* popey wonders why he's being asked to add a computer to his u1 account which already had access00:28
popey(like the new icons btw)00:29
popeyooooo new website00:29
legend2440according to  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/450112 the geen checkmark fix has been released. will i see a ubuntuone  update when i get the fix?00:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450112 in ubuntuone-client "Entire Hard Drive Marked as ubuntuone-synchronized" [Critical,Fix released]00:31
dobeylegend2440: update should show up soon, yes00:39
dobeypopey: there's an issue with one of the storage servers, that's causing authentication to fail00:39
legend2440dobey: ok thanks00:39
dobeynow back to /away00:40
rachaelbnot impressed at the moment02:00
rachaelbare any of the developers here?02:00
rachaelbok in the *hope* that someone will pick up on this comment02:02
rachaelbi have a paid 50gb ubuntu one account... and somehow with the latest updates02:02
rachaelbi now only have the free 2gb account02:02
rachaelbwtf is happening????02:02
rachaelbmore than this... if canonical wish to offer paid services (fair enough) they should also provide proper avenues of customer support rather than just launchpad and an irc chat02:03
vladanianWooo! Just got tomboy to sync to U102:36
* jblount high-fives vladanian 02:38
statiki think tomboy sync is going to be one of my favorite features02:39
vladanianYeah, it's going to make it a lot easier to leave my notebook at work, and have access to my stories and notes and stuff from home02:41
jmltomboy sync, you say?09:51
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Kmosthere are some erros at ubuntu one website with apache saying internal error11:58
Kmoscontacts and notes menu11:59
jegHegyi'm getting that as well12:02
lefranckI have a strange problem. When I try to add files to my u1 account, they're directly set as conflicting, even if they're completely new files. And if I upload a file through the web interface, it's never synchronised with my ubuntuone directory12:08
lefranckI'm using karmic, all up to date12:09
Chipacalefranck: hi12:19
Chipacalefranck: what version of the client are you using?12:19
lefranckwhatever is the latest in karmic... let me check12:20
Chipacalamalex: thanks12:20
Chipacalefranck: thanks12:20
Chipacalamalex: thank you too, but for no particular reason :)12:20
Chipacalefranck: what you're describing is very strange. Are you up to some console work?12:21
lefranckChipaca: no, I'm not. The problem is that, it just won't synchronise anything12:22
lefranckChipaca: I'm using it the "normal" way12:22
Chipacalefranck: what I meant to ask is, are you able and willing to use a terminal to enter some commands so I can help you?12:23
lefranckChipaca: say I copy a test.txt file in my ubuntuone directory, it directly gets renamed as test.txt.u1conflict, and if I check the web interface, there's no file there12:23
lefranckChipaca: sorry, yes, sure12:23
Chipacalefranck: ok. Give me a second.12:24
Chipacalefranck: ok. First, quit the applet (that's in the right-click menu)12:25
Chipacalefranck: if the applet isn't visible right now, let me know12:25
lefranckChipaca: ok, quit it12:25
Chipacalefranck: ah! one question, since you last updated the client, have you either logged out and back in, or restarted the machine, or quit and restarted the applet?12:26
lefranckI've rebooted12:26
Chipacalefranck: in a terminal window, please do12:27
Chipaca/usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --host fs-2.one.ubuntu.com --debug --dns_srv=xyzzy12:27
Chipaca(the "xyzzy" and specifying --host is because we're having some issues in fs-1 right now, and I don't want that to interfere with this testing)12:27
lefranckI get debug messages, no error as far as I can tell12:28
Chipacacan you try creating a file now, and tell me what happens? you're not "online" yet, so if you get a conflict now, it means one kind of (very weird) bug12:29
lefranckI don't get a conflict12:30
Chipaca_how_ do you create the file?12:30
lefranckon the desktop, new document12:30
lefranckso it's an empty file, is that ok ?12:30
Chipacalefranck: sure. in another terminal, please do12:30
Chipacadbus-send --session --dest=com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon --type=method_call / com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.SyncDaemon.connect12:31
lefranckChipaca: done12:31
Chipacalefranck: you should be seeing output from syncdaemon12:31
Chipacaa lot of it, again12:32
Chipacatell me when it reaches "IDLE", and stays there for a while12:32
lefranck2009-10-14 13:31:26,164 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.State - DEBUG - START_WORKING_ON_METADATA --[SYS_META_QUEUE_DONE]--> IDLE12:32
lefranckah just got a new message with MARK (state: IDLE, ...)12:33
lefranckChipaca: so I guess it did12:33
Chipacaso now, try creating a file again12:33
Chipacaah, also, let me know if it moved your old new file to a conflict, now that it's "online"12:34
lefranckChipaca: now it conflicts12:34
Chipacaok, ctrl-C the syncdaemon12:34
Chipacafile a bug, and upload ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-debug.log12:34
Chipacalefranck: note that will include filenames, so only do it if you're ok with that12:35
lefranckyes, no problem12:35
Chipacaalso? curses, I thought this family of bugs was fixed :(12:35
Chipacafacundo will be happy (not!)12:35
Chipacafacundobatista: hola! how are you today?12:37
lefranckChipaca: oh, I should say, this happened after something I did with my u1 account, which I should have mentionned before...12:37
Chipacalefranck: hm! what was that?12:37
lefranckChipaca: I deleted my u1 account and recreated it12:37
facundobatistafacundobatista, hi! did you summon me?12:37
lefranckafter trying to merge 2 launchpad accounts12:37
Chipacalefranck: OK, in any case, this is a bug. We'll see the why from the logs :)12:37
Chipacalefranck: but maybe it's "just" something weird with your account, and not a syncdaemon issue12:38
lefranckok :)12:38
lefranckChipaca: yes, that could be12:38
facundobatistalefranck, #?12:39
Chipacathat would be excellent, as we can fix account issues at leisure, but only have a couple of days more to fix bugs in syncdaemon for karmic12:39
lefranckfacundobatista: my account # ?12:39
facundobatistalefranck, bug #12:39
lefranckfacundobatista: one moment, just reporting it12:40
facundobatistalefranck, great12:41
facundobatistalefranck, what is the file name the got into conflict?12:41
lefranckfacundobatista: all filenames12:42
lefranckI've tried many different files12:42
facundobatistalefranck, ok, but you just did an exercise with Chipaca, creating one file12:43
facundobatistaa new file, right?12:43
facundobatistaa file that you never created before12:43
facundobatistathat can not possibly be on the server12:43
lefranckfacundobatista: bug 45120512:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451205 in ubuntuone-client "Can't synchronise files, automatically set to conflicting" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45120512:44
lefranckthere you go :)12:44
lefranckfacundobatista: also test.txt and 2006L4.pdf12:45
Chipacafacundobatista: the issue seems to be wrt creating the file from nautilus12:46
Chipacafacundobatista: the syncdaemon-debug.log should include the creation of a file while offline, and the creation and conflictuation of a file while online12:46
facundobatistaChipaca, lefranck: ok, here it is12:50
facundobatistaChipaca, look:12:50
facundobatista2009-10-14 13:31:24,858 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - WARNING - MakeFile                     share:''                                       node:'556f6ca0-ceaa-4d00-8ea7-300a5de1aadb'   MakeFile(marker="'556f6ca0-ceaa-4d00-8ea7-300a5de1aadb'", parent_id="'9eeb5f16-8dd5-44fb-b731-bafff1b4a58b'", share_id="''", name="u'test2.txt'") failure DOES_NOT_EXIST12:50
facundobatistaChipaca, it can not create the file in the server, and it gets an AQ_FILE_NEW_ERROR12:50
facundobatistaChipaca, which calls Sync.file_not_created_remove, that moves the file into conflict12:50
facundobatistaChipaca, where that "DOES_NOT_EXIST" could came from?12:51
lefranckfacundobatista: as I was saying,it started happening after I deleted and recreated my u1 account through the same launchpad account. Could it be that it's still trying to access the old one?12:51
Chipacafacundobatista: DOES_NOT_EXIST on MakeFoo comes from the parent not existing12:51
Chipacafacundobatista: so, the metadata thinks it knows the root, but the root changed, maybe?12:52
facundobatistaChipaca, maybe12:52
facundobatistaas something weird happened with the account12:52
facundobatistaChipaca, VM's metadata:12:53
facundobatista2009-10-14 13:31:21,942 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.VM - DEBUG - on_server_root(9eeb5f16-8dd5-44fb-b731-bafff1b4a58b)12:53
Chipacaright... so the bug is that we don't update that when we connect? or what?12:53
facundobatistaChipaca, don't know...12:53
facundobatistaverterok, where that root comes from? is it validated? should we validate it?12:54
Chipacawe should be doing _something_; the server tells us the root everytime we connect, gratis :)12:55
facundobatistaChipaca, yes... I'll explain this in the bug and assign to verterok12:56
facundobatistalefranck, in the meantime... let's solve your problem by removing the VM's metadata12:56
facundobatistaall the metadata, btw12:56
facundobatistalefranck, what do you think?12:56
lefranckfacundobatista: sounds good, there's nothing important on my account, we can do whatever that'll fix it12:57
facundobatistalefranck, it shouldn't happen nothing bad with your data (last famous words)12:57
lefranckfacundobatista: :D there's no data other than test files12:58
facundobatistalefranck, so... remove the metadata!12:58
facundobatistado you know where it is?12:58
lefranckfacundobatista: no12:58
facundobatistaok, go to ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon12:59
facundobatistawhat do you see there?12:59
facundobatista(of course, stop the client and be sure it's not in memory)13:00
lefranckfacundobatista: fsm, metada_version, trash, vm13:00
lefranckclient not running13:00
facundobatistatrash should be empty13:00
lefranckfacundobatista: it is now13:01
facundobatistametadata_version should have a "4" in it, rigth?13:01
diverse_izzuei have errors like "2009-10-14 14:00:52,190 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.DBus - ERROR - Can't get the auth token" in my log. what to do?13:03
facundobatistalefranck, ok: remove the fsm and vm directories, with all that is inside13:03
lefranckfacundobatista: done13:04
lefrancknow I only have the metadata_version and empty trash13:04
facundobatistalefranck, start the client, pass me the log13:04
lefranckfrom the command line ?13:04
facundobatistalefranck, it should be th same...13:05
Chipacathe "can't get the auth token" might be from the problems with fs-113:06
lefranckah, now it got the file that I'd uploaded through the web interface13:06
Chipaca(which is now fixed)13:06
lefranckyou want syncdeamon-debug.log ?13:06
facundobatistalefranck, just to chek all is ok13:07
lefranckhow can I give that to you ?13:07
lefranckfacundobatista: http://pastebin.com/d78d670a813:09
facundobatistalefranck, great13:10
verterokfacundobatista: that on_server_root is triggered by VolumeManager.handle_SYS_CONNECTION_MADE13:16
facundobatistaverterok, Chipaca, lefranck: it got the same server root as before! VM - DEBUG - on_server_root(9eeb5f16-8dd5-44fb-b731-bafff1b4a58b)13:17
verterokfacundobatista: if you already have the root the stored one is used13:18
verterokfacundobatista: I don't see a problem with havinhg the same root13:19
facundobatista"if you already have the root the stored one is used" <-- ENOPARSE13:19
facundobatistaverterok, see in the pastebin13:19
facundobatistaverterok, line 20313:20
verterokfacundobatista: if you aready have the root node_id in the metadata that value is used13:20
verterokfacundobatista: pastebin url?13:20
facundobatistaverterok, we removed all the metadata13:20
facundobatista http://pastebin.com/d78d670a813:20
verterokfacundobatista: I would like to knoe how the root node changed :)13:21
facundobatistaverterok, he messed up the accounts somehow13:21
facundobatistaverterok, changing users, don't really know13:22
verterokhahahaha, a new account, same metadata?13:22
facundobatistalefranck, ^?13:22
facundobatistaverterok, we removed all the metadata13:22
facundobatistaverterok, but maybe the oauth token points to old usr or something, can that happen?13:23
verterokfacundobatista: if you have 2 users, only on etoken is stored in the keyring for u113:23
facundobatistalefranck, could you please upload this second log to the bug, saying that you removed the metadata?13:23
verterok*one token13:23
lefranckfacundobatista: sure13:24
facundobatistalefranck, thanks13:24
lefranckfacundobatista: ah but I've restarted it since13:25
lefranckah, can just use the pastbin file13:25
facundobatistalefranck, yes13:25
lefranckfacundobatista: ok, done13:29
lefranckI'm a bit slow today :D13:30
lefranckfacundobatista, Chipaca, at least it's working again now, thanks a lot !!13:30
lefrancktried to clean the metadata once, but didnt know where it was...13:31
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jblountMEETING BEGINS15:00
jblountDesktop+! Let's meet! Say "me" if you'd like to respond with your TODO / DONE / BLOCKED15:00
teknicolet's go15:02
teknicoDONE: completed and landed the updating of the contacts web templates to the layout of the new design (#439089); started adapting the contacts web details and add/edit pages to the new design (#439090); talked with aquarius about notes and contacts CSS; done several reviews15:02
teknicoTODO: do more reviews; finishing to adapt the contacts web details and add/edit pages to the new design (#439090); integrating the client-side code needed by the contacts web ui (#439093)15:02
teknicoBLOCK: none15:02
tekniconext: rodrigo_15:02
rodrigo_• DONE: Notes tests improvements. XML<->HTML tomboy notes conversion fixes15:03
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine?15:03
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:03
rodrigo_next jblount15:03
jblountDONE: Lots of fast typing and late night branch landing. Got /files/ up, got a few issues with the logic that was displaying the plans fixed up. (#450873, #450944)15:03
jblountTODO: Copy changes! Sarah M has been updating the copy wiki pages I created and I need to get those changes rolled out(#402837). Connect with beuno about adopting LPs process for UI review, get started on the /contacts css and html (#440129)15:03
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:03
jblountvds: tag15:03
vdsDONE:last things on couchdb compaction #44940215:03
vdsTODO: propose this branch...15:04
vdsBLOCKED: not anymore15:04
vdsurbanape: please15:04
urbanapeDONE: Noodling on the contacts js, thinking of ways we can reuse the javascript to better reuse the CSS between the various u1 apps..15:04
urbanapeTODO: Getting contacts js done and out the door.15:04
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:04
urbanapeCardinalFang: The COMFY CHAIR!15:04
CardinalFangDONE: Source packages for u1couch/hardy.  Updated to karmic and discovered kerne15:04
CardinalFangl crasher bug, yay.15:04
CardinalFangTODO: Debug replication.15:04
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:04
CardinalFangaquarious, s'il vous plait...15:04
aquarius⚀ DONE: worked with couch.io about oauth; notes web UI CSS with mt; talked to teknico about CSS15:04
aquarius⚁ TODO: bzip oops serializer; land branches; help thisfred and cardinalfang with oauth u1couch; look at oauth-enabling twisted; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer15:04
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED: can't get u1couch to work15:04
aquarius⚃ BUG COUNT:https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~sil/+assignedbugs?field.tag=ubuntuone-karmic - 215:04
aquariusI'm last, so EOM15:04
jblountNice, thanks all!15:05
jblountteknico, urbanape: So, I may actually be working on /contacts/ later today, do you guys have any info you need me to know?15:06
urbanapejblount, not yet (for me). My part is just wiring up the existing stuff with some javascript.15:07
jblounturbanape: k15:08
urbanapeeventually, I want to replace the left-hand pane in /contacts/ with a YUI treeview instance, and make the right-hand pane a details view of the currently selected one.15:08
urbanapethen we get to reuse all sorts of good JS and CSS from /files/15:08
urbanapebut I think that'll be a later kind of thing. I'm not sure how long that will take.15:09
jblounturbanape: Right on.15:10
teknicourbanape, wow, then we get groups for free? :-)15:10
teknicourbanape, well, not exactly free, ok :-)15:10
urbanapeteknico, not sure about that. The tree that the tree view uses doesn't *have* to be deeper than one level.15:11
teknicourbanape, right, but once it's there, it would be nice15:11
teknicourbanape, unless we prefer a tag-like model, where one contact can belong to more than one group15:12
teknicourbanape, we should probably have both, group and tags15:12
teknicourbanape, but then it gets complex15:12
urbanapeyes. I just want to reuse the components we're already using and styling.15:13
urbanapeI think it'll reduce some of the work going forward (and we can accelerate further restyling changes to all participating apps)15:13
dobeyright so15:16
dobey☺ DONE: Fixed #450112 (emblem), #438641 (idle icon), #450140 (ValueError), 1.0.1 release15:16
dobey☹ TODO: Take it easy, but without The Eagles.15:16
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:16
aquariusverterok, ping?15:20
aquariusoops, wrong channel :)15:21
TechnovikingAnyone else getting Internal Server Error on Contact and Notes, or is thatwell known :)15:35
dobeyTechnoviking: being looked at i believe, yes :)15:36
Technovikingdobey: thanks15:37
dobeyTechnoviking: you're going to UDS I assume?15:38
Technovikingdobey: Yes I am15:38
dobeyTechnoviking: good deal :)15:39
TechnovikingLooking to get some community love on Ubuntu One this cycle15:39
dobeyyeah, i think karmic getting released will help ramp that a bit15:40
dobeyubuntu devel summit15:42
barlasDidn't know ubuntu had any summit :)15:46
dobeyyep, every ~6 mo, to plan the next release15:49
barlasHmm... is there any blog of Ubuntu one? I prefer to keep up with news using rss rather than email15:52
statikbarlas: we're working on putting up a blog, actually a feedjack aggregator that will pull in various ubuntuone devs personal blogs15:53
dobeymaybe i should rewrite my blog system to have tags15:54
barlasdobey, You are using a custom blog system?15:54
barlasWhy? :)15:55
dobeybecause it takes longer to set up a non-custom one how i want it, than it does to write one in PHP or PERL?15:55
dobeyseriously. i wrote my blog system in like 10 minutes.15:55
barlasReally? Whats the link?15:56
dobeymy blog is http://wayofthemonkey.com/15:56
Chipacaverterok: facu: sorry for the flood :(15:56
dobeyi haven't released the custom blog source15:57
dobeyno point really15:57
dobeyit's awful php code, and everyone would complain about how entries are added15:57
barlasdobey, You even have a calendar.16:00
barlasWell, IMO you can setup wordpress like that in 10 mins, but if you don't need most of the features provided by it, I guess this is good enough.16:01
dobeybarlas: yeah, though i didn't write the calendar. i found a php calendar widget and just tweaked it16:01
dobeybarlas: yeah, i don't want comments, and admin pages, and all that crap. more code == more potential for security flaws16:02
dobeyas it is, i have no spam, and no special login thing to be broken via the web16:02
barlasdobey, How do you update it then?16:04
dobeybarlas: rsync+ssh16:05
barlasNot directly Ubuntu one related, but my tomboy doesn't have an option to sync to 'Tomboy web' or anything that may look like ubunutone service.16:08
gourgidoes the web ui for notes looks like this https://media.one.ubuntu.com/media/1902/img/features-notes-screenshot.png ?? i'm seeing something different16:15
barlasgourgi, Notes are working for you?16:18
barlasIt is giving internal server error here.16:18
gourgibarlas in karmic sync is working yes but i see a different web interface from the screenshot above16:19
gourgialso notes web ui works16:19
barlasNo idea, the web interface changed for me today, maybe it's the old interface16:19
dobeyweb ui fails for me too16:19
joshuahooverdobey, if a user gets an error of "operation not supported" when running $ xdg-open https://one.ubuntu.com/ what package(s) are they missing?16:21
barlasgourgi, Maybe it's loading notes page from cache?16:21
gourgii'll try cleaning my cache16:22
dobeyjoshuahoover: if xdg-open fails with operantion not supported, i have no idea.16:22
joshuahooverdobey: ok, thought you might know...thanks16:23
dobeyjoshuahoover: have them try to run "gnome-open http://one.ubuntu.com/" instead of "xdg-open ..."16:23
joshuahooverdobey: ah, good point16:23
aquariusgourgi, the web UI for notes *will* look like that, but the code to make that happen hasn't landed yet (I wrote it this morning :)). At the moment it's basically unstyled (and there is a problem with the underlying database server that we're working on, so you may get an internal server error ont he notes pages)16:24
gourgiaquarius cool! i like the new one. notes sync works fine here :)16:25
aquariusgourgi, excellent :)16:25
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TechnovikingIs tomboy syncing working?17:47
jblountTechnoviking: Yes! (for most users, in most situations)17:48
jblountTechnoviking: The web ui is still under rapid development, but jcastro said that he had his tomboy notes syncing between three machines.17:48
TechnovikingI keep failing, and it tries to add a new computer when trying to add tomboy syncing, if though my machine is already added17:49
jblountTechnoviking: Hmm. I've seen a few bug reports come in about the Oauth "add my computer" stuff not working properly.17:50
jblountjoshuahoover: Any ideas / thoughts ^^17:50
dobeyjblount: yes it's being looked at17:51
dobeyjblount: adding the computer works fine, client logging in to the broken storage server, does not :)17:51
jcastrojblount: yeah I got mine working and I just wanted to see if Technoviking could get his to work, I have jono trying it now and he's having problems17:51
jblountdobey: Thanks :)17:51
dobeyjcastro: presumably the same re-authentication issue?17:52
dobeyTechnoviking: if you quit the ubuntuone-client-applet, and then try just tomboy, tomboy should work i think17:52
Technovikingdobey: I was not using ubuntuone-client-applet yet17:55
dobeyand you were still getting a loop of "Add this computer" pages?17:59
Technovikingdobey: yes17:59
dobeyrodrigo_: ^^ any idea why tomboy would be doing that?18:00
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rodrigo_dobey: aquarius mentioned that's a loop problem in LP, people should try removing LP's cookies, I think18:03
dobeyrodrigo_: there's a loop problem with the LP login yes, but i think Technoviking is saying that the "Add this computer" page keeps getting opened by tomboy18:04
dobeyTechnoviking: is that right, or is that the LP login page keeps asking you to sign in?18:04
Technovikingtomboy wants to add the computer to ubuntuone even when it is added18:05
dobeyTechnoviking: if you go to http://one.ubuntu.com/plans does it say "This is your plan!" under any of them?18:06
Technovikingunder 2GB18:06
dobeyok, i guess not being subscribed isn't the issue then18:07
aquariusTechnoviking, yes, tomboy does want to add the computer again -- rodrigo and I have noted this as a bug. Once you've added the computer with tomboy, though, is it then OK? Or are you then made to add the computer again a third time?18:07
dobeyTechnoviking: do you have a token for "Ubuntu One" under the Passwords tab in seahorse?18:07
Technovikingdobey: yes I do18:08
dobeyhrmm, though i guess tomboy probably stores a seprate token somewhere else18:09
aquariusit does18:09
aquariusthis is why you get asked to add ths computer again18:09
aquarius(which actually means "add this oauthtoken")18:09
dobeybut if tomboy adds the computer, it shouldn't ask yet again18:10
aquariushence "Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine?" in rodrigo_'s todo list18:10
aquariusbut if after you add, it asks you to add *again*, that's a separate bug18:10
dobeywell oauth tokens are "per app" really anyway18:11
Technovikingok, tomboy stop asking to add computers, but still can't sync18:12
rodrigo_aquarius: I had only to add the computer once in all mytests18:12
aquariusrodrigo_, yeah; there was a problem this morning where people got unauthenticated, and I think this might be related18:12
rodrigo_Technoviking: what's the problem you're gettingnow?18:13
rodrigo_aquarius: ah, ok18:13
rodrigo_Technoviking: if you run 'tomboy --debug' from a terminal, you'll get a better log of what tomboy us doing18:14
Technovikingis there a bug on this already that I can add this too18:15
Technovikinghere is the pastebin18:16
dobeyTechnoviking: does http://one.ubuntu.com/notes/ also give you a 500 error?18:17
Technovikingi'm I and idiot who needs a smacking:)18:17
rodrigo_this seems to be the same bug jdo was talking about then18:17
* rodrigo_ smacks Technoviking18:17
dobeyrodrigo_: fix it :)18:18
rodrigo_dobey: if I knew how, I would have done so already :)18:18
rodrigo_dobey: seems to be a couchdb server issue, doesn't it?18:18
dobeyrodrigo_: https://pastebin.canonical.com/23323/18:19
rodrigo_Technoviking: does http://one.ubuntu.com/contacts/ gives you the same error?18:19
Technovikingrodrigo_: looks like18:19
dobeyrodrigo_: yeah, i get a 500 with contacts too18:20
dobeydifferent traceback though18:20
rodrigo_dobey: right, jdo says it's # of connections problem, I think18:21
dobeyreally? hrmm18:22
CardinalFangjblount, have you seen a cloud IMG floating above and obscuring a file list?19:02
jblountCardinalFang: I have! I'm trying desperately to get a branch approved and rolled out that will fix it and a few other weird things.19:02
CardinalFangjblount, thanks.  You rock.19:02
jblountCardinalFang: But good looking out. You are the one who rocks.19:03
barlasThat cloud image is pretty :)19:03
CardinalFangjblount, what about relative modification date phrasing?19:03
CardinalFang"4 days, 1 month ago"19:03
CardinalFangjblount, if I were cooler, I'd look in the bugs system for this.  :(19:04
jblountCardinalFang: If memory servers, we changed this to be no-relative ie 10/10/09 or whatever. I think this is a bug.19:04
jblountCardinalFang: Don't worry, but no, I don't think I've seen a bug for it.19:04
jblountCardinalFang: Bug searching is hard, let's go shopping!19:04
jblountbarlas: Thanks! We're quite happy to start rolling out a prettier web site.19:05
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barlasDid the notes and contacts section started working?19:10
barlasThere was "interval server error" before19:10
jblountbarlas: For me, I'm still getting 500 errors, I think it works for some people though. We are still working to find the solution.19:11
dobeyoh man, i totally just thought i missed my appointment at 319:12
CardinalFangjblount, reopened #369091 .19:18
jblount# 36909119:18
jblountbug #36909119:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 369091 in ubuntuone-servers "web UI modification date displayed wrongly" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36909119:19
jblountAh, yes. I remember this guy.19:19
jblountCardinalFang: Thanks, should be easy enough to fix.19:19
ubuntu-userhi guys. on https://one.ubuntu.com/plans/ it has " If you'd like more space, subscribe to our 10 GB plan.". is that not supposed to be 50GB?19:22
jblountubuntu-user: Yes, it should be 50GB, thanks for pointing that out!19:23
CardinalFangjblount, sounds like a value for a config file or something.19:23
ubuntu-userjblount: yw19:24
* CardinalFang waits 7 minutes for log synch.19:40
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TechnovikingHey guys, Tomboy syncing now! Woot!21:05
jblountTechnoviking: Nice!21:07
Technovikingjblount: looking forward to contact syncing, let me know if you want me to do any testing21:13
jblountTechnoviking: I'll make sure rodrigo_ knows you want to test it out. Thanks for hanging around :)21:13
rodrigo_Technoviking: for the time being, until the syncing mechanism is in place, you can test evolution-couchdb21:29
rodrigo_Technoviking: jcastro is going to announce some testing plans, but I can send you the things to test, if you want21:29
Technovikingrodrigo_: would be glad to help21:34
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amgarchIn9where do I submit bugs? the file "ubuntuone/oauthdesktop/auth.py" references HTTPSConnection._tunnel_host uncnditionally that is only availbale in python/httplib >= 2.6.3 and therefore fails on Jaunty.22:29
dobeyandrew: run "ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client"22:36
dobeyaquarius: ^^ can you say *crap*22:36
aquariuscrap. crap. Crap!22:36
aquariuswish I'd never changed from pycurl now :(22:36
aquariusamgarchIn9, please run "ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client"22:37
dobeyaquarius: maybe we should just use ctypes to open libsoup22:38
aquariusamgarchIn9, thanks for letting us know22:38
dobeyof course we can't really change that now22:38
dobeyhopefully we can manage a sane/simple fix22:38
aquariusdobey, can't believe this is so hard :(22:38
dobeyaquarius: i know right. it's HTTP. how hard can it be!22:38
aquariusand now X is doing the "no you can't left click anywhere, only right click" thing again22:41
amgarchIn9if I comment the two lines then the login works. Upload succeded later. Even from within KDE. But now "the website is down" for some reason.22:52
dobeyyeah, it "works"22:52
dobeybut without that, the ssl cert doesn't get validated :)22:53
amgarchIn9submitted here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/45167022:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451670 in ubuntuone-client "no HTTPSConnection._tunnel_host in python <= 2.6.2" [Undecided,New]22:53
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