huayraUbuntu members have a @ubuntu.com address00:24
huayrais it possible to use a SMTP authentication server to send from that address ?00:24
huayrainstead og another address sending in behalf of the @ubuntu.com address?00:24
huayraI guess this is the wrong place to ask, but could think of any other place right now00:25
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huayraIf anyone has an answer please send me an email to huayra _@ t_ ubuntu _d00t. com01:12
huayrathanks :)01:12
RenatoSilvaWhy aren't duplicate bugs displayed in the bug list?02:45
RenatoSilvaI have one that is not an exact match, but I marked as duplicate because fixing the other bug will also fix it.02:45
lifelesssounds like its not a duplicate.02:46
RenatoSilvabut there's no other replation available02:46
lifelessto answer the question, because duplicates are *identical* bugs that were reported twice, so showing both reports would be a waste of space.02:46
RenatoSilva* relation02:46
Saj0577hey guys i got a moderated team, but is it possible to make a branch of the moderated team able to recieve bzr push from anyone(including people not in the team)03:37
The_Tickhow do you close a ticket?03:46
Saj0577The_Tick: dont think there many people about tbh03:46
The_TickI'm fine with idling for days03:47
The_Tickmoving to google code anyhow, this is just the only thing I need to figure out to do it03:47
DarxusThe_Tick: Click the status and change it to fix released or invalid.03:52
DarxusOr won't fix.03:52
The_Tickdid that03:53
The_Tickoh bah03:53
The_TickI was looking under "hot bugs"03:53
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lifelessSaj0577: create a second team that allows anyone to join, push the branch under the new teams namespace04:53
Saj0577lifeless: okay, and then just make my old team a member of the new team do my previous team dont have to join two teams yeah?04:54
Saj0577cheers will sort that tomorrow04:55
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micahgIs it normal to get lazr.restfulclient.errors.HTTPError: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable?06:09
wgrantmicahg: A 503 normally indicates a timeout.08:25
micahghmm, wgrant, I had that when I used your dupe script08:30
milos_where do I need to click to change my ssh key? I clicked on 'Change details' but can't find anything about ssh.08:56
milos_sorry, figured out08:57
stochasticHi all, I was just curious if a launchpad team can subscribe to a particular filtered subset of questions, such as the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo subscribing to all Ubuntu questions that contain the word Vancouver?09:29
wgrantstochastic: Not at the moment.09:32
stochasticwgrant, are there any plans in the works for this feature?09:33
wgrantstochastic: Nothing that I know of.09:35
stochasticAre you just saying 'not at the moment' because this may possibly change one day, eventually?09:35
wgrantOf course. Anything could happen, and that would be a useful feature.09:35
stochasticI assume the next step would be either filing a whishlist bug or creating a blueprint?09:35
wgrantstochastic: I would file a bu.09:37
stochasticwgrant what are blueprints useful for anyway?09:37
wgrantstochastic: That is a very good question.09:38
stochasticlol, okay thanks.09:38
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francisco_tHi, Is the version name: kbackup (0.6.3~ppa1~karmic1) correct for my PPA?10:44
tsimpsonlooks fine, as long as there isn't a kbackup 0.6.3 in karmic10:49
francisco_tThere isn't, thanks :)10:54
maxbfrancisco_t: That is an native package version, i.e. no .diff.gz, because it doesn't contain a -11:16
maxbThat is not usually the right way to be packaging something, unless it doesn't exist as an upstream project and is produced direct for ubuntu11:17
tsimpsonhmm, how did I not see that... sunday-blindness I guess11:27
francisco_tSotty, I'm very begginer: https://launchpad.net/~leviatan1/+archive/ppa11:28
francisco_tIt's build11:30
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tsimpsonfrancisco_t: the point is that if you change a part of the debian/ dir, you'll have to re-upload the entire source11:34
tsimpsonif you call it "0.6.3-0~ppa1~karmic1" then you only need up upload the .diff.gz and .dsc, much smaller11:35
francisco_t-0, it's true! :(11:37
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sjamaanHi, can someone point me to documentation about "umbrella projects"?16:33
sjamaanI find information on launchpad a little hard to search through16:34
exarkunMy project's branches page is a mess.  <https://code.launchpad.net/pyopenssl>.  How do I clean it up?16:39
tsimpsonexarkun: what mess?16:48
exarkun23 active branches16:52
exarkunMore like 4 or 5, I'd say16:52
exarkunSo how do I get rid of the extra?16:53
exarkunMost of the branches on that page are just clutter at this point.16:53
tsimpsonyou could request they are removed by filing a question at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad16:54
exarkunIs that the best thing to do?16:54
exarkunAlso what does "removed" mean?  Deleted from launchpad?  Or removed from the display on that page?16:55
zirputhe users may need to delete their branches if they're nolonger used.  but i'm only guessing.16:56
exarkunGetting other people to cooperate is hard :)16:56
zirpusend tribbles. lots of tribbles.16:57
sjamaanCan someone point me to documentation about "umbrella projects"?17:01
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maxbexarkun: That page is simply "show all branches with active status in that project" - if you don't want branches appearing there, then you need the owners of those branches to set them to "Merged" or "Abandoned" status18:54
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dreamcat4hi im a little confused about the release / release url feature + milestones21:53
dreamcat4does LP only check the upstream file glob when a milestone is released?21:53
dreamcat4or at what other times?21:53
dreamcat4and will the release glob overwrite existing file from upstream if newer?21:57
dreamcat4(kindda need this)21:57
dreamcat4i'll check back later22:05
mwhudsondreamcat4: it checks daily for new release tarballs22:06
dreamcat4ah okay22:06
mwhudsoni don't know what happens if there is already a release in lp22:06
dreamcat4sounds like the release name is determined by the file glob22:06
dreamcat4so don't need to manually create a release / milstone entry within the series?22:07
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dreamcat4i believe that's what sinuzi was saying the other day but its just not been documented anywhere yet22:13
mtaylormwhudson: related to that question above - the memcached project tarballs are very out of date ... and also all have the wrong date on them (although I suppose that would be fine if the tarballs were right)22:14
mtaylormwhudson: where do I look to fix that?22:14
mtaylormwhudson: http://code.google.com/p/memcached/downloads/list/memcached-1.4.*.tar.gz is what's listed for the project... but it doesn't seem to have found any of those... should I change it to http://memcached.googlecode.com/files/memcached-1.4.*.tar.gz22:18
mwhudsonmtaylor: i know very little about how this thing works i'm afraid22:19
mtaylormwhudson: awesome22:19
mwhudsoni can read the source i guess...22:20
* mtaylor posits that perhaps using uscan under the covers wouldn't be crazy22:20
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