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Balsaqhey _Techie_are you in here thursday after midnight usa eastern time02:21
__Techie__afternoon #xubuntu, does anyone know of an alternative bootloader to grub for booting a persistant usb install?02:25
Balsaq_Techie_you are here twice02:35
__Techie__yeah _techie_ is a ghost but im not ghosting him as im in a public locatiobn02:40
Balsaqcause i spoke to the ghost ghost and no answer then a moment later you came in...coincidence02:42
__Techie__what did you sya?02:42
Balsaqso are you up for another knock down drag out...you had to go last time02:43
__Techie__wait, which time?02:43
Balsaqremember my 1st fiasco tossing ubu in mu puter?02:43
Balsaqwell my ist ubu install..you hung in to avout halfway02:44
__Techie__yeah sorry about that, im in school at the moment02:44
Balsaqthurs they are stuffing me with 6 ole puters and i am dying to stuff xubu in one02:45
__Techie__ooh cool02:45
Balsaqthurs after midnight usa eastern time...02:45
__Techie__i prolly wotn be on much, school rung home and i got in trouble with my dad02:45
Balsaqyur dad...how old are u02:45
Balsaqso in HS or college02:46
__Techie__last year HS02:46
Balsaqwow you know a lot about computers02:46
__Techie__even though my school is names spotswood college02:46
Balsaqso what are you gonna major in...tunnels?02:46
__Techie__hardware and networking02:47
__Techie__if i can02:47
Balsaqcool if you do that the gov will hire you!02:47
__Techie__but ill probably go freelance without any qualificatuions02:47
Balsaqthey need some good pro hackers02:47
Balsaqi tried to rope pete into bein here but not sure if he's gonna make it either02:48
__Techie__you talking about _pete_?02:48
Balsaqalways says Pete up there by your name on the right side of the screen02:48
__Techie__oh lol, hes cool02:48
Balsaqis he a room OP02:49
Balsaqno i am  asking you02:49
__Techie__not that i know of02:49
Balsaqwell all the other names are in alpabetical order but you and pete are on top as if excluded from the alphabetical order02:49
Balsaqi asked pete and he said he doesn't have the names listed on there at all02:50
__Techie__nah its characters then alphabetical02:50
Balsaqoh iu see so the _ gets you up there02:50
Balsaqanother perfect hack02:50
__Techie__hes using a command line client02:51
__Techie__thats why he doesnt have a user list02:51
Balsaqsome rooms have a + sign indicating OP status...so in that case there is no OP here from what i can tell02:51
__Techie__we have chanserv as our ops are silent ops02:52
__Techie__they are only opped when needed02:52
__Techie__yay i get out in just over 15 minutes02:53
Balsaqoutta what02:53
Balsaqso its freakin 3pm in NZ?02:53
__Techie__16 minutes exactly02:53
Balsaqso you are hacked on thier internet as we speak02:54
__Techie__tunneling through petes internet02:54
Balsaqget outta town02:54
__Techie__outta country more like it02:55
Balsaqi gave up on the flash incident btw...i am figuring the new old dell will run the dadgum youtube vids with xubu02:56
__Techie__if you want some eye candy on your desktop then you could try kubuntu02:57
Balsaqwell all ireally want is speed it seems all the distros have an easy wat to get in the windows02:58
Balsaqevery where i look they seem to say xubuntu is the fast version of ubuntu...02:58
__Techie__yeah, but if its a moderate system your desktop manager wont hinder it02:59
__Techie__10 mintues02:59
Balsaqwell i am not sure what moderate is, i aske dthe guy who hands out the computers but he couldn't tell me yet, so i printed the minimum specs from dell03:00
Balsaqhopefully they ordered them a little or alot above the minimum specs03:01
__Techie__well i class a moderate system as 1.5ghz+ 300mb+ RAM, and a 32mb video card03:01
Balsaqwell  the 8200 could come in as low as 1.5 (up to 2.8ghz) , 128 rdram (up to 2gig) and up to 2 hard drives, the other 5 of them are 8250's and have automatically higher specs03:03
__Techie__anything this side of 2002 will most likely be near those specs03:03
Balsaqyeah these are around 2002 or newere from what i read03:03
__Techie__they will do fine03:04
Balsaqi am hoping they ordered a lil heavy due to corporate/lab type useage03:05
__Techie__is this the dell dimension 8200?03:05
Balsaqyes one is that the other five are 8250....the one i have here now is xpsr40003:06
Balsaqi think he dumped em on me so easily cause they run onflippin rdram03:06
Balsaqwhick is pricey03:06
__Techie__yeah original DDR and SDRAM is very pricy03:07
__Techie__my system runs on original DDR03:07
__Techie__it cost me $70 australian for my 1gig stick03:07
Balsaqheck if i had to buy this crazy rdram new they want 150-30003:07
Balsaqnoone even stock it new03:07
__Techie__anyway im gonna have to go soon, its 3:0803:08
Balsaqok take ur easy03:08
__Techie__oh yeah, check out my latest project, a full ubuntu install on a usb drive03:08
Balsaqwow..hey maybe i could do that? then it just plugs into anything huh03:09
__Techie__yeah, if i get it working ill share my experience with you03:09
__Techie__anyway, bells gone03:09
raevolanyone else getting spam from fstock?04:17
squidlyraevol: yea04:27
squidlyhe's been dcc spaming me for the past couple of days04:27
raevolthink i've seen it from a few nicks04:31
raevolhome it gets taken care of :/04:31
raevolhope even04:32
squidlyyea I need to talk to the admin on FN04:41
squidlyhowever I have a minor issue talking to them. I've told Christel off more then once04:41
squidlyand when I tell people off. I'm not nice about it04:42
raevolthat's usually the idea :x04:42
squidlyraevol: you can be police when you tell someone off.. or you can let them know that you think the HIV virus is above them on the evolutionary ladder04:43
squidlyguess what method I have used for christel?04:43
raevolhaha, the latter?04:43
raevolgood times04:44
squidlyfine times and sad times too04:44
raevolthat's irc04:45
squidlywell the RL thing that really pushed me over the edge was how some issues were handeled when Lilo passed04:45
squidlybut yea suck is IRC04:45
gigawatti'm having a huge issue with wireless on an MSI wind laptop using xubuntu05:33
gigawattnm-applet doesn't see the internal wireless card05:34
likemindeadTry "sudo ifup -a" gigawatt.05:34
gigawatti'v been having this issue off and on with wireless on msi wind05:36
gigawattand i'v never been able to fix it, sometime it just "goes away"05:37
likemindeadIs it showing up in "sudo iwlist scan" ?05:37
gigawattwlan0 : no scan results05:37
likemindeadOr "ifconfig -a" ?05:37
gigawattit shows up under ifconfig05:38
likemindeadThat's a start. :-)05:38
gigawatti tried wicd as well and it didn't see it05:38
likemindeadWhat's the wireless card?05:39
gigawattatheros ar242x05:39
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:39
likemindeadThat's all I've got.05:40
gigawattok i'll look at that05:40
likemindeadWhich version of Xubuntu are you running?05:40
likemindeadYou could download 9.10 Beta & give it a try.05:41
gigawatti might05:41
gigawattwhat about this: v05:41
likemindeadI've been loving 9.10 since Alpha 6.05:42
likemindeadWorth a shot.05:42
Balsaqi always call up verizon and make them connect me to wireless if i can't get it done and they do it everytime i set a computer05:51
Balsaqthey'll take the call 24/705:51
Balsaqbeing it s competitive il bet all wirelss companies will do the same05:52
Balsaq_Techie_ my computer is running wrong i'm about toss xubu in her dry are you in here this morning?07:48
Balsaqi think ubu and a kazillion updates have taken their toll07:48
nikolamhm. packages.ubuntu.com is down again..08:54
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kj4hello all10:05
kj4anyone here?10:05
kj4hello fooks10:09
kj4any freplly helpsy buntoids here?10:09
rgnrhelp ppl10:10
rgnrmy usb flash lost space10:10
kj4please explain10:16
ablomenkj4, whats your question?10:29
rgnrkj4:  well, i had 16gb on my usb and suddenly it came to be only 8mb10:39
homebrewciderhey there, I'm running xubuntu 8.10 on a server pc, I want to give it a static ip of on my network, I can seemingly do that okay, but when I do, it cuts it's internet access, and I can't update (Failed to fetch....). It is running through a switch, with a smoothwall firewall at ( of course). I've had this running before, but I don't know what I've done wrong this time, please help!10:46
ablomenhomebrewcider, stupid question, but are you sure the ip isn't taken already?10:53
ablomenand are you sure you have set the right netmast & gateway?10:54
homebrewcideryeah, I'm sure10:55
homebrewciderset netmask of
homebrewciderand gateway of, that's right isn't it?10:55
ablomenif it's your router it should be10:56
ablomencan you ping anything internal and/or external ip adresses? for example (google.com)10:57
homebrewciderthe thing is though,when I assign the static ip in the network manager, and fill in the netmask of 255.... etc, on saving it, the netmask becomes 24, that's it, just 2411:01
ablomenhomebrewcider, try setting the ip etc in /etc/networking/interfaces.. network manager seems to work in misterious ways sometimes, after editing run sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart11:02
_Pete__homebrewcider: If I were you I would put static defines to the /etc/network/interfaces on drop whole network-damager11:02
homebrewciderI've tried that,I'll tgry again11:05
homebrewciderhehe, tgry=try11:05
_Pete__this is how I have it http://pastebin.com/m670e15ad11:05
_Pete__also, remember to update /etc/resolv.conf11:06
homebrewciderchecking now11:07
homebrewciderok, dumb question, how do I update /etc/resolv.conf11:08
homebrewciderit just says #generated by neetworkmanager11:09
_Pete__if you only use static address11:10
_Pete__then you dont need whole network-manager11:11
_Pete__edit the file manually and but your nameservrs theres11:11
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homebrewcidersorry, edit it to what?'11:13
_Pete_this is mine11:13
_Pete_first two are opendns and last is the router11:14
homebrewcidercould they be the primary and secondary dns that my isp gave me?11:17
homebrewciderok, I'll try that11:17
homebrewciderdo I have to disable networkmangler? or something similar11:23
_Pete_I think it pointless to have if you only use that static connection11:25
homebrewciderdoes it "take things over" though?11:26
homebrewciderdo I have to disable networking in it or anything?11:26
_Pete_I am not quite sure11:27
homebrewciderI'm testing it now11:28
_Pete_after modifying interface/resolv.conf do: /etc/init.d/networking restart so it will apply new settings11:29
homebrewciderdid that, i could ping google, but not load web pages11:30
_Pete_recheck you resolv.conf is ok11:30
homebrewciderhmm, what I put in there has disappeared.....11:32
_Pete_network-damager doing something then11:32
_Pete_so better remove it11:32
homebrewciderdoing it now11:35
homebrewcidersynaptic couldn't "find some resources", might have to go back to dhcp in network damager, get "online" remove it, then change things?11:37
_Pete_apt-get --purge remove network-manager11:37
_Pete_should be enough11:38
_Pete_(jsut removed own one too) :)11:38
homebrewciderI think I've got it thanx to you11:41
homebrewcidermany thanks11:44
nikolamMY WHOLE system behaves like crap when installing packages11:45
nikolamI run LTS11:45
nikolamit is Crap that everything is twitching and mouse and winodws and sound and all apps not working fine while synaptic is installing something11:46
nikolamI am sick of it..11:46
nikolami type text and it gets cached and not displayed on screen while installing some freakin .debs11:46
nikolamwhy a freak default priority for synaptig installing something is not lower for god sake11:47
nikolamor i need to run RT kernel to avoid thatt shitty synaptic / deb install behavior11:48
nikolamMy machine is useless while installing packages it sucks.11:48
DaWyzirkarakuska brotha aloha13:06
kurakuskacan i do a question on wicd istallition on xubuntu?13:06
kurakuskasorry for my english13:07
kurakuskai'm italian13:07
kurakuskawhere can i find the wicd?13:08
homebrewciderI'm trying to change ownership of a folder, am I doing it right? <sudo chown name:name /path >  ?13:14
Pres-Gashomebrewcider, if you are wanting to change the ownership of the contents as well, you would do "sudo chown -R uname:group /path"13:16
homebrewciderforgot the -R13:17
Pres-GasOnly if you are also wanting to change all the files within the folder13:17
homebrewciderwhich I am13:18
homebrewcidersays "not permitted"13:18
Pres-Gashomebrewcider, what directory are you wanting to change?13:19
Pres-Gasa system one?13:19
homebrewcider< /media/data >13:20
homebrewciderhave a 1tb drive mounted there13:20
Pres-Gashomebrewcider, issue "mount | grep /media/data" and show us that line, please.13:21
homebrewcider< /dev/sda1 on /media/data type vfat (rw) >13:23
Pres-Gashmmm...homebrewcider, I am not sure if vfat responds to chowns....the directory itself (/media/data) may, but not the contents...am I right on that, TheSheep?13:25
homebrewcidergot it done once before, a while ago though, can't remember what I had to do13:26
_Pete_is it portable(usb or such) drive=13:26
Pres-Gashomebrewcider, try reading these articles over:13:28
homebrewciderno, sata internal, on pci card. I've had this sorted once before, but it was a while ago, I had it writable and all, but I had it mounted in the "wrong place".....long story13:28
_Pete_homebrewcider: why is it vfat?13:29
Pres-GasI think you will need to remount it, homebrewcider13:29
homebrewciderhas to be vfat to be writable from the pvr in the other room13:29
homebrewciderwon't let me unmmount it though13:30
_Pete_how does pvr access the drive?13:32
homebrewciderI can unmount the drive, chown the folder okay, but when I mount the drive again, the ownership changes back to root13:36
Pres-Gashomebrewcider, those articles I sent you talk about mounting the vfat drives under different ownership13:37
jayjayam new xubuntu newbie,chnaged in thunar the read permissions of foto directories + files, how can I undo this to read and edit them again, please help who can19:38
jarnosjayjay, enable write permission in thunar19:39
jarnosjayjay, and read permissions.19:40
jayjayI did, but only the folders are "unchecke" do I have to uncheck every single pic19:40
jayjaytnx jarmos19:40
jayjayJarnos, any advice for me how to get all permissions to all files19:43
jarnosjayjay, try setting permission of the parent directory in thunar19:44
jayjaydone!,only the directory is permitted the pics inside not..19:45
jarnosjayjay, didn't it ask you whether it should apply recursively?19:47
jayjayehhm, no, it simply takes the read and write permissions, but I cant open the pics indide the folders19:48
jayjaywhen I do the same procedure with every single pic, it works, but it would take months to do it19:50
jcfpjayjay: there's an option in thunar's preferences, whether it should apply permissions recursively or not19:51
jayjayfound and try it out now, please jarnos wait a second19:52
jayjayno change, the folders act the same like before19:54
jayjaytnx jcfp, but no change19:56
jayjayshould I restart the system maybe19:56
jcfpjayjay: you do know that directories need +x to be accessible?19:57
jayjaysorry am newbie, what do you mean with +x19:57
jayjaychanged the permissions not by terminal19:58
jcfpguess thunar does that automatically since it presents only read and write options to the user19:58
jayjaywhen unoing it, it only chnages the folders not the content, how can I solve it by terminal to get permissions to the ingle pics again20:00
jcfpjayjay: chmod -R u+rwx <directory with those file>20:04
jayjaymy hero jcfp! tnx so much for ya help, it solved my problem20:05
jarnosMy system freezes, if I use suspend/hibernate with restricted nvidia display driver in jaunty. It is version 96.43.10, but nvidia site has newer driver. What can I do to make hibernate/suspend work, if I continue to use a restricted driver?20:30
nikolamhow to avoid locked and slow and unresponsive system while installing apps22:46
nikolamwith synaptic?22:46
jarnosnikolam, does "nice" help?22:54
Balsaqhello KB1JWQ!23:15
nikolamjarnos, didn`t try. Every time i hit icon in meny for synaptic and i shout around :)23:25
nikolamI am interested in a way of editing Xfce menu, so I can edit menu item and insert that nice befor synaptic and update commands23:26

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