:04
Madcamper anyone know if there is a way to run ubuntu, and windows xp simultaneously off the same computer without making it virtual? Display XP on one monitor, and ubuntu on an external?04:04
vigoInitHello: I do not use Skype, but that sounds like it could be an error, or some mismatch setting on both ends that needs attention, is all in the documentation.04:04
mrmowgliother times it hangs on the hardware detection, and the graphical installer doesn't work.  Once it hung on the advanced command line installer after I configured the keyboard04:05
InitHellovigo: darn these 500 different audio systems, all because alsa and esd and whatever else developers refuse to cooperate!04:05
IdleOneInitHello: have her try the test call with the skype bot. if that works then she is good to go and you know it is on your end. if the test call fails well then you trouble shoot04:06
vigoInitHello: I will say again, I do not use Skype, I have my reasons, and they are all mine, MINE! :-)04:06
InitHelloIdleOne: yeah, her skype worked from a windows box, but not from her jaunty box04:06
night1neOkay, I've got a website, but I don't know how it is supposed to be done because everything there is for the command prompt. Could someone maybe help me out?04:06
voxMadcamper: essentially, no it can't be done04:06
InitHellovigo: that is of course your prerogative04:07
vigoInitHello: Exactly, and that is what Freedom is about.04:07
IdleOneInitHello: the skype website has some sound work arounds but I would read the link ubottu sent you first and see04:07
=== xod is now known as onats
InitHellovigo: why, I could (if I was a fool) even say that I like debian, and nobody is allowed to shoot me, because freedom!04:08
IdleOneInitHello: I had an issue with sound when not using a headset. getting a headset fixed the problem right away04:08
vigogood point.04:09
=== toby_ is now known as tobyn
ynkis it imperative for me to reboot after editing the ".bashrc" file??04:09
IdleOneynk: no04:09
alteregoaa categoric imperative?04:09
lstarnesynk: run source .bashrc04:10
IdleOneynk: open a new terminal and changes should take effect04:10
IdleOnealteregoa: I have a couple of categoric imperatives I could say to you. I suggest we ignore each other and save ourselves the head ache04:10
ScutumIm trying to install vista for my gf's netbook04:11
IdleOne##windows Scutum04:11
relapseIs there a way to NOT install gnome?04:12
Scutumso I was thinking  on installing a small linux OS04:12
adam__hello all04:12
relapselike use the alternative cd04:12
Scutumand then vista04:12
IdleOneScutum: in that case first windows then linux04:12
voxrelapse: you dont want a graphical interface?04:12
Scutumbecause it wont recognize it on the external hd04:12
lstarnesrelapse: use a version of ubuntu other than the ubuntu desktop cd (the kubuntu and xubuntu desktop cds are examples)04:12
relapsei just want x and fluxbox04:12
ScutumIdleOne, Im not able to install windows04:13
lstarnesrelapse: you can use the alternate cd for that04:13
Jordan_U!minimal | relapse04:13
ubotturelapse: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:13
IdleOneScutum: again see ##windows for windows help04:13
Scutumfrom the external disk, it wont recognize it04:13
jamiewanScutum: something about windoze wiping the boot loader when u install over linux04:13
=== crunchbang is now known as Guest18736
alteregoascrotum: yeah i did that like that04:13
ScutumSo is it possible to install windows on a linux machine?04:13
=== adam__ is now known as Synaps
Scutumalteregoa, go fuck yourself04:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about oh04:14
IdleOneScutum: watch the language please04:14
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.04:14
night1neSuch language in ubuntu even..04:14
cody_What was that about a lowport thing from DCC?04:14
Guest18736any body can help me with acpi on my laptop?04:15
Scutumwell remmid that to alteregoa first then04:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:15
nilsonfstock: ?04:15
jamiewanScutum: windoze first then linux or it wont work, so ive been told04:15
ScutumI see04:15
cody_!ask | Guest1873604:15
ubottuGuest18736: please see above04:15
n2diywhere would I put a file I want to be available over my lan? I have a "Public" directory, but the capital P doesn't look right, and I can't access the directory over the lan?04:15
voxalteregoa: if you dont have anything useful or constructive to add, leave.04:15
eradicusi'm having a problem booting hardisks with 48bit LBA because my bios doesn't support it, are there tricks?04:15
scuniziScutum: jamiewan is correct.. however you can do it the other way ..it's just a major pain to reinstall grub if you've never done it.04:16
scuniziworse when you have multiple drives04:16
ScutumI am planning on deleting linux afterwards04:16
Guest18736wow, seems this channel is pretty busy, never been here.04:16
cody_Will Skyway Internet work with ubuntu? My family is switching over to that soon.04:16
Scutumis not for me.. is for my gf04:16
scuniziGuest18736: welcome04:16
IdleOneScutum: so why install it at all?04:16
Synapsnot rilly as long as you can get to grub you can edit menu.lst04:16
Synapsuse Slax cd04:17
Scutumbecause otherwise it wont recognize it as an OS when I try booting04:17
n2diyGuest18736: actually, a little slow now. Is that your zipcode in your nick?04:17
cabaro_scutum: windows installation writes over the bootloader, and you would have to reinstall GRUB. so its easier to install windows first and then ubuntu.04:17
Scutumcabaro_, Im planning on deleting linux afterwards04:17
Guest18736no, i am testing the crunchbang  distro and this is the one by default04:17
cody_Lets say... I were to upgrade my BIOS to a whole new card (So i can use a dedicated graphics card and the like) Would i have to reinstall ubuntu?04:18
scuniziGuest18736: /nick <your choice> to change your nick04:18
Guest18736well, by the way, i am not a chatting type, i don't use it that much04:18
Jordan_Ucody_: No04:18
cabaro_scutum: then you might like wubi install. install windows first then wubi, also easy to remove.04:18
scunizicody_: probably not..04:18
cabaro_!wubi | scutum04:18
ubottuscutum: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.04:18
Scutumcabaro_, u mean wubi first?04:19
Guest18736by the way, is there a better way of checking out the battery on an ubuntu laptop?04:19
cody_scunizi: Okay Thanks. Also to Jordan_U04:20
Scutumcabaro_, you are not understanding, I need to install windows in a netbook, so trough USB, the dumb netbook wont recognized the external HD as an OS04:20
=== Guest18736 is now known as andre
Scutumbut if I plug it into my laptop it does04:20
cabaro_scutum, no windows first, wubi does not need its own partition, it creates an image file inside windows partition and adds boot up choises. easy to remove also and no need to reinstall the boosector after removal.04:20
IdleOneScutum: you are having a problem installing windows correct, install linux, then install windows ( since you plan on deleting linux anyway ) no worries about grub getting over written and then you can use whatever windows uses to delete/format the linux partition04:20
dewwwhat's with these scums with the dcc send attempts04:20
voxScutum: that's a restriction of the laptop itself04:20
Satzodeww they want to send their love.04:21
basixhi everyone, can someone please confirm whether karmic beta works as good as it says here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Karmic04:21
Flanneldeww: Just ignore them04:21
dewwmust be the ubuntu love :P04:21
Satzobasix, wrong channel...04:21
Flannelbasix: #ubuntu+1 for Karmic questions, thanks04:21
Scutumyes, my advice dont mess with ACER, they are terrible04:21
ScutumIdleOne, yes04:21
basixFlannel, thanks04:21
cabaro_scutum: whats the problem with windows installation?04:21
andrenever installed that ever...04:22
Scutumit doesnt recognize it when I try booting from the external HD04:22
torrancewif my wireless keyboard and mouse were partially failing, what log could i find info under, and/or how could i coax some info to be logged?04:22
cabaro_scutum: private chat, if you need help with that..04:22
akavI've got a netbook that started as eeebuntu, then I just did a distro upgrade to Jaunty Jacalope. I'm seeing a couple of strange things now.04:22
ynkadding "export PATH=${PATH}:/blahblahblah" is the right way to add environmental paths, right? i'm confused... well, i mean adding that line to ".bashrc"04:22
Scutumso, I should use Unetbootin?04:22
akavI'm wondering if I don't have a mutant hybrid of the two.04:22
Scutumcabaro_, thanks04:22
basixFlannel, do u know if there is a separate channel for Mactel Ubuntu ??04:23
Scutumand a small version of linux such as Xubuntu?04:23
ScutumXubuntu is the smallest right?04:23
cabaro_scutum: i'm going to work, but ill be available later on today04:23
Flannelbasix: #ubuntu-mactel has three people in it! :)04:23
Satzoheck no04:23
andrewho else use crunchbang?04:23
Flannelandre: Wrong channel04:23
SatzoLOAF is the smallest linux I know of04:23
Madcamperanyone here use wubi?04:24
scuniziScutum: smallest ubuntu release.. DSL is much smaller.. never heard of LOAF04:24
torrancewandre: off topic, but i do use it as well04:24
SatzoLOAF  Linux on a Floppy04:24
Scutumwhat is the smallest ubuntu I can use?04:24
Scutumyeah, but I trust Ubuntu04:24
ScutumI see04:24
Scutumyeah Xubuntu is the answer I believe04:24
scunizior server whith no gui04:24
andrehey, they are almost the same , all these distros and ubuntu, if you do some reconfig04:24
akavOn a standard Jaunty Jacalope install, does Ubuntu show boot messages as text (before X), or does it display a graphical loading screen.04:24
Madcamperanyone heard of Wubi?04:24
Satzoandre i want to try crunchbang on an old laptop04:25
=== hendaus is now known as wolf23
leaf-sheepScutum: It is the same thing. It's just full of packages put together to form what it is.04:25
torrancewScutum - crunchbang is based on ubuntu04:25
panfisti have a gnome panel set to auto-hide, but the animation when it hides is very slow and choppy. can i change this so there is no animated behavior...its either hidden or it just appears?04:25
n2diyScutum: nothing wrong with Xubuntu, been using it for nearly a year.04:25
andreit's great for old ones04:25
Satzoive read that04:25
eradicusanyone here who tried booting 48 bit LBA disks with Linux even if the BIOS doesn't support it?04:25
ScutumI really like this chat btw04:25
skylhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/git-core broken link04:25
Madcamperif someone is familiar with http://wubi-installer.org please explain exactly what it is.04:25
Satzoeradicus, you might need an overlay?04:25
ScutumI loved mu Xubuntu on my eeepc until it got stolen..04:25
leaf-sheep!wubi | Madcamper04:26
ubottuMadcamper: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.04:26
FlannelMadcamper: It allows you to install Ubuntu inside of Windows, and dual boot without partitioning04:26
eradicusSatzo, thanks can you point me to the right direction?04:26
torrancewdoes anybody know about keyboard/mouse logging? i suspect kernel modules04:26
andrethe only problem with old laptop may be the batteries, hardwares are ususally well supported04:26
AsSlowAsHellcan ubuntu mount windows software raid volumes?04:26
Madcamperok, but since i installed Ubuntu on my 2nd hard drive, and xp is on my first, would it be any different?04:26
Satzoeradicus i havent used overlays in over 10 years sorry04:26
Madcamperfor booting up wise04:26
Satzogoogle for dynamic drive overlays and cross fingers04:26
SatzoMadcamper i dont think it would matter04:27
Satzowubi uses grub doesnt it?04:27
panfistwhat's the name of the program that's a gui to edit tons of little gnome options?04:27
Scutumso my answer is Unetbootin with xubuntu right?04:27
eradicusSatzo, grub2 doesn't handle it?04:27
torrancewpanfist: gconf-editor?04:27
FlannelMadcamper: different in what way?04:27
scunizipanfist: ubuntu tweek04:27
cody_You gotta be kidding me. The emachines support (Who MADE my computer) couls not help me04:27
Madcamperok, thats what i was looking for. Thought it ran like, i could logout of windows xp, then login to ubuntu without restarting04:27
Satzoeradicus not certain.. not much experience with wubi04:27
FlannelMadcamper: Booting, it's slightly different.  You boot to GRUB, and then can choose windows or Ubuntu.  With wubi, you use the windows bootloader, and then can choose to boot to windows or Ubuntu04:28
IdleOnecody_: help with?04:28
cody_IdleOne: Upgrading my BIOS.04:28
BofCan I update the bios using wine?04:28
Madcamperok so essentially same concept04:28
torrancewBof: not saying you _can't_ but it seems like a potentially horrible idea04:28
eradicusSatzo, alright thanks though04:28
FlannelMadcamper: Right, except you actually have a dedicated partition for Ubuntu (and for Windows) that are independant of each other.  With Wubi, Ubuntu sits inside the Windows partition (as a few files)04:29
Satzocody_, do you need to do that?04:29
Madcamperis there any possible way to arrange it the way i suggested? going start > logout > choose ubuntu OS, or vice versa back to XP?04:29
voxBof: i would REALLY advise against it04:29
IdleOnecody_: ahhh well, sorry can't help you either04:29
Madcamperwithout restarting?04:29
voxMadcamper: no04:29
Satzoive never had to upgrade bios on emachines04:29
Madcamperok didnt think so04:29
Bofthx.. so I have to boot on a cd ??04:29
scuniziMadcamper: maybe you're really looking at running the os in a virtual machine.. check out virtualbox for windows or linux04:29
Satzoor usb Bof04:29
Madcampernah was trying to get aroudn vboxing it04:30
vigoMadcamper: WUBI is an .exe or like an .exe inside the Windows system, it is placed in the Add/Remove stuff just like any Windows Program, but it is Ubuntu once it is started.04:30
* Satzo loves virtualbox.04:30
FlannelMadcamper: That will be possible soon, with the new GRUB coming out.04:30
Bofok.. If I burn everything on a cd and boot on it... it should work?04:30
Madcamperreally flannel?04:30
SatzoBof yep04:30
cody_Satzo: I want to be able to boot off a flash drive, and most likely a BIOS upgrade would let me. And IdleOne It's okay haha04:30
SatzoBof, is your bios update app a dos app?04:30
Madcamperhave a website i could look at for it?04:30
FlannelMadcamper: Yeah.  Well, at least, on the Ubuntu side.  I imagine someone will hack something to do it on the windows side too.04:30
Madcamperlike info04:30
Satzosome motherboards can update within bios itself04:30
FlannelMadcamper: It'll be possible with GRUB204:31
BofSatzo:  I don't know04:31
Satzocody_, : unless your bios changelog says so i wouldnt bother04:31
SatzoBof,  what make/model of mobo you have?04:31
arrrghhhi'm having some issues with my wireless card... the driver is ralink, and they provide linux drivers.  but the ones that come with ubuntu don't seem to work properly, and i can't seem to build the ones they provide online...04:31
BofSatzo: Toshiba Satellite pro U30004:31
cody_Satzo: I cant even FIND my BIOS changelog since all i know is the Manufacturer, not model.04:32
Balsaqcan i put ubuntu in an 2002 dell and also install winxpsp3 and have it turn on to a screen that gives me the option of either one?04:32
Synapssum times you can do it from a floppy boot.04:32
Satzocody_, i recall eMachine used mobos from other makers.04:32
FlannelBalsaq: Yes04:33
SatzoBof, can u source the bios info on toshiba website04:33
Satzoit should have detailed info re: bios04:33
FlannelBalsaq: dual booting does that by default (the screen just is hidden by default, and if you don't touch anything, it boots after a few seconds)04:33
cody_Satzo: Well, lshw reports Dublin. haha04:33
Satzodublin.... no idea.04:33
Satzoexcept a nice place to drink guinness...04:33
cody_Satzo: Note: This is a Emachines T4200 Desktop04:33
BofSatzo: I'm not sure of what you mean but I downloaded an update on toshiba's web site?04:34
Balsaqwhat if the computer is blank with no OS on it when istart to attempt to put 2 of them in?04:34
LinuX2halfis there a way to run window setup without booting?04:34
Satzocody_, http://www.nongnu.org/dmidecode/04:34
cody_*tear**tear* For $200 i could get a replacement case, Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual Core CPU w/ Fan. and 2GB Ram hehe04:35
Satzothat should tell you what mobo you have04:35
cody_Satzo: Ill look at it04:35
SatzoBof,  ok so the website had directions on how to update?04:35
ubottuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo04:35
BofSatzo: It said nothing...!!04:35
cody_Satzo: It Ubuntu 9.04 based off Lenny, or squeeze Debina?04:35
assoguerozen_sxsomebody here have qjoypad working?04:36
Satzocody_, hell if i know :P04:36
SatzoBof, in my experience you need to boot in dos, windows or the bios itself will have an update function04:36
LinuX2halfis there a way to run window setup without booting?04:36
cody_Satzo: XD Ill try Lenny ;)04:36
SatzoLinuX2half, in a vm04:36
arrrghhhcody_, the ubuntu team takes a big dump of whatever is in the debian-unstable tree i believe...04:37
LinuX2halfthats the only way?04:37
BofSatzo: Thx..  I'll look to that, but a last thing if you can04:37
Balsaqif i get a virus in windows and its a dual boot computer, will that mess up the ubuntu?04:37
jumpkick_Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to make the ubnuntu splash screen actually tell me when it's going to do a fsck?04:37
SatzoLingerance, well considering it is an OS setup routine.. i dont know of a better way offhand..04:37
SatzoBalsaq, doubtful04:37
BofSatzo: In fact I want to update cause I have trouble to use toshiba utilities, you think it could help to update bios?04:37
End_of_Eva-linuxits pretty rare balsaq04:38
cody_Satzo: Holy holy! Lots of info (it was already installed haha) but it says BIOS is UPGRADEABLE04:38
SatzoBof, read the changelog of the bios update for that04:38
n2diySatzo: if it is an MBR viruis, it could.04:38
Satzon2diy, agreed04:38
leaf-sheepjumpkick_: You could turn off the splash screen.04:38
jumpkick_leaf-sheep: can I just uninstall it or is there some funky deps04:39
BofSatzo: Thank you..it's gonna help04:39
AnonymustI need help making my audio work...04:39
cody_Satzo: Think you could find it? http://pastebin.ca/1618646 I dont see it04:39
Balsaqsatzo end_of_eva-linux thank you04:40
AnonymustCan someone help with Audio, I'm using Jaunty04:40
LinuX2halfdoes qemu works in jaunty as well?04:40
kzettshow can i use the alternative cd to install just x and fluxbox04:40
kzettsi tried the minimal cd04:40
kzettsbut its giving me deb package errors04:40
SatzoLinuX2half, far as i know04:40
AnonymustOn a Macbook Pro04:41
leaf-sheepjumpkick_: You could uninstall it or just eliminate "splash" in the /boot/grub/menu.lst04:41
tomdavidsonhi, im having troubles seting up jack for a student radio broadcast. .... anoymust: i might04:41
arrrghhhkzetts, you should do the server install.  then install x and flux yourself...04:41
LinuX2halfsatzo, no...?04:41
kzettsserver install?04:41
arrrghhhkzetts, yes.  as in ubuntu-server.  comes w/o X.04:41
kzettswouldnt that be more "hardened" and limit me?04:41
AnonymustYes, I've uninstalled ALSA and reinstalled04:41
SatzoLinuX2half, do u mean can qemu emulate jaunty??04:41
Anonymusttomdavidson, it just won't work04:41
LinuX2halfsatzo, no, I thought I could run windows....04:42
Flannelkzetts: Use the alternate CD to install a command line system (one of the F menus has this as an option, F4 or F5)04:42
SatzoAnonymust, do u get sound from a live cd boot?04:42
cody_Satzo: How great. Not even pheonix (BIOS manufacturer, not motherboard manufacturer) can give my updates. -_-04:42
Satzocody_, im not surprised04:42
AnonymustSatzo, yes, I hadn't thought about it, but I did.04:42
SatzoLinuX2half, yer best off running an app like vbox04:42
LinuX2halfsatzo, why?04:43
kzettsFlannel: and then just install Xorg and fluxbox?04:43
SatzoAnonymust, does sound work in another userspace?04:43
SatzoLinuX2half, so you can do what you wanted to do??04:43
Balsaqever since that spammer came aound my computer is slow04:43
AnonymustSatzo, I don't know.04:43
SatzoAnonymust, give it a try04:43
cody_Satzo: Yea. Dublin modified it -_- so now i need to find THEIR changelog04:43
LinuX2halfsatzo, I'm lost at using the VBox...!04:43
elchiludohey guys i have a pci express card on my otherboard,can i put in a 1 gb gddr3 graphiscs card? does the gdd1 and 2 and all thos abbreviations really matter?04:43
SatzoLinuX2half, google install virtualbox ubuntu 9.0404:43
Satzolotsa howtos04:44
Ninja67on parle tu francais ici ???04:44
MenZa!fr | Ninja6704:44
ubottuNinja67: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr04:44
Satzotres mal04:44
elchiludoje non parle francais04:44
cody_Satzo: To upgrade it, i will need windows :( I lost the original install CD. But well.... lets hope it works anyway04:44
AnonymustSatzo, no sound in guest account04:45
Satzocody_, you can try a PE version of windows04:45
cody_Satzo: PE?04:45
SatzoAnonymust,  ok04:45
elchiludohey guys i have a pci express card on my otherboard,can i put in a 1 gb gddr3 graphiscs card? does the gdd1 and 2 and all thos abbreviations really matter?04:45
Satzoportable edition of windows cody_04:45
maestrojedI build a test web server with Ubuntu. Remotely I sftp to it. I was thinking of running webdav. I would have to run it on the vhost /var/www so that I could access all of my accounts. But this is not a production server so I am curious... Any reason (security) I shouldn't do this?04:45
cody_Satzo: Where do i find it?04:45
Satzocody_, do you 1. own windows and 2. have a spare hard disc?04:46
Satzoif you do, then install windows to update04:46
LinuX2halfsatzo, which use more RAM vmware or Vbox?04:46
Satzoits alot easier than explaining how to make a PE windows cd04:46
cody_Satzo: 1 Yes. It came with Windows XP. 2: No i do not own a spare Hard Drive (unless a Flash Drive counts :p)04:46
SatzoLinuX2half, no idea.. ive never used vmware as a virtualization04:46
Satzocody_, well if u want to update bios bad enough, image your ubuntu(or save /home) and drop windows on it04:47
Satzothen put ubuntu back on04:47
AnonymustSatzo, idk if you read this, but I said that I have uninstalled and reinstalled ALSA. I read somewhere that people on Macbook Pro's were having the problem, it's a quick fix I guess, but still, I don't have any sound..04:47
cody_Satzo: Okay. Ill partition to make room for /home on a different partition04:47
SatzoAnonymust, linux audio i am weak with.. i dont have good understanding of it04:47
Satzosomeone else here prolly does04:48
cody_Satzo: I am rebooting onto the live CD04:48
=== jumpkick_ is now known as jumpkick
Satzocody_, this might sound insane. but you might get away with running windows in vbox to flash bios04:49
lilzeussynaptic shows that open office calc is installed but it doesn't show up in Applications > Office, why?04:49
Satzoyou are definitely on your own there :)04:49
Satzolilzeus, system > preferences > main menu... check there04:49
arrrghhhSatzo, i would NOT recommend flashing a BIOS in that way....04:49
slashdotfxI'm having a random segfault on jaunty, anyone experience the same thing?04:49
Satzoarrrghhh, i know its insane :P04:50
jamiewanlilzeus: applications, accessories04:50
arrrghhhSatzo, just because flashing BIOS is not a good idea in general.  i try to avoid it, who cares if there's a newer version.  unless you need it, obviously...04:50
slashdotfxit's always on the latest update04:50
Satzoarrrghhh, i 100% agree04:50
lilzeusSatzo: I guess its called Formula?04:50
Satzoi warned them to read the changelogs first04:50
lilzeusjamiewan: it isn't there04:51
Satzolilzeus, YES04:51
lilzeuswhat are some 'must have' apps?04:52
ynkis this the proper way to add a folder in my "File System" as an environmental path? "export PATH=${PATH}:/dev-tools/blahblahblah/"?04:52
scunizililzeus: no.. formula is for building formulas for print not calculations.. calc is basically excel04:52
Satzoscunizi, thx for the correction. :)04:52
lilzeusscunizi: then where is calc? I have it installed but it doesn't show up04:53
=== adam is now known as Guest37622
LinuX2halfdoes anyone know how to use a vbox?04:53
scunizililzeus: in a terminal try typing ooffice -calc %U04:53
lilzeusthey call it Spreadsheet04:53
JRWoodwardMSWWell, I just got my first Ubuntu machine today -- six ours ago, a Dell netbook I would like to know how to create a shortcut from the desktop -- excuse me, too many years of Windows pollution, I mean a soft link. I'd like a terminal session link like the Python link in the application menu, but for perl. BTW, I already turned off the Dell Dock and switched to the default real Ubuntu desktop.04:54
mrmowglihey is there a way to start up where you left off on the minimal installer?  Crashed but it got farther than usual04:54
LoafersWhen I run a program via shell, how do I use the command line while the program is running without doing Program & exit or opening a new tab.04:54
lilzeuswhat are some 'must have' apps for ubuntu?04:54
infidel2show do you make it so pidgin messages dont show up in the indicator applet bubble thing?04:54
Satzolilzeus, in what context?04:55
infidel2sLoafers hit ctrl+z04:55
leaf-sheepmrmowgli: No.04:55
mrmowgliloafers you stick a & after the end, it runs it as a background process04:55
lilzeusStazo: well, it would like a good replacement for Macromedia Dreamweaver04:55
leaf-sheepJRWoodwardMSW: Right-click on the file and create "Make Link"04:55
Loafersmrmowgli, thanks! just what I needed!04:55
SatzoJRWoodwardMSW, i just add them to the top toolbar myself04:55
lilzeussorry, Satzo04:55
scuniziLoafers: you could also use screen so you'll have a program running and be able to switch to another "shell".. then pop back and forth.. you can have multiple shells going.04:55
JRWoodwardMSWSatzo, how do I do that?04:56
Loafersscunizi, Screen?  Is that like another tab?  If so, I don't want to do that.04:56
penguinupinfidel2s:  turn of the indicator applet bubble thing04:56
Satzolilzeus, http://www.osalt.com   <-- spend some time there and bookmark it04:56
scunizi!screen | Loafers04:56
ubottuLoafers: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen04:56
leaf-sheep!screen | Loafers04:57
Loafersscunizi, thanks.04:57
scuniziLoafers: it doesn't create tabs or anthing like that..04:57
leaf-sheepOh you did it already. >_>04:57
cody__Can anybody walk me through the steps for creating a seperate partition for /home? I am shrinking the main linux partition from 54 GiB to 20GiB, and creating a new partition that is ext3 that is 34GiB. What else do i need to do?04:57
SatzoJRWoodwardMSW, are the programs you need already in the applications toolbar?04:57
leaf-sheep!home | cody__04:57
ubottucody__: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome04:57
cody__leaf-sheep: Thank you so much.04:58
scunizicody__: keep shrinking .. root only needs to be between 8-12 gigs.. leave the rest for /home and at least 1 gig for /swap04:58
JRWoodwardMSWOnly some, and I have a to add -- MySQL, Apache, PHP, PHPMyAdmin04:58
Joker_-_How do I setup an rsync mirror for my local network? (Got 5 computers all using ubuntu)04:58
=== adam is now known as Guest47046
cody__kay, does it have to check for file system errors? it needs to do it twice lol. I'm also going to create room for windows :p04:58
Guest47046how do i identify myself?04:59
surgycan someone please help me change the permision settings on these items so i can use my usb camera in winxp vbox? http://pastebin.com/m3cc7095104:59
leaf-sheepcody__: If you're using a computer, it's much easier to use a home on a separate partition. :304:59
leaf-sheepcody__: I mean different hard drive.  Sorry.bette04:59
SatzoJRWoodwardMSW, those are back-end things04:59
Satzoleaf-sheep, while were on topic, how much dirty work is involved with making /home on a remote connection via ssh?05:00
Joker_-_Is there a way Squid can cache the updates a computer does so that when an other computer on the network wants to update aswell, it's lightening fast?05:00
cody__Oh, and can i shrink it to just what it is using? and the new one to as large as possible. And leaf-sheep If i had a seperate HDD, i would ;)05:00
cody__I only have a 60GB hard drive :p05:00
Satzocody__, get out of the 90s :P05:01
JRWoodwardMSWExcept for PHP MyAdmin, yes. What I want are links to the things like admin pages, php.ini, etc.05:01
cody__Satzo: LOL I should right? :P I have a Emachines T4200 made way back when :P05:01
cody__It shipped with winXP though :P05:01
scunizicody__: no leave it some room .. with 60 gigs use 8 gigs for / (root) and 1 gig for /swap and the rest for /home05:01
leaf-sheepSatzo: I'm not sure.  Doing it via commands would always take awhile.  I generally tar my ~/ to external drive. Making backup and whatnot.05:02
cody__scunizi: Okay, i will set it up to that after this finishes this current one haha05:02
Satzoleaf-sheep, yeah ill prolly end up doing that myself05:02
cody__scunizi: I also want to leave room for a windows partition. What should be the new setup?05:02
Satzosomeday when i get more adept ill do a remote mount tho.. NFS i guess05:02
JRWoodwardMSWNever buying another Windows program again. Was an MCSE for six years, now in recovery. Can't stand the way Microsoft spends its money on politics -- they are a big right-wing donor, tho BillG plays the saintly philanthropist.05:03
Satzocody__, xp runs just fine with 10gb05:03
cody__Satzo: It will be windows 7, i have the RC Iso they offered a while back :p05:03
SatzoJRWoodwardMSW, are you comfy with the shell yet?05:03
cody__Well actually, it is on a DVD but still05:03
Satzoi ask this because you can do the things you wish there easily05:03
scunizicody__: I'm not sure what a windows install will need.. 10 gigs?.. personally I would run windows in a virtual machine with virtualbox.. that way you don't have to reboot to bounce back and forth.. however vm's of windows don't run games well05:03
leaf-sheepSatzo: Mainly because I'm using a laptop (no separate internal hard drive for me. ;3)05:03
Madcamperim having trouble with dpkg-deb command, i did dpkg-deb -i filename.deb but it says to type help05:04
cody__scunizi: and for me, they never install well ;) Ive never successfully run windows in VirtualBxo05:04
scuniziMadcamper: dpkg -i <package name>05:04
JRWoodwardMSWI was admin to a FreeBSD box for three years; I have run Ubuntu under windows using Virtual Machine. Also, I was a DOS guy for 9 years before anybody ever heard of Windows.05:04
cody__does it really take 5 minutes to resize the partition -_-05:04
Madcamperya i just realized that lmfao05:04
turtlesnakewhat is the proper way to disable ipv6.  dns resolution is slow on karmic for me.05:05
scunizicody__: I've done it many times.. running it now.. you can't use the -ose version.. get it from their site05:05
ubottuFor an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv405:05
Satzocody__, i do it all the time.. i need xp for work reasons05:05
scunizisame here05:05
cody__scunizi: Dang. I have the OSE version :p I will get it from their site after i reboot. After the /home is on the new partition, will i be able to reinstall the hard drive so gnome will be the default manager again? KDE has gotten slow :(05:06
SatzoJRWoodwardMSW, then you can do your requests easily with that shell experience05:06
cody__Without worrying about losing all my Personal files?05:06
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal05:06
cody__reinstall ubuntu*05:06
Satzoif you want to get really lazy(errrr efficient) you can script with menus05:06
cody__scuninzi: LOL, i will need that again after i reboot ;)05:06
cody__Dang, 8 minute partitioning....05:07
scunizihave some coffee, scotch, beer whatever05:07
cody__scunizi: DR PEPPER! :P :D :)05:07
cody__scunizi: BTW, i dont drink cause im still in high school ;)05:08
leaf-sheepcody__: You certainly don't want to halt / interrupt the process. That'll result a mangled data. Just leave it alone.05:08
Madcamperhow come i cant find python2.4-dbus?05:08
cody__leaf-sheep: I am waiting, i know that from personal experience *whistle*05:08
leaf-sheepcody__: Go to the fridge and snuck dad's beer out from the fridge.05:09
JRWoodwardMSWYeah . . . but for speed's sake I'd like to have several desktops, one for each project, and switch, with the icons for all the scripts and directories right there for immediate use.05:09
cody__leaf-sheep: He doesnt drink either ;) No one in my family does XD05:09
Balsaqj #puppylinux05:09
scunizicody__: good reason.. don't start.. stay away from the other xtra curricular activities as well.. you know, the stuff you parents would kill you if they caught you doing.. not worth it.05:09
cody__scunizi: Yep, i am actually working on gettting a grant for my universitys buisness department. :)05:10
=== timber_ is now known as timber
cody__scunizi: Dont want to get distracted by extracurricular activities that parents would get mad at.05:10
sarlothqq anyone know how (if it is possible) to start an X session (xinit) with a specific/non-standard xorg.conf?05:10
SatzoJRWoodwardMSW, ahhh.   ive no idea how to set that up05:11
cody__sarloth: Edit the xorg.conf :p05:11
Satzoif u can have desktops assigned to different userspaces...05:11
sarlothI guess I should have explained a bit better :P05:11
=== marcon is now known as Guest98960
sarlothAnyone know how to xinit with a second xorg.conf? I have the default setup for booting, but I am trying to open a second x session with completely different settings.05:12
ZykoticK9sarloth, "X" has a "-config FILENAME" switch -- don't know if that helps at all05:13
sarlothZykoticK9: awesome, I will give that a shot :)05:13
Madcamperis python2.4-dbus in the synaptics manager installer?05:14
cody__Good :) I still have the original WIN7 ISO file, and i can run it in Virtual box :D:D:D05:14
Madcampercause i cant see it, maybe im just overlooking it?05:14
=== toby_ is now known as tobyn
r0y4ltyHey everybody05:14
cody__r0y4lty: Hello05:14
cody__STILL partitioning :p05:15
r0y4ltyI have a quick question, is it possible that i install moodin with apt-get?05:15
cody__r0y4lty: Yes, but i do not know the package name05:15
Satzou check synaptic?05:15
cody__tru sudo apt-get install moondin. It might not work, but its worth a shot. It might have a diff name05:16
cody__And also synaptic works. Search moondin in it05:16
maestrojedI built a test web server with Ubuntu. Remotely I sftp to it. I was thinking of running webdav. I would have to run it on the vhost /var/www so that I could access all of my accounts. But this is not a production server so I am curious... Any reason (security) I shouldn't do this?05:16
r0y4ltyyeah i tried it but nothing ill give synaptic05:16
r0y4ltya try05:16
cody__r0y4lty: Okay, tell us the results ;)05:16
scunizir0y4lty: maybe ksplash-engine-moodin  .. as the package name for apt-get install.. looks like a kde package though05:16
Madcamperpython2.4-dbus help anyone?05:17
r0y4ltykk ill keep you updated05:17
cody__!ask | Madcamper05:17
ubottuMadcamper: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:17
nic1hi..do anyone know any tiling wm here? like xmonad etc.,?05:17
scunizir0y4lty: at least that is what apt-cache search moodin returns05:17
Madcamperi did ask but ill ask again :o05:17
Satzomaestrojed, i cant see a problem.. is the box safe from the net?05:17
Madcamperis python2.4-dbus in the synaptics manager installer?05:17
thedude42maestrojed, as long as you follow best practices with the web server configuration and protect authentication properly, there is nothing inherently insecure about WEBDAV05:17
cody__Madcamper: It should be. Open Synaptic and search python and look for python2.4-dbus05:18
Madcamperkk ill look again05:18
cody__There must be something wrong with partitioning!!! It is STILL partitioning! Lol05:18
maestrojedSatzo thedude42 : Gr8 Thank you, I guess the fact that I knew few other people running webdav makes me worried there is some inherit reason not to. I appreciate the vote of confidence05:18
=== Guido is now known as Guest17899
r0y4ltyPackage ksplash-engine-moodin is not available, but is referred to by another package.05:18
r0y4ltyThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or05:18
r0y4ltyis only available from another source05:18
r0y4ltyE: Package ksplash-engine-moodin has no installation candidate05:18
FloodBot3r0y4lty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:18
maykii'm gonna need some help here, after restarting my ubuntu partition i got 2 errors, 1. it was saying it was ignoring .dmrc because it had the wrong permissions, i was able to resolve this by deleting the file (after chowning and chmoding it 3 times :|) anyway, second issue i don't quite understand, here is the error message (wrote it down and booted into windows):05:19
maykifirst line:       /etc/gdm/Xsession:Beginning Session Setup...05:20
maykisecond line: Setting IM through im-switch for locale = en_US.05:20
thedude42maestrojed, one of the bigger hits that IIS (microsoft's web server platform) got way back in the day was a WEBDAV exploit on server 2000, and because of that WEBDAV has a bad reputation.... but mosr SVN repos use WEBDAV for internet connected repositories05:20
leaf-sheepcody__: Wait a hour!05:20
cody__mayki: For multiple lines, please go to pastebin.ca05:20
cody__leaf-sheep: It never has taken this long, i have done this 4+ times in my time of ubuntu.05:20
scunizi!pastebin > mayki05:21
ubottumayki, please see my private message05:21
leaf-sheepcody__: Well I'm going to reboot.  Got a new kernel.05:21
Madcamperi didnt find dbus, but found python2.4, dbg, dev, and doc05:21
cody__leaf-sheep: Okay, cya soon05:21
Madcamperbut those didnt help me05:21
cody__Madcamper: Ill look for it in a sec. I'm on liveCD and it is painfully slow :( lol05:21
Madcamperok :P05:22
maykihere is the link http://pastebin.ca/161866705:22
cody__Its having a HARD time opening synaptic05:22
Madcampercody can you PM the info if you find it? gotta run downstairs rq ><05:22
maestrojedthedude42: Thx!05:22
DaZcody__: you don't need it05:22
cody__DaZ: ???05:22
DaZpr0s use the terminal  :f05:22
cody__mayki: Sorry, i dont know nothing of that :(05:23
scunizilots of dbus references.. apt-cache search dbus05:23
cody__DaZ: I know nothing on searching for packages in temrinal ;)05:23
Loafersmrmowgli, lets say if I already have the program running, how do I gain control of the CMI without closing the program its running?05:23
maykidarn, usually ubuntu tells me "this is broken, fix it by doing this" or "this is what's broken" and i google it and i can get it fixed :(05:23
DaZcody__: apt-cache search05:23
cody__mayki: Yea, ubuntu is usually good of letting you know, unlike windows: "ERROR! No definition of error!" :p05:24
infidel2si just ran 'sudo apt-get remove indicator-applet' but it's still running. is that because i have to reboot or what?05:24
DaZcody__: there's usually error code <:05:24
cody__Madcamper: What exactly was the package again?05:24
cody__DaZ: Yea, but ive gotten that exact one multiple times. xD05:24
maykilol yeah, that's why i use ubuntu, unfortunately, when stuff like this happens, i have to rely on windows to help me fix it05:24
cody__mayki: I rely on the ubuntu LIVE CD to help me ;)05:24
Madcamperum, python2.4-dbus05:24
cody__I reinstall ubuntu for quickie work :305:24
maykii don't know what happened to mine05:25
cody__Madcamper: It might be just D-Bus. Do you see that? Exact name is: dbus :p05:26
r0y4ltycody, synaptics worked for me I found the package and it installed it, now the splash screen was applied05:26
Madcamperk let me look05:26
maykiwould it be ok if i deleted the contents of /tmp? it's temporary right? so if i delete it the system should just recreate what it needs right?05:26
r0y4ltyThanks for your help bro05:26
cody__mayki: Uhm, i'm not 100% on that05:26
Satzomyaki why05:26
maykii can't log in anymore05:26
maykionly to terminal, at first all my permissions were changed and i couldn't even cd $HOME05:27
cody__Madcamper: There is also: python-qt4-dbus and pyhon-qt4-dbus-dbg05:27
maykii ended up having to do sudo chown and sudo chmod to my home folder and setting permissions to 777 JUST so i could cd05:28
cody__Madcamper: Click the dropdown arrow in synaptic, click search. Type dbus and change the dropdown to only name.05:28
Satzomayki, that folder is cleaned every boot no?05:28
maykiafter i deleted the .dmrc file though, it seemed ok, so i restarted, then it won't let me log in05:28
dassoukihow can i compike a cpp project that only has a Makefile and a bunch of cpp/h files. i tried gcc main.cpp -o main, i also tried sudo make.. make Makefile ... the website nore the project include INSTALL file or documentation05:28
Satzohang on mayki05:28
Satzomayki, http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/01/19/changing-the-tmp-cleanup-frequency/05:29
DaZmayki: chown -R user ~/05:29
JRWoodwardMSWi got it -- made an Applications link to the perlconsole05:29
DaZchmod o+rw -R ~/05:29
maykiyeah, i did that05:29
cody__To everybody: I'm going to go watch a movie. Pass the time for the partitioning :p TTYAL05:29
thedude42dassouki, did you look at the Makefile targets?05:29
maykii did sudo chown -Rc mayki:mayki $HOME05:29
r0y4ltywhat movies you watching?05:29
dassoukithedude42: i'm a nube, so i don't know what thatmeans05:29
dassoukithedude42: but i'm a good listener05:30
maykithen sudo chmod -R 644 $HOME05:30
nic1hey guys,i have one confusion about installations using apt-get05:30
DaZyou said 777 >:05:30
rajhey guys i need help with nvidia 6200 pci card. the stupid this wont load up properly even after installing the propetiary drivers from the hardware driver things by enabling it. i installed the nvidia 180 drivers. any help please? thx05:30
thedude42dassouki, the targets are all the words followed by ':' that are along the left margin of the file05:30
Satzonic1, what05:30
maykicuz 644 wasnt working05:30
maykii tried 600 first, then 644 then 77705:30
mayki777 finally allowed me to cd to $HOME05:31
nic1if i get the source suing apt-get source and edit it, after that if i again install using apt-get, which codebase is used?05:31
thedude42dassouki, the targets are things you feed in to the 'make' command, so if you have a target calle 'all:' then you can run 'mak all'05:31
nic1the original one or my chages?05:31
rajhey guys i need help with nvidia 6200 pci card. the stupid this wont load up properly even after installing the propetiary drivers from the hardware driver things by enabling it. i installed the nvidia 180 drivers. any help please? thx05:31
Satzonic1, the code from the repository05:31
=== administrator is now known as Guest65181
Satzoi think....05:31
dassoukithedude42: http://pastebin.com/f422763c505:31
maykibut when i restarted it told me permissions were wrong again, so i guess they were changing at boot? idk, i deleted the .dmrc file, and restarted, now i only get the 10 second error, anyway, brb, gonna go read that link i got05:31
nic1oh, after my changes if i install using ./configure, make and make install05:32
rajhey guys i need help with nvidia 6200 pci card. the stupid this wont load up properly even after installing the propetiary drivers from the hardware driver things by enabling it. i installed the nvidia 180 drivers. any help please? thx05:32
Satzonic1, i would think, yes05:32
nic1my code changes wil come into picture right05:32
Satzonic1, ive never done that myself05:32
Guest65181how can i find a tutorial for bluefish web editor05:32
nic1you would think?05:32
Madcamperwas downstairs05:32
cody__r0y4lty: I will be watching: We are Marshall :D cya later05:32
rajanyone knows how to get nvidia 6200 pci card to work properly ? i have nvidia drivers 180 installed no luck .. anyone please help :( thx05:33
thedude42dassouki, try 'make shptrans.zip'05:33
turtlesnakeanyone experience issues with the DNS resolver for karmic?  (e.g. multisecond delays before some addresses resolve)05:33
DaZraj: i'm not sure if it's supported05:33
achiangfresh install of karmic, gnome-keyring doesn't seem to unlock my ssh key, so when i ssh from the terminal, i get prompted for my passphrase every time. known issue?05:33
Satzoturtlesnake, wrong channel05:33
turtlesnakeSatzo: sorry, which channel should i be in?05:34
achiangoh, /me reads /subject05:34
dassoukithedude42: rc not find msdk05:34
Satzoturtlesnake, thats in the channel topic05:34
Madcamperhrm, still didnt let me dpkg my cedega05:34
rajDAZ: what do you mean? isnt all nvidia if not most supported?05:34
Madcamperstill says, "cedega depends on python2.4-dbus"05:34
=== marcon is now known as Guest45978
thedude42dassouki, i don't like the sounds of 'mdsk'05:34
DaZraj: some series have legacy drivers05:34
dassoukirc /i "%MSSdk%\include" shptrans.rc05:35
dassoukithedude42: /\05:35
nic1i tried running ./configure for one of the packages i need to install, there are many error messages and the first is, ./configure: 53: cannot create conf5771.sh: Permission denied05:35
Satzoraj, nvidia dont support ALL cards.. pci is pretty old :/05:35
nic1any one knows, why i get above kind of error?05:35
DaZSatzo: find me 6200 on pci ;f05:36
nic1hey can anyone help me installing the package? ./configure gives me errors..05:38
DaZnic1: cool05:38
Madcampernvm cody__, i got it working, i had to remove the cedega or something on here already05:38
nic1DaZ, kool?? help me out in fixing dude..05:38
nic1 tried running ./configure for one of the packages i need to install, there are many error messages and the first is, ./configure: 53: cannot create conf5771.sh: Permission denied05:39
DaZnic1: there's nothing to fix05:39
nic1is it?05:39
nic1why do i get that permission denied error?05:39
DaZit needs permission, give it or make it don't need it ;f05:39
nic1i dont think that is something which we cannot solve..05:39
nic1how to give permissions?05:40
DaZnic1: sudo05:40
nic1sudo ./configure05:40
SpArTaKoen español05:40
nic1is this how i need to run?05:40
SpArTaKoputa madre en ingles y yo sin ingles sin barreras05:40
DaZbut using it with configure isn't good ;f05:40
DaZnic1: yes05:40
SatzoSpArTaKo, #ubuntu-es05:41
grturner!es | SpArTaKo05:41
ubottuSpArTaKo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:41
[1]fokuslee302Q: im runing linux inside VMware as guest, liveCD, i can not get to VC #2 by alt+f2 or alt+fn any ideas? also tried ^ Alt fn no luck05:43
Ilincaanybody can help with how to connect an external drive to ubuntu comp?05:43
rajlspci | grep -i nvidia does givw me a LINE AND ITS RECOGNISED BUT MY 3d GRAPHICS DONT WORK :( ITS NVIDIA 6200 pci CARD . ANY HELP?05:43
rajsry for caps05:43
hkeagleis here english-speaking?05:43
DaZIlinca: just connect it ;f05:43
Blueyhkeagle: yes...05:43
Satzo[1]fokuslee302, CTRL + ALT05:43
DaZraj: pci or pci-e <:05:44
[1]fokuslee302Satzo: yes i tried that ^ is ctrl05:44
rajDaz its a PCI05:44
Ilincayeah :) says though unable to mount the volume05:44
DaZoh my <:05:44
[1]fokuslee302Satzo: i also tried windows logo key plus alt..shift...nothing short of just smashing the keyboard LOL05:45
DaZraj: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|grep nvidia05:45
Satzo[1]fokuslee302,  no idea.. i cant even cross test... well yes i can05:45
Satzolet me give it a rip :P05:45
DaZraj: agp is faster05:45
Blueyraj: agp is much faster, and probably works better05:45
[1]fokuslee302: )05:45
Satzoagp second hand is cheap too05:46
rajok :) so i typed that command what do i do now :(05:46
BlueySatzo: that too05:46
DaZraj: output?05:46
rajyeah i might look for an agp tomorrow05:46
rajDaz ill paste it on paste bin 1 sec05:46
nic1why using sudo with ./configure is not good?05:49
Satzo[1]fokuslee302, i cant do it either :/05:49
DaZnic1: because configure doesn't need that much of power ;f05:49
Satzonic1, i wager because u install with root priv05:50
rajDaz ill paste it on paste bin 1 sec?05:50
DaZraj: paste it faster ;f05:50
[1]fokuslee302Satzo...i think it use to work...maybe its a VMware bug05:51
[1]fokuslee302Satzo i think it use to work on older version of VMware05:51
Satzocould be.. and there is no "send" of crtl-alt05:51
rajhere can any1 help me . i am sorry my keyboard battery is low05:51
=== toby_ is now known as Guest91430
DaZraj: glxinfo|grep direct05:51
rajdaz: ok thx 1 sec leme try ur command05:52
=== Guest91430 is now known as tobyn
=== PKnull is now known as Pooky
resnoi was messing around with chown and now i cant boot into linux. the last error says: chown: changing ownership of '/tmp/.x11-unix': read-only file system05:53
rajNVIDIA OpenGL Driver requires CPUs with SSE to run.05:53
rajThe current CPU does not support SSE.05:53
raj thats what i get daz what does it mean?05:53
binskipy2uanyone here see any advantage going from a nicely working, setup ubuntu 9.04 to a new 9.10? or have made the move, even though it isnt final and decided it was a great idea?05:53
nic1satzo, what do you wager and why? dint get you05:53
DaZraj: it means something bad <:05:54
Blueysolar system exploration?  :-)05:54
Satzobinskipy2u, id wait a month or so myself05:54
Satzolet the hyper folks find the problems :P05:54
binskipy2ulol :D05:54
rajDaz: lol is it fixable? is it the card? or is it my CPU processor?05:54
Satzoim gona wait myself.05:54
acuis anyone Ubuntu Certified Professional05:54
* Bluey checks05:54
* Bluey is maleish today.....05:55
nic1is there a certification for ubuntu?05:55
nic1how can we do that?05:55
koolheadnic1: yes05:55
Satzoacu its a free channel05:55
DaZraj: it's either processor or software ;f05:55
Satzonic1, yeah canonical.com has info05:55
nic1koolhead, how can do that? ok kool..05:55
dassoukiis there a way i can do "patebinit command <yntax>05:55
acuSatzo: LOL - that is so great05:55
koolheadnic1: url has the details :D05:55
rajDaz: do u have any idea where i could find possible solutions?05:56
DaZraj: tell me what model do you have05:56
nic1sure, wil go through05:56
DaZraj: you can try nouveau drivers05:56
DaZi'm not sure do they support 3d tho ;f05:56
rajgeforce 6200 256MBS ddr2 PCI . ill try that . is it in synaptics?05:56
DaZraj: cat /proc/cpuinfo05:57
cody__8000 MiB = 8 GiB Right?05:57
DaZraj: dunno ;f05:57
rajok 1 sec05:57
dassoukii.e. how cna i store the output of a command using pastebinit05:57
nic1i tried making my package, i get the errors: lexer.c:1585: error: 'input' defined but not used                   make[2]: **** [lexer.lo] Error105:57
DaZdassouki: pipe it ;f05:57
nic1and few errors follow, can any one tel me the reason?05:58
dassoukithanks i did command | pastebinit '05:58
rajok what am i looking for here? should i paste the results 4 u?05:58
cody__What would be the best partitions for having a sepatate home on a 60GB hard drive05:58
dassoukiand it worked05:58
DaZraj: paste <:05:58
DaZraj: you can check flags for sse05:59
Satzocody__, yes 800mib = 8gb05:59
cody__I have: 8 GiB for System, 46.48 GiB for home, andfd 1.42 GiB for swap. is that good?06:00
rajhttp://pastebin.ca/1618693 here u go ....06:00
cody__and Satzo: 8192 is exactly 8 GibB06:00
rajflags for sse?06:00
Satzoi know06:00
Satzobut for ease of explanation06:00
cody__Yea :p06:00
cody__Imma take that as yes it is good ;)06:00
cody__kk, gonna finish movie, VERRRRRRRY good! :D06:01
koolheadhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/ is it opening 4 everyone06:01
rajDaz i guess its the old processor not graphics card?06:01
raji cant find SSE on flags06:01
acucody__, OK - is not a trivial question - first the SWAP should be at least double than the amount of RAM06:02
legend2440koolhead: no its been down for a while. i tried it about 2 hours ago and it was down then06:02
koolheadlegend2440: i thought sumthing wrong at my end06:02
leaf-sheepkoolhead: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://packages.ubuntu.com/06:04
DaZraj: there is solution for this06:04
DaZbut i don't know it yet :F06:04
rajreally :) great :D06:05
DaZraj: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114292406:05
rajdaz i really appreciate this06:05
acucody__, also it depends whehter you install a workstation or a server06:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cad06:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about autocad06:06
Satzowonderboy, osalt.com06:06
acucody__, if you plan to install a lot of programs - /usr should be reasonable - I think if you do automatical partition - you get /usr maybe 4GB (if I am not wrong - which is too les06:06
Laquehow do I get compiz to replace by default? I tried putting it in gnome-session-properties but I still have to type it in after logging in.06:07
shmhi...I am not able to get login screen...what could be reason?06:07
leaf-sheepwonderboy: Looks like you want 'qcad' but it's not AutoCad.06:07
leaf-sheep!info qcad | wonderboy06:07
celthundershm what do you get?06:07
ubottuwonderboy: qcad (source: qcad): professional CAD system. In component main, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 1201 kB, installed size 3984 kB06:07
nic1hey anyone knows my errors regarding lexer.o?06:07
Satzoleaf-sheep, the site i mentioned has all of that ;P06:08
nic1i tried making my package, i get the errors: lexer.c:1585: error: 'input' defined but not used make[2]: **** [lexer.lo] Error106:08
leaf-sheepSatzo: :306:08
wonderboySatzo:  thanks..:) now there is one more thing to look than directory.fsf.org :)06:08
geekphreakhiya all06:09
celthundernic1 lower your warnings in the compiler...if you define something and not use it you should get a warning not an error06:09
shmjust hang on pink backgound...with cursor having waiting symbol06:09
Satzohi geekphreak06:09
celthundershm can you boot to init 3?06:09
* wonderboy installing qcad.06:09
shmcelthunder: soorry, I am novice in linux etc.....How to boot to init 306:10
howdy`hey, that's what i'm needing. lol. have an nvidia update.06:10
nic1celthunder,can you please tell me how i can lower the warnings...please...06:11
sarlothHey guys, when using "xinit" with the "-config <filename>" option as a normal user it tells me I must use a relative path. When I use a path relative to the current directory it tells me it cannot find the file. Anyone have any idea what path I need to be relative to?06:11
thedude42sarloth, probably relative to the cwd where the file is executed from06:12
celthundershm i'm not on ubuntu not sure how ubuntu handles init levels someone else will have to help you there06:12
howdy`it's usually inittab, but not this dist...06:13
celthunderyeah exactly06:13
hkeagleshm,type atl+ctrl+f1,see if you can get a login in text mode06:13
NehtaroIn application launchers, what do the things like %u %U or %F mean?06:13
celthunderNehtaro, variables06:14
shmhkeagle: I am able to get login in text mode06:14
carpediemNehtaro: usually to pass the URL when you click a link06:14
nic1Hey can anyone help me in reducing the warning levels on ubuntu?06:14
carpediemnic1: what warning levels06:14
geekphreakshm during bootup can you start ubuntu in resuce mode?06:14
r0y4ltyDoes anyone know if i can have a console on mydesktop thats not going to move or anything?06:14
Nehtarocelthunder: So if I were to create an emacs launcher (I accidentally deleted it), should I use any?06:15
howdy`it still says "running x server" in my instance.06:15
sarloththedude42: you mean the cwd in my cli? it tells me it can't find it (Like I said) I run " :~$xinit /usr/bin/wine "C:\Program Files\Conquer 2.0\autopatch.exe" -- :1 -config xorg16.conf" from ~ (xorg16.conf is in ~) and it tells me it cannot find xorg16.conf06:15
Nehtarocarpediem: So if I were to create an emacs launcher (I accidentally deleted it), should I use any?06:15
hkeagleshm,login in,and try to run startx06:15
carpediemr0y4lty: need more info...you meen like a desktop widget?06:15
=== Srpski is now known as Dannyboy
=== ben is now known as Guest12965
carpediemNehtaro: no need 99% of the time06:15
Nehtarocarpediem: Alright, thank you.06:15
r0y4ltywell ive seen it on some desktops like its just there i dont have to open it up or anything06:15
Laquenvm, #compiz helped me solve it06:15
shmgeekphreak: what keys to use to start in rescue mode. It does not show any option any such option06:16
r0y4ltyand it doesnt have any border06:16
r0y4ltyit looks like part of the desktop its self06:16
shmhkeagle: i have tried startx....but it didn't work06:16
geekphreakshm: during bootup menu it should show you the resuce option?06:16
carpediemr0y4lty: yeah, those are usually part of something like gdesklets.  You may also like tilda06:16
howdy`the lt,ctl,f1 keys worked, except i need that at logon. getting init 3 at reboot...  anyone?06:17
r0y4ltyill look at it06:17
nic1carpediem, i tried making a package, and just a variable being declared and not being used stops my make telling error:06:17
thedude42sarloth, no, just because you run the command from your cwd doesn't mean the cwd doesn't change once execution starts.... I would start assuming the location of xinit as the cwd06:17
nic1 tried making my package, i get the errors: lexer.c:1585: error: 'input' defined but not used make[2]: **** [lexer.lo] Error106:17
shmhkeagle: it show fatal server error: and some xlib and xinit error when doing startx06:17
=== nutterpc_ is now known as nutterpc
* geekphreak is on ubuntu 8.1006:18
nic1carpedium, so i like to make that error as warning and try making again06:18
carpediemnic1: if the compiler decides its an error, its an error.06:18
carpediemnic1: you can't "make it a warning"06:18
hkeagleshm,is it your first time to start ubuntu?06:19
shmnot actually06:19
koolheadany ubuntu pkg maintainer here06:20
nic1so i wil not be able to make it?06:20
carpediemnic1: but a little googling shows that that package has problems being compiled with gcc 4.306:20
nic1oh? so i wil not be able to make it up here?06:20
howdy`i'm gonna go try some things. thanks for the effort.06:21
glickhey is anyone running 9.10 already?06:21
carpediemnic1: you will need to use an older gcc, or find out if the developers have fixed the issue.  Google is a good place to search for your error.06:21
hkeagleshm,then what did you do during your last login06:22
frackdoes $ locate  search all subdirectories?06:22
carpediemnic1: I googled for you, and there's plenty of info to look at06:22
prince_jammysglick: /join #ubuntu+106:22
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=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
carpediemfrack: yes, but, it gets updated daily, so it is not always up to date.06:22
prince_jammysfrack: locate uses a database.06:22
frackAh... new to ubuntu and i dont like to ask questions, but i'm trying to find a file on my usb drive that contains the word "shovel"06:23
prince_jammysin the file NAME or in the file CONTENTS?06:23
surajfrack: cd /path/to/usb && grep -iE "shovel" -r . -l06:23
carpediemfrack: for true results, try find.  such as "find . -name *foo*06:23
ranjan i am having some problem in installing bilbo can any body can tell me how to install bilbo on ubuntu 8.04............??06:23
hkeagleshm,did you install a video driver or something?06:23
frackta :D06:23
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
nic1carpediem, sure i wil google and can you please tell me command to see the version of gcc?06:24
carpediemranjan: I would suggest finding a ppa that contains bilbo, much easier than building your own.06:25
hkeaglegcc -v06:25
rajguys how do you start envyNG? i cant find it under the application list06:25
carpediemraj: I think its envyng-gtk06:26
=== goose|ODST is now known as goose
surajI have this noisy Sun Fire T1000 server sitting next to me. It only has a serial console - no CD/keyboard/mouse/etc., I'd like to install Ubuntu on it. Pointers please? ubuntu.com/sun only lists a cd-image for download06:26
ranjancarpediem_i have found an  ppa  but it was not containing any packace for 8.0406:26
DaZraj: did you fix it? :f06:27
carpediemsuraj: man, that's going to be hard without a kb/mouse06:27
rajDaz not really im doing it with envyng now ill tel u what happens06:27
surajcarpediem: It does have serial console access - so assume that's solved... ;)06:28
carpediemsuraj: I can tell you how to install from a USB thumb drive, if that helps.06:28
geekphreaksuraj:  aint you lucky lol06:28
surajcarpediem: no USB thumb drive either06:28
surajgeekphreak: sure ;)06:28
carpediemsuraj: what media input do you have, if you don't have CD or USB?06:29
geekphreaksuraj: got a hammer?06:29
geekphreakjust kidding06:29
surajcarpediem: network, yes.06:29
carpediemsuraj: I mean, I have heard of network installs, but I've never tried it.06:29
carpediemsuraj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Server and network installations06:29
shmahi...sorry, I was discussing my login problem with nick shm, but this computer has been taken by some other user...so I might miss some messages...06:30
eshannongparted wil lnot let me format my 1.5 tb drive to xfs? What can I do to format to xfs06:31
kindofabuzzeshannon, you have to unmount it first06:32
=== cab_ is now known as cabaro
carpediemeshannon: well, install xfsprogs, and then it will probably let you06:32
eshannonTy the drive is not mounted06:32
carpediemeshannon: xfsprogs isn't installed by default, and so gparted will grey xfs out06:32
carpediemeshannon: but once you install it, it will be enabled in gparted06:32
Satzohey eshannon howd the format go06:33
Satzon/m :)06:33
eshannonGot my drive working last night and got everything move thanks for the help last night06:34
Seventoesis it possible to boot off of the 9.10 iso with grub (not grub2)06:34
eshannonThanks xfs is working now06:34
assoguerozen_sxguys, what is the command to activate gnome-volume-control tray icon?06:34
SatzoSeventoes, #ubuntu+106:34
concretesledgewhat is the best DVD MOVIE decoder burner?06:38
IceGuest_75concretesledge I like to use three KB06:39
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:39
BugsCrashHow to : install a touch for Hp tx2 touchsmart with hid driver for ntrig? Ubuntu 9.10 ( I have the .c drivers).06:39
=== IceGuest_75 is now known as The
BugsCrashHow to : install a touch for Hp tx2 touchsmart with hid driver for ntrig? Ubuntu 9.10 ( I have the .c drivers). Please pvte-me (on away)06:40
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Teclyswhats the easiest way to set up a static ip in ubuntu?06:42
bhearsumis Rhythmbox supposed to support password protected podcasts? i've read that it does, but i can't make it work06:42
concretesledgeim using DVD-Author06:42
leaf-sheepTeclys: The easiest way to set up a static IP would be using the router instead.06:42
halberdhi, my caps lock key has mysteriously switched back to being a caps lock key, after I changed it to a cntrl key (months ago)06:43
indushalberd: nice06:43
Teclysleaf-sheep: alright, I'll look into that. thank you. there's no way to do it on the system itself? im comfortable with the terminal06:43
=== Guest54373 is now known as ubuntu-noob
halberdwhat can I do?06:44
indushalberd: ubuntu works in mysterious ways, anyways why dont you reassign it06:44
halberd/etc/console-setup/boottime.kmap.gz is the same as what I edited it to be, which has all Caps_Lock 's replaced with Control 's06:44
leaf-sheepTeclys: Yes there are. I don't know it myself but do use Google to find out. It's easier to use router because if you're using laptop, you'd want to switch back to dhcp especially if you're on the go often.06:44
halberdand I also set it through System->administration->keyboard06:44
halberdbut it doesn't work06:45
halberdI can reboot but why do I have to06:45
Teclysleaf-sheep, that makes sense. thank you.06:45
concretesledgeK3B doesnt decode the AVI06:45
halberdalright tell you what I'll just reboot and get back to you06:45
halberdthis did happen immediately upon booting though06:45
indushalberd: maybe you aer usiing a different keyboard layout06:45
halberdat the last boot06:45
Teclysi very easily get ahead of myself when it comes to grandiose home networking plans haha06:45
ubuntu-noobwhat is the linux version of command "ipconfig"06:45
halberdI don't see what could have changed my keyboard layout06:45
The_Doctorconcretesledge try acid rip.06:46
Seventoesubuntu-noob: ifconfig06:46
halberder I meant System->preferences->keyboard06:46
indusubuntu-noob: ifconfig06:46
The_Doctorubuntu-noob ifconfig06:46
halberdit's USA layout06:46
halberdas I'm sure it's been all along06:46
jamiewanconcretesledge: try K9copy06:46
ubuntu-noobso its the same ?06:47
indushalberd: karmic koala?06:47
indusubuntu-noob: its i F config06:47
halberdwhat does that mean indus06:47
indusso f instead of p06:47
Teclysanother question, if i set up my linux system for remote access, can I access it from a system running off of a live cd or live usb key?06:47
The_Doctorubuntu-noob know there is an F.06:47
indushalberd: i mean are you using 9.10?06:47
halberdoh is that the next version of ubuntu06:47
halberdno, 9.0406:47
indusubuntu-noob: happens :)06:47
Seventoesyeah iF, not IP06:48
=== jony123_ is now known as jony123
indushalberd: sorry , no idea,but in 9.10 i cant set some keys06:48
nic1got a patch file confuse-2.6-r3.ebuild to recover from the error i am getting from the confuse package. How do i need to patch it?06:48
nic1please someone help me06:48
halberdI don't see why OS developers have to code name everything06:48
halberdit's easier for me to remember 9.10 than "karmic koala"06:48
leaf-sheepTeclys: Pretty much yes.  Assuming you did set up port forwarding on the router.06:48
Teclysbut karmic koala sounds so cute06:48
indushalberd: can you try reassign another key and see if that works06:48
Teclysleaf-sheep, port forwarding is exact;y what im in the process of06:49
Seventoeshalberd: a google search for "9.10" brings up more than ubuntu. a search for "karmic koala" is going to be a little more narrowed06:49
dsnydersHelp! my machine's in a coma!  I can ping it but no response on keyboard.  ssh hangs.06:49
halberdSeventoes, a search for "ubuntu 9.10" would get you what you need06:49
jony123Anyone here know how to setup a smtp server and could help me with an error i get06:50
The_Doctordsnyders is this a laptop.06:50
Seventoeshalberd: but 9.10 doesnt have an adjective and animal in it. so ha.06:50
dsnydersThe_Doctor: No, it is a desktop.06:50
halberdsure it does... niney tendonitis06:50
halberddoes tendonitis count as an animal?06:50
nic1carpediem, i got the ebuild patch for my error, can you please tel me how to patch it??06:51
Seventoesrofl no diseases dont count as animals lol06:51
halberdbut what if you keep them as pets06:51
carpediemnic1: ebuilds are gentoo06:51
The_Doctordsnyders do you know how you had your power settings set up06:51
voxguys, keep it on-topic or move to #ubuntu-offtopic06:51
carpediemnic1: meaning, gentoo != ubuntu06:51
concretesledgeI want to take an AVI off my harddrive, and burn it to DVD.06:51
nic1what is gentoo?06:52
carpediemvox: who's off topic?06:52
voxnic1: a different type of linux06:52
lstarnesnic1: it's a different linux distribution06:52
lstarnesnic1: it uses ebuilds instead of .deb packages06:52
voxcarpediem: seventoes and halberd06:52
nic1so this patch i can't use on ubuntu right? ok alright06:52
petafileI can't connect to packages.ubuntu.com from firefox.  Is it down currently?06:52
=== stanlog is now known as Guest90602
The_Doctorconcretesledge do you want it as a DVD file or an AVI file?06:52
carpediemvox, oh, sorry, thought you were talking to us.06:52
Satzoconcretesledge, how pro an app do you need?  quick and dirty or detailed?06:53
voxcarpediem: not at all06:53
dsnydersThe_Doctor: Not entirely sure.  Screen goes off after half an hour or so, and one of the drives seems to shut itself down periodically.06:53
concretesledgequick and dirty.. i just want to burn an AVI to dvd, so that it can be played in any dvd player06:53
carpediempetafile: doesn't work for me either, so I guess so06:53
Satzoconcretesledge, http://www.osalt.com/kino06:53
petafilecarpediem, @#$@#  Thanks06:53
Satzoconcretesledge, im still looking....06:54
carpediempetafile: it was up not too long ago, so it is probably momentary.06:54
The_Doctordsnyders I would do a hard shut down and reboot and check them out.06:54
prince_jammys!info devede | concretesledge06:54
ubottuconcretesledge: devede (source: devede): program to create video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.12c-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1516 kB, installed size 3456 kB06:54
Teclysahh new question. ubuntu will not recognize my roommate's samsung rogue. any ideas on how to fix this?06:55
ablmfIf I physically remove the video card of a PC, could installed ubuntu still start working?06:55
voxTeclys: how do you mean "wont recognise"06:55
lstarnesablmf: do you have an integrated video adapter?06:55
mneptokablmf: i expect the BIOS would complain about not having any video device whatsoever06:55
ablmfYeah, it is on board.  But it is sealed by DELL06:56
concretesledgedevede worked06:56
ablmfthere is a on board video card.06:56
Satzoablmf, should be ok06:56
mneptokablmf: should be fine06:56
The_Doctorabimf you may have to tell the computer to use the onboard video in the bios.06:57
ablmfOK, then I will try.  There is only one pcie x4 slot06:57
ablmfSo I need to unplug the video card because I need the pcie slot06:57
carpediemTeclys: is that Rogue an android phone?06:57
Teclysvox: when i plug it in through usb, nothing happens06:58
Teclyscarpediem: no, I wish. I'm wairting on my motorola sholes though06:58
SatzoTeclys, what does lsusb report?06:58
carpediemTeclys: it's now Droid and I'm waiting too...Oct 3006:59
carpediemTeclys: that said, I wouldn't necessarily expect a random OS phone to connect to Linux06:59
concretesledgeDeVeDe works great.07:00
evanprohi all07:00
evanproSo, I upgraded to Karmic07:00
evanproProbably shouldn't have07:00
evanproso everything's my own fault07:00
evanpromea maxima culpa07:00
concretesledgekarmic is ok07:00
concretesledgebut it still has alot of issues07:00
evanproDid an apt-get upgrade this afternoon07:00
concretesledgewhat problems are you having07:00
Teclysevanpro, i've been running karma since alpha 3 no problems, at all.07:00
evanproTonight when I booted07:00
OmletteFrankly, Karmic works better than Jaunty on my computer. :P07:00
evanproSo I don't feel so bad07:01
FloodBot3evanpro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:01
evanproTonight I booted up07:01
Teclysomlette, same here07:01
evanproAnd boot stopped after "Starting init crypto disks"07:01
indusTeclys: thats random comment07:01
carpediemevanpro: #ubuntu+107:01
Teclysindus: sorry?07:01
evanproBooted into a USB key, chrooted into the main hard drive, updated and upgraded again07:02
evanproSame problem when I rebooted07:02
joebodois there an email checker applet for  gmail that doesnt suck ?07:02
evanproI assume that the init script right after /etc/init.d/crypto-early is causing the problem07:02
indusTeclys: alpha 3 no problems etc , if an alpha doesnt have problems, its a bad thing'07:02
evanproBut I don't know how to figure out what it is.07:02
=== Richie is now known as YDdraigGoch
Satzoevanpro wrong chan07:02
evanproOh, sorry.07:02
indusTeclys: karmic has had major breakages at least thrice07:02
Teclysindus: i meant that it was overall stable for basic use.07:02
indusTeclys: ya nvm07:03
Teclysindus: which it is, and has been07:03
evanproSatzo: can you point me in the right direction?07:03
joebodoive been using karmic since alpha 5 - some small issues - but always workable07:03
evanprocarpediem: thanks07:03
evanproSatzo: thanks07:03
* evanpro is joining #ubuntu+107:03
indusevanpro: are you going to install karmic?07:03
knoppixcan anyone help me Im having errors just running the live ubuntu cd07:04
toefuri just installed ubuntu a few days ago and im trying to find a emu for winxp so i can run xp07:04
joebodoknoppix, what issue ?07:04
toefuris qemu the best free option?07:04
knoppixthe errors Im getting are ata2: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x4000000 action oxe frozen07:04
knoppixata2: irq_stat 0x000000040, connection status changed07:04
knoppixata2: SError: {DevExch}07:04
voxtoefur: it's... the best of a bad bunch07:04
joebodotoefur, virtualbox is probably the best option07:04
knoppixi dont even get to graphic install07:05
ubuntu_privet mir07:05
Satzotoefur, i prefer vbox07:05
knoppixstays at terminal and keeps scrolling these errors07:05
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox07:05
toefuri tried to install virtual box but i kept getting errors about not able to create a image07:05
Satzotoefur, which did you try to install?07:05
toefurwith windows xp07:05
Satzono which port?07:05
joebodois there an email checker applet for  gmail that doesnt suck ?07:05
Satzoread the trigger above07:06
toefuri had a prob creating a *.img07:06
mneptokjoebodo: gmail-notify07:06
joebodomneptok, thx ill try that out07:06
toefurisnt that what i have to create to get windows running?07:06
toefuron a img07:06
mneptokjoebodo: the icon and notification windows artwork leaves something to be desired, but it works well07:06
toefurhold on let me go outside for a min and i would love the help to get virtualbox running07:06
toefuri need myscribe bad and i dont want to dual boot07:06
evanproindus: I already did07:07
The_Doctortoefur are you referring to an ISO?07:07
Satzotoefur, im around for 10 more mins then im gone07:07
toefuri have the iso07:07
SatzoThe_Doctor, thats what i was wondering07:07
The_Doctorthat is what you use07:07
Satzoalso, u can use an actual cd/dvd if u want07:08
Satzoimages are faster is all07:08
joebodomneptok, i've been hunting for one that has been updated to use the new notifications07:08
knoppixim running an evga x58 mobo 4gig ddr3 domminator i7 920 stock. anyone else had this problem?07:09
noobulais there a win7 gui for linux out there?07:10
noobula*I meant an ui that is simular07:10
MikeChelennoobula: oh hehe, maybe compiz? also kde407:11
joebodoknoppix, what error ?07:11
knoppixata2: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x4000000 action oxe frozen07:11
knoppixata2: irq_stat 0x000000040, connection status changed07:11
knoppixata2: SError: {DevExch}07:11
Satzonoobula, u mean a theme?07:11
knoppixkeeps scrolling on terminal07:11
knoppixI never get to graphical install07:11
yukongti cant get two finger scroll to work. When i turn it on, it just doesnt work. the option to scroll on the side does work though. Is there any way my touchpad just doesnt support two fingers?07:11
knoppixor live desktop07:11
Ninja67hello ppl sum budy at montreal ???07:12
Satzoplenty of people in montreal07:13
The_Doctornoobula have you tried KDE-look or gnome-look?07:13
toefuris there a tutorial to getting windows XP installed with vbox with internet07:13
joebodoknoppix, maybe ata is sata related ?07:13
Satzotoefur, its pretty simple07:13
mneptokNinja67: almost 6 million people. why?07:13
toefurim new to linux altogether07:13
toefurim not good at the command line07:14
Satzoonce vbox is up and running, you goto the settings > DVD rom07:14
Satzoand specify the .iso file07:14
Satzothis isnt command line07:14
The_Doctortoefur I think you might find something on YouTube.07:14
Satzoits all gui07:14
knoppixlet me see something07:14
Satzoyou DO have this installed toefur ?07:14
toefuri dont have vbox installed07:14
Satzowell that changes things07:14
toefurjust do sudo apt-get install virtualbox?07:14
Ninja67quand tu es un artiste tu peux pas etre une vedette07:14
Satzoyeah The_Doctor is right.. hit youtube07:14
prince_jammys!virtualbox | toefur07:15
ubottutoefur: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox07:15
noobulaThanks Doc07:15
Satzoyou want the free one07:15
penguincentralhow can i check the permissions of a folder in terminal?07:15
joebodo!fr | Ninja6707:15
ubottuNinja67: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr07:15
Satzopenguincentral, ls -l07:15
Ninja67c'est ok je comprends l'anglais07:15
The_Doctorpenguincentral you can just right-click a folder and go to the permissions tab.07:15
SharpRain"ooo - booon - too", "ooo - bun - too" or "you - bun/boo - too" ? I used to use the second, but now I use the first after being corrected.07:15
prince_jammysi use Youbuntu.07:16
prince_jammysbut that's "wrong"07:16
ubottuTo learn how to pronounce Ubuntu, point your movie player at /usr/share/example-content/Experience ubuntu.ogg07:16
HappyHoboI use uh bun two07:16
slacker_nlweb interface to ubuntu down?07:16
slacker_nlubuntu packages that is07:17
knoppixdisconnected the HDD and still same error07:17
HappyHobooh yeah you're screwed07:17
SatzoUbuntu is Swahili for "I Can't install Slackware!!!!"07:17
Satzoget it right folks..07:17
concretesledgeDebian has 5 DVD's?07:17
The_Doctorknoppix would another live CD boot?07:17
concretesledgei thought it was suppose to be light07:17
joebodoknoppix, any options in bios related to sata that can be changed ?07:18
knoppixnope all give me these outputs07:18
Tarrokhi every body...i would know where i can find bind support?07:18
The_Doctorknoppix have you ever had Linux on this machine?07:18
HappyHoboI have a slow beer buzz which is worse than nothing at all07:18
concretesledgenetbook remix runs slow on my machine07:18
concretesledgeand i dont like it07:18
concretesledgei wnat something light07:18
concretesledgebut yet effective07:19
knoppixim not using the jmicron controllers on the mobo. set intel controllers to ide?07:19
prince_jammysconcretesledge: install debian from the minimal CD, if you want light and debian. or ubuntu minimal07:19
joebodoknoppix, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-bugs/2009-May/051765.html07:19
knoppixyea 10 min and froze. rebooted kept getting the same error.07:20
HappyHobodoes anyone here actually use ubuntu?07:20
joebodoknoppix, maybe a bios upgrade is required07:20
concretesledgewhere can i get ubuntu minimal07:20
knoppixwhen it was installed and i pressed cntrl+alt-f1 it would be displaying the same error07:20
concretesledgeor debian minimal07:20
prince_jammys!minimal | concretesledge07:20
ubottuconcretesledge: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:20
concretesledgeISO, it needs to be bootable by USB07:20
prince_jammysconcretesledge: for debian, /join #debian07:20
knoppixalready upgraded to newest bios as well as tested all mem sticks07:21
prince_jammysconcretesledge: then if you want a gui, install xorg and a light window manager, like fluxbox, enlightenment, openbox, etc. or something like lxde or xfce07:22
knoppixjoebodo, yea thats the error07:22
HappyHoboor afterstep or windowmaker07:22
prince_jammys!install | concretesledge : for more ways of installing, see07:22
ubottuconcretesledge : for more ways of installing, see: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:22
joebodoknoppix, not sure if yours is HP - but they said a bios upgrade fixed the issue07:23
knoppixon phone with evga maybe they can help out. I'll post answer if possible07:24
nic1i got a diff.gz to fix bug in a package, on ubuntu..can anyone please tell me how can i use this diff file to come out of the errors?07:24
The_Doctornic1 just do a Google search to find out how to put in a.GZ file07:25
free_loaderis there a command to check all the users/groups of a machine?07:25
=== Julia is now known as Guest26431
prince_jammysfree_loader: check what about them? list them?07:27
free_loaderprince_jammys : yes, and find out what folder/file permission they have07:31
prince_jammysfree_loader: see the files /etc/passwd and /etc/group, or look at the gnome's GUI app under ''Users and Groups'' in the menus.07:31
free_loaderno GUI, this is a server07:31
prince_jammysthen the two files i mentioned will show you a list.07:31
Satzocat /home ? free_loader07:32
Flannelfree_loader: "groups username" will give you all groups a particular user is a member of07:32
saik0is there a way to "launch" a .desktop file from the shell?07:33
al__evening all07:33
free_loaderSatzo : all users needn't have a directory inside /home07:34
knoppixthey said they dont support linux07:34
free_loaderFlannel : provides the same function as $id [username]07:34
prince_jammysfree_loader: you may also type ''getent passwd'' or ''getent group'' to view the lists.07:34
knoppixjoebodo, just finished building it07:35
al__hey so whats the command again to list running processes sorted by highest use proc?07:35
Karantinhi all) i have deleted a top panel at gnome, then restore, now i cannt add a applet network manager to it,  can anybody help with it?07:35
joebodoknoppix, building ?07:35
carpediemal__ top07:35
joebodoal__, ps auxxxx07:35
joebodoal__, oops - that's not in order07:35
knoppixyea, intel i7 cpu, evga x58 mobo xfx geforce 7950 gx2 vilociraptor 300gig07:36
free_loaderprince_jammys : and how do you know the folders/files they have access to and what kind of access(permissions) they have ?07:37
prince_jammysfree_loader: to know the files/directories, i assume you'd have to scan the entire filesystem.07:37
joebodoknoppix, have you determined if your bios is the latest version - even if it's new, it might not have the latest07:37
knoppixsaid it might be a bent pin on the socket07:37
knoppixI flashed it myself07:37
joebodoknoppix, k07:38
free_loaderprince_jammys : ls -l gives me information about a particular user and a particular group and the permissions thjey have07:38
free_loaderI want to know07:38
free_loaderall the groups/users and permissions07:38
prince_jammysi don't understand what you mean by this. permissions vary among files.07:39
knoppixsupport guy asked me if I had tried running windows. I wanted to slap him. LOL07:39
free_loaderprince_jammys : for a certain file/folder.. say X, I want to know all the users/groups who have access to it and the permissions they have07:40
al__ok wil try top - thanks07:40
knoppixI like htop better. gives you a nice graph07:40
prince_jammysfree_loader: like you said, ls will reveal the permissions and ownership. you may then see what users belong to the group.07:40
knoppixal__, I like htop better. gives you a nice graph07:41
prince_jammysfree_loader: do you understand ls's output of (for example) rwxr-xr-x ?07:41
kosmicdoes the kernel need rebooting to stay `fresh`07:41
kosmiclike windos machines07:41
ewbkosmic: not usually but it can't hurt07:41
kosmiccan't hurt :)07:42
Karantini have deleted a top panel at gnome, then restore, now i cannt add an applet network manager to it,  can anybody help with it?07:42
free_loaderprince_jammys : yes I do, rwx-rw-r = permissions for user, group and others , then comes user and then group followed by file name07:42
cody__Whoo! Good movie! But imma go to bed. 13 mins till partitioning finishes, so ill finish moving the /home tomorrow "[07:42
joebodoknoppix, really seems to be sata related - maybe poke around in bios and see if you can disable (assuming your not using sata drives)07:42
cody__Night all07:43
error15can anyone help me with error 15 after resizing partition07:43
knoppixburner and hdd are sata07:44
shmaHi, I am not able to get login scren in my ubuntu....I was able to get it last time I login......but sddenly my applications like open office etc. were not opening.....thant I restarted.....07:44
prince_jammysfree_loader: then you got it :)  with the other info from me/Flannel, you can see exactly who is in the group. the rest you can directly from ls.07:44
shmaI able to do remote login07:44
joebodo!fsck | shma07:45
ubottushma: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot07:45
joebodoshma try sudo shutdown -F -r now07:45
free_loaderprince_jammys : not really, oh and is there a way to check the users inside a group? the command groups can only be checked against a username07:45
prince_jammysfree_loader: scroll up, see all my answers.07:45
shmaubottu: i have done it..07:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:45
shmabut no result07:46
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution07:46
prince_jammysfree_loader:cat  /etc/group or ''getent group'' will show who belongs to the groups.07:46
Guest65181i want to install java 1.6 on ubuntu how to do it07:46
shmaubottu: i have tried it also..:(07:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:46
m0RrE Guest65181 doesn07:47
m0RrE Guest65181 doesn't it come with ubuntu-restricted-extras?07:47
Guest65181how to find out it07:47
=== aksci is now known as thedancingdeer
joebodoGuest65181, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre07:47
icerootGuest65181: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre07:47
joebodoiceroot, too slow07:48
icerootjoebodo: yes :(07:48
free_loaderprince_jammys : oops, yes you'd told me already07:48
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository07:48
thedancingdeeranyone knows any good way to install ypops? or is there any other way to have yahoo on any email client?07:48
Guest65181its says couldnot get07:49
m0RrEwhat's the error message?07:49
ActionParsnipthedancingdeer: sure, just configure pop / smtp in your desired client07:49
shmawhy am i not getting login screen07:49
joebodoGuest65181, what version of ubuntu are you on ?07:49
error15 have grub error 15 , how would i re install my grub or fix the menu.1st : ubuntu 9.0407:50
icerootGuest65181: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre07:50
Bennit_GRRhow do I disable normal users from getting the 'restart now' popup?07:50
m0RrEerror15: boot with livecd and reisntall grub07:50
thedancingdeerActionParsnip: but i'm on a free account! the above techniq requires a y!mail plus upgrade! i certainly do not want that! :P07:50
joebodo!grub | error1507:50
ubottuerror15: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:50
Guest65181i did update am using ubuntu 9.0407:51
joebodoGuest65181, the command mentioned should work -07:51
ActionParsnipthedancingdeer: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-655476.html07:52
pshr_any software to convert image formats from bulk of other format ?07:52
Vicfredwhat package do i have to install to get libc man pages?07:52
ActionParsnippshr_: mogrify or imagemagick are the balls at that07:52
Guest65181ya its asked for admin password but says couldnot get lock07:52
pshr_thanks ActionParsnip07:52
jcarterI just updated Ubuntu in the 9.04 release. I now find that none of my applications have the ability to resize or move the window. There is no border around the window. Some windows are actually positioned over the menu bar at the top making it impossible to select another application or whatever.07:52
jcarterAnyone else have this problem? Or is there a preference that I need to set to get the application frame back?07:52
ActionParsnippshr_: install it then read: man convert    go nuts07:53
joebodoGuest65181, you need to exit any package management tools07:53
shmaI am not able to get login screen in ubuntu, but able to do remote login......i have tried to restart gdm.....but it didn't work07:53
nic1guys can anyone give me a good link explaining how i can patch a .diff.gz file to a package on ubuntu?07:53
Balsaqmy 2 week old ubun install is getting slower tonight, sticking , driving me nutz07:53
pshr_^_^ thanks...07:53
dayais netboot via usb is working on 9.0407:53
ActionParsnipjcarter: you can use alt to drag a window from anywhere07:53
Guest65181what is it mean07:53
Guest65181am not running any package management tool07:53
jcarterI should mention that I am using Ubuntu inside Virtualbox on a Mac.07:54
pshr_ActionParsnip, which one is good mogrify or imagemagick i just need to convert the file formats ..no other fancy stuff07:54
ActionParsnipjcarter: irrelevant07:54
nic1ActionParsnip, can anyone give me a good link explaining how i can patch a .diff.gz file to a package on ubuntu?07:54
joebodoGuest65181, like add remove software, synaptic package manager, update manager07:54
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:54
ActionParsnippshr_: imagemagick then: convert input.jpeg output.gif   for example07:54
ActionParsnippshr_: its that easy07:54
jack87_how is everyone07:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about loginscreen07:55
Balsaqseems like my 2 weel old ubun install has slowed to a crawl...is sticking now when i type the words driving me nutz07:55
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.07:55
nic1hey how to patch ya?07:55
mrmowglihey how do you get a command line install from the regular 9.04 install disk?07:55
jack87_i need a little bit of help on dual screen with netbook07:55
Guest65181no at all07:55
joebodoshma possibly try control-alt-F1 and see if there are any errors showing07:55
Guest65181can i manually download it and then install ?07:55
indusActionParsnip: hello07:56
ActionParsniphi indus07:56
joebodoGuest65181, the error you are getting is due to another package management tool running - i suggest a reboot possibly, then trying that command line again07:56
shmajoebodo: it shows some fatal server error..when I do xstart in terminal(ctrl+alt+F1)...07:56
nic1can anyone tell me how to apply a patch?07:57
joebodoshma possibly try xinit - then when the x window shows up, type in gnome-session (if your using gnome)07:58
toefurwhen i try to run vbox i get a error07:58
toefurCould not load the settings file '/home/toefur/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml'.07:58
toefurCannot convert settings from version '1.7-linux'.07:58
toefurThe source version is not supported.07:58
jack87_i am unable to get full resolution on second monitor on the netbook07:58
FloodBot3toefur: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:58
jack87_any ideas why.. is there an issue with the intel graphics?07:59
toefurdidnt mean to flood07:59
shmajoebodo: I try this07:59
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox07:59
joebodojack87_, i had a similar error that was resolved by adding the refresh rates into my xorg.conf - it was not the easiest problem to resolve07:59
DJ-Nomadanyone familiar with amarok?08:00
DJ-NomadI am wondering how you can make it follow the now playing song in the playlist08:01
joebodojack87_, i googled "edid" with my monitor model number to find the values08:01
=== administrator is now known as Guest82568
joebodojack87_, and make sure you back up your xorg.conf before applying any changes - it's very picky08:01
indushello, any idea how to get live cd to work on amd 690 g board08:01
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | indus08:02
ubottuindus: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions08:02
jack87_joebodo: how do i back it uo?08:02
MrSchmoanyone getting issue with using checkgmail cannot login to gmail account?08:02
ActionParsnipindus: try disabling unnecessary hardware in bios like sound and lan08:02
indusActionParsnip: ya i know all that, it doesnt work08:02
indusActionParsnip: what happens is, live cd shows boot menu, then reads HDD thinking it is cd rom drive08:02
ActionParsnipindus: got the latest bios?08:02
joebodojack87_, cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf ~08:03
indusActionParsnip: well,yeah08:03
ActionParsnipindus: set bios to failsafe defaults, kill sound and lan08:03
DJ-Nomadindus temp umplug hdd?08:03
indusActionParsnip: works in windows08:03
Guest82568when install java on ubuntu 9 its says package missing08:03
jack87_joebodo: i installed xrog but i can not find it anywhere in my settings08:03
m0RrEGuest82568: you could install ubuntu-restricted-extras08:03
ActionParsnipindus: and usb too, unless you are installing from it08:03
indusDJ-Nomad: it still wont see cd rom drive, HDD light stays on08:03
ActionParsnipindus: have you checked your ram health08:03
DJ-Nomadindus do you have a diff cd drive to try ?08:04
joebodojack87_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22907208:04
indusActionParsnip: DJ-Nomad the usb is the only way iam able to install ubuntu ever since intrepid08:04
koolheadtoefur: r u using jaunty08:04
indusDJ-Nomad: of course not08:04
koolheadhey indus08:04
jack87_joebodo: thank you by the way i appreciate your help08:04
ActionParsnipindus: do other distros work ok?08:04
indusDJ-Nomad: its a bug from amd 690 g08:04
indusActionParsnip: windows works great :)08:04
DJ-Nomadindus,you should install via flashdrive..there I got that one figured out lol jk08:04
ActionParsnip!bug > jcarter08:04
ubottujcarter, please see my private message08:04
Guest82568what u mean by ?08:04
ActionParsnipindus: windows isnt a distro of linux is it08:04
indusDJ-Nomad: ya thats what i do08:04
ActionParsnipindus: could try an older release, or knoppix for example08:05
indusActionParsnip: there is a fix upstream in kernel which fixes it it seams08:05
indusActionParsnip: if i can modify boot options, i can make kernel see cd rom , tried once with intrepid08:05
ActionParsnipindus: try karmic daily then :)08:06
Guest82568when i installing using terminal its appear java agreement its cannot do ok anyting  what should i do08:06
indusActionParsnip: latest karmic08:06
indusActionParsnip: wait hold on08:06
DJ-NomadI am likeing amarok nightly08:06
joebodojack87_, this is an example of what you need to provide: http://paste.ubuntu.com/292941/08:06
DJ-Nomadhehe sorry the daily reminded me of that08:06
jack87_joebodo: when i did edid search on google i found nothing08:07
joebodojack87_, what monitor / model ?08:07
nic1hey anyone here ever installed confuse package on ubuntu??08:07
Guest82568this is very funny thing, on window java can install very easily but on ubuntu 9 thousands problems what can i do now, How i install java 1.6 on ubuntu08:08
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository08:08
jack87_aoc 919swal08:08
jack87_joebodo: aoc 919swal08:08
indusActionParsnip: asus support sucks08:09
ActionParsnipindus: my asus pundit works sweeeeeet08:09
joebodojack87_, yes - nothing on google - maybe the user manual ?08:10
indusActionParsnip: their driver page is full of poor english08:10
indusActionParsnip: they are way behind gigabyte for support08:10
jack87_what info am i looking for joebodo?08:10
ActionParsnipindus: depends on the product you buy, should have checked support before purchasing08:10
joebodojack87_, horizontal and vertical refresh08:10
indusActionParsnip: some new athlon x2 has come out and asus has no official support for my board , while same ones on gigabyte is updated08:10
indusActionParsnip: iam talking about upgrading08:11
jack87_joebodo: i have same monitor on my other laptop running just fine with a nvidia video card08:11
joebodojack87_, something like this: HorizSync       31.5 - 79.008:11
industhe 690 g chipset boards08:11
ActionParsnipindus: still, check what works instead of whats cheapest or even fastest, less heartache then08:11
indusand their website is slow as hell08:11
joebodojack87_, is it ubuntu also ?08:11
jack87_if i "sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" on that will i be able to find the info08:11
jack87_yes ubuntu as well08:12
joebodojack87_, i think it might have that info -08:12
indusActionParsnip: amd made the new athlons x2 for this kind of boards, it works but bios says unknown processor, gigabyte is very innovative for this, has updated bios for this08:12
indusActionParsnip: my board is only 2 year old08:12
ActionParsnipindus: then buy a gigabyte board if you think they are so great08:13
LSD|NinjaThe 600-series chipsets suck, you want a 780G at the very least.08:13
indusActionParsnip: ya next upgrade is that one08:13
joebodowhat's the concensus on ABIT ?08:13
LSD|Ninjajoebodo: dead and buried last I heard08:13
ISIcoira gay08:13
mazinguer-zpor que no te callas?08:14
mazinguer-zhacemos una orgia?08:14
ActionParsnipindus: i check the hcl and online forums for what works 100% out of the box, and buy that. I have never had to install a single driver as the kernel in the distro on the system or the modules on the install cd always support what i buy08:14
indusActionParsnip: your point is different to what iam saying08:15
indusActionParsnip: it worked 100 percent before, but later it didnt08:15
LSD|NinjaThe only thing the 690G has going for it in this context is that its X1250 graphics core is supported by the open source radeon driver, the 2000-derived cores in the 7xxG chipset still isn't yet.08:16
ActionParsnipindus: so what changed in between?08:16
knoppixjoebodo, Sata mode= IDE, or AHCI?08:16
indusActionParsnip: i was just talking about manufacturers in general, here it complaisn about bios bug08:16
jack87_joebodo: it is empty on the other computer.. other computer uses nvidia x server08:16
ActionParsnipindus: could try an older bios maybe08:16
indusActionParsnip: ya i think you are right, maybe08:17
indusActionParsnip: there was a good old bios which worked fine08:17
indusActionParsnip: ill do that today later and update you,08:17
indusActionParsnip: do watch out for M2A VM board questions, i would be glad to hear08:17
nic1hi guys, sorry for bothering with basic questions, to patch i have to run patch -pnum .diff.gz file08:17
nic1what is num in that command?08:18
joebodoknoppix, yeah- good question08:18
SaganHello ubuntu's users08:18
joebodoknoppix, knoppix maybe start with ahci08:18
indusActionParsnip: i kinda forgot the fix i tried a year ago08:18
jack87_joebodo: where do you think the info would be kept on this other monitor since its not in the xorg config08:19
Guest82568any thing not working, cannot install java 1.6 on ubuntu, anybody know how to do08:19
ActionParsnipnic1: If the header is that of a context diff, patch takes the old and new file names in the header. A name is ignored if it does not have enough slashes to satisfy the -pnum or --strip=num option. The name /dev/null is also ignored.08:19
ActionParsnipnic1: http://linux.die.net/man/1/patch may help08:19
jack87_joebodo: i found it :).... so what should i change on the netbook08:20
LSD|Ninjaindus: What sort of Athlon x2 are you dealing with, the older 65nm variety or the new 45n ones?08:20
jack87Section "Monitor"08:20
jack87    Identifier     "Monitor0"08:20
jack87    VendorName     "Unknown"08:20
jack87    ModelName      "AOC 919Swa1"08:20
jack87    HorizSync       30.0 - 83.008:20
FloodBot3jack87: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:20
jack87    VertRefresh     50.0 - 76.008:20
joebodojack87, it should look something like this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/292941/08:20
indusLSD|Ninja: newer , was planning to drop one into my board08:20
=== andi__ is now known as devi_gila_rengki
joebodojack87, it should look something like this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/292941/08:20
indusLSD|Ninja: works fine , but asus wont update the bios page08:20
indusLSD|Ninja: maybe i write to them08:20
joebodojack87, i think the important part is just the horz and vert refresh08:21
indusLSD|Ninja: other than a newer graphics core, its jsut the same08:21
jack87_i see it but i am not sure what to replace on my other xorg file i have now.. if i paste bin it can you help08:21
indusLSD|Ninja: i also want to drop a new 4850 on the pci e slot08:21
joebodojack87, so basically, backup your xorg.conf, add that info via sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:21
induslets see08:21
LSD|Ninjaindus: You're better off scraping some money together and dropping around USD$80 on a 785G board. The 600-series chipsets, the SB600 south bridge in particular, is absolute garbage08:21
Guest82568anybody know how to install java on ubutu 9, all primary command and methods are failled08:21
knoppixoh, got a new one EXT-fs : sda1 could not mount because of unsupported opional features 24008:21
joebodojack87 then restart X by alt-sysreq k08:21
indusLSD|Ninja: whats the issue with sb600?08:22
knoppixin adittion to the others. now instead of ata2 its ata808:22
joebodojack87, if your x doesnt start, hit control-alt-F1 for a new terminal and either restore your xorg.conf or make additional changes08:22
jack87_joebodo: http://pastebin.com/m6081e30808:23
Guest82568You all fuckoo08:23
ShishKababHi. Is there a guide somewhere I can send to a Linux newbie explaining the basics of the command line (e.g. permissions and how to change them)?08:23
ActionParsnipGuest82568: make sure you symlink the .so file to your plugins directory08:23
joebodojack87, yeah - it's not going to be easy -08:23
ActionParsnipShishKabab: man chmod   and    man chown08:24
jack87_joebodo: ok we will see thanks08:24
joebodojack87, you might want to find a good xorg.conf to reference on google - maybe search for "netbook second monitor xorg.conf"08:24
SaganShishKabab: http://www.arachnoid.com/linux/shell_programming.html ^_^ hope this helps08:24
SaganShishKabab: Sorry I send you the wrong one.08:24
indusLSD|Ninja: also whats the diff between 780g and 785 g, which is better08:25
ChaoZeroHi everyone!08:25
Saganindus: 785, but there's no high lvl of difference when it comes to same driver usage.08:25
indusSagan: why is it better? i thought 780 g was newer even though number says otherwwise08:25
jack87joebodo: there is three sections i am not sure which one to replace08:26
MenZagladio70: /j #ubuntu-it08:26
ChaoZeroI've got a short (but not googleable) question.... what's de s90reboot s-for in rc3?08:26
mcmlxxithere was a network outage, and when I came to work this morning, my network drive looked like this. how can I fix it? ??????????  ? ?       ?         ?                ? t08:26
LSD|Ninjaindus: They're essentially the same except the 785G has an uprated graphics core (AMD call it a "4200" but it's the same basic 2400XT-derived core as the the 780 only with a higher default clock speed) and the SB710 south bridge. The SB710 is slightly better than the 700, but both are light years ahead of the 60008:26
infidel2show can i make it so that vim locks the screen automatically after 5 min of inactivity?08:26
mcmlxxiit is accessible on windows08:26
ShishKababSagan: This one is already very useful. Could you send me the 'right' one too?08:27
joebodois LSD|Ninja a hardware bot ?08:27
indusLSD|Ninja: yes i would like to know about the sb600 . why is it bad? i might have an answeer to a very old problem08:27
zaggynlA laptop without mechanical volume control. And I can't mute/turn down the volume on the ubuntu logon screen08:27
SaganShishKabab: yeah I will, Im looking in my library directory for you. Hang on.08:27
LSD|Ninjaindus: In a nutshell: woeful peripheral (USB, SATA, PCIe) performance. It's also not the most stable thing in the world either.08:28
nic1how to unzip a .diff.gz file?08:28
ActionParsnipnic1: gunzip <file>08:29
ActionParsnipnic1: mich be: gunzip -d <file>08:29
SaganShishKabab: here's an online version, it's been around for a while.08:29
SaganShishKabab : http://linuxcommand.gds.tuwien.ac.at/index.php08:30
SaganShishKabab: Tell them, Linux is powerful ^^08:30
samuel /join #kde-devel08:31
=== mu3en_ is now known as mu3en
ShishKababSagan: He already sees the advantages and is trying to switch. He currently has problems with a wireless card and will need to configure Apache (for PHP development).08:32
jack87joebodo: how did you say to restart?08:32
joebodojack87, alt-sysreq k08:32
achianghello, i thought that gnome-keyring was supposed to hook into gdm somehow, such that i would not need to type in my ssh passphrase once i log into the machine, and yet i get prompted every time while at a prompt08:33
ShishKababSagan: But thanks. This'll get him started nicely.08:33
jack87crossing fingers08:33
achiangthis is on a fresh jaunty install if that makes a difference...08:33
joebodojack87, good luck -08:33
SaganShishKabab: ^^ kernel is heart of it all. Try to find what device he use.08:33
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)08:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keyring08:34
ubottuSeamonkey, formerly known as "Mozilla Application Suite", is available at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/ with install instructions for ubuntu at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18601108:34
jack87joebodo: ... hum didnt seem to have made any difference...08:34
indusActionParsnip: check this08:35
glickdoes anyone know how to enable bootbooster on my eeepc08:35
joebodojack87, you dont have any additional screen rez to choose from ?08:35
ShishKababSagan: It's some kind of exotic Dutch (KPN Dongel) device. I am going to redirect him here because I'm not in a position in which I easily help him.08:35
ActionParsnipindus: check what?08:35
SaganShishKabab: oh dear, np xD08:36
indusActionParsnip: its my fix , i ll add it to my launchpad bug page08:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about seahorse08:36
jack87nope none joebodo... hum.. im giong to try more editing.. how do i delete lines via vi?08:36
switzchI recently installed windows 7, which killed grub as usual. However, this time around, my linux partition /dev/sda5 is showing up as a "Linux swap / Solaris" partition...any idea what might be the problem? I can't mount it.08:36
joebodojack87, dd to delete the line your on08:36
switzchit's the right size (44G)08:36
joebodojack87, you can do sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf - that's an easier editor08:37
ActionParsnipindus: i dont see any url pasted by you..?08:37
indusActionParsnip:  yikes http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/git-commits-head/2008/6/14/212231408:37
achiangjoebodo: hm, i think the problem might be that i just dropped in my old id_rsa from another machine without dropping in id_rsa.pub08:37
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achiangjoebodo: yup, that was it08:37
ActionParsnipindus: looks perfect08:38
* achiang logs out to check08:38
jack87joebodo: perhaps i need to change a different section? kind of nervous08:38
indusActionParsnip:  :) ya but iam taking your suggesstion and using an older bios08:38
ActionParsnipindus: i wont be buying one of those..mmm never08:38
joebodojack87, this might help - its for eee, but all seem to be generic: http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:external_monitor08:39
ShishKababSagan: He'll manage. He's a smart guy. Anyway, thanks for the help!08:39
SaganShishKabab: we're human after all :)08:39
indusActionParsnip: btw, i have some news for you, remember the plug and play option in bios ? setting it to yes wouldnt boot windows08:39
ActionParsnipindus: weird, the board sounds like a real white elephant to me08:39
indusActionParsnip: that chipset is great for gaming , it is very good08:39
indusActionParsnip: way better than nv 6150 i had08:40
jony123Can someone give me a good program for adding files to an ipod (podcast,videos,music)08:40
achiangjust to follow up, yes, seahorse requires both your public and private ssh keys; it can then act as an ssh-agent08:40
indusActionParsnip: no all new stuff will have bugs08:40
indusActionParsnip: its impressive when it was launched08:40
ActionParsnipi havent gamed since neverwinter nights was released, except frets on fire to pass the time while GF gets ready08:40
jack87thank you joebodo i will look into that08:40
Appiahjony123: rythmbox08:40
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indusActionParsnip: call of duty worked so good on the igp08:40
mcmlxxi!info fsck.cifs08:40
ubottuPackage fsck.cifs does not exist in jaunty08:40
jony123Appiah: Can that add videos and podcasts?08:40
Appiahnever tried08:41
Dr_WillisHmm.. fscking a remote filesystem.. would be.. interesting.08:41
Appiahpodcasts , I think08:41
Appiahits installed by default in ubuntu so just try08:41
tekonivelhow do i know which java runtime environment i have installed? "dpkg -S $(which java)" doesn't know08:42
reeniginEesreveRcan i disable cronjob's output email ?08:42
Appiahjony123: some googling says yes to podcasts08:42
indusActionParsnip: if you notice, the patch is from amd guy, they are good with open stuff08:42
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ActionParsnipindus: i dont get excited by gaming boards, i like looking at lower power consumption desktops like linutop08:42
indusActionParsnip: yes this is also very low power08:42
glickhey question, im installing ubuntu nbr08:43
ActionParsnipindus: not 6W for the whole system its not08:43
nikolamhello. http://packages.ubuntu.com does not work again..08:43
glickmy disk had 4 partitions08:43
al__hmmm, tried badblocks on this drive now 3 times, each time it hangs at the same point???08:43
indusActionParsnip: ya cos the igp takes a little more08:43
tekoniveljava- version tells me it's java hotspot (tm) client vm. which packages does that come from?08:43
glicklabeled sda1, sda2. sda3 and sda408:43
indusActionParsnip: but it had some network card issues08:43
indusActionParsnip: no good for servers i heard08:43
al__hey ActionParsnip08:43
glickwhen i delete sda2 and sda3, will sda4 automatically become sda2?08:43
ActionParsnipindus: exactly, gaming boards have been done forever, low power is a new thing and people are trying to get lower and lower power consumption08:43
Appiahglick: no08:43
ActionParsnipal__: howdy08:44
glickhow do i change it?08:44
al__ActionParsnip: you got any ideas?08:44
indusActionParsnip: oh no , mine is not a gaming board , its vm series, very low cost and stripped down08:44
indusActionParsnip: a low cost gameing option for all08:44
ActionParsnipal__: what about?08:44
Dr_Willisglick:  short answer. you dont.08:44
indusActionParsnip: thats why i said the 690 g waas introduced with that purpose08:44
ActionParsnipindus: yes but it pulls more than a lot of power, http://www.fit-pc.com/fit-pc1/ is pretty cool too08:45
jack87joebodo: anything that is section "screen" i would image is referring to the laptop screen?08:45
LSD|Ninjaindus: the 7xxG chipsets are better in every conceivable way except that their IGPs cores don't yet work with open source drives in Linux :/08:45
al__ActionParsnip: badblocks, trying it on a drive, always hangs at the same point. Drive is unmounted....08:46
indusLSD|Ninja: ya iam getting one08:46
switzchmy main linux partition is now showing up as a 40G swap partition. Other than panicking, what should I do?08:46
indusLSD|Ninja: in a few months08:46
ActionParsnipal__: fsck the drive in live enviroment08:46
ActionParsnipindus: 6W for a desktop PC, thats pretty special08:46
joebodojack87, no - but the monitor section is what your interested in08:46
toefurok i got virtual box to work but its the 3.0.8 non-free08:46
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toefurcan i install the ose on the same host and use the vdi that i got running with the 3.0.808:47
indusActionParsnip: 6 w is low isnt it08:48
ActionParsniptoefur: i'd say yes but i'd ask in #vbox to clarify08:48
ActionParsnipindus: less than a lightbulb08:48
nic1hey i am trying to download a package, it tells /tmp/confuse_2.6.orig.tar.gz could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder.        Change the folder properties and try again, or try saving in a different location.08:48
nic1any idea about the error i am getting?08:48
switzchone more thing: the partition is showing up as mounted - I tried to force mount it as ext3 but mount is telling me that it's already mounted (which it isn't)08:48
LSD|Ninjaindus: heh, in a few months the Clarkdale Intels will be out and, apart from graphics performance, will be kicking the AMD x2s up and down the court. Anyway, when looking at 700-series IGP boards, go for one with sideport memory as they let you avoide taking too much system RAM for the graphics.08:48
ActionParsnipindus: i find that stuff more interesting than systems with 16 CPUs and 2tb RAM08:49
indusLSD|Ninja: iam going for dedicated graphics08:49
jack87how would i restore my back up? joebodo08:49
indusLSD|Ninja: also iam pro amd, like to help thema bit :)08:49
indusLSD|Ninja: clarkdale? what are those?08:49
al__ActionParsnip: its a NTFS drive08:50
indusLSD|Ninja: i mean specs08:50
joebodojack87, sudo cp ~/xorg.conf /etc/X11/08:50
ActionParsnipal__: install ntfsprogs   then you can fsck it08:50
indusLSD|Ninja: i always suspectedthe sb600 to have network problems, but i cant put a finger on it08:51
LSD|Ninjaindus: lol, the only way you can help AMD at this point is by donating USD$3 billion. They're going to go bankrupt, it's inevitable. Hopefully the new owners will make something worthwhile out of the remains. Anyway, Clarkdale is the dual core Nehalem variant with the integrated GMA graphics core.08:52
indusLSD|Ninja: whats so funny about some company going bankrupt?08:53
indusLSD|Ninja: anyways off topic08:53
joebodojack87, http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1272749&page=2 another to look at...08:54
LSD|Ninjaindus: What's funny is the attitude that it's somehow possible to help a company that's up to their eyballs in debt and haemorraging cash by buying a few of their products at retail08:55
jack87thanks again08:55
_MrsApple_my dvd drive isn't showing up anymore08:55
icerootcan jaunty by default (standard installation) use an umts-stick with the network-manager? i cant use apt-get install because i dont have access to the wan but i am getting an umts-stick the next days08:56
ActionParsnip_MrsApple_: try:  sudo lshw -C disk | less08:56
leaf-sheepAnybody using gnome-colors know how I can toggle on colors?08:56
TxHawksHi, Wondering if someone could help. I'm on a laptop and want to run a cron job that will sync my files to the server using unison. I only want this to run when I'm online. I connect to the net through different interfaces at different time (eth, wifi, mobile broadband). Any idea on how something like this can be set up? Thanks08:56
ActionParsnip!cron | TxHawks08:57
ubottuTxHawks: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm08:57
_MrsApple_ActionParsnip, it's pulling up my hdd's08:57
TxHawksIceroot: works for me08:57
MenZaTxHawks: I guess you could run a script which pings google.com or similar, then if it gets a response, sync.08:57
jack87joebodo: i dunno what i did because i killed the display bad for both screens08:57
joebodojack87, this one might be the best one - it has step by step : http://www.ubuntumini.com/2008/10/mailbag.html08:57
ActionParsnip_MrsApple_: does you optical drive not show? scroll up and down with cursors08:58
TxHawksiceroot, but check that the stick is linux competible08:58
joebodojack87, that was bound to happen :)08:58
lbtI've installed ubuntu via preseed- works fine. Now I need to get the nvidia drivers working to get twinview+3D up. Sadly after using a preseed install the gui driver tool hangs. Eventually it returns claiming it tried to restart the backend. But to no avail08:58
indusLSD|Ninja: ill give youa reply to that in pm if you so wish08:58
_MrsApple_yeah it's not showing08:58
jack87joebodo: but i think after restoring its going to work i see more res options08:58
TxHawksMenZa, thanks08:58
joebodojack87, nice...08:58
jack87joebodo: cant get them to take effect just yet but its one step closer right08:58
MenZaTxHawks: np08:58
ActionParsniplbt: sudo apt-get instal nvidia-glx-18008:58
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ActionParsnip_MrsApple_: does it show in bios?08:58
LSD|Ninjaindus: go right ahead08:58
joebodojack87, take a look at that last link - it might be helpful08:58
lbtActionParsnip: mmm, tried that initialy in the preseed08:59
ActionParsnip_MrsApple_: ok then i suggest you run:  dmesg | less08:59
ActionParsnip_MrsApple_: see if the kernel detects it at boot08:59
icerootTxHawks: i hope. dont know the stick-name. maybe someone is using the "1und1" umts-stick here with jaunty :)09:00
jack87joebodo: thats the res i want in the last linke09:00
ActionParsniplbt: im not familiar with "preseed"09:00
Sagan ahh the power of compiz-fusion ^^ multiple cubes, more cubes.. and a world of cosmic cubes..09:00
TxHawksiceroot, google it09:00
lbtActionParsnip: debian-installer mechanism to answer questions on install and select packages09:00
xterm__I have installed the pulsadio desklet and it workes fine. But it is very hard to right cklick on it to get to the settings. Is there anoter way to reach a desklets settings?09:01
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lbtok, apt-get-ed it ... will take another look... :)09:01
jack87joebodo: shit the res i wanted disapeared from the list i was so close09:01
_MrApple_ActionParsnip, what specifically am I looking for?09:01
al__ActionParsnip: fsck looks complicated. try it with -r?09:01
ActionParsnip_MrApple_: anything relating to the drive09:01
ActionParsnipal__: theres a man page as well as stuff online09:02
al__ActionParsnip: yes! I looked at it thats how I know its complicated:-)09:02
icerootTxHawks: i am at work, cant use http :(09:02
sprinkwhen using aptitude via ssh and putty. I sometimes get weird symbols in the curses UI. Could this be because of incorrect charmap/encoding?09:02
_MrApple_ActionParsnip, I believe I found something retaining to the drive09:02
lbtNope, the gui claims it's nopt installed and still hangs when I click Activate09:02
al__ActionParsnip: the drive has no important data on it, just for experimenting09:03
ActionParsnip_MrApple_: then you may need boot options to get it visible09:03
Saganiceroot: use links http://www.. xD...09:03
lbtdpkg-query says:  ii  nvidia-glx-180            180.44-0ubuntu1           NVIDIA binary Xorg driver09:03
_MrApple_ActionParsnip, when I tell the drive to mount via the Disc Mounter on my userbar it kicks back the error message "mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist"09:04
ActionParsnip_MrApple_: do you have any device in /dev that start with cd09:05
Nimptschis there a way I can hide the world map in gnome clock but keep the location clocks?09:05
icerootSagan: as i said, i cant use http at work. we arent allow to surf the web09:05
ActionParsniplbt: http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-install-nvidia-190xx-drivers-in.html09:05
icerootSagan: its all logged09:05
ActionParsnip_MrApple_: id check bios settings are ok, then try some bootoptions09:06
Saganiceroot: xD ok hm.. this where linux bash command comes in handy.. hm..09:06
Saganiceroot: not being able to surf the web is like not being able to fly , freedom is what us linux user is about.09:06
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icerootSagan: ? can you tell me what is the difference betwenn using ff on windows, ff on linux or any other client like lynx? the http-traffic is logged. so there is no way to use http from work09:07
MenZaiceroot: Do you have a computer at home running Linux?09:08
Nimptschwell just wait til you get home I'm sure that's better than getting fired09:08
icerootMenZa: yes but no wan (as i told that is my problem)09:08
MenZaiceroot: ah. I didn't read your question, only your last comment. I was going to suggest tunneling your access through SSH.09:09
ActionParsnipSagan: could ssh to your home PC then launch your browser using X forwarding (assuming you can install an x server on the client (if it doesnt have one)09:09
icerootNimptsch: i have no wan at home but in the next days i will get an umts-stick and my question was if umts is running with network-manager by defasult without using apt-get install09:09
Nimptschoh i have no idea about that stuff09:10
Saganiceroot: if it's log, and you're using a linux operating system, you still get logged. even using Lynx, Im wondering what sort of server it is..09:10
icerootSagan: squid09:10
SaganSagan: hehe at least they didn't use SquidGuard, I"ll google to see if there's a hack :)09:11
Saganops Im talking to myself09:11
Saganiceroot: I"ll check if there's a way around Squid :) ^^09:11
purplebasesilly question:  how do i look at the root folder in the file browser?09:11
icerootSagan: do you think i will use a hack at work?09:12
ActionParsnippurplebase: gksudo nautilus     next question is...why?09:12
icerootSagan: also this is getting offtpoic but thanks for your help09:12
Saganiceroot: sure, you plug the program into a usb, plug usb into machine, auto run it with some bash script, hehe...im thinking how this may work.09:12
Saganiceroot: yeah just a thought, always keep trying to explore the unexploreable xD09:13
purplebaseActionParsnip, looks like kino saved a file there and i want to get it out.09:13
icerootSagan: but not at work09:13
mrmowgliok, how do I install the equivelent of kubuntu from an existing ubuntu install?09:13
mrmowgliIs there a meta package?09:13
Dr_Willismrmowgli:  install 'kubuntu-desktop'09:13
ActionParsnippurplebase: you can use: sudo -i and cp it at cli too, weird how kino has access to the folder too, the app should e runing as you09:13
Dr_Willisand proberlly kubuntu-restricted-extras09:13
NeurolysisHey guys, getting a really weird thing with the latest 9.04... I have just burnt the iso to a CD, and it booted fine, I managed to get through the bit where you choose the language fine, but when I go to press enter on /any/ of the options (like 'install ubuntu, check disk for defects), nothing happens at all. Any ideas?09:13
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: did you run the CD verifier? Did you MD5 check the ISO?09:14
mrmowgliDr_Willis: thx09:14
NeurolysisActionParsnip: both.09:14
Neurolysissorry, not the former09:14
Neurolysisbut i have checked the md509:14
jack87joebodo: we are golden! thanks for your help09:14
purplebaseActionParsnip, it should not be running as root, but i needed to do that so i would capture a DV file from a camara...what a pain!!09:14
Neurolysisread it too quickly.09:14
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: did you burn the CD very SLOWLY?09:14
NeurolysisActionParsnip: yes. 2x.09:14
ActionParsnippurplebase: i'd log that as a bug09:14
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: good09:14
jack87joebodo: last few links kinda made me screw it up over and over lol... but in the end my attempts to fixing my screw up led to the success :) i wish i knew what i did so i could post it for others09:15
joebodojack87, excellent09:15
joebodojack87, yeah - i had the exact same experience09:15
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: try setting bios to failsafe defualts as well as disable uneeded hardware like usb, sound and lan (if you can)09:15
mrmowgliDr_Willis: what's the kubuntu-restricted-extras?09:16
jack87joebodo: i wonder if it will stick09:16
mrmowglimp3 playback etc?09:16
jack87joebodo: if i reboot and plug monitor in later.. hum..09:16
NeurolysisActionParsnip: got nothing else in. will try failsafe on bios.09:16
purplebaseActionParsnip, on the webpage where i found the info it said it was not a bug but a security issue and gave me the work-around.  seems weird, but hey, i'm just a boy09:16
Dr_Willismrmowgli:  ectra bits you proberly want. mp3/video codecs/java/flash/other things09:16
mrmowgliDr_Willis: will do!09:16
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jack87joebodo: ok now that i have that out of the way.. i am excited to learn ubuntu environment. any sugested packages i should install?09:18
lbtso the gui wasn't working as the user wasn't in 'admin'09:18
NeurolysisActionParsnip: still not working. weird thing is as i say, it still lets me get past the language selection by pressing enter :\09:19
sarmisakhi all09:19
lbtnow it doesn't habg but neither it nor the apt-get solution works - I get that the nvidia kernel module isn't loaded09:19
ActionParsnippurplebase: weird, should still be runable as user, they could add permissions for users to access whatever it is needs accessing. Not sure as I dont do that kind of stuff09:19
cab_purplebase: had similar issues with dv recorder, if i recall changin group in modprobe did the trick http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-784385.html09:19
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: got a usb stick you can install from, that may be better09:20
sarmisakI am using 64bit ubuntu 9.04, but openoffice 3.1, and I cannot start it. It displays the splash, then dies without any warnings or etc.09:20
ActionParsnipsarmisak: cd ~/; ls -a09:20
NeurolysisActionParsnip: that was my original plan, BIOS doesn't support USB boot09:20
ActionParsnipsarmisak: rename any .openoffice folders, then rerun09:20
cab_purplebase: sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules09:20
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: got a FDD?09:20
jack87joebodo: one thing that is annoying.. it looks like ubuntu desides on which one the main screen is depending on where it is placed in the display panel. i want my second screen to be on the left in this case when ever i do that it auto configures it to be the main09:21
sarmisakActionParsnip: trying right away.09:21
sarmisakActionParsnip: no, nothing changed09:21
ActionParsnipcab_: gksudo for gedit, not sudo09:21
purplebaseActionParsnip, since i am so very new at 1. linux, 2. videos and 3. anything to do with programming, i guess i don't do that kind of stuff either...but i am stumbling around quite well*grin*09:21
NeurolysisActionParsnip: only an external using USB. BIOS doesn't seem to like USB full stop09:21
joebodojack87, not sure - i use nvidia and that sets the primary for me09:21
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: you can boot a special floppy to then kick off a usb stick09:21
dbuggerHey guys! Can you explain me why after the latest karmic update, every icon has a green tick?09:21
cab_purplebase: change line: KERNEL=="raw1394", GROUP="disk" to KERNEL=="raw1394", GROUP="video"09:21
MenZa!karmic | dbugger09:21
ubottudbugger: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:21
jack87joebodo: ya the nvidia machine works great... damn intel haha thanks anyway.. i really do appreciate all of your help on getting that going09:22
purplebasecab_, have no idea what you are talking about but will inform myself asap...right now i am late for work...thx for your help and i will see where it leads me in the future!!09:22
joebodojack87, no problem at all09:22
lbtjack87: man xrandr09:22
cab_purplebase: kino does not have the rights to firewire interface until you change the group09:22
lbtlook at --right-of09:22
ActionParsnipsarmisak: could try a reinstall, you may want to delete the new .openoffice* folders and rename then originals back09:23
sarmisakActionParsnip: ok, purging and reinstalling09:23
ActionParsnipsarmisak: if you launch an OOo app from terminal, you will get intelligent output09:23
jack87lbt i get no manual entry for xradr09:23
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:24
NeurolysisActionParsnip: if you mean like a 98 bootdisk, i tried that, but it seems it doesn't recognise any other drive than it's own09:24
joebodojack87, i like skype, deskbar-applet, ubuntu-restricted-extras, guake, prism, songbird, and gparted09:24
Neurolysistried A: through Z:, only A: is recognised09:24
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: yes like a 98 bootdisk, but not an ACTUAL 98 boot disk09:24
Neurolysiswell what would you suggest09:24
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ActionParsnipNeurolysis: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/use-a-floppy-to-boot-usb-pendrive-linux/09:25
sarmisakActionParsnip: that's my problem, it dies without any warnings, etc. it just dies09:25
ActionParsnipNeurolysis: microsoft stuff is very rigid in config so achieves very little. Linux is very flexible so can do more than nothing (which is a bit more than windows does)09:25
ActionParsnipsarmisak: even if you run it from terminal?09:26
ActionParsnipsarmisak: you should at LEAST get a segfault message09:26
lbtjack87: xrandr09:26
sarmisakActionParsnip: yes, no warnings. I even tried stracing it, but nothing much came out09:26
digital-rougehello all i have what i hope to be a quick fix problem09:26
digital-rougewho can help me with an sd card  not mounting?09:26
NeurolysisActionParsnip: I'll give that a shot. Weird thing is mind, it does display 'USB-ZIP' at the boot options as an option when I insert the pendrive, but it simply goes on to try and boot from the HDD regardless of if i select it09:27
jack87lbt: gave me a list09:27
ActionParsnipsarmisak: ok in terminial run: oowriter    then use pastebin to provide the output09:27
digital-rougehey mr parsnip09:27
digital-rougewhats up09:27
lbt"man xrandr" gave you a list?09:27
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: full of cold, wassup09:27
sarmisakActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/m32dd92f609:28
digital-rougehey i just reinstalled ubuntu everythign working great but my onboard sd card reader wont mount09:28
digital-rougebut it reads09:28
digital-rougeis there a driver?09:28
ActionParsnipsarmisak: well thats just rude :)09:28
ActionParsnipsarmisak: what version do you have installed?09:28
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jack87not xrandr did lbt09:29
sarmisakActionParsnip: I believe 3.1, and this is the strace output http://pastebin.com/m739f458509:29
NeurolysisActionParsnip: i've just realised, text mode interface is working09:29
Neurolysisi'll try that09:29
ActionParsnipsarmisak: is it ok if you actually open a file with it, rather than just lanching the app itself09:30
sarmisakActionParsnip: I did some java runtime changes for some arduino -avr microcontroller- maybe its because of that, I'll try some more googling09:30
ActionParsnipsarmisak: oo uses java so you may be right09:30
nic1hey i have hidden toolbar of the terminal, now i need to get it back. how can i?09:30
ActionParsnipsarmisak: i dont use it (too bloated) so this is as much help as I can be09:30
sarmisakActionParsnip: I thought so, thanks anyway ;)09:30
digital-rougewhy wont my onboared sd card reader mount  it reads its there and all the info09:31
jack87lbt: i tried man xrandr again and it worked this time how can i choose which monitor is which09:31
nemesis1911hey guys how do I get my xbox 360 dongle to work in ubuntu 9.04.. ?09:31
ActionParsnipnic1: if you press ctrl+v do you get the view menu?09:32
pulse00hi all. is it  possible to install an ubuntu live system to an usb-stick from a windows system ?09:32
ActionParsnipnic1: or cltrl+e for edit, to then move across with cursor09:32
infidel2sis there a way to automatically launch screen(1) everytime i start a new gnome-terminal?09:32
pshr_How can i rename all the files in the folder, like adding prefix to every file ? any easy way.. cause i have 500 files to be renamed09:33
ActionParsnippulse00: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-ubuntu-904-persistent-install-windows/09:33
digital-rougeaction parsnip: leme know when your ready for me09:33
pulse00ActionParsnip, thanks09:33
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: sup?09:33
digital-rougesd reader cantr mount09:34
ActionParsnipnic1: sorry its alt+v, not ctrl09:34
infidel2snm figured it out09:34
digital-rougeit reads its there ibut wont mount or open09:34
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: does the partition show up in: sudo fdisk -l09:34
digital-rouge1 sec09:34
digital-rougeshows up in home09:34
digital-rouge   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System09:35
digital-rouge/dev/sda1   *           1       18662   149902483+  83  Linux09:35
digital-rouge/dev/sda2           18663       19457     6385837+   5  Extended09:35
digital-rouge/dev/sda5           18663       19457     6385806   82  Linux swap / Solaris09:35
FloodBot3digital-rouge: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:35
Dr_Willispshr_:   theres various rename tools in the repos. qmv, and some  for prefix/postfix renaming  at the start/end of files09:35
digital-rougeim assuming that the extended drive is the drive thats the sd?09:36
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: please use pastebin for multiple lines, imagine if 5 people did that, the channel would be useless09:36
=== WinterWeaver_ is now known as WinterWeaver
digital-rougei know i use to see it09:36
digital-rougethe bot told me all about it09:36
digital-rougewhat is paste bin?09:37
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: no, you have 1 disk, sda. It has 2 partitions, sda1 (primary) and sda2 (extended), sda5 is a logical partition on the extended partion and occupys 100% of it09:37
digital-rougeso all 3 partitions are my hd not anythign else09:37
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: you go to http://pastebin.com   paste the text there, type your name and click paste, you can then share HUGE amounts of text with a single line so you do not scroll the channel like you just did09:38
digital-rougeso it would read sdb09:38
digital-rougegot ya09:38
digital-rougeso do i need a driver for it to mount or what is the issue09:38
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: might not be sdb, might be something else, if you remove the card, wait 10 seconds, then plug in the card and wait 10 seconds and run: dmesg | tail    you can see what is going on09:39
leaf-sheepWhere do I request for a package to be updated? It have been long time.09:39
ActionParsnipleaf-sheep: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com09:39
ActionParsnipleaf-sheep: or you can find a PPA using: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas09:40
=== Shoobdidoo_ is now known as Shoobdidoo
leaf-sheepActionParsnip: Not #ubuntu-motu ?09:40
ActionParsnipleaf-sheep: there too09:40
leaf-sheepActionParsnip: Thanks for clarification.09:40
jack87joebodo: thanks for the package list there... on a few of them during isntall i get 2 errors i dunno why09:40
jack87E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)09:41
jack87E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?09:41
jack87oh nm... i get it09:41
digital-rougeok action parsnip09:41
joebodojack87, possibly you have synaptic open09:41
jack87yup joebodo just cought myself thanks09:41
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: has this device been in a windows system?09:42
digital-rougebut not formated in one09:43
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: and did you just rip the device out of the system or did you use "Safetly remove the device"09:43
ubuntistaswhat's ibus?09:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ibus09:43
ActionParsnip!info ibus09:43
ubottuibus (source: ibus): New input method framework using dbus. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 112 kB, installed size 704 kB09:43
digital-rougepulled it out09:43
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: you need to put it back in the windows system and remove it PROPERLY09:43
digital-rougethat it09:44
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: theres a reason that little icon appears in the bottom right corner09:44
ubuntistasin summary what's ibus idon't get it09:44
digital-rougeok i will try09:44
ActionParsnipdigital-rouge: you havent cleanly removed the device so the data is all to shit, once you plug it in a properly remove it the data will be fine09:44
NeurolysisActionParsnip: it may just be me, but i figure it isn't your intention so i should tell you anyway. when you do the mid sentence shouting, it comes across as elitist condescension. as i say, i don't think that was your intention, so i figured i should tell you.09:44
brandanhey im trying to tether my phone to my PC to make it a modem for internet, is there a Motorola Phone Tools application i can get for Ubuntu ?09:44
ActionParsnipi hate windows users who dont safetly remove then wonder why it doesnt work09:45
Neurolysisgladio70: /join :)09:45
brandanor if there is a Ubuntu USB driver for Motorola iDEN phones?09:45
Slartbrandan: I don't really know.. but I'm guessing the answer will be "no"09:45
Slartbrandan: there might be some general tools that work.. in my case I had to use the phone as a regular modem and dial a special number to make it use the internet connection from the phone09:46
Slartbrandan: this is on a Nokia phone though.. and it might be different depending on your carrier09:47
brandanwhich application did you use?09:47
Slartbrandan: gnome-ppp but I'm guessing that is built in with the network manager now..09:47
adminuserhello all09:52
adminuserwhat is next reelase date?09:52
Fishie29 October09:52
sagaci!hi | adminuser09:52
ubottuadminuser: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!09:52
Fishie9.10 will come.09:53
adminuserenglix not so good for my09:53
Fishie#Ubuntu+1 for 9.10 information.09:53
MattFarrelif ubuntu 9.10 out, please everyone who's use torrents file to make more SEED. please.09:54
MenZait's not out, MattFarrel.09:54
FarhadixHi, why can I mount as user (because of fstab entry) but gnome can't mount, the cdrom?09:55
=== MadMax is now known as MaxSid
BaGyFarhadix, copy text from your fstab09:55
ActionParsnipFarhadix: does: file /dev/sr0    say special block device09:55
joaopinto!karmic | MattFarrel09:55
brandanmy package manager won't open it gives me a error, i dont know why i will pastebin it, if anyone can tell me why its doing this would be most helpful :)09:56
ubottuMattFarrel: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:56
MattFarreli mean coming out, and everyone used torrent to download file please MORE SEED.09:56
ActionParsnipbrandan: run the command it says09:56
brandanSorry I am new to Linux and Ubuntu09:56
Farhadix/dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto     0       009:56
ActionParsnipbrandan: the command it has told you will most likely fix it09:56
adminuseri must now go thank you every person09:56
adminuserwho is buntoid09:57
ActionParsnipFarhadix: does: sudo mount -a     not mount the CD?09:57
adminuserand helpsy09:57
Guest30947Please help to to configure HSPDA E155009:57
infidel2swhere does pidgin log to in ubuntu? i have logging enabled and i've seen a tutorial say it's ~/.purple/logs/ but i dont have that directory. i do have an /etc/purple but there's nothing in it but a prefs.xml09:57
FarhadixActionParsnip, in shell I can mount cdrom, but gnome don't mount it auto or by clicking on Mount Volume09:57
Guest30947it always mount as cdrom09:57
brandanActionParsnip: thank you i already entered it and its fixed :)09:58
ActionParsnipbrandan: cool, sometimes error messages tell you how to fix stuff too. try those first :D09:59
joaopintoinfidel2s, the proper place is .purple/logs, if you don't have it then probably you have logs disabled09:59
brandanActionParsnip: yup :)10:00
ActionParsnipFarhadix: mine says this: /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       010:00
brandanare the servers still slow to download stuff?10:00
reeniginEesreveRi have a huuuuuuuuuugeeeee log file (31 MB) ... I wanna see its line number 665 ... how do i do that without loading the complete file into memory?10:01
ActionParsnipreeniginEesreveR: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/sed-display-text-on-specific-line-of-text-file-397405/10:02
=== G0SUB_ is now known as G0SUB
sprinkAnyone else have the 'lqqqk' problem with utf8 and aptitude?10:05
mrmowglianyone know what the open source ati driver is called?10:05
sprinkthe 'loading' and 'do you want to quit' box in aptitude draws lines with 'lqqqk10:05
rgnrhelp ppl10:07
rgnrmy USB 16 Gb  turned to 7.84 MiB10:07
rgnrlost space10:07
BaGymrmowgli, not  recommended to use open source drivers....10:08
brandanis there any other programs to work with phones through USB besides moto4lin and bitpim ?10:08
Guest30947please help guys10:09
AppiahGuest30947: help with what?10:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:10
rgnrdoes any1 knows how to recover lost space on USB flash drive?10:11
=== RonaldH is now known as Ronald
Appiahpartition type rgnr ?10:11
=== abms1116 is now known as abms1116|away
Guest30947Dear appiah, i want to configure HSDPA E1550 modem in ubuntu 9,04. it alaways mount as a mobile partnet10:13
indusbrandan: kde has some good ones10:13
indusbrandan: kdepim i think10:13
jpdsrgnr: ext3, fat, etc?10:13
brandanindus: isn't kdepim same as bitpim in Gnome?10:13
rgnrflash partition type?10:13
indusbrandan: ah ok then10:13
rgnror hdd partition type?10:13
AppiahWhat partition format10:14
rgnrjpds: hdd is ext4 flash is fat3210:14
AppiahGuest30947: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1193355 there you go10:15
rgnrAppiah: hdd is ext4 flash is fat3210:15
tosse_hi, im having problems getting kernel output on serial console in karmic (amd64), normally console=ttyS0,115200 in the kernel line in grub does it but i get no output10:15
tosse_i get "Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console" but I don't know if thats related10:15
chezi use mumble a voip application for games how would i go about playing songs over it (like a radio)but not by putting the mic up to the speaker ?10:15
glickhey, in netbook remix interface, how do i add a folder to the Files & Folders tab?10:16
ActionParsnipchez: could use vlc to start a broadcast the folks can connect to10:16
Appiahtry testdisk rgnr10:16
Appiahrgnr http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk10:17
prince_jammystosse_: /join #ubuntu+1, the channel for karmic10:17
tosse_prince_jammys: thanks10:17
indusno need of always referring people to ubuntu+1 channel, question could be a general one you know10:19
cls`workindus: he specifically mentioned karmic10:19
indushe may be using karmic but doesnt mean the question is specific10:20
cls`workindus: in all likeliness it is, given the differences in software versions10:20
induscls`work: okies10:21
BaGydo you anyone have a firefox 3.5?10:21
induscls`work: it was just a thought i had10:21
dumbbyquestion ~ how do i make Konversation tray icon show in gnome, or can i??10:21
glickexcuse me, in ubuntu netbook remix, how do i add a folder to the Files & Folders tab?10:21
indusBaGy: yes we do some of us10:21
BaGyindus, it's final version?10:21
indusBaGy: well,if you have updated ubuntu 9.04 then yes10:22
BaGyi ahve xubuntu 9.0410:22
indusBaGy: should be 3.5.1210:22
theadmin...Help. Upgrade manager "lamp" does not show up, i have to check manually.10:22
indusBaGy: jjust go to about window in ff and check what it says10:22
Gnimshdoes anyone have any advice to offer on removing a stripped screw from a laptop hard drive panel?10:23
industheadmin: ya its true10:23
BaGyi have a 3.0.14 mozilla10:23
industheadmin: they use some notification thing for showing that, i waited for 6 months and have yet to see it10:23
Gnimshdumbby, I have a tray icon showing for konversation10:23
Gnimshlet me look10:23
indusBaGy: its final and latest10:23
penguincentralwhat would be the best way to open a text file that contains a multidimensional array to read into another php file?10:24
BaGyok tnx :)10:24
theadminindus: It's supposed to be a lamp...10:24
industheadmin: its not,10:24
industheadmin: who says so10:24
theadminindus: It showed up before :/10:24
Guest30947ok thanks10:24
Gnimshdumbby, go to settings, configure>behavor>general10:24
Guest30947I will check10:24
industheadmin: it breathed its last in intrepid10:24
Gnimshenable system tray10:24
frybyeGnimsh: is a theme for ##hardware or...?10:25
theadminindus: Oh? Guess i'm forgettive then. But why did they remove it?10:25
industheadmin: now its not there ,due to some weird reasoning by the devs10:25
rsvhow do i delete the files belong to me in a directory10:25
Gnimshoh there's a hardware channel huh10:25
industheadmin: and frankly they lie that updates show in the nice black notifications on right top corner, they dont10:25
theadminindus: Yeah. I have to start this thing manually every time :/10:26
mrmowglihow do I check to see what packages are installed from the command line?  Like doing a search10:26
industheadmin: i suspect the update manager checks for updates \when the americans are awake, sorry iam not one10:26
GnimshI'm an awake american10:26
indusso if your system is on at that time, you will have notifications , else you wont,at least they dont appear for me10:26
Appiahmrmowgli: dpkg -l10:27
rgnrAppiah: nothing happens (10:27
indusGnimsh: sorry man, but iam very baffled by this new notification system, i have never seen updates in it, once after i left it for 7 days, it said your stuff is old and you should reload10:27
glickis there a netbook remix channel?10:28
MenZaglick: nope10:28
Appiahrgnr: nothing happens... what are you even talking about?10:28
MenZaglick: ask in here.10:28
Gnimshjaunty confuses me too, it never really updates me10:28
GnimshI have to run it manually10:28
Gnimshwell ok it takes a lot longer to do so than hardy did10:28
indusGnimsh: that icon was completely different, like a ! symbol in a triangle10:28
glickhow do i add a folder in the files & folders tab?10:28
rgnrAppiah: testdisk doesn't help10:29
indusGnimsh:i also tried some fix to get the icon back, but that didnt work either10:29
Appiahrgnr: did you install and try to use it or what?10:29
indusGnimsh: six months everyday i update manually, so i repeat its a big lie10:29
indusGnimsh: ther is a huge bug report and discussion goin on about it10:30
=== Cheka is now known as Guest18372
Gnimshdoesn't bother me too much10:30
indusGnimsh: i stopped bothering long ago10:30
chez_how would i play audio over a voip application , i am using ubuntu 9.04 ?10:30
rgnrAppiah: yes10:31
dumbbyGnimsh, Thanks10:31
induschez_: you mean using skype?10:31
Appiahrgnr: and you used file recovery?10:31
Gnimshchez, put the microphone next to the output10:31
chez_Gnimsh: i hate that solution10:31
ablmfHow to stop sendmail from starting when boot the system?10:31
chez_indus: actually mumble10:31
ablmfIt took serveral minutes to start10:31
rgnrAppiah:  i don't have any files10:32
ablmfAnd I don't need sendmail10:32
induschez_: thats a linux application?10:32
chez_indus: yes10:32
Appiahrgnr: pardon?10:32
indusablmf: uninstall it then10:32
indusablmf: sudo apt-get remove sendmail10:32
Appiahthat seam pretty fast for a file recovery , does the software say that it cant or what?10:32
Gnimshcouldn't you use the pulseaudio volume manager to reroute the sound?10:32
Appiahyou need to elaborate10:32
RabbitbunnyWhy is the first option when right clicking in a terminal "Open Terminal" ? Why isn't it "Copy" ?  How many people really need two terminals? Does no one know of screen? You wouldn't believe how many times i've opened an extra terminal and been suprised.10:32
chez_Gnimsh:  i dont know how to do that can you help me ?10:33
Likehi i could conect too you tube in totem any help10:33
chodthHw to restrict a certain user to enter theire files and group? f10:33
indusLike: you mean you cannot connect?10:33
Appiahor just open a tab in the terminal10:33
rgnrAppiah:  i have space lost not the data10:34
indusLike: any errors10:34
Appiahrgnr: oh you want to partition ? use gparted10:34
indusLike: :)10:34
Likewait i tell yo10:34
=== abms1116|away is now known as abms1116
nic1how can i add these windows to panel?10:34
Gnimshi will hop on skype and test, chez_10:34
chez_Gnimsh:  thankyou10:34
rgnrAppiah:  i wanna recover space10:35
rgnrAppiah:  i had 16 gb now it's only 8mb10:35
Likeindus dont exist the uri too video10:35
indusLike: give me the url10:35
rgnrAppiah:  gparted sees unallocated 8mb space10:36
indusLike: ill check10:36
Likebut is in tottem mf10:36
Appiahrgnr: and you see no other partitions?10:36
Likei need a plug in or some ?10:36
rgnrAppiah:  no10:36
indusLike: ? mf?10:36
SharpRainindus: Shhh before I end you.10:36
Likemf = me friend10:36
SharpRainShutup before I end you faggot.10:37
Appiahrgnr: well your information is very breif I and dont really understand what your doing , but for partitoning , use gparted,  for file recovery use testdisk. Good luck10:37
Likeany idea indus10:37
=== lukjad007 is now known as WikiPirate
administratoryour fucking ubuntu cant install java so what use of it10:37
=== administrator is now known as Guest56201
ablmfI am installing the driver of a pcie card.  The manual says : "for Ubuntu, edit the file /boot/grub/menu.lst. Locate the line that starts kernel vmlinux-2.6.18-53 ..., and add mem=xxxM vmalloc=256M at the end of the line."10:37
RabbitbunnySharpRain: Not cool.10:37
ablmfAfter that, the system could not boot10:37
indusLike: hmm give me link and ill try in my totem10:37
Gnimshwhat program do you want to use, chez?10:37
SharpRainRabbitbunny: What are you talking about10:38
ablmfAfter I add "mem=1888M vmalloc=256M" to menu.lst10:38
indusLike: plugin yes , but it will install automatically10:38
ablmfThe system could not boot10:38
SharpRainindus: Didn't I tell you to shutup or I'd end you?10:38
glickdoes anyone here use ubuntu netbook remix in koala beta?10:38
erUSUL!coc | SharpRain10:38
ubottuSharpRain: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/10:38
rgnrAppiah: ok here, i had 16 gb on my usb, suddenly it came to be only 8mb. no data was written10:38
indusSharpRain: why10:38
ablmfAnyone who's familiar with grub?10:38
mrmowgliwhere is the standard location for firmware in 9.04?10:38
shmahi ....I am not able to get login screen....what could be reason? I have tried restarting gnome (by ctrl+Alt+F1). ..I have tried xinit and then type gnome-session...but error is comeing10:38
MenZa!anyone | ablmf10:38
ubottuablmf: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:39
=== WikiPirate is now known as lukjad007
erUSULGuest56201: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre10:39
indusablmf: i do a little10:39
reeniginEesreveRi have a windows box and ubuntu box without a monitor. I wanna remotely login into ubuntu from windows. Whats the best option? (tried vnc but it kinda sux)10:39
chodtHow to restrict a certain user to enter theire files with chown?10:39
SharpRainindus: Because you're pissing me off.10:39
MenZareeniginEesreveR: ssh.10:39
MenZa!language | SharpRain10:39
ubottuSharpRain: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:39
shmaby ctrl+alt+F1 ,....I reached at terminal and then restartd gnome10:39
MenZaSharpRain: That attitude is not going to get you or anyone else anywhere. I suggest you stop that.10:39
Appiahrgnr: well I have no idea.10:39
shmabut it is not working too10:39
reeniginEesreveRMenZa, i mean, i wanna have the graphical interface as well ... ssh -X could be an option but i haven't found a good windows based X server yet10:39
Gnimshindus: you can right click on sharprain's name and choose "ignore" and he won't bother you anymore10:40
Likeindus http://www.youtube.com/get_video?video_id=jY8wyKuLY2k&t=vjVQa1PpcFOjeWsuHo_kwCHgzxdz87fg2oAMDpunTfw%3D&fmt=1810:40
indusGnimsh: its ok, good fun :)10:40
SharpRainIf he does that I will end him. And he knows it.10:40
MenZa!ops | SharpRain (Repeated swearing, personal attacks)10:40
ubottuSharpRain (Repeated swearing, personal attacks): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!10:40
Gnimshlook i'm going to ignore him now10:40
Gnimshwatch him end me10:40
indusGnimsh: lol10:40
indusGnimsh: iam not sure 'ill end you' means10:41
indusmeans what10:41
Gnimsh"I am small and nonthreatening"10:41
mgv1why does my totem closed slowly aswell as other programs? maybe the decoders are not installed right?10:41
prince_jammysmeans "i'll get myself kicked"10:41
indusvery strange, i dont remember him10:41
mrmowglione more time10:41
mrmowgliwhere is the standard location for firmware in 9.04?10:41
ablmfindus: So why change grub/grab.conf to "kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.18-53.el5 ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 rhgb quiet -mem=1988M -vmalloc=256M" would cause problem?10:41
MenZa!repeat | mrmowgli10:42
ubottumrmowgli: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.10:42
shmaI am not able to get login screen10:42
MenZamrmowgli: In addition to that, your question makes no sense. What firmware?10:42
ikoniamrmowgli: depends on the device10:42
indusmrmowgli: /usr/lib/firmware10:42
shmaI am not able to ger login screen...what should I do?10:42
mrmowgliindus: thanks10:42
andersinisn't it /lib/firmware?10:42
indusmrmowgli: follow ikonia10:42
indususr/lib/firmware i had on my laptop10:42
ikoniamost is in /lib/firmware, but some annoyinly odd devices do have it random locations10:43
mrmowgliindus: thanks I'll check there as well10:43
indusablmf: are you using ubuntu? Its called /boot/grub/menu.lst10:43
mrmowgliok, lib/firmware it is10:43
erUSULablmf: -mem=1988M -vmalloc=256M <<<< this does not look right to me i do not recognize the rhgb kernel option either10:44
induserUSUL: do we have a grub.conf?10:44
ikoniagrub.conf is a redhat thing10:44
ikoniamenu.lst is the correct file10:44
shmaI am not getting login screen ..10:44
ikoniagrub.conf is normally a symlink to menu.lst any way10:45
erUSULindus: nope; we do not :)10:45
=== abms1116 is now known as abms1116|away
ikoniaAWay > abms1116|away10:46
ikonia!away > abms1116|away10:46
ubottuabms1116|away, please see my private message10:46
indusi am waiting ubuntu+1 becomes ubuntu soon :)10:46
ablmfindus: yeah, i am using ubuntu.  I am editing  /boot/grub/menu.lst10:46
indusablmf: hmm you seem to be having lvm's so i cannot advice on that10:47
indusback to erUSUL i guess10:47
ablmferUSUL: The manual of the pcie card says I should reserver 96M for the driver10:47
edmooreHi. I've decided I don't really need the desktop environment on my eeepc most of the time - I'm happy just to launch any gui programs I need straight from the command line. Is there a way to make this behaviour default? I.e. command line until I want firefox or whatever.10:47
ikoniaedmoore: disable X10:48
ikoniaedmoore: but that means you'll have to manually startX everytime you want an X11 application10:48
ablmfSo it asks to add "mem=xxxM vmalloc=256M" to grub.conf to reserver that memory10:48
induswell , thenn you cant start gui stuff10:48
edmooreikonia: I know it's something vaguely to do with that but I'm not sure specifically how one does it?10:48
chez_Gnimsh:  do i have to somehow get the sound file to not go to playback but go to capture or something ?10:48
erUSULablmf: rhgb is not a standar kernel option and mem and vmalloc do not need a - in front of them (none of the kernel parameters need it)10:48
stonkHi. Does anyone have any experience of printing to photocopiers that use a mailbox/password system? thanks.10:48
induserUSUL: whats rhgb10:48
ikoniaedmoore: look in your /etc/init.d scrpts at the gdm script, then look at this url10:49
ikonia!upstart | edmoore10:49
ubottuedmoore: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/10:49
erUSULindus: as i said it is not in Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt of the kernel10:49
erUSULindus: so i dunno10:49
indusikonia: it seems we can start stuff in ubuntu like redhat now , with restart command10:50
ikoniaindus: what ?10:51
genmailHi all :) I have a webcam (trust WB-1200p) which shouldbe recognized by gspca drivers of my Jaunty. But when I load Camorama it doesn't work and forces me to close the program...any idea? :)10:51
Gnimshchez_, i'm honestly not sure10:51
erUSULedmoore: use a simple window manager10:51
indusikonia: well, i did try to start a process and i gota message to use restart , something to do with upstart10:52
edmooreerUSUL: could you suggest an example?10:52
ikoniaindus: what are you talking about ?10:52
indusikonia: dont remmember well now10:52
joaopintoindus, are you running karmic ?10:52
ikoniaindus: I have no idea what you're talking about10:52
=== administrator is now known as Guest42193
indusikonia: eg, /etc/init.d/gdm start10:52
joaopinto!karmic | indus10:52
ubottuindus: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:52
ikoniaindus: that's just a shell script function,10:52
indusok nvm10:52
erUSULedmoore: openbox? windowmaker? jwm? awm?10:52
prince_jammysedmoore: i like fluxbox. you'd be in an X session, with a terminal open all the time, but it's not as heavy as gnome/kde10:53
ikoniaindus: that's not a command, it's a case statment in the init shell scripts10:53
Gnimshchez, why do this over VOIP instead of set up a streaming server?10:53
indusikonia: can i pm10:53
prince_jammysindus: start|stop|restart and such are arguments to the init scripts, which then act accordingly10:53
joaopintoikonia, he is asking about karmic, on which gdm is no longer a script10:53
edmooreprince_jammys: thanks for the tip10:54
Guest42193you need to manually fix this package. (due to missing arch)10:54
Guest42193E: Internal error: couldn't generate list of packages to download10:54
Guest42193says when install java10:54
Guest42193what to do10:54
Guest42193pls tell me10:54
indus!patience | Guest4219310:54
ubottuGuest42193: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.10:54
ltspadminhow to install driver of iball nic card in ubuntu 9.10 ltsp server10:54
indusGuest42193: you should fix dpkg first10:55
ltspadminhow to install and update driver of iball nic card in ubuntu 9.10 ltsp server10:55
Guest42193its not a same question buger10:55
indusltspadmin: does it come with a driver?10:55
Guest42193i did man10:55
indusltspadmin: linux driver ?10:55
ltspadminmay be but if its  come ...10:56
ltspadminin that case10:56
chez_Gnimsh:  because everyone uses mumble with whom i play with10:56
indusltspadmin: then you can follow the 'readme' in the package10:56
Guest42193you need to manually fix this package. (due to missing arch)10:56
Guest42193<Guest42193> E: Internal error: couldn't generate list of packages to download10:56
Guest42193<Guest42193> says when install10:56
krjHey guys. I have the following in my .bashrc: export PS1="[\t][\u@\h:\w$(__git_ps1)\n\$ " but when I enter a git repository it doesn't display the branch name. If I do (while inside the git repos) 'echo $(__git_ps1)' it correctly prints the branch name. What am I doing wrong?10:56
ltspadminbut the nic card installed on client machine..10:56
ltspadminnic card is with pxe boot rom10:56
Guest42193where i can find installed java10:57
indusltspadmin: normally it would autoload module needed for such cards10:57
prince_jammyskrj: single quote the assignment10:57
indusltspadmin: what does it show in lspci command10:57
Gnimshoh well gee10:58
ltspadminat client end..10:58
Gnimshi think it will be difficult over mumble10:58
krjprince_jammys: you're awesome :) That works great!10:58
Gnimshits a very purposeful voip after all10:58
ltspadminthere is no os so how can i check..??10:58
prince_jammyskrj: cool.10:58
Gnimshpossibly you could get a line out<>line in cable10:58
Gnimshplug into headphone jack and then into microphone, anyone know if that would work?10:58
prince_jammyskrj: otherwise you're running $(foo) at the time of assignment, and never again. (i'm getting deja vu)10:59
dayaI have make netboot usb disk image and successfully booted the machine but it can't read the local network mirror any idea?10:59
ltspadmincan i create a bootable pen drive implace of pxe boot rom..10:59
BaGyGuest42193, try in /usr/share/java10:59
bazhangltspadmin, using unetbootin sure11:00
tasslehoffI have a worklaptop that runs windows, where the entire harddrive is encrypted with truecrypt. Can I do the "install ubuntu like a windows application" without having to decrypt/encrypt my hd?11:00
Guest42193how to access it11:00
krjprince_jammys: That explains it. My previous attempt worked if I spawned a new terminal while _inside_ the repository.11:00
dayaltspadmin, yes bootable pen dirve  can be created , https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-usb-files.html11:00
BaGyGuest42193, and /etc/java11:00
prince_jammyskrj: yes, '$(foo)' single quoted remains literal, which is normally not desired, except with PS1, since bash evaluates the string on every prompt.11:01
Guest42193Bagy: how i do it , should run on terminal or what11:01
ltspadmini dont want  to install just boot the system...and from the network11:02
Guest42193pls tell me Bagy11:02
bazhangltspadmin, ah you are asking about karmic11:02
MenZadarkham: That seems rather offtopic in here.11:02
bazhangdarkham, dont paste spam here11:02
Guest42193I am very tired with this fucking os11:02
krjprince_jammys: thanks for the explanation :)11:02
bazhangGuest42193, please watch the language11:02
BaGyGuest42193, what he do with java?11:03
ltspadminkarmic i dont have..any idea...i have one ltsp server and thin client network..i want to boot the thinclient from usb pendrive11:03
ltspadminwhat is unetbootin11:03
darkhamMenZa,  bazhang  sorry,  i was wrong with alt+tab11:03
iBiZa-stop rape bitches, say yes!11:03
xterm__Does anyone know where screenlets settings (the one I make for each screenlet) is stored?11:03
ActionParsnipGuest42193: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp   can be used, you will need to symlink the necessasry .so to your plugins foler for your browser11:03
prince_jammyskrj: i think we talked about it once, when you wanted $(date) in the prompt. i see you discovered \t, which i forgot about at the time.11:03
jriveragood day! how do i transfer samba user accounts from an old server to a new one the old server is a 6.06 the new one is a 9.0411:03
dayaltspadmin, its the ltsp11:03
dayaany idea about local network based installation11:04
ltspadminnow u understood daya...what is my requirement..11:04
ltspadmincan u help me..11:04
dayaltspadmin, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP11:05
krjprince_jammys: really? I've asked this question before? That's weird.11:06
mgv1there is only one sort of effect when moving windows?11:06
prince_jammyskrj: maybe not.11:06
ltspadminafter that i have go to     * UbuntuLTSP11:07
ltspadmin    * LTSPBootingClientsWithoutPxe11:07
ltspadmin opetion11:07
jriveragood day! how do i transfer samba user accounts from an old server to a new one the old server is a 6.06 the new one is a 9.0411:07
ltspadminam i right daya11:07
xoverwhat is the difference between runlevel 1 and runlevel S I need to add a kill link for shutdown11:07
Digxover, runlevel 1 is single user level while runlevel 5 is multiple user and X desktop11:08
xoverDig, I said "S" not "5"11:09
ActionParsnipxover: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runlevel11:09
xoveryou two didnt read it properly11:09
dayaboraklavun, I just want to install ubuntu 9.04 via network usb boot thats all,11:09
Dig... checking sources ...11:09
ActionParsnipxover: may help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84422611:10
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dayaltspadmin, #ltsp11:11
denmarkhello how to mount disks ?11:11
Digxover, according to this page ... runlevel S or s is an 'alias' to another runlevel between 1 and 8 ...11:11
denmarkmy sad1 and sda2 is not showing11:12
Digxover, see man inittab11:12
xoverthere are distinct directories11:12
xovermate, ubuntu uses d.event not inittab11:13
ltspadminwhat ltsp11:13
evildmpI'm running Linux version 2.6.28-11-server (buildd@palmer) (gcc version 4.3.3 (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4) ) #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 02:48:10 UTC 2009 - at the python prompt, import elementtree fails11:13
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evildmpthis is unexpected!11:13
=== CurtiJackson is now known as CurtisJackson
CurtisJacksonI'm running Linux version 2.6.28-11-server (buildd@palmer) (gcc version 4.3.3 (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4) ) #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 02:48:10 UTC 2009 - at the python prompt, import elementtree fails11:13
CurtisJacksonthis is unexpected!11:13
KPXXer... sorry11:14
denmarkhow to mount drive in linu x?11:14
CurtisJacksoner... sorry11:14
CurtisJacksonhow to mount drive in linu x?11:14
evildmpthe python guys were complaining about the butchery done to pythin by the debian crowd...11:14
indusdenmark: using mount command11:14
soreauHow annoying can people get?11:14
CurtisJacksondenmark: using mount command11:14
CurtisJackson How annoying can people get?11:14
soreauCurtisJackson: Bye11:14
denmarkindus bhaiya yeh kaise ho goga11:14
voxbazhang: aw he was mine :(11:14
denmarkindus mujhe nahi ata karna11:15
indusdenmark: english only please11:15
denmarkmeri exy3 drive nahi show ho rahi hai11:15
indusdenmark: what do you want to mount?11:15
denmarkmy ext3 drive11:15
indusdenmark: HDD?11:15
denmarksda2 drive11:16
denmarksda2 is ext311:16
indusdenmark: sudo mount -t ext3 <devicename> <mountpoint>            someone correct me if iam wrong11:16
ActionParsnipi'd add -o user,rw11:16
denmarkok lemme see it indus bhai11:17
Dr_WillisHmm..  what does the 'user' option do when mounting a ext3 anyway?11:17
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: should allow users write access afaik11:18
indusActionParsnip: ya probably11:18
ActionParsnipcan use uid=1000   to allow all users access11:18
indusActionParsnip: could you give whole syntax to denmark? please11:18
indusdenmark: external usb hdd?11:19
jriveraanybody here know how to migrate samba user accounts to a new server?11:19
ActionParsnipsudo mkdir /media/stuff; sudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/stuff -o rw,user    would be my guess11:19
denmarkno bhai11:19
denmarkindus bhiyaa nahi ho araha hai pm do11:19
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  but thats handled by the permissions of the ext3 files themesles.. or as you saying the 'user' option overrides the permissions/ownership?11:20
indusdenmark: what device is this11:20
jdvI go to Hardware Drivers and it starts to "searching for available drivers..." and just stays like that forever. Anyone know what to do?11:20
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: errrr, tbh not sure but it appears in fstabs all over the place so i just roll with it11:20
indusdenmark: kaunsa device hai bhai11:21
bazhangindus, english only11:21
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  :)11:21
indusbazhang: yep i told him too11:21
administratorhow can i insta ubuntu11:21
indusbazhang: then got a bit frustrated11:21
=== administrator is now known as Guest80485
Dr_Willisadministrator:  download iso.. burn to cd.. boot cd.. install11:21
Dr_Willis!install | Guest8048511:21
ubottuGuest80485: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:21
bazhangindus, feel free to take him to #ubuntu-in11:22
indusjdv: ya forget that hardware driveers thing, just install from synaptic11:22
indusbazhang: that too is english :)11:22
denmarkindus is i can't see my partition on ubuntu i think i should mount it but i don't know how to mount11:22
jdvjdv ok, ty11:22
indusbazhang: we will need 15 different language channels :)11:22
jdvindus ok ty11:22
indusdenmark: aah just partition11:22
nic1hey what is lexer.c?11:22
denmarkyup i cant see my partition11:23
Guest80485can i programe java after coping jdk folder11:23
indusdenmark: in a terminal type mount and paste the output , also in another terminal sudo fdisk -l11:23
indus!paste | denmark11:23
denmarklike sda1 and sda2 etc.11:23
ubottudenmark: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!11:23
indusdenmark: then its really easy, just sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sdx /mnt11:23
Dr_WillisGuest80485:  you can install the tools to do jave development - yes...11:23
indusdenmark: but you should know which device name11:24
indusdenmark: aere you trying to mount windowspartition??11:24
Guest80485how can i download java to ubuntu11:24
denmarkyes ntfs and et3 both11:24
Dr_Willis!java | Guest8048511:24
ubottuGuest80485: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository11:24
Dr_WillisGuest80485:  its in the package manager. install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' and itwill install java and other stuff you proberly want11:25
jriveratry df -k and see if it is already mounted11:25
icerootGuest80485: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre11:25
GlowballI'd like to create a floppy image from a bunch of files11:27
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lbtwhat groups is the normal single user in after a default install?11:32
lbtI have : adm,dialout,cdrom,plugdev,lpadmin    aftera "default" preseed .... no sudo or admin11:33
TxHawksCould anyone explain the difference between the force and prefer flags in Unison?11:34
=== bembmb is now known as babyrobbe
karakallasalve a tutti11:35
jussi01!it | karakalla11:35
ubottukarakalla: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:35
peter1Hi! I have some software from 1999 (not commercial) that has been tested on RedHat7, Kernel 2.2.19, gcc 2.96 and Lib_c 2.2-5 ... I get a lot of errors trying to compile/installing it on vanilla Ubuntu or Scientific Linux. These errors include segmentation faults and misc. error messages. Any hints on what to do?11:36
jmkgreenOK what am I missing here - shutdown -r now tells me it's rebooting but does not log me out11:37
ActionParsnipjmkgreen: mine does that if i ssh in11:37
jmkgreeninstead ps ax says it's stuck at sh /etc/rc0.d/K25hwclock.sh stop11:37
jmkgreenyeah I'm ssh'd in11:37
ActionParsnipjmkgreen: mine does that in karmic too11:37
jmkgreenwtf is preventing it?11:37
ActionParsnipnot sure dude, could add something to the shutdown process to log all users out11:38
jmkgreenyeah but I've admined many servers via ssh and this box is the only one that refuses to shut down11:38
jmkgreenthe production boxes reboot when I command them to via ssh fine11:39
jmkgreenthe other test boxes also do11:39
jmkgreenthis one seems stuck, using 9.0411:39
ActionParsnipjmkgreen: i added an alias for reboot to reboot and logoff the user ssh'd in11:40
Deathhhhi, i have some problems with my wirelesscard (Realtek RTL8187B) and a D-link DI-524 ( i cant connect to the lan/wan)11:40
jmkgreenyeah but at the core everything just uses 'shutdown' which itself calls init 611:41
jmkgreenstuff like 'reboot' and 'poweroff' are just wrappersa11:41
liamjmkgreen: try running hwclock and see if it stucks11:43
jmkgreenroot@scaramanga:/etc# hwclock11:44
Foloexhello world11:44
jmkgreenWed 14 Oct 2009 11:44:15 BST  -0.745985 seconds11:44
jmkgreenlooks good to me11:44
lbtjmkgreen: are you running as root?11:44
Foloexanyone knows how to give more space to a live persistente usb without formating or doing the install all over again ?11:44
liamindeed.. think you should do an strace with hwclock.sh to find out exactly what causes it to hangup11:45
lbtah - I'm having similar issues which are, I think, due to bad group setup11:45
ActionParsnipjmkgreen: uk here too dude11:45
MenZa!cn | wujun11:45
ubottuwujun: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:45
remoteCTR1hi guys! i would like to change the label of a few disks but in gparted the otion for the labels is always greyed out, what do i need to do to get this menu item?11:45
ActionParsnipremoteCTR1: id guess they need umounting11:45
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip, of course i did that:)11:46
ubottuTo rename the labels of your partitions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive.11:46
jmkgreenliam: that script exits fine when I run it from bash with strace -f11:46
bazhangwujun, /join #ubuntu-cn11:46
bazhangwujun, here is English only11:46
wujunoh,i see11:47
liamjmkgreen: try running shutdown -r now with strace then (: see if it gives you something to troubleshoot with11:47
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip, well that is exactly what doesnt work, the label menu item always stays geryed out11:47
ActionParsnipremoteCTR1: does cli work ok?11:48
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip, no idea, havent tryed it yet as this is the first trime i ever heard of e2label...11:48
remoteCTR1ActionParsnip, will do so now and report back in a few...11:48
ActionParsnipremoteCTR1: worth a shot, maybe the gui app is bad but the disk is labelable at cli11:49
jmkgreenliam: nothing very specific: 11:49:23 unlink("/var/run/shutdown.pid") = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)11:49
jmkgreenthen it exists11:49
jmkgreenexits even11:49
jyotiHow do I eliminate recursive mount>?11:50
jyotiumount -f is hanging.11:50
jyotiI cannot reboot the machine.11:50
jyotiWhat worse can happen?11:50
=== administrator is now known as Guest18506
ActionParsnipjyoti: doctor pepper ;)11:51
jyotiwhat does that mean?11:51
denmark_Partition table entries are not in disk order11:51
denmark_Partition table entries are not in disk order11:51
Likehi i need help i dont found nothing in google11:51
liamjmkgreen: try pgrep'ing shutdown see if it is running11:51
ActionParsnipjyoti: its their new ad, was a joke11:51
denmark_jyoti kaisi ho ?11:51
Likeis a enutv usb tv card11:51
liamjmkgreen: if it is kill it11:52
jmkgreen18691 ?        Ss     0:00 /bin/sh /etc/init.d/rc 611:52
jmkgreen18695 ?        S      0:00 sh /etc/rc6.d/K25hwclock.sh stop11:52
Likecan you help me11:52
jmkgreenthose are the only things running11:52
ActionParsnipLike: ask the channel11:52
denmark_haan jyoti apna sawal pucho11:52
denmark_Partition table entries are not in disk order11:52
jmkgreenI can kill the second but that does not release anything11:52
bazhangdenmark_, english only here11:52
jyotidenmark_: good.... :( Can you help with that.. it is a production machine with a network share recursively mounted!11:52
jmkgreenI kill the first and keep trying11:52
Likeis a enutv i cant make it work ActionParsnip11:52
ActionParsnipLike: i have no idea of your question11:53
Likethe kernel dont work recognize this11:53
jyotidenmark_: I did a recursive mount. umount -f doesn't help.11:53
Likeis a usb tv card ActionParsnip11:53
jyotidenmark_: On a production machine with a network share.11:53
liamjmkgreen: is this the first time something like this happened?11:53
jmkgreenno, it's happened on previous releases too11:53
jmkgreenthe server itself was fully reinstalled with jaunty last week11:54
denmark_jyoti :( can find it11:54
jmkgreenfirst time I've needed to reboot since though11:54
jmkgreenI've filing a 'question' on launchpad to document this11:54
geekbuntu__anyone know of a streaming radio for ubuntu? forgot mp3 player (argh...)11:54
denmark_jyoti:goto linux11:54
denmark_jyoti:goto #linux11:54
MenZadenmark_: That's hardly useful.11:55
liamjmkgreen: interesting, i never had such problem though, but i don't use ubuntu on my servers then11:55
liami use ubuntu mainly for desktop use.. and i never had such problem11:55
sasallihello. i can't found menu.lst and can't changed under /boot/grub/ . so how can i edit boot list? thanks!11:56
bazhangsasalli, what version of ubuntu11:56
MenZasasalli: Sounds like you're on Karmic.11:56
sasallion Ubuntu 9.1011:56
MenZa!karmic | sasalli11:56
ubottusasalli: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:56
bazhang#ubuntu+1 sasalli11:56
denmark_Menza how could u know ?11:56
MenZasasalli: Karmic uses a different bootloader. Grub2, which doesn't use menu.lst.11:57
MenZasasalli: For more info, ask the kind people over in +1 :)11:57
sasalli:) okay thanks!11:57
denmark_MenZa tell me plzz11:57
liamsasalli, you might wanna look for grub.cfg instead of menu.lst11:58
jmkgreenok guys if anyone wants to check my shutdown isn't crazy it's documented here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/8580311:58
denmark_Partition table entries are not in disk order11:58
jmkgreenI'm off to power a power button meantime...11:58
sasallii'm looking11:58
denmark_what is that ?11:58
sasallii got it.11:59
L_X_hi there11:59
sasallithanks so much friends!12:00
Armageddonis there anyway to download ubuntu-restricted-extras12:00