adogwithsunglasshi, what is the package to install ATI drivers in kubuntu?00:20
adogwithsunglass(i'm using karmic, and the hardware drivers app isn't working)00:20
jazzy_dSphinx, this kernel compiling takes a long time00:23
jazzy_dwhat I need to do next?00:23
jazzy_dor thats it?00:24
Sphinxjazzy_d: well, when it is finished, just install packages in /usr/src/linux-2.6 by dpkg -i <....deb>00:40
SphinxSphinx: after that reboot and try new kernel00:40
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nightwlkrhellow all01:15
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DylanJHow do i install the gtk dev libraries/headers? in kubuntu01:18
nightwlkri think kubuntu should seriously think of changing the network manager01:18
rejohnThe "Firestarter" program has disappeared from my start menu - any thoughts about why?01:31
nightwlkrwhat's firestarter?01:37
nightwlkrok found that out01:38
nightwlkrdoes any1 know what i can do to remove the 4 blocked updates thing?01:43
eskeralguien habla español?01:47
administradoralguien habla español02:46
eskeralguien k hable español?!??02:56
jamesjedimaster!es | esker03:00
ubottuesker: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:00
eskerubottu: no me puedes ayudar tu?03:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:01
Zeelothey does anyone know something similar to commitmonitor on windows? you add svn repositories to it and it pops up a notice when there is a new commit03:09
nightwlkri can sleep beter now..finally got kubuntu working gr8 :P03:12
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lucas_hey  guys, i cant open chm... ive tried kdechmviewer but it open the chm and dont show me much of it it says something about ms-its... no idea whats wrong03:31
lucas_guys!! i cant open chm with kdechmviewer, any ideas??03:36
linuxguyDoes anyone know how to edit the xorg.conf file, so I can get a better rsolution for my ati card....Im using 9.04 / kde 4.3.304:28
russlarlinuxguy: what drivers are you using?04:29
russlari'm using the ones from amd's website, and don't have a problem04:29
linuxguyrusslar: ive not tried them........ive got compiz working gl screensavers etc.......but im stuck without a 1280x1024 resolution04:31
russlarlinuxguy: install the ctalyst drivers from amd.com04:31
russlaryou'll get the ati control panel, which can do everything graphics related04:32
russlarcomparable to the ati control app on windows04:32
linuxguyrusslar: thanks will do and thanks04:33
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linuxguyrusslar: ok its downloading now.......is it eassy to install?..no killing of X etc?04:35
russlarthere are instructions... hang on a sec04:35
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russlarstart in teh installing drivers manually section04:37
josephbus_This newbie needs a description of how to manage the startup sequence...I'm using Hardy Heron...System preferences doesn't appear...trying to access system->preferences->sessions->Startup programs tab...joseph04:41
linuxguyrusslar:  ive just found out according to the list my 9500 card isnt supported or are they just saying that?04:41
russlarhave you tried whatever driver the system pops up and tells you to use?04:43
linuxguyrusslar:  its blank the hardare driver list04:43
linuxguyrusslar: si i only follow the manual section.....ignore the rest?04:45
russlarerrr.,.... not if that doc says that the 9.7 driver won't work on your card04:46
linuxguyhow can i tell what version of xorg i have pls?04:47
_genuser_Hello People.04:47
_genuser_My keyboard is totally not typing anything in X.04:47
_genuser_but my mouse works fine.04:47
_genuser_in console 1, I can use my keyboard....04:48
_genuser_anybody ot a clue? Should I just reboot?04:48
russlarlinuxguy: sudo dpkg -l xserver-xorg04:48
linuxguyrusslar: oh well my xorg is only 1.7 som,ething and not 9.304:53
russlarno..... what's the entire version string04:53
linuxguyoh i see.......but it still wont work?04:54
russlarit won't04:54
russlarthe older ati driver does not support ubuntu 9.04's xorg04:54
linuxguylooks like ive an excuse to go spend money now on new pc stuff :(04:57
linuxguybut im due for new stuff soon...........hmm i wonder if i droped down to 8.10........installed the driver and them updatedd to 9.04 might do the trick?04:58
russlarno, upgrading will upgrade teh xord04:59
linuxguyrusslar: ive just seen something thos instructions relate to a 1.6 xorg file mine is 1.7.405:02
* russlar away05:05
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ubuntui installed kubuntu 9.0406:22
ubuntuafter installation it gave me only option to run memtest06:22
ubuntuthere was no vmlinuz in the /boot directory06:22
ubuntui booted using Live CD and then chroot installed the latest kernel06:23
ubuntunow, i am getting different error when booting the installed kubuntu06:23
ubuntufsck: symbol lookup error: fsck: undefined symbol: blkid_get_cache06:23
ubuntuand the root disk is mounted as read only06:23
ubuntunot able to continue06:23
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ubuntui can't see my dow07:20
ubuntusorry, i cant see my download screen in my knoqueror07:20
ubuntu_how to see download window in konqueror?07:23
massey_hello everyone07:52
r00t_ninjawhy cant i select the start with hidden main window in kopete08:00
tredis there an edit i can make in console 2 to raise my screen resolution? i set it too low and now plasma is crashing and i cant set it back to my old resolution08:07
fusion44Has anybody got Eclipse to work with Karmic 64bit? I doesn't start and closes right away when I start it08:23
tred_is there an edit i can make in F2 terminal window to change my resolution back to 1680x1050? i set it too low and now plasma is crashing before i can try to reset it08:35
cjrondon66alguien que hable español??08:42
tred_no hable08:43
cjrondon66tred spanish?08:43
cjrondon66necesito una auda08:44
tred_only english, sorry08:45
Tscheesycjrondon66: #kubuntu-es08:46
cjrondon66ok thks08:46
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fernando_mukekaopa bom dia internautas08:57
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fernando_mukekaalguem do brazil aae?08:59
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compaqBonjour à tous. Je suis sur la 9.10 Beta et j'essaye d'utilisre stasks de kde-look.org09:27
compaqmais nrien ne s'affiche ! Une idée ?09:27
Balsaqis kubuntu for people who want something like windows09:28
tsimpson!fr | compaq09:29
ubottucompaq: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr09:29
compaqExcuse me, I didn't understand that it was in english... So I restart.09:29
tsimpsonBalsaq: it has a similar interface to windows, with one main menu. but there are differences09:30
tsimpsontry the LiveCD and see if you like it09:30
compaqI'm having some issues with staks on Kubuntu 9.10 beta. It doesn't display anithing, does someone have any idea ?09:30
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petterhey u all09:34
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Guest37679Hi from Berlin,09:37
Guest37679I'm sitting on a corrupt KUBUNTU:09:37
Guest37679since an update I do see white frames on a black screen. This is because of the Plasma-desktop effects.09:37
Guest37679Does anyone know, in which config-file I can find the switch to turn off desktop-effects from outside KDE??09:37
FloodBotK2Guest37679: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:37
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DiablalHello, I'm trying to compile smooth tasks but It does not detect my version of cmake. find here the error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/296011/ . The problem is that i've cmake 2.6.4 installed...09:59
tsimpsonDiablal: you need the KDE development files, at least kdelibs5-dev10:01
tsimpsonmaybe kdebase-workspace-dev, kdebase-runtime-dev and/or libplasma-dev too10:02
DiablalOk, but the problem is that it installs a lot of dependencies with the -dev suffix and I'd like to keep a stable system...10:03
DiablalMaybe I should not compile this program10:03
Diablaland try to find a .deb file.10:03
DiablalIt's ok, thanks gyus I found a .deb here : http://usoftx.wordpress.com/deb/10:09
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jazzy_d_Sphinx, compiling done, now what?11:02
visheshHey! Does anyone know how to remove installed SuperKaramba widgets?11:04
jazzy_d_Sphinx, the full command please11:05
SphinxHello, I somehow fall into PulseAudio troubles, I found many pages, but I am unable to make it working. Is there any reliable howto/troubleshooting for [K]ubuntu?11:11
Sphinxjazzy_d_: do you have package?11:11
Sphinxjazzy_d_: ls /usr/src/linux-2.6/11:11
jazzy_d_Sphinx, linux-image-2.6.31_2.6.31-10.00.Custom_i386.deb11:14
Sphinxnice, I wrot you the command yesterday, but again dpkg -i <package>11:15
jazzy_d_dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.31_2.6.31-10.00.Custom_i386.deb11:15
Sphinxjazzy_d_: yes11:15
Sphinxthen reboot11:16
Sphinxand you should see new entry in grub/lilo11:16
varanusguys i've got a really annoying problem. i have karmic atm and i can't click in the right click menus. every time i'm trying to click menus exit without take the "click". further if you hold the left click in the right click menu the mark region go crazy up and down without remain in a proper selection so you can't click on an exact selection.11:19
varanusi've tryied turing off the kwin effects, installing compiz with emerald as a windows manager and the problem still persists11:20
jazzy_dThanks Sphinx, now its working much better11:26
Sphinxjazzy_d: no problem11:30
Sphinxjazzy_d: actually what was the reason you wanted it?11:30
varanusanyone ever had a problem with clicking in the right click menus?11:32
jazzy_dSphinx, my vga is working much better now, Intel GMA50011:34
jazzy_dSphinx, previously it was sloow11:37
Sphinxjazzy_d: well, perhaps you should try some more optimizations to make your kernel faster11:38
Sphinxlike setting CFLAGS11:39
jazzy_dits good now11:39
jazzy_dwhere I should put that11:39
Sphinxjazzy_d: just for your information that it is possible11:39
jazzy_din gentoo I had put -march=nocona -O2 -pipe11:40
Sphinxand you use 32bit version of ubuntu?11:41
jazzy_dyep, just its kubuntu jaunty11:41
varanusi've just noticed the if i navigate with the keyboard and click enter in the Right-Click Context menu it works fine but when i'm trying to click with the mouse the menus just closes. anyidea what could be the problem?11:47
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pontingneed help!!!12:07
pontingi installed nvidia driver in ubuntu ultimate 2.312:07
pontingi have 17'' monitor...12:07
pontingin gnome it is not supporting but it is running well under kde with resolution og 1280 X 102412:08
pontingany one to help me ..12:09
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:48
* Sahkolihaa face palms.13:50
danakilhi :)14:04
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danakildoes anybody know how I can easily install QT4.6 under kubuntu (I use a kde trunk install)14:07
danakil"please" of course :)14:08
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ubsafderhow can i change the fonts use by my putty client ?14:19
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bminimalHELLO EVERYONE14:49
jazzy_dare you here?15:00
Sphinxjazzy_d yes15:01
guitar-tonyhi guys, How I turn on the sound on aMSN and Skype 2.0? If I call to my friends, I don't hear them! How I solve this problem?15:31
xhguitar-tony: doesn't skype have its own sound troubleshooter, try using that15:32
guitar-tonyxh: what is? I wanna speak with my friends :(15:33
xhguitar-tony: do you have sound in other apps? did you try running alsamixer to unmute the channels?15:36
guitar-tonyI haven't  Alsamixer15:37
guitar-tonyI've PCM15:37
guitar-tonyI must install it?15:37
xhguitar-tony: maybe, but first check in skype Options > Sound Devices15:37
guitar-tonyemm, where is  it Option? :D15:38
xhguitar-tony: click status icon > Options15:38
guitar-tonywhere status icon??? :'(15:39
xhguitar-tony: the blue icon with the 'S' letter in the bottom15:39
guitar-tonythere isn't S15:40
guitar-tonyI think that I found it15:40
mammachi puo darmi una mano15:41
guitar-tonymamma non è una canale italiano15:41
mammanon riesco a giocare15:41
mammaa dark orbit15:41
mammami dice connessione al server non va15:41
xhguitar-tony: then Options > Sound Devices and try adjusting that15:41
mammauna cosa del genere15:41
guitar-tonye bo15:42
mammanessuno gioca a darkorbit15:42
guitar-tonyxh: done15:42
guitar-tonynow Install alsamixer?15:43
xhguitar-tony: try to make it work using the options you have there15:43
guitar-tonydon't work15:45
xhguitar-tony: ok, what version of kubuntu you have?15:48
guitar-tonyubuntu ultimate 2.3 x8615:48
xhguitar-tony: hm, i have no idea of what it is, so it is not kubuntu then, right? then you would better ask in the #ubuntu channel instead, because i think the default sound engine in ubuntu is pulseaudio15:50
xhguitar-tony: congrats!15:52
guitar-tonyeheh tnx, I've read on the web xD15:52
guitar-tonyanother problem xD15:55
guitar-tonyso, I've "tuxguitar", but I cannot hear the sound of the notes, how I solve this?15:56
whitehillIn kubuntu 9.04, how can I get rid of Network Manager?16:03
BluesKajwhitehill, install wicd , it will replace network manager16:14
whitehillBluesKay, I installed it and the daaemon is running.  Where's the GUI?16:22
robin0800_whitehill: log out and back in16:24
nameinerI installed karmic from a alpha CD and installed all updates. Now after a reboot I don't have X anymore. It says that it can't find any displays. Any idea how I can fix that?16:24
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »16:26
SphinxHello, I need to find information of KDE startup script or logs to debug some strange behaviour, I was told that kubuntu has its own scripts/logs. Could anyone tell where to find it16:27
robin0800_Sphinx: klog file viewer16:30
Sphinxrobin0800_: I will try16:30
Sphinxrobin0800_: isn't klog for hamradio16:34
sikihey guys16:38
micha787hey siki16:39
sikihow to change the color of the folders with oxygen theme?16:39
mikioshello, i set up kubuntu as a dual boot on my macbook pro and can not get it to connect to the network, can anyone help me with this?17:16
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mikioshello, anyone willing to help me with a problem?17:25
NeremorI've recently downloaded noteedit. It works, but i can't get the midi-playback working. what do i have to configure to output the song?17:25
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whitehillNext issue with 9.04.  When  I try to run xclock, it says "Error: Can't open display: localhost:017:50
Zeltron27Y a-t-il des franchouillards de connectersur ce bazar ? Heu, c'est la première fois que j'utilise ce gendre de "truc"...17:54
Zeltron27dois-je aller chercher Majax ?17:55
Zeltron27ya quelqu'un ?????17:55
Zeltron27hé ho ? "ferme ta gueule répondit l'écho" ?????17:56
russlar!fr | Zeltron2717:57
ubottuZeltron27: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr17:57
Zeltron27Ok ! j'atais perdu... Merci17:57
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SphinxSadly: Hi sadly, what is the status of you problem?18:09
SadlyI am in the same moment.18:10
bernardo_just installed ubuntu on my netbook, but when I start it says 'gave up waiting for root device'18:10
Sadlybut i am in 8.04 right know18:10
SphinxSadly: and no problem?18:10
Sadlyyes,the problem IS yet..18:11
SphinxSadly: yes, I thought so18:11
SadlyI had to format my pc..18:11
SphinxSadly: why?18:11
Sadlycuz Kubuntu were crazy... cuz wicd instalation..18:11
Sphinxhow crazy?18:11
Sadlyfirst: no Cable Ethernet connection18:12
Sadlysecond: Screen crazy18:12
Sadlymy screen showed and dis-showed things..18:12
Sadlyand really fast...18:12
Sadlyi un-plugged my battery and my plug to QUIT18:13
SphinxI thought there must be some problem (from your dis/re-connections)18:13
Sadlywhen i restarted... WIcd doesn't show my ethernet cable connection18:13
Sadlyi don't know18:14
Sadlybut in blogs.... and forums, all people has the same problem with older wifi/bluetooth intel laptops18:15
Sadlyand i am sure Koala Karmik doesn't repair that..18:15
SphinxSadly: look, NetworkManager and wicd do the same thing - it tries to make automatic configuration of network interfaces available, but it is somehow build on lower programs18:15
Sadlycuz they talked about a lot of kubuntus with the same problem18:15
Sadlyyeah, i am sure wicd and network does the same, but network see the cable connection, and wicd say me eth0 is empty18:16
Sadlyor whatever word used... i don't remind18:16
SadlyI thougth maybe if i reinstall driver and firmware18:17
Sadlyit works18:17
SphinxSadly: no18:18
Sadlywell, people in blogs and forums said NO too18:18
Sadlyi am tired of working.. in this..18:19
SphinxSadly: That is what I try to tell you, those tools are ususally built on lower programs like ifconfig, iwconfig and iwlist18:19
SphinxSadly: so if you want to debug it, and you have some WiFi with unencrypted access, you can easily verify if drivers are ok18:19
Sadlyi don't have any wifi un-encrypted access in house18:20
SphinxSadly: For unencrypted WiFi, you can set it up with command line18:21
Sadlysorry i don't want to change this configuration.18:21
SphinxSadly: no, these commands change just current state and have no influence after reboot18:22
SadlyI only want my ipw2100 showed me a list of the wifi red of neighbourg and mine, and then CHOOSE mine.18:22
SadlyI can't change nothing about the passwords etc... cuz my brothers are in the another pc...18:23
Sphinxnot for a while?18:23
Sadlynot for any moment, at least in week-end18:24
Sadlyi've gratefully for your help18:24
Sadlybut i don't want to push that..18:25
SphinxSadly: no problem18:25
SphinxSadly: I am not sure where you connect from18:25
SphinxSadly: maybe there can be an internet coffee18:25
SadlyI am in my house... with the ethernet cable..18:26
Sadlyand my brothers are in the another Computer with WIFI conexion (windows vista)18:26
Sadlyi am not in a cyber-coffee18:26
amikhi, I just tried upgrading kde to 4.3.2 (linked from kubuntu homepage), but get an error in the middle, which says to try using "apt-get install -f". when I do that, I get another error "trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libkephal.so', which is also in package kdebase-workspace-bin". how do I complete the installation?18:27
SphinxSadly: yes, but the problem is that you can not try your ipw on unprotected Wifi18:28
SphinxSadly: so you can not verify if the problem is in wpasupplicant or whatever18:28
SphinxSphinx: maybe there is some better logging on NM18:28
SadlySphinx, in some days will be KOALA KARMIK..out, I will try UPDATING my Kubuntu till KOALA..18:29
Sadlyif it is not working yet18:29
Sadlyi will ask you18:29
Sadlyand i will do what you are talking about18:30
SphinxSadly: well, but that wont change things much I suppose18:30
Sadly(with your help, i hope)18:30
Sphinxthere will be some problem in configuration18:30
SadlyI suppose that too... but EagleSweet told me... the hopeness.18:30
bernardo_just installed ubuntu on my netbook, but when I start it says 'gave up waiting for root device'... anyone, help, please?18:31
SphinxSphinx: look ipw2100, 2200 ... is VERY common card, so that really lot of people would be annoyed if there was any error18:31
Sadlyanyway you usually are here... i can come back one day and tell you... "TODAY I CAN CHANGE WHATEVER YOU ARE TELLING ME"18:31
Sadlythen... it will try18:31
SphinxSadly: okay, well, I am here the third day :-)18:31
Sadlyi know it is common card, I think another posibilities..It is too the BlueTooth card...18:32
SphinxSadly:  no, just onboard18:32
SadlyWell, I hope you had a goooood night, and you were enjoying the week-end, I need to do brushclean and homeworks18:33
Sadlythanks for everything18:33
Sadlysee you soon.18:33
amikcan anyone help out?18:34
Sphinxamik: perhaps18:34
Sphinxamik: which program do you use for upgrading? Are you beginner or advanced?18:35
amikadvanced user, but not linux proficient (yet). used apt-get18:35
amikhmmm.. I may have managed to get it along by playing around (and modifying) some report in some forum... I hope it works18:39
amiksee u after the restart! (and thanks in any case :-) )18:39
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milluni have a problem with Vodafone USB modem18:57
millunthe password and username is ok, but it keeps on hanging up during connecting18:57
millunnot much in logs18:58
SphinxSphinx: no problem18:58
millunit looks as if it connected, then disconnected for no apparent reason18:59
Sphinxmillun: if you use ppp, I would try to turn on verbose logging and see what is happening18:59
milluni do use ppp19:00
Sphinxmillun: then I would propose to search in configs for more verbose logging19:01
SahkolihaaAnyone know how to set my Firefox font to be the same as KDE? I just tried this: http://faqs.pcbsd.org/index.php?action=artikel&cat=9&id=281&artlang=en and it doesn't seem to work.19:01
millunin /etc/ppp/options if i assume correctlyu?19:02
Sphinxmay be19:03
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lee___hi new to linux wondering how to install third party apps off a cd? thanks19:23
mfraz74what 3rd party apps?19:24
lee___i'm trying to install nmap i have it on mac and win, but don't understand the installation process on kubuntu19:24
kaddihi, I have a problem with removable devices: I mounted a ntfs flashdrive yesterday with "sudo mount ...." after unmounting it, it still remained as mounted in the device manager and now other flash devices are no longer recognized when inserted. how can I fix that?19:25
mfraz74which version of Kubuntu are you using?19:27
callMeTomanyone here having issues with the search and locate on 9.10 netbook beta?19:27
kaddimfraz74: 9.1019:28
forkhandlescallMeTom: probably betterask in #kubuntu-netbook or #ubuntu+119:28
mfraz74go into system > Kpackagekit and search for nmap19:29
stefan_hey do any of you use avidemux converter?19:29
lee___ok thanks19:29
mfraz74i used to use it quite a bit19:30
lee___thanks after installation i tried that and it gave me negative results but it's there now. cheers19:30
stefan_cool. do you know how to convert an avi to an mp4 with it?19:31
mfraz74isn't there an option in one of the menus to convert to ipod etc?19:31
mfraz74you could also try winff19:31
stefan_ya. but it gives me an error saying it couldn't select the mp4 codec or something like that19:32
mfraz74have you tried using Google to find the answer?19:36
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PocjoHelllooooo I want my AMAROK play mp3... but everytime i try to install libxine-extracodecs i got an ERRROR20:27
Pocjoplease, help.20:27
BluesKajPocjo, libxine1-ffmpeg20:30
mfraz74what error and what version of kubuntu?20:30
Pocjoerror at spanish20:32
PocjoSin embargo, los siguientes paquetes lo reemplazan:20:32
Pocjo  libxine1-ffmpeg20:32
PocjoE: El paquete libxine-extracodecs no tiene candidato para su instalación20:32
FloodBotK2Pocjo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:32
Pocjoany help please?20:34
mfraz74do you need to have multiverse and universe enabled?20:35
Pocjobut i think they are able..20:35
Pocjohow can i see it?20:36
mfraz74cat /etc/apt/sources.list20:37
JakeSaysdoes anyone in here know where i can find info on getting video4linux installed/running on kubuntu?20:39
JakeSaysspecifically, i want to use a webcam20:39
mfraz74v4l should be installed already20:40
BluesKajmfraz74, Pocjo alt+f2, kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list is easier to edit and save20:40
Pocjoyes, but What am i to "write"?20:40
Pocjoinside that file text20:41
mfraz74if you're having problems with webcams in jaunty, i'd wait for karmic. mine doesn't work with jaunty but does with karmic20:41
BluesKajPocjo, make sure the deb lines wirh universe and multiverse have no # infront20:41
mfraz74have a look for lines that have multiverse and universe,then make sure they're not commented out20:41
JakeSaysshould it be auto recognized when i plug it in?20:41
=== hans_ is now known as X^rAY
X^rAYHi Guys, this a good place for to get some help with Grub2 on Kubuntu 9.10?20:43
mfraz74should be, what does dmesg |tail say when you plug it in?20:43
robin0800X^rAY: you realy should ask in #ubuntu+120:44
russlarX^rAY: qmike's guide on fubuntuforums.net20:45
JakeSaysmfraz74: hmm. looks like it detected it20:45
JakeSayswell, except it failed to query something20:45
X^rAYSound, I'll check over those places so. Cheers!20:45
mfraz74what webcam is it?20:47
JakeSayslogitech orbit MP20:48
mfraz74think you may have to wait until karmic to get it to work as everything seems to moving from v4l1 to v4l220:49
JakeSayshmm. is there a karmic kubuntu build available?20:49
X^rAYrobin0800:  Getting closer, cheers man!20:50
X^rAYTake it easy all!20:50
JakeSayskarmic is alpha at this point, right?20:50
robin0800JakeSays: no beta20:50
PocjoThank You A Lot20:50
Pocjogorgeous and cute people20:50
Pocjothanks, bye20:51
JakeSaysah ok. maybe i'll give it a spin then20:51
robin0800JakeSays: only till thursday then RC120:51
mfraz74karmic is currently beta20:51
nightwlkrany1 know of a download manager that has a resume support when connection is down or after a power fialure?20:54
JakeSaysare there karmic installers yet?20:55
nightwlkrtried kget but after power failure all the downloaded part vanished so couldn't resume it.. and does not download from multiple sources20:55
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Ev0luti0n_hello folks21:39
=== ubuntu is now known as sakekasi
sakekasido any of you guys know if kubuntu karmik is gonna have xsplash?21:49
BluesKajsakekasi, http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2009/10/ubuntu-910-will-use-xsplash-and-not.html21:51
sakekasii kno that21:51
BluesKajsakekasi, google is you friend :)21:51
sakekasibut will kubuntu?21:51
sakekasicuz i m on the livecd21:52
sakekasifor the beta21:52
sakekasiand it uses usplash21:52
BluesKajsakekasi, you manged to get here , so try google-linux21:55
JakeSayshmm. so is there any good webcam sofware for kubuntu?22:06
JakeSaysso i install karmic beta, and it has 401 updates!22:13
carpiiare there any good email clients that interface with gmail really well ?22:15
carpiikmail is ok, but sometimes I reply from gmail web gui, and kmail doesnt understand that a message has been replied to22:15
tredi seem to have knocked out my desktop settings background changer widget, any idea what i can do to get it back?22:25
BluesKajtred, try system settings appearance22:27
BluesKajerr desktop22:28
tredive looked all thru appearance and desktop. screensaver is there, but background seems to have vanished. i used it before to set a custom background color22:29
tredit should be on same list as screensaver if i remember right22:30
tredi think im gonna do a reinstall anyway, maybe i can just just use a colorpicker to get the values for my desktop22:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about upgrade-manager22:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about update-manager22:49
LackOfEpiphanyCan someone help me23:01
LackOfEpiphanyI run vista normally and when i try to boot kubuntu it shuts down my comp while its copying files23:01
LackOfEpiphanyHelp Please.23:03
* LackOfEpiphany sucker punches AaronCampbell in the face!23:03
LackOfEpiphanyanyone here23:06
LackOfEpiphanyIf anyone can help me with the Kubuntu startup plz msg me. I have about 20 minutes before i have to work23:11
amikhi, I've upgraded to kde 4.3.2 but at the end it says plasma-widget-network-manager has been kept back - how do I finish the upgrade?23:13
LackOfEpiphanygood luck getting anyones attention amik23:18
Mamarokamik: try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:19
miloHi folks23:19
Mamarokhi milo23:19
miloplease does anyone know a tool to download dailymotion videos from the terminal?23:19
Mamarokmilo: I don't, sorry23:20
miloMamarok: Ok. Thanks anyway ;)23:20
Mamarokmilo: you are welcome23:21
amikMamarok: that's what I did, but it's still kept back23:25
Mamarokamik: then just be patient, you lack another dependency23:25
Mamarokamik: it even tells you what is missing, so if the package doesn't exist in the correct version you need to wait23:26
amikMamarok: wait for what?23:26
Mamarokamik: for the lacking dependency23:27
amikthey released kde 4.3.2 two weeks ago, could it still be missing?23:27
Mamarokamik: I just read that this is a dummy transitional package, you probably can just remove it23:28
Mamarokaptitude show plasma-widget-network-manager tells you all :)23:28
Mamaroksince they made some changes to the kcm module that would explain it23:29
Mamarokamik: are you running Jaunty or Karmic?23:30
Mamarokcould you pastebin the output of your apt-get install plasma-widget-network-manager command, please?23:31
amikhmmm. I think it just installed it.23:33
Mamaroknice :)23:33
amikwhen I did the dist-upgrade it installed a gazillion kde packages, and this one was left behind.23:33
amikSilly me, didn't think of specifying it exlicitly - I thought that's what a general dist-upgrade does...23:34
Mamarokwell, it is not amongst the default packages to isntall, and it's a transitional dummy package, so you don't really need it23:34
=== deus is now known as deusr
Mamarokamik: no problem23:34
amikok then. thanks very much!23:34
Mamarokamik: you are welcome :)23:35
deusrSomeone can tell me why the networkmanager of Kubuntu 9.04 does not work23:37
deusrright, ie you can not create a new wired connection and operation.23:37
deusrAlso because you can not configure the DNS directly into resolv.conf?23:37
Mamarokdeusr: I am not exactly the networking specialist here, what KDE version do you have?23:38
deusrMamarok: 9.0423:42
Mamarokdeusr: no, the KDE version :)23:43
Mamarok9.04 is the distribution version23:43
deusrhum, sorry, 4.223:43
Mamarokdeusr: the default 4.2.2?23:43
Mamarokdeusr: well, then you can't use the network manager, it has a bug in that version, but there are newer versions available in the jaunty-backports repository23:44
Mamarokso you would get KDE 4.2.4 and some bugfixes23:44
zmityahi all23:49
zmityaguys, can I assign a different keyboard layout to different applications ?23:49
zmityaI would like to switch the layout whan I click on a window23:49
Mamarokzmitya: I don't think so, no, but you can predefine different layouts and have a switcher in the SysTray23:50
deusrMamarok: ok, thanks!23:51
zmityaMamarok: that is fine, I wanted to avoid the click, because I write to office in hungarian in HU layout, but usually I use US layout23:51
zmityaand I mess up everything always :(23:52
zmityaok, I can accept it, but I just wanted to be sure that I don't miss it23:52

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