RenatoSilvaIs --fixes info displayed only in bzr qlog? Bzr log -v is not working.01:31
bob2and in lp01:35
bob2don't think the bzr ui itself exploses it01:35
RenatoSilvait should01:36
davidstraussIs there a simple way to set the public branch from the command line?02:56
davidstraussI mean *parent* branch.02:56
dashbzr pull --remember02:56
treeformhey all is there a way to make bzr ignore ownership and permission changes?09:11
Peng_It does ignore ownership, and the only permission it tracks is the exec bit. But if you want to ignore that, I don't know how.09:27
treeformit seem to go away after i reverted09:44
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mdkedoes anyone know the cause of this - http://paste.ubuntu.com/296071/ - and if I can work around it?12:05
mdkeI'm rather stuck otherwise :(12:06
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jelmermdke: does bzr check pass on that repository?12:22
mdkejelmer: running now12:38
mdkejelmer: it crashes too, with what looks like a similar error message12:40
mdkejelmer: I guess I could get the branch again without a repository, and then copy my changes across wholesale12:40
jelmermdke: yeah, that might work - it looks like corruption of some sort in the repository you're committing too12:41
jelmermdke: Please also file a bug report12:42
mdkejelmer: ok, noted thanks12:42
mdkejelmer: there seems to be a problem with the branch on Launchpad too, I can't branch it - http://paste.ubuntu.com/296099/12:54
LaserJockis BzrBranch5 and old format?15:23
LaserJockI'm getting "bzr: ERROR: Tags not supported by BzrBranch5" when I bzr pull from a branch15:24
dashwhat does 'bzr info' say?15:25
dashabout your branch directory15:25
LaserJockRepository tree (format: unnamed)15:25
LaserJockah, if I go up into the shared directory I get:15:26
LaserJockShared repository with trees (format: pack-0.92)15:26
dashyes, that is quite old. :)15:26
LaserJockis the ERROR about tags important?15:27
dashnot necessarily15:27
dashfor best results you want your local repository to be in the same format as the remote one though, I think15:27
fullermdYes, Branch5 is pre-tags.15:27
fullermdThe error is important if you care about missing the tags   :p15:28
fullermd(and Branch5 is ooold too; you surely don't really want it)15:28
dashLaserJock: ideally, both the remote and the local repos would use the default format for bzr 2.015:29
fullermdCertainly no reason to have it if your repo is in pack format; Branch6 is the default for pack-0.92.15:29
LaserJockwell, it's not my repo15:29
LaserJockI just wondered if the tag error would cause problems15:30
dashif you want to use tags, yes.15:30
fullermdGenerally, you'd only see that error on the target branch (since it's the only one that might be considered writable), so if you're getting it on pull, it's telling you _your_ branch is Branch5.15:32
fullermd(and presumably the far side is Branch6+_15:32
dashLaserJock: one last check15:33
dashLaserJock: what's "bzr info <remote url>" say? (where <remote url> is the address of the branch you are pulling from)15:33
LaserJockdash: Standalone branch (format: unnamed)15:34
dashwell that isn't very informative, is it. :)15:35
fullermdTry -v.15:35
dashoh i forgot about that15:35
dashLaserJock: so yeah, maybe 'bzr info -v' will help15:35
fullermdAs fate would have it, 'central' branches are often going to be 'unnamed', since they often won't have WT's...15:36
LaserJockwhat am I looking for in there, it's got stats15:36
dashspecifically under 'repository'15:36
fullermdThe several lines of 'format's.15:36
LaserJockcontrol: bzr remote bzrdir15:36
LaserJockbranch: Remote BZR Branch15:37
LaserJockrepository: bzr remote repository15:37
dashI forgot about that.15:37
fullermdStuff a nosmart+ on the start of the URL.15:38
dashLaserJock: I hardly know more about this than you, apparently :)15:38
LaserJockcontrol: Meta directory format 115:38
dashfullermd: oh cool, I didn't know about that15:39
LaserJockbranch: Branch format 615:39
LaserJockrepository: Packs containing knits without subtree support15:39
dashthere we go.15:39
dashstill old, but not as old.15:39
fullermdYeah, so that would be pack-0.92.15:39
LaserJockso I'm at Branch5 and remote is at Branch6?15:39
fullermdYou should just move your local stuff to pack-0.92.15:40
dashLaserJock: so doing "bzr upgrade --pack-0.92" will make that error go away15:40
fullermdActually, I'd move it to 1.9; going between those two is cheap&easy, and it'll be a bit smoother for you locally.15:40
dashso that would be "bzr upgrade --1.9"15:40
LaserJockk, thanks15:41
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Mezhey people. Just a couple of things.17:32
MezI think that you probably need to update the messages for upgrading stuff. I just tried to commit to a bound branch, and it seems I couldn't (because I needed to upgrade the repo on bazaar.lp.net)17:33
Mezalso, with bzr-gtk - is the nautilus stuff meant to work ? cause I'm not seeing any embelems in nautilus17:33
mdkeargh. The different formats of branches are a never ending source of problems :(18:02
mdkeI checked out a branch which is 2a format, and I can't push it to launchpad as a new branch, because the "default stacking branch" is a different format18:03
mdkeany ideas for working around that?18:03
mdkespecifically the error message is http://paste.ubuntu.com/296256/18:06
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davidstraussIs there a Bazaar shell?19:31
luksdepends on what do you think by 'bazaar shell'19:34
lukser, s/think/mean19:38
davidstraussluks: A shell you can run bzr commands from without the "bzr" prefix.19:40
luks`bzr shell` from bzrtools19:41
luks(the other alternative was something like git-shell, which is used for restricted ssh, and for which bzr has no equivalent)19:41
SamB_XP_luks: though it would be fairly trivial to make one, wouldn't it be?19:42
davidstraussluks: bzr shell was exactly what i wanted19:42
luksI don't know, never needed it19:42
* SamB_XP_ wonders why the configures for Cygwin's setup.exe are investigating fortran compilers ...19:45
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igchi lifeless23:26
lifelesshi igc23:27
jelmerhi igc, lifeless23:39
igchi jelmer23:40
igcjelmer: thanks for the svn-fast-import stuff - I'll test it this morning23:40
lifelesshi jelmer23:41

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