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LaserJockjbicha: did you verify that our pre-depends issue is a problem in Debian?01:58
jbichaLaserJock: um, not entirely since I don't have Debian installed but the source code looked the same01:59
LaserJockjbicha: it's good to actually test it02:00
LaserJockjbicha: even if it's in a chroot02:00
LaserJockhistorically Debian hasn't had the same issues with moodle that Ubuntu has had02:00
LaserJockso I wouldn't necessarily assume that it will behave the same02:00
Rondomsbalneav: try mupen64 plus02:25
Rondomsbalneav: it is not available as a package but pretty easy to install02:26
jbichaLaserJock: gdebi also works for that issue we had yesterday where I wanted to see if installing my package would pull in the appropriate dependencies, and it doesn't take 6 hours :-)02:28
LaserJockjbicha: yes! I totally forgot about gdebi02:29
jbichaLaserJock: I didn't remember that either until I was trying to go to sleep02:30
Rondomah sorry02:39
LaserJockgood grief, I found 28 Edubuntu support requests in my inbox :(02:40
jbichaLaserJock: I verified both my bugs on Debian sid, I had to dpkg-reconfigure moodle to get moodle's database working03:05
nubaehi folkd03:06
LaserJockjbicha: k, good03:06
nubaeor folks even03:06
nubaehmmm.... I just complained in the #telepathy channel that there is no #empathy channel which really really confuses new users03:07
nubaecause telepathy they dont actually interact with, yet its the channel name... and empathy which they do interact with, well... they go to #telepathy03:08
nubaethey should all be redirected to #smoke-signals....03:08
nubaeI tell u, this smells a little like the edubuntu naming debacle03:09
nubaeand look how hard that was to get out of03:10
nubaejeez... I can forsee people using Pidgin just cause of that...03:10
nubaewhy must devs be so marketing unconscious03:11
LaserJockusually they have their reasons03:11
LaserJockbut sometimes their reasons are a bit focused03:11
jbichaI can't bring myself to use empathy yet03:12
nubaejbicha, well, the problem is that its a marketing/naming mess03:13
nubaewhat in fact empathy is, no one really knows yet.... cause there are many parts to it...03:13
jbichabut at least empathy makes more sense than KDE's universal instant messenger Kopete03:13
jbichaKopete hasn't supported IRC since KDE4, but the official development chat channel is on IRC03:14
nubaewell, at least they both use telepathy as the comms framework03:14
LaserJockI like Kopete OK03:14
LaserJockI liked Konversation a lot for IRC03:14
nubaeshould support it just fine now... if it uses telepathy, just install telepathy-idle03:14
LaserJockbut that's gone the way of the dinosaurs it seems03:14
nubaeactually, that is one thing that empathy is quite nice at... guifying IRC03:15
LaserJocknubae: by focused I mean that quite often devs have reasons based on particular, focused, objectives03:15
nubaeI mean... telepathy03:15
nubaey seeeee....03:15
LaserJocknubae: i.e. perhaps they don't want to split the community into telepathy and empathy03:16
jbichanubae: I'm annoyed that empathy doesn't support the IRC / commands yet03:16
LaserJockyeah, that's a huge problem for me03:16
nubaejbicha, sure it does03:16
nubaeapt-get install telepathy-haze03:16
nubaesupports full set of irc commands03:16
LaserJockyou sure?03:16
LaserJockfrom within empathy?03:17
LaserJockbecause I've never had the /join command work03:17
sbalneavEvening all03:17
nubaeh,mm, /join is an official irc command?=03:17
jbichanubae: doesn't work for me03:17
nubaeI've never heard of it03:18
nubaeoh wait... never mind, just slap me with a fish03:18
* LaserJock needs to run, night all03:19
sbalneavI haven't looked at empathy at all.03:20
jbichanubae: Kopete still doesn't work with IRC, I'm using KDE 4.3.203:20
nubaeoh this is new: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/Protocols%20Support03:20
nubaejbicha, have you installed telepathy-idle?03:21
nubaesbalneav, unfortunately I've had to memorize the dbus api for work....03:21
nubaebut now that I know it... I'm pretty psyched03:22
nubaefor example... I never quite understood the tubes concept03:22
jbichanubae: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16788403:22
nubaeand really its like this.... imagine y gave a program on computer A running...03:22
ubottuKDE bug 167884 in IRC Plugin "Please provide an IRC plugin in KDE 4" [Wishlist,Reopened]03:22
nubaeand it has a nice bunch of dbus bindings (lots of cute methods and signals)03:23
nubaemaybe something like tomboy remote control dbus bindings....03:23
nubaeand now say I have another computer B... running in Spain, for this scenario....03:24
nubaethis too has a program open with lots of dbus bindings (methods and signals) that make using it a blast03:24
nubaenow... telepathy, creates a link between the 2 dbuses03:25
nubaeand makes them 103:25
nubaeso program A can use dbus bindings of program 203:25
nubaeand vice versa03:25
nubaenow imagine the possibilitities03:25
nubaeits like p2p dbus03:26
nubaejbicha, might not be too hard to port03:27
nubaeIm not really a kde user myself03:28
nubaebut its probably something quite simple like linking to using the telepathy-idle library ofr irc support03:28
jbichanubae: maybe, but the regression has existed for years03:29
nubaethat just means no one has cared for years :-)03:29
nubaewhats kopete written in?03:30
jbichait's just weird that the developers have to use a different program to chat about the chat program they're working on03:30
jbichaC++ & QT03:30
nubaeoh tab autocompletion in xchat would be nice..., not just for nicks03:31
jbichabye for now03:31
nubaehmmm yeah03:31
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LaserJockjbicha: you're original email was fine to Debian21:24
LaserJockmoodle-packaging@catalyst.net.nz is an older address that's being transitioned21:24
jbichaLaserJock: thanks, all this stuff is new to me21:24
LaserJockjbicha: np, I just happen to be on the list21:25
LaserJocksometimes I stick my nose where it doesn't belong and end up getting listed as Maintainer ;-)21:25
jbichaLaserJock: at least this work is more interesting than my real job for me, I just need to wait out my Navy contract and find a way to get paid to do this21:29
LaserJockI know the feeling21:30
jbichaI have 3 more years21:30
jbichaLaserJock: for your quickly question, did you see the videos at http://www.youtube.com/ubuntudevelopers ?21:38
LaserJockI was just hoping to get info without watching the video21:39
LaserJockI wish people didn't rely on videos so much sometimes :-)21:39
LaserJockjbicha: what's the URL for your PPA?22:04
jbichaLaserJock: https://launchpad.net/~jbicha/+archive/ppa22:04
LaserJockk thanks22:06
LaserJockI'm going to try a few Jaunty->karmic upgrades with your moodle package22:06
jbichaI guess I was supposed to use this fancy ~ppa1 naming convention, maybe next time22:06
LaserJockjbicha: are you an Ubuntu Member?22:07
jbichajbicha: well I don't have a @ubuntu.com email if that's what you mean22:07
jbichaLaserJock: I haven't contributed enough yet22:08

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