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malloc_testHi, I use karmic to test launchpad, after register a new branch and launch in shell the command "bzr push lp://dev/...", I launch command "make sync_branches" and in a branch page I have this error "ImportError: No module named enum". I've installed python enum module but nothing changes...11:42
maxbIt is a known issue arising from a conflict with the system-installed lazr.* packages11:43
maxbWe hope that gary will be able to finish fixing it on monday11:44
maxbAs a workaround, you may: sudo rm /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/lazr.*-nspkg.pth11:45
maxbBut be aware this is mutilating the install of those packages for the sake of launchpad11:45
malloc_testmaxb: thanks, if you go in Italy I offer you a beer ;-)11:49
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